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This program is captioned live. Milton Orkopoulos's suicide attempt. Tonight - in hospital. The sex scandal MP seriously ill

in tragedy. Another police pursuit ends in a high-speed crash. An elderly woman killed teacher who abused young boys. And jail for the predator piano when he was raping me, When I was crying he did not care one little bit. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - banned from freeways. police radar guns and RBT units

And just good friends - about him and Chris Evert. the Shark addresses those rumours But first this evening - in the Milton Orkopoulos sex scandal dramatic developments after a suicide attempt. with the sacked minister in hospital Paul Mullins, joins us live. Ten's State political reporter,

The latest information is that

Milton Orkopoulos is in a serious

condition in at a hospital in

Newcastle after attempting suicide.

As I understand it he was found

slumped over the steering wheel of

his car and was taken to hospital

by ambulance. He is being treated

for a drug overdose but I am told

that ambulance officers actually

found some fertiliser chemicals in his car

his car and there are fears he may

have swallowed some of those

chemicals as well. His wife is with

him at the hospital. He is

conscious and is expected to pull

through. Doctors are working on him

in the emergency department and

this has really hit parliament like

a bombshell. I have to say it has

not come as a total surprise to

some Labour MPs. I spoke some Labour MPs. I spoke to a

senior government minister of two

nights ago and he told me he was

very worried about the mental

condition of Mr Orkopoulos and in

fact he said to me he feared he may fact he said to me he feared he may

try to take his own life. That

certainly was not the case - there

were no signs of trouble when we

this morning. spoke or rather saw Mr Orkopoulos

for his first day as an ex-MP, As Milton Orkopoulos left home were arriving at Parliament House, his former Newcastle colleagues

the controversy surrounding him. anxious to avoid are accused John Mills and Bryce Gaudry of child-sex allegations of having advanced knowledge Aboriginal Affairs minister. against the former indicated that The statement I made on Friday was going to police. the file note I had It's been given to police already. Mr Mills? Are they yet to contact you, you realise I can't talk any more. Look, I'm not contacting - sorry,

to enjoy his breakfast. Bryce Gaudry was determined an absolutely beautiful day. It's a beautiful day, Paul, You don't intend to comment on this? No comment, no comment. You know I won't comment. See you later, mate. The Premier has confirmed legislation of his superannuation payout. stripping Milton Orkopoulos have effect on accessing the super, That the resignation does not

there is an outcome in the court. that it remains frozen until that superannuation payment So long as it suspends

we'll support it. the Premier announced plans In Parliament, for new background checks for MPs. clear - I want to make one thing further I am your enemy. if you are a paedophile, of the suicide attempt MPs were unaware during Question Time.

Was the government on the roads

over this during question time

question mark the opposition barely

landed a glove on the government.

Peter Debnam made a major blunder

by not responding to a minister

Ariel statement on the situation Ariel statement on the situation

and as I say the government

virtually walked away unscathed but

the whole thing has now been

totally a overshadowed by the suicide attempt. Paul Mullins at State Parliament. Thanks, Paul. in and out of Parliament. And the Premier is feeling the heat

Today he launched a 10-year plan

he won't be around to deliver. which his critics say

later this newshour. We'll have that story have been banned from freeways Police radar guns until further notice of a patrol officer on the F3. following the weekend death will also be stopped Random breath testing above 80km/h. on roads with a speed limit

As motorists take to the roads and the summer holidays, for the festive season of police highway patrol officers the favoured tool

is being restricted. that's been used statewide The Lidar gun - the deadly radar to clock speedsters from a distance - by police standing on the roadside. can no longer be used

immediately, The restrictions come into force

highway patrolman Gordy Wilson, following the death of Central Coast while using the radar gun who died last Saturday

at Gosford. on the side of the F3 motorway will remain in force The restrictions on the Lidar gun radar procedures has been completed. until a review of highway patrol of the full circumstances We're not sure the safety of the public so for the safety of our officers,

our procedures in the meantime. we've decided to review to sit in their vehicles Police will now be forced to check speeding drivers, then chase them in a patrol car. is in 40km/h school zones. The only exception the speed is the most critical issue Well, certainly, to physically stop vehicles and asking police officers is inherently dangerous, we think. doing those sorts of speeds

will still be maintained Certainly, police operations

at a maximum level, operating on all the highways. so we'll be out there

As an additional safety measure, stationary random breath testing police have been told to conduct of 80km/h or less. only in areas with speed limits John Hill, Ten News. Another deadly police chase. was the victim This time an innocent female driver in a high-speed pursuit in Canberra when a car involved

slammed into her vehicle. The deadly collision occurred at the busy Woden shopping centre, right in front of the local police station. First of all I heard a siren and I was looking out - "Where's the police car?" - and I saw two cars going not very fast but probably a bit faster than the speed limit, I would imagine. I then heard this incredible loud noise. The female driver of the white car died,

her male passenger taken to hospital. The female driver of the car being pursued by police was arrested at the scene. At the time I assumed perhaps the gold car had gone through a red light because it ploughed straight into the side of the white car. The police seem to agree. The driver of the other vehicle which allegedly disobeyed the red traffic light is now in police custody at the Canberra Hospital. This is the second police pursuit in two years to end in tragedy in the ACT. The first raised community concern and this latest incident is likely to raise more questions

about ACT policing. The police car in the pursuit was unmarked. They had guns, so they were undercover. It didn't look like they were going at some lunatic speed. The ACT coroner has begun an investigation.

Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. 17 years jail tonight for an internationally acclaimed musician who sexually abused young boys in his care. A judge described 57-year-old Gary Featherstone as a predator who preyed on the most vulnerable children. These men were sexually abused as children almost 20 years ago,

the passing of time doing little to ease the anger they feel towards their attacker. He's not sorry - he's only sorry that he's been caught. When I was crying when he was raping me, he did not care one little bit. A conviction and jail term of at least 13 years has brought some closure. World renowned composer Gary Featherstone continually denied their allegations, only admitting his guilt two days after his trial began.

He actually told me that nobody would believe me, that our parents put us in a boys' home and that we were basically trash, and nobody would believe trash. A judge today described Featherstone as a predator who preyed on the most vulnerable of children, including orphans. This case involved four victims aged between 11 and 14. He grooms children - he's done it very well. He's sneaky and he's a grub. Child abuse campaigner Hetty Johnston says the community needs to be more aware of who is looking after our children. Featherstone taught at exclusive schools and met several of his victims through charity work.

The prisoner sat quietly as his sentence was handed down, obscuring his face at times with a handkerchief. His victims were more animated,

the mother of one screaming at Featherstone as he was led from the dock that prison was too good for the likes of him. Featherstone will be eligible for release in 2017. Amber Muir, Ten News. A victory in the High Court for John Howard's controversial workplace laws. A majority of judges has decided the Federal Government has the power to override the States on how Australians are hired, fired and paid. The States and some unions argued in the High Court

that John Howard couldn't use the corporations power to impose a national system of workplace laws.

A 5-2 majority found he can and ordered the plaintiffs to pay Canberra's costs.

These laws might be constitutional

but they are bad laws and must be got rid of. Millions and millions of working Australians are covered by these unfair IR laws and they have lost their protections.

Business says the decision is nation-building. This will mean that Australia's employers can now, with confidence, implement WorkChoices in a way that will lead to more jobs and improve productivity and living standards. For John Howard, a sweet victory. The laws, he says, are fair and absolutely valid. They recognise the reality of 2006

that we are a nation before a collection of States.

So have the States wasted millions of taxpayers' dollars

mounting the challenge? Not at all. It's never that when you're fighting to protect workers' jobs, their pay packets and to ease the financial pressure on their families. Some constitutional experts say the decision gives the Commonwealth sweeping new powers to take over other areas of State responsibility like health, education or transport.

The Prime Minister rules that out - sort of. We have no desire to extend Commonwealth power except in the national interest. Kim Beazley now has other plans. I'm going to use the powers that the Commonwealth has to ensure that a fair industrial relations system is put in place. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Golfing great Greg Norman is back in Sydney and the first thing he wanted to do was set the record straight on his personal life. Home for what might be his last tournament in Australia, the Shark quickly headed off questions about his relationship with tennis legend Chris Evert. Just to make it clear, we're very, very close friends and we'll leave it at that, OK? Norman is divorcing his wife, Laura, after 25 years. Evert is also splitting up with her husband, but the Shark is refusing to say any more. Tim Webster joins us with a look ahead at sport and an England cricketer racially abused. Yes, but they say they won't be making an official complaint to Cricket Australia. Spinner Monty Pansesar has been the target of slurs from fans during the tour so far. But England's management say Pansesar hasn't complained to them. And on the buses with the Lions. The Great Britain rugby league team rolls out the heavy equipment

to ensure their training session remains a lockout. Also later, a chance to look to the future in the Socceroos friendly against Ghana.

Details on the funeral service for Belinda Emmett. That's next. Also tonight - a disgruntled shareholder kicked out of Telstra's AGM. Leave me alone, leave me alone. And the last two 'Idol' contestants counting down to the grand final.

Duracell standard Alkaline will only take up to 80 shots. ZOOM! This program is captioned live.

Belinda Emmett will be farewelled on Friday in the same church where she married Rove McManus. The funeral will be held at Waverley's Mary Immaculate Church, where the couple exchanged vows in January last year.

Belinda's family, friends and colleagues have been invited to the 11am service. The 32-year-old lost her 8-year battle with breast cancer on Saturday. Ugly scenes at Telstra's annual general meeting today with a man forcibly removed by security guards. CEO Sol Trujillo was also under fire as shareholders scrutinised his multimillion-dollar pay deal. It was an unexpected start to Telstra's AGM, a shareholder's angry outburst forcing security guards to remove him.

Physically assault. Assault!

Kenneth Ivory was evicted after throwing legal documents on the stage claiming the telco owes his company millions. They're concealing substantial debts from T3 investors.

Sol Trujillo was then under scrutiny, completing his first full year as the CEO, conceding it's been a challenge. Declining revenues, with an accelerating decline in fixed line revenue, eroding margins, increasing costs, falling productivity, we essentially weren't leading the market. And shareholders were angry about his salary package of up to $10 million when profits and the share price has declined. He's not delivering what's expected of him. The share price has gone down and so why should he get extra bonuses?

I don't know. But Telstra defended his pay deal and those of board members. We must offer competitive salaries to get and retain the best. During questions to the CEO, one man stood to accuse him of taking a blue chip company to a gambler's plaything. He received a small applause from the crowd, and a promise from Sol Trujillo for a meeting tomorrow. And Telstra recommended investors to vote against Geoff Cousins's appointment to the board following fears the PM's former adviser may lack independence. It's not a fair appointment at all. Mignon Henne, Ten News.

John Howard has bowed to pressure on climate change, agreeing to consider a carbon trading scheme, but critics say the PM still isn't serious about global warming. Forcing industry to pay for its emissions has long been seen as one of the best ways to cut greenhouse gases, but John Howard has resisted, worried about the impact on Australia's coal and mining industries. Now, a change of heart. It's in Australia's national interest to play a part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions but in a way that doesn't damage our vital industries.

He's wants to form a task force with business to see how Australia could be involved

in a global carbon trading scheme. This task force will enable us to be part of a global solution. It can be an effective way of tackling greenhouse pollution

but we've got to start today and it's got to deliver dramatic cuts to greenhouse gas pollution, otherwise it will be just shuffling the deckchairs on the 'Titanic'. But the task force has been blasted by opposition parties. The Greens say a task force could take years

and the Prime Minister is stalling.

Labor says it's political panicking. Everybody in this country knows

that the PM is not serious about global warming. He's a global warming sceptic. Australia's stance on the Kyoto protocol may also have an economic price. France is considering taxing imports from countries who've refused to sign up. That is a thoroughly silly proposal. But the bad news keeps coming - the World Wildlife Fund has found climate change will wipe out at least 2% of the world's bird population. North-eastern Australia could lose 72% of bird species. Laurel Irving, Ten News. The water torture is over for residents in some areas of our Greater West. Parramatta Council has come up with a simple yet ground-breaking scheme to help residents save their own. Build them and hopefully the rain will come. Parramatta Council wants all households to have a water tank in the backyard, and is putting money where its mouth is. Council will now buy and deliver them for any resident who wants one, like Peter Marriott. It's become necessary, I think Rather than stick the hose in it and watch it pour water into the pool and I use it to wash the cars every week.

Instead of being hit with a one-off expense of close to $2,000, locals will pay back the council

by way of interest-free installments added to their rates. They'll also hand over any rebates they qualify for. A 5,000-litre tank costs about $1,000, $700 for installation. Sydney Water offers a $400 rebate on any purchase, $300 more if you hook them up to washing machines and toilets,

leaving you $1,000 out of pocket, but that figure could be reduced even further.

With local and State governments now confirming their part in water conservation, the pressure's on the Commonwealth to come up with their own financial incentives. The Federal Government pays for LP gas conversion and solar panels on the roof. I think, from there, that this is just as important, if not, a more important program. Residential usage is not the only focus. The Water Conservation Group is developing strategies

for big business. Large water users use 30% of Sydney's water consumption. It's time for them to do more than just another brick in the toilet. EnergyAustralia at Homebush will no longer tap into our dams, courtesy of its own 125,000-litre rainwater and recyling tank. Frank Coletta, Ten News.

Time for a check of the weather.

Time for a check of the weather.

Tim Bailey is getting the sand

between his toes or he would be if

he wasn't wearing an ugly pair of

shoes. Sand between the toes, zinc

cream on the nose, it's that kind

of the day. You wouldn't know it

was below average here at Coogee

Beach. We're going to get involved

with the nearby pub later on and 10

you about surface sense, a great

initiative by the brand Mick

Council. In southern New South Council. In southern New South

Wales go and get your football

socks because you will need them

tomorrow. On seasonable cold front

about to give a wash of icy cold

air up the coast. That will drop

temperatures the 12 degrees below

average tomorrow. Hail and snow average tomorrow. Hail and snow

across the snowy mountain so it

will be told tomorrow. Sydney - it

will get to us on about those they.

Temperatures about 17 degrees with Temperatures about 17 degrees with

showers. Coogee looks like a good

place to go for a fish. Someone is

fishing for a digital camera. Our

weather photograph of the day -

taken at now remark. A brilliant taken at now remark. A brilliant

storm Shop shot. Let's have a look at sky watcher.

at sky watcher. Up early for this -

not me - they captured the sun rise

and a great day across Sydney. not me - they captured the sun rise and a great day across Sydney.

Tomorrow he will be colder, cloud

cover and a shower and then

Thursday 17 degrees and Chile. I

will see you later. Fears residents' rights could be restricted in Sydney's controversial new gated community. That's next. And the cheeky campaign to lure Australian tourists back to Bali. TV COMMERCIAL: Aussie, where the Bali are you?

MAN: What do we want? OTHERS: Free speech! When do we want it? Now! Canberra, what do we want? Free speech! When do we want it? Now!

Queanbeyan, what do we want? Free speech! When do we want it? Now! What do we want? Free speech! When do we want it? Now! What do we want? Excuse me. HARMONICA MUSIC

TransACT can give us free speech whenever we want it! (All cheer) VOICEOVER: Exercise your right to free speech with TransACT.

Call: Oh, yeah! Oh, I'm feeling it. Pictionary Mania. Ooh, I like where this is going. The physical game with six different ways to draw and compete. It takes playing Pictionary to a whole new level.

Canberra has just had one of the driest winters and spring months on record. For this reason, Stage 2 Water Restrictions now apply, and following them can help prevent even tougher measures later. Simply save water. For more details, contact ACTEW's Water Conservation Office.

Time for a check of traffic with

the Vic Lorusso. But Pennant Hills

Road is a car park tonight? Traffic

trying to head towards the hills

this evening - leading from the end

to experiencing delays. The delays

go back through Carling food. There

was an accident earlier on Pennant

Hills Road which has been Hills Road which has been cleared

but as we follow the delays you can

see how significant the queues are

passed b Croft Road. Take a Castle

Hill Road as an alternative. There are fears that Sydney's newest suburb will be a gated community, restricting the freedom of residents. New Rouse Hill will be owned and operated by a private company with the power to control access. This is an Australian first - a new frontier in housing, an entire suburb owned and run by a building corporation. When our cameras began rolling at the main gate site managers were quick to tell us to move on. Obviously get a bit of an idea what it's all about. You'll have to leave the site. But the New Rouse Hill will soon be home to thousands of Sydneysiders. It won't be public land, it'll be owned and operated by a corporation who'll have the power to control access. It's a shopping centre without a roof.

From parks to the local shops - even the roads - will all be the property of developers GPT and Lend Lease. Under what terms people are allowed in hinges on this draft document,

called a Publicly Accessible Areas Management Plan. Problem is you have unaccountable private developers

controlling what really is public space. Civil liberties groups are worried the restricted access could affect political, religious and even social groups. It may not happen straight away, but critics fear that corporate interests may eventually outweigh democratic rights. In a statement, developers GPT claim the draft management plan encourages access, but to what extent remains to be seen. Anyone who they feel is not in their interest to be there is not allowed to be there. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Australia has signed a historic security treaty with Indonesia. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer joining his Indonesian counterpart on the island of Lombok to ratify the agreement. It covers 10 areas of cooperation, including defence, counter-terrorism, law enforcement and emergency aid. What this does is provide a bedrock for the relationship for many years to come. The ceremony signals an improvement in relations with Indonesia, which were strained when Australia granted asylum to 43 West Papuans.

The Aussie "Where the bloody hell are you?" tourism campaign has been ripped off by Indonesia.

Struggling to draw tourists after the bombings,

Bali has turned the joke on us. He's shorter and rounder but Ket-toot, the Balinese tourism guide, is, in his own way, as enticing as Lara Bingle. Her career-launching catch cry...

So where the bloody hell are you? has a Balinese mimic. The spoof commercial is infiltrating Aussie inboxes. Creator Brett Morgan pinched the idea from Tourism Australia, but he couldn't pinch their budget. He made the ad for a lazy $3,000. It's a lot cheaper than the $180 million on the other campaign. I certainly think the Balinese got a very good bargain. Especially if their star becomes a household name.

It's a lot of fun and very cheeky but I'd have to say that the Balinese guy is no Laura Bingle. Or even Lara Bingle. The Internet ad has been viewed more than 60,000 times, and not just in Australia but in other countries, too. Its makers hope their jokey approach to a very serious tourism problem

will be just crazy enough to work. All we see in Australia is bad news from Bali. Bali is always portrayed always as bad news. What we're trying to do is just show some good news. The number of visiting Aussies has slumped 57%. The good news is it looks as if Ket-toot will forgive us.

Danielle Isdale, Ten News. The Premier launched his 10-year plan

but will he be around to implement it? That's next. Also - the 91-year-old who fended off a home invader with his walking stick. ..and I said, "You bloody bastard!" And - Hey! Welcome to 'Idol' HQ. Come on in! We take a behind-the-scenes tour with Jessica ahead of the 'Idol' showdown.

Due to exceptionally dry conditions and record low inflows into our dams, Canberra is now in Stage 2 Water Restrictions. Measures include no sprinklers, only dripper systems and hand-watering at specific times. However, ACTEW's general exemption allows limited use on weekends only of sprinklers and other irrigation systems to relieve your garden. Simply save water. For full details, contact ACTEW's Water Conservation Office.

This program is captioned live. The top stories we're following this newshour - a Sydney piano teacher and composer who sexually abused young boys has been jailed for 17 years. Victims of 57-year-old Gary Featherstone say he's only sorry because he was caught. Police radar guns have been banned from freeways

following the weekend death of a patrol officer on the F3, and random breath testing will be stopped on roads with a speed limit above 80km/h. And sex scandal former minister Milton Orkopoulos is in a serious condition in hospital after attempting suicide. He was found slumped in his car at Newcastle. The Premier is feeling the heat, in and out of Parliament.

Today he launched a 10-year plan which his critics say he won't be around to deliver, and a new advertising campaign has labeled his government "rotten to the core." The Premier couldn't appear more optimistic. During the toughest week of his political life, he today began selling his 10-year plan for the State, at a time when he may face just months left in the job. The plan sets goals and targets

on how we will achieve our ambitious plan to improve services and drive improvement in their quality of life. For the Opposition the flashy presentation doesn't make up for problems in key services today. This government is very good at delivering glossy brochures which look like they are selling real estate on the Gold Coast. The election battle is well under way. While the Premier's supporters mingled at Government House,

opponents were getting ready for rowdier scenes outside Parliament.

Among them, community groups opposed to the development and property seizures. If we stand together we will be hard to defeat. CROWD CHEERS The Opposition is determined to capitalise on the Government's many problems through a blunt television advertisement to air tonight and tomorrow. When politicians are more interested in protecting their own careers while the State crumbles around them, you know that something is rotten to its very core... Kevin Wilde, Ten News.

A 91-year-old Adelaide man has defied his age to fight off a cowardly home invader. Joseph Cahill woke around 2:30 this morning to go to the toilet when he was confronted by a masked intruder in his living room. I said, "You bloody bastard."

I grabbed my walking-stick, had a shot at him and he charged me. You can see what happened there. I was down on the floor, hanging on to him,

and he dragged me into the bedroom. Joe's toe was badly injured as the thief made off with cash. It's the third time his home has been targetted in the past six years.

The Australian share market rallied a little today.

..and then there were two.

With heart-throb Dean Geyer out of 'Australian Idol', it's Jessica Mauboy and Damien Leith left to battle it out for top honours at the Opera House, both heading into the studio to capture the song they hope will take them to the top of the charts.

Damien Leith in the studio to record what could be a hit single. It's the song that could launch his musical career but will remain a secret, to be heard for the first time on Sunday's live performance. We've been allowed to interpret the song any way we want. I've gone down a very much non-traditional route as far as 'Idol's concerned. The grand final is now only two weeks away.

It's quite scary isn't it? Ooh, the Opera House. What an amazing opportunity. Back at the 'Australian Idol' headquarters, Jessica Mauboy, relaxing before recording her version of the same single. The big house now feels even bigger. I really get scared at night time, that's why I have the fairy lights, and the lamps on and Winnie the Pooh, yeah.

The 17-year-old originally lived with 11 other Idol contestants in this luxurious six bedroom home equipped with a gym, sound studio and a pool. This morning I woke up and I couldn't believe it. I quickly pulled the curtains and I'm like, I'm still here. What's the whole experience been like living in a mansion like this with such beautiful water views? I never expected it. This is so crazy.

Last night many teenage girls were reduced to tears when Dean Geyer left the competition. Even though I missed out just at the end and coming third and just not getting there, that's disappointing but I feel relieved. Only the winner is assured a Sony record deal but Mark Holden made his own offer on Sony's behalf. It's a dream come true for me to be able to get a deal.

That's why I entered the competition. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

A check of the weather with Tim

Bailey and be used to be nippers

and mermaids that now it is just

nippers on Coogee beach with you

today. I'd love this, at a

brilliant spot called Coogee. Who

are you mob question mark they could he minnows

could he minnows of false stop

Hallow the Coogee minnows. Nippers?

Yes. Please welcome the captain of

your club, at Elliott and Stephanie.

Look at you. There you go, from

rebel sports the doing a great job

for the community, $500 at your

local shop. The bad news is it is

not just the but for the entire

club. Please give them club. Please give them a big round

of applause. Can you exit that way

so we can see if you have your

little friends. Do you love the

beach? Yes. How many of you are

there on Coogee beach? 45 - more

than 500. Give Big Daddy a big

round of applause plays a more

tolerance than the average Sydney

man. What have we got? You can see it

it is bright blue sky, north-east

sea breeze but a cold day coming on

Wednesday or Thursday. It looks

like a cold front will drop temperatures like a cold front will drop

temperatures in New South Wells to 12 degrees below average.

Randwick City Council on the television and television and a few hundred

nippers as well. Wave goodbye. Back

to the desk. That's what I call crowd control. Sport after the break and the England cricket team finds some form. Yes, one of their stars made 100 but there are also concerns about racial slurs from fans. More shortly. Also, Greg Norman shows some of that old flair in what could be his final tournament in Australia here. And now you see them now you don't, the Great Britain Lions ensure their session is a lockout.

The NSW Government has developed a plan to shape the way we live for the next 10 years. We asked you what's important. You told us. We listened and developed the State Plan. It's built on five values. Respect and responsibility, to create safer, harmonious communities. Delivering better services,

to improve hospitals, schools and transport. Fairness and opportunity - a fair go for all. Growing prosperity to ensure jobs and investment so our economy grows. And an environment for living, to enjoy now and in the future. Go to the website to read about the new direction for NSW.

This program is captioned live. Greg Norman has anointed Adam Scott as Australia's new golfing ambassador as the Shark winds down his career. Norman says this week's Australian Open at Royal Sydney

could be his last tournament in Australia. At today's Australian Open Pro-Am, Greg Norman showed he's still got it. Son Gregory his caddy

for perhaps the Shark's swansong in an Australian tournament. It could be. Sooner or later, there will be a last one. Norman ready to pass the baton as the face of Australian golf, world number three Adam Scott perhaps the perfect replacement. He's got a great attitude and demeanour about him, so yes, but it's totally up to him. Scott happy to fly the flag.

but with the help of Australia's growing contingent of big-name players. It's a responsibility of all of the top players to do their little bit and I think it's gonna be a little more fair on everyone than maybe how it was for Greg to carry golf in Australia by himself for so long.

The jazzing up of Australian golf starts this week and that means spectators will be closer than ever to the action. The players will be briefed about the changes. So far, there's no complaints. Fabulous, yes. I love the fact that the players should be miked. Why not? I mean, you've gotta pick the right player. You couldn't give it to John Daly. US Open champion Geoff Ogilvy getting close to some young fans at a school clinic and the kids didn't hold back at question time either. Why are you feeling so much pressure when you've got $5.7 million?

Leanne West, Ten News. Kevin Pietersen has scored England's first century of the Ashes tour. But, despite his innings the tourists fell six runs short of NSW's total in the 3-day practice match. Meantime, England management won't be making an official complaint over racial slurs from fans directed at their new star spinner Monty Panesar. All alone at fine leg without a fan in sight -

perhaps the safest place to be for Monty Panesar following reports he was racially abused by spectators at the SCG on Sunday. Well, I didn't hear anything, but the Aussies have got a bit of a reputation for giving the Poms some abuse. It's alleged Panesar, a bearded Sikh.

was taunted about his Indian heritage by a group of fans. It's believed Panesar and South African-born Kevin Pietersen were also abused by spectators at the Prime Minister's XI match in Canberra on Friday. If it's true, it's bloody awful, but I can't really see it. England team officials refused to comment on whether Panesar himself had lodged a complaint but said the ECB fully supported Cricket Australia's anti-racism policy. Pietersen's stay got a whole lot better, hitting the first century of the tour. By mid-afternoon,

Stuart Clark was looking on from the dressing room, his Ashes bid complete. He started the day with the big scalp of Andrew Flintoff. Now it's up to the selectors. I think that third bowling spot obviously between Stuart Clark, Johnson and Tait, whichever way they go, I think they'll do a pretty good job. Phil Jaques's hopes took a nosedive, run out in the first over of the Blues' innings, probably helping the selectors avoid a selection headache.

If we didn't have such an excellent incumbent pair,

he'd probably be in the side right now so he's just gotta keep doing what he does well, enjoy his cricket, make some runs and hope a spot becomes available. The same goes for Michael Clarke. He did his chances no harm with another half century against England. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Great Britain coach Brian Noble has strongly denied anything sinister behind Sean Long's shock departure from the Lions squad. Noble says

his star player has gone home to be with his heavily pregnant wife. Meanwhile, the British are going to extraordinary lengths to keep their preparations top secret for Saturday's Test against Australia. These are the pictures Great Britain didn't want you to see. Taking the term 'private session' to new extremes, the Lions attempting to hide themselves from prying eyes. Management stepping in when the protective meshing gave way. MAN: This is a private session this one.

The local authorities involved. Even the team bus driver doing his bit for Britain... ..running a neat obstruction play to bamboozle the opposition. The coach oblivious to the fun and games around him. I wouldn't have had a problem with anyone watching practice today. Not at all.

Noble denying speculation Sean Long returned home for anything but personal reasons and that Long's rowdy showing on a flight from New Zealand to Sydney

last Sunday was not to blame. Mate, you keep going down this track.

I told you a minor incident can get blown out of all proportion. I want to kill it stone dead and that's the end of the matter. We've got some football issues we've got at the moment in respect of the new halves, so we're looking forward to that and we're looking forward to the game in Brisbane. The Kangaroos with a new halfback. Johnathon Thurston returning to the role

and Shaun Berrigan can't attend his brother Barry's wedding after being named on the bench. Barry's also very understandable of the fact and wants him to play for Australia as his family does. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Wallabies coach John Connolly says he's still experimenting with his backline combinations with Australia 'A' taking on Ireland 'A' ahead of this weekend's test against Ireland. Injured fly-half Matt Rogers joined his team-mates for a light weights session yesterday. Mark Gerard named in the position for Australia 'A' hoping to bounce back after a poor showing against Welsh club, Ospreys.

It's a hollow feeling. It's something I never want again so that's why I asked to jump back on the horse and have a go at number 10 again. Connolly says it's unlikely any of tomorrow's team will play on the weekend. A bold prediction from Socceroos coach Graham Arnold

on the eve of the side's friendly against Ghana. He says Australia should win next year's Asian Cup tournament. Italian-based midfielder Vince Grella will captain the side tomorrow,

injuries keeping several veterans from playing, presenting a chance for the team to build for the future.

The reaction 2006 has brought to the Australian public, as well as what it's done for the game in Australia, we need to make sure we give the Australian public qualification in 2010 and beyond. Good news, too, for injured midfielder Tim Cahill. Everton team doctors say his knee injury may not be as bad as originally feared. And in 'Sports Tonight' the champion cyclist who's not letting blindness get in his way. Stay with us. Tim Bailey with all the weather next.

Time for all the weather details. I

love it some nights - we get to see

bits the you don't get to see but I will show it to you will show it to you in consort with

Matthew Allard. Have a look at Tim

Bailey and his we're Jews - he

thinks they are fashion statement.

Can I tell you something? I have

met some big heads in television

but have a look at this fella. I

have met Ron Wilson and Tim Webster

but this is Larry the Life Guard

with one of the biggest heads and

your choice of footwear is

fantastic. Hello everybody. This is the

the Coogee Minos, then nippers club

behind me. These guys have to wild

but came up through the ranks.

Joining me is the chief be thinned

spectre they mow. Around of

applause for Dame no please. Serfs

cents - Randwick City Council

watching something very important.

7 million people across your but a bit of sand last bit of sand last summer and we have

really got to keep the education

coming. We get a lot, like he said

7 million, and ran big city council

has put out a new brochure printed

in five different languages so it

gets the message out there and we

have a school surf cents programme

in which we go out to different

primary schools and teach them how

to be safe down at the beat. The it is terrific.

is terrific. What a culture - it

doesn't get any more Australian

menace. Stem between the flags is

the number one thing. These kids

are learning - five years and up.

There are 524 Coogee minnows -

beautiful nippers on your

television. Can we stay there -

Gabriel, can you come forward. I

will apologise because I could you

Gavin and you're Gabrielle, Gavin and you're Gabrielle, aren't

you? How well do you? Five. That's

a coincidence because I am 5 ft

tall. Beautiful blue sky across

Coogee, fish and chips here but it

will all disappear tomorrow as

cloud starts to move across to me get sell-out late shower. The

temperature will get down to 12

below average in some parts of New

South Wales as an getting massive cold

cold front bringing snow to

Perisher. Hale - a real chilli 1.

Sydney on about Thursday - 17 degrees and showers.

Thick cloud crossing Tasmania

bringing out. On the mat tomorrow

and intense front will sweep across

bringing the shower and the

unseasonably cold weather. Showers

hail and snow across News at Wells

and Northern Vic tory and Northern Vic tory her. hail and snow across News at Wells and Northern Vic tory her. Surface

sense - use the common sense when

you are neither Sir Benson between the flags.

From Round 6 City Council, the Life From Round 6 City Council, the Life

Guards and the world-famous Coogee

minnows - wave goodbye. See you tomorrow night.

That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson... ..and I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The 'Late News' with 'Sports Tonight' is along with Ryan Phelan and Sandra Sully at 10:35. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.