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This program is captioned live. Tonight - refusing to resign...

from the White House first. After they clean the world al-Hilali fuels calls for him to go. ..another outburst from Sheik Last goodbyes - crash mourns his dead mates. the sole survivor of the north-coast for Princess Mary. And baby number two on the way Cheers, Mary! Congratulations. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. a show of defiance Heading the News at 5:00 - Muslim cleric, Sheik al-Hilali. from Australia's most senior

Already under fire for saying only have themselves to blame scantily clad women of sexual assault, for being the targets the mufti now claims world is clean of the White House. he'll only step down when the

made it to Friday prayers. Sheik al-Hilali and he remains defiant. Will you resign, sir? from the White House first. After they clean the world him to step down as Australia's mufti But there's growing pressure for on rape and women's dress sense. for his outspoken comments My comments been misunderstanding -

preaching at Sydney's Lakemba mosque, While he hasn't been banned from a 3-month break, the Sheik will instead take to the hajj next month. including a pilgrimage that we can do - This is the best thing to reflect on some of these comments just let him be, give him time have been upset by them. and why some people

But many remain deeply unsatisfied. is flooding in. Hate mail directed at the mufti

The sad thing is as well as from external sources - we're receiving it from within

about what's happened. people are irate what he's saying. 99.999% of Muslims do not support He certainly does not represent the majority of Muslims. If it is not resolved, people will run around saying then unfortunately get rid of him is because the reason they didn't some of them support his views. secretly,

to decide his own future for now, While the Sheik is being allowed here in Lakemba. there is growing frustration mufti's fate taken out of his hands. Another mistake could see the could splinter the Muslim community. There are fears removing the mufti

dividing this community further The problem is we risk

to keep this community together. and that's my main aim -

He keeps some strong support and his ongoing ill health but the strain of the last two days are taking its toll. James Boyce, Ten News. two of the four teenagers Hundreds of mourners have farewelled on the north coast. killed in Sunday's horror smash

making their last goodbyes, Among those

when his mates were killed. the 17-year-old who was driving his own private anguish Tyler Green has been battling in the past few days, all put aside as he emerged from recuperation to mourn his mate, Mitchell Eveleigh.

was the only survivor 17-year-old Tyler which killed four young friends. of Sunday's crash 600 mourners gathered, and rock T-shirts - many wearing black heavy metal

a keen musician. to farewell Mitchell, Greeting them, his father Robert,

from the embrace of friends. drawing comfort And through the grief of a young life cut short. this was a celebration

But also comforting words for Tyler, driving the car when it crashed in his friends' deaths. and who's questioned his own role Mitch's favourite song, After friends played the mourners emerged, of honour in a touching farewell. fellow students forming a guard hundreds came together again, A few hours later, Uniting Church for Bryce Wells, many spilling out of Lismore's his pride and joy sitting out front. will gather again Tomorrow, many of the same people of the four funerals, for the final two Corey New and Paul Morris. of a difficult 24 hours It will mark the end following a heartbreaking week. congregation for Bryce's funeral, Tyler Green was also in the farewell each dead mate. making good a promise to personally In Lismore, Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

the State Government The tragedy has forced to rules for young drivers. to bring in changes But they've delayed a decision for P-plate drivers. on restricting passengers The death of the four teenage boys has finally forced the Government on young drivers. to bring in more restrictions They include:

reckless behaviour by young drivers, On the one hand we do want to curb we don't want to encourage on the other,

to drive home. drivers who have been drinking restrictions the driver psychology and the Perhaps by addressing restrictions and applying these passenger in a more comprehensive way. we can address the issue with the changes. The NRMA is pleasantly surprised It is time comes out of that tragedy and I think if any good are considering the issue again. is that people against passenger restrictions The best argument die on our roads is the fact that when young people there is only the driver in the car. they do so most often when

1 if the Government is re-elected. The rules will take effect from July Kevin Wilde, Ten News. after being run over by a truck A little girl has died at Miranda this afternoon. The 17-month-old was playing of her family's apartment complex, in the driveway by a 2 tonne delivery truck. when she was hit was reversing out of the driveway It's believed the vehicle when the accident occurred. Her mother was nearby at the time. but died. The toddler was airlifted to hospital police with their inquiries. The male truck driver is helping a positive spin The Prime Minister is putting on the likely interest-rate rise.

criticised for a further hike, He says the Reserve Bank shouldn't be Mr Howard should. but the Opposition says There's nothing more mortgage belt in Melbourne's south-east, than Camphor Close election campaign caravan especially chosen by the Liberals' to ram home their promise of continuing record low interest rates. You might think you get some benefits from other things but if you have a small interest rate rise, it would more than wipe that out. Three small interest rate rises later, it seems we're bracing for another rise we have to have. If you don't have an interest rate rise then it's possible there will be a further boost in inflation.

It won't only be the punters on Melbourne Cup Day losing out, borrowers look set to see the Reserve Bank shift rates up another notch on the first Tuesday in November. John Howard says you can't criticise the Bank if it does. It's a question of, you know, the old saying, "a stitch in time saves nine". This is the fourth stitch.

If there is another interest rate rise that's just his excuse,

he's responsible for this.

Labor says the Government has ignored the Bank's warnings on inflationary pressures for seven years. And not helping is the worsening drought. The Government's official economic forecaster ABARE has dramatically revised down farm production estimates for the smallest national crop

in 10 years. That means one thing -

more price rises across the board for food.

The Prime Minister today visited irrigators hit hard by the rising cost of water as volumes fall in the Murray-Darling river system. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The controversial animated series 'South Park' has again caused outrage with a dead Steve Irwin in its latest episode. The show, which runs in the United States this week,

has Irwin arriving at a party in Hell. He's dressed in his traditional khaki and has a stingray hanging from his bloodied chest. Other guests at the party include Adolf Hitler and Princess Diana. It's not the first time Irwin has appeared on the adult animation - he was even killed off in one episode. SBS, which screens 'South Park' in Australia, is yet to see the episode.

The fairytale continues with confirmation Princess Mary is pregnant again. The official announcement

coming just weeks before she heads home to Tasmania to visit her family. Danish press dubbed 1-year-old Christian 'Kingaroo'. Now they'll have to come up with another clever Aussie nickname. Princess Mary's expecting again. Speculation the princess may be pregnant was sparked earlier this month in Russia, where she seemed to be suffering morning sickness. Now confirmation she'll deliver a second heir to the Danish throne in May.

It's strange to say so, but I think we feel more safe now we have two. Most Danes are hoping for a girl. The last birth of a little princess was in 1944. Prince Frederik's brother has two sons and of course Christian is a boy, so everyone is hoping a girl might come along. As for his or her name...

It'll be Danish and Australian, like last time, I'm sure. Princess Mary captured the hearts of Danes and Australians alike

when she wed Crown Prince Frederik in Copenhagen two years ago. And she's still a star to pubgoers at Sydney's Slip Inn where she met her prince during the 2000 Olympics. They're celebrating the royal addition with half-price beers and free drinks for Danes, tonight. Cheers, Mary! Congratulations! We wish her the best. Yeah, it's fantastic. She's doing us proud. The royal couple probably won't be coming back to the pub where it all began when they visit Australia next month with son Christian.

The only detail known about their very private trip is they'll be spending it in Tasmania with family. It's a trip they're expected to make annually, so the Kingaroo and the new prince or princess will appreciate their Aussie roots. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Tim Webster joins us with what's ahead in Sport. And cricketer Shane Watson reveals a nightmare in India. Yes, he feared his dose of Delhi belly was much worse. The all-rounder is back on deck training, but it was a real scare. He thought the pain he was experiencing was a heart attack. We'll hear from Shane shortly. And turned upside down - our Olympic swimmers' plan to cope with going for gold just after breakfast in Beijing rather than in the traditional night finals. Plus - we'll reveal who'll take over as Wallabies captain

for their opening tour match in Europe. The senior officer who wrote the Cronulla riot report goes on stress leave - that's next. Also tonight - punishment for the Sydney doctor who killed a patient

by prescribing the wrong drug. And the melons responsible for an outbreak of salmonella across three States.

This program is captioned live. A major rift in the senior ranks of our police force tonight over the response to the Cronulla riots. The officer who copped much of the criticism has hit back

insisting he's being made a scapegoat. A sequel to the Cronulla violence turmoil within senior ranks of the NSW Police. The commander on the day, Assistant Commissioner Mark Goodwin, now on anxiety leave

after penning a scathing attack on his critics within the force. In a confidential letter to Police Commissioner, Ken Moroney, Mark Goodwin declared;

A claim the government denies. I hope he's back at work soon. I find him an impressive fellow. I don't want scalps from NSW Police arising out of this report. Mark Goodwin slammed the author of the report into the riot accusing Assistant Commissioner Norm Hazzard

of having a conflict of interest. Hazzard headed the counter-terrorism command which, according to Goodwin, wanted to take over responsibility for events like Cronulla. And it appears Goodwin wasn't the only critic of the Hazzard report. Documents tabled in the Upper House suggest former minister Carl Scully feared it criticised the role of talk-back broadcasters, including Alan Jones.

The Premier says

the delaying of any Government report to accommodate the sensitivities of talk-back radio hosts would be unacceptable. At the same time, he says he hasn't yet read all four volumes of the Hazzard report. I just find it difficult to believe - He hasn't read the report. The new Police Minister says

he intends to read the report over the weekend. Paul Mullins, Ten News. A doctor who killed a patient by prescribing the wrong medication has walked free from court. Dr Gary Gow, from Wollongong, prescribed the wrong type and quantity of morphine for a man with back pain in 2004. The patient died less than a day after taking the dose. The GP admitted his fatal mistake, pleading guilty to manslaughter.

But the judge accepted his remorse, sentencing Dr Gow to a suspended jail term of at least 12 months. A major Asian drug gang has been smashed

with arrests in Sydney and Melbourne. Raids at homes and businesses have netted guns, drugs and a heroin-pressing machine.

We've designed a series of precision strikes, I call them,

against six or more drug-trafficking networks

and their money-laundering enterprises. A man in Sydney and a woman in Melbourne have faced court on charges they laundered more than $1 million each. Students at a Melbourne College have been spat on, abused and threatened, as anger over a sickening rape DVD escalates. The PM today condemning the film and criticising the boys' parents. Students at Werribee Secondary College are outraged.

Firstly, at those involved in the disgraceful DVD that has so tarnished their community. I can't believe someone would do that to someone else. It's disgusting. And, secondly, at those in the community who are blaming them for the abuse shown on the video. A couple of younger friends of mine? in Year 9 were spat on. We're getting targeted for something we had such a little involvement in.

It's just disgusting. Counsellors have been brought in to help students while police are also investigating death threats. 90% of the phone calls are abusive, threatening, horrific. There's anger too at Education Minister Lyn Kosky's cancellation of a school visit. She says she didn't want to burden the school. Her federal leader more willing to weigh in. The police must be left to do their own investigations. We don't need to set ourselves up as judge and jury. There's rumours vigilantes may target the so-called 'teenage kings of Werribee'. Already a website has been set up encouraging people to name and shame. The PM in part blaming their parents. I hope they are dealt with. It probably indicates a lack of parental control. While police are continuing to interview those on the DVD and to assess the evidence they've gathered over the past few days, charges are yet to be laid. James Wakelin, Ten News. A driver, spooked when police wanted him to pull over,

has left a trail of destruction through the inner city. Highway officers pinned the man down after the short chase. He'd reversed into the patrol car, sped off, then hit two parked cars as well an oncoming vehicle. Didn't hear much going on and then this car just came up and smashed into the side of us. The driver lost control of his Commodore, crashing into a pole. The 26-year-old's been treated at St Vincent's Hospital for a sore neck and back.

Jet of the weather now and I can

see from the windsock on the top of

your head that the southerly has

come in. It has just changed and

the subtly that is going to more

this blow across Saturday has

arrived. It is almost South south-

west with a bit of warmth in us.

Enjoy the warmth because it would

be there tomorrow. The top tomorrow

is all of 19 degrees. Actually won

on away. But a look at Sky watch.

High cloud, warm temperatures,

sunshine - it felt like a Friday

and don't we just love them. To

some on the lips. 18 degrees

earlier in the day and sit up to

about 30 degrees. And right now earlier in the day and sit up to about 30 degrees. And right now earlier in the day and sit up to about 30 degrees. And right now earlier in the day and sit up to about 30 degrees. And right now earlier in the day and sit up to about 30 degrees. And right now is

20 degrees. This is exciting beers

- you weather photographs. Victor. What - you weather photographs. Victor.

What a beauty. He is in the running

for eight Fuji digital camera and

it will come your way, hopefully.

Will give them away at 5:55pm. A deliberately lit bushfire claims the lives of four firefighters in California.

And the Sydney teenager who had life-changing surgery for a disfiguring disease. Now she's helping others take on bullies. It is totally unjustifiable and terribly wrong to bully someone just because they look different.

Let's stick the traffic. There is

trouble with the southerly wind

blowing through. Whishaw RA. The

rain is coming in from the south-

west and we are struggling getting

dirt helicopter in the direction we

wanted to go. This is Pennant Hills

Road and all three lanes are

crawling. Friday afternoon traffic

heading towards the central coast

and that is what motorists have to

face. There are no breakdowns but

the traffic is very heavy. Will try

to bring you the M5 next break. Queensland-grown rockmelons are suspected of causing food poisoning outbreaks in three States.

Doctors have issued an urgent warning, after dozens of people were struck down with salmonella. Rockmelons are the only common link in a troubling outbreak of a serious strain of salmonella. In NSW they've had more than 50 cases to date and they're currently getting around 10 new cases per day.

Cases are also being reported in Victoria and the ACT. Doctors are trying to contain the outbreak and it's looking more and more like some Queensland-grown rockmelons are to blame. There is mounting evidence of a link between the cases in southern States

and melons grown in Far North Queensland. Health officials are testing fruit, trying to confirm whether it's causing the sickness. NSW authorities raised the alarm and managed to trace some of the melons back to Sydney's Flemington Markets. NSW doctors say their salmonella patients reported eating rockmelon in the four days before they fell ill. The symptoms of salmonella Saint Paul include sudden stomach pain, diarrhoea, nausea and sometimes vomiting and fever. But you can protect yourself by washing the fruit well. Scrub the outside of the rockmelon with a clean brush and wash the cut surface. Doctors say anyone with health concerns should see their GP. Sharon Marshall, Ten News. Australian conman Peter Foster will be released from a Fijian hospital Monday. The serial fraudster is handcuffed to his hospital bed under police guard. His doctors and police agreeing to keep Foster under observation for the weekend after injuring his head while trying to flee police. His lawyer says he will make a complaint to police because Foster alleges he was assaulted when he was arrested. Fiji police want to question Foster on several matters, including immigration violations.

Four firefighters have been killed and another critically injured while battling a massive bushfire in California. They were trying to save a house but became trapped in their truck. More than 700 people had to be evacuated from their homes, hundreds more stranded at a caravan park cut off by the flames. The fire, which was deliberately lit, is being fanned by desert winds of up to 40 kilometres an hour. Michael J. Fox has hit back at claims The Queen has been forced to cancel an engagement after pulling a muscle in her back. Her husband, Prince Philip, stepped in to take her place, opening Arsenal Football Club's new stadium in London. The Queen asked me to tell you all how very disappointed she is not to be here today. The substitution was so last-minute it was too late to change the name on the plaque. Doctors have advised the Queen to reduce her workload for a few days.

An inspirational Sydney teenager is helping children with facial deformities overcome schoolyard bullying. It was a brush with superstar Cher that prompted her to start her own charity.

When she looks in the mirror 17-year-old Bianca Moon sees past the scars. You wouldn't know it by looking at her but Bianca was born with a cranio-facial disfigurement and has undergone surgery all her life. I don't have enough skin on my face so I'll never get wrinkles and the muscles in my eyes didn't work so I have donor muscles in my eyes which are on hooks and I have a metal rod in my nose to pull my eyes together. At school Bianca copped constant abuse because of the way she looked. I was bullied, predominantly through primary school. I actually changed primary school three times.

For children with this condition, the physical effects can range from a cleft pallet to extreme skull deformity. Cher became an advocate for cranio kids around the world after doing the movie 'Mask'. When Bianca met her idol she was inspired to help others battling the same condition. She prompted me to think about awareness

for craniofacial disfigurements and the acute lack of it in this country. Bianca's now determined to help children who've suffered from playground bullying like she did, setting up a charity for craneo kids to try to build awareness and acceptance. The charity called Truly Beautiful held its first fundraiser today and Bianca's message was simple. It is totally unjustifiable and incredibly wrong to tease someone just because they look different. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News.

Labor's plan to offer big bucks to keep good teachers in the classroom - that's next. Also, the rare conjoined twins, beating the odds to survive. They cry in sequence, together. And if you put a soother in one mouth, then they both stop crying. It's kind of cute. Their chances of being successfully separated. And the Aussie music great set to rock the Dutch royals in Sydney.

This program is captioned live.

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This program is captioned live. The top stories we're following this newshour - another baby on the way for the Danish royals, with confirmation Princess Mary is pregnant again. The official announcement coming just weeks before she heads home to Tasmania to visit her family.

Hundreds of mourners have turned out to the funerals of two teenagers killed in Sunday's horrific crash on the north coast. Among those saying farewell, 17-year-old Tyler Green who was driving when his mates were killed. And Sydney Muslim cleric Sheik al Hilali is refusing to resign, despite his controversial comments about immodestly clad women inviting sexual assault. The mufti now claims he'll only step down when the world is clean of the White House. Labor wants to stop the brain drain in our schools by offering teachers more money. Kim Beazley says he'll reward teachers who achieve high standards with pay rises of up to $10,000 a year. There is nothing like a good teacher - not a computer, not an airconditioned classroom. Nothing beats a good teacher

and we've got to do everything we can to encourage those good teachers to stay in the system and be happy with it. Under Labor's policy, teachers who work in the nation's toughest schools could end up earning more than the principal. A Canadian couple has welcomed an extremely rare set of conjoined twins. The baby girls are joined at the skull, doctors still trying to determine whether it will be possible to separate them.

Krista and Tatiana Hogan beat the odds They're breathing on their own and very stable. It's early days but they're doing very well at this point.

Separation surgery is extremely

risky. Medical expertise is

improving and at least two similar

sets have been parted successfully

and the last few years. The days

before the birth the mother expressed hopes before the birth the mother expressed hopes that their daughter

would live a normal life. I have

fantasies of them running around

and being separated. They share an unusual bond.

unusual bond. They cry in sequence,

together and if you put a pseudo in together and if you put a pseudo in

one's mouth, the other stops crying.

You tickle one of the twins legs

and the other twin kicks. The Australian share market went into reverse, despite a firmer Wall Street.

A musical reunion today for one of the country's biggest hit-makers, and a famous singer of those hits. Harry Vanda and John Paul Young taking to the stage for a royal audience in Sydney. LEGENDARY AUSTRAIAN SONG PLAYS

Recognise that intro? It's 'Friday on My Mind', just one of the dozens of hits Harry Vanda and George Young have written in a career spanning 40 years.

Here's another one. 'LOVE IS IN THE AIR' PLAYS

Harry and John Paul Young took to

where very picturesque set as part

of a TV show been shown in the

Netherlands. Harry was chosen Netherlands. Harry was chosen

because he is one very successful

Dutch expat. He emigrated when he

was 17 and he was a big star. Harry

was lead guitarist and guitarist in

the easy beats. When they split

their rare songs for a host of

artists. There was to lie in 1976.

To us metres from where they are

playing today. This reunion is not

a one-off. The pair have also

collaborated on a new album. The

first together in 28 years. For

after all that time we thought,

it's about time we show what we can

really do - what he can do it

because he's such a great singer.

It is called in to do it. It's

almost like they have been a very

own Beatles here in Australia.

There was a magic commercial appeal.

The album is out next week.

The album is out next week.Check of

the weather now and we'll have

Friday on our minds. Is it going to

be a good weekend? Have we have

ever. Angela Bishop did not

disclose enough last story - which

she is absolutely head over heels

in love with John Paul Young.

Friday on my mind - it happens to

be every day on my mind. It is

gorgeous here at Manly at the cove.

Summer is coming but not tomorrow.

We will have a south-west or turned

southerly and 90 degrees is the top.

Right now is gorgeous as the flies circle me here.

South south-westerly winds added is

going to feel more like autumn and

of course daylight savings tomorrow

at 2am in the morning, Sunday

morning, whited forward and

everything will be all right. At

last - we're all sick of getting up

with the light at 4:45am. Right now

back to the gang.

Sport now and Tim, how Olympic swimmers to change their gold medal game plan? Yes, their Olympic finals will now be the morning to suit American TV. Reaction shortly. Plus - who'll captain the Wallabies against Wales.

Also - back on deck, but Shane Watson reveals how he feared dying of a heart attack in India. And no decorum. What is happening to the PGA tour!?

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This program is captioned live. Australian all-rounder Shane Watson is out of hospital and back training.

The 25-year-old is overcoming what he thought was a heart attack earlier this week. He's now a likely starter in Sunday's must-win Champions Trophy clash with India. Australia preparing to run rings around India with the return of all-rounder Shane Watson. The young gun back on deck after a stint in hospital with Delhi belly. Feeling heaps better now, just about back to 100%, so I'm looking forward to training this afternoon, to blow a couple of cobwebs out that have been there. But I'm feeling much better.

Watson feared he was dying of a heart attack when admitted to hospital.

Severe chest pain had him rolling round his hotel room floor. Pretty excruciating. It's just one of those things that you just don't know what it is, especially when it's around your chest/heart region, and especially with the history in my family as well. Watson's father Bob had triple bypass surgery around 10 years ago. His scare flooding back memories of former Tasmanian team-mate Scott Mason who died of heart attack just last year. Meanwhile, the West Indies have qualified for the semifinals following a thrilling 3-wicket win over the host nation. The Windies were chasing 224 for victory and were off to a solid start with Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Ramnaresh Sarwan both making 50s but a late collapse had the game in the balance. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that is a shocker, Brian.

A further two wickets in the dying overs swinging the game in India's favour before Marlon Samuels smashed the winning runs with just two balls to spare. Scott MacKinnon, Ten News. And a stunning run-a-ball century from Brad Haddin has rescued the Blues against Queensland at the Gabba. Haddin made 139, Dominic Thornley 97. The Bulls 0/29 at stumps. Jonah Lomu has decided not to jump from union to league.

New NRL club the Gold Coast Titans had offered the former All Blacks star a one-year deal, but he turned it down. In the absence of an injured Stirling Mortlock, Phil Waugh will captain the Wallabies in the opening Test against Wales, and they'll experiment with that revamped backline. The boys left for their 4-Test Spring Tour of Europe this afternoon. With 37 players and a total of 56 personel making the trip to Europe today's departure was a massive logistical exercise in itself.

With no George Gregan in the touring party for the first time in more than a decade and Stirling Mortlock still on the injured list,

Phil Waugh is set to be rewarded for his service

with the captaincy in the first Test against Wales.

I'm pretty happy. It is a great

opportunity. That will cover is now

less than 12 months away and the

Wallabies have radically revamped

their back line. They think it is

the best time to experiment. A

we're going to try another half

back. There is an element of risk

which is well worth it. The Wallabies will be looking for

revenge when they take on Wales in

this first Test at. Assistant coach

is sure to have an import. The back

line was assistant to the wiles

when they beat the Wallabies. His

sense of humour and his knowledge

of the Welshmen expected to be an asset. One of Australia's top swimmers has called

for morning finals to be added to the national championships after yesterday's decision by the IOC for early finals at the Beijing Games.

Our top coaches will meet in Sydney over the weekend to formulate measures to cope with the change. Morning's have always been about training or completing heats for Australia's top swimmers. But with television giant NBC

wanting finals served up over dinner in the US, they'll be swimming for gold just after breakfast in Beijing.

We really will have to get up very early for the finals. If we're ready to race for a final in the morning we're going to have to get up at a good 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning just to be awake enough and alert enough to race well. To go into an Olympics and not be able to keep with a routine that you have had for the last couple of years is a little disappointing. Lenton calling for morning finals here to help prepare.

The most obvious thing is to change the trials around to exactly the same format as the Olympics. I think it's certainly a responsibility of mine to put that to Swimming Australia. Fingers pointed at the IOC for bowing to the wishes of television. That is the disappointing thing. I'm not concerned about the performance parts of this but I'm concerned that the Olympic Games have been sold to commercial interests. Sport is part of the whole society

and it shows once again that money rules the world.

Duncan Armstrong to be used in planning for the changes. In 1988 he took gold in Seoul, the last time morning finals were staged. Yeah, I heard Duncan Armstrong talking about that this morning and how it didn't affect him so he'll certainly be someone I'll be talking to. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Carnage at Rally Australia in the west with six of the top ten drivers crashing during today's gruelling country stages.

Three-time event winner Marcus Gronholm's chances of victory taking a pounding minutes into stage three. The world champion taking almost 10 minutes

to get back on four wheels and back into action.

I hid the stone inside and

immediately the car went

immediately the car went over an

embankment and we were rolling. We

had more difficulties to come back on the road. Australia's Chris Atkinson also struck disaster after leading mid-way through the morning, losing control of his Subaru during stage six. Staying out of trouble and in front former winner, Norway's current leader, Petter Solburg. Champion Irish jockey Kieren Fallon says imported stallion, Grey Swallow, can win tomorrow's Cox Plate

at Moonee Valley. Fallon is adamant the 6-year-old's best is good enough to win the $3 million Classic. He says if the race was run in Europe, Grey Swallow would start favourite. If he was anywhere near his best, you'd have thought he'd run a big race but this sharp track might not just suit him. Fallon took his first look at Moonee Valley this morning. He'll partner the Gai Waterhouse-trained Aqua D'Amour

in the great race.

And Michael Sullivan thinks the best value bet at Moonee Valley tomorrow is in the Cox Plate. Race 7, Number 5, Lad of the Manor. The each-way special is in the Crystal Mile, To the golf course - and quite literally a skins event.

After finding the edge of the water at the par four 16th American Doug Barron decided the best way to make sure he didn't get his shirt dirty was to take it off.

I have to say a rain jacket might have been a better choice. Perhaps he doesn't have one. Aren't their limits? Not a good look but it's probably better than playing the last two holes with a muddy shirt not sure it's something I'd get away with at Oatlands.

Later in Sports Tonight -

The shirts are run in the cast too.

Unfortunately for traffic getting

to Campbeltown it will take quite a

while to get there because traffic

is diabolical all the way to

Campbeltown. We hope allays heading

north heading towards the M3. Stay with us - Tim Bailey has the all-important weekend weather next. And getting ready to rock! The Veronicas countdown to the ARIAS.




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stay. What I like about that was

you that everything on my behalf

but he did not mention Ashley's but he did not mention Ashley's

name. Happy birthday Ashley. I

wasn't listening. It's a wasn't listening. It's a

celebration for Deborah Knight - a

one-year anniversary, one-year anniversary, Linsey, the

husband, I call him flighty bar -If

it is shining at the moment. A a

win has run up at the moment but win has run up at the moment but

Saturday is going to be a different story. Tops

story. Tops of 19 degrees but story. Tops of 19 degrees but

mainly sunny. No precipitation with

that cold air. It will warm up to

21 degrees on Sunday and mainly

sunny but these are autumn

temperatures. Their life savings on

Sunday morning. 2am go forward one

hour and everything will be all

right when you wake up in the

morning. We are giving away a Fuji digital

digital camera. Harvey Norman had

given us a truckload of them and

they love the work. This goes to

Neville Prosser. Bid for work - a

storm and that has won new aphid

she digital camera. If you want to

be involved: into your backyard on a a fabulous Friday. The barometer

The barometer is 1003. And falling.

There are bitterly cold winds and

high land snow in Hobart. The high

would generate storms an end

tomorrow the business of the tomorrow the business of the brolly

- thunderstorms in the south-east

of Queensland. A call one - you

weekend is Warton autumn. It's going to state:

The membrane, let the The membrane, let the rain because

there has been none of it. It is

dry and warm right now. The chilly

weekend a your place but at least it is that. The biggest names in Australian music are getting ready to rock the ARIA awards. The Veronicas among those rehearsing for Sunday night's show. The sisters are hoping for success on the night, nominated for three awards. Wolfmother, Bernard Fanning and Eskimo Joe the other big names battling it out for a pointy statue. And of course you can see it all here on Ten from 7:30 on Sunday night. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Have a great weekend. See you Monday. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

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