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(generated from captions) difficult years. 10 somewhat rocky and sometimes occasion. But it was a bitter sweet Electric Shadows Cinema, will be The home of the Festival, the

closing in early December. substantially in the last few They have assisted the Festival contribution, in a very major way years and apart from that to the film scene in Canberra. fifth of November. The festival runs until Sunday the Friday night. And that's WIN News for this to share, you can email us at If you have a news tip you'd like team, thank you for watching WIN I'm Peter Leonard, from the news Television. Not quitting - despite growing calls for him to go. the mufti stands firm, CHEERING Driver's grief - in a weekend car crash the teenager whose four friends died attends two of the funerals. and support. Of course this young man needs love The rise we have to have - hike would be a good thing. John Howard says an interest rate

And Danish delight - she's pregnant again, Princess Mary confirms a girl. but this time her subjects want if you know what I mean. Princesses are more cute, A little girl would be nice. This program is captioned live. Good evening. Australia's most senior Muslim

for him to stand down is defiantly refusing growing demands

women encourage rapists. after his claim that scantily-clad have decided not to sack him Fellow Islamic community leaders his opinions to himself for a while. but they have convinced him to keep and divided Muslims. He's insulted women It earned him a police cordon of his supporters. and the protection of hundreds Go back! blaming scantily clad women for rape, Sheik al-Hilaly, widely condemned for has message for his critics - he's not about to quit. REPORTER: Will you resign Sir? from the White House first. When I free the world

is free of the White House. He'll go only he says when the world Multicultural Affairs Andrew Robb Parliamentary spokesman for

was hoping it was sooner. within the community, He's driven a wedge is demanding that he be sacked. and the Muslim community itself worshippers at Friday prayers. The sheik briefly addressed H s attempt at damage control - His attempt at damage control -

deserves execution. he told them any man guilty of rape The grassroots are behind him, for this community, they know how much he's worked for Australian society. and they know how much he's worked going to condemn him And we're certainly not for which he's already apologised. for one comment,

While it's easy to get the impression for the mufti here, there is unqualified support community in Lakemba there is descent amongst the Lebanese who attend this mosque. as well as the faithful We've been fielding calls who are absolutely irate about it. about members

take a break. The pressure has forced the mufti at the mosque in January. He's expected to resume sermons have reached millions. In the meantime his latest words bulletins across the US and Britain. He has featured on network TV Mark Burrows, National Nine News. the Mufti has solid support Despite prompting widespread outrage from the women in his life. have spoken out in his defence The sheik's daughters were taken out of context. saying his comments The mufti has weathered this storm and four children. with the support of his wife as much as he does now. He's never needed them It's just very upsetting what he's intended to do because this is not He's good man. He's good man. Yeah, I'm very upset. by the backlash The family is strained and sickened the sheik's controversial comments. that's followed They say what he's accused of of his life's work. goes against the grain that don't like my dad, There is a sect of Muslim people I'll be honest with you, the position he's in and they don't like so they try to bring him down. have listened to that sermon Asma, Shayma and Sohir was taken out of context. and firmly believe his lecture

non-Muslim women, His intention was not to upset only to protect the Muslim woman what's written in our books and to tell her

and to cover and be modest. the mufti's health is deteriorating After years of hard work, he'll carry on. but his family believes My dad's strong, and he will stand defiant. and he will stand strong of Australia and he will be the mufti as long as he lives. He's a great man. to teach the youth out there. He's trying to do his best has been asking him to retire For years, the mufti's family

so he can spend more time at home, is not in his nature. but backing down Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. of grief today There was an outpouring for two of the four young men as funerals were held on the north coast. killed in a car crash the 17-year-old driver Among the mourners - who was the only one to survive. out to 17-year-old Tyler Green. A community in mourning today reached which killed his mates, Bearing the injuries of the crash the P-plate driver was comforted its long and painful goodbye. as Lismore began love and support Of course this young man needs in Lismore will do that. and I think this community and two more tomorrow, Two funerals today not only locals the tragedy has touched but the Government. of one of the Lismore victims An open letter from a father restrictions for P-platers. has prompted a re-think on passenger let's have another look at it. I read his anguish and thought had ruled it out. Only four days ago the minister an advisory committee Now he's established

to look at limiting passengers. It's a review of a review. by the Government 18 months ago, The same proposal was examined on our roads is continuing to rise. but the number of young people dying Queensland and WA

brought in passenger restrictions. have recently also recently in the review. The NRMA will be involved Its concern - more young drivers will be forced onto the road. It's better to have them having designated drivers acting responsibly than having four young kids in four cars, maybe some of them drinking. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. An astounding admission today from Premier Morris Iemma. In the week that he lost a senior minister and his government was reeling over the scandal surrounding the Cronulla riot report Mr Iemma revealed he has still not read that report which has caused him so much trouble. The most damning report his Government has ever confronted is not on the Premier's bedside table. REPORTER: Why haven't you read all four volumes? I've read a number of matters on issues touching on this subject.

But not the findings of Norm Hazzard even though they've led to the sacking of Carl Scully

and remain the centrepiece of a campaign to convince the public the riot won't happen again. We supported the commissioning of the report to learn lessons. His new Police Minister is reading the report, but says the Premier has other priorities. Look, the Premier has literally hundreds

of detailed and important reports about every aspects of government that come across his desk. Documents have revealed a new twist in this scandal - that when Carl Scully was briefed on the Cronulla report, a month before he denied in Parliament that it existed,

he was worried that it was critical popular radio presenter Alan Jones. I'm not here to respond to comments like that.

The Premier must have had some briefing on the contents of the report. The Police Minister's confirmed Assistant Commissioner Mark Goodwin,

on stress leave, will survive the Hazzard report's scathing appraisal of his performance during the riots. I don't want there to be scalps from NSW police arising out of this report.

Adam Walters, National Nine News. Prime Minister Howard is being accused of breaching his promises on interest rates. Having continually argued that his Government is better equipped to keep rates low. He's now saying that an increase before Christmas would save us from more pain in the long run. Inspecting rain-starved properties on the Murray, but preparing the ground for an interest rate rise. Mr Howard now seems to argue an expected hike in rates the week after next is the rate rise we have to have. If you don't have an interest rate rise

then it's possible that there will be a further boost in inflation because of the strength of the economy and a bigger rise might be needed further down the track to contain the inflation. In the past, the PM has had a reliable reply for questions on rates. I'm not going to speculate about future interest rate rises. I am not going to speculate about how they might move. I can't speculate and I won't speculate about them rising. Yes he can, now he's facing 3.9% inflation and a chorus of economists saying rates will go up. I think an interest rate, um, rise is entirely possible, given the inflation figure. The Howard Government won the 2004 election, arguing it would keep rates lower than Labor. They've risen three times since - Kim Beazley using the trend as an avenue of attack on the PM. He does not understand the new interest rate reality. that middle Australia has borrowed to the eyeballs. Mr Howard will hope, just as he argues, that a rate rise now eases the pressure for future increases. A rise next year would only raise the sensitive issue of rates in the run to the next federal election. Tim Lester, National Nine News. Princess Mary and husband Prince Frederik have another baby on the way due in seven months. James Talia is in Copenhagen where, James, the news has triggered celebrations. Thanks, Mark. Mary has charmed the Danes, and has already firmly been adopted as one of their own. She's delivered a future King and now, many here in Denmark are hoping she adds a daughter to the line of this ancient royal family.

Baby number two is on the way, and the Danes are captivated all over again. It's very big, it's very big. We all love pregnancies and the Danish people love their royals so they love when the royals are happy. The announcement and the due date, early May, came on the royal website. The pregnancy had been strongly rumoured after Mary walked out of a church service in St Petersburg last month reportedly looking pale and unwell. The couple's first child, Prince Christian, turned one a fortnight ago. I think that they will have very nice children - intelligent and beautiful children together, these two. Well, I think that's very nice. I'm happy for them. I think it's great that Christian gets a little brother or a little sister. Gender is fast becoming the key talking point here. The couple's first duty was to produce a male heir to the throne. But the royal family has no princesses by birth, and it's already becoming clear the Danes are hoping for a little girl this time round. Princesses are more cute, if you know what I mean. A little girl would be nice. The royal family will still travel to Tasmania next month to introduce Prince Christian to the Australian relatives.

Now, it will be a double celebration. In Copenhagen, James Talia, National Nine News. There was a wonderful moment today for young Tyler Moon - finally given his bravery award. You might remember he's the youngster who despite suffering severe injures staggered 2km to raise the alarm after he was in a motorbike accident with his father. He saved his dad's life. In the news ahead - firemen killed in deliberately lit blazes - in the United States.

And the strike which left the ABC up in the air.

A pay dispute at the ABC became very public last night when a cameraman walked off the job during the main evening news. REPORTER: ...each have one vote. Presenter Juanita Phillips tried to carry on,

but the reporter was clearly rattled by his colleague's disappearance. Doug? He's, er, gone. The ABC described the incident as an unacceptable tactic and is considering what action to take. A South Coast doctor who accidentally prescribed a fatal dose of morphine to a patient has been spared a jail term. Dr Gary Gow was handed an 18-month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to manslaughter, the judge saying the accused was deeply remorseful and his mistake should have been picked up by a pharmacist.

52-year-old Wayne Ritchie, who suffered chronic back pain, died at his home after injecting himself with a type of morphine which should only be given to terminal cancer patients. Police have smashed the nation's biggest money-laundering racket, arresting more than 50 people following a year-long operation. The breakthrough came after they followed the profits of drug dealers back to a series of syndicates which sell heroin and ice on the streets of Sydney and Melbourne. The raids signalled the end of the huge operation. For 18 months,

eight government agencies sat back and gathered information as heroin and ice shipments came into the country and the profits travelled out. We've observed in excess of $93 million sent offshore by these networks through a series of money-remittance premises

in Victoria and NSW. The Australian Crime Commission

has charged 54 alleged drug traffickers and money launderers and seized more than $33 million worth of drugs - enough for 1.5 million hits. They also confiscated a fortune in property, cash and weapons.

Criminals aren't constrained by borders or laws and this is one way of constraining them - stop their money and we stop them. Police say heroin from Asia was sent to Australia, cut down and re-packaged for local sale. The gangs allegedly filtered the profits through money exchanges like this one in Sydney's south-west and through an illegal cock-fighting ring in Victoria. It's thought the proceeds were then wired or smuggled

by airline crews to organised crime bosses in Vietnam, Cambodia and Hong Kong. It's Australia's biggest money-laundering bust. The operations of six separate drug syndicates have been smashed, forcing masterminds to explore other avenues of smuggling out their profits, Shawn Fewings, National Nine News. A bushfire whipped up by hot desert winds has claimed the lives of four firefighters near Palm Springs in California. They were trapped by the flames before they could make it back to their truck. This is an arson fire. A deliberately set arson fire that leads to the death of anyone constitutes murder. At least half a dozen homes were destroyed. Many residents had to flee with their horses and even a llama in tow. Michael J. Fox - one of the highest profile victims of Parkinson's Disease is fighting back against a vicious radio shock jock who mocked the star over his condition. Rush Limbaugh accused Fox of missing his medication to exaggerate a political ad promoting embryonic stem cell research. He is moving all around and shaking, it's purely an act. And don't resort to name calling inflammatory language or mocking or whatever you need to do. Just have a discussion about it and we'll see what happens. Fox made his point on a national American news program saying he doesn't mind the rough treatment if it promotes research which could help him and millions of others. Tim with sport next - and our swimmers will chase gold at breakfast time? It's official - in Beijing they'll swim morning finals. Also - farewell to a champion in tomorrow's Cox Plate. And all-rounder Shane Watson talks about his health scare. Well, the main reason I went to NRMA Insurance - because I've got a good deal and I've saved money on it. Well, I saved a considerable amount, because you've got to watch your pennies when you're on a pension as I am. Well, the local branch I went to, the girl behind the counter, named Fatima,

explained everything about their policy to me and couldn't do more for us. Surprise yourself today. Call: Well, I was very happy with her, because she was very polite and everything, so I went and bought her a box of chocolates. SONG: # By my side... #

Sydney galloper Racing to Win is firming as the horse to beat in tomorrow's Cox Plate, but the sentimental favourite

is the 9-year-old former champion Fields of Omagh. After a record equalling five Cox Plate appearances, one of racing's most popular horses will run his last race. No horse his age has won the Plate,

but few have been as comfortable in the Valley of the Kings. The old heavyweight fighter gets into the ring for the last time, and 44 starts, 12 wins, five straight Cox Plates, what else can you ask a horse to do? Fields achieved his immortality in 2003 and has placed in both finishes since. Anything can happen tomorrow, as long as he's safely past the post. A sad time but a joyous occasion. And Saturday night, win lose or draw we're gonna celebrate a great career and an amazing journey for us. Fields jockey Craig Williams lightweight chance Miss inland, was too heavy to ride lightweight chance Miss Finland, and he's jealous.

I feel like I've been cheated on. Miss Finland's new rider is making the painful trip down to 46kg,

but a 3-year-old filly hasn't won the plate for 30 years. I can get the weight, I'm very fit,

I ride every day of the week in New Zealand so,

It was the right one to put on the filly. But in a year when then race looks open, the brilliance of Glenn Boss

and Racing to Win's turn of pace is the combination punters like. If he's sort of the fifth or sixth one off the fence come another half mile, he's gonna have to run behind to beat him. Tim Sheridan, National Nine News. Troubled by tonsillitis, Michael Clarke resumes training tonight, but remains doubtful for Sunday's must-win Champions Trophy match against India. Better news for Shane Watson - the all-rounder is fit to play, despite fearing just days ago that he was dying from a heart attack. Back training for what he does best, Watson admits he had a health scare. Feeling heaps better now. Just about back to 100%. Earlier this week,

Watson was found on the floor of his hotel room suffering severe chest pains. Pale-faced, he was taken to hospital and diagnosed with gastritis, but feared he'd had a heart attack. Yeah, it's pretty excruciating, so, just one of those things that you just don't know what it is. especially when it's around your chest/heart region, especially with the history of my family as well. Shane's father Bob has had triple by-pass surgery, Then, good mate and fellow first class cricketer Scott Mason died last year of a heart attack at the tender age of 28 - Watson a pall bearer at Mason's funeral. It was a very fitting service for an amazing person.

Now recovered, the all-rounders aiming to inflict the same body blows on India's batsmen as he did against England. There's always gonna be a couple in my armoury. It's one of the things that I really enjoy, and I know I'm gonna get 'em back in return as well. Despite losing four wickets in 13 deliveries, West Indies defeated India to make the semifinals of the Champions Trophy - Marlon Samuels belting the winning runs with two balls to spare, Sunday's India-Australia game to decide the other semifinalist from the group. And in the Pura Cup against Queensland 139 by skipper Brad Haddin helped NSW fight back to total 323. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. Australian swimming officials are not happy over the decision to have morning rather than evening finals at the Beijing Olympics. The International Olympic committee has buckled under pressure from American TV, which wants the finals in its prime time. The swimmers don't like it, but they'll have to live with it. It's quite bizarre,

but I think we're gonna have to a change our training to suit that. So we're gonna have to get up pretty early.

The worry is the swimmers won't be at their peak first thing in the morning. Plenty of panel beating will happen near Perth tonight, after a dramatic day's action at Rally Australia. World championship contender Marcus Gronholm came to grief early, rolling his Ford Focus. Forced to make an undignified exit, the Finn got his car back on its wheels and racing. The Subaru of Australian Mark Atkinson caught fire. And despite a double thumbs up, this driverless Peugeot kept on crashing. No-one was seriously hurt. Jonah

Lomu has made a decision

about his future. He's not joining

the Gold Coast Titans. After the break - the CommSec finance report, then Jaynie with the weekend weather details.

In finance - two companies, Boral and Wattyl, have warned of shrinking profits. On the markets, both stocks fell. And surf wear retailer Billabong says returns will be flat because of falling domestic demand and expansion costs in Asia. The All Ords down from a record-losing 30 points.

Now, with what's in store this weekend - here's Jaynie. Thanks Mark. Well it's another chilly weekend coming up with not much rain. Wyong in the central coast picked up 5mm today, but nothing for Sydney where it was warm and muggy.

Humidity levels have dropped dramatically as winds turn westerly and are increasing.

A seriously cold front has been affecting the south-eastern States today.

Snow has fallen to below 300m in Tasmania, along with hail and gale force winds. Severe storms have popped up over the north-east of the State again, with Armidale picking up 11mm. Tomorrow as that front heads out to sea, the cold air will hang around with possible snow falling down to 600m in the morning for south-eastern NSW. And for the ACT there could be a light dusting of snow for the Brindabellas down to 800m.

We may see some showers on Tuesday, Mark.

That's National Nine News for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great weekend. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

They just sized me up. Too old, probably too ugly. from a nightclub Tonight, the woman banned from a n g tclub because she wasn't trendy enough. I was treated the way no human being should be treated. Plus, the Mufti's language excuse, and demands for him to learn English. Also, how to slash your phone bills - never pay top price again. And your favourite TV mums - see how they've changed. This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. Those stories coming up. Also tonight - what's happening to Harry? Temptation's toughest question answered. But first - too old, too ugly and not trendy enough - they were the outrageous excuses used by bouncers to ban a mother from an upmarket Melbourne bar. She was not looking for a big night out, she was only looking for her son. Instead, she found herself the target of a barrage of insults. But they picked on the wrong woman, who's now had her revenge. Those three bouncers should've known when they looked at me "This is somebody's mama coming to get her offspring." There was no way this woman dances here, drinks here or whatever.

You're watching security footage

taken at the entrance of Melbourne bar the Cushion Lounge. The woman with the long blonde hair is Morgan. She's desperate to get inside to find her 15-year-old son, Ryan. But the bouncers won't let her in, claiming there's a private function going on inside. I asked to see the manager because I'm a little bit hoity. "May I see the manager?" and another bouncer came out and said the manager wasn't available and he also said, "You can't come in." Morgan is 51 years old and believes the bouncers didn't let her into the bar that night because she was too old. What sorts of things did the bouncers say to you that night? I don't think I can say on TV.

Were they that bad? It was that bad. Basically, he told me to go penetrate myself with a vibrator. He repeatedly told me f--- off, only he didn't say f---. I don't think anyone should be treated, it's just not my mum, but I, no-one should be treated in that way.