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(generated from captions) then you can too. You owe it to Darla. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - uproar in the house at yet another Labor minister. as Peter Debnam points the finger The big freeze - November day in a century. Sydney shivers with the coldest And you're out - from their Housing Commission home. accused drug and gun dealers evicted

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight -

facing financial ruin. Sydney's Cross City Tunnel operators stage in a not-so-thrilling comeback. And Michael Jackson returns to the fireworks erupt in State Parliament But first this evening, the Attorney-General, Bob Debus, as the Opposition Leader names the Police Integrity Commission. as the subject of a complaint before has angrily denied the claims - Mr Debus Peter Debnam's resignation. a furious Premier calling for The Premier travelled to Wollongong emissions deal with BlueScope Steel to announce a greenhouse gas

against Peter Debnam. while maintaining the rage He's got to put up or get out. He is on trial.

The focus of the Premier's anger, the Opposition Leader yesterday. this question from Will you tell the people of NSW if, and Orkopoulos, besides ministers Tripodi is the subject of investigation any other minister by any law enforcement authority? And this afternoon, second question from Peter Debnam, Parliament erupted with this naming Attorney-General Bob Debus to 'complaint'. but reducing the term 'investigation' the Attorney-General Will you request by 5:00pm today to inform you in writing of his knowledge of the complaint Minister for Corrective Services, concerning his conduct while the status of the assessment and what he understands to be of the complaint? these nonsensical allegations And nobody in this place believes that you are now raising you grub. and this is my challenge to you, and say it again! Walk 15 paces out there Say it now! back on the Opposition Leader. The Premier turning the attack this is your trial. You are on trial here, been able to produce anything, You're going down and you haven't or evidence. not one shred of information The pressure is now on Peter Debnam of the alleged complaint to the PIC to reveal the extent against Bob Debus and whether it is still current. Paul Mullins, Ten News. And it's not over yet, censure motion against Peter Debnam. with the Government moving a joins us now from Parliament House. State political editor Paul Mullins this afternoon. Paul, extraordinary scenes Peter Debnam emerged from all this? How has the Opposition Leader

To have not very well. It depends

if he can make these allegations

stick but it has to be said at the

moment he struggling. He's changed

the definition from investigation

to complain to. The government says

there was a complaint but was

rejected three years ago. By the

Attorney-General has not been

minister for corrective services

for five years.

repeat something that dating back

three years ago there was

investigated and thrown out. This

is a political exercise a from the

government. Obviously you have the

numbers to do whatever you want

with the sense emotion above what

you don't have is the courage to

answer questions. I assume the

centre motion was never in doubt.

In fact it was passed a short while

ago. The pressure is on the

Opposition Leader. its coldest November morning Sydney has shivered through in over 100 years. snowing today in Queensland. Two weeks from summer, it's also been as global warming takes hold, Experts predict to more weird weather. we'll have to get used

before We've had November days like this and it certainly won't be the last, in more than a century. but it hasn't been this cold for this time of year. It certainly is abnormal weather November morning since 1905. Sydney experienced it's coldest the overnight low - A bone-chilling 8.3 degrees 15 degrees Celsius all day. it didn't get above by an Antarctic-based front. The cold snap caused Not great weather for golf -

battered by the November rain. Australian Open players and fans It was pretty impressive.

I can't believe out there watching this morning, that many people were actually there watching golf this morning. 'cause I wouldn't have been out and as far north as Queensland. It snowed near Tamworth While on the snowys to strap on the ski boots. it was almost good enough unusual around here November snow is not all that

this time of year, is how widespread it is. What is unusual

surfing weather It certainly isn't good to an Englishman. but try telling that Not really worth it.

I better pick a better day. I think if I wanna learn to surf to call this global warming, While no-one would be game enough begins to take a grip experts to believe as climate change in November we'll begin seeing more days when Bondi Beach is deserted.

weather is rare but not unusual, While climatologists say today's in the future. it's a sign of things to come more cold days, more windy days. So we'll see more warm days, more variable. The weather will become as fast as it came. This current cold snap should go James Boyce, Ten News. Opposition Leader. The it's all

going to be a distant memory with

temperatures returning to look

normal by tomorrow. It is it going

to be warmer tomorrow? Well, to be warmer tomorrow? Well, if you normal by tomorrow. It is it going

think nine degrees as a minimum is

warm, yes. It's a cold as to

November minimum in 100 years. Not

much warmer tomorrow but the

maximum will push the Mercury up to

20. In all the New South Wales

Armadale and Leninist had snow. It

was said coldest November day in 20 was said coldest November day in 20

years. The wind factor just ripped

through. They reached 80 kilometres

an hour on a harbour. A bit warmer

tomorrow, around 20 degrees. It

will be 25 on Saturday and 27 on

Sunday. A wild and woolly one. to contain two large bushfires Firefighters are still trying in the Blue Mountains. backburning operations last night The cooler temperatures assisted of bushland has been destroyed. but so far more than 1,000 hectares Firefighters battled flames near Mount Victoria where temperatures dipped as low as 6 degrees. The fire there, and the other, just north of Blackheath, are believed to have been started by lightning strikes on Monday. Cool conditions and strong winds are pushing the fires in a northerly direction but no properties or homes are under threat.

A Sydney family is being turfed out of their Housing Department home after police claim they uncovered a massive haul of guns and drugs. The chief suspect remains behind bars, trying to raise $200,000 bail. Arrested on drugs and firearms charges, Mohammed el-Husseini is a Lebanese citizen, unemployed and residing here on an Australian government pension, and until today, he and his family of six children were entitled to lifetime tenure of this Housing Department town house. Their rent heavily subsidised by the New South Wales taxpayer but now the landlord has stepped in. I was absolutely disgusted. It was absolutely disgraceful that we have people living in Department of Housing who harbour drugs and firearms. Police allegedly found seven illegal firearms including high-powered military assault rifles and a machine pistol in the house along with 1.6 kilograms of amphetamines, electronic scales and plastic bags which they allege were used to market the drugs. I'm not going to tolerate that behaviour. No other landlord in Australia would tolerate it, neither am I. The fact that these things were on their property is enough for me to say you have to go. The Housing Department has also begun an investigation into whether the el-Husseinis committed fraud by declaring themselves as welfare beneficiaries. If there's evidence of undeclared income, the Department will prosecute and take action to recover back rent. The family keeping out of sight today, as efforts continue to raise the $200,000 cash their lawyer said was available to post as bail. For the time being,

53-year-old el-Husseini remains in police cells. John Hill, Ten News.

Claims tonight the operators of Sydney's Cross City Tunnel are facing financial ruin. But the Government is promising the toll won't go up even if the motorway is sold off.

are no be fibrin months after it

opened at the tunnel is leaking

cash. It is averaging just 30,000

cars per day - only a third of the

initial forecast and it's costing

them $1 million per week. The company is reportedly close to

financial collapse. Then the banks

that financed the project are

circling concerned about the debts.

The $300 million is worth zero at

the moment. They're really gay

sating the loan or selling up. The sating the loan or selling up. The state government has ruled itself

out but says it will be business as

usual for motorists. Depressant

contracts stays on foot to protect

consumers. It continues to operate

as it does now. They opposition

wants the contract rewritten to

help motorists. There is an

opportunity of this a private buyer

for this toll road to renegotiate

the contract to get a better deal

for Sydney drivers. But it is

likely to sour the relationship

between the government and the

banks. The financial institutions

are unlikely to fund any future

projects. Because the government

unilaterally broke their agreement

and reopen roads that were

important for the success of the tunnel. A 13 man-squad was named but, on the batting front, Michael Clarke and Phil Jaques missed out. We'll have all the reaction. And at the Australian Open, golf Greg Norman was forced to improvise in the slippery conditions. More of the wet and wild action shortly. And lights, camera action - in come the fans

s supporters of all ages become extras for the next series of NRL ads. We'll have a sneak peak of the early scenes. Also a great escape by the Wallabies on tour. More allegations of lewd behaviour at the Dianne Brimble cruise ship inquest. That story next. Also tonight - how Sydneysiders are doing their bit for the planet without even knowing it. It's easy, it costs you nothing and it's quite painless. And the Steve Irwin stage play that's outraged fans of the Crocodile Hunter.

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This program is captioned live. The Prime Minister has laughed at speculation that the Federal ALP is considering a move to Canberra for sacked NSW police minister Carl Scully. Premier Morris Iemma dismissed Mr Scully last month after he misled parliament twice over reports into the Cronulla riots. Mr Scully? Heavens above. What? In Federal politics? I wonder which Labor non-mate is going to be put aside to make way for him REPORTER: Do you think he would make a good Federal politician? No. That's rich. Fancy a bloke who turned a blind eye to kickbacks to Saddam Hussein criticising Carl Scully. I mean, really. More disturbing evidence today about the behaviour of the men who were with Dianne Brimble

when she died in their cruise ship cabin. Witnesses telling her inquest the men laughed at suggestions they'd killed her.

Around the time Dianne Brimble lay dying in his cabin, Mark Wilhelm allegedly made an indecent proposal to this woman. Sterina Assunta Gollan says she noticed Wilhelm standing naked in his doorway as she walked along their shared corridor. When he saw her looking, Mrs Gollan says she was so shocked she couldn't look away for more than a minute. REPORTER: How would you describe Mr Wilhelm? A bit of a ratbag. A short time later, this traveller saw Wilhelm with three of his mates lurking outside their cabin.

She described the group as looking creepy, intimidating and out of place on a school-holiday cruise. Mrs Muscat said the men had been acting suspiciously in the corridor, looking around for something while trying not to be seen. The court heard her evidence backs claims the men had planned to throw Mrs Brimble overboard. On another occasion, Tracey Muscat says Dragan Losic got in an elevator with her

and laughed about rumours his friends had killed Mrs Brimble. He was also amused people might have thought

the Brisbane mother died during oral sex with him.

It's the first suggestion of a sexual encounter between Losic and Mrs Brimble. But the court heard he'll be recalled to respond to the claims before the hearing ends. Amber Muir, Ten News. Rene Rivkin's estate has been left bankrupt after a Tax Office claim for $30 million. The late stockbroker's estate has total assets of just over $1 million but liabilities in excess of $39 million. His son Damien has applied for a bankruptcy trustee to be appointed. Rene Rivkin committed suicide last year, saying he'd take his own life if his financial affairs failed. Sydneysiders have already taken to carbon trading without even knowing it. Residents using free energy-saving lightbulbs are delivering carbon credits to power companies.

Pounding the pavement for change. Teams of door-knockers are hitting the suburbs of Sydney to encourage a switch to greener energy.

Oh, hi. Under new regulations, the onus is on companies that give out energy-saving products, to ensure they are properly fitted and used. Installation crews even doing the hard work for you for free. That equated to an instant saving of around $200 for this father of six and his power bills are set to plummet. Oh, yeah! When do you get a deal like that these days? Gosh, yeah, very impressed, very happy. So when we're installing lights in a person's home, we get them to fill out a form. That then becomes a carbon credit which we can then trade, primarily with the power companies in NSW who are made to reduce their emissions by a certain amount each year. And that's how Easy Being Green makes its money from the scheme. I wouldn't be surprised if they've made somewhere between $2 million-$3 million out of this process. New South Wales and Canberra are the only states to have introduced a carbon-trading system, and it hasn't been without teething problems.

The Government forced to make changes when it was discovered less than half of the free packs that were sent out to households were actually being installed. A decent first start and the NSW Government deserves credit for it. It's not going to result in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, but it is what we need to do and that is set up an emissions trading scheme and get the process under way. Do your bit. It's easy, it costs you nothing and it's quite painless. Charmaine Dragun, Ten News.

A storm of controversy over a satirical play which includes scenes mimicking the death of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. 'Babes in the Wood' hitting a sour note

before its premiere in Melbourne tonight. It's been touted as a playful pantomime but for many the graphic portrayal of the Crocodile Hunter's death is no laughing matter. # Life's about love - aah! # And having good life insurance. # As stingrays sing, "We want to die doing the things we love," Irwin's character lies motionless on stage. He died because he was insensitive. He saw a fragile habitat and he barged right in. Max Gillies, who plays Germaine Greer, hoping the act reaches those closest to the Wildlife Warrior. I would like to think that Bindi would enjoy the show, that Bob would enjoy the show. The creators say it's just a new version of an old show, reworked. And, of course, updated. Steve Irwin was in the show three years ago but obviously his role was different. It's not meant to be a personal attack on Steve Irwin or his family in any way. But not even the public seem to feel comfortable with the interpretation. It's very early to be having a play about Steve Irwin, isn't it? I think it's in poor taste, personally. It's not the first occasion the untimely tragedy has been the subject of a spoof - even 'South Park's devil couldn't stomach the joke, broadcast shortly after Irwin's death. You know, the whole Crocodile Hunter thing, it's just a little soon, you know? He just died a few weeks ago and it's just not supercool. You've gotta leave. Premiering tonight in front of an audience of 500, the pantomime will be taken to Sydney's Opera House in two weeks time. But with so much potential to offend, the inclusion of this piece may have the actors asking... # Why, why, why? # Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News.

Vicious attack - a female transit officer is beaten trying to break up a street brawl.

That's next. And O.J. Simpson's bizarre TV interview revealing how he would have killed his wife.

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It clearly shows the young officer being struck by a wooden pole as she tries to break up the fight.

Her attacker then turns his attention to another victim as the brawl continues around them. The woman and a male colleague were treated in hospital for minor injuries.

Two men have been charged with assault. Prime Minister John Howard is heading to the APEC meeting in Vietnam, with climate change and Iraq set to dominate the agenda. But the summit hosts are already under fire, with local authorities conducting a clean-out of street kids. Human Rights Watch says 1,500 street kids have been thrown into detention to hide them from view.

Perhaps what's missing - what you don't see so much of is the street vendors and the sort of life that tends to happen out on the footpath. Irishman Daragh Halpin runs the Australian-backed Know One Teach One charity, designed to give homeless kids a new start, Jamie Oliver-style, by teaching them cooking and hospitality skills. But those who work among the city's poor kids, like Michael Brosowski from Sydney, are unwilling to criticise the country's human rights record. They're just hoping APEC looks beyond the big picture. Any discussions of economics and development needs to consider how to bridge the gap between rich and poor. The Foreign Minister aware of the window dressing. I think there's been a bit of work been put into presenting Hanoi as they want it presented. Let's put it that way. George W. Bush, like John Howard, is on his way to Hanoi. The two men will lunch tomorrow, Iraq and climate change on the menu, but not a change of strategy.

I will be discussing with him the situation, consistent with what I've been saying over the past couple of weeks. Not good enough, according to the Opposition. When he meets George Bush, John Howard has got to be a statesman and not just a sidekick. John Howard says the Hanoi APEC is not the forum to push for a new, global carbon-reducing program, but says he will discuss climate change with the world's two biggest polluters, China and America. And here's a sneak preview of this year's leaders' summit fashions.

In Hanoi, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A small tsunami has hit Japan and Russia.

Residents were forced to evacuate their homes

after a powerful earthquake rocked several remote islands off northern Japan. Authorities had predicted 2-metre waves. In the end, a much smaller wave of less than half a metre reached the mainland. There have been no reports of injuries or damage. O.J. Simpson is back in the headlines with a TV special and book describing how he could have killed his ex-wife. His hypothetical confession coming 12 years after her gruesome murder. For more than a decade O.J. Simpson has denied he's a killer. Now he's the one asking, "What if?" In a shocking 2-hour interview titled 'If I Did It, Here's How It happened', Simpson describes the crime scene where his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were stabbed to death. You wrote, "I had never seen so much blood in my life." I don't think any two people could be murdered without everybody being covered in blood. I can't do no more of this. He's also been paid nearly $5 million for a book which his publisher considers to be a confession. It just defies any logic, any sensibility, ethics, morals. It's simply hard to imagine doing this. It's 12 years since Simpson was arrested. A criminal jury believed his plea of innocence and set him free. Absolutely 100% not guilty.

But after his murder trial, which played out like a TV soap opera, a civil jury found him responsible for the deaths and ordered he pay $43 million to his victims' families. So far they haven't seen a cent. I think what's happening here is that O.J. wants the attention and this is his way to get it. Nicole Brown Simpson's sister released a written statement saying:

Ron Goldman's family says it will do everything to prevent him from making money from the book or TV special. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. The Queen has formally opened Britain's latest session of parliament. With the usual pomp and ceremony, she arrived at Westminster in a horse-drawn carriage before setting out the government's legislative agenda for the coming year. At the heart of my government program will be further action to provide strong, secure and stable communities and to address the threat of terrorism. It will be the last time the Queen opens parliament with Tony Blair as Prime Minister. Fists fly in court

as family members of a murder victim take revenge on the suspected killer. That's next. Also, the shock of her life - an Adelaide woman's brush with death after being struck by lightning. And Michael Jackson's not-so-thrilling return to the stage.

The NSW Government has developed a plan to shape the way we live for the next 10 years. We asked you what's important. You told us. We listened and developed the State Plan. It's built on five values. Respect and responsibility, to create safer, harmonious communities. Delivering better services, to improve hospitals, schools and transport. Fairness and opportunity - a fair go for all.

Growing prosperity to ensure jobs and investment so our economy grows. And an environment for living, to enjoy now and in the future. Go to the website to read about the new direction for NSW. Get ready for summer with help from Mitre 10. Four-burner barbecue with vitreous enamel hood, $299. we'll beat it by 10%.

This program is captioned live. The top stories this newshour - a family living in an alleged drug and gun-running house are being evicted from their Housing Department property. The unemployed father will remain behind bars on drug and firearms charges until he can come up with $200,000 bail. Angry scenes in State Parliament as the Opposition Leader names the Attorney-General Bob Debus as the minister facing questions before the Police Integrity Commission. A furious Premier says it's the grubbiest attack he's ever seen in parliament. And Sydney has shivered through its coldest November day in over 100 years. Two weeks from summer and there's also been snow as far north as Queensland.

Experts predict, as global warming takes hold, we'll have to get used to more weird weather. A remarkable tale of survival from a woman struck by lightning as she walked along a South Australian beach with her family. In an exclusive interview with Ten News she's told how her partner and two young daughters saved her life. Meet one incredibly lucky lady. Pauline Kretschmer was walking along a remote SA beach with her family when the unthinkable happened. I turned back to face the girls and there was a huge, white flash everywhere, and a clap of thunder, of course, and I looked back to Pauline and she was lying on the sand face-first, with her arms down by her side. It's quite funny - one day you're doing something and the next minute you nearly die. Robert performed CPR and the girls flagged down a passing motorist. Charred and burned, Pauline was dragged to a car, then a desperate dash to hospital. I was holding Pauline's head in my left hand and the girls were keeping her awake and asking her questions - who she was and her age and that sort of stuff. I kept thinking that she was going to die and that and I was getting pretty sick 'cause I was worried. Pauline was airlifted to Adelaide. She was unconscious at times, her heart was struggling

and burn marks show where a necklace she was wearing evaporated. You don't want to lose your lover, your partner. We've been through a lot together, Pauline and I. Pauline is expected to leave hospital over the coming days. Doctors plan to monitor her heart rate for any problems. It could be several months before she fully recovers. It's not every day your mum gets struck by lightning.

Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. The Australian stock market has closed in negative territory, driven down by the banks and energy stocks. A not-so-thrilling return to the stage for Michael Jackson at the World Music Awards in London. During a fleeting performance, the 48-year-old struggled to hit the high notes of the song 'We Are the World' before the sound cut out.

It was Jackson's first performance since being acquitted of child-sex charges last year. Fists fly in court

as family members of a murder victim take revenge on her suspected killer. Jamilla West's brother lost control after coming face-to-face with the man charged with murdering his sister and her three children. Before police could subdue him, her cousin burst into the court and launched another attack. 24-year-old Jason Howard has been treated in a prison hospital for minor cuts. Police haven't laid charges. The country's biggest clock collection to be auctioned in years will go under the hammer in Sydney tomorrow. It's all the work of one man, who fixed each and every one himself. Clock after clock after clock - all restored by one master toolmaker. He wasn't... Cuckoo! ..just committed. With plenty of time on his hands, 40 years he collected and tinkered with timepieces from all over the globe. They're over 100 years old, most of these clocks, and they've been well looked after. They we're probably like his children, he really loved them. Now, his deceased estate is worth $50,000 but it's priceless to Sydney's clock collectors. Very good clocks. It's something we'll never see in our age again, really. They'll be auctioned off, one by one, tomorrow. I haven't seen one of this size as a single-vendor collection before. Aside from the fact he was pretty punctual, little is known about the mystery owner. Apparently he was never happier then when he was sitting by his workbench and messing around with clocks. But for all those hours spent making sure these clocks could function, he could never have run them all at once. They're hand-wound - and at three minutes each for 400 clocks - that's about a 17-hour job

and he would have had to do it once a week. Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

tunnel. Hallowed the temperature

go? Amid a mum was 8.3 degrees and

was a record for 101 years. You

just needed to go like that to date

and that southerly wind and the

icicles coming from Antarctica

would blow your way. Gusts of up to

80 kilometres an hour cross a

harbour. It was snowing in that

Hanworth and other locations in the

north of the state. It was the

coldest weather up there for more

than 20 years. Here real magical

photographs. What a beauty. A

brilliant piece of work and that

shot came of Darling Point

yesterday. You're in the running foray camera.

Your weekend will be warm and happy. Tim Webster with sport and our Ashes team still not finalised. No selectors have opted for a 13-man squad for now. Reaction to that coming up. Plus, the league fans who got in on the making of the new NRL ad. Also, the Australian Open leader with a golfing name and game to match. COMMENTATOR: Almost in the hole. And a great escape on the Wallabies European tour.

If I had a dollar for every time I'd use it to help these seriously ill kids and their families. So join us for McHappy Day this Saturday, goes to the programs of Ronald McDonald House Charities. McDONALD'S THEME

This program is captioned live. Australia will keep the starting 11 for next week's opening Ashes Test under wraps after a a 13-man squad was named today. Stuart Clark, Mitchell Johnson and Shaun Tait still vying for a pace bowling spot. Shane Watson will be the all-rounder.

and Kustin Langer has kept his job opening the batting. The Australian selectors have kept their options open for next week's first Test, rewarding their ageing stars while keeping an eye on the future.

We've shown faith and rewarded those players who have made it such a great side but, at the same time, reflected, as we must do, the emerging talent in Australia with the addition of three very exciting young players. Ponting not yet ready to punt on youth yet. The big tournaments that we've won in the past,

it's been the experienced players who have got the job done for us so hopefully it's the same this time around. Shane Watson has been given the first chance at number six. It will mean a lot to me personally because in the first Test matches I played in, I didn't really contribute that well with the bat. I don't think we've been frantically searching for an all-rounder, we've just happened to have found Shane, who is in good form, who bats really well,

and does bowl. Tait, Clark and Johnson are all vying for the one remaining spot that's available but Andrew Hilditch denies this weekend's matches amount to a bowl-off. No, we'll look at the conditions, what the wicket's like, what the weather's like, and pick what we think is the best balance for the starting XI. It'll be a tough call. They have the choice of a slinger, a leftie, and a McGrath clone. Yeah, someone's going to have to miss out. Hopefully it's not me. It's better to be 13th than 14th. I got the phone call early this morning and I was half asleep. But it's very exciting. Shaun Tait has the best chance to impress, as SA hosts England in Adelaide. His captain wants him to let rip. Very much so. He bowls 150-plus clicks and you don't get many of those come along.

In bowling, we've had Brett Lee and now Shaun Tait and that's about it. England remains shocked by the Trescothick departure, but is determined to get on with it. Of course, we're upset that he's gone home but we have to get on with it and keep going forward. Rob Waters, Ten News. Bitter cold weather has wreaked havoc on the leaderboard during the opening day of the Australian Open. But the rain was good for the Greens. Nathan and Richard that is, Nathan Green is the outright leader at 5-under par with Richard Green and Jarrod Lyle both shooting 69s. But it was a struggle for many including Greg Norman and Craig Parry. Brutal weather conditions at Royal Sydney had both players and spectators ducking for cover. US Open champ Geoff Ogilvy happy to in with an even par round. I hit a couple of shots that went 50-60 yards shorter than what I normally hit and hit a wall. No problems, though, for Newcastle's Nathan Green,

who was peppering the flag from all angles. COMMENTATOR: Oh, almost found the hole. Greg Norman was trying everything, even playing left-handed at the 9th. But lack of tournament play was showing as he shot a 7-over par 79.

Two-time winner Aaron Baddely won the first of his Open titles

at Royal Sydney and showed his liking for the course at 18. Go in! What a putt for Aaron Baddeley. Also in good touch, leftie Richard Green, who moved to 3-under at the 9th. Classic shot from Richard Green. Stuart Appleby made life tough for himself when he started with a double bogey courtesy of this fluffed chip shot. Nathan Green putting a gap on the field when he nailed birdies at the 7th

and then at the 9th. What a round. More than coping with his anxiety of playing with the Shark. I was actually really nervous because I've never played with Greg before and I sort of woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. I was a bit worried about my game. Youngster Jarrod Lyle moving into equal second shooting a 3-under par 69. Got it. Beautiful putt. As the weather cleared in the afternoon the class of Adam Scott shone through. Yes he can. Perfectly. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Australia A has pulled off a thrilling come-from-behind win over Ireland A in Limerick, 24-17.

After trailing by as much as 11 points the visitors powered back into the contest. Morgan Turinui levelled the scores with just eight minutes to play before some quick thinking from Mark Gerrard and an even quicker chase handed the Aussies a last-second victory. Scott Staniforth touching down for the match-sealer at the same venue he made his Wallaby debut back in 1999. To graft out a win with footing underneath, it's what rugby in Europe, at times, is all about. It was a great experience from our players and I think they performed very, very well. Staniforth and Gerrard are now the frontrunners for the vacant Wallaby wing position. Today's wintry weather was perfect timing for the NRL as they began shooting the Telstra Premiership's new commercial for next season. Fans mixing on camera with some of the game's biggest names. Fans answering the call to scream for their team. Their passion on display for all to hear at a Sydney film studio. Three, two, one. CROWD CHEERS Supporters of all ages starry-eyed after meeting their heroes. Some too young to be in the shoot, but showing their colours all the same. He's a Tigers fan. I couldn't find anything small for him, so I've got the orange and.

North Queensland's Aaron Payne preferring this facial to those dished out by rivals on the weekends. He's hoping life imitates art in 2007. And action! Yeah! This ad the last featuring the Hoodoo Guru's 'That's My Team' theme. Officials putting the campaign's five-year reign on par with Tina Turner's 'Simply The Best'. I think it's been as successful. Certainly different times call for different campaigns, but the proof's in the pudding in terms of our crowd numbers, our TV ratings, the game's on a high. Some serious issues to address as well. Likely Gold Coast captain Scott Prince declaring Titans players still want renegade Storm winger Steve Turner to join their club. Oh, very much so, as a player and everyone makes mistakes in their lives and personally, if he came up, we'd hold no grudges.

Adam Hawse, Ten News. Anthony Mundine has made a successful return to the ring scoring a fourth-round knockout against Argentina's Ruben Acosta in Newcastle.

The first three rounds were competitive before The Man made his move. COMMENTATOR: Oh, he goes down!

That's the best body shot he's ever thrown. Mundine will now fight for the vacant WBA super middleweight title early next year, against either compatriot Sam Soliman or American Jeff Lacy. Later in 'Sports Tonight' we'll hear from Frank Farina, the new coach of the Queensland Roar and the surf boat injury that will make your eyes water. Tim Bailey with the wintry weather details next.

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I think I have found a new

definition of a wishful thinking.

Tim Bailey has talked about nothing

but coming in here to get a couple

from Deborah. I'm going to say some

means you'll never said on

television. Can you give me a

cuddle? It's freezing out here. The

southerly wind is blasting. What a

day to keep a little weather man

busy. Then wind gusts across the

harbour were 80 kilometres an hour.

It was 8.2 degrees and hasn't been

at that lull in November for 101

years. The north-west of the state

is still shivering. The cold as

November temperatures in more than

20 years. Plenty of snow on the

snowy Mountains and it's still

blasting wind here at North Sydney.

It will get up to 20 degrees It will get up to 20 degrees

tomorrow and 25 and 27 degrees on

the weekend. The winds will abate.

The maximum gusts tomorrow will

only be 40 or 50 kilometres an hour.

Have you got a hairbrush or

superglue for my hair?.

Cold southerly winds are bringing

showers to the north of the state.

In the west of the country a trough

is generating storms and rain. The

higher will these winds and Clear a

showers from the coast. Isolated

showers from northern New South

Wales coast and south-west Tasmania.

Isolated showers in the tropics and

southerner Western Australia. There

was not much out of this frontal

system. It was all wind and banned

bad manners. Absolutely zero in the

catchment. The Harvey Norman

Charity Classic is on again at

Aussie Stadium in 26th November its

immediate challenge where we have

touched 40 tames from all the media touched 40 tames from all the media

outlets raving at raising money for

the leukaemia Fund. If you want

tickets to while www dot going

going on. Let's go into state.

That's it from a one dime. Finally, a world record that's a little hard to swallow. American Steve Spalding has a taste for grapes and has an incredible knack of catching them in his mouth. He's had 38 grapes so far and we haven't hit a minute yet. To herald the start of the Aussie grape season, Steve managed to smash the current world record by catching 116 grapes in just three minutes. He says he developed the talent when someone started throwing lollies at his head. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. ( BELL RINGING )