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Welcome to Ten's morning news. Good morning, I'm Natarsha Belling. like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's A cure for diseases could be a step closer today. on therapeutic cloning. Federal Parliament lifting a ban has divided politicians The emotional stem cell debate along moral, rather than party lines. a natural progression I think this is

with the rest of the world. and it brings us up to speed they would be absolutely horrified. If people knew the details of it to speak against the bill Last night the heavy hitters lined up human embryos for medical research. which will allow scientists to clone

here is a moral absolute I think what we are talking about the legislation. and that is why I cannot support

to support a legal regime I find it very difficult of a form of human life that results in the creation conducting experimentation for the explicit purpose of

on that form of human life. Despite the objections by a comfortable margin. the legislation passed This bill has been agreed to. the difference of opinion But the vote highlighted between the new Labor dream team. of this one. We've come down on different sides Many members of the Government

too. have come down on different sides Liberal Senator Kay Patterson, The Bill's architect, hailed the breakthrough. I believe it's very important. about disease and disease processes, I believe it will help us understand and also treatments. understand about various drugs false hope to sufferers But the Senator is wary of giving of stem cell research saying the benefits may not take effect for a generation. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News.

political hat back in the ring. Pauline Hanson's to throw her

her maiden speech to Parliament But a decade after a fresh wave of controversy. she's causing Late News in Sydney last night, Preparing for a live cross with Ten's

had never left Australian politics. it was like Pauline Hanson to stand for Parliament I have every right like every other Australian

my issues and concerns so I'm raising so it's up to the people. wasting no time The former One Nation leader in getting down to business.

South Africans into Australia I want to know are we allowing black ongoing health problems with AIDS who have health problems,

and other health issues on the taxpayers? that are going to be a burden Earlier in the day, about Muslims. Ms Hanson also raised concerns

I have grave concerns will assimilate into Australia, that whether these people I'm not knocking the religion, it's a way of life. it's more than just that, has rejected her claims. The Department of Immigration Refugee groups are appalled. she'll run as an Independent. Ms Hanson says or Queensland, It's up to the people of Australia wherever I decide to stand, me to have a voice to decide whether they want

in Parliament for them. Kate Donnison, Ten News. joins us from Canberra. Ten's political editor Paul Bongiorno certainly has the potential Paul, Pauline Hanson in Canberra again. to shake things up the notice which is what she is all

about. She has not won elections is

about. She has not won elections is

that a shock victory in Queensland

in 1996. If she has run for the

Senate twice and the other house

and for the seat of Blair and she

has failed. But still she last

Ngaio it is clear they her residual

residual support support and her stronger as

residual support is in Queensland.

She got 100.001st preference votes

for the Senate last time and she

didn't make it because none of the

major parties directed preferences

to her but she walked away with

$200,000 of taxpayers' money for

effort. Some of the cynics are

wondering whether this is a real

incentive for her to try again. On

another political issue, more signs

another political issue, more signs

that the US President is rethinking

his strategy in the war in Iraq.

Where does this leave John Howard?

If Billy some quibbling over the

what the new Iraq supply grid is

saying a word as recommending.

Secretary There is no doubt 5th that the

Secretary of State the first prison

and Bush has found the situation in

Iraq as grave and deteriorating. A

minister prime minister and a foreign

minister has been telling us we

have been winning the war there. If

there is probably going to have to

be a rethink in Canberra for the

latest developments in the in other

states we have this report from

that front.

in a Senate office block. Commitee room 216 these old men and one woman It's drab, but look upon speaking truth to power. as a group of Washington Time Lords agonising over Iraq They've spent nine months on a single trip to Baghdad. and they bonded and devastating. The conclusions are unaminous

and deteriorating. The situation in Iraq is grave and lethality. Violence is increasing in scope in White House wounds. This must have felt like swords welcomed the Study Group The Administration had initially as a way to broaden the debate. They cannot have expected this. there is no magic formula Ladies and gentlemen, of Iraq. that will solve the problems

Before the report was published, an advanced copy. the President was given he looked crest-fallen Despite the thank-you under the weight of its indictment.

some really interesting proposals. It is a report that brings to ignore some parts of the report, The Administration may be tempted in the book stores. but it's in the headlines,

ignore us at your peril. Today's message to the President -

There is potential for

embarrassment for John Howard from

his connection with the Bush

Administration in America. Federal

court cases of need next week will court cases of need next week will

begin hearing argument that the the begin hearing argument that the the

Australian government Primus

Australian government Primus and

farmers have failed in his duty of

care to as Julian Scillies and

called David Hicks.

exhausted Victorian firefighters, The army's been called in to help for a horrific weekend of firestorms. stretched to the limit and bracing from Mansfield in the Alpine region Reporter James Wakelin joins us now some of the 50 blazes will join up where it's feared to form a super fire. James, what sort of help do the Victorian fire fighters need?

In his very real. The team which

has already starting to rise here.

If you can probably see this might

behind us here and that is causing

real concern for residence. The

great concern is about tomorrow and

Saturday. There is

Saturday. There is a northerly wind

expected and it will families

blazes over 90,000 acres has been

picked out but they could join

together and caused a massive front.

The key to fighting these places

and saving lives of properties as

residents adequately prepared. Was

the Ladies? If there has been

meetings on going since last Friday

when his fire started by lightning strikes. There will

strikes. There will be more

meetings around the area today.

There is one just down the road to

us at the moment. They are mostly

time they were made to make the

decision and they need to make it

now whether to stay or whether to

go. If crews from New Zealand are

on their way up and all met at army

has been called an. Is there enough

support? They believe they

support? They believe they have

enough support. There is 1800

firefighters out there battling the

blazes at the moment. The army is

an unprecedented step if. Both the

Victorian authorities bars they are

with roadies To become an end to

logistics for the CFA and the DSC.

There will supply fuel for the

water tankers and it will help the

firefighters to fight the fires.

Victorian police are investigating the death of pedestrian hit by a car and killed in Melbourne's north-east overnight. The incident happened in suburban Heidelberg Heights, just before midnight. Detectives believe the man, aged in his 40s, was involved in an altercation

before running out on the road where he was struck by a passing car. The homicide squad now searching for those it's believed the man had been arguing with.

A 36-year-old Queensland pilot has died in a helicopter crash off Fiji,

after offering to help fly local government officials to safety. Overnight, coup leader Frank Bainimarama announced a state of emergency, pledging to stop anybody who gets in his way. Locals are starting to call him Lord Bainimarama. But should we be pushed to use force, let me state, that we will do so very quickly.

The threat of force and a possible curfews come after a day where he declared a state of emergency, installing a new prime minister and a new acting police commissioner. Qarase and his cronies are not coming back.

His troops now swarming through Suva and clamping down on the media. You're not allowed to take any pictures from here. Why not? You have to go!

No, no, no. Don't hurt our stuff. No, no, no - yeah, we're gonna go. We're gonna go, just don't move our stuff! Fijian TV and newspapers temporarily shut down,

refusing to give in to military censorship. The Senate silenced too. The island nation now almost certain to be kicked out of the Commonwealth. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer called in the Fijian Ambassador to express his outrage.

The Australian Government and I think the Australian people are just alarmed and astonished

and they're very upset at what has happened. There are still no plans to evacuate Australians from Suva. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. The closest sign yet of life on Mars after scientists discover water on the Red Planet, that story later on Ten's morning news.

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SONG: # The Barbie Hot Tub Party Bus # Hot tub on the outside # A whole house on the inside. #

It's a bus, a hot tub and a house, all in one! SONG: # Be who you wanna be Barbie Girl. # Barbie Hot Tub Party Bus vehicle. This program is captioned live. Just days after walking free from a Queensland jail, serial rapist Robert John Fardon has been found living in a house on Brisbane's western outskirts.

The 58-year-old has been at the Corrective Services property since Monday after the State's Supreme Court ordered his release. Fardon was originally jailed in 1978 for raping and bashing young girls. He was set free 10 years later and raped again while on parole. A group of women working around Fardon at his current address

have reportedly been given personal alarms.

An explosion at an industrial plant in the US has injured more than 30 workers. The massive blast destroyed a large warehouse, a number of cars and several other buildings. Emergency services were kept busy - a large fire spreading to nearby blocks. Residents say the big bang was felt up to 2km from the plant. It's thought to have started in a large propane tank. NASA scientists believe they now have evidence suggesting water may be flowing on the planet Mars.

By comparing a photo from 2001 to an image taken last year, scientists have spotted a change in a gully that wasn't there before. They don't believe it's flowing water, but some kind of debris deposited by water. The discovery has enormous implications

for the search for life on the Red Planet and having a source of water, even below the surface, would make it a lot easier to send astronauts on a mission to Mars.

It could be some of the most unusual jewellery ever created. Scientists in London growing rings from human bone cells and covering them in silver. But it's not just for decoration.

Doctors hope to use the technique to grow tissue for reconstructive surgery. The finishing touches to what's being dubbed bio-jewellery. This ring was grown from human bone cells and then wrapped in silver.

And this is where it came from - a tiny chip of jaw bone recovered during a wisdom tooth extraction. The living bone cells were grown on the synthetic ring shape scaffolds and it could ultimately help patients. Scientists can already grow bone into flat sheets but that doesn't suit the complex 3D structure of our skeleton. These rings will be ideal for a place damaged to say, a thigh bone because they can be stacked one on top of the other to fill a gap. Ultimately, the team at Kings College London hope to be able to grow bone into any shape needed for reconstructive surgery. If you've damaged part of your jaw, you wouldn't need to take perhaps a piece of the rib,

or somewhere else in the body to replace that piece of damaged bone,

we would simply grow that piece of bone in the laboratory for you and implant it. Are you excited? I'm very excited. That's all in the future. For now, think art as much as science. Let's have a look. Harriett Harris had her bone cells grown into two rings.

One for her, the other for partner Matt. I've only really been in contact with bone when its in my dinner or its been on a piano and it's quite intriguing to sort of see - have my own bones, my own matter objectified in this way and made into something precious and symbolic. There is the immediate 'yuk' factor but when you actually see the object and you think about it a bit more deeply it's not gross at all.

And the science that went into this bio-jewellery may one day not simply adorn bodies but help repair them. A British teenager with terminal cancer has spoken out about her decision to refuse further treatment so she can spend Christmas at home with her family. Nurses who treated 16-year-old

Josie Grove have nominated her for a bravery award.

Whatever the future holds Josie Grove is focusing on the present and precious time with her baby brother. After two years of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, she can't take any more of hospital life and has decided to come home. I've had enough of being cut and poked and injections and just being in hospital.

I've had enough of it and I want to stay at home and do what I want. I love spending time with my mum as she's become my best friend and I'm seeing everyone a lot more. She only has months to live but plans to make the most of it rather than have further treatment. We were given the option to keep going and going but the chances of things um, actually working

were very, very small - very small and so it's Josie's decision. I mean, she's 16, she knows exactly what's going on. We can't make that decision for her. She's the one that has to make that decision. I'm incredibly proud of her that's the only thing I can say. Like, more than any father can be, I can tell you that.

They weren't really pushing me to any decision.

They didn't encourage me to take the medicine or - so I'd rather just not have any more. And now she's got what she's really wants, Christmas, not in a hospital ward, but surrounded by her family at home.

Santa Claus isn't the only one watching who's being good or bad this year. A 12-year-boy has been arrested in the United States for opening a Christmas present early. In this house under a tree there was a present waiting for a 12-year-old boy. His mother and his grandmother told him not to open it before Christmas. He didn't listen. And when they found the unwrapped Nintendo GameBoy in his room

they called the police and had him arrested, He always been like that. Do what he want to get attention. If he can't get his way, he'll find his way. Reggie Meeks is the boy's cousin. He admits the boy does have a behavioural problem, but was surprised the police were involved. I was kinda shocked to see it happen like that.

I think it was a little bit much, I do. This man is a parenting expert. he teaches parenting classes He has six of his own kids, of a CMSPTA board. and he's a president provoke some fear to the child I know the attention was to when it's appropriate. and there's always a place for that

the boy had disobeyed his mother. Police say this wasn't the first time He acts out in school, he shoplifts

he was arrested and last month, police say, for punching an officer.

of worse things to come. It could be a sign with petty larceny. Police charged the boy He was never held in jail scheduled. but he does have a court appearance His mum says after that appearance she wants to turn him over to the State. In reality she won't do that to our child but she probably showing him a lesson right now. If the system gets hold of him, they'll treat him different than a loving parent will.

The mother is clearly crying out for help. A cry for help that was answered by the law and could unwrap this year's Christmas for one child. An advertising campaign using biscuit-scented billboards has been crushed. Stickers smelling like chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven in San Francisco were put on five bus shelters to create a craving for milk.

But the campaign only lasted one day. after getting complaints City officials crumbled to remove the strips. and ordered the advertising agency might trigger asthma attacks Critics claimed the scent

or allergic reactions were offensive to homeless people and the ads who can't afford to buy biscuits. We know sporting stars are paid well the most cash? but who actually commands of top earners next We'll look at the surprising list

in Ten's morning news. And taking luxury to the extreme - inside Australia's most expensive homes.

SONG: # The Barbie Hot Tub Party Bus # Hot tub on the outside SONG: # Be who you wanna be Barbie Girl. # Barbie Hot Tub Party Bus vehicle. You put it together. Dolls and batteries not included. This program is captioned live.

The ban on therapeutic cloning has been overturned opening up new doors to medical researchers. A bill allowing the cloning of human embryonic stem cells

has been agreed to in Federal Parliament.

Pauline Hanson is heading back to politics the next federal election. announcing she'll contest she'll stand as an independent The former One Nation leader says will be industrial relations laws and her main campaign issues and the nation's water crisis.

in to help battle dozens of bushfires Army petrol tankers have been called threatening parts of Victoria. The state on high alert a horror couple of days ahead of what's expected to be and a dire weekend. In finance news, is slightly weaker this morning. the Australian share market

is expected to set a new record. The Gold Coast property market It's for the penthouse apartment complex, Jade, of the new Surfers Paradise

on the market for $20 million dollar.

It really is a million-dollar view

but, all up, there's over $100 million worth to be had at Jade. The new Surfers Paradise apartment block is unique... They've actually bought a bit of art - we'd like to think it's art - and the people walking up and down the street get to enjoy it as well. well as opulent - marble walls and limestone floors line all the apartments, and every whim is catered for. Heat up your private pool before you come home, take a spa in one of your four bedrooms and keep your catering staff hidden away in the butler's pantry. can ever imagine is there. Complete indulgence - everything you And that's just a standard apartment. Within the Jade complex most expensive beach house. is Australia's it has already sold for $12 million. Though still under construction, And the 3-level top-floor apartment the country's most expensive, is set to become with a price tag of $20 million. And the penthouse is so exclusive, a condition of a pending sale or photographed that it can't be filmed that sort of cash, so, unless you've got you can't even see it. puts it out of reach for most of us. Just the description You feel you're floating in heaven. Summer Burke, Ten News. Who do you think would be the nation's highest paid sports stars?

'BRW' magazine has put together a list of the top earners and there's a few surprises. Joining us now from BRW to discuss their pay-packets is James Thomson. Good morning, James. Now, first of all James, who is our top sports money maker?

Greg Norman is on top of the list

Greg Norman is on top of the list

with earnings of $20 million. It is

the 10th time Greg Norman is on top.

He has dominated the list for over

a decade and probably well into the

forcing future. I was reading

earlier group only played a handful

of golf tournaments. Where is the

making his money? If there is all

of the course banned

of the course banned grave has

managed to turn his great white

shark in nickname into a huge

worldwide brand. He sells wine and

joint venture would with the

Fosters group and the has his iron

range of clothing which is huge in

the US. He has a range of other

business interest. He sells turf for golf courses,

for golf courses, a restaurant, a

production company, a chartered

boat company in their range of ways

he is making money off the cause.

He is not spending too much time on

the golf course. Some of the

surprises Arab a couple of poker

players on a list. Some may debate

with a poker is us all. But at the

players well.

players well. Joe won a big

tournament last year. A 20-year-old

Mark Ross one over a million

dollars. Buried to poker guys on

the list which is a different way

of earning money. If her out some

of the stars on the rise? Who are of the stars on the rise? Who are

the newcomers? Fee there are two particular.

particular. Sense does there has

had a fantastic here. 10 doubles

titles over the year and she

finished as the animal one ranked

player. Andrew Boe Brecht plays the

MBA for the New York Milwaukee 13.

MBA for the New York Milwaukee 13.

I think he will seek his earnings

rise as improves as a player and

gets a big name in the US. That

seems like sports stars other way

to go. Absolutely. for the rest of the day. Now national weather

could cut electricity bills Powerful new technology

by more than $1,000 a year. relieving strain on the energy grid. The breakthrough device is also Putting the power in your hands. are revolutionising the way These smart metres energy is measured, the amount of electricity they use allowing householders to monitor

hour-by-hour, day-by-day.

to switch off bad habits, And they provide good reason during times of heavy demand charging consumers more

and less during off-peak. 10 times as much to use the power, Well, I know it's going to cost me to use as little as possible. so I go out of my way

And the potential savings are huge, even for a modest energy user like Barry Ward

who's shaved $80 off his yearly bill. Leading the charge for business is Sean McBride. He's seen his payments plummet by $1,200 a year, simply by getting smart about the best time to plug in his appliances. Oh, it's incredible. This is a new business, it's 13 months old, so the first year is like any new business, it's a very hard time, so any saving at all is incredible. This helps make our electricity network work

and it has a lot of environmental effects, too, for a power plant possibly deferring the need in 10 or 15 years time. in Australia, Designed and manufactured also known as eco-metres, the devices, contributing to global warming can tell people how much they're their carbon footprint. by calculating It actually measures the energy system is emitting how much greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. with greenhouse gas emissions, And since you don't see smoke

it's invisible.

for people to understand, It's been a concept that's been hard really, really simple for people. but now we make it Most State governments have begun rolling out the technology in new properties or in trial form and a number of energy companies are now offering flexible rates. It's hoped this new approach to power use will one day be as common in homes and businesses as recycling.

When you're aware of something, you can do something about it. And even I've started to use it at home now. Now I do my washing after 8:00 in the evening. And they could be a vital tool during blackouts with energy providers able to send text messages to individual metres warning of potential problems. Charmaine Dragun, Ten News. Tom and Katie set to wed again. in the weekly entertainment report. Angela Bishop has the details next

You were in the lift with that. Oh, my God. he asked me out? (Scoffs) Can you believe OK, yeah. I mean, I'd love to.

for coffee, but I can cancel... I was meant to meet some friends I'm on the phone. (Whispers) Sorry, Ground floor. AUTOMATED LIFT VOICE: Yep, I know this... JAZZY MUSIC

waste is a tually recyclable, and we found that 80 percent of our like these cardboard boxes. an saving money. environm nt. So, it's good for business and the

What have you done... No matter what business you're in Recycling - it's your business.

This program is captioned live. which means it's time for It's Thursday,

entertainment round-up Angela Bishop's for a special announcement. Ange is at Luna Park

Thanks, Tarsh. of this year's nominees I'm at Luna Park for the announcement of Australia, for the Country Music Awards better known as the Golden Guitars in January. which will be given out in Tamworth Felicity Urquhart, Melinda Schneider Among the top nominees Lee Kernaghan, whose song 'Poster Girl' and this lady, Beccy Cole,

in country music this year. has to be one of the biggest stories

I am absolutely thrilled because

I've never had five nominations

before. Year one for bees before de

rigueur second-tier of winning? If

94 and none at all. I won my first one and

94 and the next one was 2001 and

her big gaps between them so than

not easy to come across. The song

banners bore you so much attention

this year called poster girl it is

a terrific story. I wrote the song

when I returned from Iraq after in

scanning the Aussie troops and I

have the most amazing experience

regardless of your politics and the

situation if because of poor these guys and I would

guys and I would rather deflect any

player's arm are beginning if for

the song and wishing them a merry

Christmas because they are doing an

amazing job. A fan wrote to you and

saying he wouldn't listen to your

music any more because you been to

Iraq. He gave me that mother Rasham.

A thing does the difference. For the song has

the song has been picked up by the

families of soldiers in the nine

states as well? If it has at is a

very typically eschew aliens on

because the mentions the word

Australia and it has picked up in

America which I'm absolutely

thrilled about. One other

nominations for the song is

Heritage song. We surprised by

that? If hours extremely

that? If hours extremely surprised

because I have been more of a

country singer and I'll never

written about something Australian

and I think this is the beginning

for me of bad different tact and my

country music. If there are lot of

girls. Birders check here than this

Shea. A lot of the others are ready

Shea. A lot of the others are ready

laugh I love the fact that Felicite

is an album of the category and

Melinda Schneider whose album is

fantasy. It is really hard to pick

a winner in the air but it is so

good to see the girls up there. If

the best thing about Tamworth in

general? If the best thing about

Tam worth his people walking around

Sayers are often now a hot enough

for you?

for you? All the best for the

awards and have a good Christmas. And another coveted set of gongs will be handed out tonight at the 48th annual AFI Awards in Melbourne. Geoffrey Rush will host the event which will see this year's best Australian movies fight it out for honours. 'Sunburban Mayhem' has the most nominations. 'Jindabyne', 'Kenny', 'Ten Canoes' and 'Candy' also in the running.

Heath Ledger, Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett are among the homegrown international stars due to attend. Time to take a sneaky look at the way celebrity really works in this week's paparazzi files - today Victoria 'Posh Spice' Beckham. If you've ever wondered just how those perfectly posed shots of Posh leaving a shop miraculously appear, watch and learn.

Back, back, back - just let her pass by. Don't block her, man! You leave that open, man! A posse of guards clears the way while Victoria waits patiently, then on the word 'go', she walks - photos are done and away she goes. Wonder if there's anyone left to guard the Queen or if they're all busy with Posh? And darling Lindsay Lohan. This week she told us she was attending Alcoholics Anonymous.

In between those meetings, she took her mum to LA club Les Deux, ditched her there and got behind the wheel of her car which is complete with a set of handcuffs dangling from the rear vision mirror. She then headed to a private party in the Hollywood Hills where she got a security guard to try to keep her privacy with a well-placed jacket on the head. We now know Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are a couple

because they've officially announced they've split. The pair have kept the paparazzi buzzing for more than a year, the lovebirds often seen dining out in Hollywood. The secret romance was the first serious relationship for Jen since divorcing Brad Pitt. Dubbed 'Vinnifer' the two hooked up while filming 'The Break-Up' last year. But they say their own break-up won't affect their friendship.

And take three. In more Hollywood goss, our favourite scientology couple have some exciting news - they're getting married, again! That's right, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are saying "I do" for the third time this weekend. Not satisfied with the civil ceremony in LA or that spectacle in Italy last month, they want to do it again. The TomKat love-in moves to a friend's house this time, it's for those who missed the first two.

She's the one that they want, but she comes with a price. Olivia Newton-John is suing Universal Music for allegedly failing to pay more than $1 million in royalties from the 'Grease' soundtrack album. Livvy starred in the 1978 movie with John Travolta and it remains the most successful movie musical ever. Universal says

the lawsuit is without merit and they expect it'll be dismissed. And a fashion faux pas at the White House. First Lady Laura Bush chose this Oscar de la Renta number for a White House reception on Sunday night. Problem was it was also the preferred outfit of not one, not two, but three other guests. Must have been a well to do crowd, the embroidered jacket and skirt retails at around $10,000.

To avoid embarrassment, Mrs Bush quickly excused herself and changed into a black lace dress for the rest of the evening's activities. Ahead - Shane Warne turns up the pressure on England's struggling Ashes campaign. That's when Ten's Morning News returns.

And some anxious moments before Grant Hackett prevailed in Australian 800m title.

We're really sick of all our friends saying that Big Mac beef patties are full of fillers and preservatives.

JAUNTY MUSIC mince it up, stamp it into a patty And that way, we don't have to use any preservatives. So our friends were totally wrong about preservatives and stuff? Yeah. Turns out your friends are full of it. MCDONALD'S THEME

This program is captioned live.

Australia swim captain, Grant Hackett

is surprised at the health scare speculation following his swims at the Australian National Titles this week. The world record holder showing glimpses of his trademark top pace

on the way to victory in the 800 metres freestyle. This is the Grant Hackett everyone had been waiting to see, scorching the final three laps to post the fastest 800m freestyle time this year. COMMENTATOR: He stops it at 7.48.54

Things don't always go to plan and your expectations come down a bit and it's amazing how you can turn it around and see a time like that and be over the moon with it. Health scare headlines had preceded Hackett going into the event and with pre-race threat Craig Stevens exchanging the lead with Hackett over the first 13 laps, coach Dennis Cotterell was concerned. I don't even know whether he's going to even make the qualifying time at this rate. He's swimming for a win I think.

He needn't have been worried. Hackett also quick to quash any fears over his shoulder, blaming cramp for a lack of movement in a warm-down earlier this week. You know, I didn't really feel, like just because I pulled out of the 200m it was going to be such a big deal. Libby Lenton is still searching for a gold medal at this meet, her best races still to come. Brisbane teenager Bronte Barrett relegated the Commonwealth record holder to third in the 200m free

with 400m gold medallist, Linda Mackenzie second. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Flayed by the fleet street press, There's added fuel to the already heated competiton in the V8 supercars.

There's just seven points separating Fords Craig Lowndes and Holden's Rick Kelly, heading into this weekend's season-ending round. Back to their roots for the V8 drivers...

..a few flying laps in a go-kart blowing out the cobwebs. It is good for racing drivers, good for your reflexes, good for everything and is a lot of fun. It's just the body that takes a pounding. But all eyes are on the weather forecast, a scorcher expected for the first race of the grand finale on the island. Phillip Island is one of the more physical circuits we do so you're going to be out there in 37-degree heat.

It's going to be about 65, 70 degrees in the car, I suppose,

so it's going to be a pretty tough Saturday.

The heat wave won't just be a challenge for the drivers - the teams struggling to prepare their cars for what's expected to be a battle of survival. Usually when the temperature comes up, the track surface obviously is quite hot and the tyres don't like that very much, so it'll be tough on the teams, around scratching their heads, there'll be some engineers running

trying to make the cars fast, a pretty challenging weekend. but it's going to be

already be looking toward next year, While most drivers at the island will they're all taking sides Craig Lowndes championship showdown. in the Rick Kelly versus and ex team-mate of young Rick I'm a Holden man together, so I'm rooting for him. and we've had some good success Adam McNicol, Ten News.

Winners still grinning, headed to their homes the Australian team members for a few days rest, their stunning second test victory. still aglow with memories of hit the winning runs To be out there batting when Huss to get the reward was great.

A different story for the England side,

their Ashes defence in tatters. There's no way I want to start an inquest. We'll go to Perth and we'll discuss it.

Fletcher's words may be too late, the notorious English tabloids going to town. While the Aussies also had their digs. It was there for the taking for both sides.

I thought if one side was prepared to put their hand up. I feel confident bowling to them.

The Melbourne Tigers have nabbed the top spot on the NBL ladder by thrashing the Perth Wildcats. from the outset The Tigers dominated the match 17-point run in the first quarter. and were never challenged after a playing the starring roles. Imports Dave Thomas and Rashad Tucker COMMENTATOR: Oh, unbelievable play! in the 14-point victory. All of Melbourne's stars had a hand adding the icing on the cake. Veteran point guard Darryl McDonald

Manchester United

of the Champions League has squeezed through to the final 16 against Benfica. after a stunning display was subdued early But the crowd at Old Trafford strike in the 27th minute after Nelson fired a rifle shot to put the Portuguese giants ahead. COMMENTATOR: What a goal! That is one of the greatest goals you will ever see here at Old Trafford Nelson appeared from absolutely nowhere!

But the locals would not be denied and a header from centreback Nemanja Vidic levelled the score at the break. In the second half United ran away with the game, Ryan Giggs putting them in front in the 61st minute before Louis Saha sealed the win with another header in the 75th minute. National weather details when the morning news returns.

The meal was spectacular - the meat tender and juicy, the salad crisp and fresh,

the vegetables firm and tasty. the tea towel was dirty, Unfortunately, the cutting board unwashed, and not cold enough, the fridge stacked incorrectly PERSON VOMITS which made the night... ..unforgettable.

This program is captioned live.

has been overturned The ban on therapeutic cloning to medical researchers. opening up new doors

of human embryonic stem cells A bill allowing the cloning

in Federal Parliament. has been agreed to is heading back to politics Pauline Hanson the next Federal election. announcing she'll contest

The former One Nation leader says she'll stand as an independent and her main campaign issues will be industrial relations laws

and the nation's water crisis. Army petrol tankers have been called in to help battle dozens of bushfires threatening parts of Victoria. The state on high alert ahead of what's expected to be a horror couple of days and a dire weekend. The whole country has opened its heart to the victim of a callous thief. As we've reported, the Adelaide pensioner was robbed of her Christmas decorations and her money

while suffering an epileptic fit. across the nation Now Ten News viewers have donated thousands of dollars. bearing Christmas cheer. A businessman from Collectible Classics. Hello, Michael Finnis give you this for Christmas. I just thought I'd like to I heard about the problems you had a bit happier for you. and I thought we just make things Oh, thank you. her Christmas decorations and pension Raija Pittman was robbed of

during an epileptic fit. Since then, an outpouring of support. In Brisbane, one man donated $500. We just thought, we would have done the same thing." "Mate, if that was my mother, over Australia to give you gifts, People are ringing us from all so there are some really, really good people out there as well. Ten News has received 500 phone calls since Raija's story aired.

Anyone wishing to donate should now ring her local church. From all over the country, it's been amazing. Every State has been ringing in. The phone, since I got in this morning, hasn't stopped ringing. Raija can't believe it. All I wanted was my $160 back. She'll use the extra money to buy Christmas gifts for children in hospital. And there's more good news.

Almost the entire shopping centre car park

is covered by security cameras. to try and catch the thief. Police are now reviewing the footage Raija's starting to smile. For now though, that I can possibly give anybody. Just the biggest, biggest thankyou Esther Lindstrom, Ten News.

for the rest of the day: Now national weather

has unveiled a Christmas tree An Alpine town in Austria fit for the Arctic. of manufactured ice, Made from 30 tons 5.5m tall. the tree stands an impressive to chisel their masterpiece It took a team of sculptors two days

in the town's main square.

unseasonably warm winter weather Despite before Christmas Day. they say the tree won't melt It wouldn't last long in Alice Springs. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling, good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.