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(generated from captions) their own, and donating another ACT posties holding a campaign of toys to add to the gigantic toy several thousand dollars worth of

pile. around doing our bit for the We're just ordinary people riding community. environment, doing out bit for that it's now only 14 sleeps till The spectacle a noisy reminder Christmas. And that's WIN News for ... night. to share, you can email us at If you have a news tip you'd like team, thank you for watching WIN I'm Peter Leonard, from the news Television. Good night.

Restaurant stabbing - as a man is stabbed to death. horrified staff and customers watch It's a bit spooky to think over the road. that something like that can happen The gamble to fix the water crisis - the State lotteries. the Opposition plan to sell off Student anger -

a terrorist. as a teacher calls a Muslim student maybe because I'm Lebanese. I don't know why, Opening up Antarctica - to the frozen south. the runway that could bring tourists in temperatures as low as -30, We had a crew working This program is captioned live.

Good evening. at Wentworthville A trip to a fast food restaurant of a young man. has ended in the violent death with two strangers He was stabbed after an argument and customers. and in full view of shocked staff was rushed into surgery last night 35-year-old Joseph Webber

and didn't pull through. but he'd lost too much blood

in the stomach He was stabbed three times

at a KFC store. during a confrontation with two men and shoving in a flash, An argument turned to pushing and grabbed a knife. the killer ran to his car of the escalation of this attack We're very concerned at the speed a minor scuffle from what appeared to be where a man was stabbed. into a situation

and customers at the store. There were around 20 young staff

sat in the car park - Those who didn't flee stunned by the level of violence.

The victim didn't know his attackers. It's a bit spooky to think over the road. that something like that can happen had a bit of trouble before. I know that KFC a few months ago. They had security guards here what started the fight Police won't say wasn't looking for trouble. but it appears Mr Webber

at a Christmas party He'd spent the day with friends. and stopped off for a quick meal The restaurant's provided police of the incident. with high quality security footage

as to the identity of this person We have some significant leads we are going to have a breakthrough and we feel very strongly that very shortly. The two assailants, and of Middle Eastern appearance, aged in their 20s in a blue Nissan Pulsar. left the scene Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. is in a serious condition in hospital A prison officer

with a broken jaw at Silverwater Correctional Centre. after being bashed

Union officials say and stomped on by the prisoner, the senior officer was head butted to a higher security jail. who was facing transfer that inmate back to his cell, Whilst he was escorting and very, very seriously assaulted. he was set upon by the inmate interviewed by police An inmate is currently being to Goulburn's Super Max Prison. and will be transferred It's a gamble, to solve the water crisis, but in a new and controversial plan

to sell off the State Lotteries. the Opposition says it's planning

a green light from water experts As the Government received desalination plant, for its equally contentious for offloading a cash cow. Peter Debnam unveiled his idea to replenish water supplies In a bold strategy by filling up the State's coffers,

it will sell NSW lotteries. the Opposition says several hundred million dollars It will obviously bring in at a minimum.

into the Opposition's billion dollar And will be poured water crisis plan. That drought proofing fund for large-scale recycling, is the one that we will use for dam enhancements, for storm water harvesting, in Sydney Water so frequently. for fixing the leaks that we see And a new report has revealed, could be supplied at least 2% of Sydney's water underground source by a large and unused

and here at Centennial Park. between Botany Bay supply four billion litres a year - Known as the Botany aquifer it could now being wasted . just drains down into Botany Bay. All of the water in this aquifer the construction of Warragamba Dam - It supplied the city's east before where the Government today announced its water advisory panel the go-ahead from should levels drop below 30%. for a desalination plant

They said it's a robust plan is to keep on implementing the plan. and the important point with the Federal Government saying And a set-back for that plan today, water in the Southern Highlands it won't allow NSW to tap underground have been addressed. until environmental concerns Adam Walters, National Nine News. from the Cronulla riots, Exactly one year on

a new race row is brewing

a Muslim student a terrorist. after a teacher called The school is appealing for calm, but says the teacher won't be sacked legal studies. and will continue teaching was standing his ground today Still angry and upset, Wagih Fares teacher who called him a terrorist. telling anyone who'd listen about the He was there to have a go at me. maybe because I'm Lebanese. I don't know why,

The argument outside Blakehurst High

of the P and C. was with a Muslim representative some of the teachers are - That's the way here also joke around with them. they joke around and the kids a legal studies teacher told Wagih - The slur was made in June when with a terrorist." "I don't want to negotiate what would you do? If he called your son a terrorist who's right and who's wrong. I'd really want to know to ease tensions. Today, there was a special assembly

a message to stay calm. The student council delivered It has been blown out of proportion. With the support of his family, Wagih has taken his case to the anti-discrimination board which is now investigating. It's a racial issue. Wagih says he has been too frightened to return to the legal studies class, he wants the teacher transferred to another school or sacked. The teacher has been counselled and will keep his job.

In the heat of the moment, he said those words and he regrets having said them. Wagih was told not to attend school today. What have I done to deserve this? Dale Paget, National Nine News. Migrants wanting to become Australian citizens will soon have to sit a citizenship test. They'll need to demonstrate a basic level of English and a knowledge of our values. The equality of men and women, the concept of mateship the concept of having a go. The test is set to be introduced by the end of next year. And new Labor Leader Kevin Rudd has begun his nationwide tour

with a visit to Queensland, taking along his high-profile front bench recruit Peter Garrett.

Welcome to Bundaberg.

At last, Labor is using Peter Garrett's full political fire-power. Love your work, mate. Thanks very much. Day one as Environment and Climate Change Spokesman, and Midnight Oil's long-time lead singer took his new boss to the beach - to discuss rising sea levels.

The Prime Minister's failure to act is imperilling Australia's future.

But already, Labor's greenest frontbencher is facing some stark compromises - such as Kevin Rudd's support of more uranium mining. The no new mines policy, in my judgement, does not make a lot of sense. The National Conference will make it's determination about uranium policy, and I'll accept it. A nuclear compromise, it's a long way from the party Peter Garrett championed in the early '80s.

It's 1984. There are more and more warheads being built.

Peter has already shown that he is a turncoat and that he can't be trusted. Environmentalists wonder how tough he'll be on the greenhouse polluting coal that produces 85% of Australia's electricity. Peter is going to have to replace the influence of the coal industry. The Howard Government will be watching Labor's Climate Change Spokesman for any hint he's moving towards policies

that could hurt Australia's resource sector.

For now, he is keeping his statements general. Labor does have the solutions to address climate change. Tim Lester, National Nine News. With just 13 shopping days until Christmas, consumers are facing a complex equation - how to spend up big, without breaking the bank. Retailers think they're in for a bumper year,

although many shoppers hope they'll be spending slightly less. It's that time of the year again. After all the grim news, petrol prices and interest rates, a little retail therapy might do the trick. So you are cashed up ready to go? I am, I am ready to hit the shops. But whether business is in for a bumper Christmas is up for debate. A survey by the Retail Association suggests overall we will spend more than last year.

58% of the sample of 1,200 that we've spoken to have said they are going to spend about the same but 17% say they are going to be spending significantly more - so this tells us, I think, it's going to be a bumper Christmas. But a similar survey by a financial services group claims

Australians will be spending less. The average worker is expected to fork out $826 on presents this year -

down $35 from last year.

Are you going to spend more this Christmas do you think? I certainly hope not. I like to think I'm going to spend less.

But both surveys agree on the must haves - foods, toys, electronics - especially the flat screen TVs.

So, everybody is going to be very well fed - and watching the Boxing Day Test on a plasma screen. And those screens are now very affordable.

Plasma's $1,500 and less than that, so the competition is fierce and the prices are coming down all the time. for under the tree. Books and CDs are also favourites Damian Ryan, National Nine News. and inaccessible than Antarctica, There are few places more remote but all that's about to change. regular air service to the region, From next month, there'll be a a red-hot destination for tourists. which will one day make it

These men are building a runway. In Antarctica. At -35 degrees Celsius. in here. One day, they'll be flying tourists But not yet.

Starting early in the new year, will start arriving here - specially modified airbus jetliners a 4-hour trip from Hobart scientists and technicians. for the Antarctic service they've travelled by sea - For the past half-century

a very risky fortnight's travel. to the ship getting stuck in the ice It makes us very, very vulnerable or anything. or problems with propellers and its regular air service The enormous ice runway especially at the moment - means intensified research into - to Australia's climate. what's happening the Southern Ocean, We know that Antarctica, the Antarctic waters, hold part of the scientific key

work. to how the planet's climate systems for today's announcement - They chose a Sydney ice bar a balmy -5. was somewhat different. The real thing temperatures as low as -30, We had a crew working in battling winds of over 60 knots. are, of course, still some way off. Regular tourist visits But all the experts agree - towards some truly cool travel. the runway is a big first step Peter Harvey, National Nine News. between fatty diets and asthma. In the news ahead - the link over rescue helicopter services. And country doctors join the protest a lot of country votes. I think it'll cost

fatty Western diets Sydney researchers believe

at Beaurepaires Trade in four old tyres a set of new Dunlops. $20 per tyre to put towards Hurry - everyone will want some.

Jingo, jingo, jingo! # SONG: # Jingo, jingo OF 'JINGLE BELLS' FUNKY DANCE-TRACK REMIX be a party animal this Xmas. With Optus World, you can Yeah! There's the Nokia 6233 with a free docking station and free JBL portable speakers. Sony Ericsson W300i. Or get the prepaid MP3-enabled Both phones are and come with a free MTV download card. So party on down Store today. to an Optus World # Hit me with the simple life. # fatty Western diets Sydney researchers believe

for the dramatic increase could be responsible in the number of asthma sufferers. have found a link Scientists at the Garvan Institute and the immune system. between dietary fats a fat-related molecule from mice, When they genetically removed inflammatory conditions, the rodents didn't suffer including asthma. asthma rates in the world. Australia has one of the highest of Rachelle Childs, More than five years after the death

evidence at a coroner's inquest. a key witness has been giving and denies involvement, He hasn't been charged have now been cleared. but all other persons of interest is the last man standing, Kevin Correll he'd rather not be in. but it's a position Rachelle Childs' death began When the inquest into there were nine persons of interest. been cleared except Kevin Correll. Her family has watched as all have

A used car salesman at Camden Holden, and Rachelle Childs' boss to see her alive. Mr Correll was one of the last people around 17:00 on the 7th of June 2001. 23-year-old Rachelle left work her body was found burnt in the bush The following morning,

at Seven Mile Beach near Nowra. What happened has been a mystery. Peter Singleton Council assisting the Coroner

hopes to clear the doubt. He told the court, by someone she knew evidence suggests Rachelle was killed and was going to meet. a grandfather of three, Kevin Correll, ever say to anyone is, The worst thing you could and you killed my daughter" "you're a murderer

I would ever say that to anyone, and I don't think that's for the courts to decide. a grandfather of three, Kevin Correll, Mr Correll might be tricked his lawyer claiming that suggest he's guilty. into giving answers The Coroner rejected the application on how Rachelle died. believing Mr Correll may shed light But, under scrutiny and suspicion, any implicating question. Keven Correll can refuse to answer Bethany Jensen, National Nine News.

of helicopter rescue services Doctors angry over the future on patients in the bush. have turned the spotlight They say that without CareFlight would simply collapse. country services motorcycling accident near Orange Laurie Neville was in a serious six years ago. saved his left leg. A CareFlight mercy dash to Sydney I still have a minor limp, a leg at all, but compared to not having basically, is my leg. that's what I owe CareFlight, Central West, is outraged that - Laurie, like many in the State's from next year - the rescue operation. a Canadian company will run by CareFlight's 41 doctors And while they support the decision not to work for the new operator, will collapse. they fear services in the bush to off-load a doctor at a whim They don't have the medical staff to the scene of an accident. to ride on a helicopter won't listen now Locals say if the Government

are heard they'll make sure their voices come the March election. Here, CareFlight means saving lives more than $1 million to the service and the community donates every year. a lot of country votes. I think it'll cost legal advice, CareFlight is currently seeking a compromise with the Government. but remains hopeful it can reach the helicopters, Let the Canadians provide the air crew and the medical crew let CareFlight continue to provide

and the management structure. happen and we can move from there. I would ask that those discussions If a resolution isn't reached though this could be the only flying CareFlight crews will be doing. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. The former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet is dead at 91, leaving a country starkly divided about his memory.

Riot police have broken up crowds of people celebrating his death. He seized power in 1973, enforcing a terrifying regime against his left-wing rivals. Others are mourning the general, who died of heart failure, believing he saved the country from Communism. He'll be given a military funeral this week, but the government says he won't be honoured as a head of state.

Ken's still up in Brisbane for the swimming

and it's the big awards night? Mike, the Swimmer of the Year will be announced at a gala party. Also - Grant Hackett nearing his best in the 1500m freestyle final. And the Irish rugby player who wasn't quite dressed for the occasion

Just when he thought he would never play Test cricket again, Andrew Symonds has vowed to become a permanent member of the Australian squad. The born-again all-rounder looks certain to replace the retired Damien Martyn in the third Test

starting in Perth on Thursday - a game England has to win if it wants to keep the Ashes series alive. You would much rather be in our rooms then theirs. Coming from behind is a lot more difficult, so there's not that intensity of must-win, must-win sort of thing. Here in Brisbane, it's another big night for our swimmers - not in the pool, but at their annual awards party. Following the national titles,

selectors have named a strong squad for next year's World Championships and after his 1,500m victory, Grant Hackett will be the headline act. After a week of self doubt the captain is back, leading from the front a 43-member Australian team, which includes 14-year-old backstroker Emily Sebon. Yeah, there's such big names out there, like Grant Hackett and Jen Reilly. In a cat and mouse 1,500m swim with Craig Stevens, Hackett saw the light. COMMENTATOR: He certainly got the message from somebody to say - come on, let's go.

Stevens had good mate Ian Thorpe in his corner but it wasn't enough, as Hackett kicked to pick up another national title. He's going to Melbourne, the captain. The first two-thirds of it felt more like a heat swim at a major meet, so I'm happy that it felt like that. There's always a hard luck story, this time it's Alice Mills,

she's missed out on making the team, the world class sprinter - speed deserted her but not good friend Jodie Henry. What a week for Leisel Jones, whose breast stroke technique

swept her to three titles, in the 100m, 200m and 50m. She wins the treble in 30:06. I was pretty intimidated, actually, going into the race. There was some really top breast strokers in the race so I actually had a little bit of nerves. In a week when only two Australian records were broken Jennifer Riley exploded in joy when she beat her own time in the 400m individual medley. She smashed her own Australian record. Ah, don't you just love it? This is... what a way to go out on the last event, I'm so happy. It was enough to put a smile on a nation. Rick Kelly remains the V8 champion after Craig Lowndes' protest against the result of yesterday's final race

was dismissed. The decision came after a hearing which lasted more than four hours. He lost out on the track and Lowndes had no more luck in the stewards room. He was spun out of championship contention at Phillip Island but it was decided today the drive-through penalty handed to Rick Kelly during the race was sufficient. We would have loved to have, obviously, won the championship. That hasn't happened. as a team, we are champions. But we're second, we know, One thing both drivers agree on - to end the season. it's a disappointing way down to the island later this week Ideally, me and Craig should head and sort it out for ourselves. After three years without a title, into the record books, Layne Beachley has surfed for the seventh time. winning the world championship Beachley was handed the crown Chelsea Georgeson was eliminated when fellow contender of the Billabong Pro in Hawaii. in the quarterfinals

and satisfying world title It's probably the most rewarding I've ever won. for the Aussies It was a good day all round winning the final. with Sydney's Jessi Miley-Dyer Donncha O'Callaghan And Irish rugby player with his pants down was literally caught

he was determined to play on. Much to the amusement of the crowd, in a Heineken Cup match.

But the referee refused to play ball, be found. ordering a new pair of shorts Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News.

the CommSec finance report, After the break - weather details Jaynie with all the week's a canine hero finally going home. and then,

and on the markets - To finance, takeover bid is in the wings. Qantas surged on talk a formal And now for the weather. And, Jaynie, how are those storms? lightning show out there Well, Mike, there is a spectacular cover most of Sydney. as the severe storms 7mm fell in one hour over Fairfield has been reported. where minor flooding The storms are ahead of the change 8:00 or 9:00pm which should hit us about

winds and showers overnight. with strong and gusty southerly It warmed up pretty quickly today, at about 2:00pm, we peaked at 40 in the west along the coast we hit 28. It's now 23 with a wild night ahead. popped up over inland NSW Severe storms have also under 10mm so far. with rainfall totals Tasmania and Victoria The change has marched across

bring humidity levels up a little. helping to cool things down and the central and north-eastern Tomorrow storms are expected over

parts of NSW change with the southerly airstream. with cooler weather behind that

for the south-eastern States. Mild weather and a hot day for Perth. Morning storms Showers for Darwin and Brisbane. Sydney - a windy night tonight.

southerly winds easing. A few showers tomorrow with improvement from the southerly swell And most beaches will see an but stick to the sheltered spots. and 24 for the west. A top of 21 in the mountains with those scattered showers And only 21 in the city continuing for most of the day.

bringing back the summer heat. Northerly winds will move in quickly closer to the weekend A little cooler as we head with a few more showers about. protecting his owner Rocky, the hero dog who was shot ago, is finally going home. during a home invasion two months a special frame on his leg The 2-year old still has to wear in about month. but that should be taken off He's got used to all of us here. haven't you, mate? He's become our pet, After being cooped up for so long, to get out in the open air Rocky was naturally keen with lots to sniff and discover.

here at National Nine News. And that's all from our team See you tomorrow night. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions Tonight - her wildlife warrior dad. Bindi Irwin talks about life without

Our exclusive interview. dedicated to lighting up Christmas. Plus the plug pulled on a family on why Delta Goodrem is coming home. Also the inside story at Australia's most amazing houses. And we take a close-up look This program is captioned live.

Welcome to A Current Affair. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Those stories coming up. But first - since the world was shocked it's just over three months Steve Irwin. by the death of Crocodile Hunter has taken up the challenge In that time, his daughter, Bindi, as a wildlife warrior. of continuing his work Big shoes to fill - and she's only 8. no ordinary 8-year-old. But as you're about to see, Bindi is her and mum Terri I had the pleasure of meeting with

to hear how they're getting along as well as Steve's legacy. and talk about the future - Me and mum always say, like, with you." "I wish there was 10 more years and we can hear Daddy saying,

when I died?" "What if it was 10 years ago "Yeah...I don't think..." And then we think, We're lucky. could have that long with him. Yeah, we're really lucky that we of an 8-year-old, Worldly wise, but with the innocence

fulfilling the promise she made the remarkable Bindi Irwin to her father just three months ago. in a moving eulogy to ever end. I don't want Daddy's passion just like he did. I want to help endangered wildlife in the whole world I have the best daddy and I will miss him every day. as her co-star, With her beloved father and her mum, Terri. the pocket-sized performer the Irwin tradition of entertaining have found strength in carrying on in a fitness DVD for kids. dressed in grey (Sings) # Watch me sway from my head to my toes... # # All the way, when you look at it? What's your favourite part of the DVD when I look at it... Favourite part of the DVD with my dad Um, I really like the cooking so many memories. 'cause it brings back dancing and thinking And I really like That was so much fun." "Oh wow, I remember doing that.