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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - a political comeback, Pauline Hanson plans targeting Muslims and Africans. because I couldn't care less Don't throw the racist tag at me about that. on the Cronulla riots anniversary. Fears of racial violence wanting another Cronulla. There are people

four Sydney ambulances off the road. A vandal attack puts And how lives could change stem cell research. as Parliament approves embryonic with Ian Ross. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. is making a political comeback Pauline Hanson

anti-immigration policy with her old targetting new groups - Muslims and diseased Africans. claims she's not racist, The former One Nation leader the views of most Australians. just a realist who reflects

her critics have hit back. But as always, She's back...again But why? Because I want to have a say. I'm a proud Australian. the country's attention with this. The One Nation founder once captured

of being swamped by Asians. I believe we are in danger Now, she has a new target. People are very concerned

that we have in Australia. about the number of Muslims at the next election, Preparing a return Asians and Aborigines she says where once

Christian standards, attacked Australia's and AIDS-infected African migrants. it's now Muslims Don't throw the racist tag out at me about that. because I couldn't care less most Australians agree with her. She says Some don't. about our religion There's a lot you need to know and make your own opinions before you can go and someone like that... I don't know why she coming back. revived her public profile Ms Hanson's for electoral fraud was overturned, after a conviction in the past. but has been known for her stunts Fellow Australians, it means I have been murdered. If you are seeing me now to sell her upcoming autobiography. Some say this is another stunt had his critics too And Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd South Australia's Annette Hurley, after dumping a woman, from his frontbench deadwood in place. but leaving male factional at getting his way But he's obviously pleased Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett to promote former

and Sydney's Chris Bowen. In Canberra, Mark Riley, Seven News.

anti-Muslim comments Pauline Hanson's from the first anniversary come just days of Cronulla's race riots. The Premier has warned that violence repeated, some people want to see of plans to stir up trouble. but police say there's no evidence on Cronulla Beach. A picture perfect day the police predict The type of uneventful afternoon of the riots a year ago. for Monday's anniversary The Premier, though, isn't so sure. wanting another Cronulla. There are people We know that. Mr Iemma warned Speaking at a function yesterday, there could be more trouble to come. on the one-year anniversary Particularly to track these people. and they're working very hard But police insist

about possible repeat attacks. there is no new information that would see acts like last year. There's certainly no intelligence

There's none at all. Since the riots 12 months ago, police say for any signs of fresh trouble. they've been closely watching or two who may have a point of view We are aware of the odd person

these people are being monitored.

of no new intelligence, Despite their insistence police say on Monday. they will still saturate this area helicopters and the riot squad Extra patrols, dog squads, all will be on stand-by. all will be quiet. Locals say they're confident It's not in anybody's best interest, for all parties concerned. it's time to move on a year later I hope the lesson learned is that it's here for everyone. from this Lebanese Australian, A similar message a regular visitor to Cronulla.

No-one looks at me any different. and treats each other good. As long as everyone's fair The Cronulla riots, terrorism involving the illegal drug ice and the epidemic are being blamed crime-fighting in Sydney suburbs. for taking police away from The Police Association says

The police union says should be boosted by 3,000. our force of 14,500 officers

is getting harder every day. being a cop

riots like Cronulla and Redfern, The threat of terrorism, the ice epidemic and an increasing population are all taking their toll. that the communities expect. It takes us away from other duties In an election wish list, wants 3,000 extra officers. the Association

The Government is offering 750. a good track record The Government's got a considered response and we will give

to the Association.

the second lowest in the country. New South Wales police ratios are to, for example, If we were to bring our numbers up

what happens in America, at a 7,000 police increase. we would be looking Police support the Opposition's plan by 300, to increase the highway patrol squad public service backroom jobs. but not its cut to 20,000

a very fundamental position We've taken that our members won't do the work of civilian support staff. that is rightly the jobs about dwindling police numbers The Opposition has complained for years. cutting administration jobs. But it refuses to rule out to keeping officers on the beat. Police say they're vital

I'll guarantee that police more police on the streets are going to have the support that they need. and they're going to have a gang of vandals Police are searching for Sydney ambulances who broke into four and stole vital equipment. they had to be taken off the road, The vehicles were so badly damaged on paramedics. putting extra pressure Normally they're rushing to their ambulances to go and save lives, but today, they weren't going anywhere. Out of action and left to clean up after a vandal's rampage to steal three portable radios. We normally just keep them in here. They've smashed the windows overnight and just taken them.

Almost $8,000 worth, not including the glass. I'm extremely disappointed that someone in the community has seen fit to come in here,

break into emergency vehicles and steal vital equipment. They can't leave base without them. They're for our safety. And they're no good to the thieves. They've been disconnected from the network. They're no good to anyone, they're useless. They can't be used to communicate or listen in any shape or form. This represents a new level of depravity. They probably got in from a building site next door just before midnight. This morning, other ambulances were brought in to cover. Someone breaking into an ambulance might seem bad enough but what's worse - it's happened here before. This station was targeted just last week. This supervisor's car had a brick through the window but that time the thief was spotted before he could steal the radio. It's quite annoying All four ambulances should be back on the road tomorrow.

People suffering incurable diseases have new hope for a medical breakthrough after Federal Parliament passed therapeutic cloning laws. It means scientists can do experiments previously banned to find cures that until now they could only dream of. Although his mind's still active, Paul Brock is powerless as his body slowly shuts down.

He suffers motor neuron disease and is a key supporter of therapeutic cloning. It's not based on pity, but based on rationality and argument and ethics. Researchers have hailed the decision to allow the cloning of human embryos, offering a possible cure for diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes, multiple sclerosis - even spinal cord injuries. So it provides a very important, and I think, fundamental research platform, that will enable scientists to really investigate these diseases. Politicians were free to vote on conscience. The Prime Minister argued it will erode values. In the end, you have to take a stand for some absolutes in our society. For the Opposition Leader, the decision was personal. Mum died two years ago,

so she's not here to ask about this one. He voted against the bill, despite losing his mother to Parkinson's disease. There's no doubt emotions run high on both sides of the debate,

but in reality, we can't expect to see any of the so-called miracle cures from therapeutic cloning for a long time yet. I wouldn't expect that there would be any tangible outcomes from this research in terms of clinical benefits,

for many decades. That doesn't deter supporters. I'm fighting just as much for the next generation, certainly.

The Army has been called in to help battle bushfires in Victoria's north-east. 64 fires are burning and it's feared they could combine this weekend when temperatures in the high 30s are expected. Already, four houses have been destroyed. Army water tankers and bulldozers are being brought in to help,

as well as volunteers from New Zealand. Satellite images show the huge plume of smoke The United States has been warned to change its direction on Iraq in a report calling the current situation grave and getting worse. A study group recommends all troops be pulled out by early 2008. Former political opponents, now in agreement on Iraq.

The situation in Iraq is grave and is deteriorating. We do not know if it can be turned around.

The report is blunt. 79 recommendations on how America's policy should change. Firstly, the stay-the-course mantra must go. Our ship of state has hit rough waters. It must now chart a new way forward.

It says all combat troops should be withdrawn from Iraq by early 2008. They'd be replaced by military specialists to guide Iraqi soldiers. They have been liberated from the nightmare of a tyrannical order only to face the nightmare of brutal violence. It also recommends asking Syria and Iran to help their neighbour. These are things the President has steadfastly said he wouldn't do,

but times have changed. The Democrats now control Congress and the public mood here has swung decidedly against the Iraq war. We will take every proposal seriously and we will act in a timely fashion. But Prime Minister Howard is warning against a hasty retreat. For the west to pull out of Iraq in circumstances seen as defeat would deliver an enormous boost to terrorism in the region and around the world. Ahead in Seven News - how the Prime Minister is setting a poor example to Sydney families. Also, the amazing photos that could mean there's running water on Mars. And why prisoners are teaching some young dogs new tricks.

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Western Sydney is at less risk of a blackout this summer following an upgrade of the power supply. A $7 million transformer has been installed at Horsley Park,

providing enough electricity for 350,000 new homes. It's part of our determination to improve the reliability of our electricity system. The new transformer will supply Liverpool, Blacktown and Penrith. Another area with heavy electricity demands is Kirribilli, where the Prime Minister lives. New government figures reveal Mr Howard's official mansions are power-hungry monsters,

generating 20 times more greenhouse gas than one average house. It's some of Sydney's finest real estate. But Kirribilli House and its Canberra cousin The Lodge It's some of Sydney's finest real estate. But Kirribilli House and its Canberra cousin The Lodge are an environmental nightmare. Well, it's an exceptionally high level of greenhouse gas emissions for two houses. This is the Government's latest energy audit. The official homes are in the Prime Minister's section

under "Other Buildings". They consume more than 300,000 kilowatt hours of electricity alone each year. A normal house uses around 10,000.

It's only sort of eight to nine times the area, but it's still 30 to 40 times the energy use, so there's a significant margin there. Then there's the cost in greenhouse gases - about 300 tonnes. The average home - just 14 tonnes. Kirribilli House is big, at least 300 square metres, they say, but it's not that big. must be burning through the power. Someone in there entertaining and catering, A lot goes on cooling and heating, security and lighting, not to mention Mr Howard's big TV. Yes! he should set a better example. The Greens say black hole. It's just a Prime Ministerial

the PM's power use is down 4%. To be fair, he wants rainwater tanks, He's using recycled water, but it's not easy being green. You try and do anything to an official residence, you practically have to have a Royal Commission! his helicopter crashed in Fiji. A Sydney pilot has been killed after

Kirk Palfrey is seen here the Pacific nation just weeks ago. taking tourists on an aerial tour of on board the aircraft He was the only person shortly after taking off from Nadi. when it crashed was helping government officials The 36-year-old

flee the military coup. staged peaceful protests Fijians today lost democracy. angry over the country's

of water on Mars, Scientists have found evidence may be capable of supporting life. boosting theories the Red Planet taken over the last 10 years Photographs by flowing water. show new channels carved out While the channels are now dry, bubbling to the Martian surface. it's the first evidence of water of water coming down, Five to ten swimming pools in each of the two cases, OK?

from underground reservoirs The water may have come or melted ice. every woman's fashion nightmare - First Lady Laura Bush has lived going to a party, as someone else. wearing the same dress

And it gets worse. three other women showed up This time,

Oscar de la Renta gown, in the same red to do a quick change. forcing Mrs Bush She went upstairs and changed, the right thing to do, very easy for her to do, the other three women. take the heat off the $11,000 gown But Mrs Bush did wear

White House Christmas photo. in the official toughest prisoners Some of the State's with their softer sides are getting in touch thanks to puppy love. for people with disabilities, They're training dogs

all round. and the benefits are being felt Behind these prison gates, new tricks. they're teaching young dogs

Jeannie, speak. (Dog barks) SPEAK! (Dog barks) Good girl! 18 months training these Labradors Selected inmates have spent to help people with disabilities. I've ever looked after in my life Max is the first pet to me. so it's been a great experience They learn everything - for pedestrian crossings. even pushing buttons Jasper, switch! Good girl! Good, switch!

The results have been remarkable. in the program - Not only just for the fellas in our jail setting here. I've seen a huge change to calm the whole centre down. It just seems We get fantastic dogs out of it and at the end of the day, who get these dogs people with disabilities really change their lives from the work of these inmates. and really benefit Today, graduation. The hardest part, saying goodbye. I'll miss him. I'll miss him a lot. But just in time for Christmas, for prison puppy school. four new recruits arrived Roxy, Ruby, Ritchie and Roscoe. (Laughs) is so successful The Puppies in Prison program around the country. it's set to be expanded like Roscoe here - So we'll see puppies

are you alright, Roscoe? - Junee, near Wagga, in Queensland, in Hobart. even plans for Risdon Prison (Dog barks) Time for sport with Ben Damon Grant Hackett's form slump? and what happened to with the World Champion last night. Roscoe, there was nothing wrong 800m freestyle this year. He clocked the fastest We'll hear from him next.

to end England's Ashes woes? is this the man Also -

driving ambition to play gridiron. And Sonny Bill on his team-mate's

the biggest test of his career, It was called has passed with flying colours. and Grant Hackett last night Hackett came out of a form slump in the world this year. with the fastest 800m freestyle Now he's preparing for the 1,500m. Injury fears, health fears - Hackett buried them all. You ask any athlete in any sport - that if they don't actually correctly taper and rest up your times. you can be a little bit off coming into a meet,

it didn't work. A half taper was risky - of the 200m final would. Hopefully dropping out during the 800m - Still, anxious moments Craig Stevens in career-best form. has increased his lead through 300m. COMMENTATOR: Stevens we had to make it up on the run. We didn't have a plan,

and see how he felt. He said he'd jump in at the 600m mark. He felt a whole lot better had put a body length on Stevens - Captain Courageous he swam a PB. the world's quickest time this year. Hackett swam He stops it at 7:48.54. 10 seconds outside his best. Now the real torture test awaits.

lifting the 1,500, Having the two days off, for me now, will be nothing but beneficial to a new level for that event. and hopefully bring me A new level reached in swimwear. Chandler for Copacabana Beach, No, Sophie Edington didn't confuse Brazilian-made cossie was a hit - but her own range of of the 50m backstroke. second quickest for tonight's final It's a close second of the meet - in the most anticipated race that belongs to "The Quick Chicks" - in the women's 100m freestyle, Lenton versus Henry Henry the fastest qualifier. is mourning the passing And Australian swimming Kevin Berry. of Olympic Gold Medallist Setting 12 world records in his career, the butterflier won gold in Tokyo. He was 61. Newcastle's James Nitties has blitzed the field on day one of the PGA Championship on the Sunshine Coast. Nitties finished with a bogey-free round of 8-under 64. Nick O'Hern and Jarrod Lyle are two shots off the pace while Adam Scott and Robert Allenby are further back. The morning players got perfect conditions. Nitties was the best of them with his red-hot putter. One of the shots of the day came from Stuart Appleby who finished with a round of 67. a beautiful shot from Apples! But if you thought that was good, check out this from Wade Ormsby who didn't bother with the putter. to pick spinner Monty Panesar for the all-important third Ashes Test. The tourists trained in Perth today ahead of their match against WA this weekend. The English press is calling for Panesar to replace the struggling Ashley Giles. I guess it's just flattering, you know, to see people in Australia and in England obviously, sort of, wanting me to play and it's nice to hear that. The third Test begins next Thursday at the WACA. Team-mates of Bulldogs star Willie Mason say he's desperate for a start in America's NFL. League stars, including Sonny Bill Williams, were at Luna Park for today's NRL Christmas Party, while Mason is in the US trialling with Gridiron's New York Jets. I asked him when it first came up and I asked him if it was serious, I thought it was a gee up, but he's genuinely interested. He's gone over there to do some tests and that. From what I've heard, it's gone pretty good. Mason is contracted with the Bulldogs until 2008. Next season's NRL mascots were unveiled today with the Gold Coast Titan stealing the show.

Checking finance now and the share market slipped today. BHP shares lost 1%, but Telstra had another day of gains. Nuala has the weather details after the break live from Darling Harbour.

Due to exceptionally dry conditions and record low inflows into our dams, Canberra is now in Stage 2 Water Restrictions. Measures include no sprinklers, only dripper systems

and hand-watering at specific times. However, limited use on weekends only ACTEW's general exemption allows irrigation systems of sprinklers and other to relieve your garden. Simply save water. ACTEW's Water Conservation Office. For full details, contact

by Goodyear Auto Service Centres. This weather report brought to you on now. The Goodyear Christmas Cashback

Good Evening. your head around the fact If you're still trying to get

that it's almost Christmas already, concerts every weekend Darling Harbour is hosting free with these musical maestros. so you can come down and chill out that mostly fizzled out The forecast thunderstorms before reaching us. was a bit of a non-event too. The overnight south-easterly change to the north. Winds were quickly back around and Campbelltown hit the 30s. In the west where Richmond, Penrith Mid 20s again along the coast. On the charts - to Eastern Queensland a band of cloud is bringing showers is keeping our State dry. while the large high with that high turning winds Bad news for Victoria fanning the fires. a warmer northerly some of that heat, 38 tomorrow. Adelaide's already seeing Smoky skies north of Melbourne. and Cairns. A few showers in Brisbane Fine and hot in Canberra. On the waters - south-easterly tomorrow, We'll try again for a cooler bringing back some cloud. But unfortunately no rain. to the working week So a partly cloudy end with tops in the mid to high 20s.

Perhaps a couple of 30s inland. As for our weekend - would help. Perhaps singing in the rain

I'm sure these guys know it featuring Frank Bennett The Australian Army Big Band playing this weekend from 6:30pm. And that's Seven News to now. for the next few weeks. I'm taking a break from tomorrow night. Chris Bath will be here

goodnight. have a safe and merry Christmas, Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Anna Coren. Tonight - That's life! What are the odds? you can't help but win. Revealing the magazine contest How a printing error means hampers will be given away. potentially thousands of Christmas Are you one of the lucky ones? And she's back. Pauline Hanson Former One Nation leader and black South Africans. hits out at Muslims about her political comeback. She talks with us Plus, style over substance. today, It's hard enough being a woman try being a female politician. over criticism of the way she looks. Julia Gillard speaks out And the next Elle McPherson. Aussie who stole the show Our exclusive with the outback fashion spectaculars. at one of the world's biggest lunch break. And get a Hollywood smile in your Direct from LA,

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