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(generated from captions) THIS PROGRAM IS LIVE CAPTIONED Tonight - comforted by family and friends Rove McManus as he says goodbye to his soul mate.

# Try to find some meaning

life. # Try to find some meaning in this after deadly riots in Tonga. Australian troops on standby use a breakthrough technique Sydney doctors

as schoolies hit the beach. And party time with Chris Bath. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. has endured intense grief TV host Rove McManus and soul mate, Belinda Emmett. saying a final farewell to his wife at her funeral in Sydney today, He led mourners with a personal tribute for every moment they shared. thanking his "Bel" the bright side of life # # Always look on was carried from the church Belinda Emmett's casket by her husband, Rove McManus, her father, Michael, Matt and Shane. and younger brothers, also helped. Rove's father and brother But the burden was immense and no matter how upbeat the song, Rove's face betrayed his grief. heartbreakingly different These were scenes in the same church to when the couple married less than two years ago. mourned Belinda's loss today. Many who shared in that joy # In this life less than perfect # and recorded that song. Belinda wrote Music was her passion, throughout the service. and it played a big part comedians and sport stars Entertainers, actors, to be here with Belinda's family. travelled from around Australia to stand near Others less famous came and pay their respects to someone they'd admired from afar. During the service spoke. some of Belinda's closest friends I can't. WOMAN: I don't want to say goodbye, You are an angel, Bel, to so many and angels remain with us forever. Belinda's courage most intimately. A terrible day for those who knew WOMAN: I am especially moved, my very dear friend. as Belinda became and I am grieved at her death. I am honoured to have known her Rove didn't speak, by Father Jim McKeon. but his message was delivered get to meet their soul mate. JIM MCKEON: Not many people Not many people get to have a love just about anything. that can withstand Not many people find that one person the completion of themselves. in whom they see And he said, "I had that with Bel". down the aisle of this church When Belinda Emmett walked to become a bride, 'You Are The Sunshine Of My Life'. she did so to the song It was played here again today celebrating her life. during a video tribute # You are the sunshine of my life # Then around 400 people wept dance their bridal waltz. as they watched Belinda and Rove A moment of such recent happiness. who lived to his 90s # # Next door, there's an old man has asked for any donations Belinda's family to the McGrath Foundation to be made for breast cancer nurses. which raises money along with a link to Rove's site There's a link on our website, Belinda's song. where you can download on the State Opposition Leader, Pressure is building under parliamentary privilege following his claim into the Attorney-General. of an investigation has issued a letter saying The Police Integrity Commission there is no inquiry, is refusing to back down. but Peter Debnam

while I grab my jacket. Now, hang on a second a flak jacket - He probably should have brought Mr Debnam was about to be hammered. have you misled Parliament? Mr Debnam, No. Have you gone too far? No. No plans to resign? is under intense pressure The Opposition Leader Attorney-General Bob Debus for yesterday naming Integrity Commission investigation. as the subject of a Police with claims That inquiry links Mr Debus with a 15-year-old boy - he paid $40 for sex completely dismissed. claims that were you grub. And this is my challenge to you, Walk out 15 paces and say it again! Say it again! Say it now! the investigation is still open. Mr Debnam claims shows it's not. This letter obtained by Seven News what you said yesterday? Do you stand by in Parliament. I've asked legitimate questions And that's all he'd say -

over and over. It's the 17th time you've said that will you apologise to Mr Debnam? but I'm wondering, I can do it 18 times. I rather you didn't do it 18 times. speaking to Seven News today said Even Liberal MPs

they were perplexed and disappointed of this crisis. over Mr Debnam's handling came from the top, But the most telling comment and he made no comment at all. Does Mr Debnam have your support? on New South Wales politics. I'm not giving running commentary from public to private places, Bans on smoking are about to spread to stop parents lighting up in cars. with Australia's first laws They'll be enforced in Adelaide, the same crackdown here in Sydney. but anti-smoking groups want on all forms of public transport. Smoking is now banned has taken it a step further Now South Australia $75 introducing a law to fine drivers with kids in the car. if they light up Tasmania is considering it, too. say anti-smoking groups. So should New South Wales, We can protect children, we can reduce bushfires, and we can reduce accidents if we have smoke-free cars.

the American state of Arkansas South Australia joins

in the world with such a law. as being the only jurisdictions

in June. The Iemma Government ruled it out Smokers are voters, too. if you had kids in the car - I wouldn't smoke put it that way. I think that's notgood. But to actually fine people, with the kids inside the car, If they're smoking in the car I reckon it should be illegal. for the tobacco industry And there was another blow here at the Federal Court today. They've agreed to withdraw thousands of packets of Dunhill cigarettes after claims they breached strict labelling requirements. Designed to be split in two, the so-called "kiddie packs" leave one side without the graphic health warnings required by law. Cigarettes are blamed for causing up to 12 fires a day in Australia. But today came national agreement for laws forcing manufacturers to produce cigarettes that stop burning when not inhaled. Sydney police are seeking public help to catch a gang of con artists, who posed as psychics,

to steal an elderly woman's life savings. They promised to bless her money, but instead, they made $300,000 simply disappear. The only thing psychic about the woman who rented this Merrylands townhouse was that she could see victims coming. And when you get all the jokes out of the way...

Would police consider calling in psychics? are left with Giuseppa. I lost all my money. Giuseppa answered an ad in a local paper from a woman she knew as Nina. There'd been leaflet drops, too. Like all these cases Giuseppa was vulnerable. I was depressed, I was sad.

She was told she was cursed and should have her possessions cleansed. She handed over jewellery and cash. They then get the confidence of these people by giving the property back to them. Until the last visit, when Nina's husband went with Guiseppa to the bank and helped her withdraw $300,000 - money she had There are three other victims police know of. The scam took $500,000.

There were four people in the townhouse - Nina, her husband and another couple. Two of them had Canadian accents. 400 Australian troops are on stand-by to go to the Pacific Island of Tonga after deadly riots claimed 6 lives. Pro-democracy supporters went on a five-hour rampage, burning and looting businesses, including the ANZ bank. This is the latest Pacific nation going up in flames.

EXPLOSION AND SCREAMS For almost five hours thousands of demonstrators went on a violent rampage, setting alight dozens of Government offices, shops and banks. Police appeared powerless as markets were looted. Chinese-owned businesses were among the main targets. I think there's a pretty clear reason for this rioting.

It's not just a bunch of drunks on a rampage,

there's a political factor at play here. That political factor is a pro-democracy movement that wants to cut the powers of Tonga's new king and his appointed cabinet. I think there is real reason for concern. The King of Tonga has declared a state of emergency and could call on Australian and New Zealand troops to help restore order on the streets on Nukua'lofa. We wouldn't be looking at sending a large number. If we end up sending troops at all it will be somewhere between about 60 and 120. Three Australian warships are already in the south-west Pacific

with helicopters and soldiers on board. Kanimbla, Newcastle and Success set sail weeks ago when Fiji appeared headed for another coup. New Zealand soldiers and aircraft are also on stand-by to fly to the troubled country. Opposition Leader Kim Beazley has made another embarrassing blunder, this time trying to express sympathy for Rove McManus.

He confused the grieving TV host with another Rove - a senior political adviser to US President George Bush.

Today our thoughts, and the thoughts of many, many Australians will be with Karl Rove as he goes through this very sad process of burying his beloved wife. Previously, Mr Beazley has mixed up the names of model Michelle Leslie, Reserve Bank Governor Ian MacFarlane, and a South Australian senator. Sydney doctors have carried out delicate treatment to straighten a little boy's crooked back. In an Australian first, he was put on a rack and stretched to fix his severely curved spine. 4-year-old Nathan Garcia is only as tall as his 2--year-old brother. # Bob the builder, can we fix it? # Bob the builder, yes we can! # When Nathan was born, he needed life-saving heart surgery. Scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, has also threatened to crush a lung and his heart.

So Nathan and his family have flown from Perth to Sydney's Children's Hospital. Make my back nice and straight. Yeah! Well done, love! Kiss. (laughs) Give it to me.

He's wheeled into theatre headed for a specialised rack to straighten his spine. Hi, Nana. Nathan is put to sleep

before Dr Gray gives this little boy a new chance at life. This is the first time this child-casting frame has been used in Australia. Doctors say it can cure scoliosis in kids under four. Governments have refused to fund it but the family has taken out a loan and donated it for kids like Nathan in the future.

Nathan's spine was straightened by 20 degrees - a great start. I'm happy with the way things went. The spine's quite flexible so I got a reasonable degree of correction. He'll need further treatment... (Cries) ..but this rack will also help other kids with scoliosis. I'm a very happy, Mum. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, schoolies have started taking over the Gold Coast.

Schoolies! (screams) An unsuspecting TV reporter was carried away on the wave of excitement. More than 40,000 school leavers are expected on the Gold Coast over the next 10 days. Extra police will be on hand targeting drug-use and anti-social behaviour.

Perhaps they will need some ear

plugs. Ahead in Seven News - with George Bush John Howard's power lunch

at the APEC summit. Also, a deadly tornado tears through an American trailer park. And a celebrity invasion of Italy, for the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes wedding. Prime Minister Howard and US President George Bush have just wrapped up talks in Vietnam

to discuss their next move in Iraq. Mr Howard is urging the President to stay the course despite growing pressure for a withdrawal of US troops. Disco tai chi by the lake... ASIAN MUSIC PLAYS ..and pumping iron for the "man of steel",

as the Prime Minister says "Good morning, Vietnam." JOHN HOWARD: Good morning. As the real work of APEC begins, with Vietnamese flair, US President George Bush flies in. His first stop, a lunchtime meeting with Mr Howard to chew over the unpalatable realities of Iraq. In a major speech in Singapore en route, Mr Bush linked Iraqi insurgents with Indonesian extremists. They are followers of a clear and focused ideology that hates freedom and rejects tolerance and despises all dissent. The US President is under pressure from congressional Democrats to withdraw from Iraq, and from his own side to send 20,000 more troops in. Mr Howard's message remains to stay the course. If the coalition leaves Iraq in circumstances seen as a defeat, that will embolden al-Qa'ida in the region. John Howard at APEC needs to be a statesman, not a sidekick. There's an unavoidable symbolism as the leaders meet in the shadows of the last, great intractable conflict here in Vietnam, to wrestle with similar issues in a new war in Iraq.

Violent storms have hit America's south-east, killing up to 10 people and destroying dozens of homes. Seven victims died when a tornado hit a North Carolina caravan park without warning. The twister came out of a wider storm system that caused mass blackouts and winds powerful enough to overturn trucks. Total devastation, and it was bad. You feel the ground under your feet and everything around you just shaking. In Alabama, a group of pre-schoolers survived when the roller-skating rink they were in

was flattened. Some of Hollywood's biggest names are gathering in Rome ahead of the movie world's wedding of the year. Superstars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

will tie the knot this weekend in an Italian castle. Since arriving in Italy, the Hollywood lovebirds have kept a very low profile, until tonight. CHEERING Just two days before they tie the knot,

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had dinner with their 7-month-old baby Suri and 130 of their closest family and friends. He has decided to have gnocchi, for example, and ravioli with truffles - oh, he likes ravioli with truffles

As the media staked out their hotel near the Spanish Steps,

the paparazzi had a field day as celebrity guests began arriving. Among them, Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carey and Brooke Shields. REPORTER: How are you? How are you? The parents of the bride and groom also flew in. And while the 44-year-old star jumped on her couch

to declare his love, Oprah, surprisingly, didn't make the cut. I am sure they had a limited number of people they could invite. It's fine, I don't get invited to everybody's wedding. It's here in this 15th-century castle in Bracciano,

40km outside Rome, where the couple will be married on Sunday in a Scientology ceremony. And as the town prepares to be showcased to the world, it's already cashing in. Camera crews are being charged $1,500 to shoot outside the castle. for permits

Yeah, I think it's going to be very hard with the security and him being the A-lister that he is. Time for sport with Matthew White who's at the Australian Open at Royal Sydney. It's been a much better day in terms of weather here,

and the scores have dropped as well. Coming up - how Greg Norman tried to turn back the clock. COMMENTATOR: Look at this - got it! The Shark! And an injury scare for England on the eve of the Ashes.

A welcome change in the weather here at Royal Sydney today, and the calmer conditions led to better scores

in round two of the Australian Open. But there's been no change at the top of the leaderboard with Newcastle's Nathan Green still setting the pace ahead of Victorian Richard Green.

While Greg Norman had plenty of work to do just to be here for the weekend. Nathan Green was the star of round one but it was his playing partner the gallery turned out to see today. COMMENTATOR: And look at that! Didn't have a lot of green to work with. Both players missed birdie putts at the first.

Green made up for it at 5. Hello! Yes! APPLAUSE He did it again at seven

while Norman went one better with an eagle. Look at this! Got it - the Shark! Soon enough though, the Shark found himself back in a battle to make the cut. Oh, that's clipped trees.

After starting the day two shots from the lead Victorian Richard Green was making moves early on. Ah, what a gem shot that is. Pre-tournament favourite Adam Scott showed flashes of brilliance with 5 birdies in his second round 70. But the round of the day came from Stuart Appleby. His 68 leaves him in striking distance ahead of a big weekend. APPLAUSE Look at this - for a chip! Ho, ho! Stuart Appleby. Seven's Pat Welsh caught up with Greg Norman moments after he holed a 40-foot putt at the last hole for a round of 73.

We spoke yesterday about the lack of

tourament golf, you ground hard all

tourament golf, you ground hard all afternoon? Yeah, I felt like I hit

quality shots today but didn't

quality shots today but didn't gut

the results. Lack of flow in the

game, every time I seemed

game, every time I seemed like I hit, it it was up and down. Almost

certain to see you on the weekend

Really sno You made the cut? I would

never have expected that, that

shocked me. That's

shocked me. That's good, if it is,

shocked me. That's good, if it is I hope I'm first off. Cricket now, and a major injury scare for Australia

just six days out from the first Ashes Test. All-rounder Shane Watson has been forced from the field while playing for Queensland today, complaining of a hamstring injury. Watson pulled up sore after bowling the first ball of his sixth over against Western Australia at the WACA. He joins Damien Martyn as injury worries for the Aussies. Martyn has a sore elbow. And bowler Steve Harmison was ruled out of England's game with South Australia in Adelaide but is expected to be fit for the first Test. Redbacks skipper Darren Lehmann run out on 99, as the home side declared at 7/247. On to Rugby League and they've already qualified for the Tri-Nations final but the Kangaroos say there's still plenty to play for against Great Britain tomorrow night. It's been more than 30 years since an Australian side lost two games in a row to the Lions in the same year. It's a proud record and one Ricky Stuart's men say they are desperate to maintain. Whether you're playing club football or representative football playing for Australia no-one wants to be involved in losing two games in a row. If Australia win they will play New Zealand in the final.

Conditions great, the Shark will be

here across the weekend. Pleny of

tickets and full coverage on tickets and full coverage on 7 from

midday. It looks like the

going to

midday. It looks like the werg is going to warm up too. More on

going to warm up too. More on thet in a moment, but finance first. BHP dipped on lower copper prices. Southern Cross Broadcasting made strong gains after Macquarie Media Group bought a 14% stake for $165 million.

Sunshine returned today after our unseasonal cold snap. And Nuala has the weekend forecast after the break. FUNKY MUSIC It's all about staying in close contact and taking advantage of a good opportunity. SONG: # Ah Ah-ah... # That's why I choose TransMOBILE to keep in touch. Because I get great savings

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CAR CHUGS This weather report brought to you by Goodyear Auto Service Centres. CAR REVS We'll keep you running. Good evening. It's not easy keeping up with this spring weather. Woollies one day, bathers the next - today was somewhere in between, with temperatures rallying after yesterday's cold snap. It was still only 7 degrees But mostly sunny skies did their best to counter the chilly air with tops settling in the low to mid 20s. Still a few degrees below average for this time of year. The icy air mass that moved over us yesterday, has now moved out to sea, leaving this high to ridge across, turning winds more northerly, to feed some much warmer air down over the south-east. Melbourne and Canberra should join us in some more summery weather. Mostly fine and mild in Hobart. Storms up the Top End. Still a little on the cool side tonight,

but any chills will all be forgotten once the sun comes out and those warm northerlies send temperatures right up back up to the mid to high 20s. And Sunday should be even warmer. It will be a struggle to resist the beach and come back to work on Monday - 31 to 35 degrees. In fact, it's looking like a hot week with just the chance of a shower or two Wednesday.

Pollen levels climbing in the warmer weather.

You can put the woolens away for now,

now, but who

now, but who knows what spring

now, but who knows what spring will serve up in the next few weeks. If

we can't find you nec week, you

we can't find you nec week, you will be at the beach. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Chris Bath. Hope you can join me for Seven News over the weekend. Thanks for your company, goodnight.

# This life less than perfect. The former football star versus his business partner. You've already called the media, you've held me to ransom,

you didn't give me a chance to talk to you. He says she demanded $500,000 or she'd destroy his reputation on national television. But what's the real story? We'll find out in moment. Hello, I'm Naomi Robson. Also tonight - Come out! Go, get your own house! This 82-year-old war veteran has been forced to live in a caravan after he lost his home to a group of freeloaders and the law's on their side. Now, his fight to get back into his own home. Plus, the latest bras for summer. The new range that are best for style and comfort. And the verdict is in.

We reveal Australia's worst restaurant, so which one is it? But first, he was a football star who found success in the business world. But now, all of his hard work is under threat following extortion attempts by a franchisee who he claims demanded $500,000, or she'd destroy his name on television. And today, the two came face to face and Nicolas Boot was there. Hi, Joanne. I was wondering if we could have a chat about why you were trying to extort my family for $500,000?

Now she just wants to run away. She's the one that drop the bombshell. "Give us $500,000 or I'm going to the media." He's the former footy star who's carving out a multimillion-dollar business empire. It is a pie scandal! The grand opening of Garlo Pies' - the second shop. In five short years, 10 franchises under his belt, now, Sean Garlick the former South Sydney Rugby League captain has a real battle on his hands. to talk to me Joanne, are you prepared