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(generated from captions) mum and gave her a wave and waited metres down and turned back to his run the rest of it with her. for her to catch up so he could Brumbies and Capitals all out With paralympians, Raiders, competitive atmosphere did rub off lending their support, the on some youngsters.

everything. I came first in all the Friday night. And that's WIN News for this of the very welcome rain around We'll leave you with some pictures team, thank you for watching WIN I'm Peter Leonard, from the news Television. Good night.

Put me on trial - to clear his name. the mufti's bizarre plan Moving targets - on drivers speeding near schools. mobile cameras to crack down

to really discourage people This is the way from speeding through school zones. to save an unconscious truck driver. How an off-duty miner risked his life Mate, someone had to do something. having a ball And four happy elephants to their luxury home. as they settle in This program is live captioned.

Good evening. The mufti has come up with a plan engulfed him for more than a week. to end the controversy which has an ethics tribunal He wants to appear before

and lawyers made up of independent judges of degrading women and if he's found guilty he's promised to quit with masking tape. and cover his mouth of the week for Muslims, A call to prayer on the holiest day a call for force by police. and checked cars. They blocked off the street The fear - most outspoken religious leader. someone might harm Australia's what he called a "knockout", Sheik al-Hilali promised hanging on every word, and he had 2,000 worshippers to hear above the police chopper. although those outside struggled wrapped in the Australian flag, As his daughter listened, he said: to judge that speech He made an offer for a court to uncovered meat who incited rape. in which he compared women were to eventually convene If any court of inciting rape, and find the sheik guilty the punishment. the sheik himself has suggested from public life permanently He said he would retire across his mouth for six months. and wear masking tape he's a colourful character. It's a figure of speech - Commissioner The Federal Sex Discrimination but she did favour the punishment. didn't think much of the court idea, I think the best thing would be if he did stand down, if he stopped saying silly things sticky tape over his mouth, and, in fact, did put some with a women's group for six months took his own advice and then worked on the other side of the fence to see what it's like as the victim of sexual assault. supporters, though, can do no wrong. The mufti in the eyes of his on their shoulders As he left, he was lifted

trying to touch him. and they scuffled with one another and bouquets for the media. He had roses for the police no intention of being silenced. He acts and sounds like a man who has Mark Burrows, National Nine News. Speeding drivers beware, that there's to be a 50% increase National Nine News can reveal across the State. in the number of speed cameras will be mobile, And half of the 52 on order outside schools. targeting motorists who speed in the war on speeding - They've become the key weapon fixed speed cameras. Clearly marked, they're hard to miss, but motorists be warned, and harder to spot. they'll soon be on the move mobile spe d cameras mobile speed cameras The RTA has ordered 25 new

outside schools. which will be set up unannounced the mobile cameras around The idea is to move different school zones, when you enter a school zone so you'll never be sure if there is a speed camera present. of road safety at 100 schools. It's part of an overhaul cameras near 25 school crossings. There'll also be new, fixed speed discourage people This is the way to really from speeding through school zones. Certainly, the laws apply to everyone

through school zones and if parents are speeding parents will be punished. then perhaps yes, slow traffic and save lives. There's clear evidence speed cameras a serious image problem. But they also have of motorists The Government's latest survey reveals that almost half believe is raising money. the primary purpose of speed cameras

fined nobody. I'd be happy if our speed cameras in fines last year But they do, earning $57 million on the way that will surely climb. and with the 52 extra cameras

to use these It's obvious the Government intends to milk more money out of motorists. And it's not just schools, for the city's newest toll road, two have been ordered the Lane Cove tunnel. Dale Paget, National Nine News. had an unfamiliar look today, Phil Koperberg as he launched his political career. wearing a regular suit But the soon-to-be Labor candidate in his trademark fire uniform is still being seen in a publicly-paid TV ad,

is now inappropriate. which the Opposition says screening on television today - This taxpayer-funded ad was still of Labor's star recruit, yet again. boosting the profile it is everyone's responsibility. Bushfire - As that was going to air, at Parliament House. he was preaching a new message of the Iemma Government The re-election for the welfare of people of NSW. is paramount a Labor Party candidate today. He's clearly use taxpayer funds to promote him. I can't imagine the Government would

Rural Fire Service grew As Phil Koperberg's

so did his profile his empire with billions and the Government that bankrolled is now cashing in on his celebrity.

the embodiment of that organisation Phil Koperberg has been in the eyes of the public. He's one of NSW's heroes - in a different and new capacity. and he'll serve the people of NSW

from the bushfire menace Mr Koperberg has never shied away

or the cameras that came with it. of the media union. He's even a member you're all members of ...which I believe and I'm glad to be amongst you. Mr Koperberg was not Labor's first choice as candidate for the Blue Mountains. He was approached only after a bitter preselection row between two other would-be contenders, just days after he declared publicly

that he would remain Bushfire Commissioner. My sister quipped to me yesterday that I had already proven my qualifications for the job when she said, "You've already made your first backflip." Adam Walters, National Nine News. The wife of a district court judge faced court herself today accused of biting two policemen and resisting arrest. The officers say Joyce Davies became violent after refusing a breath test, but she's denied the charges.

Driving home from her daughter's house one night in May Joyce Davies was pulled over for a random breath test. An initial test detected alcohol on her breath, she was then asked to blow into the machine but after three failed attempts the 62-year-old put her foot down and refused a fourth request.

Today she explained why: With her husband, Judge Joseph Gibson, in court for support, Mrs Davies described the altercation with police: Mrs Davies claims she was dragged from her car by two policemen,

face down on the ground - she put up a fight, trying to stand up. She says that's when one of the officers sat on her, the other grabbed her legs: The tussle didn't stop there, Constable David Dylan told the court he was forced to use capsicum spray and that Mrs Davies bit him on the finger something she strenuously denies. When finally arrested and taken to Chatswood Police Station she blew 0.01 - well below the legal limit.

The magistrate will hand down his decision later this month. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. Radio host Alan Jones was in court today fighting contempt charges, after he named a juvenile witness in a murder trial last year. The 'Daily Telegraph' is contesting the same allegation, both the newspaper and Jones have denied the charges, their lawyers arguing that there is no proof the witness was a juvenile.

A Cessnock man has been reliving the moment when his regular drive to work turned into a scene from an action movie. Mick Thompson risked his own life to stop a runaway truck

and save the unconscious driver.

The word 'hero' doesn't sit well with Cessnock miner Mick Thompson, but he's the talk of the town after his extraordinary act of bravery, leaping onto a runaway truck and steering it out of harm's way. Obviously a truck in the middle of the road, something was wrong,

so, mate, someone had to do something. Mick first noticed the diabetic driver was slumped over the wheel when he passed the truck on his way to work. Shocked, he swung his car around and got back in front of the rig for a second look. Then, without worry about his own safety, he parked, ran across the road, climbed in the passenger side and took control of the slow-moving semi, quickly bringing it to a stop. He was going to hit cars coming the other way or swerve off the other side of the road and go through a house, mate. Highway patrolman Greg Thane was one of the first on the scene. It was only his quick thinking and quick actions that avoided what could have been quite a nasty accident. The truck driver's recovering well here at Cessnock Hospital and says he wants to thank the heroic miner in private.

He and his wife are in shock over the incident. He's never passed out behind the wheel of his truck before. Mick's actions have earned him new-found fame and a bit of ribbing from his mates at the mine. I guess I was just in the right place at the right time. All in a day's work for this reluctant hero. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. An 8-tonne truck was deliberately rammed head on into a bus near Blacktown today.

It was all in the name of research at the RTA's new crash lab. While the bus was stationary, the crash was meant to simulate a head on between two heavy vehicles travelling at 55km/h. The critics may have to eat their words. Taronga Zoo's celebrity arrivals are settling in to their new lives with apparent ease. The elephants have been making full use of their luxurious facilities and they're already proving a massive drawcard. Nothing better than a nice bath after a long trip,

although there's always some clown who thinks its funny to shove your head under. Meet Watermelon, Golden, Morning Glory and Blessed by Heaven. No jet lag for these travellers. They spent a good first night in their $25 million Taronga Zoo home. Slept, laid down in the barn and they won't lie down if they're not comfortable. Animal activists had claimed it would take months, if ever, before they settled. The only thing that has given them any concern at all, I gather,

is when they were in the barn this morning, Peter,

and they heard the kookaburras going and that was a totally new sound to them. It didn't bother them long. Watched by slightly anxious handlers, and an increasingly large and excited crowd,

the four Asian ladies were quickly at home,

dishing the dirt came very naturally. And so did other things. What's that Daddy? Oh, that's poo. Big poo. Most kids today wanted to take at least one jumbo home, just one exception. Too fat, too fat to get in my gate.

Well, you could wait a while. The zoo is confident there'll be baby elephants. We know how to make it happen now. So, presumably, do they. The young male who'll join these four ladies at the weekend glories in the somewhat unfortunate name of Prawn.

Somehow, I think that's going to be the only downside to his life, from here on. They say elephants are lucky. Well, they brought rain today and that made everybody even happier.

Peter Harvey, National Nine News. In the news ahead - secret treasures -

Patrick White's papers discovered and bought for the nation. And Russell Crowe on why having a bad temper is a good thing. You gotta have one.

Car maker Ford has announced that over 600 jobs will go from its Broadmeadows and Geelong plants in Victoria.

The cuts are the equivalent of 10% of its work force. The manufacturer says the job losses will be completed by Christmas and blamed the cuts on market demand. The deadlock over A to E report cards continues

with the Industrial Commission today refusing to force teachers to introduce them into schools this year. But the Government is still insisting the controversial grading system be in place in time for the end of year reports. Both sides have been told to return to the negotiating table. There's a happy ending tonight to the final chapter in the celebrated life of Nobel Laureate Patrick White. His drafts and manuscripts, long thought to have been gone forever, have been found and bought for an undisclosed sum by the National Library. Patrick White always told people he'd destroyed these manuscripts.

Imagine the surprise then of the National Library when it received an email three months ago telling them the collection existed.

The email came from White's literary executor asking us if we were interested in this collection, letting us know that nobody had seen it before. And what was your reaction?

Absolute astonishment. And little wonder - the collection contains hundreds

of original manuscripts

from his 12 novels, including two that were never published.

There are also letters and diary entries. All of these things give us such a full picture and just allow us to get a little closer to someone who is very important in terms of our national literary culture. Well, until this collection came to us, the whole world thought there was just a single, handwritten manuscript of one novel that White had left behind. This collection illuminates everything Patrick White valued and now it is an eternal national treasure - a window on his life the literary world never imagined would be opened. And from tomorrow all of us can peer inside this new dimension to the life of a literary great. It is absolutely a treasure trove. It was so unexpected. It's just this impossible thing that actually turned out to be true. Daniel Street, National Nine News.

A Jackson Pollock work called 'Number 5 1948' has reportedly become the most expensive painting of all time. An American collector has sold the work privately for $180 million, $5 million more than a Gustav Klimt which sold in June. 'Number 5' was painted four years before 'Blue Poles' - the famous work owned by the National Gallery of Australia.

Australian artist and entertainer Rolf Harris has collected a CBE - Commander of the British Empire - from Princess Anne at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. It's wonderful. I don't know what I'm a commander of, at the moment. What.. what can I command you to... The 76-year-old already has an MBE and an OBE, all his royal honours received for his work in the arts and entertainment. People on the receiving end of Russell Crowe's rage may not agree but the actor believes having a temper is healthy. In an American television interview

Crowe claims getting things off your chest is much better than holding everything inside. 17 months after throwing a tantrum and a phone at a New York hotel worker, Russell Crowe is still defending his temper. I have a temper, my mum's got a temper, my brother's got a temper. You gotta have one. On American '60 Minutes', who pleaded guilty to assault the Oscar winner who plead d guilty to absault put the best possible spin on the attack, insisting a bad temper is good for you. You know what happens if you don't have one? One day you're walking down the street and you just pop - you're lying there dead on the pavement because you've been suppressing all this bulls--t. And another Aussie "bad boy" looking for forgiveness in Hollywood - Mel Gibson - made a rare public appearance today. After months of shunning the media, he had little choice but to face the cameras. His new movie is due for release next month and he needs the publicity. 'Apocolypto' is an action adventure about the Mayan civilisation. It's just really a very compelling, interesting story. But not a topic of discussion today, his booze-fuelled anti-Semitic tirade in which he blamed Jews for all wars. In Hollywood, Christine Spiteri, National Nine News. Tim with sport is next - and the Wallabies re-shuffle the deck chairs? They've got a new captain and a new-look backline. But the Kangaroos are in great shape,

facing a new Great Britain five-eighth And the jewel in racing's calendar - Derby Day at Flemington. For over four decades, the big Aussie 6 game has been the same. The so-called Grannygate debacle involving Nathan Fien has claimed another big scalp with New Zealand Rugby League executive chairman Selwyn Bennett taking the blame and resigning this afternoon. Tomorrow night at Aussie Stadium, Australia takes on Great Britain - the Kangaroos wary of several changes to the Lions' line-up. Unbeaten and assured of a final berth, the Australians trained this afternoon - their coach sceptical about any Great Britain changes. Leon Pryce is tipped to replace the injured Danny McGuire

at five-eighth, but Ricky Stuart has his doubts. No, I'm not, no.

But, again, it's not going to be a major drama for me either. Today, Great Britain trained behind closed doors in pouring rain, but the weather hardly made them homesick... We're disappointed. We've been enjoying the sun. ..Noble hoping advance parties of the Barmy Army, arriving for cricket's Ashes series, turn up tomorrow night. You know, I've certainly bumped into a few that have arrived recently and I think there'll be a few neutrals on our side as well.

Back in his native Queensland,

Nathan Fien was still keeping mum about Grannygate. Despite New Zealand being stripped of points for playing Australian-born Fien, the Lions deny they're now favourites to join the Kangaroos in the final. Nathan Fien's nothing to do with us, done no favours. We've probably kept a little bit quiet on the issue because we wanna show and earn our respect on the football field and that's the only way that you to do it. Desperate to regain respect after losing to lowly regional team Opsreys, the Wallabies will be captained for the first time by Phil Waugh this weekend against Wales. A new-look backline boasts Matt Giteau at half with Mat Rogers five-eighth, veteran number 10 Steve Larkham partnering Lote Tuqiri in the centres. We'll just have to wait and see how it pans out, but at the moment we're feeling very comfortable. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. Now for more on our exclusive story about Tony Daly's arrest by the FBI

in Los Angeles last night Daly was deported and returned to Sydney today where he was interviewed by Australian Federal police.

He is still under investigation following the theft of items on a Qantas flight, but has not been charged. Daly has denied any involvement. Australia's cricketers will have to do what they couldn't two weeks ago, and beat the West Indies to win the Champions Trophy in India. This morning, the Windies knocked out South Africa, on the back of a blazing Chris Gayle century. The opener batted through the innings for 133 runs, as his side chased down 259, with six overs to spare. Ricky Ponting's team is ready and waiting in Mumbai, where the final will be played on Sunday. For race fans,

it doesn't get any better than Derby Day in Melbourne tomorrow and Efficient remains the favourite. But if you're looking for value and and enticed by a peculiar name you might like the 15-to-1 shot Ankh Morpork. He's named after a fictional town in a series of children's books. I just need the horse to run fast and cope with conditions on Saturday and call him anything you like if he's got a Derby beside his name. There are five group one races at Flemington tomorrow, the perfect appetiser to Tuesday's Melbourne Cup.

And some good bowling by the Blues

at the SCG today. Stuart MacGill

has taken three wickets and Stuart

Clarke also has a quup couple. Good

on you, thank you.

Hello, Penny. How are you? Good to see you. Come in. Good to see you. Thank you. How you going? You made it! for families of seriously ill children who live too far away from medical facilities. GENTLE MUSIC

if we didn't have a bed to sleep in, if I didn't have a kitchen to cook in We welcome everybody, here. have always been huge supporters of the houses.

and have been a driving force ever since. Oh, I think that deserves an award even before it's finished. (Children laugh)

To finance - and National Australia Bank shares soared to a record after its profit jumped to more than $4 billion.

After three years of job cuts and management change the bank signalled the worst was behind it and increased dividends. NAB shares gained $1.40 with other banks also rising.

Thanks, Mark We end off the week with some rain and storms across Sydney. Most of the storms were in the far west, including Penrith, with more wet weather tonight and over the weekend. In the last 24 hours we have seen about 12mm land over the Warragamba Dam rain gauge,

but not a lot of widespread falls over the entire dam. Temperatures were down today, than s to the thicg cloud cov r - than s to the thick cloud cov r - Now, even though we are still an El Nino pattern, meaning continued below average rain for eastern Australia, we are seeing some excellent rain. Over 60mm in some isolated areas over the north-east NSW and southern Queensland.

Tomorrow, the trough in the east will stay put bringing rain from the central coast of Queensland down to Sydney with the heavy falls along the Queensland-NSW border.

Canberra had 25mm since yesterday afternoon. Sydney - more showers tomorrow, mainly towards the afternoon, and a cool day with fresh southerly winds. Southerlies up to 20km/h on the harbour tomorrow. Surfers - Could be some good waves coming up over the next few days Sydney - touch and go as to how much rain we get due to the positioning of the trough. But the cloud will help to keep temperatures in the low 20s. Sunday - again, depending on the low, we could get between 5mm and 20mm of rain. Most of next week looking dry, Mark.

That's National Nine News for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great weekend. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

was in abso ute tears. I was in absolute tears. Tonight - Dazza gets dirty - how the 'Getaway' con man turned a dream wedding into a nightmare. It was just horrible. Plus, the Dudesons - the daredevils being blamed for Internet video madness. I think they're just ripping people off.

Also, supermarket prices out of control. at the check-out. How you're being slugged And fake tans - avoid those embarrassing mistakes. We show what's best for you. This program is live captioned. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. Those stories coming up. Also tonight - beating the 'Temptation' - Australia's new quiz queen. And - how to shop, save money and have fun, all at the same time. But first - they're the thrill seekers from Finland whose outrageous behaviour on the Internet has inspired young copycats around the world. But the Dudesons' are under attack, with critics claiming their antics encourage teenage Aussies to replicate and even outdo - their death-defying pranks. You always have Y u alw ys have to

You always have to have fresh ideas,

no-one wants to see the same old stuff. They were jacking up stunts before 'Jackass' and making money from pain before 'Tension'. Now these pranksters from Finland - the Dudesons are here in Australia.

Are you ready! They proudly proclaim they have a death wish.

What happened? I wrestled a bear. I broke my back a couple of times. My jaw - you can always fix those.

What they do to their own bodies is one thing. But the outrageous reality is, copycats are now common. There are plenty of bored teenagers who wouldn't mind mimicking what they do and it can lead to what we saw in Werribee. Werribee. That sickening incident where a pack of boys set a girl's hair alight and sexually assaulted her while capturing the entire ordeal on tape.

What they do is kind of stupid because it influences more kids to see and do that same sort of stuff like what happened m Melbourne. We know the name of the game. We know each other. We don't go out and intentionally harm someone.

That's not the Dudesons. These people are Finnish bogans.