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(generated from captions) rapidly animals is increasing quite sizes, colours and designs went up Meanwhile, kites of all shapes, 'Blue Sky Kite Festival'. and on display at the inaugural event began by teaching Held at Cook Primary School, the manner of traditional and new-age enthusiasts how to create all alternate use for your old kites. It even included an shopping bags! all ages, and you didn't need to The festival attracted people of air. be an expert to get a kite in the technique. But not everyone mastered the night. And that's WIN News this Monday team, . I'm Peter Leonard, from the news Good night. Feeling the pressure - F eling the pressure -

collapses with chest pains. the embattled Sheik Al-Hilali at the moment. We are praying for him A city divided - how much you pay in road tolls. why where you live determines We're all struggling. It's very unfair.

Bending the law - packaging to hook young smokers. cigarette companies accused of using It's very, very good. Yeah, I like it. for Bernard Fanning, And how going solo paid off with a big night at the ARIAs. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Bernard Fanning! This program is captioned live. Good evening. Five days of intense pressure on Muslim leader Sheik al-Hilali, appears to have taken its toll at the Lakemba mosque. who today collapsed for treatment, He was taken to Canterbury Hospital where he remains tonight. from there. Mark Burrows joins us live Mark, how is the mufti now?

We expect the Sheikh to remain here

at Canterbury hospital here for

another two or three days under

observation after he suffered

chest pains. His conditions is

listed as stable. Increasingly, a

short time ago, the Sheikh

released a statement from his

bedside in which he said, "in due

course, he will make a decision

which will lift the pressures of

the Australian Muslim community".

Many people here are taking that

as a hint that in the near future,

he will resign. In the meantime,

the Sheikh is

the Sheikh is on indefinite leave. Lakemba mosque for morning prayers. Muslim leaders had gathered at the for the mufti to go, But with now-deafening calls to find a way out of the crisis it's understood they were trying the mufti collapsed. when it took a shock twist - and collapsed into this man's arms. He just felt dizzy and an ambulance rushed to t e scene. Paramedics were called and an ambulance rushed to the scene.

and very under the weather. He was just really, really tired he was under immense pressure. He looked like He's well - he's alright. Is he still down? Yes, he's alright, he's alright. the Sheik's dignity, Trying to preserve from the cameras. supporters shielded him Police were also called path to Canterbury Hospital. to guarantee the ambulance a clear situation happening, yes. On my arrival, there was a medical a full range of tests The mufti underwent

was resting comfortably. and at last report the mufti is not a well man. There's no doubt

one bypass operation He's already endured and has suffered several strokes. the question is whether After he recovers this time, to unite the Muslim community, he'll have the strength

about whether he should resign. so divided at the moment. We are praying for him And Paul Keating - fought against his deportation - a Sheik supporter, who in the '80s today. didn't want a bar of the controversy journalists, do you understand? I will not be harassed by Even good-looking ones, like you. So please, nick off. Be civilised. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. Ma k Burrows, National Nine News.

looming as an election issue, With law and order has thrown a spanner in the works Attorney-General Bob Debus he's leaving State politics. by announcing

in Canberra, but says He wants to try for a seat

right up until polling day. he'll work for the State Government

16 as a minister, After 18 years in State Parliament, by Kim Beazley Bob Debus has been approached to swap Macquarie Street of Macquarie. for a shot at the federal seat and Environment Minister But the Attorney-General unfinished business in NSW. says he's determined to complete focused for the next five months I remain, however, this State election on the task of winning with the Premier. immersed in a law-and-order crisis With the Government of Police Minister Carl Scully, after the sacking he was jumping a sinking ship. Mr Debus rejected any notion that 18.5 years - By March, it will have been

to be leaving in a hurry, isn't it? and that's pretty late But the Opposition says immediately as Attorney-General Mr Debus would be replaced about law and order. if the Government were serious very concerned People today are going to be a part-time Police Minister that they've got

Attorney-General. and they've got a lame-duck he won't be distracted Mr Debus maintains in Canberra. by his campaign for a career the altogether familiar grindstone. After today, my nose will be back on of the Rural Fire Service He listed the transformation into James Hardie Industries and the special commission of inquiry ministerial achievements. among his proudest Adam Walters, National Nine News. has been dealt another blow Sydney's troubled ferry service safety investigation. with the results of an independent serious failures, It catalogues several at the top. including major staffing problems It's a 60-page report of the Sydney Ferry service. which paints an unflattering picture This report is a damning indictment of running ferries. of Labor's 12 years reports. And now it has a new minister. We're looking to the future. until October last year But in the last 12 months including 11 collisions, there were 92 incidents, most caused by human error. Clearly, this is unacceptable. So is the inadequate training, the poor communication procedures the ill-defined roles and responsibilities identified. All staff are being retrained. We have now got everybody trained through that particular program

and the crews themselves have much more confidence now operating their vessels. But the Government will still have to deal with eight different unions for its 600 ferry staff, the report highlighting the difficulties the Government has in bringing about change. Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. Now to a National Nine News special report on a city divided over motorway tolls. Where you live in Sydney can mean a difference of thousands of dollars a year in tolls because some drivers are able to claim the money back and others are not. MAN ON RADIO: The dramas are right across town.

No-one wants to pay to sit in this.

It's always the same, mate, every morning. Paying the tolls and stuff like that and you still can't get there on time. But when it comes to paying tolls, not everyone has to. On the M4 and M5,

motorists in private vehicles can claim a cash-back refund. We just pay it and then we get it back. But in the north and north-west, drivers on the M2 and M7 get no relief. It's very unfair. We're all struggling. It's obviously not equitable, is it? But that's got something to do with the way people vote, isn't it?

She's right - cash-back was a vote-winner almost a decade ago. All private car users in NSW will be entitled to a full rebate for their toll payments on the M4 and M5. It was a crowd-pleaser for crucial Labor-held seats in the south and west. But in the north - a Liberal stronghold - motorists continue to be ignored and it's going to get worse - the opening of the Lane Cove Tunnel will mean a return trip from the Hills district to the city will cost up to $17, with no refund. Stop making the Liberals pay for the Labor's mistakes. Dural rose-grower Joe Nati says it stinks.

I don't see why the west should be targeted and the northern suburbs forgotten about. He's not alone - retired RTA executive Ken Dobinson says it's time for equality. Everybody pays or nobody pays. The Government has the authority to scrap cash-back or even extend it,

but either way, that's expensive, costing votes or money. Dale Paget, National Nine News. And you can have your say on the tolls. Our website, ninemsn, is asking is Sydney's toll cashback unfair? You can vote online and also tell us your experiences and opinions. Tomorrow night - are you missing out? The thousands of drivers

who don't know they're eligible for big refunds. Con man Peter Foster has called on Fijian authorities to deport him as he continues to claim sanctuary in a Suva hospital.

He says his head injury was caused by police during last week's arrest, but has offered to drop an assault complaint if the Fijians let him go. Foster has begun a hunger strike as a strategy to stay in hospital as police wait to question him about a bank swindle and immigration fraud. The tobacco industry has another public relations disaster on its hands - accused of making smoking easier and more attractive to young people. The row is over a new cigarette packet developed by Dunhill. They're trendy, slim and easy to hide.

This hits any attempt to reduce youth smoking

right between the eyes. Dunhill's double-sided design splits in half and the Cancer Council says it's the perfect way for young people to get around the costs of smoking. It reduces the effect of price of cigarettes for young people if they club together and buy a pack. Also of concern - Dunhill has replaced the disturbing images of cancerous mouths and rotting feet

with more of its advertising. Critics want an investigation into whether the new packets break the law. We've asked the Health Department to look at what we can do to stop this new initiative because it does dilute the negative messages on cigarette packets. Dunhill has also released a new packet of 20s. At almost half the size of normal cigarettes, they're expected to attract young smokers too. Yeah, I like it. It's very good.

That would be pretty sweet, actually, I'd love that. It looks very cool - apart from the little girl, obviously, choking on the front. But Dunhill insists its new products are not breaking the law. It says it's always played an active role

in promoting responsible smoking among the youth and rejects claims

its new products could encourage young people to take up the habit. And while some smokers believe size matters, others are not so convinced.

To me, it's all still the same. You're still getting your cigarettes. It's just more advertising for them, I guess. Peta-Jane Madam, National Nine News. Firefighters have spent another day building a buffer between a giant blaze in a remote area of the Blue Mountains and Warragamba Dam.

Ash isn't threatening the water supply yet but smoke has been blanketing many Sydney suburbs. A problem made worse by a number of spot fires, such as this one at Cranebrook near Penrith. They're not threatening homes but they are making life uncomfortable for nearby residents. They say there's strength in numbers, but it's not always the case in rock'n'roll. Bernard Fanning, lead singer from the band Powderfinger, went solo and won two of the top honours at last night's Australian Music Awards. But he had to share the spotlight with Sydney band Wolfmother. With a crash, bang and boom, hard rockers Wolfmother Australia - cometh the time of Wolfmother! The Sydney trio has clocked up nearly a million album sales and this was payday. And the winner is Wolfmother! Best Group, Best Rock Album. Bernard Fanning had enjoyed similar ARIA success with Powderfinger but last night he was flying solo. Best Male Artist... Bernard Fanning. And Best Album - it became boring. I don't know why these things have to go for so long. It had also been a long wait for Human Nature, picking up the gong for Highest Selling Album.

After 10 years, 15 nominations - our very first ARIA. Midnight Oil made it into the Hall of Fame for making music that mattered. When it all had been said and done, it's been a lot of fun. The industry is famous for partying hard but singer Clare Bowditch had an early night - the Best Female Artist is expecting twins. I'm feeling absolutely elated. Can't believe it, still in complete shock. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. In the news ahead - Todd and Brant giving something back to Beaconsfield. And why poor sleep can cause serious problems for children. The worse your sleep disorder breathing problem, the worse the effect on learning. A timely reminder tonight of the dangers beachgoers face this summer. A 22-year-old Irish tourist vanished while swimming at Coogee Beach last night and is believed to have drowned. for help before he was dragged und r. he victim was last seen screaming for help before he was dragged under. Lifesavers are warning beachgoers not to swim in unpatrolled areas. If the flags aren't up, we recommend you don't swim. Police still haven't found his body. There was a bizarre drama at a mail centre at Chullora

Children who sometimes stop breathing in their sleep may go on to have serious learning problems. Researchers have found that untreated sleep apnoea could even affect a child's IQ. 5-year-old Pia Dimichael is among thousands of Australian children suffering from sleep apnoea. At one stage her condition became so bad it was life threatening. She'd only sleep for 30 or 40 minutes a night and I just knew something was wrong. We tried to go to sleep but I just couldn't sleep. Her lack of sleep left her tired and irritable and unable to concentrate. Now, international research shows sleep apnoea if left untreated affects learning and can lower a child's IQ. The worse your sleep disorder breathing, probably, the worse the effect on learning. Doctors say these findings really are a warning for parents who fail to seek treatment for their child's sleeping problems. Don't ignore it. Snoring is not normal, OK? If your child snores or your child has problems sleeping during the night or wakes frequently see your GP. Anne Boas sought help for her son, Matthew, when along with having breathing difficulties his chest partially collapsed.

Had he not have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea, doctors say he could have been a candidate for cot death.

It scares me every time I think about it - what we would have faced if we hadn't have it diagnosed early. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. Three Australian men have been arrested in the Middle East as suspected members of al-Qa'ida. All from NSW, they were in a group of eight arrested in Yemen and accused of running weapons by sea to Islamic fighters in Somalia. A passenger jet has crashed in Nigeria killing 99 people, including the leader of Nigeria's 70 million Muslims. Seven people survived the crash and some of those got out of the wreck of the Boeing 737 with barely any injuries. It's Nigeria's third major air crash in 12 months. True to their word, the Beaconsfield miners are giving back to their community. Todd Russell and Brant Webb announced today they've established a charity to help local children. Basically by setting up this foundation we're gonna try and put some input into the community, for the kids of that community. The pair also launched their book - a warts-and-all account of their fortnight trapped underground. Ken with sport is next - and the Kangaroos should beware of the wounded Lion. That's the message from a defiant Great Britain. Also, Australia now on song to win the Champions Trophy. And, she's back - in bronze - the great Makybe Diva. To help you control flies without spraying chemicals, an efficient killer lies patiently in wait. (Fly buzzes) ZAP! New Baygon Fly Bait's Window Sticker. Help control flies without spraying. The shape, colour and natural food attractant lure the flies. They consume the bait and fly away and die. (Buzzes and then stops) New Baygon Window Sticker and Portable Cube. Help control flies without spraying. SONG: # The power is yours. # Dad, I think this wall needs a coat of paint. Dad, I think the doghouse needs a paint. Dad, I think the fence needs a coat of paint! Dad, I think we should paint my room. and get a 4-litre can of jelly beans free.

Dad, I reckon we should paint the whole house. Worth doing, worth Dulux. Queensland-born hooker Nathan Fien is under investigation tonight about his eligibility to play for the Kiwis. If they have breached the rules, New Zealand could be docked Tri-Nations points. St George Illawarra utility Ben Hornby is the new Australian halfback for Saturday night's game against Great Britain, with the Kangaroos readying themselves for another Adrian Morley onslaught. Adrian Morley's calling card is high, hard and sometimes dangerous - and the Aussies know there is more where that came from. I'd say so, yeah, he looks for it every week in the NRL so we know it's coming, so we've got to get ready for it. Playing against Moz for all these years, mate, you've got to get ready for anything anyway because anything can happen.

Morley says he is just a victim of his reputation. Because it was me, you know, I've got the bad record, they made a song and dance about it. hey made a song and dance about it. I think it was a great hit.

Anyone who plays the game would sit back and applaud that. You don't hear Ruben Wiki whinging about it. Morley is expecting his old club coach to try to make him lose his cool. Ricky Stuart will be into their players.

And Great Britain coach Brian Noble was offended at suggestions that his team plays dirty. You are intimating we try and play a violent game

and have violent conduct and that is completely away from the truth. But according to Hindmarsh,

the players know you can get away with more in international football.

I think there is more of a possibility of getting hit high and it's going to be let go. It's not really a free-for-all, no rules but you can touch the void with some hard hits. And the Australians are looking to playing great Britain on their turf, under their conditions. The last time the Poms played here in 2002, they were beaten 64-10. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. The greatest mare of them all, Makybe Diva, has now been immortalised in bronze.

All was revealed today in Port Lincoln, the home of her owners, Tony and Christine Santic. SONG: # Go, Makybe Diva! Go, you good thing! # Presiding over one of her three Melbourne Cups, Diva's every muscle, every sinew, stood out so real that the millionaire fisherman could hardly speak. I'm blown out, totally. The defiant pose something we will all miss next Tuesday. The Australian cricket team heads into the semifinals of the Champions Trophy fearing no-one and that's bad news for their next opponents, New Zealand. The Aussies advanced with a 6-wicket win against India. Glenn McGrath claimed two wickets, while Martyn, Ponting and Watson starred with the bat. What an occasion to answer his critics - a do-or-die game against the host nation and our oldest bowler was given the new ball. COMMENTATOR: Really good bowling from McGrath. It was classic McGrath, a run-starving line which produced the best bowling figures of the game. Edged this time! A seventh time the 36-year-old had knocked over Tendulkar at this level. I mean, that was a bit of the reason today

why I gave Glenn the news ball, was because of that battle - he enjoys that battle with Sachin. India wasn't barren of heroics. Sehwag slogged his way to 65 and Dravid's 52 helped. But our army was more menacing.

Bowled him, off stump! The Aussies were always ahead of India's run rate, although things slowed when Watson pulled up. It's got to be cramp. Bowling and opening will cause that and Watson better get used to both jobs. As we saw tonight, I think he's got a great future there. India's 249 was easy pickings. Ponting at last made a score, while Martyn continues to dominate. The Kiwis will be the rank outsiders. Being here, settled for just over a week now, I think we'll have no excuses by the time we take the field. And the England team is heading home

after an early exit from the tournament.

My attention now is on spending a good week with the kids and the wife. Who he had already said goodbye to - the Poms were to travel on to Australia - now they've got time to spare. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. The MotoGP world championship got down to the last race of the season and what a way to decide the title. At the Valencia circuit, Valentino Rossi was chasing his sixth crown

but the Italian crashed out early. American Nicky Hayden was the other contender and he finished third to claim the championship. And it was a good day for Australia's Troy Bayliss - he won the race.

After the break - the CommSec Finance Report.

Then Jaynie with the weather details. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $8 million. So you could win a truckload of cash! Don't miss Oz Lotto's $8 million jackpot. CROWD: Hey! SONG: # We know we'll grow up winners # Because we eat our Bix # Weet-Bix... # Just going out the back to play cricket, Mum. # We'll smash the Poms for six # We're Aussie kids... # Look out, Poms. We've all grown up on the long-lasting goodness and real energy of 97% wholegrain Weet-Bix. # Because we're Aussie # We're Weet-Bix # We're Aussie kids

# We're Weet-Bix kids. # Get into Sanitarium wholegrains. CROWD: Yeah!

In business news, a dramatic fall in building starts has led to predictions that Sydney rents will skyrocket over the next five years. On the markets -

heavy building materials company Rinker surged 26% after a takeover bid late Friday from Mexican cement-maker Cemex.

Telstra shares hit a 3-month high. Thanks, Mark. Thawing out this week with some higher temperatures coming up. Good evening, everyone.

We started off with a cool one - temperatures peaked at 23 in Campbelltown and Liverpool and 22 for the city which is one under the average. It's now 21. We have received up to 4mm over the northern rivers today, the rest of our State has been dry,

but north-east winds have freshened along the coast. Tomorrow we expect showers and storms for the north-eastern quarter of the State again. Warming up as winds turn more northerly.

There is the slight chance of a shower in the west. And with those northerlies comes the warmer weather. 30 for Penrith, 28 for Parramatta and Liverpool.

Staying warm all week. We could even see showers. That's National Nine News for this Monday.

I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. by the Australian Cap ion Centre Supertext Captions by the Aus ralian Cap ion Centre Tonight - dodgy accidents, fake injuries - Australia's biggest compo cheats caught on camera. Plus, what drought? The water rat wasting our most precious resource. Also, Hollywood's top sales people - from product end rsement. the stars getting even richer from product endorsement. And our bargain blitz - how to shop and save. This program is live captioned. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. Those stories coming up. But first - the shameless cheats ripping off the insurance system. Phoney accidents, fake injuries - they say they're too injured to work or play, and they've claimed big dollars in compensation. But they've been caught on camera. Elise Mooney reports. Where you come from? I come from

Channel Nine, a Current Affair. And

we'd like to know why you tried to we d like to know why you tried to we'd like to know why you tried to

get $95,000 out of the system?

There are people who don't have any

moral ethics, it is completely un

Australian to rip off your mates.

It's a $2 billion insurance rip off

and everyday, industriallians are

bearing the cost. Take this mug, he

put in a $250,000 insurance claim

saying injuries sustained in a car

accident left him unable to work

and unable to play soccer. What a

joke. His capacity to work was

ruined. His enjoyment of life was

ruined. He couldn't do things that

he would have like today have done.

He needed future care and medical

costs. Yet, as you say, in the

video he's captured doing cart

wheels and all sorts of other

things. This surveillance footage

shows the man doing cart wheels and

front flips. Not bad for a bloke

who claimed a car accident ruined

his capacity to work It's very,

very sad indeed. We want to pay

fair conpennisation to people who

are genuinely injured in car

crashes and have an entitlement.

And unfortunatelying money is going

to the other people who are ripping

off the system. Here's another

fraudster who tried to rip off the

system by $95,000. This man claimed

not one but two accidents left him

with serious injuries to his neck,

shoulder and back. It is just