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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Sack him and send him home -

under fire for slurs against women. Australia's most senior Muslim cleric over the shocking abuse DVD. Police haul in students for an Aussie conman And a long line of questions dramatically arrested in Fiji. Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Also today -

about what really happened in Malawi. Madonna opens up to Oprah and said to me And he looked into my eyes and said that he was very grateful his son a life. that I was going to give we speak to a Canberra family And later, adopting two children from Ethiopia. about their experiences women's groups are outraged But first,

most senior Islamic cleric over comments made by Australia's during a Ramadan sermon. Sheik al-Hilali allegedly said who don't wear Islamic head dress that women for being raped. have only themselves to blame

waiting to be devoured by animals. He's likened them to pieces of meat he was taken out of context, A spokesperson for the Sheik says have condemned the comments. while ethnic communities

to be pulled into line. Politicians calling for him And later in Tens' Morning news the Lebanese Muslim Association we'll talk to the President of of his community think about what he and members about the controverisal comments.

have been questioned by police A group of teenage boys on a teenage girl in Melbourne. over the horrific video taped attack could be breaking the law. those viewing it Police have also warning

As investigations continue, for questioning parents arrive with their teenagers at police headquarters. So far, no charges have been laid. two teenagers' homes Police also raided at least

who was behind the attack as they tried to piece together circulated DVD. on the girl featured on a widely sexual offences were committed. They say the DVD shows serious

fair to say that it's a rape At this stage, it would be

as well. and some indecent assault involved yesterday After initial raids on homes their sons to police for questioning. several parents volunteered Victorian schools for $5. The DVD was sold in several school, another has left voluntarily One student has been expelled from

have been disciplined. while several other students It shouldn't happen. It's just a disgusting matter. on the internet Portions of the video remain by 2,500 people. now reportedly seen the images, If caught viewing or downloading

charges. they could now face child pornography this is a bit of joke Anyone who thinks at themselves. should have a have a good look

'Jackass', Johnny Knoxville, Creator of American television series

by his work are outrageous. says claims the boys were inspired 'animals' He's labelled those involved in the tape. and says he sees no humour Keiva Matheson, Ten News.

Discrimination Commission Pru Goward And later we'll speak to Federal Sex on the Sheik's comments. about her thoughts Australian conman Peter Foster is recovering in a Fijian hospital Australian con-man Peter Foster

under police guard. The fraudster claiming who'd been hunting him for weeks. he was bashed by officers Bloodied and dazed, Australian conman Peter Foster makeshift ambulance by Fijian police. is bundled into the back of a who's been on the run for weeks. A dramatic end for the fraudster, just outside the capital Suva The Gold Coast conman was arrested yesterday afternoon. the new focus for controversy. But his injuries have become

he was stopped at a road block, Police have said where he was hit by a boat. ran away and jumped in the river mother told local newspapers But this morning, Peter Foster's by officers after his arrest. she believed her son had been bashed with his doctor. A story that doesn't necessarily wash Looking through the notes by a propeller. he was reported as being lacerated

have been hunting the conman Fijian police

a rival's holiday resort, since he smeared calling it a haven for paedophiles. during his visa application, He's also alleged to have lied the latest in a long list of crimes on three different continents. that have seen him jailed Foster hit the headlines in 2002 Most recently, he acted as a financial advisor after revelations Tony Blair. to the wife of British Prime Minister

from hospital tomorrow, Although Foster should be released to look forward to. he doesn't have a great deal

are waiting to question him Fijian authorities to Australian Federal Police. before he's handed over Hugo Ward, Ten News. is in turmoil this morning The New South Wales Government of Police Minister Carl Scully. after the sacking by Premier Morris Iemma Mr Scully was told last night that he'd made one mistake too many.

After a fortnight of embarrassment, arrived home NSW Police Minister Carl Scully to the sanctuary of his family. an ashen-faced Mr Scully Hours earlier,

on a political assassination, put his spin from the Cabinet. announcing his resignation in a period of two weeks. I made a second error in the House would find that unacceptable I believe the community

and difficult to explain. Certainly the Premier did -

his senior minister. Morris Iemma sacking of one mistake too many. It was simply a case

just five months away, With a State election

for the Iemma Government. the drama is a major setback if he will resign from Parliament. Carl Scully is still to decide See you later. It's been a great journey.

Paul Mullins, Ten News. accident involving a P-plater. Police are investigating yet another veered off this Sydney road The 20-year-old driver around 11:00 last night. and slammed into a tree with head, back and arm injuries. He was rushed to hospital

and 12, are in a stable condition. His two male passengers, aged 16 The sole survivor of Saturday's fatal car crash near Byron Bay has been placed on suicide watch.

injured his hands in the crash, P-plate driver Tyler Green, who he didn't die with his four mates. has reportedly been asking why The 17-year-old has been heavily sedated, since the accident. He's been shifted to a different hospital ward, where he's under watch. Guinea pigs wanted for the world's first full face transplant, that story when the morning news returns.

And Parkinson sufferer Michael J. Fox accused of putting on an act to drum up support for stem cell research. What you do in Missoura matters to millions of Americans. Americans like me. Fire is very, very dangerous. So what should you do if you're caught in a fire?

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This program is captioned live. He may not have given a deadline or timetable, but George Bush has spoken more openly about his vision for Iraq than ever before. The US President says his plans are flexible, but needs the Iraqi Government to step up. Congressional elections around the corner

and a fever of speculation, especially about Iraq. The White House press still rise respectfully for the President but these days, they're itching to ask awkward questions and George Bush is itching to show that he, too, can feel the people's pain especially on the war. I know that many Americans are not satisfied with the situation in Iraq. I'm not satisfied either

and that's why we're taking new steps to help secure Baghdad. So what's he going to do about these troops? Bring them home or send more? No real hints apart from this new line and about a conflict that is beginning to look like a civil war even to the White House. As the enemy shifts tactics, we are shifting our tactics as well. Americans have no intention of taking sides in a sectarian struggle or standing on the side of a cross fire between rival factions.

Flexibility is the new buzz word.

In the August East Room

and in a make-shift tent in north lawn of the White House, here, senior cabinet members have been bending the ear of radio hosts to broadcast to a million of republicans in need of a good reason to go out and vote. His face and his name are well known and so is his disease.

Now, actor Michael J. Fox is at the centre of a political controversy.

We've seen him before campaigning on behalf of stem cell research but this year, television viewers could clearly see the toll Parkinson's disease has taken on Michael J. Fox. TV COMMERCIAL: They say all politics is local, but it's not always the case.

What you do in Missoura matters to millions of Americans. Americans like me.

Fox is campaigning for Missoura US Senate candidate and Democrat Claire McCaskill.

In the ad, Fox urges voters not to support Republican Senator Jim Talent. Unfortunately, Senator Jim Talent opposes expanding stem cell research. Fox did similar ads for democrats in Wisconsin and Maryland. It drew a strongly deliberate response from conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh who won his nationally syndicated show called into question why Fox was shaking so much.

He's moving all around and shaking and it's purely an act. Today in Illinois, Fox made reference to Limbaugh's comments during a campaign stunt

for Democrat Tammy Duckworth who's running for Congress. I'm kind of lucky right now which is ironic given some things that have been said in the last couple of days that my pills are working well right now. LAUGHTER

Some conservatives who oppose embryonic stem cell research

don't agree with the way Limbaugh handled it. I don't think Republicans are going to be hurt because one talk show host, however influential, said something foolish although it wasn't helpful. I think the key thing that Republicans will have to do is explain that these ads over-simplify the issues. Embryonic stem cell research has gained much attention in Missouri because the state ballot initiative that basically supports stem cell research

and any therapies that come of it. Proponents of the initiative have spent nearly $3 million on advertising, compared to the $111,000 from the opposition. Still, there is competition on the airways from groups who have their own message: TV COMMERCIAL: Embryonic stem cell research will require millions of eggs and women will pay a terrible price. Germany's Defence Force is hunting a group of soldiers

who took photos of themselves posing with a human skull in Afghanistan. The snaps were leaked to a newspaper sparking outrage across the country. It's not clear where the skull came from,

or how the peacekeepers obtained it.

Germany's Defence Minister has pledged

to find and punish the soldiers.

A footbridge packed with local tourists has collapsed in Indonesia, killing five women. 29 other people were seriously injured

when they plunged 20m onto a rocky riverbed in a mountainous resort on Java Island. Rescue workers say too many people were on the bridge, causing a steel cable to snap. A British surgeon is searching for suitable patients to undergo the world's first full face transplant. But critics say the medical milestone is taking science one step too far. This is the surgeon who will pioneer face transplantation.

Peter Butler says it's needed because some patients are so disfigured that despite surgery, they hide themselves from the world. Some of the people that have approached us spend their life inside, really, they don't go outside.

They go out once a week to the local corner store to get their provisions. That's a story Isabel Dinoire is familiar with

after she was savaged by a dog. But last November in France

she received the world's first partial face transplant appearing before the cameras to say it had transformed her life. And this man, who suffered 80% burns in the Falklands war has given his full support saying it would give hope for patients with disfigurement.

People who have this type of facial trauma and disfigurement aren't always as confident as somebody like myself and not necessarily able to lead their lives in a constructive way. Now, if we provide them with an option that will allow them to do that, then I think we are actually benefiting those people and benefiting their families and benefiting mankind in that way. Peter Butler told me some patients and donor families were concerned about how a full face transplant

might alter someone's appearances. So with his help, we tried to find out. This laser scanned my head and transferred the data to a computer to produce a 3D image. We did the same laser scan of the surgeon Peter Butler. The question - what would it look like if his face was transplanted onto mine?

The skin and muscle would be removed along with the nerves, veins and arteries.

All would need to be reconnected. And this is the result. The new transplanted face. It's a hybrid of Peter Butler's features on the left of the screen and my face on the right. And this is how it might look like for real. The new face in the middle has a distinct appearance but looks more like me on the right, than Peter Butler on the left.

Police in Mexico are trying to hunt down one of the world's most prolific mass murderers who's killed up to 400 women over the past decade. Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez has now made a film about the crimes in the hope of highlighting what's going on. It is the city with a lost generation of women.

Ciudad Juarez home to 1 million people and a grizzly reputation for murder. For 13 years, these have become the disappeared. No-one can agree on numbers, everything from 90 to 400 victims. This woman has lived Juarez's nightmare. Her 17-year-old daughter, Celia, disappeared in 1995.

Celia's remains were only found last month. But Celia's story is like so many others here. Young women abducted from the streets of Juarez, more often that not from down town bus stops like this. Although Hollywood may have its own version of what happened here, the reality is that 13 years after they began, the killings continue to mount.

375 Mexican women have been raped and murdered and no-one is yet to be charged. The new film depicts a city of transient female workers often ruthless, vulnerable.

Starring and produced by Jennifer Lopez, she says it's a story that needs bringing to world attention. It feels lawless, you know, nobody's regulating anything down there and so all this stuff is just going on and going on

without anybody doing anything. So that's what we want to do and that's what I felt like this movie had to be made. In real life, everyone from serial killers to police officers have been blamed for abducting the women. There have been convictions but the killings have always continued. Just outside the city lies wasteland and in the middle, we find this. Eight of the women's bodies were found here.

It is the killing fields of Juarez and symbolises a tragedy that endures.

Pop star Madonna's controversial adoption of an African child has attracted a fierce media spotlight. There's much less fuss over the growing number of overseas-born children adopted by Australian families. She's the material girl with everything money can buy

and now she has a 13-month-old Malawian baby as well, adopting David Banda from the impoverished country last week. The move has attracted criticism from around the globe. Welfare groups saying the singer has just jumped on the latest celebrity bandwagon. There's the perception - and it's hard to know whether this is the case - that the children are treated like a decoration,

that they are taken like you'd choose a new handbag. Madoona has also been accused of using her superstar status to bypass years of red tape. The reality for ordinary people is vastly different. Tim and Jenny Gable know first-hand just how exhuasting and rewarding

the adoption process really is. They adopted these children from Ethiopia two years ago. Their new home is a world away from the poverty these children were born into. But their move didn't happen overnight.

It took the Gables more than two years to bring them into Austalia. But for many families it can take double that. It's a long process. It does need to be a careful process because it is a very big task. The Gables agree the selection process is rigorous but they believe it should be to safeguard the children. It's a process that's there for a good reason. Some of it is frustrating.

This woman can see why ordinary families are frustrated by high-rofile adoptions. They make it all look so simple. Families know it's not.

Binbrook experts say there are a

way of the above

They take them to Ethiopian language classes. Ethiopa is much of our lives as well. They seem like the lucky ones.

They love everything about Australia.

And later, in Angela Bishop's entertainment report. Madonna speaks to Oprah Winfrey about her new son and the turmoil she went through to get him. Back to our top story now - outrage over degrading comments Australia's most Senior Muslim Cleric allegedly made about women.

And joining us now to discuss the comments is Tom Zreika President of the Lebanese Muslim Association. Tom, what do you make of the mufti's comments?

It you

It you take me eight Al onto the

streets and the cat come and eat it,

whose fault it is it the Cats all

the meat. What is your response to

these comments. I am quite appalled

and astonished that the Sheikh

should save such words. We have to

work out whether he actually said

that over the

that over the last few days. I do

not recollect him saying those

words. He said those words about

two years ago but I think that is

old news. If it was proved he did

say them like I said I'm quite

astonished. On half of my members

and the wider

and the wider community I apologise

if they are in fact has been said.

Every single person is responsible

for their own actions. I apologise

to the females in the community

because this degrades them. I

apologised to the Mells in the

community because this denigrate them.

them. It makes them look as if they

are animalistic. We do not look at

the community like that. We do not

discriminate. This morning in light

of these comments they had been

calls for the Sheikh to be sacked

and deported., surely this isn't doing good

doing good for relations. Let's

work out what it in fact has been

fed. Let's pull felt the review

process and had lied that done it

benefit of the doubt. Before we can

actually make a judgement on it. If

he has said it we would really need a

a comment in response. My office

has asked his Office for a response.

I'm still waiting for it. That it

is all I can say it he has been

quoted as saying that the women who

sway suggestively and wear make-up

open themselves up for sexual assault.

assault. Back Commons in itself

alludes to comments back in the

days of the pack rape trials. I am

aware of those comments of two or

three years ago. But I'm not aware

of those, and having been said over the

the past 30 days. A $27 pay rise for Australia's low-paid workers. Details when the Morning News returns. And why mums who smoke are making their children fat.

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# Normally, it's over six bucks but it only cost him five # Tra la-la-la la... The new: It's going for a song at McDonald's. # La-la-la-la la. #

This program is captioned live.

Calls for Australia's senior Muslim cleric to be sacked and deported after he likened women who don't cover up their bodies to abandoned meat. Sheik al-Hilali also claims women who dress inappropriately are responsible for the sexual attacks they endure.

Australian con-man Peter Foster is expected to be questioned today in a Fijian hospital in a dramatic police chase. after being injured

fraudulently obtained loans, Officers claim the 44-year-old a resort developer attempted to discredit and committed immigration violations. have been questioned by police And a group of teenage boys on a teenage girl in Melbourne. over the horrific video taped attack

those viewing it Police are also warning could be breaking the law. The shocking video images abusing a teenage girl of Victorian youths and vandalising property and led to speculation have caused public outrage with serious offences. those involved could be charged The incident has also prompted a wider debate about the nature of video content appearing on the internet and the celebrity or notoriety this sort of exposure can bring to those involved.

We are joined now by Dr Mike Minehan

from the Department of Communication at Sydney's University of Technology. Welcome, Mike.

What is your opinion on this

emerging technology. It is used to

generated concern that is the big thing on the internet.

thing on the internet. But 100

million hits a day on the use shoe.

It is also self regulated so if you

don't like it you click on a link

and presumably you shoot it will

the get rid of it how can we regulate

the internet? You can't. In a way

that is its strength and its

weakness. It is all humanity alt

there. In a way the Net is finding

its own levels. You don't have to

go to a fight that you don't want?

And how can you sense that the

internet? And who

internet? And who should censor it?

Which saw the extraordinary price

that you queued sold for. Use a

generated contains is the Holy

Grail of the internet at the moment. People wanted little

People wanted little clips well

they are commuting. There is so

race on in the world to produce one

minute soaped but people can watch on their mobile phones.

on their mobile phones. This is

what is happening on the internet.

It is a big tsunami of people who

want to download all sorts of stuff

for themselves. What is interesting

about the alleged attack on the

girl is that you think teenagers

will go to

will go to a whole new level for

their five minutes of fame? I don't

think so. I think violence and

degrading behaviour doesn't have a

place. I think other internet users

would flaying it. If you

would flaying it. If you look it

you'd shoot that there are people

singing songs and people trying to

become famous. Well people talking

back how sad and depressed they are.

Everything is there. The top Klibbe

at the moment is a compilation of

little clips of people with some music.

music. Humanity is out there on the

Net. I think the collective

intelligence of the net will

probably stop the worst of it. It

is hard to say dinner explain how

people can be in trouble by

child pornography. watching the DVD. It is like a

child pornography. If you watch a

child porn you are you are

committing an offence. People need

to be aware that whatever they look

at on the Net they leave a digital

fingerprint. It is easy

fingerprint. It is easy to see what

people have been looking at. share market is higher today. In finance news, the Australian

for the rest of the day: Now the national weather

has been arrested again - Claims Naomi Campbell Angela Bishop has the latest in her weekly entertainment report, next.

This program is captioned live. More than 1.5 million low paid workers across Australia will get a $27.36 cents a week pay rise after a landmark ruling just handed down by the Australian Fair Pay Commission. To discuss the decision we're joined by Greg Combet from the ACTU. Greg, what do you think?

Were a are happy with this outcome.

It is a vindication of the claim

that that we made. The decision has

come fairly close to what we wanted.

It is a slap in the face for the

government and the business

community who argued for much less.

Will it have an

Will it have an impact on

inflation? No we don't believe it

will. We considered that carefully.

The commission has decided in

favour on that point. It make sure

that the minimum wage keeps up with

increases in the cost of living

there. Will

there. Will this help low-paid

workers? We are talking about

people and learn as little as $13

an hour. They'd like everybody else

has to pay more for food and petrol.

And make sure that for many of them

their take-home pay will keep pace

their take-home pay will keep pace with the cost of inflation. Mothers who smoke legacy than first thought. are leaving a far more dangerous daughters are likely to grow up obese New research has found their of their own. and struggle to have babies It's a dangerous inheritance - given by their smoking mothers, children, and reproductive problems. a life of obesity What this work has done

on the body of evidence is really build not only bad for individuals, indicating that smoking's for their lifetime, to alter the wellbeing of a child. but it also has the potential The Adelaide research found daughters of smokers were born lighter than non-smokers and had smaller chest circumferences, but they had bigger waists and were overweight. of the foetus substantially It restricts the growth

accelerated post-natal growth and it's during that

preponderance to obesity. that there seems to be an increased to have babies of their own, Daughters also struggled by irregular menstrual cycles. their fertility hindered was also restricted. The growth of their womb even if the child didn't smoke. Worryingly, these problems occurred body composition and irregularity We found that this altered to the daughter smoking, was not related

to the mother smoking. it was actually related

for all of us There's a shared responsibility of child-bearing age. to protect the wellbeing of women

not only to look after the mothers Now we have a good reason but also the mother's babies. studied maternity records The researchers dating back to the 1970s, tracking down 700 smoking mothers, then noting the affects on their daughters. They hope to continue the study on their children

in the years to come. That way we can have a three generation study because there's the potential, of course, for it to knock on again for even another generation. Margie McLew, Ten News. It's Thursday, to check in with Angela Bishop so it must be time on this week's entertainment news. Ange, what have you got for us today?

Madonna has been speaking publicly

for the first time since adopting

an African boy. At times emotional, as pure. Madonna defended her intentions a Third World country, I wanted to go into I wasn't sure where. who otherwise might not have one. and give a life to a child

been ruined by reporters. But she says her simple deed's because more than anything For me, I'm disappointed from doing the same thing. it discourages people to a storm of controversy Madonna arrived back in London facing accusations to speed up the adoption process she used her wealth and power and that the boy's father had never agreed. She says it's all wrong. Not only was the process fair

but Mister Banda gave her a personal heartfelt blessing. And he looked into my eyes and said to me and said that he was very grateful that I was going to give his son a life. Madonna claims he's since been terrorised by the press who've put words in his mouth. And I say to those people, "Shame on you". in a crowded orphanage She found David gravely ill

since he was two weeks old. where he'd been now show the little boy Family photos

with his new brother and sister. settling "What is he doing here?" They've never once said, the difference in his skin colour or mentioned his presence in our life or questioned that kids to teach us. and that's the amazing lesson winning public support. The prime-time interview

is great. I really think what Madonna's doing And so does the influential host. And I say God bless you for that. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. has been arrested in London. Supermodel Naomi Campbell She's been accused of assault but her spokesman claims there's been a misunderstanding and it will be sorted out when police investigate. The 36-year-old model reportedly attacked her drugs counsellor, scratching the woman's face. The British star has recently been spotted in Australia and spent several weeks at a Wellness Centre in Byron Bay. She was due to return to New York next month to face court over claims she threw a mobile phone at her maid. If you remember the Freak, Vinegar Tits and Top Dog Bea Smith then this is your lucky day. The classic TV series 'Prisoner' in its entirety on DVD. has finally been released from 1979, The show, which ran for eight years was controversial television onto US screens and the first Aussie show to make it without our accents being dubbed. the sexuality thing either And we didn't pussyfoot around in the show from day one you know, it was accepted

and some people are not that some people are heterosexual

and we had both. was goundbreaking at the time. ANGELA BISHOP: Which again, Well, absolutely. rampant lesbians I don't think there were any in any other shows in the world. Val will be signing copies of the DVD for Sydney fans this Saturday and you'll see more of that interview in the 5:00 news. Now, an Australian TV exclusive. The first look at Beyonce's new video clip.

The single's called 'Irreplaceable'. It's a bit tamer than her first two, but big on the girl power factor, about a cheating boyfriend. Have a listen. (Sings) # You must not know 'bout me you must not know 'bout me # I can have another you # A matter of fact he'll be here in a minute, baby # You must now know 'bout me you must not know bout me Makes you wonder where she got her inspiration from. The former Destiny's Child singer is accompanying hip-hop boyfriend Jay-Z

on his Aussie tour

rocking Sydney last night with shows in Brisbane and Melbourne to come. But showing country star Keith Urban is, as the song says, 'Irreplaceable', the talented two will not be performing at this Sunday's ARIA Awards as rumoured. It wouldn't be entertainment Thursday

without an update on Paris Hilton's antics and here's today's bulletin in the paparazzi files. Paris is at a nightclub in Las Vegas called Body English

but her body seems to be speaking a second language. She's doing her best to get up close and personal with her new assistant and another friend - the crowd appearing incredibly underwhelmed. Paris might have been trying to forget she ever went out with Nick Carter. The former Backstreet Boy has slammed Paris for her addiction to marijuana saying she would cut a hole in her teddy bear and fill it with the drug

when she travelled overseas. He says he lost count of the nights he had to pick her off the floor

and drag her to bed passed out. Over to Hollywood where life is a popularity contest. Here's an example of how important it is to be seen out on the town when your celebrity status is on the slide. After being dumped by girlfriend Heather Locklear, David Spade has struggled for attention. We need to get this showbiz show back going on so I can make fun of this stuff.

Yes, that's right, he's actually inviting paparazzi attention to get back on Tinseltown's A-list.

End lot more exciting things

happening. We've got the new James

Bond here soon. And more exciting

we have had this man coming to

Australia. We can't wait to see him

here. He will be at the Sydney

Opera House. A he is a very unattractive man.

Also, our first ever world gymnastics champion back home and chasing Olympic glory.

For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick.

$12 million Powerball jackpot. the rest of your life.

LAID-BACK MUSIC Hi. Cappuccino, please. This program is captioned live. Betting on Saturday's $3 million Group One Cox Plate

has been thrown into chaos after star filly Miss Finland was injured at track-work. One of the top chances in the Cox Plate was kicked by another horse this morning. Her trainer David Hayes is adamant she wasn't seriously injured and will be able to take her place in the weight for age classic. Miss Finland's jockey, Lisa Cropp, added to the drama, collapsing in New Zealand yesterday before flying to Melbourne last night.

I just felt a little bit light-headed so I decided to take the rest of the day off. So all good. I had a good trip over here and I'm feeling very fit. Cropp is trying to ride at just 46kg for the race. Fast bowler Nathan Bracken believes the long 8-day break between games won't hurt Australia's chances in Sunday's do-or-die clash with India in the Champions Trophy. The team continued their fierce training schedule in India today. The new ball partnership to be decided on conditions in Mohali with Glenn McGrath still a chance to open the attack. We might turn up to the game here and it might be better for Glenn to take the new ball and that's how it'll fall so both of us know what's going on, both of us are happy with what's going on and basically, what's best for the team works best for us.

Late evening dew is expected to make things more difficult for the bowlers during Sunday's game. Philippe Rizzo, Australia's first ever gymnastics world champion, has the Beijing Olympics in his sights. The 25-year-old touched down in Sydney this morning still struggling to come to terms with his achievement after overcoming a career-threatening elbow fracture. I just didn't want another opportunity to slip away so I just went out and gave it my best,

and, basically, wanted to give it all. I was just so pumped I finished it. Rizzo, the top qualifier in the high bar, nursed a back injury through his high-flying routine and now has world championship gold to add to the silver he achieved back in 2001. Basketball, and Shane Heal was unable to lift the South Dragons to victory in his first game as playing coach. The new franchise losing by 15 points to the 36er's in Adelaide. After days of trading verbal blows Shane Heal had one more parting shot at Mark Price. Our work ethic over the past three months has been the worst I've ever been part of. Before taking to court with plenty to prove.

Fireworks erupting in the bottom of the table clash. The Dragons' promising clash unravelling, the Sixers up 16 at the main break. Heal struggling to find his feet. A second technical foul to Copeland saw the veteran ejected from the game Teenage swing man Joe Inglis dragging the Dragons back into the game. They got within three before Willie Farley put the game beyond reach. Heal's coaching debut far from inspiring. The Dragons suffering their sixth straight loss. Kellie Underwood, Ten News. The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

This program is captioned live. Calls for Australia's senior Muslim cleric to be sacked and deported after he likened women who don't cover up their bodies to abandoned meat. Sheik al-Hilali also claims women who dress inappropriately are responsible for the sexual attacks they endure. A group of teenage boys have been questioned by police over the horrific video taped attack on a teenage girl in Melbourne. Police are also warning those viewing it, could be breaking the law. And Australian con-man Peter Foster is expected to be questioned today in a Fijian hospital

after being injured in a dramatic police chase. Officers claim the 44-year-old fraudulently obtained loans,

attempted to discredit a resort developer and committed immigration violations. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Tomorrow in Ten's morning news we talk to rocker turned politician Peter Garrett on life after Midnight Oil and the Aria Hall of Fame.

But now, we'll leave you with pictures from the International Motor Show which roared into life in Sydney today.

I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning.

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