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(generated from captions) Also, we were there went to court today to get justice. when this 80-year-old grandmother of parking rage - She was the innocent victim her ribs broken her nose was smashed,

and the culprit walked free. And, the great Aussie haggle-off. the full retail price again You'll never have to pay after watching this story. Plus, the new facial they claim in just six weeks - will make you look 10 years younger no surgery, no creams, no pain. But first, of bad service we've come across. one of the worst cases there should be a law against it. I think you'll probably agree Have a look at this. the Prince Alfred Hospital A woman is brought into near death. She is 42-year-old Kim Randle anaphylactic shock. and she is suffering

Within 15 minutes, she's had, to provide us - from what she's been able swollen tongue, swollen lips - very short of breath, very uncomfortable.

and she's very uncomfortable indeed. The rash has got worse to get something to eat. We went down to St Kilda and I ended up getting a fish cake 17 minutes later which, after eating it, having an anaphylactic reaction I guess I was in hospital to the seafood that I'd eaten.

Head up. Stick your tongue out for me. Kim's airways are still constricted. Despite three shots of adrenalin, minutes away from dying. She is, literally, 20 marks of adrenalin. starting to get swollen - I could feel myself and really sore in the throat. swollen lips, swollen mouth You're looking a little itchy there. with the itch. I'm going to try and help you Kim was in Melbourne for a concert, that night. due to fly home to Sydney means she misses her flight. This dramatic turn of events that I couldn't fly It was life-threatening

because I had asthma as well from the reaction, and my airways started to close up "Too bad". and Virgin Blue just said, To the hospital staffs' horror, her flight on compassionate grounds Virgin Blue refuses to change 24 hours notice. because she has not give the airline for another ticket home. She must pay After a fifth dose of adrenalin, Kim's situation improves for a second shock. but she must prepare They couldn't believe it. that Virgin Blue said No. The hospital couldn't believe it, on another flight. They wouldn't get me "You must give more than 24 hours." In disgust, writes to Virgin Blue, the hospital's registrar near-death experience detailing Kim's

and inability to fly,

to show more compassion. pleading with them to change her flight. They still refused You know, "Come fly with us". that they put forward It's a big attitude and, you know, easy to contact that they're friendly fix things for you. and easy to, you know, about what had happened to me. They didn't really want to know To add insult to injury, Kim was forced to pay $207 with Virgin Blue - for another ticket home all other airlines were booked out. Richard Branson, for people that fall ill your airline has no compassion and need to get home. Nicolas Boot reporting there. it has no official comment, And while Virgin Airlines says the company regretted the situation we were told and will be reviewing the matter. treating customers poorly. And it's not only the airlines standards across the country Research shows customer service since the Olympics. have been falling even over-service - From slow service to no service,

to find a happy medium. customers are hard pressed with their wallets. And they're voting As Rohan Wenn reports. If you don't have your customers, if you don't treat them right, they're not going to come back. of bad service somewhere, If you have some sort about it. you are happy to tell someone They're happy to take our money, but too often, too many companies the service we deserve just don't give us and are paying for. elsewhere, I'd rather go spend my money about their customers. where they do care what she describes Allison Neale recently experienced at a large hardware chain. as shocking service I asked for a watering can went to get it for me and the person who was serving me

and asked him something and then a male came up he forgot about me and all of a sudden, and went off with the man, just as if I didn't exist. leaving me standing there to how you were looked after It all comes back and frequent that business again. and whether you will come back called Corporate Karma Fabian Rebello runs a company of customer service. which monitors levels have been falling recently, And if you think standards you'd be right. in good service Fabian has recorded a drop since the 2000 Olympics, of a lot of retailers. which is hurting the bottom lines and the product exists The company, the business, is walking in there because that person and spending the money - in the equation that's the most important person we need to start from. and that's where start as you walk in the door - The most complained-about issues who crowd customers. sales assistants is when they over-serve you, I think the worst thing if you need any help. and they ask you too many times Just in the girls clothing stores, is sales assistants The next most complained-about issue on the phone or to each other. who would rather talk if they are on the phone That is really annoying

they are talking to a friend. and you just know in their own social lives They're more interested with sales assistants Customers are also fed up who lack product knowledge. in specialty stores This is a big problem electrical products. and stores that sell Customers also resent dishonest advice.

My Mum was shopping for a pair of pants that was a size too small and they look shocking on her and they cost quite a bit of money and the girl encouraged her to buy the pants because "they're the best buy she'll ever have "and she'll look fantastic" and they didn't, they really didn't - they looked awful

and now we'll never go back to that shop because of that, because you know they're lying to you. And the last big complaint area involves snobby sales assistants. We've got nothing for you. They're standing there and you just feel like they really don't want you to be there. This woman works as a mystery shopper. It's her job to sneak into stores

and see how well customers are cared for. And she says many companies need to do more to motivate their staff, who often don't make a lot of money, to go the extra mile. It's a big difference when you walk into a store and you see people that really love what they do and they really want to interact with you and make you feel welcome in comparison to somebody that's going through the routine. By far the most complaints about bad service involve the telecommunication industry, the banking sector and government. A lot of them have had some sort of monopoly of sorts In the end, Fabian says the best way consumers can get the service they deserve is to stop going to shops that constantly let you down. Vote with your hip pocket. And if you've had a poor customer service experience or if you have any story idea you'd like to share with us please leave the details on our website at: or just give us a call. Now, they're in their 50s, and after their children have left home, they left their marriages. They're Australia's new singles and their numbers are growing. With many older couples across the country splitting up when they've realised after years of looking after the kids that they have little in common with their partners. And while it's a big change the people we're about to meet couldn't be happier. And here's Natalie Bonjolo. that we both wanted different things I just think

once the children left home. Once the children grow up and once they leave, there are other things to think about, there are other opportunities that you can consider. I just knew that this wasn't a relationship that I felt I could grow old in. They are in their 50s, footloose and fancy-free. Like a growing number of baby boomers,

Katie and Esther have decided an empty nest is no place for them. They have raised their kids, left their husbands, now they're spreading their wings. For me it was like "I just didn't want to do this for another 30 years". I just thought there had to be more. Esther Civasec was happily married for 30 years. She has been happier, separated for three. When Esther's two children finally left home, so did she. My children were really upset when I first told them, they were absolutely devastated. It was tough, but Esther felt she had no choice. Alone with her husband since they were teens, she found they had little in common. I was unhappy, I wanted to do some of the things I never did when I was 19. I wanted a career, I wanted - I guess I needed to, I don't know, maybe prove something.

She is not alone, since being single she has found a whole new circle of friends, other baby boomers whose life also began at 50. In the small space of how many years? Eight years, 10 years, I have seen more and done more than the entire married life that we had together. After raising four children, by the time Katie Periich reached her silver anniversary, she knew there would be no golden celebrations. I thought, "Do I want to grow old in a relationship like this "that I didn't feel particularly fulfilled in?" And I thought "I didn't think so". There is no surprise today's baby boomer generation is looking to reinvent themselves after 50,

and part of that would involve divorce. Call it a midlife crisis or simply a change of heart statistician Bernard Salt says

more baby boomers are taking flight in their 50s. In a previous era, previous generations stuck it out, if you like, but not today's baby boomers. If there is an option, that option is to end an unhappy relationship and to move forward. The Australian Institute of Family Studies estimates the number of couples divorcing after 25 years of marriage has doubled. You suddenly realise you have another 30 years to go. You get it right now or suffer the consequences. I think people bite the bullet and make the break. Ideally, we would have both preferred that we just live together forever but we did grow apart, the gap did widen. Soon after his children left home John Rivers realised his 26-year marriage to his childhood sweetheart wasn't to be happy ever after. By the time you get to your 50s you feel like you have got to wherever you have to go and you now have to assess the quality of life. When John left, it wasn't just a shock to his wife but to the whole family. Over time everyone has adjusted and I think now my children would say that both parents are happier in their current situations.

Finding himself back in the dating scene at 50 was frightening but John soon found love again at Fast Impressions Speed Dating.

I'm hoping, For me, I really don't want to grow old on my own. They are still hopeful of finding true love, but Katie and Esther aren't wasting a minute waiting for Mr Right,

they are too busy smelling the roses. That part of my life is over and now this is almost like a second life where instead of starting off with the children, it's actually starting off with a career. It is not the way they dreamed their lives would be, but both agree there is no regrets, sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. Do you feel like a couple of Thelma and Louises here in the west? Riding the high life? Where can we fine a big enough cliff to drive off? (Laughs) Natalie Bonjolo reporting there. Now, when 80-year-old great grandmother, Patricia White was parking her car recently, she was set upon by an angry motorist following a dispute over the parking spot. And it wasn't just a verbal altercation. She received a broken nose, broken ribs and concussion. Well, today that motorist faced the courts charged with assault. But, as Gavin Alder explains he won't be spending any time behind bars for the crime. What sort of a man is he? An idiot. I mean, fancy ruining your life to squabble with a woman my age over a parking bay. I can't believe it. I really can't believe it. 80-year-old great-grandmother Patricia White is talking about this man, Robert Kenyon, who had a severe bout of car park rage and cowardly attacked her from behind. Oh, he was angry, yeah. I thought he was on drugs - that's how mad he looked. He looked like the wild man from Borneo.

His self-confessed moment of madness happened at this Brisbane shopping centre car park. Robert Kenyon claimed he was waiting for another car to leave a parking bay and Patricia took it. And here was this raging lunatic, leaning in the car, jumping up and down, yelling and going on and I said "What in the name of God is wrong with you?" and he said "That's my parking spot" and I said "What?" face down in a pool of blood.

There was this massive thump in the middle of my back and I thought I'd been hit by a car, but it was him. I don't remember anything after that. I don't even remember hitting the ground. The fall left Patricia seriously hurt. I had two cracks in my nose, I had three broken ribs on the left hand side and one on the right, I had concussion. Two weeks later, they found I had whiplash.

He's pleading guilty. I think that's sorry enough today. Pat insisted on being in court to see her 54-year-old attacker get sentenced for serious assault. He was given a six-month suspended sentence which means he won't spend any time behind bars.

Do you feel lucky to have escaped a jail sentence? Patricia says at her age, she's not holding any grudges and is happy with his punishment. He's an idiot - pure and simple. Pure and simple, he's an idiot. Will he have learnt his lesson? I've learnt my lesson. What lesson have you learnt? If I ever see him on the road, I won't got near him. Not a bad plan. That report from Gavin Alder. Now, if you're keen to save a fortune on your shopping bills this next story is for you because we're going to teach you the art of haggling so you'll never have to pay full retail again. And that should save you thousands of dollars a year. So, here's Chris Simond with a story on how to bag yourself a bargain every time you shop. $180? Nah - $35 max! On your marks, get set - haggle! Two-seater and a three-seater together as a bundle - you get how much off, did you say? There's got to be a cheaper way. Saw it in the city for $89.95 Before the wheel, there was wheeling and dealing and it's always taken a woman to perfect the haggle. Do you price match? What about cash - if I take this one off the floor as it is right now?

Well, sit back and watch these hagglers show you how to bag a bargain and squeeze sales-men and -women in the Great Australian Haggle Off. First up - the Queen of Cheapskates, Cath Armstrong. A mum and a wife that likes to get the best possible deal for everything I buy. Cath's website is dedicated to showing mums and dads how to save money every day. Haggling is her specialty. I want to know your very best price tag.

I research what I'm buying, so I know the actual price. Next up, what better qualified bargain hunter than your average Aussie mum? Only Lorraine Otten isn't. With 12 kids and a tight budget, this mum-for-all-seasons will haggle over anything. $25? Oh, I can't. You're so funny, you're really funny, you are. Oh, come on! I've got a big family, gotta haggle. But can beauty act as a bargaining chip? We wondered what would happen if we threw in a professional model into the mix. Can good looks and charm lead to extra savings? Our third haggler, Josette O'Sullivan.

What about doing it for $100? Yes, I do use my looks occasionally to try and get the best deal. Treat it as fun and you'll be successful. So, let the games begin. We sent the girls to this suburban Supa Centa. Their mission - to get the best prices on a Large Plasma screen in Bing Lee, a digital camera in Dick Smith Powerhouse and a fridge from Harvey Norman. First in, we sent model Josette to do her best on this Phillips plasma screen valued at $4,999. Next in the haggle-off, our mum Lorraine. I just kept saying, you know, "Come on - down the price, down the price" "How much for cash?" Straight away - $600 off. Last in, a confident Cath who soon had her way with the sales assistant. He was brilliant. He, you know, knocked $200 off, threw in delivery - it was easy. Our first haggle round complete and Lorraine's shrewd move of offering cash on the spot earned her a $600 discount. Josette's smile proved to be worth every cent with a discount of $250 plus an extended five-year warranty and Cath earned a $200 discount and free delivery. Take no prisoners, ladies! Could you take $100 off right now? The next product - this digital camera from Powerhouse. The asking price - $579. Again, Josette let the eyelashes help negotiations. What's the best price you can do on it?

$524? I saved $69.99. I was very happy with that. Next, Lorraine. Down from $579 to $490, minus the warranty. And I hit him with "What if I get more than one - say, two?" I'd be able to get them for $470 each. And then Cath flexed her bargaining biceps and let fly. That one's $100 cheaper, so, can you do anything on that one for me? I saved $55. It was brilliant. Second round and Lorraine was able to talk $109 off the $579 asking price - but that's if she got two, otherwise it was $100 discount for one. Josette got a free memory stick valued at $70 and Cath managed to squeeze $55 out of the salesman. No stragglers among these hagglers! I've never bought a brand new fridge before. Next port of call was Harvey Norman where this fridge and its salesman awaited Josette. Can we do it for $600? But minutes into the haggle and Josette gets lured by a salesman to a large flat screen TV and a discount she just cannot refuse. A hot deal? Oh, good - OK. Lorraine gave it her best and came out with a similar price. This guy was a crack-up. He must really think I'm dumb

because it was $2,700 - got him down to $2,200. Cath and Josette came out on top, haggling $579 off the retail price of the TV. Lorraine knocking $479 off the asking price. In the end,

it was Lorraine's instincts honed in the cut-throat world of raising a large family that won the day. Lorraine managed to haggle a whopping $1,180 off the products worth nearly $8,300.

Josette charmed $884 off the salesmen she encountered and Cath cheap-skated $834 off the asking price. That's over a 10% saving. Don't be afraid to ask for the best price - you deserve it! Absolutely. Chris Simond with that report. Coming up, the new facial. No surgery, no creams, no pain.

How it's claimed that you can look 10 years younger in only 6 weeks. Your family has always loved Continental Side Dishes. And now, they're even better. With twistier, creamier pasta, Continental is the only Pasta & Sauce Side Dish with the Heart Foundation tick, so it helps bring out their good side. Look for the C. You can see the relaxation on their face when they know that they can do the project that they've got sitting at home that's been waiting for six months. only $9 90. Jumbuck 4-burner split grill barbecue, $129. Treated pine sleepers, $10.90 each. Assorted herbs, just $2.48 each. This big sigh of relief. "OK, I can do this now." SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # Lowest prices are just the beginning.

It looks like a scene out of a science fiction film, like some futuristic anti-ageing life pod. This new treatment, called Omnilux is in fact the latest claiming to turn back the clock and have you looking younger for longer. Everybody wants to have perfect skin. And this new treatment promises just that in just six weeks. In general terms Omnilux is a form of light treatment. It uses light within the visible light range both at the blue and at the end. It's not a laser and it has no pulse light component to it at all. Described as the new facial, it promises to rejuvenate and revive the skin with the use of a special light treatment. The reason this has potential is it's really a mild treatment for the treatment of acne and sun damage, Dermatologist, Dr Margot Whitfield, is curious about this new treatment that has swept through the US, Korea and China. Eager to see if Omnilux worked, she accepted Today Tonight's initiation to trial it on three different patients. We're going to have two patients with sun damage and one patient with acne and they'll be having regular light treatments

over the next month and we will be assessing them at the beginning and at the end of their therapies. First up Jennifer, a self-confessed sun lover whose face has copped the brunt of her obsession. I had the typical Aussie childhood out in the sun getting burnt to a crisp just about every weekend and in school holidays. Then there's Peter. Like many of us, fighting the effects of too much time in the sun. I have had a melanoma before. How old were you? 23. And then there's Victoria, who has battled acne since her teens. Have you had any treatments for acne before? I've used topical creams and medications and salon products and I'm sick of it because it's not working. The niceties over, intros complete, our trial begins. We're doing the treatment in here today. For the next six weeks, our patients will be submitted to these treatments nine times over the next six weeks. are painless and non-invasive. They last around 45 minutes,

Weeks later, and the patients have returned with their verdicts. If you had a chance to do this again, would you? Do you think you would go through this treatment program again? I don't know that I would. It appears to be a sort of long process for minimal gain.

I think my skin looks moister, and wrinkles are flattened out. From within - lines look less deep. Six weeks since her first treatment and Jennifer says

she's turned back the clock and hasn't looked back. I can see my friends just having a double look thinking I look better than the last time they saw me. Nothing's said but you can tell people tell the difference. Victoria is all smiles. She believes she has finally found a weapon to combat her greatest nemesis. I've such a difference in the skin, the texture, the brightness, I've tried so many things - it definitely, definitely works. Left holding the baby - the grandparents being blackmailed into caring for their grandkids.

And why they're too afraid to say no.

Now to tomorrow night, and left holding the baby. The grandparents blackmailed into caring for their grandkids. The pressure they face to say yes, or lose access forever.

It's like they have made you feel

guilty that you want to go out

guilty that you want to go out and have fun One of the hardest things

in life it to say no to your keeuds

It's a time when they would like to

have a break. I've done my job.. And that's tomorrow night. So I do hope you can join me for that. And until then, I hope you all have a great evening, please take care and goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.