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(generated from captions) you're in and out, It's happening quick, you strike and you're gone. you're looking at your victim, Car-jacking - growing in popularity. the deadly crime Hello. I'm Naomi Robson. Tonight, car-jacking caught on camera to avoid becoming a victim. and what you can do Also, and the missing $250,000. the charity director

as what he gave out. How he's pocketed twice as much Plus, feeling lucky? If not, to improve your good fortune. we'll tell you the surefire methods around, And turning children's lives working wonders, the drug-free treatment and improving their school grades. taming little terrors But first, car-jacking. as Australia discovered today, It's sudden, violent and, it's claiming lives. overseas, We've heard about it happening but now car-jacking is here. Just yesterday, in peak hour a young man was killed in Sydney to car-jack his van. as two men tried And tonight, Brian Seymour, security camera vision, with the aid of are now considered fair game. shows us how drivers has got the shotgun at his head. The guy who was with me you're in and out. It's happening quick, you strike and you're gone. You're looking at your victim, the gunman, NEWSREADER: You can clearly see

believed to be John Gosset, to take her car. putting the gun to the woman's head The bold and the brutal. the keys or I'm gonna kill you." MALE VICTIM: He said "Give me caught on tape - You're watching a real carjacking, you'll see more in a moment. is this first-hand account Just as confronting

of a terrifying ordeal. We couldn't go anywhere. the door's open, guy's out there, The next thing, shotty out, coming towards us. pulled his shirt across, I thought it was Ned Kelly the shotty's in the window - and the next thing get out of the car!" "Get out of the car, was demonstrating a new Monaro Car salesman Daniel Kelly to a client, spun out of control. when their test drive has got the shotgun at his head The guy who was with me "Dan, let's get out of here!" and he said standing alongside the car. We were out of the car,

Guy's come along with a shotty - give us your wallet!" - "Give us your wallet, of course. using a lot of other language, and then, "Let's get out of here!" And so wallets were handed over and off they go. So a whole lot of rubber The aftershock hit hard. Daniel sought counselling. He slept with a shotgun at his side. that you see in the movies. It was like something Check out this unscripted scene security cameras. captured by service station approaches a woman at the pump, A gun-wielding car-jacker demands her keys. She decides to fight. She's bodyslammed. and her attacker backs off. Then two kicks to the groin first priority for me. Service station's probably This car-jacker is one of Australian drivers. a growing number targeting He reckons he's taken 50 cars. I get a phone call saying parked in our driveway pronto," "We need this particular car and I have it there for 'em, and they pay me $500 clean. Breaking into a car, he says, and lessens it's value. causes damage as much menace as he can muster. He prefers demanding the keys with like, "No worries! Take it!" Most people would normally react, And that's what we want. You know, they're insured (laughs). This us the best way.

sitting in the car next to you. You have your mate and you give 'em a bit of a nudge - You sit at a set of traffic lights the car in front of you - a bit of a nudge. you give them

Then you give them another nudge. As this re-enactment shows steps out of their car the victim nearly always and into big trouble. These days, by the old hotwiring technique, with cars being harder to steal they need to get the keys I think the fact that more desperate these days. makes the criminals

how car-jackers think. Gary Moore knows once installed in a car, His QuikTrak system, traces it during a getaway - once police have it in sight. even immobilises the vehicle in the carpark. He highlights this common con a note under the windscreen wiper A shopper notices to notice the car-jacker. and is too busy reading it Give me your bloody keys! (screams) What are you doing? Help! out of that situation The idea is to get yourself as quickly as possible. get out of there - So hand over the car keys, the car's not worth your life. No-one's immune. was confronted in her own garage Criminal lawyer Jenny Ball

her prized Porsche speed away. and left watching John Bertrand wasn't spared. Even America's Cup winner at a service station. His Porsche taken the teenage thief came to grief Pursued by police, but fared better than the car. who's had this happen to them? Do you personally know of anyone watch this. If you think you would fight back shop leaving her keys in the car. A woman goes into a service station A yellow vehicle pulls up. and casually claims her car. A man gets out

grabs onto the car door. The owner sees him and dashes out, The car-jacker floors it ripping the door off. colliding with a bollard, The woman's leg is crushed. on the increase Car-jacking is definitely so just go with the flow. and people's lives are at risk, let them have it. If they want the car that badly to be careful on the road. Motor racing has taught Ian Luff focus increasingly on car-jacking. He says his driver education classes to stop a car-jacker? Ian, is there anything anyone can do practical application is, I think the most if you look at your home, you lock the doors. you go to bed at night time Of course. So obviously, when you get in the car, the most practical thing would be to lock the doors of the car to stop carjacking. When you're driving down the street? 100%. I mean, people just leave the doors unlocked which is a deadset open invitation. At the time I didn't think it would ever happen in Australia, but it was a bunch of guys that were pretty desperate. I found it hard to actually turn the car off

and obey his commands because I was physically very, very scared. If you see somebody come and tap on your window and they don't look real kosher, don't open your door. It's commonsense (laughs). Bryan Seymour with that report. Now, every Australian who donates money to a charity rightfully expects that their donation will make a difference and go to those who need it most. But Dale Peters is one charity director who just doesn't seem to understand that. In fact, as Rodney Lohse reports, while Mr Peters has raised over $400,000 only a tiny fraction of it has actually gone to the needy. Bushfire season is upon us and no doubt if previous years are anything to go by there will be families lives devestated. So too the drought which is gripping this country

will perhaps bring many to breaking point.

Sglfrjts That's where it's

It'shard not to be touched by their plight. Sglfrjts That's where it's at. And it's exactly that which Dale Peters pres on. Where's the money Dale? I felt as much as I could do was to donate and that charity was the one that I spoken to about. Martin Appleby first came across Dale Peters

as a councillor in the Banyule City Council in Melbourne. He was also the director of the Victorian Emergency Relief Fund, VERF. A charity which purports to raise money for victims of bushfires and drought. It sounds worthy. Extremely professional. I mean, Victorian Emergency Relief Fund... ..I took that at its word. Martin handed over a $100, might not sound like mcuh but he wasn't alone. Hundreds of others also gave Dale Peter's their money hoping it would help. In fact, between 2002 and 2005 Dale and his little charity raised $440,000. You'd think a lot of help could have been given. In this particular case a very small percentage of what raised went to benficiaries. After a series of complaints Consumer Affairs Victoria started an investigation and in February suspended VERF's charity licence. Back then we approached Mr Peters for some answers. At that time it was thought his charity had only collected $252,000. Dozens of people have been helped by out organisation over the years. Dozens of people. You've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and you've helped dozens of people. Great work Dale. I think it's the quality of life we've been able to bring to those people more important than the number. At the time Dale had all the answers. Farmers who had been affected by... Which ones? Um... How many? There was about a dozen. About a dozen - do you know for sure? Can we get names and numbers? I wouldn't want to give out the names and addresses of people who have lost their homes. That's a little convenient. Trust me, I gave the money away. The names and addresses are with Consumer affairs. No they're not. And Consumer Affairs have now just completed their investigation

finding the true amount that Dale raised - $440,000. or about 12% went to charity. Of that just $55,000

And Mr Peters is much less willing to talk about the subject. Sglfrjts That's where it's at. Clutch

You were happy to talk to us You were happy to talk to us back then. Of the money Fair Trading was able find Dale paid himself almost $41,000 in reimbursements. Then he paid a further $68,000 to Australian Press Holdings - a company Dale is the sole director and shareholder of. In total there is about $250,000 that haevn't been accounted for. Consumer Affairs was able to find $8,000 In total there is about $250,000 that haevn't been accounted for. Consumer Affairs was able to find $8,000 and ordered Mr Peters to pay that to the three regional health services whose name he'd raised the money in. The rest is a mystery. It's gone on expenses - Dale Peters expenses. There's no...I don't think there's any doubt about that. Martin Appleby is now concerned about the other public purse Dale has his hand on and the role he has at Banyule City COuncil.? I suppose one thing that does really irk me at this stage is having Dale Peters in the public eye as a representative of the Banyule City Council. And he's not alone Dale's constituants don't think much of his charity either.

Out, gone, without a doubt. He

shouldn't hold... Public office. The

council has declined to comment on

the fiasco. But what is more concerning despite Consumer Afairs deregistering VERF that's pretty much where their powers end. There is nothing to stop Peters from starting up another charity and in fact he has an application in right now trying to register VERF all over again. Even though $250,000 is still missing. Where's the money Dale? Rodney Lohse with that report.

With the Melbourne Cup just around the corner, there are plenty of punters out there hoping for lady luck to shine on them.

But are some people naturally luckier than others? And are there ways to improve your chances of good fortune? Jackie Quist went to find out. I just won $250,000. I'm not joking. some people have all the luck? Why does it seem a near-fatal heart attack, Bill Morgan survived and a scratchie won him a car. then his luck changed lady luck had struck again. Then another scratchie confirmed I just won $250,000. Good things happen. You can win Tatts, the person of your dreams, you can meet out of the blue. so good luck can exist believes in good luck Psychologist Sarah Calleja and unexpected good fortune we make our own luck. but says, primarily, a real positive experience You can turn everything into or a negative experience. which is in vogue now, Life coaching, and moving forward is about setting goals in a positive way in your life. and proving that you can do it. Energising yourself I've gone from armed robbery I probably always was I think to what but was afraid or whatever - to face it. lazy or scared in some way began in the 1960s Doug Robinson's career in crime

in jail for robberies. and he spent a total of 17 years But his luck mysteriously changed double murderer. when he met a notorious and he moved into my cell - 13 - I was housed in the cell next to him unlucky for some,

but, yeah, probably my luck changed. Doug wrote the killer's story of five popular crime books. and is now a proud author and is a changed man. He's on parole through hard work and that nature. I think I've primarily made my luck the lightning struck me. Literally out of the blue exited through my left foot It entered me on this side, that she was wearing. and hit Hannah on the necklace

were both hit Kevin Peason and partner Hannah exploding from the heavens. by a billion volts of power or something more sinister? But was it bad luck to a funeral. Ironically, we were on our way The watch that Hannah was wearing,

murder mystery, like in an Agatha Christie stopped at the time of impact. So it was 2:02 on 2 February. And there's Katie Brown who was dogged by 7 years bad luck after a visit to a Chinese temple. It certainly was a downward spiral of bad luck. That's what it felt like. But her luck changed after visiting a Japanese temple. I did lose my job but actually that did end up being a fantastic thing for me, too. at that point. So, um, things did turn around or is it all about attitude? So is it luck, Kevin and Hannah believe

to live to tell their story, they were lucky and Doug says,

that anyone can change their luck, he's living proof the size of a laundry. even after years of living in a cell We definitely make our own luck.

that it's important to - And I'm a firm believer also that you see the doughnut, when you look at the doughnut, as opposed to the hole.

Jackie Quist reporting there.

Now, last night we ran a story of rogue service station operators on the growing number selling contaminated fuel across the country. which is destroying car engines Well, following that report and phone calls from viewers we were flooded with emails done to their cars by dirty fuel. detailing the costly damage continues his investigation. And tonight Bryan Seymour but I'd love to know what it is. No idea what it is, onto the main road Just went around the corner and it just conked out. with contaminated fuel Raymond Sanchez's encounter came with a bill for $22,000. in our story last night His story echoes the tales told in our cars. about the contaminants causing chaos what went through your head? When you saw our story last night, "I know how that guy feels". When did that happen? Ah, September 11. changed for Raymond Sanchez Since September 11 things have in the southern suburbs after he dropped into this BP with diesel fuel. and filled his new van Went home, everything was fine. and the car didn't start. Got up in the morning to the dealer So basically I had it towed and they rang me up and said, "You've got damage done to your car, with water." "your fuel is contaminated injectors, fuel rails. It stuffed up my fuel pump, They reckon it rusted inside. needed $10,668 worth of repairs. His 10-month-old Renault van electrical engineer without it, Unable to work as a contract another $1,400 on a rental car. Raymond was forced to spend this service station. BP own and operate on Raymond's case, They're not commenting specifically has written to him, saying but their claims department of alleged fuel contamination. they acknowledge receipt they're investigating what they find in the near future. and they'll let him know the $12,000 cost of repairs, Yet, even if they do cover Raymond says, well out of pocket. he'll still be left What about lost work? you've missed out on? How much do you reckon $10,000 worth of work. Oh, probably about

Yeah. That much?

I purchased the other day, This is the diesel diesel should look. which looks pretty much the way you put in your car, Whereas this stuff I have no idea what it is. It doesn't even smell like diesel. Brisbane driver Scott Beardsley In fact, of kerosene, filled his car with a cocktail some unused engine oil. possibly, perhaps He still doesn't know for sure, immediately. but his vehicle realised to lose a bit of power Well, I filled up and it started to where I was going on the way down and then basically it just stopped. It wouldn't start,

it was coughing and spluttering and then when it did start to go anywhere. and it just didn't want are mechanically minded Scott and his mates and they acted fast. the fuel was the problem Once we realised we basically just dropped the entire fuel tank. Now he's worried for other motorists

independent service station. stopping at the same and all cases of contamination, In both cases, two things are crucial. in your tank First, get a sample of the fuel and submit it for testing and, the same day, service station bowser it came from get a sample from the and submit that for testing as well. vehicle cost thousands of dollars To have a new engine put in my

and all it takes is a bit of dodgy fuel. Bryan Seymour with that report. Now, you may remember our story recently on a group of foreign workers lured to Australia on guest working visas. They were promised a better life, but the reality was far from it. The six workers had paid $10,000 each for the right to come here, only to be paid less than the minimum wage for working over 60 hours a week at this printing factory. Well, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

has ordered their boss, Dor Tu, pay the workers a record $93,000 in backpay, and he may also face a further $200,000 in fines. A good outcome for the workers. Coming up - Turning children's lives around. The drug-free treatment working wonders, taming little terrors and improving their school grades. See how children who once struggled are going from strength to strength. I have sensitive teeth, but I don't want to choose between a sensitive toothpaste and all-round protection. Then I switched to Colgate Sensitive Multi Protection. It not only provides clinically proven relief

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CROWD: Yeah! Learning and behavioural problems affect the lives and futures of thousands of young Australians. And when these problems strike most parents are understandably unsure of where to turn for help. Well tonight we take a look at one drug-free program which claims to be succeeding in 90% of cases and the families and children couldn't be happier. Frank Pangallo has the story. (Reads) I do not like playing with a mouse I do not like them here or there. Unbelievable that we've found this miracle that has worked just so quickly for her. (Reads) I will not eat them anywhere. Just four months ago Port Lincoln schoolgirl Amelia Honan could barely string a sentence together when trying to read. (Reads) I do not like them, Sam, I am. Today it's her mum, Narelle, who happily can't find the words to express the amazing turnaround of her 9-year-old daughter, who was diagnosed with dyslexia. She's so excited that she's just unleashed herself, and she's become this confident child that is just excelling in everything that she's putting her hand to. I want you to follow the beanbag with your eyes OK? Try to keep your head as still as you can. Amelia's transformation along with thousands of others around the world has been achieved through the ground-breaking drug-free treatment known as the Dore Program. The results are very dramatic, like nothing else on earth, and, secondly, the results last. They are not just temporary and that makes it a very remarkable process. It's now being hailed as a cure, not just for dyslexia, but other debilitating neurological conditions, like ADD, ADHD, dyspraxia and Asperger's syndrome. If you complete this program there is more than a 90% chance that it will have transformed, I mean, transformed permanently, many aspects of your life. So yes, we are justified in using word "cure". Wynford Dore is the driving force behind the program he bankrolled and developed in the UK in a desperate attempt

to help his suicidal daughter's severe learning problems. I just threw all resources I had at it and glad to just share with every parent and teacher the happy news we've got today that there is something that really does works with all these symptoms of dyslexia and ADHD. The Dore research centred on a small area of the brain known as the cerebellum. If it's underdeveloped, it can affect cognitive and motor skills, problems that are evident in people with learning and attention disorders. We are now able to identify the differences in people's brains, where they are highly developed

and where they're not so highly developed

and we focus, of course, on where the development is needed. The clinics analyse a person's condition What we find is that the majority of people

that are suffering from ADHD or dyslexia, Anthony Mondello, Dore's national clinic coordinator, says the results have been phenomenal. Again by the end of the program by making the cerebellum really strong, eye movement become perfect and they're able to read, they're able to play sport a lot better. We found it worked for folk in their 20s, and 30s, and 40s. I was running away and I kept healing and... There's little Tom Foster, no longer taking medication for ADD. His mum, Narelle, says he's a different child. We haven't looked back. 'Cause Tom couldn't dress himself, couldn't do shoelaces up. And within two months of the program,

he's you know, back to normal - he can do all those things like any normal child. I was very moody and I didn't like people's help. I liked doing things myself. When I got upset and angry with myself,

I always called myself dumb and thought everyone else was like perfect but I was a strange person who didn't know how to do things. Catrina Scotter's mum, Rona, says her daughter showed dramatic improvement after just four months.

Her attitude became far, far more positive to things

and that affected her learning in the academic areas. It defected her socially because she was so much happier. And this from Tracy Nikitaris about her son James. His self-esteem's gone through the roof, he's happy at home, better. he concentrates on his homework

The program costs about $4,000 and usually takes 12 months to complete. But Wynford Dore says he's not in it for the money - he's out to convince governments, educators and medical specialists that this is a proven way to go in overcoming these chronic learning and behavioural disorders without using mind-bending drugs. I can't believe that something so small can like, just two exercises in the morning and the night can make such a difference into one person's life.

And if you'd like that information again,

or if you have a story you'd like to share with us, just go to our website at: or just give us a call.

Coming up - the revenge of the girlfriends. When they discovered they were all dating the same man, they didn't get angry, they got even. Now to tomorrow night, and the revenge of the girlfriends.

Seven women, all dating the same man at the same time. But when they discovered the truth, they didn't get angry - they got even. And we'll show you what they did.

Excuse me. The fun's over, Craig. No, you don't have to go anywhere. Why don't you tell us how many girlfriends you've had at once? A female predator. How many women have you got on the go, Craig? Six or seven different women at the one time. I don't know what goes through that man's mind. Didn't I warn you that we'd get you in the end? And that's among the stories I'll have for you tomorrow night. So I do hope you can join us for that. And until then I hope you all have a great evening and i'll see you again tomorrow. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.