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This program is captioned live. Tonight, the sex scandal deepens - the allegations 10 years ago. claims another Labor MP knew about by this episode? Has the party been damaged as they were jailed for life The gang members who laughed for a series of brutal murders.

And another asbestos scare - could be at risk. fears dozens of Sydney schools Good evening. Also tonight - for the Dianne Brimble inquest. crucial new evidence uncovered And ready to rock - ahead of tonight's U2 concert. Bono thrills Sydney fans But first this evening -

has widened the political child sex drama in NSW a sexual assault case with police re-opening in Newcastle. involving an ALP identity At the same time, they knew as far back as 1997 MPs are under questioning over claims the sacked former minister of child sex allegations against Milton Orkopoulos. in the hot seat today, This was the man reluctant to be drawn member for Newcastle Bryce Gaudry warning of the child sex allegations on whether he was given advance against his former colleague, minister Milton Orkopoulos. the sacked Aboriginal Affairs REPORTER: Why won't you speak to us? I will. and will cooperate with the police. I fully support the investigation of Lake Macquarie broke his silence Earlier, the former mayor about a 1997 incident about Mr Orkopoulos to police in which a teenage boy complained but no action was taken. with the boy, It was more issues of his conduct inappropriate, if they were true. issues that I thought were assault case Police have re-opened a sexual with links to the Newcastle ALP. involving a 62-year-old man was suspended The four-month investigation due to insufficient information

inquiries in light of recent events. but police say they're now resuming of investigation, If police are re-opening other lines then that's proper and appropriate.

re-development at Westmead Hospital The Premier came to inspect a major 'business as usual'. underlining the strategy of the local seat, Nathan Rees There with him, candidate for

for Milton Orkopoulos. once the Chief of Staff no prior knowledge of the allegations Mr Rees assured the Premier he had against the former minister. speculating on rumours about people I'm not going to go around and that is my position. Over the last few days from the Premier we've heard very strong rhetoric but we're not seeing strong action. has called for calm The Police Commissioner

to have more people charged from those seeking arrest, in the wake of the Milton Orkopulos is unhelpful. insisting speculation and rumour Paul Mullins, Ten News. The latest drama of Labor's heartland has focussed attention on the future in the Hunter Valley. from State Parliament. Paul Mullins joins us now

about those Hunter seats? Paul, the government must be worried

They are very worried. There are

eight seats involved and they could

well decide the future of the

Government. Remember if Labor loses

eight seeds in March then they

could become a minority government.

It has to be remembered that the

last time Labor lost government in

1998 there was almost a total wipe-

out in seats in the Hunter.

out in seats in the Hunter. That

time the big issue was guns. as they were jailed for life today Three men laughed and joked in Sydney's south-west. over a series of murders between two rival families The killings were part of a turf war

which police now hope is over. around the court A heavy security cordon were facing sentence where a gang of convicted murderers

and with good reason - a rocket-propelled grenade the gang had planned to stage three years ago, on this Greenacre home

with machine gunfire. but instead, riddled the house that had turned into a blood feud. The motive, a turf war over drugs

was fatally shot in the neck 22-year-old mother, Melissa Nemra and died in her husband's arms. of the attack, also shot dead. His friend Ziad Razzak, the target

One of the gunmen,

while still in his pyjamas, Adnan Darwiche was later arrested, by officers from Task Force Gain. The judge describing Darwiche

cold-blooded and ruthless. as a petty gang leader, and refusing to stand Adnan Darwiche was defiant, laughing of life imprisonment. as he was sentenced to two terms "Allah u Akbar" or God is great The devout Muslim yelling

as he was led away. His accomplices in the murders, and 24-year-old Ramzi Aouad 25-year-old Naseam el-Zeyat for their role in the double shooting each received three life sentences

of Ahmed Fadha, and the execution murder service station in October 2003. gunned down at a Punchbowl Outside court, over the severity of the sentences. Darwiche's brothers angry

they're all (bleep) buried. I'm glad that of justice. This is a total miscarriage This is not prosecution, it's persecution. today's sentences Detectives are hoping bring the feuding to an end. John Hill, Ten News. for Dianne Brimble's family. Hopes have been raised tonight there's an exciting development They've been told in the cruise ship inquest.

the case has taken a leap forward Coroner Jacqueline Milledge says potentially crucial information. after police uncovered it's good news, She's assured the Brimble family but she can't yet reveal any details. the head of the investigation Meanwhile, his appearance in the witness stand has successfully applied to postpone until later this month. of Sydney schools Fears tonight students at dozens from deadly asbestos. could be in danger

have been identified Over 200 schools are being cleaned-up, but only a handful could be at risk. raising concerns children This fibro may look harmless problems and sometimes even death. but it can also cause serious health It contains asbestos fibres and hundreds of these pieces have for years littered Earlwood Primary School. Unaware, children would often crush the fibro to create fairy dust

or use it as chalk to mark lines on the pavement. And it made me feel sick to think that these children are there actually grinding it and breathing the dust in. While school staff have known about the asbestos since 2003, it's taken three years for the Education Department to clean-up the school

only acting after tests found the children were at a medium risk to asbestos exposure.

A risk is a risk. As soon as we found there was asbestos there the parents should've been told, they weren't, and a fence should've been put up three years ago.

We've asked for reports on the work undertaken just to ensure that it was taken within the timeframes. There is absolutely no safe level of exposure to asbestos that is, there is no minimum level of exposure. It's believed the scrap fibro was left in the grounds

after old homes were knocked down to expand the school. Over 200 schools have been identified as potential asbestos sites. Only a handful are being cleaned up raising fears students at dozens of other schools could be at risk.

Catherine Oakshott is now urging parents to check their school grounds. I did the same thing myself and walked around the school

and there it was lying on the ground and obviously, if you can find it, your children are playing with it.

I think someone needs to sit down and look at this issue seriously and do something about it once and for all. James Boyce, Ten News. After a 7-month delay, U2's first Sydney concert in eight years is now just hours away. The band stopping to thank a few lucky fans as they arrived at Telstra Stadium. While thousands of fans queued at the stadium gates

waiting patiently for the concert, a few pinned their hopes on meeting the band and they weren't disappointed. Bono and guitarist The Edge, making their fans's day, signing autographs and posing for photographs. Graham, it's Graham. Me and John here. The band were due here in April, but postponed due to an illness in The Edge's family.

Your face is familiar were you at the other concert? Yes! You did. Bono and the band thrilled by the support of their Australian fans. paid for it, I could like here. I can't believe I'm here and getting paid for it, I could live here. The band's generosity far exceeding his fan's expectations.

I've got a portrait of Bono and signed by Bono. The queue for the concert started Wednesday evening, Rachael Carroll is first in line and has survived the rain and today's heat. I want to be up the front and I want to pulled on stage. After a long, hot day in the sun, it's just about time for the doors to open and for these die-hard fans

to run for their spot at the front of stage.

I have a message for all the fans waiting outside, ice creams on Channel Ten! Tim Potter, Ten News.

Public transport fares are included

with every ticket to you to do.

with every ticket to you to do. The

ambush they drive is. Take a look

at the queues as you can see on the

telecast. Two to three kilometres

of traffic pedestrian traffic. Ride bridges

bridges taking some motorists at

least 45 minutes to get home. The

chance for info line it so you can

get the timetables to go out there

using your ticket which includes

the three public transport is 131 at 500. Rugby league legend Terry Lamb will defend a charge of assault, stemming from an altercation during a game of golf late last month.

Lamb is accused of striking fellow member Greg Davison on the final hole at Cabramatta Golf Club after a dispute over slow play. But the former Canterbury star says he was struck first and acted in self defence. Lamb works in the Bulldogs' marketing department and the club says it's standing by the former international. He's is due to appear in Liverpool Local Court on December 13. Tim Webster with a look at sport - and England hit for six in the Ashes opener.

Yes, literally and quite a few were struck off their bowlers as they head towards a crushing loss against the Prime Minister's XI. Phil Jaques inflicted the pain early against England's attack with a century of almost as many balls. There was no relief for the tourists as the local batting line up plundered a total of 347 runs. And a new era begins at Parramatta - the recruits have rolled up. And there's a new coach in charge - the Eels are hoping for a controversy-free season. More later.

Lote Tuqiri met the Italians he scored four tries.

Can he do it this time? We'll ask him. See you soon. After three years on the run, one of the State's most wanted men heads home to face justice - that's next. Also tonight - George W. Bush makes peace with the Democrats after his party's poll bashing. And dialling high - airlines to relax their restrictions

on passengers using mobiles phones mid-flight.


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Treated pine decking, only $2.20 per metre. Mistral split system air conditioner, $399. Petunias, just $2 each.

They're coming back to us time and time again. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning.

This program is captioned live. President Bush says he's now open to new ideas on the Iraq war.

The change of heart comes

after a thumping defeat in mid-term elections, shifting power to the President's Democrat opponents. Try as he might,

very little is picture perfect at the Bush White House.

After six years of getting his own way,

the President has lost control of the Congress, had his Secretary of Defense resign and is now agreeing, for the first time, to rethink Iraq.

I'm open to any idea or suggestion

that will help us achieve our goals of defeating the terrorists. If his final two years in office are to be viable, President Bush knows he must befriend the Democrats. He began today by breaking bread at a power lunch with Democratic leaders, including future house speaker Nancy Pelosi. The elections are now behind us, and the Congresswoman's party won,

but the challenges still remain, therefore we are going to work together to address those challenges in a constructive way. There is no love lost between the pair. She's previously called him a dangerous liar and he's labelled her a dangerous liberal. We both extended the hand of friendship, of partnership, to solve the problems. As they pledged to find common ground, the last Republican conceded defeat,

handing victory to the Democrats in the Senate and fuelling speculation the White House's next. As Ohio goes in '06, so goes the nation. Hillary Clinton's victory song alluded to it. SONG: # Oh, baby, you ain't seen nothin' yet... # While she won't admit her ambitions, fellow Democrat and black Senator Barack Obama has said he's giving it serious consideration. It's something I've got to spend some serious time thinking about.

Their likely Republican opposition - former New York mayor Rudi Giuliani or Senator John McCain. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. One of Sydney's most wanted men has been arrested in a California coffee shop. Raphael Joseph has been picked up by Immigration agents in San Diego. The 30-year-old is wanted over the gangland killing of Dimitri Debaz at a Sefton hotel in 2002.

US officials say Joseph had been working at a bottle shop and demanded to be sent to Iraq when arrested. He'll face an American court later this month and could be deported to Australia. Another man, Ramon Youmaran, has already been charged over the same murder. A former international cricket umpire has been arrested in Brisbane A man has been charged over a vicious pub attack

which left the victim almost blind. The 23-year-old, in the red shirt, was arrested overnight

after police released this security vision. He's accused of smashing a beer glass into a man's face, injuring his eyes, at the Criterion Hotel in the city. The suspect has been refused bail. Police still want to speak to the man in the white shirt. The days of flying in quiet comfort may be coming to an end. A former international cricket umpire has been arrested in Brisbane and charged with sexually assaulting four teenagers. The 55-year-old is accused of abusing two 14-year-old boys and two 16-year-old girls.

The court was told the offences span 25 years. Their alleged attacker umpired 15 international cricket matches and is believed to be a former school teacher for deaf children. He's given a lot to the community, particularly in relation to this cricket and his umpiring and he's travelled the world as an umpire.

The man was released on bail and appear in court again in January. The days of flying in quiet comfort may be coming to an end.

Two major airlines are ringing in change by letting passengers use mobiles in-flight. Mobiles, mobiles everywhere but never in the air... ..until now. MOBILE PHONES RING

Qantas is planning a trial where 767 passengers can use mobiles in-flight

and Emirates has announced

mile-high dialling will be available next year. When controlled, apparently it's not dangerous. The phones will be on the lowest possible power and they'll be available only during the cruise, not during the climb and descent. Convenient? Absolutely. But could it be annoying too? Many who treat trips as quiet breaks from loud lives want the phones kept off. It could be good but I wouldn't use it.

It's noisy and unpleasant enough without the phones. It would just be br-br-br-ding-ding all the time. Not necessarily. Mobile addicts will have to keep their phones on vibrate and off when the lights dim on long hauls. Please don't shout.

Australia's etiquette queen can't believe what the world is coming to. When I'm on a plane I like peace and quiet and tranquillity.

I would like to maybe close my eyes and have a little nap. She says mobile manners are imperative. I think to have your mobile phone on in any situation where other people are concerned... MOBILE PHONE RINGS Example (laughs). Especially in interviews. That's the end of you, you've had it! (laughs)

Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

It should at the weather - I do

what you put too much pressure on

but dead his worry about a late

with a change. It should be OK

tonight. Temperature

tonight. Temperature range still

around 20 degrees, maybe dropping

about one degree but so it may not

be called conditions which had over

the past few days. Liverpool start

the day at six degrees. We're at

Middle Harbour tonight for a

regatta. Tonight they are holding a

fund raiser for about 27 Children's

and Medical Research Group's they support.

support. More were tease out later

on. The 27 in the Greater West

today. Still to below. A look at

Sky watch - it was bright blue and

to about 230 and then the crowd

started to move in as the novice up

north-easterly pushed through. In terms of the

terms of the weekend weather as

well we will take a sneak peek in about 10 minutes. Protesters crash a meeting of Federal and State ministers, calling for the release of terror suspect David Hicks - that's next.

And the staggering amount of junk food and sweet treats being fed to Sydney toddlers.

I really feel like a KFC Original Fillet Burger. No, I want KFC Hot Rods. But the taste of an Original Fillet Burger! But those spicy Hot Rods! Hey, KFC's Hot Rods Burger Meal.

BOTH: Perfect! KFC's new Hot Rods Burger Meal. Two great tastes in one meal - an Original Fillet Burger and spicy Hot Rods with your favourite sides.

Let's start with the Hot Rods. The burger. Hot Rods. The burger! Hot Rods! Burger! KFC's: SONG: # Can't beat that taste. #

This program is captioned live. The States have banded together to demand an immediate, fair trial for Australian terror suspect David Hicks

who's been imprisoned for five years at Guantanamo Bay. The call came as the Federal Attorney-General boycotted a briefing by Hicks's American defence lawyer. Pro-David Hicks campaigners gave Major Michael Mori a hero's welcome as he arrived to brief a meeting of attorneys-general on the plight of David Hicks - five years in prison without trial, solitary confinement since March this year. He sits in a cement room for 22.5 to 23 hours a day. He has no access to natural sunlight in that room. It's a very depressing place to be. A different welcome

for Federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock, who was in Fremantle for the meeting but boycotted the Major's address. The Federal Attorney-General changed his plans to make sure that he wasn't here for the presentation. He was here in the building earlier today. It was disappointing. Michael Mori believes our Government should be doing more to get his client out of Guantanamo Bay. All I'm doing is trying to get

for an Australian citizen

the same rights and protections that an American would.

I do not support him being brought back to Australia until he has faced a trial in the United States. The State attorneys say justice delayed for more than five years

is justice denied.

At any time, the Government of Australia

could simply ask for Hicks to be brought back. One of the Coalition's own senators joining the calls for action. There comes a time where you have to say enough is enough.

A spokesman for Philip Ruddock said it would be inappropriate for the Attorney-General to hold a formal meeting with Major Mori because any arguments he might like to advance could ultimately be put in an Australian court. But Philip Ruddock has agreed to meet David Hicks's father next week for the first time. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. A paedophile who terrorised young girls into sending naked pictures of themselves over the Internet

has been jailed for 10 years. The 36-year-old used high-tech spyware

to control his victims' computers.

Adrian Ringland

posed as an attractive, innocent chatroom teenager.

The father of two gained the trust of children before hacking into their computers with advanced spy software, frightening them into doing what he wanted. I have not seen that level of sophistication

where they've used programming to take control of a child's computer. The control he had even shocked UK police. He could open their files, turn printers on, move cursors around, even open and close the CD-ROM tray. From his home in England, he even managed to blackmail a girl in Canada tricking her into posing naked. He was arrested, but it didn't stop there.

He carried on,

grooming a 13-year-old girl in an Internet chatroom and this culminated in them having a 4-month sexual relationship. One of his victims described the ordeal as like something out the science fiction movie, 'The Matrix'. Another told investigators it was like Internet rape, so traumatic she wanted to commit suicide. At his trial in central London,

prosecutors said the case brought home some of the horrors that lurk within the Internet. Ringland will remain behind bars until 2017. Josh Murphy, Ten News. 37 pilot whales have died in New Zealand after becoming stranded on a beach. The 80-strong pod came ashore on a sandy beach early this morning. Workers from a nearby oil refinery helped refloat 40 of them.

Conservation workers say they're now out in open water and swimming strongly. Many of the whales which died were only three or four weeks old. It's thought one of the female whales came in to shore because she was sick and the rest followed. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of whale and dolphin strandings in the world. A major rescue is under way in the jungles of Borneo to save hundreds of orang-utans.

The endangered apes are being driven from their home by land clearing and bushfires. Conservationists have taken almost 50 of the animals to a refuge for medical checks before relocating them to safer areas. They're demanding the Indonesian government stamp out the illegal forest clearing to protect the species. Childhood obesity is about to become a much bigger problem.

The grim forecast follows growing evidence of parents feeding their babies junk food. An unhealthy start at an early age, and it's becoming all too common. An alarming new study has found some parents are regularly feeding their toddlers junk food even before they can talk. Starting off with habits of drinking sweet drinks with meals and having this kind of thing every day is begging for trouble.

Mum Vrenie Keller knows how hard it is to be a parent

but says parents have an obligation to feed their children properly. It's very disturbing as a parent.

I don't think there an excuse for not preparing great food for your children, We've got access to great fruit, vegetables, meat, pasta. The Sydney University study of 430 toddlers found more than half were fed hot chips twice a week.

Nearly as many drank cordial daily. A third regularly ate sweets. Parents need to be teaching children a good eating pattern because that's something that will set them up for rest of their life.

Childhood obesity is a growing problem in Australia. One in five suffer from the disease, meaning youngsters miss out on vital nutrients like calcium and iron. They may have some learning difficulties, growth difficulties,

and obviously increasing their chances of childhood obesity and adult obesity, diabetes and heart disease down the track. Dieticians are calling for dietary guidelines for toddlers for parents who need help in making nutritional choices. Try and give them a hug rather than a chocolate bar. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. A breakthrough in the fight

to make the cervical cancer vaccine available to all Australian girls - that's next. Also - Cate Blanchett on her decision to trade in Hollywood stardom for Sydney theatre.

It makes enormous sense and feels a totally natural progression to me already. And the runaway reindeer that decided to hit the stores before the Christmas rush.

This program is captioned live. The top stories this newshour - fears that students at dozens of Sydney schools could be in danger from deadly asbestos. Over 200 schools have been identified,

but only a handful are being cleaned-up. Tight security at a Sydney court as three men were jailed for life over a series of murders in the city's south-west.

Adnan Darwiche, Naseam el-Zeyat and Ramzi Aouad laughed and joked as they were sentenced. The killings were part of a turf war between two rival families. The State Government's sex scandal deepens with claims some Labor MPs knew 10 years ago of child sex allegations against sacked minister Milton Orkopoulos. Member for Newcastle Bryce Gaudry today reluctant to be drawn on whether he was given advance warning. Australian schoolgirls could have access to the cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil, by the middle of next year. It had been feared it would be at least 2008 before the drug could be used in a nationwide immunisation program. But under intense pressure to strike a deal with Gardasil's maker, the Prime Minister says he'd like to see the vaccine in wide use well before then. I'm going to talk again to Mr Abbott to see if there is any way

that it might be started, say, halfway through next year. But we do need the cooperation of the States, because the immunisation occurs through largely State schools, because the target cohort group are girls still at school. The cost to the taxpayer remains the main sticking point. Both sides will meet again next week. A special honour for the schoolgirl

brutally murdered in a Perth toilet block.

The family of little Sofia received a certificate of Australian citizenship for the 8-year-old, fulfilling her greatest wish. It's been five months since little Sofia's life was tragically cut short - raped and murdered in the public toilets at a Perth shopping centre.

The 8-year-old was due to become an Australian citizen less than a week after her death. Today that wish was honoured in a special ceremony at Sofia's school. APPLAUSE In an Australian first, the certificate was created especially for Sofia to recognise her unique circumstances. We've created a special certificate that recognised that Sofia would have been a fine Australian citizen

if her life hadn't been interrupted. The moment unleashing an outpouring of grief from her mother. Sofia's younger sibling intrigued by the photo of the sister she'll never see grow up. Sofia was very much looking forward to becoming a full citizen of Australia and she just missed out on receiving the certificate. I think it's part of the grieving process that we need to go through and it was very fitting that the certificate was presented here at our school. Family and friends remembering the beautiful child

who will never grow into a fine Australian but will forever occupy a special place in their hearts. Everyone loved her and this is something that we'll always remember. Jane Bootle, Ten News. A late rally on the stock market this afternoon.

A new role for award-winning actress Cate Blanchett which will bring her home to Australia for the next three years.

She's taken the top job at the Sydney Theatre Company sharing the gig with husband Andrew.

She might be an Oscar-winning movie star, but NIDA-trained Cate Blanchett's heart has always been in the theatre

which is why the appointment of Cate and her playwright husband Andrew Upton as joint artistic directors of the Sydney Theatre Company is far from strange. Both Andrew and myself are practitioners who like a challenge and are galvanised by a challenge. They've accepted a three-year contract which begins at the end of 2007 when current director Robyn Nevin steps down

and she has some advice for the couple. Maintain your health and your sense of humour and trust your instincts. The job will obviously keep Cate in Sydney, however, the contract provides for a three-month slot-out each year

during which she could do a movie if she wanted. Obviously, as and when those situations come up I will seriously consider them if they lure me away from

frankly, what is probably the most exciting thing

that has ever happened to us. Apart from marriage. Apart from marriage, yes, of course darling, and the children. But Cate and Andrew also have some grand plans for the theatre itsef. In keeping with their commitment to the environment, they hope to make the Sydney Theatre Company's Wharf Theatre a little bit greener. We're talking solar panels, grey water, rain water, the works.

Meantime, both Andrew and Cate are busy rehearsing their directorial debuts for the company next month.

Angela Bishop, Ten News.

The backdrop is pretty as a picture.

They all segue seamlessly into tonight's weather.

tonight's weather. A lovely shot -

a think you very much from this you are.

If you have a great picture then

please e-mail us. Not much rain

around at the moment. Liz Moore got

47 mm and temperature wires the top

temperatures were Ms Moore and cost Tarbuck.

A warm weekend on the way with

boarded house coming up later. Sport now and the locals put the pressure on the England cricketers. Yes, the PM's XI has crushed England

in the opening match of the Ashes tour. Phil Jaques scored a ton. And Shaun Tait also put his name up to the Aussie selectors.

Plus - the new coach lays down the law at the Parramatta Eels.

SONG: # Get rhythm

# Get rhythm when you get the blues... # No matter what you're building, brighter people are using products made from BlueScope Steel materials, like XLERPLATE and COLORBOND steel.

# When you get the blues. #

This program is captioned live. England Ashes campaign is under way They've been smashed by 166 runs by the Prime Minister's XI in Canberra. Australian cricket's leading tragic Away from parliament but still on official duties, John Howard tossing the coin then posing for team photos. Andrew Flintoff deciding to bowl first and he made early inroads. COMMENTATOR: That was an outrageous shot. Mark Cosgrove found the boundary immediately. Phil Jaques was clearing it. Phil Jaques pulled and doesn't bother running. Flintoff turned to his spin twins and Giles struck in his first over. And it's brilliantly caught.

Travis Birt took Giles to task. That is way over the top. Jaques tore into Mahmood. It impressed the Prime Minister and no doubt the Aussie selectors - 100 for the New South Welshman. Wonderful. Shaun Marsh continuing the onslaught taking the PM's XI past 300. Captain Cameron White going large at the death. It was left to the crowd to do the catching. And taken beautifully. Test seamer Mahmood finishing with 1/97 off just nine overs.

The Australian welcome not so warm for Marcus Trescothick either. Edged and taken. Alistair Cook's stay almost as brief. And England lose their second. No such troubles for Andrew Strauss. What a shot! He got to 67 before the pull shot brought him undone. The same recipe worked to get rid of Kevin Pietersen. So the plan works. Flintoff lasted just three balls. And Tait straight through him. Local Adam Ritchard with two wickets to finish the rout. England humbled by 166 runs. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Matt Orford has been named as the new skipper at Manly taking over from the retired Ben Kennedy. Meanwhile, new Parramatta coach Michael Hagan has enjoyed his first day in charge of the Eels and immediately told his players he wants an end to off-field incidents at the club. As he got to know his new players at training, Michael Hagan making it clear he wants no distractions in 2007. There's been some issues at this club in the last 12 months but I'm looking forward to working with the management and the players to ensure that they're limited or minimised. The Eels forced to deal with off-field issues last season

involving stars Tim Smith, Mark Riddell, Nathan Cayless and Jarryd Hayne. But improvements will be sought without the need for a total grog ban. I don't knkow that that can be achieved. It's really just a matter of trying to manage the situation as well as you can. Former Rooster Brett Finch showing he's ready to become a leader at his new club

and take his game to a new level. I've always got something to prove to myself.

I don't think anyone's game is perfect and mine's certainly far from that. So obviously you've got something to prove to your new team-mates, every new player does, and I've got to earn their respect and trust and that's only through hard work and playing good footy. Finch the subject of intense criticism for his form last season, something he's had trouble accepting.

I played Country Origin and two State of Origins and you're still getting the boot up the bum saying "You're not doing too good". So I had a great year last year. It's disappointing where we finished but that's all in the past. And the Eels have begun talks to keep Timana Tahu at the club until 2009. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The man who ran in four tries the last time the Wallabies played Italy has warned of tougher opposition

when the teams meet in Rome on Sunday morning. Lote Tuquiri has been feted by the Italian media this week after his demolition of the Azzuri in their clash in Melbourne in June last year when the Wallabies ran out 69-21 winners. We're not expecting Italy to be a walk over at all. I think they've sort of improved in the last 12 months even and I think they'll be very tough. The Wallabies will be looking to address their problems with finishing off matches. They've failed to win six times this year after leading.

here on Network Ten The match can be seen live from Rome

early Sunday morning at 12:30am. Tasmania's Symmons Plains Raceway hosts Round 11 of the V8 Supercar Championship Series this weekend as the chase for the title intensifies with only three events remaining. Blustery conditions greeted the drivers as they found the boundaries reigning champion Russell Ingall just one of many but at the end of the 2.5-hour practice session, Mark Skaife was the fastest.

It was very, very good from the time we wheeled it out, and it was probably more impressive on old tyres. Ford's Jason Bright was second with points' leader Craig Lowndes, debuting a new car, was down the order in 12th. Race one, on Ten tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm. And the V8 action is here on Ten from 3:30 tomorrow and from 2:00 Sunday. Golf and India's Joti Randhawa has upstaged an all-star field

in round one of the Champions tournament in Shanghai. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Flemington tomorrow.

Later in 'Sports Tonight' Vic Lorusso in the traffic helicopter.

Thus their thoroughness the bunch

as well. Everyone is starting to

make their way towards a Telstra's

stadium. You can see how busy it is

already getting. But he mentioned,

I think everyone forgot to take

their rubbish with them. It is

going to be a slow night the people beating the rubbish up.

Frank Coletta with the weekend weather forecast next.

And what happens when one of Santa's reindeers hits the stores early.

Time for the weather details. We

are expecting Tim Bailey back on

Monday night. I believe he Monday night. I believe he is

walking along the Hume Highway as

we speak he header will see him on

Monday. Barbecue where there - it

is a great weather for a barbecue.

No invitation for myself - we were

invited Ron? I was going to bring a

present to the barbecue I was not invited

invited to bat instead I'll give it

to Dennis. He's from Bathurst. We

will have a look at the conditions

tonight and see the sexual Coast.

Every trough causing shattered sq must scare

The reformat for tomorrow -

isolated showers on the Queensland

coast and it is also showers for

south-west western Austria. At

Middle Harbour, they are holding a Middle Harbour, they are holding a

great night. They had a regatta day

but the financial markets Charity

Organisation as put together a

great day with all raise about

$50,000 for 27 Children's and

mental research organisations. And

they will raise by the end of the

Year $1.1 million. if you're going into state:

The two bridges are dropping to

about 60 degrees tonight but I

reckon that barbecue is going to go

a treat. 16 degrees at night.

One of Santa's reindeers has hit the stores a little early. Security cameras caught the deer racing into an Iowa Target store. Stunned shoppers and employees watched as it ran up and down the aisles

losing control near the cosmetics. After 20 minutes the deer finally found its own way out,

the same way it came in, through an open door. Six weeks to Christmas. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight.

Thanks for your company. Enjoy your weekend. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.


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