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(generated from captions) I should have confessed. will always feel like So, what happens now? leave you out of it. Well, I'm going to that you had any kind of involvement. I'll never let anybody know that you got out of that house. Taylor, I just thank God showed up when she did. No, thank God that Stephanie Yeah. Stephanie was there? but you were trapped under the beam We both tried to pull you out, friends showed up when they did. and, you know, then your firefighter Thank God they did. So how are you feeling? Are you alright? (Sighs) I'm blind. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. a touching farewell to Belinda Emmett Tonight - say goodbye. as family, friends and fans Flu outbreak - through a nursing home. six die as a powerful strain sweeps fleecing thousands And Sydney's psychic scammers from unwitting victims.

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Peter Debnam on the backfoot Good evening. Also tonight - a Labor minister backfires. after his plan to out And G20 protestors in Melbourne of several multi-nationals. storm the headquarters farewell Belinda. But first this evening - Family, friends and fans today to Belinda Emmett. paying their last respects For Rove McManus, same Sydney church where they married it was a heart-breaking return to the less than two years ago. over the casket of Belinda Emmett A sea of flowers cascaded in Waverley. at Mary Immaculate Church shortly after - A sea of friends flowed in during her acting career, famous faces Belinda had worked with of her and husband Rove, close friends and, of course, family, and warm young woman at just 32. devastated to have lost this talented Glenn and Jane McGrath were there. asked for donations to be made In lieu of flowers, the family has Jane McGrath's foundation. to fellow breast cancer sufferer And finally, Rove, seven years ago this week. who met the love of his life Many people have sent messages - Russell Crowe, Bono, Prime Minister John Howard, Hugh Jackman, Delta Goodrem. Kylie and Dannii, gathered to listen outside, As a crowd of well-wishers Father Tim McKeon, inside, a eulogy from family friend who spoke on behalf of Rove. be given the gift of Belinda Emmett. He said, "I don't know what I did to "Whatever it was, I'm glad I did it, the opportunity "because it allowed me with my best friend "of sharing laughter and tears

unforgettable years." "for seven wonderfully

To Rove, you were her hero, and Belle dance the bridal waltz. and I'll never forget watching you

You danced it with your eyes. they married in January last year, And today, in the same church where

of Rove and Belinda's love the congregation witnessed the depth in a video of that bridal waltz. ever found the way to say to you. # SONG: # I love you more than I

And a moving video tribute. OF MY LIFE' PLAYS SONG 'YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE we got to hear Belinda's own voice - Throughout the service,

before she died. two songs she recorded

This one, called 'It's Just Nice', today called 'Less Than Perfect'. and one that's been released to radio with my less than perfect life. # # Here I stand the day to end on too sad a note, But Belinda wouldn't have wanted coffin was carried out of the church the choice of song to play as her shared sense of humour. indicative of the couple's THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE' PLAYS SONG 'ALWAYS LOOK ON celebrated and remembered. Belinda Emmett is a life to be Angela Bishop, Ten News. in the uproar over allegations Dramatic developments tonight Bob Debus. concerning Attorney-General denies he's under investigation The Police Integrity Commission

intensifying Government calls to stand down. for Opposition Leader Peter Debnam beseiged by a media pack The Opposition Leader demanding he detail his claims is investigating the Police Integrity Commission Attorney-General Bob Debus. in Parliament. I've asked the questions Why won't Morris Iemma answer them? Peter Debnam refusing to apologise, if the alleged PIC probe is current, refusing to say from the PIC to Bob Debus declaring then hit by this bombshell - a letter in relation to any current inquiry. it doesn't need to speak to him but I say... I haven't heard that statement is no investigation into Mr Debus? REPORTER: Will you resign if there from PIC. I haven't heard that statement Parliament erupted yesterday as the minister under investigation, when Peter Debnam named Bob Debus erupting with rage. the Attorney-General and say it again. You grub - walk 15 paces out there the attack on the Opposition Leader. Today, the Premier stepping up was on trial - he failed. Yesterday, his character Today, his job is on the line. described Peter Debnam's actions Privately, some Liberal MPs have from the jaws of victory. as being akin to plucking defeat will only reinforce that view. The PIC letter from the Milton Orkopoulos affair, A Premier, under pressure can't believe his luck isn't up to the top job. declaring Peter Debnam he holds, He is simply not fit for the office of this State. he's not fit to be Premier He's just too risky. He goes too far. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Six people are dead infected in a mysterious flu outbreak and almost 60 others have been at a Canberra nursing home. are tonight warning And health officials more lives could be lost.

spread, As news of the deadly outbreak to check on their loved ones. worried relatives rushed

It's very worrying. and he's got a lot of problems. Dad's got dementia respiratory problem would be bad. He's immobile, so any It's very worrying that has severe dementia. because I have a husband here Since October 1, at Canberra's Jindalee nursing home. six elderly residents have died including 7 staff. Another 57 people have become ill, be more cases over the next week, Authorities warn it's likely there'll and more deaths. We're talking about a very vulnerable population. It's not possible to say there won't be further cases. Some relatives are angry they weren't told. I just found out from a lady on the bus. Jindalee says it has informed the families of those who've fallen ill. Health authorities say the outbreak is unusual. Not only is it outside the traditional flu season, but earlier this year

almost all of the residents here received the flu vaccine. Tests are now under way to identify the virus, but authorities stress it's not bird flu. Their preparation for a bird flu outbreak is helping though -

stockpiles of the drug Tamiflu are being used for prevention and treatment. Every Jindalee staff member has been called in to be vaccinated. We've identified this outbreak quickly and we've now implemented measures that weren't available until fairly recently. Only essential visitors are now allowed into the nursing home, and relatives can do little but hope. I just keep checking, visiting him more often. Laurel Irving, Ten News. Police are hunting a heartless pair of con artists who have ripped off their victims to the tune of $500,000. The husband-and-wife team offer psychic readings before fleeing with cash and jewellery. The husband-and-wife team of con merchants operated from this suburban house. The 60-year-old psychic, called Nina, with long dark hair and an olive complexion, sat women at the dining room table where she read tarot cards and palms before conning them out of a fortune. These people have been duped into believing that if they bring their property to this particular psychic person that all their problems, such as family, personal and work life, will be solved problems. A flyer dropped across Sydney promised: Others answered a local newspaper advertisement. This 60-year-old woman had her gold jewellery blessed, then handed over more than $300,000 in cash.

She had five sessions lasting 10 minutes each with the so-called psychic. And then came the sting. The victim, Giuseppa, came to this branch of the ANZ bank and withdrew $308,000 in cash, handing it over to the con man to be cleansed of evil spirits. Police say another female victim handed over $200,000 in cash.

Detectives want any other victims conned by this heartless couple to come forward.

John Hill, Ten News.

Claims tonight volunteer firefighters have been ordered to abandon a bushfire raging in the Blue Mountains and return to their jobs. Hundreds of firefighters are needed this weekend to contain two outbreaks around Mount Victoria and Blackheath. But two senior volunteers claim Rail Corp demanded they return to work to avoid getting fatigued.

Hot dry north-westerly winds are expected to fan the flames tonight and tomorrow. No homes are currently under threat. John Howard has given the US President strong personal support in their first face-to-face meeting since his thumping in America's mid-term elections. The two leaders mapping out tactics over Iraq and climate change ahead of the APEC summit in Vietnam. The President dubs him the man of steel and the Prime Minister is certainly pumped over the political climate change on Iraq engulfing the President. Despite the voters rebuff in America, John Howard is all the way with the Bush victory rhetoric. If the coalition leaves in circumstances seen as a defeat, that will be the greatest boost of all to the terrorists - they will say, "We won." The President flew in from Singapore late morning. His first engagement, a working lunch with Prime Minister. In a speech, the White House says is the keynote of his Asian tour, Mr Bush linked the terror attacks in Indonesia

to the insurgents in Iraq and al-Qa'ida. The only way for North Korea to move forward for the good of their people

is to abandon its nuclear weapons program. While the two coalition leaders were dancing to the same tune, the first of the APEC opening ceremonies was under way. Mr Howard in-step with the US on rejecting Kyoto, preferring the AP6, a group established to undermine the protocol. I regard as more directly relevant to Australia's future energy needs. The only discordant note, maybe, will be Mr Howard, for the fourth year,

urging the Americans to get on with the trial of terror suspect David Hicks. I would have liked it to have been disposed of earlier and I'm not happy with the delay. The mid-term elections have politically weakened the President at home and abroad but at least in John Howard he has a steadfast friend prepared to stay the course. In Hanoi, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Tim Webster joins us with a look at what's ahead in sport and better weather for the Open. Yes, and the crowds have flocked out there. Nathan Green still leads.

The big galleries following Green and Norman with the Great White Shark fighting all day in a bid to make the cut. Plus we'll have the Wallabies, the Roos, and one of Sydney's most popular rugby league teams a new colour to its jersey. A fall from grace for one of the country's biggest gamblers. That story next. Also tonight, Bondi's infamous house of rubbish. New concerns as the garbage again starts piling up. And Shane Warne's latest internet antics starring as our new tourism king of spin. Where the bloody hell are ya? Developed with the community, the NSW Government's State Plan will shape the way we live. It highlights growing prosperity to ensure jobs and investment into the future. There's new trade schools so students can start their apprenticeship at school. It means young people not going to university

can get the skills they need. Go to the website to read about the new direction for NSW.

If I was going away, I'd certainly put home security items on my check list opening up all these terrific presents from Bunnings and the last thing you want to do is not have them there when you get back home. Arlec home alarm system, $88. Compressor with fitted hose, $196. Willow cooler, $24.88. Pedestal fan, $14.84. It's a lot to do over the Christmas break. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # and this year it's time for Australia to strike back. Support the Australian team with the 'Sunday Telegraph's Official '06-'07 Cricket Ball Collection.

Pick up your free album only with the 'Sunday Telegraph'. SONG: # Sunday isn't Sunday This program is captioned live. A fall from grace for one of the country's biggest gamblers has seen him compared to the infamous Christopher Skase. A debt of $80 million still not enough to stop Mark Peters from waging more bets. He may not have the wheelchair or oxygen mask, but Mark Peters is considered as evasive about his lost fortune as Christopher Skase. This is probably Australia's biggest bankruptcy matter that Australia has had since Christopher Skase. Peters owes some 30 creditors up to $90 million, most of those people ordinary householders like Joe Carbone, lured by the false promise of a quick return.

He keeps saying, "Hang on, you will get your money,"

but after hearing his lies he said in court today about my money I gave him, he's just a complete liar. Mr Carbone lost $50,000. His employee lost his house.

Meanwhile, Peters flits from home to home, including this waterfront property, and he's refused to give a straight answer at a bankruptcy hearing about exactly where he and his family live now and where the money's gone. Mr Peters's multimillion-dollar Sydney home is beginning to show signs of neglect and he's told a court today he hasn't been back since he was ordered out, but he's struggled to reveal exactly where he has been staying,

his story varying from a false address in Bowral to the home of an alleged friend. Peters doesn't return calls, so Mr Carbone came to see him, needing few words to sum him up. A big con artist. Of more concern, the revelation Peters is still gambling, despite a worldwide warning off race-tracks. Since the day of his bankruptcy, he has continued to gamble on a large scale. It's hoped Peters's co-operation might improve under the threat of contempt action or even imprisonment. Amber Muir, Ten News. The Blaxland bandit has struck again but police hope new video will end his one-man crime wave. A special task force has been set up to find the knife-wielding offender

after at least six terrifying attacks. Packing a knife and wearing his trademark baseball cap, the serial thief walks into a Blaxland Subway. A 16-year-old girl approaches to serve him.

This time he flashes the knife, demanding she hand over the cash. I was terrified and I was so scared. It took me a while to register what was happening and when I did, I was just scared and I turned around and tried to get myself out of the situation. He jumps the counter and storms the office, forcing the manager to open the cash register at knife-point. I just wanted to give him what he wanted so he wouldn't harm me. The 19-year-old woman is so terrified by the ordeal she's on stress leave and won't come back to work. He's destroyed a couple of people's lives just over a couple of hundred dollars, It's just ridiculous. It's the second time the Subway's been hit and follows a spate of robberies in the local area forcing detectives to form a strike force to catch the man, aged in his early 20s. Last week, he dropped a bundle of cash as he fled the bottle shop next door.

Police believe he is a local.

These images from Subway are the clearest so far. Detectives hope someone will recognise him and come forward and if he comes back to the Subway before police catch up with him... Yeah, I'll be waiting for him, definitely. Evan Batten, Ten News. It's been cleaned up more than a dozen times, but the mess keeps mounting at Bondi's house of garbage. The local council now taking the owners to court. This was the infamous house of rubbish almost a year ago after a massive 3-day clean-up. But look at it now - almost back to its old state. The owners wasting no time in carting trolley-loads full of other people's trash back to their million-dollar property. Council already cleaned it up last year and look at it right now - still the same thing. We're extremely frustrated. Not only is it a time-consuming process, not only is there a health risk, but it's costing council a fortune. Mary Bobolas and her two daughters haven't been spotted for about a month. Neighbours say they're usually seen having picnics in the rubbish tip they call home. It certainly would appear to be - and there is a syndrome called Diogenes syndrome, commonly known as squalor syndrome, that people develop where they just collect and continue to collect rubbish. Most residents wouldn't speak to us on camera today, some telling Ten News they'd been ordered by the council not to talk to the media. I'm not aware of anyone at council

telling residents not to speak to the media. Over the past 17 years Waverley Council has cleared the property more than 12 times, each time the bill running into the tens of thousands of dollars. But despite rubbish constantly piling up, the Land and Environment Court is refusing to issue a rolling order for council to intervene before it can get to this stage again. The case will go before the Land and Environment Court next Friday. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. Shane Warne is serving up a new delivery as the face of Australian tourism with his take on the "Where the bloody hell are you?" campaign. The tongue in cheek Internet ad sees the controversial spin king taunting England's Phil Tufnell over the Ashes. Hello, Tuffers. I've even organised you a quick getaway because I know you don't want to hang around. So, Tuffers, where the bloody hell are you? Known as a viral campaign, Warne's cyber sledging is designed to cash in on the Ashes tourism bonanza.

North cut coal. I am in the middle

of around 355 North Curl Curl

nippers. We thought we would start

the weekend early. It looks

gorgeous here at the moment. The

colour of its guide is the colour

of your weekend. Wave.

of your weekend. Wave. What we do

is give away at Fuji digital camera.

Tonight's winner is James Morgan

and that is cloud across Balmoral.

A brilliant looking white crowd on

a Sydney blue sky.

A big round of applause please.

They have not got any idea who he

is. That was a nice-looking Friday.

The wings were about 50 k is an

hour. By then sunny - 25 on

Saturday. 27 on Sunday. I'll see

live from North Curl Curl after I

recover in about 15 minutes' time. Trouble brewing ahead of tonight's G20 summit in Melbourne. Details next. And another Pacific country gripped by anarchy. Riots in Tonga leave six people dead.

First check the traffic.

Are a finite free-for-all. Traffic

trader hair Sydney to the Southern

Highlands delayed this evening

after a three-day pass Rashad Banks town.

Motorists had been seen in this

traffic jam for a good hour. The

absurd direction is also slow.

There is a smash just before the M5.

We are going to check the rest of

Sydney's motorways and bring you an update after sport. Havoc on the streets of Melbourne as protestors stormed several banks and office buildings on the eve of the G20 summit. More than 100 people eluded police and security, disrupting multi-national companies. The protesters filmed their exploits as they invaded a series of Melbourne office buildings. Police had warned companies this could happen, but still there was no security to stop them. What's on the 10th floor? Chemical services for Orica Pty Ltd. One target was the Orica chemical company's building in East Melbourne. Protesters walked onto office floors and confronted staff, taking to workers' desks, even erecting banners - anything to get their message across. Youse are public servants, for goodness sake. Why can't you do something about the bad blood? Other protesters dressed as police officers confronting the real thing. I am just happy we got up there and the message was made. We will see what happens out of it.

Those involved claim at least six office buildings were invaded -

all occupied by multinational and transport companies or government agencies. The ANZ bank was forced to close branches. Despite the action, police say there were no arrests. Cameron Smith, Ten News. Australian troops are ready for deployment into strife-torn Tonga. At least six people have been killed during the street battles. A trail of destruction in the Tongan capital after a demonstration calling for democratic reform erupted into street battles. Gangs of youths turned their anger on businesses and cars and even the Prime Minister's office, and there's now confirmation at least six bodies have been found in the rubble, all believed to have been part of the riotous mob. Buildings were set alight along the main road, banks among those under fire. As the violence escalated, outnumbered police could do little more than look on as looters continued on their lawless rampage. Australian and New Zealand troops are ready for deployment. We wouldn't be looking at sending a large number, if we end up sending troops at all.

It will be somewhere between about 60 and 120. Tonga wants forces to be mobilised to protect national infrastructure, including energy and water facilities. The security forces are very stretched.

In a desperate build to quell the uprising, the Tongan Government has agreed to democratic reform. Frank Coletta, Ten News.

A devastating tornado has killed at least nine people in the US. The deadly storm ripped through North Carolina, flipping cars, shredding trees and flattening mobile homes. The tornado levelled more than 40 caravans before tearing five brick homes from their foundations. It came like a train. It came quick and I could feel the house shaking and I could hear glass breaking and I could hear the wind. The worst might not be over - more tornado warnings have been issued for the weekend. Another embarrassing foot-in-mouth blunder for Kim Beazley. That story next. Also, wet and wild. Thousands of Schoolies get ready to party on the Gold Coast. And excitement builds on the eve of the showbiz wedding of the year. and the programs are just the start. you've got amazing history programs, and much more. plus pause and rewind live TV. And with Sports Active, and turn the commentary on and off if you want to. FOXTEL comes in loads of variations, and there's a good reason to do that now. Subscribe with FOXTEL Easy Start and get free installation.

This program is captioned live. The top stories this newshour - police are hunting a heartless pair of con artists who have ripped off their victims to the tune of $500,000. The husband-and-wife team offer psychic readings before fleeing with cash and jewellery. A mysterious flu outbreak at a Canberra nursing home

has left six people dead and almost 60 others infected. Authorities warn it's likely there'll be more cases over the next week and more deaths. And family, friends and fans of Belinda Emmett today paid their last respects at an emotional funeral for the entertainer. For Rove McManus, it was a heart-breaking return to the same Sydney church

where they married less than two years ago. An embarassing blunder for Kim Beazley, with the Labor Leader again having trouble with names. Journalists attending Mr Beazley's daily press conference were stunned when the Labor Leader confused Belinda Emmett's husband Rove McManus with an American political figure. Today, our thoughts and the thoughts of many, many Australian are with Karl Rove

as he goes through the very sad process of burying his beloved wife. Karl Rove is a close adviser to US President George W. Bush. Mr Beazley previously ran into trouble when he mixed up then Reserve Bank governor Ian Macfarlane with the resources minister of the same name. And last year he called Australian model Michelle Leslie, Michelle Lee.

Mr Beazley has been treated for bad headaches in the past, but his office denies his latest gaffe is related. It's that time of the year again when thousands of school leavers descend on the Gold Coast to celebrate Schoolies Week. Ten's Summer Burke joins us live from the heart of Surfers Paradise. Summer, the first of the schoolies are beginning to arrive.

The majority of the revellers will

check-in tomorrow, we have already

seen at few Schoolies and now

getting into the spirit of things.

The most great loss students, it

was their last day of school today.

Their last day they have to be in a

school uniform or go to class and

many celebrated by heading to the

beach. Before they go uni or go

travelling or get jobs, bear going

to party. About 50,000 teenagers

are expected to descend here at

severs paradise on the Gold Coast -

Benny from Sydney and other parts

of the New South Wales. Everybody

is ready for the teenagers and

while leaders of week for them to

have fun with their friends,

Schoolies is never trouble-free.

Police are on high alert. The rest

assured that there are many

volunteers here - hundreds in fact

- all on hand to make sure that

teenagers have a safe and enjoyable

holiday. There is a music pumping

around in the background and I can

see a few teenagers around so I

dare say the celebrations are about

to get under way. A solid finish for the week on the Australian share market.

A planeload of A-list stars has arrived in Italy for the Hollywood wedding of the year. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes all smiles at a pre-wedding dinner with their celebrity mates. It wasn't your traditional bucks' and hens' night. The 44-year-old groom and 27-year-old bride-to-be dined out together, accompanied by 7-month-old daughter Suri. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes smiled and waved at cameras for the first time since arriving in Italy. Suri looked less sure in one of her first media outings. Tom's kids with Nicole Kidman were there - 13-year-old Isabella and 11-year-old Connor, who's adopted his father's confident swagger. Jennifer Lopez nearly sparked a riot. Scientologist Jenna Elfman got mobbed. Private jets delivered Jim Carrey and Jada Pinkett-Smith, as well as Katie's parents and Tom's mum. The most intriguing guest, though, was Tom's former arch-rival Brooke Shields. She buried the hatchet after he apologised in September and has quickly become mates with Katie. Final preparations are being made on the 15th-century castle where the ceremony will be held. Locals think it's haunted. The lights of the castle turn on and off alone. The mayor wouldn't enforce a no-fly zone but Bracciano's streets will be shut down. Katie's wearing Armani, Andrea Bocelli will sing, and Suri will be wearing this. Tom's decorated the venue with 6,000 roses and coffee-scented candles. But money can't buy everything - rain is predicted tomorrow. According to Italian tradition, if it rains on the wedding day it's a sign of good luck. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News.

Another look at the weather. Who

would have thought it was 16

degrees yesterday and now it is

perfect beach weather. Borussia

going to be put on the sand under a

Sydney blue sky. That is the green

and gold of Australia. It is the

green and gold of North Curl Curl

nippers and they're about to get

into a tug-of-war. I have always

wanted one of these - and a ski

with a siren on that. We will let

the kids get into that and have a

bit of fun. Tim Bailey has

Saturday's weekend right now.

Not coca on the pits - they will be

about 1000 it is at Manly and they

are fakes to Harbi Norman. As the target

The alarm goes off every time

someone tries to get ABB out. Sport now

and Tim the battle continues at the Australian Open golf as Sydney fans turn out.

Yes, and Nathan Green continues to win the battle against his rivals and par. Also, all eyes were on Greg Norman's fighting bid to make the cut. COMMENTATOR: That's perfect. And the Kangaroos getting ready for their chance to silence the touring Barmy Army in Brisbane.

I've been asked who I'd vote for... If I had a dollar for every time someone offered to buy me a drink... If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me for a Big Mac, I'd use it to help these seriously ill kids and their families. So join us for McHappy Day this Saturday, where $1 from every Big Mac sold goes to the programs of Ronald McDonald House Charities. Hey, Kyle, what are you doing? Nothing! McDONALD'S THEME Nathan Green continues to lead the field

as round two of the Australian Open draws to a close. Stuart Appleby put himself in contention

before Green increased his lead over name-sake Richard. But playing partner Greg Norman is facing a battle. The Shark in danger of missing the cut. The early starters the early movers. Stuart Appleby carding three front nine birdies on his way to a 68. COMMENTATOR: Ho, ho Stuart Appleby. Adam Scott also making a move. It's hard to say you aren't when you're hitting so many errant shots like that but maybe I'm being a little harsh and I'm not playing that badly but, you know, it's a little unpredictable when it's gusty like that. Look, anything today under 60km/h was going to feel easy. It wasn't easy but it was remarkably, less stressful. No such luck for defending champion Robert Allenby, struggling for a second day in succession. And those around him were pulling out all the stops to make sure they stayed for the weekend. Oh, ho, ho! But the battle of the Greens re-convened - Nathan opening up a two-shot lead when he made birdie and Richard dropped a shot after he made a mess of his chip at the 7th. Huge galleries following Greg Norman had something to cheer. Six pars to start, followed by an eagle three at the seventh. Look at this. Got it! The Shark! But it was Nathan Green who continued to set the pace increasing his lead, although he had some fortune with the trees on the 11th with his tee-shot benefiting from a handy ricochet. I think he's got a little lucky. He has.

A double bogey on the same hole did Norman no favours. His approach to the 12th the perfect response. Green holding his nerve with a long par saver. Before dropping his first shot of the day at the 14th. He didn't miss by much. David Tunnicliffe, Ten News. Ashes injury concerns Shane Watson who's been forced off in Queensland's one-day match against WA with a hamstring strain. Meanwhile, Michael Clarke begins his fight back for a test spot when nsw take on Tasmania in Sunday's one-dayer in Hobart. Clarke's test career is on hold for now after Australian selectors opted for all-rounder Shane Watson in the number 6 spot. But the young Blues batsman admits he wasn't expecting the nod for the Ashes opener.

Certainly I had doubt within. I think I'm - the type of person I am, I expected not to be picked. So then if that was the case, there wasn't too much of a surprise. A couple of sleepless nights waiting to find out if I was selected. Also facing some sleepless nights, Brett Lee - he's just become a dad. England has suffered a setback less than a week out from the first Ashes test, pace bowler Steve Harmison forced out of their last practice match with a side strain, but the camp insists he'll be OK. Harmison's fellow bowlers did the job early on the opening day of their game against South Australia, Darren Lehmann the pick of the Redbacks' batsman.

Without Harmison, Matthew Hoggard was left to lead England's bowling attack and he clearly relished the responsibility and ripped through the Redbacks' top order with three wickets before lunch. The Redbacks were in big trouble at 4/25 and a small battalion of the Barmy Army was in full voice. Veteran Darren Lehmann steadied the innings and was heading for a century before an error in judgemnt had him on his way, run out for 99. Australia are out to keep a proud record intact when they take on Great Britain in Brisbane tomorrow night in front of what's shaping as a near-capacity crowd. The Kangaroos haven't lost two tests in a row since 1978. When the Kangaroos go down, they never stay down for long. Not since the 1978 tour of France have they lost successive tests. We haven't been talking about records but there's a lot of pride in the team, I can assure you of that. Whether you're playing club football or representative football, playing for Australia, nobody wants to be involved in losing two games in a row. After being touched-up by the tourists in Sydney, the Kangaroos wary of a Lion side needing to win or draw to make the final. Yeah, it's always tough when you're up against teams desperate for a win like they are and they have shown they can beat us. It's all or nothing for Great Britain so you'd have to think they'll leave nothing in the tank come tomorrow night. 42,000 tickets pre-sold for the Suncorp Stadium clash.

The crowd set to be the largest for a Lions Test in Australia in 32 years. There'll be another group of interested spectators watching on in a Sydney motel. We'll get those green and gold balloons out on Saturday night and cheer for the Aussies. Risking accusations of arrogance, the Kiwis setting up camp in Sydney preparing for a final they aren't even in yet. We feel like we've done some pretty good things and I think the general public would probably agree we are a side that probably deserves to be in the final.

Adam Hawse, Ten News. Still on rugby league, Parramatta's famous supporter base might have to be renamed the blue, gold and white army. For the first time, the Eels have released a predominantly white jersey, modelled here by prop Chad Robinson. All up, Parramatta will use three new-look jerseys throughout the 2007 premiership. Few surprises in the Wallaby side named for this weekend's rugby test against Ireland. As expected, Stirling Mortlock and Loti Tiquiri will join forces in the centres forcing Mat Rogers out of the starting line-up. Stephen Larkham returning to the familiar number 10 against Ireland putting the Mat Rogers experiment at flyhalf back on ice. Where NSW plays Mat Rogers is also a factor in that decision, but Mat Rogers is still an important part of this squad as you see him in the 22. Taking on Ireland's world-class centres Brian O'Driscoll and Gordon D'Arcy, a power-packed pairing of Stirling Mortlock and Lote Tuqiri. It's one we've spoken about before we came away, one we would have liked to look at. I think having Lote and myself there, both over 100kgs, I think, hopefully we'll pose a bit of a threat to them as well. Connolly still searching for the right backline combination while admitting they're struggling for depth. That's probably been reinforced to us in the latter half of this year and particularly on this tour.

One player thriving, centre turned scrumhalf, Matt Giteau, excited about receiving a third run in the number 9 jersey. They just want me to play on instinct and just play football the way I like to play it. Mark Gerard back on the wing while the only change in the forwards sees Phil Waugh replacing George Smith at open-side flanker. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. And the Wallabies versus Ireland test can be seen live here on Ten from 2:30 on Monday morning. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Sandown tomorrow. Former Socceroos coach Frank Farina makes his debut at the helm of Queensland Roar tonight plus, a preview to this weekend's Red Bull Air Race in Perth which you can see here on Ten from 2:30 on Sunday.

Not good for drivers on the M four

or in sort or water. There has been

at about accident just before the

tour broods. This is what to

motorists are experiencing city

down. The accident was bad it was

just before the tour groups and

should be good to be debated for

motorists heading City down.

Murderer should be taking

Parramatta Road instead. And we're cooking tender pork cutlets. So easy they're induced so they're extra juicy. Is that you, hon? Yeah, Kev. That'd be a wrap, mate. CLANG! Pork, hon?

At APIA, we give you understanding, not just insurance. That's why with our car insurance, we offer you the choice So call 13 50 50 now.

Is good to see Gary past.

This is Tyson. The I have a gold

medal that the baby and he is

absolutely gorgeous and I am loving

every minute of it. Un nursing a

comeback on at the beach volleyball

tour. Saturday and Sunday this week.

tour. Saturday and Sunday this week.

How has the comeback going? It is

interesting. I am not fully fit

obviously. I in between feeding him,

I come back to the beach and rush-

hour. It is going to be an

interesting weekend. You would I

have shared an officer around 20

years. Now of cockroach shining

behind you. The North Curl Curl

dippers behind you. Conditions will

be just about perfect. 25 degrees

of the North East Sea breeze. 27 a

bit more warmth on Sunday. It will

be saltier than fish and chips. I

your keyboard to gain backing to

her? I have some great players. I'm

looking forward to maybe a win -

we'll see how we go. How d'you

think Tyson will be when he

actually is taller than Tim Bailey?

A about six months. The we wish you

the best weekend coming to your


Cloud is spilling over the top bend.

I ploughed it is drifting across

western Austria but it is stained drive.

A large high pressure system will

result in a mostly sunny day. A

truffle trigger isolated showers

over in NWA and a few showers and

storms over North West tropics.

Showers and storms across the North

West of Australia. Isolated showers

and storms over at a in NWA. Sing cream on

Sing cream on the nose send it to

in the toes. In the beach you can

get to, you'll enjoy it. Summer

knocks a wee bit early.

But mum and Barber. This is team as

saying all the best to attend a wedding. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight.

Thanks for your company. Have a great weekend. See you Monday. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING )