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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. There's no age limit on having kids. but old enough to have a baby. Tonight she's still a young girl the stereotype. The child mum fighting As long as you're responsible

and caring for the child. for looking after cosmetic beauty scandal - Plus Australia's they don't need doctors pushing women into surgery and loans they can't afford. mobile phone challenge - Also, the great can you live without yours?

TV ads of the year. And the verdict on the best and worst Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. Those stories coming up. Also tonight - her home town to son, Christian. pregnant Princess Mary shows off We cross live to Hobart. And hot or not? sexiest jobs. We find Australia's See how you rate. had a baby last year But first, Emma McNaught when she was just 14 years old. and proud of it. She's a child mum As Chris Allen found out, teenage mothers are welfare bludgers. she's also upset at claims that all I'm not a Centrelink bum. I chose to have my baby when I hear that people say and I get very angry I had her for the money. She'd just turned 14 she was pregnant with Hayleigh - when Emma McNaught found too young to get married too young to leave school, too young to have a baby. and some would say on having kids. I say there's no age limit As long as you're responsible and caring for the child, and responsible for looking after with having kids. then there's no problem

that you're having children What have you done with your life when you're still a child? from the Family Association. Damien Tudehope having sex at 14. There's laws relating to children It would be surprising how this child became pregnant. that someone hasn't investigated Mind their own business. Yep. Simple as that? Leanne is mum to 18-year-old Robert, of Hayleigh. Emma's boyfriend and father I was actually happy about it. because Emma was so young I was scared for Rob at first but then everything turned out OK. I talked to Robert about abortion to have an abortion and he didn't want me because I was the one having a baby. and he said it was my choice, Do you think you're a good mum? Yes. I think I'm great. mothers putting me down I'm just sick of all the other because I'm young.

16-year-old mum Jess from Geelong Earlier this year as a teenage mum. told us of the abuse she cops when they walk past The way they look and talk just really annoys me and upsets me.

Why? I think it's disgusting. their whole life ahead of them Because they are 15 and they have and get a job I will pay tax When I finish my education for another young mother. so I might be paying as a taxpayer? Would you object to that No. As a single mum under 16, from the Government Emma gets just under $400 a week and now realises any teenager doesn't understand how much it costs that thinks that's a lot of money to look after a child. on themselves. They don't have much money to spend their baby They've actually got to think about on their babies. and spend their money disgusting having kids for money. I just think that's absolutely on young mums earlier this week, During this special forum who say, "Kids are having kids," teenagers were confronted by critics $4,000 baby bonus. just for the Government's and Xboxes You hear about people buying plasmas or spending it on the pokies people are spending on rubbish." and you think, "That's my taxes paid mum back. I actually bought Hayleigh a cot, She bought me my change table because she paid for that and things she needed. and I bought a lot of baby clothes some clothes for herself, While Emma admits she bought

go to Hayleigh, she says most of her welfare payments is determined to finish school and this Grade 10 student

and get a job. choose not to drink. I actually choose not to party, after my baby than out partying. I'd rather be at home looking Emma's a good mum. She does everything for the bub. She's a good mum. Now 15, Emma goes to a flexi-school to look after Hayleigh where she has time off Damien Tudehope says it's not enough. but even so, the Family Association's doesn't have is life experience. The great quality she probably I suppose, She doesn't have the experience of, caring for other human beings. we are or why we have babies. They shouldn't judge us for who their comments to themselves. A lot of people should just keep Chris Allen with that report. Cosmetic surgery is big business have their way, and if new Australian companies a whole lot bigger. it's about to become to have breast surgery, They're now offering loans to women to attract business. even doing letter-box drops Health authorities are horrified, into surgery they don't need, saying the companies are luring women and loans they can't afford. Hi, girls. How are you going today? Did you hear about Just Boobs? No, what is it? If your cup doesn't run us over, bank rolling a boob job. it's the latest in fast finance, you get basically finance. If you haven't got the money, and you can go out to your doctor, Just Boobs loan you money get whatever you want done give them that money, on a monthly basis. and then you can pay SONG: # Something about your body # Jasmine's done it. to quite big, as you can see. I've gone from quite small has done it too. And Wendy, mother of four, your body # SONG: # Something about It's made me a lot happier. and to have them now I've never had boobs before and I feel great. I'm looking everybody else about this add all. But Beth Wilson doesn't feel great of vulnerable women. This is, I think, taking advantage are in it for the money. The people who are offering it and wellbeing. They're not in it for women's health

Ms Wilson is Victoria's Health Services Commissioner. She's concerned there's potential hazard for the unwary. It's quite seductive and I think that if people can't afford surgery in the first place,

what are they going to do if something goes wrong? Who's going to cover the cost of that?

Do you care what she thinks? Quite frankly, no. Just Boobs is the brainchild of David Ross, entrepreneur. And where else would he set up a stall to spruik his business than Sexpo, in Melbourne. How's business, David? We launched about three months ago and we've had 500 successful applications so far. So we're really pleased with it. What's the most popular plan? Average lending is about $10,000, which averages out to roughly $50 a week. These were round about $4,000. So tell me, what do you think of them? I love them.

I grab them. I do, I love them. I think they're fantastic. Some people have a problem with the ethics of this, do you? How can you have a moral dilemma about making yourself feel better? They cost me $7,500. I get to pay that off over two years which is great. So, yeah, I wouldn't have been able to afford it without the finance.

Spoon. Thank you, Mum.

And it just gives a boost on life now. I've got proud, I've got my boobs and a lot of people comment on them which is really great. With four children, Wendy knows there's other priorities, but with a flat chest, her self-esteem was low, and easy access to the money was too tempting. How much interest are you paying on the money? Maybe $1,000 extra on interest. If this company didn't offer this sort of service, would you have had it done? No, I would have been waiting at least another 10 years. What do you kids think of Mummy's new bosoms? Um, good. I reckon may make her look better. Do you think Mummy needed to have them done? She looked fine the way that she was.

Something's just occurred to me - what if you can't make the repayments? Do they come back and repossess them? There's no way they'll get these back. I love them. No way. Do you think you are encouraging vulnerable people or people with low self-esteem to do something they probably wouldn't have done? No, I don't think so at all. This quick, easy fix, it's got a psychological component to it which I think is quite insidious.

We're providing the service once again that is available through other financial institutions, and we've simply repackaged it and rebranded it.

I think every woman should do it if they really want to. Finance, high dollars, not worth anything. Martin King reporting there - and if you have a story you think we should know about please send us an email or give us a call. Princess Mary proved she was the casual royal today as she continued to show off her family to her home town. Joining me now live from just outside Hobart is Ben McCormack, Princess Mary proved she was the casual royal today as she continued to show off her family to her home town.

Hobart has serm been abuzz since

Princess Mary arrived here. This

was supposed to be a private

holiday but now that she's a royal,

any visit home will be anything but

private. Still, the trip was a chance for Mary's private. The trip was a chance for

Mary's family to finally meet young

Christian. Princess Mary, how

excited was your family to meet

Christian? Very. A very public show

during a very private holiday. Even

if the carefully stage managed

event didn't always go according to plan.

Are you enjoying your holiday? So

far, yeah. We expect to get a lot

of other enjoyments now. It hasn't

always been smiles and laughs. You

know there's an opportunity on

Fridays. Earlier this week, the

Crown Prince losing his cool with

the constant media attention. Do

you mind if we have one quick... I

do. Friday. They knew they had to

meet the media at some stage and I

think they've handtled very well.

Just like this morning when Mary

took baby Christian for a walk toa

local playground. I think they

really want to be like every day

people, they can just walk down the

street like anybody else. This lady

is a Danish gift shop owner in

Hobart and believes the royal

couple should be left alone. We put

it to the people of Hobart this

morning and they didn't want us to

bother them at all. These local

radio hosts took calls from

listeners. Leave them alone. Yes!

She grew up here. We don't feel

like we own her but we feel like we

have a responsibility to look after

her. This is a private holiday, can

you believe the media attention

that follows them? I can. They're

very popular. This woman follows

Mary and Frederik's every move,

even to a wildlife park in Tassie.

What have you got planned for the

rest of the trip? If you told you

that, it wouldn't be much fun.

Relaxation. Although they're

tight-lipped about their plans, we

understand they'll spend a couple

more days down here in Hobart

before heading up to Sydney next

week. Thank you. What did your

mother say when she saw you

clambering around on the icebergs?

Naturally being her favourite son,

she was terrified. But I tell you

what, not as terrified as I was

being on the icebergs. It wasn't

until you were up close and too

them and seeing them like that that

you realised how frietdening they

are. They were inspiring,

breath-taking, a real wonder of

nature. It's definitely a career

highlight and a highlight of my

life. Wonderful stories, I have to

say. Thank you G. on you. Thanks, Trace. Still to come - your verdict on the best and worst TV ads of the year. And we find out which are Australia's sexiest jobs.

Firemen, what can I say, women love

a man in uniform. Mobile phone addicts - we all know them - they're continually chatting or texting, even if they're meant to be talking to you. But can we live without mobiles? To find out,

Ben Fordham this week challenged two self-confessed addicts to break their habit. How big a mobile phone users are you? Pretty big. Embarrassingly big, it's pretty tragic. I'd probably spend about $400 a month on my phone. I'm about $500. The latest statistics are overwhelming, for a country with a population of 20 million, there are 18 million mobile phone users in Australia. It seems everyone owns one, and, for many, the mobile owns them. The mobile phone is a security blanket for many Australians. There were 7.7 million phone sales Down Under over the past two years and we sent more than 6 billion text messages. Australia is hooked and we can't hang up. Matt Baseley and Michelle Gutierrez are in love with each other and their phones.

How will you survive without your mobiles?

God, it's going to be tough. I don't know, how is it going to go, I don't know if I will enjoy it or if it is going to kill me. The mobile has become so much more than a telephone, it's a clock, it's a camera, a diary, a phone book, it's entertainment. I reckon I will struggle, I just won't know what I am doing

and where I am going. It keeps my life on track. I am not coping at all, one thing I have noticed though is that I'm going insane. It has probably been about 14 hours since Ben took the phone off us,

yeah, kind of struggling a little bit. It is addictive, it is their phone, it is their life. Psychologist Edwina Cowdery says mobile phone addiction is rife right across Australia and the quickest way of working out whether you're hooked is trying to live without one. We have changed our society to be reliant. No girlfriend, no Michelle, you know, why there is no Michelle here tonight? Because, oh, I don't have a landline and she needed to make some calls tonight so she's gone and stayed at her place. I dobbed Matt in because I thought he needed help, Jabba is a fellow radio announcer at Nova. He's addicted, he's hooked on phones, he's hooked on texting, he just won't leave his girlfriend alone, they need interaction that's not based on technology. You're killing us. This is something I have never seen, ever, we have been together nearly two years. No, I don't have coins.

Did you put... Oh, look how dirty that is. Alright, so this is my third entry and I think it's actually getting a bit easier and between you and me, I'm actually starting to like it.

Nova can't ring me, my parents

can't call me. The mobile phone companies are very lucky to have people like you, Michelle? And I love them. It's a love affair that shows no signs of easing. Yes. You are so excited? I'm very excited. Can you believe you are attached to a piece of technology as much as you are? I know. It has really hit home that I am. I need that phone. I need that. You're a sad, sick individual.

Well, he's really relaxed about it. I can't believe it. He's looking a million bucks, Matty, very chilled. I know. You know when we get that mobile back I'm strapping it to his wrist.

She's not harassing me. Not every

five seconds. Oh, yeah, boom, straight away.

Weird and twisted. That's way it is

now. We'll have computers built

into our forearms. That's a story for another night.

How are you going? Ben Fordham on the line there. Love them or loathe them, they're a part of life, certainly on commercial television. TV ads - the funny, the clever, the downright bad.

We asked for your verdict on the hits and misses. Ros Thomas on Australia's best and worst ads of 2006. The Hahn Premium Light ads. Terrific. Every time that guy with the long nipples comes on I pick up the remote and change the channel - it's that bad.

They can make us squirm... They can make us smile... And they all have the same aim - to get us to buy.

"Why did they build the Great Wall of China?"

Every kid in every school talks

about it. During the time of

emperor nasi goreng. People use the

term squat rabts' now. Ad man Rob Belgiovane is the brains behind one of our favourite ads.

Everybody feels really sorry for

the day who will be humiliated in class. Where the bloody hell are you? The Tourism Australia ad made Lara Bingle a household name and now she's playing a starring role in the Ashes campaign.

I'm walking down the street and

people are saying, "Where the

bloody hell are you?" I'm expecting

the Barmy Army to call it out. I'm

going to laugh. It's pretty funny. In my house, bad ads last half a second - flick. Sydney's 2UE breakfast team, Peter FitzSimons and Mike Carlton, say there are plenty of ads which make you wonder, "What were they thinking?" Ooh, have you seen that one where the bloke's nipples extend and extend and extend?

I hateed it and stopped buying Mentos after that. But just because we don't like them doesn't mean they're cheap. On average, it costs $100,000 a day to shoot a commercial. If they have a special effect like long nipples, add $200,000 and $300,000. The worst ad is that bloke in a pair of Speedos rolling around in the surf with a plastic sex doll.

They came up beautifully, weren't

they? I'm not surprised it was complained about that ad. The sweaty armpit, it turns me right off. I don't find it very funny. The thing about this ad is that it did very well internationally.

It's lost something. It doesn't have the same charm. So which were the worst ads? According to our exclusive poll, at number five, the Finnish couple from Masterfoods. Four was the nude Holden Astra ad. Third went to the annoying 'Crazy Frog', while 'Sweaty Armpits' took second and the 'Mentos Nipples' claimed top spot. Humour was a winner with the best ads. At number five, the lamb campaign.

Fourth was Lara Bingle's tourism ad. Number three - Hahn beer - made a splash. The 'flashdancer' claimed second spot and number one was the 'Great Wall of China'.

Daniel will do his talk on China. If you can make people laugh, they will buy you. Ros Thomas there - and you can find out more about the best and worst TV ads of the year at our ninemsn website. Coming up after the break - Australia's sexiest jobs. Stay with us, and find out how yours rates. Welcome back. Is your work dull and boring or hot and sexy? How do you rate in the workplace? Not surprisingly, men prioritise beauty in their list of sexiest professions. But as Brady Halls found out, women like some brain, as well as brawn. It's official - the ladies are burning up for firemen. Firemen, well, what can I say, women love a man in uniform and they've got the hero appeal, they do save lives after all,

and I think with firemen, they're real men, they're rugged and confident. And men have gone mad over models - oh, we're so predictable. Anna Saunders' study has revealed which jobs sizzle and what careers fizzle in the sexy stakes. And she should know, she's from Fast Impressions speed dating service.

Well, sexiness really is sex appeal.

It's both the way you feel about yourself and the way others feel about you. The diagnosis for doctors is good.

At number three, it seems they give women a fever. While air hostesses leave men hot under the collar. Not surprising says 'Cosmo' editor Sarah Wilson. I think in fantasy land, the air hostess is certainly up there

at the top of most checklists for men.

The air hostess, I suppose, she is the ultimate server,

the woman who serves the man.

The passengers love the women on board, like just looking at them, they're just beautiful, look at them. Flight attendants with Jetstar, Roger Fong and Lauren Dickson, experience our infatuation first hand.

It's all a bit of a joke.

It's the firemen in uniform that

the ladies can't resist. When it

comes to these kind of lists and

these polls, I think women actually

do revert back to some fairly

primal ideas I think women actually do revert back to some primal ideas about masculinity and the fireman is all of that. He's the provider, the protector, and there's something about the uniform. Craig Johnston, Jim Murphy and Jason Elliot are now very excited firies. I don't think they find me personally sexy but I can understand the stigma and the aura attached to the job,

You're making me embarrassed now. of course, you can't deny that. And in the top spot the girls give athletes the gold. I was a little bit disappointed because we got knocked off the top spot by the athletes, so we've got to try and redeem ourselves and get back up there next year. And, predictably, models are favoured by the men. Women see sexiness as being confidence and power. Whereas for men, sexiness is much more a visual thing.

And what profession leaves us cold - politicians, of course. Have a think, can you think of one sexy politician? Brady Halls reporting there on Australia's sexiest jobs.

Unfortunately for him, no mention of intrepid reporters on that list. Still to come - just how well do mothers know their teenage daughters? You'll be shocked by what's really on their minds. They say there's no stronger bond than between a mother and her daughter. But when you're a parent and they're a teenager, how much do really know about what's going on in their lives? In a special report,

we'll show you that's it not alcohol or drugs or sex that concerns young girls - it's something far more worrying.

Our parent stress out because we go

out to parties and stuff. Are some

of the girls your age having sex?

Yep. One of my friends, her

boyfriend doesn't take no. It's

shocking for them. I know girls who

have felt really used and things by

boys. It's something that opens

your eyes up. It's good to know.

Parents get so freaked out now. It's a huge issue. Teenage girls - what they're really thinking, feeling and fearing. That's Monday night. Thanks for being with us this week.

Have a great weekend. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.