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(generated from captions) the report's out - Wheat-for-weapons criminal charges - biggest-ever kickback scandal. who's in trouble over Australia's An Australian's incredible survival, on nothing but noodles and rainwater. three weeks drifting at sea Not one cent - isn't worth the paper its written on. why Schapelle Corby's best-seller I don't think I'd be able to. Even if I wanted to sleep now, overly hyper mood. I'm in that kind of It's just incredible. come down to earth yet at all. I haven't a grand plan for his runner-up The new Australian Idol reveals on his shot at international stardom. And disappointment for Shane Watson with Rob Canning. headlines Sports Tonight his hamstring injury Sandra, he's failed to shake off

in time for the second Ashes Test in the squad announcement. and it's caused a delay Also tonight - Freddy's worst nightmare. to come back from 1-0 down, I think it will be tough we can't lie about that. in the country. But there is one happy Englishman after this. And Ronaldinho's next goal This program is captioned live. But first - breaking news. Villawood Detention Centre. A riot at Sydney's

of the immigration jail, Up to 80 inmates are on the roof to burn down. which they've been threatening have injured a guard It's being reported the inmates and smashing furniture. after going on a rampage has now become a stand-off, Ten News understands the situation with senior police being called in. of trucks on stand-by. The fire brigade has a number at the scene. Ambulance crews are also Just repeating our breaking news - Villawood Detention Centre a riot tonight at Sydney's involving 80 inmates. sensational new evidence, They've been promising and today they delivered today told of a mystery witness The Dianne Brimble inquest on the men of interest in the case. ready to dish the dirt

He's come forward their involvement in the drug trade. telling of first-hand knowledge of of the Brimble inquest The men at the centre reluctant participants. have always been alleged former associates But one of their clearly isn't afraid to talk.

to spill details The court told to expect him

about their drug-fuelled world, Mr White. when he testifies under the pseudonym houses was in this Adelaide street. It's alleged one of their dealing were named as distributors, Mark Wilhelm and Peter Pantic selling a range including:

targeted women under the age of 20 The mystery witness claims the men and Matthew Slade go into the carpark and he often saw Wilhelm with girls affected by drugs.

in the car with one girl. At times, there were up to three men to offer drugs in exchange for sex It's alleged Dragan Losic was known to the Rebels bikies gang, and the men had close links which ran one of the clubs. after the inquest started The revelation comes nine months

but the coroner says the information was withheld. there's no suggestion It also remains untested later this week. until the witness fronts the court In other evidence, from the 'Pacific Sky' the former accommodation manager

battled a chronic memory problem. any detail about the men of interest, Ann Elsden struggled to remember despite supervising some of them the cabin where Diane Brimble died. as they cleared their belongings from The case continues on Wednesday. Amber Muir, Ten News. with the murder of his father-in-law A 21-year-old man has been charged have been cleared of involvement John Howard and his ministers in the Iraq wheat scandal. The long-awaited Cole report says bribes to Saddam Hussein. they didn't know AWB was paying may face criminal charges. But AWB executives

Nine months in the making, of the $300 million the Cole report is scathing while exporting wheat to Iraq. AWB paid to Saddam Hussein including chairman Trevor Flugge, It says 11 former executives,

the Crimes Act and Corporations Law. could face charges under But the Government escapes unhurt. and the Commission has found We didn't have anything to hide on the part of any of my ministers. there no wrongdoing Foreign Minister Alexander Downer The Prime Minister, and then-Trade Minister Mark Vaile to the Cole inquiry. all gave evidence But the Commissioner: should have known about the bribes. The Opposition says the Government

Mr Speaker - They are saying with pride here, they're boasting of it - merely incompetent and negligent." "We were not criminally culpable, of engineering the outcome it wanted. He's accused the Government Something like this was inevitable. from the PM. It prompted a furious response by the Labor Party This pathetic attempt were rorted. to suggest the terms of reference

It is a pathetic attempt. will face charges, But, while no minister or bureaucrat the Commissioner does say did very little the Department of Foreign Affairs of bribes. to investigate early allegations The damage to AWB will be extensive. on exporting Australian wheat - It currently has the monopoly known as the single desk. But that looks likely to end. system will be urgently reviewed. The Prime Minister says the whole Laurel Irving, Ten News. joins us now. Ten's political editor Paul Bongiorno Paul, AWB is in the firing line emerged unscathed? but has the Federal Government as a good administrator I believe the Government's reputation has taken a hit - a fairly big hit. Minister and senior ministers said At the royal commission the Prime about AWB, they couldn't remember. if they were told of concerns sent to their offices, If they did see some of the cables they couldn't remember them either. points out in his report And the royal commissioner

of Foreign Affairs and Trade that the Department to deal with the concerns didn't have protocols in place and others being raised by the United Nations about the AWB. Everybody took AWB on trust the people at the top of AWB - and they did this because

like Trevor Flugge - particularly the National Party. were very close to the Government,

they did trust these men Now the Government could say and their trust was betrayed. the Australian people expect more But I've got to say in the way you deal with your friends in such a big issue as this,

that there should be protocols and structures in place that guarantee more accountability. I think the Government now agrees with this but it's somewhat late, too late. Thanks, Paul. Paul Bongiorno reporting from Canberra. Also in Canberra tonight, a crucial development in the stem cell debate.

A bill to overturn a ban on therapeutic cloning is before the House of Representatives and is expected to come to a conscience vote before the end of the week. Workers at Australian car-makers face being stood down with a major supplier going into liquidation. The company's employees are now preventing vital components from leaving the factory.

Jobs or no jobs, the workers at Ajax fasteners are refusing to leave the factory, determined to get every cent of their $12 million in workplace entitlements.

I have no option other than to stand down the production workforce. Police arriving to liaise with the men and women in case of trouble. They can take whatever action they choose. We are not going to be removed from this site. When employees arrived for another working week,

the 6-month rescue deal was in tatters and they took matters into their own hands, halting production and staging a sit-in. It was initially unclear if the receivers had been appointed. At this stage there will be no production at Ajax effectively immediately until this matter is resolved. The appointment of receivers means 180 jobs will go and the pool of entitlement could be? as much as $3 million short. It's very hard, not just for me, but for all of us, you know. Where will we get a job? Three months ago Holden and Ford agreed to prop up the company for six months as part of a multimillion-dollar deal. The union says the car companies should share much of the blame for the demise of Ajax because of the they failed to commit to long-term supply contracts,

instead looking to overseas companies to supply cheaper parts. Holden's refusing to hand over more cash, saying it's done as much as it can. Its plants have enough parts for a few weeks but beyond that it may be forced to stand down 4,000 workers. Given that Ajax provides over 120 different parts to us, Thousands of Ford workers by also be affected. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. An airline was grounded tonight because of serious safety concerns. The Civil Aviation Authority issued a stop-flying order to Brisbane-based Trans Air,

which was at the centre of one of Australia's worst aviation tragedies last year. An Australian sailor is safely back on land after three weeks drifting at sea off Asia. Rocky Donald says after losing power he survived only on noodles and rain water and was almost sunk.

Have I been in a tsunami? He says a passing Russian freighter ignored his pleas for help. Serial pest Peter Hore has turned on a bizarre show after being busted outside the Ashes Test in Brisbane. He's now on his way to Adelaide, just like the Test cricketers. Maybe you've seen him before -

Peter Hore. A high-profile pest who doesn't mind making the odd appearance at major events. Yesterday police feared he'd show at the Gabba Ashes Test. It was potential that it could have happened but I rang the cops and told them to come and get me. No on-field appearance there, although he's hit the turf at the Melbourne Cup before, even a World Cup soccer qualifier - two of many major sporting event stunts which saw him banned for life. Today's the same day I went to Michael Hutchence's funeral in 2007... 1997. Hore disrupted services for the INXS rock star with a shocking guest appearance alongside Nick Cave. Little wonder officials were concerned when a spectator reported seeing the 46-year-old outside the Ashes venue. It's quite possible I was. It's quite possible I was, because that's why they picked me up. Mr Hore was arrested by police on outstanding warrants. He was fined $300 and was eventually freed, but not until play had well and truly finished at the Gabba. Maybe it's a coincidence but Hore's now planning a trip to SA, the home of the next Ashes Test. Sharon Marshall, Ten News. Australia drew first blood in the first Ashes Test -

England all out well short of their target.

But the Brisbane Test is being remembered more for the way police treated fans. Flogged and no fun at all. England was all out before lunch, still chasing 277 runs. COMMENTATOR: It's all over! The Aussie fans piled out of the Gabba to celebrate a psychological battering for the Barmy Army. But not all were cheering the way Queensland police handled the crowds. (All chant) No fun! No fun! No fun! Musical instruments, backpacks, beach balls and the Mexican wave were all banned in Brisbane, with more 200 evictions and 9 arrests for breaches. CROWD BOOS It's just the Gabba. Outrage, that's what it is, absolute outrage.

They've killed us. Police say the clampdown was necessary to ensure all fans could enjoy the game, not just a few. They point to the massive disruption at a one-day international earlier this year. There's a clear difference between having fun and actually really getting in the face of the people around you.

But at least one sports historian believes Queensland police have misunderstood a new generation of cricket fans for whom the fun off the field is as important as the game. There's also a crowd there that wants to be part of it and show themselves to be a part of it. It's not like tennis where you can say, "Quiet please," and everybody is quiet. There are already indications restrictions in other States won't be quite as tough. We'll encourage all fans to enjoy the match day atmosphere and have fun while they're doing it. but the spectators are still talking. The game's over at the Gabba Stop cheering. You, out! Let's go. Mark Suleau, Ten News. overly hyper mood. I'm in that kind of It's just incredible.

come down to earth yet at all. I haven't a grand plan for his runner-up And the new Australian Idol reveals on his shot at international stardom. Pictionary Mania. Yes. An umbrella! different ways to draw and compete. The physical game with six to a whole new level. It takes playing Pictionary of drawing, directing and doing. Pictionary Mania - the game This program is captioned live. First she was denied her appeal, the proceeds from her tell-all book, now Schapelle Corby could be denied

written from her Bali jail cell. Justice Minister Chris Ellison says the convicted drug smuggler makes any money as proceeds of crime. could be taken from the Corby family is looking at the matter The Australian Federal Police

seeking advice from the DPP. with the - the 29-year-old former beauty student It's yet another blow to who's struggling to finance her case for smuggling cannabis. against a 20-year sentence Fruit lovers are going bananas. the cost of bananas has halved After months of paying luxury prices, get cheaper still. and they're going to 13-month-old Elise loves most The treat is finally affordable again. in recent months, Worth their weight in gold in price, bananas have now more than halved as low as $6 or $7 a kilo. dropping to It's welcome relief for Elise's mum - every week. her two children eat half a kilo actually, both of them, They would eat a banana a day, so they're mad banana lovers. jumped as high as $17 a kilo The healthy snack Far North Queensland in mid-March, after Cyclone Larry hit wiping out 90% of the national crop. eight months on. Things are looking much better Certainly the price has come down. coming online. We've now got more bananas We're starting to get the good fruit coming through from the north of Queensland. Supplies at the nation's biggest fruit market are still well below what they'd normally be. But the increased production is welcome relief for wholesalers. It's nice to see the boys breaking out a bit of a sweat at the moment. It's nice too for consumers. I mean, everything's going up, it's good. so if you can get something cheaper, And it's only going to get better. will keep falling every week The price of bananas as the summer heats up, quite a-peel-ing. something banana lovers will find again this year. Santa Claus will be very kind to us it won't cost you as much. He'll say have a few more bananas - Barring another cyclone, by February. bananas could hit $2 a kilo Daniel Sutton, Ten News. A hectic first day on the job Damien Leith - for our newest Australian Idol, joy at the former chemist's win to the Emerald Isle. spreading all the way back home

the night before It's the morning after is learning the meaning of hard work. and our newest Australian Idol On less than one hour's sleep, Damien Leith has done a full day of media commitments, all the while keeping his Irish charm intact. Even if I wanted to sleep now, I don't think I'd be able to. I'm in that kind of overly hyper mood. It's just incredible. I haven't come down to earth yet at all. The winner of 'Australian Idol 2006' is... ..Damien Leith! Good news travels fast - friends and family on the other side of the world in Ireland in his old home of Milltown to watch the big event. gathering in a pub He's always been a superstar to us to see him have his day. so it's brilliant

But the 30-year-old father of one just the luck of the Irish - relied on more than he had a wallet full of lucky charms. I had a little laminated shamrock, it's about that size - I had a big coin -

agent when I did a gig in the Orient given to me by a secret service and that was just before 'Idol'. This will give you luck." He said, "Go for it. of my life... # (Sings) # Had the night is already available for download Damien's first single and will hit stores tomorrow. Unlike previous winners, he has three months to complete his debut album, but a CD and DVD of all of his 'Idol' performances will be released next week. And he's revealed he and runner-up Jessica Mauboy are thinking about doing a duet. Coming this far and being, you know, the last one with Damo, oh, I can't describe it. It's just been the best. For a man so rudely called "ugly" in his first audition, it's a sweet win. Just goes to show - don't give up, 'cause you never know. Angela Bishop, Ten News. has collapsed on stage Italy's richest man and former PM at a political rally. was making an emotional speech Silvio Berlusconi

and he slumped over, when his voice trailed away gripping the podium for support. by his aides. He was helped off the stage the 70-year-old media mogul Doctors have diagnosed with a minor heart complaint. for tax evasion and fraud. The billionaire is being investigated

'Seinfeld' actor Michael Richards by a prominent black leader. has been given an unexpected break The Reverend Jesse Jackson on his radio program today allowed him to apologise

in a comedy club. for his racist tirade the healing, The leadership has opened up and for that I am grateful. He said his outburst was fuelled by anger, not bigotry and his life has been shattered by it. Nicole Kidman has made her first public appearance since her husband checked himself into rehab. She's in London for the premiere of 'Happy Feet', a computer animated Australian film about dancing penguins that's stormed the US box office. I'm going to be telling your story, happy feet. Kidman didn't talk about Keith Urban, speaking only about the film. they're charming, you know. I think it's because

on Boxing Day. 'Happy Feet' opens in Australia is next. Sports Tonight with Rob Canning once again. Rob, Shane Watson misses out Yes, Sandra. failed to prove his fitness The Queensland all-rounder in time for the Adelaide Test. Also tonight, responds to his critics Australia captain Ricky Ponting after the crushing win. an America assault. Aussie amateur Aaron Pike eyes off scores one of the goals of the year. And the World Player of the Year Oh, well. (Cries) Mum, cat's dead. than a short conversation. Sometimes life's more With Vodafone's new Maxi Cap Contract, spend $49 and get $280 of talk, text and more, plus the Nokia 6288 free. SULTRY MUSIC SONG: # Yeah

# Yeah... # (Sighs) What? New Hahn Super Dry. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $4 million. CRASH! HORN BLARES Don't miss Oz Lotto's $4 million This program is captioned live. Australia all-rounder Shane Watson the second Ashes Test in Adelaide. has been ruled out of more treatment than first expected. His injured hamstring requires of the Australian squad The news has delayed the announcement for the Adelaide Test but it won't affect the Aussies, resounding victory in Brisbane. who are riding high after today's

campaign complete - Test one and phase one of the Ashes and their spirit. Australia crushing England Andrew Flintoff A 277-run victory leaving all but conceding a series defeat. to come back from 1-0 down. I think it will be tough We can't lie about that. there's a lot at stake. But, you know, There's a big incentive have to get on with it. and we're just going to Brett Lee sealed England's demise with the fourth ball of the day. COMMENTATOR: Gone! Gone! Gone! Can you believe it?

Dangerman Kevin Pietersen spooning a catch to Martyn without adding to his overnight score. The tail then quickly cleaned up before lunch. Got him. Yeah! Glenn McGrath does the trick. Australia now riding a wave of confidence into the Adelaide Test while England are all at sea with just three days to turn it around. It will be good for us - having played as well as we have. terrific for us, and get their game in order. Not much time for England to go away We can't mope around, can't lick our wounds. There is four Test matches to play. Just being thrown into a Test at this stage is probably the best thing that can happen to us. Stuart Clark is expected to get his second chance to work with Glenn McGrath this series. Together the line-and-length duo took 14 wickets in Brisbane,

putting to bed any selection misconceptions. When you get labelled in the Glenn Mcgrath mould, which is not a bad thing, quite flattering. Nice to see we could co-exist in the same team it satisfied my curiosity. Stuie's been as good as anybody in this game with the ball,

as good as any other bowler in this game, so I think we'll be finding it pretty hard to leave him out of Adelaide. Shane Warne and Kevin Pietersen another pair primed to reignite in Adelaide. Ricky Ponting assuring the fans there's more fiery encounters to come. Two very feisty and competitive players -

no doubt Shane will be bowling a lot to Kevin as the series goes on. He enjoys that battle as well. The Aussie skipper serving it up to Steve Harmison - a wild first ball which could set the tone for the series. Through the game he got better. He had to get better, I suppose. Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. The off-season drama at the Gold Coast continues with the Titans releasing prop Frank Puletua

on compassionate grounds. Their other acquisition trying to get out of playing for the club, Steve Turner,

will be fined for missing training today. Steve Turner's no-show at Gold Coast training hardly a surprise considering he's been trying to get out of his contract with the NRL newcomers. The Titans not impressed. It's a club training session that he was due at so, yeah, he will be fined. It's looking now like he won't be here, we've just got to deal with that now. I'll work on the thinking that he won't be here. It was meant to be Turner's first run with his Gold Coast team-mates. The Melbourne winger also failed to attend a Storm training. Titans coach John Cartwright wouldn't be drawn into comparisons with Frank Puletua's case, claiming circumstances are completely different - Puletua released because of family problems. It got to the stage where I said to Frank, "What will you do if I hold you to the contract?" and he was just going to retire from the game That's how serious it was and it's not something I'll go into. If Frank wants to release that, that's up to him. But it's one of them things - if I was in his shoes I'd probably do the same thing. Puletua will stay with Penrith next year.

Trent Higgs for Sports Tonight. Former Richmond rover David Rodan met his new coach and team-mates when he arrived at Port Adelaide today. The move will be made easier with a relative currently on the Port list. He's been thrown a football lifeline and David Rodan has no intention of letting it go to waste. I'm just ready to get stuck into training and get ready for next year so I'm really keen to pay back the Port Adelaide football club. After being cut by Richmond after 60 games, Rodan was selected by Port Adelaide in Saturday's national draft. The boys got right around me, especially when I walked in,

they all got across and said hello and introduced themselves. I feel very welcome. The transition West made easier thanks to his relationship with young Port defender Alipate Carlile. Our mothers are cousins, so we're second cousins, so it's a bit of a warm welcome from him. I think, when I came on Wednesday for a quick training session before the draft, he took me under his wing and showed me around Adelaide. Across town, it took the Adelaide Crows just one session to give new draftee Nick Gill a nickname. His unusual running style means the 20-year-old will now be known as Emu. I've got a very arched back, and the butt sticks out a bit, particularly when I go for it and that's how I got the name and I also do a very good impression of an emu. And Fremantle has commenced its pre-season with coach Chris Connolly admitting matching cross-town rivals West Coast on the field will be the Dockers' toughest test next season.

I think it's a good thing having a premier team down the road because they set the bar. Sydney and West Coast are gonna be the teams to beat. And some sad news for Fremantle with the passing of club legend George Doig at 93. David Adamson for Sports Tonight. Australian Golf's new cult hero, Aaron Pike, says he'll turn pro next year and he's set his sights on the lucrative US Tour.

The 21-year-old amateur put in a brave effort at the Australian Masters only to lose out to Englishman Justin Rose.

Back home to Brisbane for Aussie golf's new cult hero - and Aaron Pike knows he certainly left his mark on the Masters. COMMENTATOR: Yes, what a shot!

I can't believe how much support I had - it was amazing. There was a lot of guys just jumped on my back. Pike eventually finished fourth, his chances ending with a putting disaster on the 18th green. Oh, no, don't! What did I say?

I went for the putt and I never thought I'd hit it that hard, but it went in the bunker and I happened to get up and down, so that happens... His mum narrowly missing a jackpot, having a $5 bet on him at 1,000-1. More for a joke, actually, and I think it's created more media rummage than anything else. Being an amateur, Pike missed out on a share of the prize money. But that's all the about to change. He's planning to turn pro next year. I played well one week. I need to be able to do that week to week to week.

You don't see guys like Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk missing cuts one week and then winning the week after. Masters winner Justin Rose also headed home this morning,

glad England at least won something for the weekend. The Ashes got off to a rough start, but yeah, it was nice for at least me to fly the flag a little bit. Adam McNicol, Ten News. There's little separating the top two sides in the English Premier League, with Manchester United and Chelsea sharing the points in their heavyweight showdown at Old Trafford. In a clash of giants, an exquisite goal by Louis Saha put the league-leading Red Devils ahead in the 28th minute. COMMENTATOR: Louis Saha gives Manchester United the lead.

Chelsea almost tied it before half time but Geremi saw his shot saved by United keeper Edwin van der Sar. Sensible goalkeeping by Van der Sar. The equaliser came 20 minutes from time. A thumping header by Ricardo Carvalho giving the Blues the valuable point

and preventing the Premiership pace-setters from opening up a 6-point lead at the top of the table. The most important thing is I think we proved that we deserve to be top-placed in the week. I think the performance of the team in general was excellent. Two great teams, a lot of good players, a lot of respect. And we came here to win but the draw - the draw first of all is fair. Antoine Sibierski put an end to Newcastle's run of nine premiership games without a win with a 1-0 victory against Portsmouth. COMMENTATOR: Sibierski! Finally they break though! But a bad day for Socceroo Vince Grella - sent off for Parma as his side lost to Catania in the Italian Serie A. To rugby - and Waratah Josh Holmes has taken out the IRB under-19 Player of the Year award. All Blacks captain Richie McCaw won the Overall Player of the Year gong. Meanwhile, Japan has qualified for the same group as Australia

at next year's World Cup after a crushing 54-0 win over South Korea in Hong Kong. Japan scored a clean sweep of the 3-team Asian qualifier tournament. They join the Aussies, Wales, Fiji and Canada in pool B of the tournament in France. This program is captioned live. Play of the Day - and if you thought Brazillian star Ronaldinho couldn't get any better, you were wrong. The World Player of the Year says he's fulfilled a lifelong dream, scoring with an overhead kick. It was his second goal in Barcelona's 4-0 defeat of Villa Real. He's now set his sights on scoring from halfway - Play of the Day. Headlining finance news now, and it was a flat day on the Australian stock market. A David and Goliath battle is brewing in a drought-ravaged rural community. Wheat growers who have found a way to farm without rain say they're now facing a new threat, this one from a coalmining giant. She loved a sunburnt country, and this is the land of sweeping plains that inspired Dorothea Mackellar's famous poem. Now those same plains are boasting thigh-high wheat crops despite our worst drought on record. Well, it's some of the best farming country in Australia - by far. The reason lies deep underground, where ancient water tables act as a natural storage system. When it floods each decade, the water is held, and future crops secured. But underneath that water is another precious resource - coal. And BHP Billiton wants to mine it. It is such a rich cocktail of potential disasters. The worst - losing the aquifers that have sustained these farms for 150 years. We could see all the water leak out of those systems and we'd lose that water. And with it, their livelihoods. The farmers out here know they're facing an uphill battle, and it could be a long one too. BHP has an exploration licence for five years. After that, it'll need another licence before starting to mine. The company claims it won't push ahead with the plan if it threatens the aquifers, but after past environmental disasters the farmers fear that promise is an empty one. Well, I don't trust the process because people have such vested interest monetarily. For a short-term gain in the mining of this area, what are our future generations going to be left with?

In Gunnedah, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Cloud is building over north-east New South Wales in a trough, causing severe storms to develop. Cloud is crossing south-west NSW and eastern SA with an upper trough, triggering thundery showers.

Cloud is forming over SA and inland WA with another trough generating isolated storms. A front will approach WA

and develop widespread showers in the south-west. A broad heat low will generate another hot, thundery day over the interior. A trough will trigger showers and storms in north-east NSW. and Far Southern Queensland. A front will bring a cool showery change to Tasmania. And that's the latest from the Ten News centre. The Early News tomorrow is at 6:00am. I'm Sandra Sully. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. SULTRY MUSIC SONG: # Yeah

# Yeah... # (Sighs) What? New Hahn Super Dry.