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(generated from captions) a leisurely weekend for the A group of choral singers swapped a difference. classroom, and a music lesson with and conductor, Stephen Leek, National expert, choral composer workshop focusing on new ideas and returned to Canberra to lead a ahhh Ahhh, Yeah there it is, very good!

Canberra for the region's choirs. compose a new choral work about the piece for the first time at Workshop participants rehearsed valuable tips. the weekend, while picking up some night. And that's WIN News for Tuesday to share, you can email us at If you have a news tip you'd like

team, I'm Peter Leonard, from the news Good night. a music teacher jailed Trust betrayed - his young pupils. for sexually abusing

I feel nothing for him except hate. He's a coward and weakling. how a Canadian company Foreign takeover - of our helicopter rescue services. could seize control and that needs to be preserved. They are part of our community an angry shareholder is ejected And making himself heard - from Telstra's annual meeting. Let me go, let me go.

Good evening. Milton Orkopoulos Sacked Labor minister a Newcastle hospital has been taken to with a suspected drug overdose, in his car this afternoon. after being found unconscious the former Swansea MP, Police were already searching for who were concerned about his safety. after telephone calls from friends,

of child sex and drug offences, Facing 30 charges

at Newcastle's Mater Hospital. Orkopoulos is in intensive care with more on today's development. Damian Ryan is there

Thanks, Mark. serious concerns Well, there certainly had been mental state about Milton Orkopoulos's on child sex offences. after his dramatic arrest last week those fears were realised - And this afternoon,

at 1:20 this afternoon, steering wheel of his motor vehicle he was found slumped over the in the carpark at Charlestown. It's not clear who found him, were quickly on the scene, but police and ambulance officers what's said to be a drug overdose. paramedics treating him for

to the Mater Hospital, He was then brought here in a stable condition where he's said to be and he should make a full recovery.

Only yesterday, as the member for Swansea. Milton Orkopoulos stepped down

as part of his bail condition. to Belmont police station He was also seen reporting

who saw him yesterday - I've spoken to a number of people no hint of any trouble at all. they said he seemed relaxed, OK, how long he'll remain in hospital. It's not clear to face court in January, We do know that he's due on those child sex offences. the 31st of January, So after what's happened today, under strict observation. it's certain that he will remain

Back to you. over the Orkopoulos affair The controversy

in parliament today dominated question time this afternoon's developments. even before reporter Adam Walters, Adam. We're now joined by State political

Mark, the Opposition was heavily

expected to have the Government on the ropes today, but hardly the ropes today, but hardly landed

a blow as those Labor MPs

confronted with claims of a

from the media. cover-up faced greater pressure

through a side gate, Entering Parliament

of the Orkopoulos storm the MP at the eye

did his best to avoid our cameras.

Excuse me, John. the Member for Wallsend, But John Mills, at the disabled entrance, almost found him cornered allegations against Milton Orkopoulos confirming police are investigating was alerted to them 10 years after Mr Mills was going to police, The file note I had

it's been given to police already. Are they are to contact you? Look I'm not contacting... sorry. You realise I can't talk anymore. if he's been interviewed by police. He wouldn't say can't be discussed, Obviously, any allegations with police nonetheless? but have you discussed them You know I can't comment. Ada, see you later, mate. just as evasive. The other Hunter MP under pressure,

in a fantastic fashion. Your man can walk backwards You've got no comment to make?

No comment. on Bryce Gaudry's appetite. The scandal had no effect this breakfast... Just allow me to digest'd be a very nice thing. salivating as question time started, And the Opposition was expected to be but a tactical blunder announced laws after Premier Morris Iemma seeking election to parliament. for background checks of those

It will require them to declare sex offences against a child. if they've ever been charged with was entitled to a reply, but didn't - The Opposition leader with just five questions leaving the Coalition as their only punches. and interjections

to the people of NSW today. Tell the truth But there was no knock-out blow

to rely on a new television campaign. and the Liberal Party was left

it's rotten. When something is rotten, for the Orkopoulos family. But the ad has pulled out of respect Adam Walters, National Nine News. young boys for sexual gratification A Sydney music teacher who targeted has been jailed for 17 years. As the sentence was handed down,

about the assault for the first time. one of the four victims spoke out of showing his face. Taking the extraordinary step

justice has been done Today, Peter feels

since he was 11 years old. but he's been waiting a dad that loved me I thought that I was going to have and wanted to look after me.

raped and assaulted him. Instead, paedophile Gary Featherstone very well, he's sneaky He grooms children, he's done it he's an absolute grub. and he's a grub, such as Peter, Preying on the vulnerable, Featherstone was a music teacher Pittwater House Grammar and SCEGGS at the exclusive four 11 to 12-year-old boys when he assaulted from broken homes. Justice Joe Gibson finding: including 5 of rape, Guilty of 12 charges, to 17 years in jail. Featherstone was sentenced today He won't be on the streets for a very long time,

so that's made me very happy and safe. Absolutely ecstatic with the result today. We had a strong sentence which hopefully, as the judge said, will put out a message to all paedophiles everywhere that we want our children safe.

Justice Gibson described Featherstone as a sexual predator and believes, if given the opportunity, it's likely he'll reoffend,

stressing the importance of keeping him away from young children:

He's a coward and a weakling. I feel nothing for him anymore, except hate. Bethany Jensen, National Nine News. A foreign company could take over Sydney's helicopter rescue service under a tender process launched by the State Government. It would mean an end to the familiar sight of Westpac Lifesaver and NRMA Careflight in our skies. They're Sydney's icons of air rescue. At sea and in the surf. Emergency services eight chopper rescue from cliff. Retrieving the seriously injured from the most difficult terrain. Attending the worst accident sites. They were a link in the chain they saved my little girl's life. But the community based Westpac Lifesaver and NRMA Careflight teams

are now in need of help themselves. The Government is about to select a new rescue service and National Nine News understands both could be replaced by a single operator for Sydney, Orange and Wollongong.

They have public support and corporate support across the community so we'd be quite concerned if we lost that.

A report on the future of air rescue operations suggests

"There is significant potential to improve." Sydney-based Statewide services through a single provider.

I've been told the announcement of the new operator may be delayed until after the next election. Pilots, doctors and paramedics are worried about their future, but under the rules of the tender they can't speak out. They are part of our community and that needs to be preserved. Dale Paget, National Nine News. The High Court in Canberra has come down on the side of John Howard in a crucial legal judgement about the federal workplace legislation. In a major blow to Labor, the unions and the States, the court accepted that the Constitution gives Canberra the right to make such laws.

There was no cheer waiting for the few banner-carrying union reps

who turned up to hear the High Court's decision - the judges ruling by a 5-2 majority that the Federal Government's takeover of industrial relations laws

from the states is constitutionally valid. Pretty gutted, yep. I thought, you know, I thought it would happen like that. Sad day for the states, it's a sad day for Australian workers. The High Court rejected the argument from states and trade unions that industrial relations is not covered by federal constitutional power to make laws about corporations. Australia, at long last in 2006, has a national system of industrial relations laws for a national economy. The only way forward now is to vote against the Howard Government at the next election. These things were done politically and they can be resolved politically.

The decision extends well beyond industrial relations, greatly increasing Canberra's power and weakening the states'. The states, in a very real sense, are now the prisoners of the Commonwealth. According to constitutional law experts, the Federal Government can now take over any area of State responsibility that touches on corporations - from hospitals to town planning. It will enable the Commonwealth to do pretty much what it likes. It is not the intention of the Government

to interpret this decision as some kind of carte blanche for some massive further extension of Commonwealth power. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. There's been a dramatic increase in complaints about the marketing practices of energy companies, with hundreds of customers claiming they were misled or pressured into signing a contract. I'm really concerned about it, particularly if vulnerable people are being targeted.

In her annual report, the Energy Ombudsman says there's been a 250% increase in complaints about door-to-door and telephone sales. Telstra's meeting of shareholders today turned into the brawl it promised to be. The chairman physically ejected one rebel shareholder while the Government used its control to force its own man onto the board.

It all started calmly... Well, good morning ladies and gentlemen. ..but soon descended into farce. Could I get security to remove Mr Ivory? This is outrageous behaviour.

Let me go, let me go! Ken Ivory has previously been arrested at Telstra's request, over ongoing law suits which claim changes to phone services hurt his business. Telstra says his actions are vexatious and that he owes it $400,000. This meeting is illegal. They are concealing substantial debts from the T3 investors.

But T3 has been popular to $15 billion. and may be almost doubled from the chairman. There was even a hint of better times with the share price today? But are we pleased No, of course we're not.

over its share price Telstra has no control

over its latest board member. and little control personal adviser, Geoffrey Cousins, The Prime Minister's former won his board seat shareholding thanks to the Government's 51% improved profits and the company promised sharply by this time next year. We are turning the corner our financials in the coming year. and this is going to be reflected

huge executive bonuses. That was enough to justify $8.7 million, Last year Sol Trujillo gained including a $2.5 million bonus, despite Telstra's price fall. what is required We will continue to pay of this calibre. to attract and retain an executive Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. will be held on Friday The funeral for Belinda Emmett

in Waverley - at the Mary Immaculate Church

Rove McManus less than two years ago. the same church where she married The 32-year-old died at the weekend against cancer. following a long battle In the news ahead - don't seem to learn. the lessons young drivers confounding the critics. And the new James Bond

has been arrested A 19-year-old Sydney man over a shocking attack on a kangaroo.

The teenager has been charged and trespass offences with a series of animal cruelty the former ADI site after he allegedly broke into at Cranebrook overnight. his father's car He's accused of using to run down an eastern grey kangaroo with a metal pipe. and beating it over the head

It's a sad state of affairs. I mean, the animals are defenceless. a broken foot and ribs. The kangaroo suffered

It was put down by a local vet. health authorities A coroner has ordered to the death of meninigococcal victim to hand over all documents relating Jehan Nassif. The 18-year-old died in August - her boyfriend's cousin, three days after visiting in Bankstown Hospital. who was being treated for the disease Jehan's parents were in court today. hearing evidence next month. The inquest will begin

and safety campaigners Despite the best efforts of police to dice with death it seems young drivers still like when they get behind the wheel. A new NRMA survey shows admit to speeding that a staggering 80% of youngsters - with a driver who'd been drinking. while one-third have been in a car pictures such as these are shown It doesn't seem to matter how often

with their lives on the roads. young people still gamble bit excited, want to go fast. Probably because they're young, some surprising findings - The NRMA survey has revealed drive above the speed limit. 79% of young people how fast they're going. It's not like you're checking to the limit anyway and it's not like everyone stays everyone kind of goes a bit over. have driven in cars Further, 67% of youngsters

for every passenger. without enough seat belts 31% have travelled in a car the blood alcohol limit. where the driver was above in a car boot at some time. And 14% say they've ridden quite surprising Some of the results are actually if you ask them, because most young people, these are risky behaviours. would know that

parents could do without. It's a worry It's shocking news. that despite all the advertising It's disappointing and the things you read in the media that people are still doing it. The NRMA says learner drivers need more experience this survey is exactly why

to drive alone - before they're allowed bullet-proof mentality to deal with this with young drivers. that is quite often associated to get people to understand We need to keep doing more themselves at risk. that they are putting

Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. your temper take heed - If you have trouble controlling there's new evidence American researchers say that anger is bad for the heart. losing your temper Harvard doctors have found that within two hours. doubles the risk of a heart attack were about 17 times more likely Patients who were very angry threatening rhythm disturbances. to have one of these life

which disrupts heart rhythms They found anger triggers adrenalin can cause blood clots. and, in the long term, than any James Bond before him He's suffered more criticism earning some rave reviews. but the new 007 is finally BOND THEME MUSIC premiered in London overnight. 'Casino Royale'

It stars British actor Daniel Craig, not well received by critics. a choice initially stunned by it. I was just a bit, kind of, how do I respond to that? It was like - in fact, I could've done. There was nothing, have to eat their words - Seems the critics may some describing Craig's performance in a Bond movie. as the finest ever seen It opens here on December 7th. Ken with sport is next went home. on why was Great Britain's halfback We'll have that, and the denials. of Socceroos set to shine. Also - the new generation but don't mention Chris Evert. And Greg Norman talks, I'm going to make the one comment you're probably all going to ask me. about the one question

new curriculum is called: ABC Learning Centres' is designed specifically The ABC Lifesmart Curriculum

opportunities for children to extend the educational their learning outcomes. and increase There is a significant focus and computer skills. on literacy, numeracy SONG: # All you need is love... # call: To enrol your child in Lifesmart,

Or visit: love. # # Love, love,

Great Britain coach Brian Noble was sent home for being drunk has denied that halfback Sean Long

last Sunday. on a flight from Wellington to Sydney behind locked gates at Brookvale Oval Today, the Lions trained but Noble eventually emerged to play down the rumours concerning his number one playmaker.

No discipline problems, no gambling problems. What was the other one? No football issues either. He's going home for personal reasons. The Lions must beat the Kangaroos on Saturday to make the Tri-Nations final

but without Long their chances of winning are remote. Adam Scott, the favourite for the Australian Golf Open, declared today he can overtake Tiger Woods as the world's number one but it will take at least another five years. Greg Norman, who has won the Open six times, arrived in Sydney this morning and immediately made his presence felt.

Greg Norman really knows how to make an entrance, Shark Air touched down and not long after the 51-year-old swamped Royal Sydney. WOMAN: Greg Norman, ladies and gentlemen, please. Greg Norman! This was Norman in complete control.

I'm going to make one comment about the one question you're probably all going to ask me. And whatever could that be? I just want to say Chris Evert and I are very close friends and we have helped each other out, we've supported each other over the years - with our numerous charities and events like that.

So, I'll just make it clear - we are very, very close friends and we'll leave it like that, OK? The man had spoken - golf, not divorce, became the only subject from that point on, Norman wants to see more crowd interaction, players miked for television but - You've got to pick the right players, you couldn't give it to John Daly. And Norman's happy his son, Gregory, will caddie for him.

If I need a lesson I'd ask him to take a look at my swing because, I mean, he's 21 - he's seen me hit golf balls for 21 years. The other major drawcard - Adam Scott, the number three player in the world but with a major hole in his CV.

I think I'd definitely take a major over being number three in the world. These fellow's George Gregan and Pat Rafter know all about that. The pair impressed at today's pro-am, while Jimmy Barnes's swing had real edge to it - a bit like his voice. I nearly killed the cameraman.

A chance to test some new talent for the Socceroos as they prepare to meet Ghana in London tomorrow morning. The friendly game is regarded as the start of a new era for the national team, with some older players gone and others struggling with injuries. The sight of the Socceroos getting off the team bus is familiar.

But this time, many of the faces aren't. Win or lose, tomorrow's game against Ghana could hold the key to future World Cup campaigns. I think tomorrow night's going to have a huge bearing on the future. I think it's probably the start of a new era for Australian football.

Put simply, the Socceroos are ageing. In the past month, coach Graham Arnold has forced the retirement of four of the squad's oldest members. Added to that, stars Tim Cahill, Lucas Neill and captain Mark Viduka are injured, while Harry Kewell is still recovering from foot and groin problems. So, young Australian players have been drafted in from across Europe's lesser leagues to show what they can do alongside the likes of Emerton, Bresciano and Aloisi. You know, we're in a transition period that we need new players to step up. The young boys are the future and I think that they have to start coming into the team

and start sort of getting used to playing at this level. For this game, there's also an eye on next year's Asian Cup competition, while Ghana is sure to be a tough and physical opponent. And with both those factors in mind, this match is likely to be a friendly in name only. There is no friendly games. a very good side, They're going to be a very good test for us. National Nine News. In London, James Talia,

England and NSW cricket match has

ended in a draw - Petersen scored

win! 122. But the Poms still to record a

the CommSec finance report, After the break - Jaynie with the weather details, Christmas comes early to Sydney. then -

listed investment bank, Macqaurie, To finance and our biggest in half-yearly profits has posted a 51% jump of corporate deals. on the back of a string Its shares rose $0.81.

after today's shareholder update. But Telstra closed weaker

with all today's weather details. Now Jaynie, Thanks, Mark. a burst of winter is approaching. It was a beautiful day in Sydney but with a top of 27 for Richmond, Quite warm for the inland

26 for Liverpool. now, with the city temperature on 20. Fresh east-nor'east winds out there and mostly sunny today NSW has been dry

for most of us with below average temperatures and fresh winds along the coast. will be charging towards southern NSW Tomorrow an extremely powerful front for the southern and central ranges with possible hail, snow down to 900m for all of NSW waters, and gale wind warnings some cold air on Thursday. and will bring us with possible storms. Canberra expecting snow on the ranges with snow on the nearby ranges. Melbourne - local hail and thunder

down to 400m with hail and storms. And for Hobart, there should be snow

Darwin and Brisbane. Storms for Perth, Sydney - sun up at at 5:45. with the chance of a few showers Cloud increasing moving in later in the afternoon. turning south-west West-nor'west winds

along the coast. and becoming fresh and gusty Sunset at 7:37.

should stay steady. Surfers - the 1.5m swell hopefully clearing for the weekend. Showers will be light but on stand-by, Mark! Have those winter woolies

Before we go tonight - isn't too far away. a sign that Christmas in Martin Place. A 20m tall tree is being erected to finish the job, It'll take another four days to get into the festive spirit. but it's already helping some We love Christmas!

when Santa arrives next Thursday They'll love it even more to turn on 19,000 fluorescent lights.

for this Tuesday. That's National Nine News I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions

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20 years renting the same TV, grandmother doesn't pay a bill. but see what happens when a frail They're immoral, totally immoral. may not be gold. Plus, all that glitters what you pay for? Are you really getting TV stars. Also, Australia's most loved What's got them so angry? babymakers. And Australia's incredible Find out the secret of their success. This program is captioned live.

Welcome to A Current Affair. Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Those stories coming up. Also tonight - and activist, my exclusive with Oscar winner the very charming Tim Robbins, here to promote his new movie. You did what you had to do. But first - gold, silver, diamonds - can be like a lucky dip. buying jewellery what you're paying for? So how do you know exactly

jewellery valuations vary greatly As Elise Mooney has found out is not always what you think. and what you're buying a beautiful ring like that? What makes a woman buy so this one took my eye. I collect heart-shaped jewellery heart ache? But this one has only given you This time it has. to be a girl's best friend. Diamonds are supposed woman Eileen Storey But this rock has caused Gold Coast

nothing but trouble. I bought it on eBay. it was $5,000. It came from England, Like many Australians, valued, for insurance purposes. Eileen decided to get her diamond costing a flat fee of $60, The first valuation, priced her ring at $9,420. she sought a second valuation. But for peace of mind her confusion began. And this is where

The second jeweller charged $60 of the diamond's worth. plus a 1% commission and pocketed a $310 commission. He valued it at a staggering $25,470 I did not know what was going on if I am a jeweller and I started thinking well, on the value of something, and I am going to charge 1% to make it more expensive well, I am going more money out of it. because I am going to get

Shane Paradise? Elise Mooney from A Current Affair. Yes. about this high valuation I just want to talk to you

you have given this ring. Yeah. $25,500 for this ring? It seems inflated -