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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Sandra Sully may pull out by next year. Tonight - Iraq says Australian troops by the end of 2007/08 We are planning

and equipped Iraq forces to have sufficient trained to take over responsibility. passenger information - off to India. Qantas sends hundreds of jobs - and for the Australian public. and we've got grave concerns Is it Blackmail? in the Paul McCartney divorce case. The nasty claims which might backfire What a shonk! worst products in Australia. The awards for the top 10 loss to the West Indies And - Australia's with Neil Cordy. headlines Sports Tonight to win the elusive Champions Trophy. The Aussies now admit it'll be tough

argy bargy with Chris Gayle. Also - Michael Clarke on that We both wanted to win. He's banned in some countries ride the Melbourne Cup favourite. but jockey Kieren Fallon's here to drivers re-match and its the champ car on the Gold Coast. as the sport's hotheads come together defeat in Iraq First - the Prime Minister says terrorist victory so far. would result in the greatest he's softened his position John Howard also denying in the troubled nation. on keeping our troops When it comes to Iraq, have never been higher. John Howard believes the stakes in circumstances of defeat If the coalition retreats

that will be the greatest triumph anywhere in the world. the terrorists have had boiling over in parliament. Debate on Iraq again isn't it the plain truth Prime Minister, you should stop digging? that when you're in a hole of the Leader of the Opposition If we had followed the advice butchering people in Iraq. you'd still have Saddam Hussein the full brutality of Saddam Hussein One man who knows is the Iraqi Oil Minister. in Abu Ghraib prison by Saddam Dr Hussain Shahristani was thrown and left to rot for a decade. for Australian troops in Iraq. He's now flagged a release date by the end of 2007/08 We are planning and equipped Iraq forces to have sufficient trained to take over responsibility. Our Government not as upbeat. optimistically described The Minister rather on the security front. progress being made his decision to go into Iraq The PM says a poll-driven politician. proves he's not Labor disagrees.

why are the views of Iraqis, Prime Minister, the safety of Australians, and Iraqi civilians the deaths of American soldiers than your own political survival? less important to you Great Britain and the United States, Labor sees a shift in the mood in about 70 soldiers this month alone. the latter reeling from the deaths of being compared to the Vietnam War - Increasingly, the Iraq situation is by the number of enemy dead. where victory was measured figures from the Iraqi minister. Our government seizing on such

themselves had claimed He said that the terrorists foreign fighters had been killed. that some 4,000 trained

Murray McCloskey, Ten News. for sending hundreds of jobs - Qantas is under fire tonight and passenger information - off to India. 340 IT positions The airline will slash put private details at risk. with unions warning it will is done in these areas Significant work and passenger information, on sensitive information for the Australian public. and we've got grave concerns in Australia would cost too much. Qantas claims keeping the IT work The airline has also announced after weeks of falling oil prices. its cutting its fuel surcharge depending on the destination. The levy will be reduced by up to $15 And coming up in our finance report, at the end of the day. how the Qantas share price stacked up claims he violently abused his wife Sir Paul McCartney has vowed to fight

during their 4-year marriage. is facing accusations herself. Heather Mills

containing the damaging allegations It's claimed she leaked court papers to get more money. the headlines, As the bombshell allegations hit British TV screens a frail-looking Heather Mills hit on a show called 'City Hospital'. You are all over the papers today, talk about that. but we're not going to No. It's all a bit legally sensitive and what's happened to you. and, anyway, this is about you before all of that today. And I was coming on this program

Exactly. but someone had, She might not have been talking, and it was on the front pages. She alleges Sir Paul beat her up. with a broken wine glass, She claims he stabbed her to four violent attacks. subjecting her

and on drugs. She also claims he was often drunk Heather says But it doesn't end there - their daughter, Beatrice, Sir Paul stopped her breastfeeding saying her breasts were for him.

Divorces don't come much uglier. from his lawyers saying Sir Paul responded with a statement

he'd like to respond in public but: have spoken out, But friends of Sir Paul's Heather tried to blackmail him, telling newspapers saying, unless he offered her more of his $2 billion as settlement, she would "bring him down". the tactic could backfire. However, lawyers say The court might say, and have a lesser settlement "You're going to be penalised

allegations, if they're not true, "because actually raising these "is misconduct on your side, than you thought." "and you'll get less Friends of the former Beatle yesterday suspect Heather leaked the documents wants sole custody of their daughter. after hearing Sir Paul Angela Bishop, Ten News. who assaulted a great-grandmother A judge has found a man over a stolen car park didn't intentionally mean her harm. victim gave as good as she got. The court was told the 79-year-old Patricia White is frail There's no doubt the victim in court today. and was painted as every bit But outside it was a different story. Mrs White. Oh, please don't touch me, Please let go of me, Mrs White. Earlier this year with 54-year-old Robert Kenyon the 79-year-old had an altercation at a Brisbane shopping centre. after stealing his car park The court was told Mr Kenyon approached Mrs White asking why she took his spot.

The great-grandmother replied: When he tapped her on the shoulder to continue the discussion

Mrs White lost her footing and was knocked unconscious when she hit the cement. During sentencing, the judge said he'd become aware of an increasing number of road rage incidents passing through the courts and that there was growing public concern about the type of anger these citizens display. He found that

Mr Kenyon did not intentionally injure the elderly woman and sentenced him to six months jail fully suspended. We're not going to make any comment. The judge adequately summed up the situation. And while Mr Kenyon was pleased to escape a stint behind bars, the granny who gave as good as she got preferred actions rather than words. Chloe Symons, Ten News. Some damning findings tonight in a report into race riots at Cronulla in Sydney last year. The inquiry found more than 250,000 text messages encouraging racial violence were sent in the days leading up to the violence. It also blames the media for fuelling tensions and criticises the police for poor risk assessment that led to an inadequate response.

There's a new weapon in the fight against hospital super-bugs, but experts stress it's only a short-term solution to a looming medical disaster. Tygacil is an antibiotic the bugs are not resistant to. This is a major advance - it's the first drug that covers these resistant organism such as golden staph, as well as other organisms such as you would find in the bowel or on the skin. This will fend off the bugs for a while but the catch is they're becoming resistant faster than we're producing antibiotics. I call it the silent pandemic because nobody's really noticing what's going on or trying to do enough about it.

We really desperately need to address the growing problem of antibiotic resistance in this country. Tygacil will cost hospitals $165 a day per patient. Startling new research has found screening for breast cancer may be doing more harm than good. But Australian experts have slammed the international study, saying it's better to be safe than sorry. It was the fight of her life - Jenny Murphy's a breast cancer survivor. She's had a mastectomy, the aggressive disease picked up through screening. I firmly believe that if I hadn't attended that mammogram, um, my breast cancer wouldn't have been found so early. 48-year-old Kat Turton's breast cancer was also detected through X-ray.

If I didn't have the screening, I wouldn't be here today. It's as simple as that. But the controversial international study has raised serious doubts about the process, claiming that for every 2,000 women screened just one will have her life prolonged while 10 will undergo unnecessary treatment. UK cancer specialist Professor Michael Baum claiming this new data tips the balance.

Twice the number of cancers over-diagnosed and half the absolute benefits. He has serious concerns... ..that the benefits are so marginal and the harms are greater than I anticipated.

But Australian authorities don't agree, saying it is too hard to tell different breast tumours apart, treating women early making a big difference when it comes to survival. It is very concerning because I think it gives women the wrong impression what breast cancer screening can do for them. Breast cancer survival rates have improved dramatically and 9 out of 10 cancers detected at time of screening. Experts here arguing it is better to be safe than sorry.

Survivors saying don't listen to the latest research. I weep for people who take notice of this sort of research. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. And a Federal Government report out tonight says

misdiagnosis is contributing to a soaring death rate for ovarian cancer. It's recommended the setting up of a national gynaecological cancer centre to improve diagnosis and treatment. Farmers are now joining the fight against the worst threat of the drought - suicide. Remote landholders are coming together to give each other life support in the bleakest period they've ever faced. When it comes to the weather farmers are used to rolling with the punches. But this year, this drought, and despite enduring optimism, it's more than they can take. The farmers we've got in Australia are the best of the best, I'm confident they'll get through this. I'm sorry. Do you think you can see the hopelessness through the town? I better cut off here. I don't usually do this. Dennis Hudd is just one of many farmers feeling the strain. His property at Bordertown in South Australia's south-east has been in the family for more than 100 years. But drought and falling crop prices have finally won out. His farm is up for sale. A family farm

or a farm that somebody's built up for a period of time in their lifetime and put so much into it, and then to see it all fall down for no reason. Dennis had the blessing of his family to sell up in times too tough. His neighbours, the Hunts, are also feeling the pinch. Everyone tells us the third generation are the ones that lose the farm so we're obviously working hard not to do that. Drought doesn't just drain life from stock and crops.

In the south-east there's a growing fear it will also lead to increased suicides. I don't think there'd be a farmer around that wouldn't have felt at some time... There's plenty of times I've felt like belting my head against the wall. Just, everything comes in on you. So now, Dennis and other locals have organised a series of seminars to run in the region over the next two days. Log on to for details. Gerda Jezuchowski, Ten News. And tonight a worldwide recall Holden is recalling more than 1,300 new Commodores. Factory testing has found a fitting on a fuel hose could crack and cause a leak. The fault occurs only in the V8, VE Commodores made in July and August.

No customers have reported problems and the leak does not pose a fire danger. Owners will get a letter telling them how to have the fault fixed.

And tonight a worldwide recall

of almost 10 million Sony batteries in laptop commuters. It says the defective lithium ion batteries put computers at risk of bursting into flames. Still to come... ..the experts put products to the test and name the duds. OK, people, let's wrap it up. Mike, how's the south? All sorted here, Russ. Well done, chief. Jen, central region? Nothing to whine about here, Russ. That's very good. Just sending through the results now. That's what I wanna see, people. Billy, you on target? (Softly) Yeah. Billy, is that a yeah or is it a YEAH!? YEAH! YEAH! It's the boss. (Gibbers) He gets emotional. MAN: Only Telstra's Next G Network helps business stay in touch with staff through mobile video conferencing and wireless broadband across Australia. Yeah! There are rules that affect what you see on television. These rules cover program classifications. When you see certain programs, advertising, as well as the presentation of news and current affairs, they are part of the Code of Practice for Commercial Television. If you'd like a copy of the code, visit our website for more information, or write or call us at: This program is captioned live.

Australian batsman Michael Clarke A playground tragedy has claimed the life of a little girl in Queensland. Monica Livingston has died after falling off a pirate ship, popular in playgrounds around the country. Authorities insist the equipment with its soft matting is safe and are investigating if the child had an undiagnosed medical condition. An elderly couple has been hurled from their home by an out-of-control freight truck. The B-double veered off the highway, smashing through the property and leaving a trail of destruction. Both occupants were thrown from the house and into the debris. They were eventually plucked from the rubble and airlifted to hospital, where they're still recovering. The driver of the truck escaped with minor injuries and is expected to be charged for logbook offences. Singapore Airlines tonight claimed ownership of a bolt that fell from a plane and smashed into the roof of a Sydney home.

It says the 10cm bolt is from the wing of a Boeing 747 that took off from Sydney and landed safely in Singapore. The airline says it's still a mystery how the bolt fell off. Everything from the meat pie to a robotic vacuum cleaner has come under fire at the inaugural Shonky Awards. Consumer watchdog 'Choice' has compiled the top 10 list of some of the dodgiest products you can find on the market. Who ever thought an iPod would be labled shonky? Or Lean Cuisine? Well, both have made the grade on the top 10 list of dodgy products for 2006. Today we celebrate, together as a nation, another hectic year of awesomely dud products. Apple's iPod is one of the most complained about products - from flimsy screens, faulty batteries and bad audio. And Lean Cuisine's Purely Fish has less than half the real deal - just 48% fish.

Well, we've got to revisit and redefine what we mean by 'purely' and 'fish'.

It doesn't beat Seagers Gin & Tonic with a dash of lime - testing showed it had no lime and was really vodka. If it contains vodka why not say that that's what it has? Consumer group 'Choice' wants to clean up corporate shortcomings. Like this robot vacuum cleaner that doesn't work properly on carpet and leaves dirt behind when its tiny bag is full. We really should be assured that whatever we're buying in Australia wherever it's coming from that our regalature bodies are protecting us. Today's top 10 list is just the tip of the iceberg. The consumer watchdog receives thousands of complaints every year and it wants people to continue to stand up for their retail rights. And stand up some may when they realise another product made the list - the humble Black & Gold Aussie pie has very little meat. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Fresh from his sell-out 'Boy From Oz' tour, Hugh Jackman is back on the promotion trail, spruiking his latest film. And he says he may consider making a movie to honour his mate Steve Irwin. Hugh Jackman really is bringing magic to the big screen in his latest role.

It was the greatest magic trick I've ever seen. Fresh from performing 'The Boy From Oz' in Australia, he proved he had a few tricks up his sleeve when it came to promoting his new thriller, in which he plays a magician. I've come prepared. I knew you would.

If this acting gig doesn't go anywhere then I'll always be able to do kids' parties, bar mitzvahs and things like that. Are you watching? I'm watching. Very good. You like that one? He also has some tricks

when it comes to keeping his kids as Australian as possible. You got to do the acid test to see if you're spending enough time at home. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a Vegemite sandwich on his plate, and Oscar went for the Vegemite! While filming 'The Prestige', it was Jackman who became starstruck working alongside David Bowie. David Bowie - what's the wow factor like? Huge! Amongst everyone.

I had more visitors on set for those four or five days I worked with David Bowie than I've ever had before. For his co-stars, though, working with him was the highlight. There's no arrogance, no side, no conceit. I don't know how he became an actor! Jackman's on-screen nemesis - 'Batman' star Christian Bale - says there is something about Aussies. He is about to start work with Russell Crowe and will soon team up with Heath Ledger, who is set to play the Joker in the 'Batman Begins' sequel, 'A Dark Knight'. So what is it about Aussies? What is it about Aussies that I keep working with them? Jackman is looking forward to returning home to work with Nicole Kidman and 'Moulin Rouge!' director Baz Luhrmann on a yet-to-be-named romantic epic. I think this is going to be one of those watershed movies for Australian film, and it's a role of a lifetime for me. Like most Australians, he's still in shock over Steve Irwin's death, and when the time is right, may consider making a movie to honour his mate. It's something, I suppose, worth considering. I think you'd really have to make sure it's done in the right way - tastefully and, obviously, done with the blessing of the family.

His new movie opens across Australia on November 16.

In Hollywood, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. And news from London tonight - Madonna says she wants to adopt a girl from the same African village as her new son. The London 'Mirror' quoting Madonna tonight describing the 3-year-old girl as having the "saddest smile." A freak stingray attack in America, with a man stabbed in the chest, just like Steve Irwin. The ray leapt aboard a boat in Miami. Then, as the 81-year -old victim tried to push it back in the water, it struck him in the chest, leaving its poisonous barb lodged close to his heart.

Doctors who removed the 30-centimetre barb say the man will make a full recovery. The incident is being compared with the stingray attack

that killed the Crocodile Hunter last month. A snappy response tonight by rescuers as rising floodwaters threaten a crocodile farm in Thailand. Workers fear the 4,000 crocs will swim away and put locals at risk. 60 croc farmers are working around the clock to move the beasts to higher ground. The Government of Kazakhstan tonight offered an olive branch to comedian Sacha Boran Cohen.

He's been in the firing line for so outrageously portraying their country in his alter ego of Borat, the world's worst journalist. Government officials have invited Borat to pay a visit and meet their people and hopefully stop ridiculing them. There's no response yet from Borat. Sports Tonight now with Neil Cordy. Neil - Australia now faces knock-out matches in the Champions Trophy. Sandra, Michael Clarke admits their backs are against the wall after their loss to the West Indies. That's ahead. Plus - John Kosmina philosophical about his coaching ban. That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. The Kangaroos become rainbow warriors ahead of their clash with the Kiwis. And posing with the best - 8-time Mr Olympia flexes for Sports Tonight. Inside every woman, there is mystery... ..and magic... ..power and passion... Each Venus razor leaves skin so smooth and luminous, revealing a more beautiful you every time you shave. Venus. Reveal the goddess in you. This program is captioned live. Australian batsman Michael Clarke Chris Gayle and West Indian all-rounder an ICC disciplinary tribunal have faced last night's match in Mumbai. after their clash during

Clarke was cleared of any wrongdoing 30% of his match fee. but Gayle has been fined Argy bargy on the cricket field cop a dose of Caribbean compassion. as the game's leading intimidators

a bit happening. COMMENTATOR: Whoa, there's with Michael Clarke Chris Gayle playing schoolyard bully the barrel of defeat. as the Windies stared down with Chris really well there was banter but I get on

and after the game we were fine

he wanted to get me out but out on the field and I was doing everything to get Australia home. It had the desired effect. Within an over a horrible mix-up ending Gilchrist's stay. And a 101-run fifth wicket stand. It turned the tide the Windies way. This really is the big break that the West Indians have been waiting for. All in a day's play as far as Clarke's concerned. But his skipper whose own card has been heavily marked by match referees in recent seasons was less than impressed. Ricky Ponting adamant Gayle breached the spirit of cricket laws on Clarke's personal space. by infringing You would think happened in previous games that with other things that have and around the world

would be looked at as well. that that one walking down the wicket. They were brushing shoulders that's acceptable in this game. I wouldn't have thought no case to answer for Gayle. Post-match, to answer their critics The Australians left campaign on the verge of collapse. with yet another Champions Trophy a great position to win the game We were in and unfortunately we didn't do it. It's definitely disappointing. Despite the loss to the Windies Australia's expected to name an unchanged side for Saturday's must-win clash with England. Paul Cochrane for Sports Tonight. So-called dirty tricks and concrete barriers are making a few of the V8 drivers edgy ahead of Round 10 on the Gold Coast. The fight for the series crown is turning into a battle royale, Sports Tonight's Ian Shuttleworth is trackside. Championship leader Craig Lowndes believes this weekend's racing will probably be the toughest of the four remaining rounds. The track's concrete walls don't allow any room for error. on to claim the title at season's end Lowndes is still confident of hanging but is also very wary. you know, We all have respect for one another, about dirty tactics there's been talk are well aware. but I'm sure the officials at the front of the field We're just going to be

all year. doing what we've been doing Everyone is hunting Craig Lowndes. But the Ford star doesn't mind, to another championship. he's on the verge of putting his name it's Lowndes' title to lose. The man sitting second says I think it is to be honest with you, to catch Craig because we've got 101 points a good buffer to third, and we've got so all he has to do, I guess, most of the time and he's got it. is finish in front of us the pressure on his adversary. A confident Kelly is ready to ramp up I mean, everyone makes mistakes don't they? I've been lucky enough to close enough to Craig at Bathurst, we saw him clip the wall a couple of times so I think if we can get up there and put a bit of pressure on him the fight is still on. I dunno about hitting the wall but I bent the mirror around, and I used every bit of the road I could, enjoyed a lazy day Some of the V8 guys so we thought we'd find out of this round on the Gold Coast. what they really think of word association. We played a little bit Women? Hot. Indy? Hot. Holden? Ah, no go. Conrete barriers? Ah, expensive. Ford? Worst brand there is. Chicks? Yeah, chicks. Indy? Chicks. Ford? Slow Holden? Fast Indy girls? Unbelievably great. Indy girls? Um, married. Ford? The best. Holden? Slow. Ah, they hurt. Concrete barriers? Steven Johnson? He's a good bloke too because he's sitting next to me. Mark Skaife? Same thing. It's good times for the V8 car drivers but the champ car drivers haven't always enjoyed such friendly banter. But two of the sport's biggest names are keen to put an ugly early season clash behind them. Australia's own Don King unhanded the official champ car driver's breakfast. But according to Paul Tracy and Alex Tagliardi there won't be a re-match of their infamous stouch earlier this year. We were friends before so there's no reason not to be friends after but right at the moment if you feel right for yourself and for your team that the whole situation was not the interests you know, you're protecting of all the Team Australia team. it's the passion of racing It's the heat of the moment, it'd be pretty boring to watch. and if it didn't have that of on-track agro - Tracy is no stranger to a bit leader Sebastian Bourdais. clashing repeatedly with championship COMMENTATOR: Oh they hit! Oh no! every year We have a couple of dust-ups and things are a little bit intense for usually three or four races and then it kinda settles another dust-up with eachother. and then we usually get into the last seasons, Going at each other quite a bit over

some time it goes over the top, but this is a very fine line, so sometimes difficult to find it and not cross it. Bourdais has added incentive to keep his nose clean this weekend, he only needs to finish ninth or better to secure his third-straight series crown. Tomorrow it's what we've all be waiting for, Neil, it's qualifying for the V8s and the champs cars. Adelaide United coach John Kosmina is philosophical about his 4-match ban from the sidelines for violent conduct. The Socceroos assistant coach also accepts he'll have to undergo counselling

following his confrontation Kevin Muscat last weekend. with Melbourne captain In times like this from a philosopher called Nietzsche. I've got a favourite line makes me stronger". It's "That which does not kill me the nature of his counselling Kosmina has not revealed to involve anger management. but it's expected

last weekend, With the fuse lit in Auckland Melbourne fans to expect fireworks Kangaroos winger Matt King has warned when Australia meets New Zealand at the Telstra Dome. in Saturday night's second Test for a kids charity, The Kangaroos were colourful but there will certainly be no charity this Saturday night after some heavy hits last week have left the locals bruised. It was a bit of an old-school Test match, I think, which everyone loved. Might be a bit of a them for the series, I reckon. I'm not going to say there will be a fight, but I dare say there will be a few big shots and it will be good to sit out on my wing and watch it all unfold. But King got very much involved in the first Test after being slammed into an advertising hoarding. I'm very proud to wear that jumper, into the side, and for that dude to push me it was the best thing, I didn't think that I wasn't going to stand for it. I thought I'd let him know a familiar feel Training at Olympic Park involved with the Kangaroos, for the Storm coach and players but the green-and-gold spirit the post-Grand Final blues. is at last replacing It sort of takes your focus of the night, actually. off the disappointment being a Kangaroo, which is fun, You get into camp and concentrate on that disappointment behind me I think it was good to put and carry on with the Tri-Nations. And also burning in King is last year's rare Tri-Nations loss to the Kiwis. I truly believe that New Zealand's got something that is rightfully ours I was part of that team last year that didn't score a point against them and that loss hurt.

The League is expecting a crowd of more than 30,000

at the Dome on Saturday. Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. Controversial jockey Kieren Fallon has arrived in Australia, boldly declaring his Melbourne Cup ride Yeats the best horse to ever visit our shores. The Irishman was also quizzed by the local media about his shady past and pending charges of race-fixing.

figures in the racing world, He's one of the most controversial in the UK and the US. banned from riding But come the first Tuesday in November

on our Melbourne Cup. he could well get his hands to the Australian Jockey Club It's fantastic and I'm very grateful not to come down here and ride. and it would have been disappointing to pose for the media, The 41-year-old happy a far cry from his antics overseas in a race fixing investigation. after he was embroiled the fraud charges he's facing, Fallon refused to talk about

his Melbourne Cup ride instead declaring the best ever international raider. that's come here over the years. I'd say he's by far the best horse General Wells has won it twice as good as this fella. but would not be nearly favourite for the Cup - Yeats - the outright of 59 kilograms. will carry top weight so it won't bother him. He's a big, strong horse anything like this at home. He'd never carry in all his races. He's had a lot more eight at Sandown tomorrow morning A crucial hit-out will determine whether Godolphin star Imperial Stride runs in Saturday's Caulfield Cup.

The 6-year-old must prove he has recovered from a stone bruise only diagnosed yesterday. He is not going to run in the Caufield Cup if he can't canter tomorrow morning. If he has any setback at all then he won't be running, because we will not be taking any risks with this horse. No such problems for Lee Freedman as the Cup's raging favourite Sphenophyta completed final preparations for Saturday race with two laps of the track at Rye. I don't think anything's unbeatable. Really, we've seen that too often. But look, really, you couldn't be happier going into it on his form. Kellie Underwood, Sports Tonight. Robert Allenby will have to beat a hot international field if he's to win consecutive Australian Masters titles next month. Half of the field will be European professionals all shooting for this year's $1.5 million in dollars prize money. Michael Campbell has had a frustrating time professionally since his major golfing moment at the 2005 US Open. Campbell says he's tried too hard to back up in the big time.

Expectations were very high this year, 2006. I think once you win your first major, you want more, and so you try harder, and when you try harder, you get less, so I'm going to try less and get more. But things are on the up -

a second place in China last week behind Retief Goosen has Campbell confident of another Masters win next month. The Masters is co-sanctioned with the European tour for the first time. 70 players from the world's second-biggest tour will be at Huntingdale - young star Paul Casey among them. You've got the hottest player right now coming to Australia and that's Paul Casey. Paul Casey is a wonderful player, hits it long and straight, and he's had a great year this year and hopefully he'll probably win the order of merit on the European tour. The flip side to co-sanctioning is less spots for young local talent. That's tough. Obviously that's the only - you could say - drawback. Having a co-sanctioned event you lose half the field, but the bottom line is you've got to play better. The Masters will have most of the best Australian players taking on the Europeans. Tournament prize money is up to $1.5 million and MasterCard, the major sponsor, has signed on for another year. Rob Waters, Ten News.

After bearing the brunt of criticism of the Aussie men's performance at the Commonwealth Games, Michael Klim could have hung up the Speedos for good. Instead he's aiming for a record-breaking curtain call in Beijing. In the very pool

where he supposedly let Australia's Commonwealth Games hopes down, Michael Klim is moving on. I'm not putting any pressure on myself, because I've achieved a lot, I don't think I have to prove anything to anyone, I'm only doing it because I think Bejing would be a bonus and I feel like I want to do some more in the sport. Despite a glittering career, filled with world records and stirring celebrations, Klim has never shaken the underachiever tag. The harsh reality of the sport is that public perceptions are based on Olympic gold medals.

The cruelest critics saying relays don't count. COMMENTATOR: The Australians have just broken the Americans' stranglehold on this race. Though you have to wonder how many underachievers would have lasted this long. To swim at four Olympics, no other swimmer in Australian history has ever swum at four Olympics,

so it would be a fantastic achievement. A winter spell in Europe, including training with Dutch champion Pieter Van Den Hoogenband, When you think bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the name which usually comes to mind but Texan monster Ronnie Colman has the Terminator's measure, literally. The 42-year-old, 8-time Mr Olympia met with Sports Tonight's Scott Mackinnon for a work-out. He's the king of the gym, the greatest body builder of all time

and has the silverware to prove it. Ronnie Colman has won eight Mr Olympia titles. one more than Arnold Schwarzenegger. And he's pumped up to make it nine. His passion for pushing the limits the secret to his incredible size. It comes from being in love with what I do. I get a lot of joy, a lot of fun doing what I do, I look forward to doing it every day. Ronnie is so awesome because of his sheer size and mass.

There has never been a body-builder with those huge proportions. Colman fell into the sport when a friend offered him free gym membership in exchange to see him compete. And he's been striking a pose ever since. Plain to see, Ronnie Colman is a monster of a man, but it all gets put into perspective when an average bloke like myself lines up next to the best. Let's crunch some numbers. Ronnie, how tall are you? 5.11. I'm 5.10. And your weight? About 300 pounds. 300 pounds - that's 136 kilograms, so I decided to take him on under the bar. A decision that, well , could have cost my life. OK, my head's about to explode, but that was all good. Bodybuilding is a sport where drugs are more condoned than concealed. I guess you could say it is part of the sport. But it takes more than just steroids to sculpt a body like this.

It took me 30 years to build this, not a couple of years. Colman, a cop himself is here to promote the World Police and Fire games. And you can see him on stage this Saturday at the Australian body building championships in Sydney. Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. This program is captioned live. Brett Aitken and Shane Kelly, a couple of Aussie cycling superstars, and there aren't too many people who can handle a bike like these guys. Oh! Or so we thought. Not a good look for the Olympic gold medallist. Still, give him top marks for hopping back on the bike and going for it again, at least they got it right the second time. It takes a champion to laugh in the face of embarrassment so we take a look at it one more time. Play of the day! To finance - and the local bourse closed down today. And figures out tonight show the average credit card debt is $2,821. That's an increase on the previous month's number but the good news is we're paying the bills faster. More frenzied activity among Australia's media companies

after the approval of new laws. Southern Cross Broadcasting has told the Stock Exchange it'stalking to other media companies about possible deals. It's believed to be considering selling its Channel Nine station in Adelaide. The move follows announcements by James Packer and Channel Seven owner Kerry Stokes but the competition watchdog is not bothered by all the activity. We keep a constant eye on every industry where competition concerns may arise. I have to say to you there are no transactions that on their face give us any cause for concerns at the moment in relation to the media. The jostling is seen as preparation for when the changes become law next year.

The weather - a clearing shower in Cairns, mostly sunny in Brisbane and a late shower in Sydney and Canberra. Showers in Melbourne,

windy with showers in Hobart and showers in Adelaide. Mostly sunny in Perth, a late shower in Darwin and late thunder in Alice Springs.

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