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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. for fire-weary crews Conditions ease but there's no rest in north-east Victoria. as a former dictator dies in Chile. Agony and ecstasy

And the unusual tactic during the Sydney Ashes. to keep the Barmy Army in line Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good morning. Also today - of killing an elderly woman an Australian soldier accused while on a drunken rampage in Noumea.

the naughty schoolboy - And little Bush, poking fun at the US Administration. the new cult cartoon But first, of several Victorian towns a worrying night for residents in the State's north-east pushing fires closer to homes. with erratic winds live from Whitfield now. Ten reporter Nicole Strahan joins us

for many people in the area. Nicole, it was a stressful night

Yes, particularly in the area of Jana Senna. Yes, particularly in the area of

Jana Senna. The fire raced towards

home, spurred on by swelling weans.

Trees were seen exploding across a

hillside area hillside area and the fire took

control. It was a very stressful

might for residence in that area.

As the winds died down, the

intensity of the Fayed died down

with it, which of course brought

some relief to residents in the

area. Unfortunately for fire crews

the fire remains in an inaccessible

area around Jennison, so that means

difficult. fighting the fire directly is very

difficult. Fire crews, as the wins

has died down, are concentrating on

back burning and protecting homes

in that area so there's in the

event that the Windsor increase

again they are ready for the fire

frantic to continue to war times. K

new update us on this new place

that has broken out at me that has broken out at me Mount

Hotham? Yes that is in the area of

brighter, at the base of Mount

Hotham. It broke out yesterday

afternoon and has spent through

5000 hectares in that area.

Residents had been placed on high

alert in and around the Brighton

area, in places like a German town.

At the moment it is not such a

concern because the winds have died

down but it will be watched very

closely. Residents do remain on

high alert and there is quite a

significant potential for that fire.

The cause of that fire is being

investigated. What other predicted

weather conditions today and how

they affect the fires? Today the

weather is a much cooler. Eileen

Whitfield at the moment and it is much cooler. We

much cooler. We actually had a few

spots of rain. A little south of

here they also had a few spots.

Caller temperatures are expected.

It will allow firefighters in this

area to consolidate protection

minds and do more back burning.

Later in the week, temperatures are

expected to rise again and there is

some concern about more northerly winds, which

winds, which would again push up

the fires south and bring hot

weather. The firefighters must be

absolutely exhausted. Even though

these fire conditions have abated

somewhat this morning and the

temperatures have dropped, fire

crews are out there for 12 hour

stretches. They have come back exhausted.

exhausted. More crews then go out.

News that Wyatt New South Wales

firefighters have had a complete

changeover of juice. They are very

thankful to get some sleep on the

way home. While these call

conditions do make fire-fighting

efforts somewhat easier the fire-

fighting crews know that this fight

is not over and there will be

watching the temperatures at the

very closely. Unfortunately that is

week. what is predicted up later in the

within hours of each other Two children have tragically drowned in Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay. after swimming were dragged to shore by two men, A brother and sister in difficulty who noticed the siblings while swimming at Port Melbourne. Both were rushed to hospital be revived. but the 8-year-old boy could not went and risked their own lives. My husband and another guy to help those two kids. My husband is now in hospital if he's alright or not. and I don't know Two hours later, was found floating face down in water the body of a 10-year-old girl near Frankston. with the involuntary manslaughter An Australian sailor has been charged in New Caledonia. of a 79-year-old woman The junior sailor

HMAS 'Melville' from the Royal Australian Navy ship of beating the woman to death was denied bail after being accused in a drunken rage.

at a Noumea bar He had allegedly been partying tried to to break into her home. and, after it closed,

if convicted. He faces up to 20 years in prison

a complaint A Sydney schoolboy has lodged with the Anti-Discrimination Board with a teacher. after a distressing showdown who is of Lebanese descent, Wagih Fares, at Blakehurst High school claims his Legal Studies teacher during a minor argument. called him a terrorist he was outraged by the slur. Wagih told Ten News a short time ago and to be called a terrorist, To come to this school as if I've been... I've done nothing wrong - Like, I've done nothing wrong - painful - it is painful. and to be called that word is It's a good word to describe it. Disgusted - I can't... it still gets me now. It's still hitting me now, The teacher has been reprimanded a multicultural sensitivity course, and ordered to attend kicked out of the school. but Wagih and his family want him

Augusto Pinochet Former Chilean dictator has died in a Santiago hospital. to intensive care The 91-year-old was admitted just over a week ago after suffering a heart attack. kept the announcement brief, Doctors treating Augusto Pinochet was unable to be saved saying the former dictator after suffering unexpected setbacks. outside the hospital Supporters gathered on hearing the news. others celebrated his passing, Elsewhere, under Pinochet's rule. some, relatives of those who died in the capital - Further signs of unrest to control the unruly crowd. riot police called in and adored by the right, Hated by the left like no-one else, Pinochet ignited passions from 1973 until 1990. ruling Chile with an iron fist in a violent coup, After grabbing power went on to become the fierce anti-communist South America's best-known dictator. Under his regime more than 3,000 people died in political violence, many at the hands of secret police. Pinochet was accused of dozens of human rights violations, but a lengthy effort to bring him to trial in Chile failed. His defence lawyers successfully argued he was too ill to face charges. In 2003, he told a television reporter, "My conscience is at ease. I am not remorseful about anything." The former dictator made a final public appearance last month, greeting well-wishers on his 91st birthday. Augusto Pinochet is survived by his wife, Lucia,

and five children. Kate Donnison, Ten News. Labor Leader Kevin Rudd has wasted no time stepping out with his star frontbench recruit Peter Garrett. The pair is about to hold a news conference in the regional Queensland city of Bunderberg.

Political editor Paul Bongiorno joins us live from Canberra. Paul, who are the winners and losers after Kevin Rudd dealt out the shadow portfolios yesterday?

As a general statement, the biggest As a general statement, the biggest

winner were those on a Kevin Rudd

side of the leadership battle last

week. side of the leadership battle last

week. But Kevin Rudd understand he

does need to unite the party if he

has any chance of taking up to John

Howard. Julia Gillard is the biggest winner.

biggest winner. Social inclusion is

a sign that Labour intends to a sign that Labour intends to

broaden the debate over workplace

rules. Lynsey Tanner is staying in

finance. The new leader did what

Kim Beazley was being urged to do

and has brought Peter Garrett onto

the front bench. The really big

winners are the Kevin Rudd backers.

Simon Crean is now back in the

Simon Crean is now back in the limelight. Jull fits Gibbon will

have a very big challenge on his

hens and will have to show that he can get serious. hens and will have to show that he

can get serious. It looks good on

paper, but can this front bench

take it up to the government? There

are compromises in it but there are

very talented men and women on the

front bench and I do believe that

the leadership change itself does

strengthen Labour's claim to

alternative government. This is how

Kevin Rudd explained the changes.

The best team up for Labour to win

the election, and I'm confident

that what we have put together is

the absolute best team - strong on the absolute best team - strong on

the economy, fairness, climate

change. This team is strong on

national security and is strongly

in each one of the four Critical

seats we need to win at the

election. Julia Gillard is a former

industrial relations lawyer and let

it be known that she put her hand

up for the job. I have worked with

Kevin over the last few days to

shake the front bench and I am very

keen to take on the portfolio of

employment, industrial relations

and social inclusion. It is the

best capacity for me to help us win

the election. A as you mentioned,

Kevin Rudd is certainly making the Kevin Rudd is certainly making the

most of his high-profile

environment spokesman. He and Peter

Garrett today in Bundaberg will go

to the issue of climate change.

Peter Garrett has already made it Peter Garrett has already made it

clear he believes the Howard

government has fiddled while

Australia burns. There is no time

to waste, he says, in addressing

climate change, signing up to key climate change, signing up to key

escrow and doing other things the

Prime Minister has belatedly

decided to look as. An unusual tactic to keep Britain's Barmy Army in line

during the New Year's Ashes series in Sydney. A bobby from South Yorkshire police will be flown in to liase with cricket fans and head off any trouble. Assistant Chief Constable Bob Dyson joined us by phone a short time ago and explained the role he'll be taking on at the SCG at the invitation of the NSW Government. I see myself working with the match commanders and helping to liase with the Barmy Army and other sections of the English supporters and doing what I can to ensure the match is played safely and in good humour.

I don't anticipate sitting in full uniform in the middle of the Barmy Army.

I'm sure all that would happen then is I'd be mistaken for one of the many men who dress up in fancy dress. To be fair, the Barmy Army are, in my opinion, a largely well-behaved bunch of people. Many of them are professionals. They're very vocal and very passionate

about their support of English cricket, but we don't experience any real disorder from them, so I'm really anticipating to get any significant disorder or certainly no organised disorder around the Barmy Army.

What you do get are occasionally at cricket matches here in England, you do get some people who drink to excess, some minor issues, but nothing like the problems at times experienced with football. And later in sport, we'll cross to the WACA for an update on how the Aussies are preparing for the third Ashes Test.

And the preschooler suspended for hugging his teacher.

This program is captioned live. A gruesome murder trial is under way in Canada. A 56-year-old pig farmer is accused of killing 26 women, many of them sex-trade workers from Vancouver. Robert Picton has pleaded not guilty. Few details of the allegations against him have been released, but people who bought pork from his property have been warned that the meat may have contained human remains. The wife of poisoned Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko has spoken out for the first time about the death of her husband.

Marina Litvinenko says at first hospital staff thought her husband was suffering from an unusual infection, but he always insisted he'd been poisoned. But one moment, I don't know, it was just like suddenly I started to feel I can lose him.

But it was so sharp. The former KGB spy's death is now being treated as murder.

Mrs Litvinenko believes Russian authorities were responsible. At least four people are dead and nearly 100,000 forced to evacuate their homes as Typhoon Utor bears down on the Philippines.

The storm made landfall on Saturday and is moving in a north-westerly direction, bringing with it heavy rains and strong winds of up to 150km/h. Weather authorities expect the storm to move offshore by Tuesday,

but it comes less than a week after Typhoon Durian ravaged the region, leaving over 1,000 people dead. Hundreds of thousands of protesters have crammed the streets of the Lebanese capital demanding the Prime Minister stand down. The demonstration, led by Hezbollah supporters, converged on the country's Parliament, demanding a new government of national unity be formed. It's the 10th day of protests

and some observers say this is the biggest crowd yet. The Government is accusing the protesters and Hezbollah of trying to stage a coup. It's been three years since the invasion of Iraq,

and violence is still occuring on a daily basis. But away from the graphic headlines, what is life like for ordinary Iraqis? This is how you get your electricity in Baghdad -

from the generator man. Over three years since the US invasion, the national power supply is still mostly off rather than on. Entrepreneurs fill the gap, setting up generators in neighbourhoods across the capital. This makeshift system supplies some 200 homes and shops.

TRANSLATION: In the time of Saddam, we didn't need generators because we had power most of the time, but now we only get electricity 2-3 hours a day. With these generators, I can give people power in the morning and the evenings. It's not a bad business. He takes in more than ?5,000 a month. Not all his customers are happy, though, as his generators often break down. It's not just basic services like electricity

that they lack in this neighbourhood. There's also sewage running openly down the length of the street. Let's go and find out what it's like for one family living in this area. I'm in this family home. As you can see, there's no lights, despite the generator running outside. There's no power here.

"What can we do?" he says. "The generator for our street hasn't been working for four days.

"The generator man just makes excuses." Having no power has become a fact of life for the family. He is a former army officer, forcibly retired when it was disbanded by the Americans. "Life under Saddam was hard," he says, "but in the last few years, it's got worse."

As he checks the generator, which is working, the generator man says he wishes electricity supplies would improve. He says he'd look for another job then. But like so much else in Iraq now, there's little sign of things getting better. Outgoing American Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has paid one final visit to US troops in Iraq.

Mr Rumsfeld met with US forces

at a number of locations across the country,

urging troops not to quit the war until the enemy is defeated. It's the Defense Secretary's 15th visit to the troubled country

and comes just two days after an emotional farewell at the Pentagon. The 74-year-old finishes up as defence chief on December 17. A human zoo - people become caged animals for a scientific experiment - that story when the morning news returns.

And the tiny stars who stole the show from the Hollywood celebs in Sydney.

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This Tuesday's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $8 million. So you could win a truckload of cash! Don't miss Oz Lotto's Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet has died in a Santiago hospital. The 91-year-old was admitted to intensive care just over a week ago after suffering a heart attack. Supporters are mourning outside the hospital, while elsewhere, relatives of those who died under his rule are celebrating the death. A Sydney schoolboy has lodged a complaint with the Anti-Discrimination Board after a distressing showdown with a teacher. Wagih Fares, who is of Lebanese descent, claims his Legal Studies teacher called him a terrorist during a minor argument. A brief sigh of relief for firefighters in Victoria - calmer weather conditions easing the immediate threat in the State's alpine area.

But the worst is far from over, with conditions expected to worsen over the next few days. It was a harrowing night for fire crews and residents, who battled to keep flames within containment lines.

Late yesterday, another home was lost.

The menacing orange glow of bushfire haunts the night sky, fire crews using more settled overnight conditions to regroup and prepare for another onslaught of flames. Victoria's north-east continues to bear the brunt, almost 250,000 hectares laid to waste by flames, strong winds causing erratic fire conditions. MAN ON RADIO: Make sure they're aware of a wind change current in that area - south-west, 15-30. Out there in the mountains, it's OK. You get a southerly down here or a northerly down here and it can be different out there. So it can just swap around without notice. Flying embers are also a problem, sparking new blazes as crews work around the clock to build containment lines. More than 4,000 men and women are now on the fire front,

including crews from the ACT and NSW, as well as a contingent from New Zealand, the Army also offering support.

MAN ON RADIO: You've got three other tankers coming from Jamieson coming to help out. 30-40km/h south-westerly winds are expected today, coupled with temperatures in the mid to high 20s. Crews are bracing for even hotter days ahead. Allan Raskall, Ten News. A spectacular water spout has given motorists in Melbourne an early morning drenching. Streaming up to 50m into the sky, the water erupted from a burst fire hydrant in the city's outer east, hundreds of thousands of litres of precious water wasted as emergency crews worked frantically to repair the damaged main. Peak-hour traffic was interrupted for almost an hour.

In Adelaide, emergency crews are expected to take 24 hours to repair a burst water main at a busy intersection in the city's inner east. A broken pipe on North Terrace sent water gushing into several nearby properties early this morning. It took almost two hours to stem the flow during which time several megalitres of water escaped. An area the size of a tennis court will need to be replaced. Peak-hour traffic was chaotic with motorists forced to take wide deteours.

To business and finance now with Kath Robinson - and Macquarie's set to make an announcement very soon on Qantas. Yes, that's right, Tracey. The Macquarie Bank-led consortium is expected to officially launch a takeover bid for Qantas as early as tomorrow. The group, including private equity firm Texas Pacific, is expected to offer $5.50 a share,

despite the Flying Kangaroo upgrading profit forecasts by 30% two weeks ago. It comes as former Qantas stakeholder British Airways warns the airline against accepting opportunistic takeover bids from private equity firms. BA is also touted as a possible takeover target. And the Securities and Investments Commission is to spend $30 million to target insider trading. The corporate regulator is splashing out

on a new share-trading surveillance system that will directly monitor activity on the ASX. Regulators are currently struggling to keep track of trading

on the local bourse given the record high volumes. A new monitoring system will mean three market surveillance operators will scrutinise trades. The winner of this year's Nobel peace prize has been honoured at a ceremony in Norway overnight.

Bangladeshi economist Mohammad Yunus offered loans to his country's poor,

who were ignored by conventional banks. Mohammad Yunus is the banker to the poor.

The Bangladeshi economist, through his creation, Grameen Bank, offers his country's less fortunate, including beggars, a chance to rise above the poverty line through housing, enterprise and student loans. We are creating a completely new generation that will be well equipped to take their families way out of the reach of poverty. We want to make a break in the historical continuation of poverty. His creation was the first lender to provide microcredit - small unsecured loans with repayments based on an honour system, with nearly a 100% success rate. His system provides a lifeline for the poor who couldn't qualify for conventional bank loans. Since 1983, his bank has given loans to nearly 7 million poor people, 97% of them women. This year's prize gives the highest honour and dignity to the hundreds of millions of women all around the world

who struggle every day to make a living

and bring hope for better life for their children. Yunus is calling on the world's governments to tackle terrorism by reducing poverty.

I believe that putting resources into improving the lives of the poor is a better strategy than spending it on guns. Tim Potter, Ten News. To the markets now, and the Australian share market has opened stronger today after a modest lead from Wall Street.

And, Tracey, in news out this morning, PBL has announced that it's been denied a Singapore casino licence. James Packer will, though, continue looking at opportunities in the region. Now for a look at the national weather, and for the rest of the day:

A sudden cold snap in Sydney yesterday, the city suddenly awash with snow and penguins. It was to celebrate the Australian premiere

of the hit animated flick 'Happy Feet'. A 15m-tall inflatable penguin, as well as a few real ones, graced the red carpet, along with Brittany Murphy and Magda Szubanski. 'Happy Feet' will open nationally on Boxing Day. The preschooler accused of sexual misconduct - that story when the morning news returns. And little George - the US President becomes a naughty school boy in the new cult cartoon series.

The father of a 4-year-old boy says

his son is being unfairly punished for giving a teacher a hug. But the school says the boy showed inappropriate sexual behaviour and must be suspended. DaMarcus Blackwell's 4-year-old son

was lining up to get on the bus after school last month when he was accused of rubbing his face in the chest of a female employee The principal of the La Vega primary school sent a letter to the Blackwells. It said the pre-kindergartener demonstrated inappropriate physical behaviour interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment. Blackwell says it's ridiculous the aide would misread a hug from a 4-year-old. Having interpreted it as anything other, I think she should be evaluated.

Blackwell wrote to administrators, demanding the whole incident be expunged from his son's academic file because his son is too young to know what it means to act sexually.

David Davis the executive director of the Advocacy Centre in Waco tends to agree with Blackwell. He says assuming the boy has not had sexual encounters or been inappropriately exposed to pornography, most 4-year-olds are innocent sexually. The normal sexual behaviour of children centres around curiousity and fun, pleasure. Blackwell got a response from the La Vega administration.

The sexual references on the discipline referral were removed, but the thing that makes Blackwell most upset, they told him his request for an apology by the aide and the removal of all paperwork regarding this incident is denied. Now the young student's file will refer to the incident as "inappropriate physical contact". Blackwell says he will continue to fight the district. I'm not going to a let a 4-year-old child carry this weight for his whole life, that you can reach back and say, "This activity started when he was four years old." Ever think politicians behave like children? A new cartoon, created just for viewing on mobile phones, depicts the world's most powerful leaders as naughty schoolkids. It's like 'South Park' meets 'Scooby Doo' with a cast full of baby politicians. Hi, I'm Lil' Bush, Resident of the United States. THEME SONG: # Lil' Bush. He's Lil' Bush # Created by former 'Simpsons' writer Donick Carey, 'Lil' Bush' re-imagines the US President as a disobedient schoolboy with learning difficulties. C'mon, Lil' George. You can do it. Tad dactyl...turra dactitle... Turtle...dacta...acta...bicycle... No, listen - there is no bicycle in the word 'pterodactyl'. Tractor dasher... Dang it! Why is school so hard? And you just shoot the ball at the basket - go ahead Lil' George. You shoot the what at the what now? The ball at the basket. Is this the ball? Dang it! Why is school always so hard? Lil' George is joined by playmates Lil' Rummy, Lil' Cheney and Lil' Condi, who appears to have a crush on him. Hey, Condi, will you, uh, do all my homework? When? Tonight? No, from now until we graduate college. I'm serious. See, I can't do any more of this educational-type stuff any more. It just makes my head hurt. But it's Lil' Laura who steals his heart. over there? Hey, who's that chubby nerd takes on enemies, Together the pre-teen gang like Lil' Kim Jong-il. so much. I just hate Lil' Kim Jong-il Oh, sweetie. they're different than you. It's OK to hate someone as long as the kids torture canteen staff In the first 5-minute episode instead of hot dogs. for serving falafel It's a little unorthodox change their minds, but I think it could make them and it could be kind of fun. hundreds of mini shows 'Lil' Bush' is one of for tech-savvy youngsters commissioned obsessed with their mobile phones. It's become so successful an extended version, Comedy Central's ordered to run on US TV. Ooh, brownies. brownie. Mmm, you're doing a heck of a job, kid. Er, you're talking to your food,

a heck of a job, too, brownie. Huh? Well, you're doing

(Giggles) Get it? Brownie. it's different. 'Cause your skin colour - It's not the same as mine. Donick Carey says he created the show for mobile phones because he kept getting rejected by American TV networks. writers to create their own product Now he's encouraging aspiring TV companies desperate for programming. and pitch it to mobile phone "The meek shall inherit the earth," When God wrote the Bible, he said, really think he meant "the stupid". And when he said "the meek", I

A second series is on the way Lil' Lohan and Lil' Hilton, featuring lil' Hollywood characters but creators may be hard pressed behave as childishly making the fictional characters as the stars themselves.

Rahni Sadler, Ten News. In the United States, is trying a new tactic with Iraq. Meanwhile, George W. Bush He's started changing his rhetoric,

will follow his lead. hoping reporters asking those f-word questions... When those pesky reporters start of admitting your failures? Are you capable

that your approach has failed? Do you acknowledge to look forward, not back. It's time to tell them And design a way forward. used the phrase five times. In one answer alone, President Bush The way forward in Iraq. A important way forward. Talk about the way forward. Analyse the way forward. is contagious - Apparently "the way forward" Tony Blair caught it standing next to President Bush. The way forward. How do we find the right way forward? the right way forward. We've got to get on the Iraq Study Group You could blame it in its report 'The Way Forward'. for naming one of the sections Even Democrats like to go forward. big policy speech Senator Barack Obama's

was titled 'A Way Forward in Iraq', 'Iraq - A Way Forward'. while Senator Joe Byden called his "a way forward" tends to surface But watch out - the phrase a complete, utter, total mess. when things are We call our plan 'the way forward'. That's the head of Ford motor company

that would cut 25,000 jobs. announcing a structuring some strong medicine. The way forward contains 'Forbes' magazine But which way is forward wondered seems stuck. when the Ford plan to move forward the Administration's new mantra. You might as well get used to hearing A way forward. The new way forward. What he sees as the way forward. of the phrase. He also uses variations

Go forward. I'm heading back.

Nah, that's no policy reversal - to pick a questioner. just the President heading back All this foward motion... A different way forward. Whatever way forward. An important way forward. for the days of... ..sort of makes you long We'll stay the course. to the third Ashes cricket Test Ahead - the countdown with England facing major decisions - returns. that's when Ten's morning news

to be decided by a stewards' inquiry. Also - the V8 Supercar title now set

This program is captioned live. A 43-strong Australian swimming squad World Championships in Melbourne. will compete at next year's Grant Hackett, They'll be led by captain 10th national 1,500m freestyle title. who last night claimed his surrounding his fitness With speculation to Craig Stevens in the heats after finishing second outside his personal best, in a time more than minute to silence his critics. Hackett was keen a leisurely pace with Stevens The 26-year-old enjoyed

before making his move, for the first 1,000m at 14:56 eventually stopping the clock in the event that dates back to 1996. and continuing an unbeaten record

He's going to Melbourne. COMMENTATOR: the captain, with a wonderful team, He's going to Melbourne,

the last 500m. and he swam confidently

To come here and to swim a solid sub 15-minute swim and to really only work probably the last 400m-500m in the event,

I'm really happy with that time. an incredible week in the pool Matt Welsh capped with victory in the 50m backstroke, his ninth national title in the event the 30-year-old claiming Australian championship. and his 52nd overall it wasn't blisteringly fast, That wasn't the greatest swim, but it was enough.

so I've done a few of them now. As you say - 52, in the 50m freestyle Libby Lenton's sizzling 24.63 win for seven events ensured her qualification at next year's World Championships, who would finish runner-up. but all eyes were on Lenton goes in. But Lenton's got it. Touch for second - don't know. Henry - Henry's second. into second by 0.01 seconds, Jodie Henry beat Alice Mills on a place in the Australian team resulting in Mills missing out for the first time since 2002. for Jennifer Reilly, And a new Australian record claiming the swim of the night the 23-year-old dual Olympian

in the 400m individual medley to stop the clock more than 2 seconds under her own national record. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Rick Kelly's V8 Championship remains in limbo after a drama-filled finale at Phillip Island. Officials are about to consider by Craig Lowndes's team the protest lodged over an incident in the final race. couldn't have been scripted better - The season's end and in their points tally - side by side on the grid then this. Race leader, and Lowndes.

he's been taken out of it. That is Lowndes - unsettles Lowndes So contact from Rick Kelly, and into Todd Kelly. There's gonna be trouble. And trouble there was, Ford furious over the collision and Lowndes, involving Rick Kelly's brother Todd whose Ford was hopelessly damaged. drive-through penalty Kelly was given a pit-lane for initiating the incident, the punishment did not fit the crime. but Ford protested that

Not surprisingly, Kelly had a different perspective. Yeah, I guess it's definitely not the way we wanted to win this championship. I think Eric gave me the car in that last race that would have won it -

would have won the championship either way. I tried to have a go at Lowndes there

and he ran me wide off the track, and I think he was looking in his mirrors more than braking

and braked himself a little and hit Todd. Obviously the stewards looked at the contact and gave me a drive-through penalty, and wasn't an ideal finish, but either way, it's a championship. The CAMS hearing is set down for midday in Melbourne. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Nick O'Hern has broken a 7-year tournament drought in dramatic style, winning the PGA Championship at Coolum in a play-off.

O'Hern and Peter Lonard were locked at 22-under, with four extra holes needed to separate them. Peter Lonard was the man out in front, a brilliant tee shot helping set up a second successive birdie and a 2-shot advantage. Magnificent looking shot - go in! Oh! Fellow overnight leader Nick O'Hern's radar was off target early but some superb iron work kept him in touch. Oh, it's just bounced perfectly. After a birdie at 15, O'Hern looked set to open a 2-shot buffer at the 16th, but the pressure told. What did I tell you? What did I tell you? If it hasn't got speed... It all came down to the last hole, an extraordinary miss seeing O'Hern drop a shot. He and Lonard battling out a nerve-wracking playoff until O'Hern banished his demons

with a remarkable bunker shot on the fourth extra hole. He's good...this looks great.. He's got it! Awwww! Adam McNicol, Ten News. The maligned International Rules series between Australia and Ireland looks certain to be scrapped. Ireland's Gaelic Athletic Association has voted to cancel next year's series in the wake of past brutality. But the decision has come under scrutiny.

At the end of the day I think we gave as good as we got and, you know, for the Irish to come out and make all these accusations and then scrap the series, I think it's going a bit far. The AFL remains hopeful a peace deal can be brokered in the new year.

The Mariners have dealt Perth Glory's finals hopes a massive blow with a 1-0 win at Central Coast Stadium. The home side was in control for most of the game - Adam Kwasnik firing the only goal of the match. COMMENTATOR: The Mariners have the lead after 12 minutes. Meanwhile, Adelaide will also battle for a place in the A-League play-offs following their disappointing 1-1 draw with the bottom-of-the-ladder New Zealand Knights. In the Premier League, a stunning late goal has saved Chelsea from its first home defeat in two years. After a scoreless first half, the champions went down 1-0 when Arsenal striker Mathieu Flamini scored in the 78th minute. But an incredible strike from Michael Essien with four minutes remaining, secured Chelsea a 1-1 draw. COMMENTATOR: What a goal! Magnificent strike by Essien! Never discount this Chelsea team. The result leaves Chelsea eight points behind Manchester United

on the premiership ladder. The countdown is under way for the third Ashes Test in Perth. And finally, good news out of Hawaii this morning where Layne Beachley has claimed her seventh world surfing title. We'll have more on that in the 5:00 bulletin. The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

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A brief sigh of relief for firefighters in Victoria - calmer weather conditions easing the immediate threat in the State's alpine area. It was a harrowing night for residents and crews as blazes jumped containment lines and threatened homes. But the worst is far from over, with conditions expected to worsen over the next few days.

Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet has died in a Santiago hospital. The 91-year-old was admitted to intensive care over a week ago after suffering a heart attack. Supporters are mourning outside the hospital, while elsewhere relatives of those who died under his rule are celebrating the death. A Sydney schoolboy has lodged a complaint with the Anti-Discrimination Board

after a distressing showdown with a teacher.

Wagih Fares, who is of Lebanese descent, claims his Legal Studies teacher called him a terrorist during a minor argument. The countdown is under way for the third Ashes Test in Perth. Australia is just one win away from a series victory, but this time they'll be doing it without one of their senior players. Rebecca Killen has more.

Tracey, life without Damien Martyn officially begins today for the Australian cricket team, a training session here at the Waca ahead of the third Test starting on Thursday. Of course, when Damien Martyn announced his retirement, it shocked the cricket world on Friday, his retirement effective immediately. The Australian selectors now with the task of finding his replacement. The two candidates for that spot in the side are all-rounder Andrew Symonds and WA batsman Adam Voges - Symonds likely to get the nod ahead of Voges because of his experience.

And while the spotlight has been on Australia for the last couple of days no-one's forgotten that we're 2-0 up in the series, England hoping to find some form after that agonising defeat in Adelaide. And they found that form - they found some form - in the tour match against WA here at the Waca over the weekend. Openers Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook getting some runs in the middle.

Spinner Monty Panasar also getting a chance to look at the Perth pitch. He's in line for a recall to replace the out-of-form Ashley Giles. Well, the Barmy Army should be in full voice here at the Waca

where the Test starts on Thursday. The trumpeter is allowed into the ground, and I'm sure the Fanatics will also be in fine voice. Tracey, we're gearing up for what could be the Ashes decider here in Perth. A bold human experiment at the Adelaide Zoo. Dozens of animal impersonators will spend a month

locked in the great ape enclosure, all in the name of science.

Ten News reporter Alex Hart has the details. So picture this - six adults locked inside this disused Adelaide Zoo enclosure for a week throughout a sweltering Adelaide January. It will get ugly, uncomfortable and certainly very smelly. And all the time, they'll be exposed to the public's prying eye. So why would hundreds of South Australians

actually choose to be treated like animals?

Look at this - who would be crazy enough to go in a zoo? And I read it and I went, "Me!" Basically ever since a Balinese shopkeeper looked at me and said "Hairy like monkey," I figured I was meant to be here.

24 people in groups of 6 will enter the enclosure from January 2, all in the name of science and charity. We're looking at drawing attention to the plight of apes worldwide. There's a significant threat for apes in Africa and south-east Asia. As well as daily activities, special guests will visit the captives to keep them company. But it's not all fun and games - these primates will also undergo regular vet checks. A bit scared of the thermometer.

Don't really know where they're gonna put that, but otherwise I'll be fine. I'm ready to go. At the end of the month, the public will vote for the superhuman who will take out the competition, and all these other captives will finally be set free.

Now for a look at the national weather.

We all know Santa has plenty on his plate this time of year, but rest assured, he's making time for exercise.

The jolly man and a swag of lookalike supporters took to the pavement in America's casino capital for a 5km fun run. They were there to raise funds for charity and to break the record for the largest gathering of Santas. To give them every possible opportunity, the first 5,000 runners were given a Santa suit with their registration fee. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day

and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.