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(generated from captions) for the Labor leadership. Tonight - the fight for the Labor leadership. This program is captioned live.

to secure his position. Kim Beazley battles a very good weekend. Telstra's gonna have But can he beat the dream team? their campaign. Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard kick off

for the Australian helicopter pilot Military honours off Fiji. killed in a Black Hawk crash And heartbreak in Townsville to farewell her husband. as Mark Bingley's widow prepares He was a very lovable rogue. Mark was a bit of a rogue.

Welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Charmaine Dragun.

for a political commentator Also tonight, a huge headache on his drunken outburst. trying to put a positive spin It turned out to be a toxic mix,

but also for me. not only for Stephen Mayne, for the Federal Labor leadership. First tonight, the battle is on for the top job. Kevin Rudd has challenged Kim Beazley There'll be a vote on Monday - with a new dream team. the veteran leader going head to head for your political life, When you're fighting isn't everyone's idea of fun. a roomful of journalists tonight kept his promise But Kim Beazley Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner. to deliver a speech to the about the battle, though, If there were any juicy bits they'll stay a secret - the whole speech is off the record.

You should be in there and into the plum pudding getting into the turkey and leaving me alone. In 24 hours, from rumours to showdown. the Labor leadership debacle has gone Today I announce there will be a ballot on Monday morning for the Labor Party leadership. I will contest Obviously it is a ballot and it is a ballot I intend to win. a 20-minute conversation It came after Kevin Rudd, with Shadow Foreign Minister he was mounting a challenge who'd told him running as his deputy - with Julia Gillard the so-called dream team. what we bring to the table here We believe

and a bucketload of energy. are fresh ideas, a fresh vision of speculation, The challenge ends weeks

recent performance in the polls, prompted by Kim Beazley's with US political advisor Karl Rove confusing a grieving Rove McManus his front bench. and refusing to reshuffle is on the cards anyway - Now a reshuffle all front-bench positions. Mr Beazley has also thrown open Like the Caucus itself, on who should win the contest. senior Labor figures are divided

in my opinion, If anyone is interested my opinion is back Kim. I have said to you in Queensland. that I think Kevin is a vote-winner I have never hidden that. this weekend Telstra will make plenty of money to plead for their vote. as both sides ring Labor MPs But it will be a tough decision - and risk another Mark Latham mess, opt for the new, or stick with a veteran, twice. who's already lost to John Howard of its own destiny. Caucus is now in control I am just a little bit mystified yet again tearing itself to pieces. as to why the Labor Party is

is calling out for I believe that what the country is a new style of leadership. winning this next election Mate, I am concerned about and making sure after that this nation needs. I am the best prime minister Laurel Irving, Ten News. of the Australian helicopter pilot An RAAF Hercules is bringing the body back home. killed in the Fiji Black Hawk crash Noumea onboard the HMAS 'Newcastle', Mark Bingley's remains were taken to

injured in the crash. along with the seven soldiers is in Noumea. Ten Reporter Andrew Leahy returned to Townsville tonight. Andrew, Mark Bingley's body will be Yes, that's right. of 35-year-old captain Mark Bingley The remains

in the hold of a Hercules C-130 are now in the air on its way back home to Australia. straight back to Townsville, that the Hercules is flying Now, we've been told

where Captain Bingley was based, later this evening. and he's actually due to arrive there for them to get to this stage. Now, it's taken quite a while sped to Noumea Obviously, the 'Newcastle' at about 4:00 this afternoon. and arrived here It's also taken a number of hours the right procedures for them to go through onto shore to transfer Captain Bingley's body and to bring him out here. In a very moving tribute, that he actually served with an honour guard of troops during the Fijian operation carried his coffin onto the plane back to Australia. and farewelled it before it took off when we left the docks One of the things that we did notice had just arrived, was that a busload of soldiers from Australia and we've been told they've come here with the 'Newcastle' and they'll go back to actually investigate happened. how this terrible Black Hawk accident Back to you. incredibly brave widow, Melissa, The helicopter pilot's in Townsville, has fronted television cameras paying tribute to her husband. She's gathering her strength Mitchell, from the couple's 16-week-old son, just like his dad. and she hopes he too will be a pilot, and resilient, Melissa Bingley wanted to be tough husband Mark. just like the man she's so proud of, and accidents do happen. But Mark was human everything possible for his crew, In my heart, I know Mark did to keep them all safe. his passengers and his aircraft,

from their son, Mitchell. She's drawing inspiration to have Mitchell We waited a very long time

of his father and he's a spitting image

I can't help smiling. and every time I look at him Melissa was quick to point out in a Black Hawk that her husband felt safer than any other military chopper. he'd prefer the Black Hawk If there was a choice, and he talked about the armour. because of the safety aspects, And she says will help keep his memory alive. his many friends and family Mark was a bit of a rogue. He was a very lovable rogue.

He was my rock and he still is my rock. The video of the accident has been viewed for the first time by military investigators. It's shot from a closed-circuit television camera above the flight deck and will form a major part of the inquiry. The agonising wait for any news continues for the family of SAS trooper Josh Porter, who was also on board the chopper. His home town on the NSW Central Coast is sharing the family's pain. I'd say so. I know a lot of people around here are thinking about him. It's just a horrible, horrible business. It is. Three days after the crash, the search continues for the 28-year-old rifleman. Kevin Wilde, Ten News.

The Black Hawk crashed during a training run on the HMAS 'Kanimbla' off the coast of Fiji. The Defence Force was sent to the region to evacuate Australians in the wake of a coup. Ten reporter Emma Dallimore is in Suva. Well, it's still all quiet in Suva tonight, only in Fiji it seems could a game of rugby delay a military coup but that's exactly what happened today. After giving a midday deadline for the government to meet all of his demands, the military commander spent most of the day with the rest of Suva laughing and smiling at a rugby game between the military and the police. But those smiles quickly disappeared as he left the sports area, confronted by a waiting pack of international media. He quickly brushed passed us with no comments to make about his "clean up" for Fiji. And then his minders even tried to slam gates in our faces to keep a distance from us and their boss. We're being told that tonight Commodore Bainimarama is hosting drinks for his troops down at a local gym not far from where the sports stadium is. But out in the streets tonight it still is very quiet, as it was most of today. People have finished celebrating and we're told most of them have gone home. A lot of stores closed up early and the clubs aren't that busy either. But as of tomorrow morning the football celebrations are all over, so we'll be watching to see whether the Commodore's clean-up of Fiji begins.

The report into the death of Private Jake Kovco has just been released, concluding the young soldier died in a self-inflicted accident. In a ruling which has angered the Kovco family, the board has found the young sniper shot himself while misusing his pistol. The inquiry had heard reports he may have been shot by a fellow soldier. Defence Chief Angus Houston rejects the family's claim the Army is protecting its own. I think that the process was a good one. I think it stands close scrutiny and I reject any suggestion of any form of cover-up. Defence Force chiefs have accepted all 29 recommendations, including better training for soldiers with the Browning pistol. The battle to save dozens of pilot whales after a mass stranding in Tasmania. A huge headache for a political commentator trying to put a positive spin on his drunken outburst. It turned out to be a toxic mix, not only for Stephen Mayne, but also for me. And the mystery illness that left league legend Wally Lewis lost for words.

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This program is captioned live. A horrifying accident at a Brisbane train station has claimed two lives. A man in a motorised wheelchair and his mother were killed when his chair was clipped by an express train

travelling through the station. The man's partner was also on the platform

and witnessed the crash. She's been taken to hospital suffering from shock. Counsellors are speaking to other witnesses, including a group of school students. Police are investigating the accident. A heart-wrenching scene on Tasmania's north-west coast with a pod of pilot whales washing up on the shore. 27 pilot whales became stranded on Ocean Beach this afternoon. More than half have died. Locals armed with buckets and spades battled deteriorating weather conditions to try to save the mammals. Just wanted to come down and see if we could do anything to help. I couldn't be the same after this experience. I'm gonna learn a lot more about it so I can be more useful if I'm ever in a situation like this again. Children offering a hand of comfort as the mammals writhed helplessly on the sand,

some huddling together for support. We've just got to try and keep them wet. That's obviously the hessian thing - keeps the sun off their skin. Their skin's very sensitive, obviously, if they get exposed to the sun. And you can see here we're just trying to dig out a bit of a trench so that hopefully, 'cause this one's still got a fair bit of energy, it might just roll itself and sort of sit a bit upright. The stretch of coastline is notorious for whale beachings. The refloating effort will resume at first light.

Cracks are beginning to appear in the evidence of a key mystery witness at the Dianne Brimble inquest. Under cross-examination today, he's admitted some of his information is second-hand. Peter Pantic was once reluctant to take part in the inquest, but he strode into court today of his own accord, infuriated by the allegations

being made by the witness dubbed Mr White. The informant had described Pantic as a drug dealer from the Adelaide club scene but, under cross-examination today, Mr White was forced to concede he'd never actually seen Pantic selling or taking drugs. Mr White claims he didn't need to see it to know Pantic had. That caused Pantic's lawyer to query:

Mr White replied: Pantic looked pleased when the witness clarified his claims but left the comments to his legal team. Would you describe Mr White as a liar?

Clearly. The witness was also forced to admit his allegation about a nightclub being owned and run by police was based on hearsay. We are going to look further into the claims that are being made

but at this stage, I'm saying to you - and I repeat - there has been nothing produced at the inquest. Mr White says he came forward out of moral obligation, but he leaves with a fear of what will happen to him when he returns to Adelaide. The coroner acknowledged the inconvenience the case has caused him but warned she may yet recall him later in the case. Dianne Brimble's family and loved ones left court exhausted but it will be some time before the inquest ends. It's set to continue until at least September next year. Amber Muir, Ten News. Political commentator Glenn Milne has apologised after a drunken altercation at an awards ceremony.

He's blamed a cocktail of migraine medication and alcohol for his outburst. I think we have a very...

You, you, you are an absolute disgrace. Back in Canberra after last night's embarrassing episode at journalism's prestigious awards ceremony, Glenn Milne admitted the tag he applied to 'Crikey' founder Stephen Mayne better suited his behaviour. You say it without substantiation. You are a disgrace. First of all, I want to apologise to Stephen Mayne unreservedly. He and I have some history but I was out of line. The former TV reporter blamed a cocktail of migraine medication and alcohol for the attack which saw him forcibly removed. It turned out to be a toxic mix, not only for Stephen Mayne, but also for me.

Suffering a sore ankle from his fall from the stage, the Internet reporter says he has no intention of pursuing Milne in the courts. I was just staggered when he actually pushed me quite violently off the stage. Mayne admits he's criticised the News Limited columnist on the Crikey website, but says those who dish it out should be able to take it. Glenn Milne has obviously got an incredibly thin skin. The Internet needler kept his cool, content to have the last word.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make on behalf of Rupert Murdoch. That is the former 'Sunday Telegraph' political correspondent Glenn Milne, sponsored by Foster's. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. Wally Lewis is on medical leave from Channel Nine after he was incapable of reading last night's sports bulletin

in Brisbane.

The rugby league legend began introducing a preview of today's second Ashes Test, but stopped mid-sentence and was unable to continue.

Good evening. Despite...the, ah... It's the second time in two weeks Lewis has had trouble reading. He's revealed he suffers from epilepsy, but doctors don't know if that's connected to this problem. Heather Mills answers her critics - she's broke, depressed and determined to prove she's not trying to be Linda McCartney.

It was definitely because I married my husband, nothing to do with Linda. And a wild celebration for Steve Irwin's son, Bob. (All sing) # Happy birthday, dear Robert. #

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This program is captioned live. Hundreds of people are feared dead after a mudslide swept through the Philippines. The official death toll stands at 146, but the Red Cross says it's closer to 400. The mudflow was triggered by 270km/h winds from a typhoon.

It struck shortly after midnight, smothering dozens of villages. Rescue efforts are being hampered by blocked roads and swollen rivers. A new safe-sex blitz is on the horizon following a dramatic surge in HIV cases. There's been a 40% jump in infections in the past five years, forcing an overhaul of government policy. The Grim Reaper ads shocked but made sure AIDS couldn't be ignored. TV ADVERTISEMENT: Always use condoms.

20 years later, on World AIDS Day,

concern the more recent, gentler safe-sex campaigns have failed to hit home. In the past five years, HIV infection rates in Australia have jumped 41%. Mother of one Dr Susan Paxton found out she was HIV-positive 15 years ago. She says the increase in new cases can't be ignored. From 656 to 930 last year. Australia was a world leader in HIV prevention. We are going backwards. 900 or so new notifications is a public health problem of the first magnitude. Actress Naomi Watts now lending her support to the fight. We cannot afford to let our guards down. We have to keep talking about HIV/AIDS. Gay men are still most at risk. Robert Mitchell tested positive at 23. I've had people deliberately go out of their way to avoid walking on the same side of the street because they've known. The Federal Government has now appointed a panel of experts to look at what sort of public education campaign is now needed, and Tony Abbott today announced Australia will hold an international AIDS conference next July, hoping to find a solution to this growing problem.

Experts warn complacency can be lethal. The risk doesn't change because you're in a relationship. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Heather Mills-McCartney claims life without Sir Paul has left her depressed and short of money. And in a move that's raised eyebrows, she's now promoting the exact same cause as the former Beatle's first wife. Heather Mills-McCartney has come to Brussels as the culmination of her campaign to ban dog and cat fur in Europe. She has over 250,000 signatures calling for a ban she and the MEP McCarthy are confident a ban will become law by 2008. You can see fake fur and that's where the ban is so needed. But look, you can just see this is a poor pussy cat.

Heather Mills-McCartney is determined that the massive press attention surrounding her split from Sir Paul

won't detract from her campaigning and she doesn't regret her previous comments about her divorce. When you said in an earlier interview that you'd rather have all your limbs cut off than go through a divorce like this again, I think many people thought, you know, forgive me for saying, but you must have a screw loose for saying something as extreme as that. You've got to remember how I dealt with my amputation. I didn't feel, you know, severely upset and severely depressed as I have through these six months.

I didn't feel that. You know, I felt like that through this, but when I lost my leg, I didn't. She also hits back at her critics who say by campaigning for animal rights she's just trying to copy Sir Paul's first wife, Linda. It was definitely because I married my husband, nothing to do with Linda. I was sent this video of dogs and cats being skinned alive

and I purposely didn't get involved with animals so that I would not step on anybody's toes. But then I wasn't allowed to get involved with fashion, to get involved with photography and then I wasn't allowed to get involved with music, but that's how it was. Now I'm free and I can do whatever I wish. her personal safety She's worried about that she has no money for security. and is concerned which is pretty scary, We've had a few death threats, any security, and considering we don't have who is not my lover. I have my trainer, Ben, for security at all. We don't have any funding is determined that her new notoriety Heather Mills-McCartney on cat and dog fur she wants. won't stop her getting the ban this campaign through to the end She'll continue to follow

until it becomes law. celebrated his third birthday Steve Irwin's son, Bob, has today at Australia Zoo. with a special party were close by his side Mum Terri and sister Bindi happy birthday as a packed Crocoseum sang

to the mini wildlife warrior.

dear Robert. # (All sing) # Happy birthday, all the attention. 3-year-old Bob seemed to be loving with a special train cake. He topped off the celebrations with Rob Canning. Sports Tonight is next in the second Test. And Rob, England shows some fight Yes, Charmaine,

and lost just three wickets the tourists won the toss by the end of the opening day. Next - all the action from Adelaide. Making a firm statement. Mick's angry...again.

at the New Zealand Open. And the Aussie onslaught To breaking news - of the Australian pilot and the Hercules carrying the body off the coast of Fiji killed in a Black Hawk crash has arrived in Townsville. of 35-year-old Captain Mark Bingley The widow and 4-month-old son were on the tarmac. To finance news, ended the day lower. and the Australian stock market

to kick off the weekend. Now the weather to see showers in Sydney, 26, Tomorrow we can expect in Canberra, 27, showers also

Adelaide, 21. Melbourne, 20, and Hobart, 16.

for Perth, 31 It'll be sunny and Brisbane, 30. in Darwin and Alice Springs. Thunderstorms likely And that's the latest from Ten News. is next. Sports Tonight with Rob Canning

from the Late News Team, goodnight. I'm Charmaine Dragun, by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions

This program is captioned live.

Welcome to Sports Tonight. Hello. I'm Rob Canning. with your Friday fix. We're firing into the weekend

Here's what's ahead. and England show some spine. Day 1, Test 2, whether it was bowling or batting, Whatever we did,

we had to do it really well. The showdown we've been waiting for. Melbourne versus Adelaide. Muscat-Kosmina - done it again. COMMENTATOR: Kevin Muscat's Mick Malthouse fires an offensive.

intelligent, open your mouth. ..and the next time I hear something For goodness sake, and think about what you said. just give us a bit of a breather for the nationals. Libby and Leisel pumped up

in really good stead. I think that's going to stand me and a course record for Wade Ormsby. The NZ Open

walk out on the Wallabies? Plus, will Mat the rat BMX bandits. we thought we'd never see. And the pre-game sledge Sports Tonight. in Adelaide today Test cricket stepped back in time through the first two sessions. as England scratched their way saw them lose just three wickets The tourists' cautious approach and gain some much-needed confidence. With Glenn McGrath ruled fit, went in unchanged. Australia, as expected, Surprisingly, England did too, to play two spinners resisting the temptation batsmen's paradise. on a traditional Adelaide Oval we've got right, I think the combination a little bit better. we just need to perform The toss going Flintoff's way,

gave him a solid start he decided to bat and his openers with the score on 32. until Strauss self-destructed That is the end of Andrew Strauss. COMMENTATOR: That's out. Ponting's go-to man - Stuart Clark again to Gilchrist. he had two when Cook edged him Stuart Clark, you're a beauty. Oh, yes! nothing more than a crawl - The morning session attack bowled impeccable lines. just 58 runs scored as Australia's after the lunch break. Collingwood showed a bit more intent It's taken a while. short boundaries square of the wicket He got into gear courtesy of the still had the handbrake on - but at the other end Ian Bell

just 25 coming off the first 100 balls he faced.

Lee with this wake-up call to snap him out of his afternoon siesta. I'm outta here! He returned in time to watch Collingwood pass 50 in the last over before tea. Next ball, he got there himself. That's his half century as well. But three hours of labour undone straight after tea - the pull shot the nemesis of yet another English batsman. No, they don't. He's gone, unless they muck it up! Exit the turtle, enter the hare. with Kevin Pietersen's arrival. The run-rate given a turbo boost He's played it beautifully. what a good cricketer. Bang he goes, as Pietersen lofted Warne for six The go-slow sign officially down

longest boundaries. over one of world cricket's of the game stepped back in time On a day where batting in this form for two sessions,

to the 21st century Pietersen returned it with some late afternoon punch. to Warne now. Three times he's done that Warne's fingers tiring. Collingwood upped the ante too - Oh, and he's gone bang. Collingwood ending the day on 98, Lee's bouncer losing its venom, after throwing one away in Brisbane. hunting a maiden Ashes ton

will start tomorrow So Paul Collingwood needing just two runs for a century. Kevin Pietersen is unbeaten on 60. of Australia's bowlers Stuart Clark the pick on a tough day in the field. sort of show it was tough work. Yeah, I think the results

The wicket is fairly flat. day The boys stuck at it pretty well all would have been nice. but maybe another couple of wickets a little bit in the last session, They probably got away from us on that early tomorrow morning but, you know, you stick two wickets

and 5/250 or 270 almost on top. and we're right back in the game and the best team in the world We're here to play you know, and I think that sometimes, with mediocrity you can go through things and say it was good enough, but we had to be honest and say that we weren't good enough at Brisbane. And we all said that and we all wanted to come here and show people how good at cricket we are.

Whatever we did, whether it was bowling or batting, we had to do it really well, you know, from ball one, and I think we've pretty much done that with the bat today. It's nice to be at the end of today's play and have actually played well. Michael Vaughan's comeback continues to make steady progress. The injured England captain hit the nets today following his mid-week match against a WA Second XI. Vaughan had a solid session at a Perth school,

his troublesome knee showing no obvious signs of discomfort. We want to be careful. It's been quite a long time for him, he knows that, so we've got to take it step by step.

The physio has got a very clear rehab plan for him and that is geared to try and get him ready for the one-dayers, so we'll take it day by day. The England skipper will continue to train with the Academy squad in Perth. But it looks like his aerial skills could also do with some work, Vaughan trying his hand at some of the local footy code. Meanwhile, the Warriors will take on the Bushrangers in a one-day clash on Sunday in country Victoria. Darren Wates earning a recall, while Brett Dorey has been declared fit to play

after struggling with knee soreness. A super round from South Australian Wade Ormsby has launched him into a share of the lead going into day three of the New Zealand Open. Englishman Nick Dougherty started the day two shots off the pace but his putter quickly took him to the lead on day two. COMMENTATOR: And beautifully done. Just rammed that in the hole. Jarrod Moseley also making his move as well. And he has got it. Michael Campbell carried local hopes and gave his many fans plenty to cheer at the second. What a tremendous shot from the Kiwi. The brilliant approach setting up eagle. And there was more to come at the next hole.