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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Sandra Sully Tonight - it's war!

to its nuclear sanctions. North Korea's furious reaction back drought hand-outs. Make farmers pay which caused this bottom line. The academic's plan out of his back passage. He was speaking Our richest man's biggest bet - of our best known magazines selling-off Channel 9 and some for gambling. And a new cure - and migraine - the answer to headaches no longer a pain in the neck. and severity of headache, This has decreased the frequency medication intake. and also therefore decreased

to the Pakastani drug finding And - the Aussie cricketers reaction with Rob Canning. headlines Sports Tonight of the cricket community, Sandra - like the rest the team was shocked. We'll hear what they have to say. Plus - in the lead-up to the second Test. trans-Tasman tensions continue Jonah Lomu prepares to join the NRL. The Gold Coast's titanic signing -

excursion taken to the sky? And why has the Indy But first tonight - with North Korea has escalated. the nuclear stand-off UN sanctions against them, The rogue state describing as an act of war. won't yield to pressure State television claiming North Korea now it's a nuclear power.

It says it wants peace but will deal 'merciless blows' who violates its sovereignty. against anyone there will be no back down. But the US has pledged Really make it clear a very, very high price that North Korea will pay for this type of reckless behaviour. and South Korea all say And tonight the US, Japan preparing a second nuclear test. there are signs North Korea might be Not in my backyard! regions nominated by world experts That's the message from one of the nuclear power station. for Australia's first And as the debate heats up, the Government's nuclear timetable. cracks are already appearing in The Hunter Valley, north of Sydney, and vineyards, famous for its rich farmland the experts agree is needed has everything for a nuclear power station. It's close to a major city would provide the megalitres of water and its proximity to the coast needed for reactor cooling. But the locals are unimpressed. Bad, yeah. It wouldn't be very good at all. There's too much pollution already. I don't like the idea at all. as the waste it leaves behind. It's not so much the power station by Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane People are spooked could have a nuclear power station claiming Australia within 10 years. His colleague, the Finance Minister, is pie in the sky. thinks the prediction Mr Macfarlane I suspect that my good friend is being somewhat optimistic. I envy him his optimism. don't stack up. Labor says the economics new power stations within two years. Australia will need They will certainly be coal-fired of this cheaper energy source. as we have enormous supplies for a range of countries nuclear power is a fact of life Beyond Australia,

the energy richness that we have. but those countries don't have Kim Beazley says he's more than happy over an Australian nuclear industry to fight the Government all the way to the next election. a change of government, If there's

will not go ahead. then John Howard's plan It's as simple as that. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. has started The shake-up in the media industry it's off-loading the Nine Network with PBL expected to announce and its magazine group. generate billions of dollars It's a deal that could a chance to buy-up and branch out. and give a cashed up PBL For James Packer, of his business career. this would be the biggest deal Publishing and Broadcasting Limited, His company, to be halted asked for trade in its shares this morning just before the market opened pending a major announcement. has been intensifying Speculation of just such a deal new cross-media ownership laws since the passage of the Government's through the Senate. why he wanted the particular way James is now showing for this legislation to go through, to exit out of traditional media and that's so that he can start and move into the new areas - for him. that is, gambling and Internet It's believed the deal would involve of PBL's media assets - selling off 60% the Nine Network, its magazines and its share of the ninemsn website. a consortium of foreign investors. The buyers -

The billions generated by this sale a handy slush fund will give James Packer to expand his gambling interests that he would most likely use newspapers. or even to make a play for Fairfax James Packer has spent billions in Asia providing healthy profits, investing in gambling businesses Fairfax is also an attractive option. private equity investors, For the new in Australia, they want to expand within the media

the most ripe apple to be taken. and obviously Fairfax is is less sentimental It's known Packer Jr about the Nine Network than his father was, Kerry Packer had his eye on Fairfax, although it was long thought something he played down. There is no way in the world from acquiring Fairfax that I could be stopped if I sell Channel Nine. on just what the deal is, An announcement as tomorrow morning. expected as early Eddy Meyer, Ten News. A damning assessment tonight to pull our troops out of Iraq. of Labor's pledge The Prime Minister said the threat of terrorism in Australia. a pull-out would increase If we all leave Iraq, for the West it will be an enormous humiliation for terrorism - it will be a huge boost one end of Indonesia to the other. they will trumpet it from

recruiting weapon for terrorists JI will use our defeat in Iraq as a and that will be a direct increase in the threat level for Australia. has to answer. That's what Mr Beazley from his British counterpart. And the PM found support tonight Tony Blair said taking British troops out of Iraq

would be disastrous for world security.

The Australian Wheat Board is under fire amid claims it failed to get the best price for our embattled farmers.

With the company still reeling from the bribery scandal in Iraq this latest setback has some government politicians

calling for an end to the AWB monopoly. Wheat and war - an unlikely pairing, but one which Labor uses to remind the Government about Wheat Board kickbacks to the former Iraqi dictatorship. Federal Parliament sounding more like a courtroom. And guilty of turning a blind eye while Australian money brought bullets fired on our troops. I am a guilty man standing up for those people

and I am guilty of helping to get rid of Saddam Hussein's evil regime. You ask Saddam's biggest bagman to return to the question. Order, order! The Prime Minister wary of the looming election battle in which Iraq and the Wheat Board scandal will figure. The PM also faced with tension within the Coalition. Some in the Government want an end to the single-desk marketing of grain, with the AWB under fire for forward-selling its pool of wheat for $240 a ton - well under the world price. Australian growers left out of pocket. AWB Ltd. is asking them to lose $50 a ton to make up for their mistakes, their bad judgment of the market.

Wheat farmers in South Australia and Western Australia also forced to bear the brunt of a $65 million Wheat Board service fee despite the drought and a poor growing season. Liberal MP Wilson Tuckey also warning Australia may have to start importing wheat to meet demand on the east coast. It's quite a risky business and one that we prefer not to have to do. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. As Australia's worst drought on record bites hard, an academic has called for an end to rescue packages for farmers. Much to the fury of farmers - he says the current situation is not sustainable. A show of defiance country style -

farmers in country Victoria rally to fight for their very survival. HORN BLARES These farmers say they're paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for water they never receive. In New South Wales, the drought means sheep are being sold at just $2.00 a head.

After 170 years spent breeding merinos, Angus Gibson's family has just eight left. There are a lot of people out there that are getting very depressed. There's people committing suicide because they just simply can't cope with another year. The Commonwealth has announced a $350 million assistance package for drought-affected farmers. An economist though has another idea -

give farmers money, but only as a loan. And that would concentrate their minds and say, "Is this a goer in the long term if I have to pay back any loans?" There may be some farmers that voluntarily want loans,

uh we already have a program that caters for that. Clive Hamilton says the current situation is unsustainable, but at least one farm-owning politician disagrees. He was, as it were, speaking out his back passage because he doesn't know what he's talking about, doesn't understand the issue. Australia's farmers are resilient. Other sons of the soil are less sure they'll survive this latest disaster. We won't be here to do this next year. Christopher Still, Ten News. Engineers are assessing a crack that's appeared in one of Australia's busiest expressways. A 2-metre long split appeared late today on an on-ramp leading to Brisbane's Riverside Expressway a road used by 150,000 cars a day. Traffic banked-up for kilometres tonight and it's going to be chaotic again tomorrow with the continued closure of the Ann Street on-ramp. The Gateway Bridge toll is being lifted during the morning and evening rush hours while traffic diversions are in place. Employers are being asked to stagger start and finish times for workers.

An Indonesian judge has told an Australian businessman to speed-up his trial and admit he molested a group of young teenagers. But Donald Storen says he's the victim. Donald John Storen - facing five years in an Indonesian jail. Police say he sexually abused four Indonesian boys as young as 13. It's alleged that, in return, Mr Storen would give them money and presents, including a motorbike and a mobile phone. But the former South Australian says he's been framed. I'm not feeling guilty at all 'cause I'm not guilty. That's the whole point. Mr Storen has been living on the Indonesian island of Lombok for five years. He owns a resort and a restaurant. The 58-year-old claims the boys were caught stealing from his hotel room. I want to ask what's happened to the robbery situation. Why haven't they been charged? But the teenagers say they were taking what they were promised. A witness broke down after claiming he saw Mr Storen sexually assault one of his friends. But Mr Storen claims the witness was helping the teenagers steal. He was one of five boys - four were inside. He was the watch outside. He admitted that. Nothing's happened to them? Why haven't they been taken to court for the robbery? Mr Storen originally faced 15 years jail but prosecutors have downgraded the child molestation offences to indecent behaviour. The judge has urged Mr Storen to admit what he did to speed up the trial. Cathernine Kennedy, Ten News. A shocking train crash tonight on the Rome underground. At least one person is dead and about 110 others have been injured after one packed train rammed into the rear of another as passengers were getting off. There are reports the driver ignored a red light, was travelling too fast and couldn't stop in time. The accident happened during the morning peak. Still to come - precious cargo, the arrival in London tonight of Madonna's new baby. And Mr T the crime fighter reinvents himself as Mr T a life coach dude! There are rules that affect what you see on television. These rules cover program classifications. When you see certain programs, advertising, as well as the presentation of news and current affairs, they are part of the Code of Practice for Commercial Television. If you'd like a copy of the code, visit our website for more information, or write or call us at: This program is captioned live. An Australian was caught tonight allegedly smuggling opium worth $830,000 from France to Britain. Police took possession of 35 kilos of the drug - the most they've ever seized. The Australian is a 28-year-old whose identity has not been revealed. New hope tonight for an Australian facing a possible death sentence for heroin trafficking in Vietnam. The Federal Government will make a plea of clemency for Huu Trinh at the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation Meeting in Hanoi next month. A criminal inquiry confronts East Timor's former prime minister tonight. The UN has recommended Mari Alkatiri face police questioning for failing to prevent weapons falling into civilian hands. It also says his government failed to follow the law when it called-out the armed forces to control protests in April, and the former PM bears responsibility for that. East Timor President Xanana Gusmao was cleared of any wrong doing. Fearing the report could spark an outbreak of violence, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer tonight called for calm in East Timor.

A bush football team has apologised for abusing and bashing a Jewish man while taking his children to temple. The players have been condemned by their own community. Until last Saturday, Menachem Vorchheimer felt safe in Melbourne's Jewish heartland, East St Kilda, but the savage attack,

which started with racial taunts and ended in blows, has left him bruised and disillusioned. One of the comments they screamed out was "Go Nazis", and they motioned as if they were shooting me with a machine gun. The children were in total hysteria, crying, screaming. A bus-load of country footballers, returning from the races, has since apologised. Coach Matthew Sproule was on the bus and concedes his team taunted Mr Vorchheimer

before stealing his scull cap.

We accidentally - I know it sounds silly,

but accidentally got his hat when the bus was moving at the time. But he says it was Mr Vorchheimer's reaction that caused the incident to get out of hand. If he hadn't grabbed the bloke's shirt, ripped his pocket and had him by the throat at the time, through the window, this person who threw the punch wouldn't have done it. I did not try and fight back at all. Many residents from the team's home town are not impressed. Absolutely disgusting. It's just shocking. For a little town like this, yeah, it puts a bit of a tarnish on it. Menachem Vorchheimer is confident the police investigation will be successful. He says the assault was cowardly and un-Australian, and his attackers should be treated accordingly. People shouldn't even consider it, and if people do engage in such behaviour they should be ostracised from society and made to feel like outcasts. Luke Waters, Ten News. An exclusive look tonight An inflatable collar could be the answer to headaches and migraines. It couldn't be simplier. It helps make neck muscles stronger and is showing promising results in trials with physiotherapists. A lot of our activities are fairly sedentary, we're sitting in cars for long distances, stuck in traffic, sitting at desks, looking at computers, so what happens eventually is we adopt this forward head or poking chin posture. That causes problems with the muscles that control the head creating tightness in the back of the neck and weakness at the front - problems that can lead to painful and horrible headaches.

The collar is worn for short periods several times a day, until the headaches subside. When the trials wind-up within months the collar will available for sale for about $400.

A new study has shed light on the cause of an ailment that affects tens of thousands of Australians. The good news is eczema can be easily kept at bay with the right moisturiser. Sufferers say it is like having ants under your skin - an unbearable itch. Little Benjamin Wedgwood has spent three years fighting the debilitating skin disease. It gets very itchy and red and often it will start to bleed from his scratching. Amy Clifton another battling eczema. Often wake up at night and cry and become quite restless. With over one million sufferers nation wide finally some scientific answers. The international study finding a defective skin barrier is the primary cause. In eczema the skin barrier is often not totally intact. So tiny cracks in the skin allow allergens and irritants like soap and detergent to get in, causing a severe flare-up. Leading dermatologist Dr John Su - There is a very delicate housekeeping system in the skin that keeps the barrier just right. The skin needs to be kept in tact and that's where non-steroid moistiorisers come in, doctors now knowing daily use keep patients flare-free for longer. On average people with eczema have a flare up at least twice a week and it's costly to combat - sufferers paying around $2,000 a year for creams, but worth every cent if it eases the pain. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. The African baby Madonna's trying to adopt arrived in London tonight. One-year-old David Banda with his face covered, was carried by a nanny and led away under police escort. One of Madonna's bodyguards accompanied the pair on the overnight flight from Johannesburg. The singer has been granted interim custody of the little boy despite attempts by charities in Malawi to stop the adoption process. 80's TV star Mr T is back with a vengeance. But this time he's not fighting crime, he's changing lives in a new reality series. Move over, Oprah and Dr Phil. The man with the mohawk is back to save the day. Hey, fool, sit up and pay attention. 23 years after he shot to fame as the tough-talking commando in 'The A-Team'... Is it 18-carat or 14-carat? It's 18-carat, fool. ..Mr T's back fighting anxiety, laziness and bad attitudes as a life coach in a new reality show called 'I Pity the Fool'. Now, I ain't no shrink but I don't shrink away from no challenge either. I'm just teaching fools some basic rules and there's no shortage of fools who need my help. In each hour-long episode he helps people achieve goals at home and work. We're going to do 24 cars in 48 hours. That's our goal. All right, all right! But don't expect any new-age psychobabble - Mr T's employing an A-Team approach to therapy. My show ain't no 'Dr Phil', where people sit around crying, "What's wrong with me, Dr Phil?" You're a fool - that's wrong with you. The 54-year-old is a born-again Christian who believes growing up in an impoverished family of 12 kids qualifies him to dish out advice. I grew up in the ghetto. Crime and drugs was over me, under me and around me but crime and drugs was never in me. Why? Because I love and respect my mother. So therefore that gives me some authority to speak about because I've been through some things. Mr T says it's not about reigniting his career. This is his true calling. I'm not much of an actor, but I am a good reactor. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Sports Tonight is next with Rob Canning. And Rob, the Kangaroos continue to insult the Kiwis? Sandra - this time Reni Maitua has a crack.

We'll tell you who he thinks shouldn't be in the New Zealand team. Also coming up - Pakistan takes to the field amid a mass of controversy. In good hands - our former greats bring home the Ashes. And the sacrifice for a start in the Rugby World Cup. (Knocks at door) G'day, mate. I need you to sign here for delivery of a bed, home entertainment system, washing machine, a couch, stereo, a microwave, computer, plasma TV... VOICEOVER: Want to fill your home up? Buy $5 worth of any Instant Scratchies and you'll get a free chance to win one of 20 prizes of $15,000 each

to spend however you like at Harvey Norman in the Spending Spree promotion. So where do you want it? Here... Um, oh... Do you reckon you could...?

SONG: # Scratch me happy! # (Both grunt) This program is captioned live.

The international cricket community has expressed collective disappointment in the wake of the Pakistan drugs scandal. Shoaib Akhtar has denied knowingly taking any drugs, after returning a positive test for the banned steroid nandrolone. He and fellow paceman Mohammad Asif face 2-year bans, if found guilty.

Cricket's governing body has made a

swift response to the game's latest

scandal. ICC chief executive

Malcolm Speed reaffirming the

sport's zero tolerance for doping

offences. Cricket is regarded as a

low-risk sport in respect of drugs

and doping. That's not to say that

we don't take it seriously. The

Australian team not happy at the

Pakistan pace duo for tarnishing

the game's clean reputation. I

think it's disappointing for the

game on a world basis - any time

any of things happen to the game of

crick. World cricket prided itself

on being a clean sport. Akhtar 's

express was off in a flash, just

like his bowling. On the field,

Pakistan was severely exposed

without its top-flight bowlers in

Trophy. their first game of the Champions

Sri Lankan opener jisjisjis -- jees

jees jees sending the second string

over the fence. The danger man then

handed a life on 47. Straight over the fence. The danger man then

through his hands. A short time

later, his leg stump was rattled.

1/63, the opener falling two runs

shy of his half-century. The

skipper bringing up 6,000 one-day

international runs in style. That's

glorious. There was revenge after a

costly start to the second over.

He's got his man. After being hit

for two boundaries, this is a good

comeback. Jayawardene then Sang the

the 30s. next two to go, both caught out in

Wonderfully taken. What a good

catch. A superb piece of fielding

from Asif sent the batsman away for

36. They crashed through the tail. after that flying start. So Sri Lanka cleaned up for 253,

Jayasuriya top scored with 48 runs the best with the ball - while Abdul Razzaq was for the depleted Pakistani's. snaring 4 wickets has landed on Australian soil The Ashes Urn

for only the 2nd time in 120 years.

Steve Waugh, Mark Taylor Former Australian skippers and Alan Boarder prized trophies in world cricket, disembarked with one of the most because Australia hasn't EARNED it. but the urn's visit has baffled some it's the first time I think it's quite ironic in 20 years for about 20 years. we haven't deserved the thing that really doesn't make sense. So if we win it, they'll take it? with showings all around Australia. The 4-inch urn has a busy scheduale have offered Jonah Lomu The Gold Coast Titans incentive-based contract' a 'one-year met with club officials today. after the former All-Black and he's confident They are confident Jonah is genuine he'll cut it in the NRL. a flurry of flashbulbs... Lomu's arrival sparked ..and questions about his fitness since having a kidney transplant. after his struggles How's your health? It's all good?

Health's fine, it's really good. what's happening We're just here to see and go from there, really.

The wing giant posing with fans before heading to meet the Titans,

including coach John Cartwright. a planned fitness test - Lomu later emerging without needing by his condition. the NRL new boys surprised better than we'd ever have expected. Oh, look, fantastic - So from our point of view,

being played tomorrow, if there was a game of rugby league Jonah Lomu would be picked in it. then courted over lunch Lomu and his wife the Titans' chopper for a joy-flight. before squeezing inside of the Tri-Nations series Meanwhile, Reni Maitua is out with an ankle injury, debutant Anthony Tupou replacing him, to the squad. with Antonio Kaufusi added of a facial fracture Willie Mason cleared during New Zealand's haka. and of being disrespectful that Brent Webb's doing the haka, I think it's disrespectful if anyone's being disrespectful. For someone who's not a Kiwi or Torres Strait Islander, or is an Aboriginal

whatever he is, is him leading the haka. the disrespectful thing We're not getting involved anymore. This is childish. We just want to play football. the verbal warfare, Ricky Stuart also moving to stop especially from Mason. I think Willie probably understands to keep his mouth shut. it's probably very important for him Adam Hawse, for Sports Tonight. Brumbies forward Jonny Tawake of having a finger amputated has taken the extreme step to boost his World Cup hopes. Tawake suffered several dislocations back in March. after injuring the finger It then became infected after surgery

too long, and rehabilitation was deemed with no guarantees. and the Super 14 next year, The World Cup next year a good chance of being in that team, so I guess, for me to have and make that, so I just... I had to play Super 14 give that away. wasn't prepared to, ah, He'll resume training in 6 weeks. can breathe a little easier Melbourne Cup punters because the will-he-or-won't-he saga favourite Yeats has ended - surrounding equal Melbourne Cup

in Melbourne this evening. the champion touching down arrived in Australia just hours ago, Europe's top stayer of his marathon trip from Ireland. showing no ill effects heavily backed to win this year's Cup The 6-year-old has been with David Hayes's import, Tawkqeet. and shares the top line of betting serious work-out at Sandown While Yeats will have his first

on Friday, for Carte Diamond. the Cup dream is over two uphill 1,000m gallops today The stallion endured from a tendon injury in a bid to prove he's recovered sustained two months ago. cantering and galloping, on that - Albeit the fact that he's cantering, that appeared OK. just on that basis, yes, and I appreciate that They've got a job to do there's nothing wrong with him. but I trained the horse and I know chief vet John McCaffrey and stewards Despite the early signs of hope, of the 6-year-old's tendon weren't satisfied with scans and pain-free. or that Carte Diamond was sound- from the Melbourne Cup. They ordered his immediate scratching Ellison left gutted. at Sandown, Scrutiny of a different kind where Kerrin McEvoy was reunited Caulfield Cup hope Imperial Stride. with Godolphin's highly rated Decision by Sheikh Mohammed in Australia to give me the chance to ride him given that I know the race and the form. and know the local horses one of three overseas raiders Imperial Stride for Saturday's $2.5 million Cup. to make the field Damien Oliver's mount Pop Rock Delta Blues in the final 18. joining fellow Japanese star named second emergency. One-time favourite Zipping David Adamson for Sports Tonight. with a much-wanted trophy, Australia's netballers are back home New Zealand - and a message for their arch rivals by rough-house tactics. they won't be intimidated anymore A day to savour because the last time our netballers returned from New Zealand the welcome couldn't have been flatter. The depths of despair really. 12 months ago they'd been thrashed by 25 goals. Now, a major transformation - their first series win on New Zealands oil in five years. We decided we needed to return to the Australian way of playing netball which is tough and hard and passionate and skilful all rolled into one and the ability to do that just comes from sheer hard work. The Aussies playing sharper, faster, smarter - not getting rattled when the Silver Ferns turn on the rough stuff. That's what we did this series. rather than necessarily get caught up in the biffo because, mostly, look across the court they're a bit bigger that us so we'd probably come off second best if we tried to do that. Defence also a major factor. With Liz Ellis and Monia Gerrard back from serious injury, New Zealand's goal machine Irene Van Dyke not silenced, but a lot quieter. We've kept Van Dyke to under 30 goals and that's massive because she's such a weapon and if she's in the 40's they're gonna win. The next step - to reclaim the World Championship in Fiji next winter. I think we're running pretty much even money at the moment. I guess it's back to the drawing board for them and it's back to the drawing board for us too because there's eight months between now and the World Championships and you can't win the World Championship with what we produced in New Zealand, it's gotta be just a little bit better. Leanne West for Sports Tonight. Australian champ car driver Will Power has a funny name.

Problem is, he wants to be known for more than that - and a win at the Lexmark Indy 300 on the Gold Coast this weekend would well and truly do that. It's a long road from billycarts in Toowoomba to the starting grid at the Gold Coast Indy, but after a year of champ car racing, Team Australia's Will Power is poised to make his mark. I'd really like to qualify in the top six and have a podium.

While go-carting, Formula Ford and British Formula 3 were seen as a pathway to Formula 1, the 25-year-old's loving the rawness of Champcar. Champ car is bigger, heavier, it's just more of a beast - that's how you'd explain it, yeah.

Mario Dominguez and Nelson Phillipe took the high road, getting a birds-eye view of Indy's glamour strip from the cockpits of Chinese fighter planes. While at Dreamworld,

current Champcar series leader Sebastian Bourdais and female sensation Katherine Legge took tips from former surfing world champ Mark Occhilupo on the Flow Rider. The first full-time female driver isn't quite able to walk on water yet.

Paul Radisich should be on a plane to race around the Gold Coast.

Instead, he's stuck in a wheelchair, negotiating the backyard pool.

The stop was so sudden. I've never experienced inertia in that way - just to stop so suddenly. Everything internally is aching. The Kiwi veteran was lucky to emerge with just a shattered left ankle and a broken sternum after his Bathurst crash. COMMENTATOR: Oh no, he's run out of road. Oh my goodness me, that is a shocker. Oh no. I know the risk element to the sport, and it's brought it home with Peter and then with Mark's passing on the weekend, it just shows us that things do happen and nobody can walk on water and accidents do happen.

Mark Chester for Sports Tonight. Fernando Alonso is confident he will leave Renault in fairytale circumstances, by retaining the Formula One crown at the season finale in Brazil on Sunday. The defending champion needs just one point to secure the Driver's Championship. Yes, it's very special, and Brazil will be in my memories always - winning the first world championship. Alonso leads Michael Schumacher by 10 points. One of boxing's all-time greats has made a rare visit to Australia. Former world heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis is in Melbourne to promote a new super-fighter series and he's lost none of his bravado, since hanging up the gloves. He hasn't set foot in a boxing ring for two years,

but Lennox Lewis can still draw a crowd. The lion Lewis retired with a career record of 41 wins from 44 bouts, but you're now more likely to find the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world at a poker table or playing chess than inside a gym. And he's even having a crack at a film career. Me and Vinnie Jones is doing a movie. It's about different times.

I'm actually King Rasta, so I'm playing a pirate DJ in the movie. Lewis was in Melbourne today to launch the Superfighter boxing tournament, to be held at Telstra Dome on December 2. Spectators at the revolutionary event will see eight of the world's best heavyweights go head to head

in seven round-robin bouts over four hours. They're going to see an event. They're going to see gladiators, they're going to see survivors. They're going to see eight boxers in an intensity-saturated format with one champion. The winner of the event will pocket a staggering $6.5 million. You're going to have to adapt in the ring. Everything is squashed into four rounds and you get a little rest after each round. There's no undercards in Superfighter. It's main event - from the first round of the quarters to the last round of the final, It's main event - to the last round of the final,

nothing but main event.

It's mental, physical, you know, using your brains - it's going to have to be a team effort as well.

Your trainer is going to be outside of the ring

looking at the points saying, you know, "You need to pick it up." And while Lewis has no formal plans to make a comeback for the event, he has no doubt what his chances would be against the four current heavyweight title holders. I wish I was around because the style that I have can beat all of them. David Adamson for Sports Tonight. LAID-BACK JAZZ MUSIC Looks like someone's found a new take on balance. New Just Right Crunchy Blends with crunchy flakes and delicious cranberries, almonds and sultanas. New Just Right Crunchy Blends. A perfect way to:

This program is captioned live. Play of the Day time now, and any time you combine dirt, jumps, motorbikes and crazy cats cranking the throttle, you're likely to get some hot action. This is the 'Night of Jumps' in Germany, where Europe's best air acrobats battled it out. This is one of those sports that kids grow up to be - kids. They get paid stacks to do it

but, unfortunately, have stacks of stacks doing so. Not today - these guys were too good. They can all have our Play of the Day. Sandra,

just news before I leave

you - Tim Cahill has been named one

of 50 players to be in the running

for the European footballer of the

year. He deserves it, doesn't he? He's great. To finance news, and the Australian stock market lost some of yesterday's gains. The weather - Showers easing in Cairns. Drizzle clearing in Brisbane. Late thunder in Sydney. A possible thunderstorm in Canberra. Rain clearing in Melbourne. Windy and wet in Hobart. A clearing shower in Adelaide. Sunny in Perth. A clearing shower in Darwin. And showers in Alice Springs. And that's the latest from Ten News. The 'Early News' tomorrow is at 6am. I'm Sandra Sully. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.