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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. pending a major Packer announcement. PBL shares go into a trading halt that could guard against Alzheimer's. The common cooking spice in 80 years - And for just the third time the Ashes touch down in Australia.

Ten News with Tracey Spicer. To a breaking story, Good morning.

Publishing and Broadcasting Limited and shares in James Packer's pending a major announcement. have gone into a trading halt Channel Nine's Sydney studios. Ten's Eddy Meyer is outside for the Packer media empire? What does this mean

There's been a lot of speculation

about p b l in the last 24 hours. A

lot of talk about selling off its

media assets. One scenario that seems media assets. One scenario

to be gaining traction is that they

will gather their media assets. This will gather their media assets.

nine MS N encrypt will be the Channel nine Network,

nine MS N encrypt them and to one

media ethics and it looks like what

might be they will sell off to some

private investors. This raised by the

cross-media ownership laws that have cross-media ownership laws that

gone through the Senate. This is

still to be confirmed early next

year. A lot of shuffling and it looks

like this is what we will wait for an

like this is what we will wait for an

announcement in the next day or so.

What four p b l do with the money?

James Packer has spent a lot of money

on gambling interests in Macao and

Singapore spending billions of

dollars raising those assets. It dollars raising those assets.

raised a lot of money for p b l. The

other thing that could be on the cards is

cards is once those laws are in

effect next year it could allow them

to have enough money to buy to have enough money to buy the

Fairfax newspaper network - Essex

ended is something that has always be

dashed maybe James. in ire of Kerry Packer and may be

North Korean vessels from its ports. Australia has officially banned the United Nations sanctions The move is in line with

isolated state. against the increasingly It's a rigid response from Canberra - unless in a dire emergency,

won't be allowed in. North Korean ships

The experience we've had visiting our shores of North Korean vessels is an unhappy one. a North Korean vessel, the 'Pong Su', Just three years ago, into the country. was caught smuggling heroin Australia's not taking any chances

than the UN-listed sanctions and may go further to stop and search Korean cargo. by tasking naval ships Meantime, air samples have confirmed did conduct a nuclear test North Korea to 1,000 tonnes of TNT, with a force equivalent on alert. putting neighbours to the south SIREN WAILS in a drill, South Koreans evacuating underground

along the border with China while a fence has appeared it is complying with UN sanctions. amid reports brought us all much closer to China I think this nuclear test has really and brought China much closer to us, in the next few days. so we'll see how that goes

Still, North Korea maintains to peace and security its condemned test will contribute on the Korean peninsula,

an outcome yet to be seen. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. Nuclear power in Australia in next year's federal election. is set to be a front-and-centre issue

adopting starkly different approaches The Coalition and the Labor Party are to the controversial technology. The Prime Minister says could be constructed in Australia nuclear power plants in just 10 years. would be necessary As many as five east coast plants

to make nuclear power viable. the PM's nuclear plan Labor leader Kim Beazley has slammed as backward-looking. We oppose it absolutely. in our party and their government. It's a major point of difference If there is a change of government, will not go ahead. John Howard's plan in Australia Mr Beazley says the future of energy renewable technology lies in cutting-edge

and rejects John Howard's claim is the obvious solution that nuclear development

to halting global warming. global warming - that's nonsense. It's not the solution to when it comes to climate change. John Howard is last century's man

Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce says a viable nuclear power industry. Australia may get left behind without People are looking at it and seeing

are using it now for electricity. so many countries in the world to use it. We sell it so we must be prepared

of the nuclear plan John Howard's strong endorsement between the Government and Labor, has set a clear divide a pivotal election issue. which could prove to be Labor is running a scare campaign The Liberal Party says around nuclear power plants. a little bit wary I think people are starting to get of those scare campaigns

and they want to see alternatives. nuclear power task force The Prime Minister's

next month. is due to hand down its findings Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. Steve Irwin's family and friends

is being exploited. have denied claims his daughter Bindi to be back in front of the camera. They say she's the one pushing Eight years old is already following and Bindi Irwin in her famous father's footsteps...

millions and millions of bison There used to be but now they're endangered. she began with Steve Irwin ..resuming filming on the TV show by a stingray six weeks ago. before he was killed since the tragedy In her first interview is very much her father's daughter. it's obvious Bindi I would be afraid of them Some people think

of an animal. but I'm never, ever afraid I just get excited,

and some that are dangerous, "Ooh, what's going to happen?" I think,

the ABC's 'Australian Story' program Footage was also shown during last trip together of the family's they wrestled a crocodile when in typical Irwin style with his toddler son. and Steve bonded Will we head off, eh? Yeah? more crocs tomorrow will we? Let's go set some traps and catch Yeah. OK, mate. Family friends deny the Crocodile Hunter's only daughter

since her father's death. had been exploited Bindi has been basically going, I want to start filming again, "Come on, "I want to start getting out there and start spreading Dad's message. Christopher Still, Ten News. The Federal Government is investigating allegations that Filipino workers are being exploited by a Brisbane welding company. The men, on temporary work visas, are living in cramped conditions, up to eight in a house, and charged $175 a week.

It's alleged up to eight men were sacked yesterday and told their visas would be cancelled

after they complained to the union. A local councillor says others are threatened with deportation if they make mistakes. Australia should hang its head in shame because of the attitude of the Federal Government and the way Australian workers can be ripped off and paid a pittance. The company denies any wrongdoing.

The common Indian spice that could aid the fight against Alzheimer's - that story when the morning news returns. And the Ashes touch down on home soil.

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This program is captioned live. Researchers claim to have discovered a chemical in a common Indian spice

that could aid the fight against Alzheimer's disease. Early trials in the US producing promising results. It's a sweet discovery for the spicy Indian staple. Curry, in its many forms and strengths, could help slow or prevent Alzheimer's. At least half of the patients' macrophages that we tested

responded by increasing the uptake and the digestion of the amyloid beta. Amyloid beta is a kind of plaque that builds up in the brain,

causing the disease, but researchers at the University of California have found a chemical in turmeric, widely used in Indian food, that helps remove the plaque. Doctors tested white blood cells from six Alzheimer's patients.

It doesn't surprise me, because one of the reasons why I eat Indian food is because I'm aware of some of the benefits. And people who've grown up with the strong spice have long believed in its special powers. More studies are needed before the spice is recommended to treat patients, but scientists are positive the result could lead to new treatments.

Josh Murphy, Ten News. A breakthrough for Madonna in her bid to adopt an African baby.

The pop icon's been granted temporary custody of 18-month-old David Banda, paving the way to full legal adoption. Bodyguards accompanied the 1-year-old from Malawi on a private jet. It's believed the little boy will be reunited with the pop icon when he arrives in London this afternoon.

Madonna has come under criticism for bypassing Malawi law which prohibits adoption by non-residents. 250 people are dead or wounded in Sri Lanka's worst ever suicide attack. Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels rammed a truck full of explosives into a convoy of sailors heading home on vacation. Civilians also among the dead and injured. The Government has vowed retaliation.

And we request all peace-loving people, nationally and internationally,

to join hands with us to get rid of this cancerous menace of terrorism. The attack comes amid already fragile peace talks. The Ashes urn has arrived on Australian soil for only the third time in a century. The prized cricket trophy has become a symbol of Australian and English sporting rivalry spanning nearly 130 years.

It may only be four inches tall, but this little trophy is causing quite a stir, met at Sydney airport by three of Australia's greatest cricket captains, Allan Border, Mark Taylor and Steve Waugh.

It's just a special piece of cricket memorabilia that we all look at with envy, you know? We're desperate to get our hands on it. The Ashes urn began its journey yesterday, England's captain, Michael Vaughn, personally escorting it

onto the tarmac at London's Heathrow Airport. I think it gives a great opportunity for the Australian public to go and see what we actually got hold of last year. The Ashes dates back many years and there's a lot of history with it. And with a lot of history comes a lot of care. The ceramic pot was strapped into its own business-class seat. Nothing was too much trouble for this cargo,

which is rumoured to be insured for millions of dollars. The trophy's origins date back to 1882, when Australia beat England. The next day a mock obituary ran in an English newspaper: The Ashes exhibition will tour the country, starting in Sydney next week

before spending time in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Hobart. It will coincide with this summer's Ashes Series, which begins in Brisbane next month. I'm sure the players will be delighted to see it out here and it might just add a little bit more of an edge to what promises to be a very exciting series. Hugo Ward, Ten News. Ahead, one of the world's greatest rugby players tries for a code switch in the NRL.

That's when Ten's morning news returns. Also, more disgrace for Pakistan cricket, with two stars sent home in a drugs scandal.

(Speaks Swahili) MAN: Salome and her community live in terrible poverty. Her life won't improve unless long-term work is carried out to change things.


The $2 jackpot lottery... CLANG! ..has just popped up to over $2 million! If you ever win the jackpot you'd take the lot! Wouldn't that make you jump for joy?

This program is captioned live. Returning to our breaking story, and PBL shares have gone into a trading halt, pending an announcement from the James Packer-controlled company. Craig, what exactly does this mean for the Australian share market?

in ire of Kerry Packer and may be dashed maybe James. dashed maybe James. The share market

is softer but leading the way his media is softer but leading the way to they

his media stocks. There is a lot of

speculation in the sector. Areas

speculation on BBL shares. Once speculation on BBL shares. Once the announcement comes they will be

confirmation that he be owl will take

half of the equity interest

half of the equity interest and half of the equity interest and will focus its attention on it is gaining

interest. Will this leave BBL force?

With $4 million of cash it will

extend its gamey interest. One likely

target is tab court. BBL target is tab court. BBL maybe

scouring the world for other scouring the world for other gaming

and just. Been a half inches in the

and just. Been a half inches in the

media interest it is likely to seek a

range of speculation are perhaps the

new venture could see some new venture could see some tyre swift

John Fairfax or even a radio John Fairfax or even a radio networks such as. Of Checking other finance news the Australian share market is stronger today.

Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has protested his innocence Australia's triumphant netball team returns home this afternoon after conquering the Kiwis for the first time in three years.

Victorious captain Liz Ellis joins me on the line from New Zealand. Liz, an absolute thriller. 46-40 in the deciding third test last night.

You really know how to take things down to the wire, don't you.

We do. We'd like to say we deliberately lost the second test to make it really exciting and to get people to watch the TV but to be honest, we would've loved to have wrapped it up earlier but, you know, you take it when you can get it and to wrap it up in the last quarter in the last game was really exciting. I'm sure there were plenty, but was there a real stand out performance during the game? Look, I think there was.

For us it was Natalie von Bertouch. She has threatened to overshadow a lot of the NZ centre court throughout the entire series and she displayed awesome speed and availability and she was playing against the best centre court player in the world, Temepara George she was so good that Temepara got taken off the court. I think Natalie von Bertouch was outstanding in that particular game but Sharelle McMahon for us, I think, was the real player of the series and she was named that.

She was unbelievably great. Now, for five years you couldn't get a win on NZ soil

and now three wins in the past four matches. What's made the difference? I think just our consistency and we really had this belief in each other and we took a thumping 12 months ago against NZ. We lost by a record margin of 25 goals and really had to have a good, hard look at what we were doing and how committed we were and we decided to work really hard on a very simple game plan but to be committed to that game plan

and I think that consistency across all three matches was what got us home in the end. It seems the tables have finally turned. Has this win given you a bit of a psychological edge ahead of next year's world championships? I don't know about a psychological edge. New Zealand are a pretty quality outfit. They're not going to get too rattled by it but it does give us a huge boost of confidence and to come away against the number one team in the world with a 2-1 series win and to win the two games that we did that were really tight matches

and to pull out in the last quarter just makes us so confident of being able to put out a really good performance in nine months time in Fiji at the world champs. But first, we've got two months off so we're so excited about that.

How are you celebrating now, or are you too exhausted? I'm turning into a bit of an old lady. We just sat around last night. We had three games in five days which makes it, probably spending hours in the damp was a little bit too much to ask for the first night back. But we're flying home.

I think there'll be some very satisfied champagne drinkers this afternoon. I can imagine. Well done and congratulations, Liz. Thank you very much, Tracey. Great to speak to you. Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has protested his innocence after testing positive for the banned steroid nandrolone. Akhtar and team-mate Mohammad Asif face 2-year bans after being sent home from the Champions Trophy tournament.

Pakistan cricket back in the headlines and again for all the wrong reasons - Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif returned to Pakistan after testing positive to the banned steroid nandralone. Obviously Younis and I are very disappointed that this has happened,

but that is all we can say. The tests were carried out before the Champions Trophy. Their B samples have returned the same result and the pair could be suspended for two years. Cricket is regarded as a low-risk sport

in respect to drugs and sporting. That's not to say that we don't take it seriously. It's also believed Pakistan officials suspected Akhtar of using anabolic steroids on last year's tour of Australia. 31-year-old Akhtar underwent knee surgery earlier this year, while 23-year-old Asif has been troubled by an elbow injury. The drug scandal is a significant blow to Pakistan's Champions Trophy campaign,

but despite losing arguably their best two bowlers, coach Bob Woolmer is confident ahead of today's tournament opener against Sri Lanka. The team is already without captain Inzamam-ul-Haq who was recently suspended for bringing the game into disrepute. Aussie vice-captain Adam Gilchrist won't write Pakistan's chances off

after Australia lost Shane Warne to a drug suspension at the last World Cup. I don't think that means that they're out of the tournament.

We lost one of the greatest players our country's ever had the night before a world cup three or four years ago and we were able to go on and win that world cup. Meanwhile, last night Stephen Fleming led New Zealand to an 87-run victory over South Africa. He belted a spectacular 89. The South Africans dismissed for just 108. Kiwi, Kyle Mills took 3/18,

including this slick catch to dismiss Jacques Kallis.

Trent Higgs, Ten News. Off-season drama in the AFL, with Collingwood midfielder Ben Johnson charged by Victorian police

following a brawl outside a Melbourne nightspot in July. The Magpies have confirmed Johnson will face criminal charges. Johnson has been charged on summons for assault and recklessly causing injury following a brawl outside a Melbourne nightclub in July. The 25-year-old will face a magistrate on November 20.

Former All Blacks great Jonah Lomu has arrived in Australia to discuss a switch to rugby league. The giant winger touched down in Brisbane this morning, heading straight to the Gold Coast for talks with the Titans. Just here to see what's happening and go from there, really. REPORTER: Are you having talks with just the Titans

or the Warriors as well?

Like I said, these guys have put a proposal in and we're just having a look. Lomu has struggled to rebuild his career after receiving a kidney transplant two years ago. Soccer coach John Kosmina Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

(Speaks Swahili) live in terrible poverty. Her life won't improve That's what child sponsorship does. Sponsor a child online at

or call 13 32 40 now.

This program is captioned live. Troy Cassar Daley has affirmed his stance as Australia's premier country music performer, named the Entertainer of the Year for the fourth time. The multi-Golden Guitar winner got the nod

at the Country Music Association of Australia's annual awards ceremony in Sydney. Kasey Chambers and John Williamson were also honoured at the event. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day.

Most of us would simply pass it off as a bad hair day, 18 of the world's best hairdressers have battled it out in a display of creativity and artistic flair. You may well laugh, but the stylists say everyday designs in the future. some of these crazy coiffures will be

with all the news. That brings you up to date throughout the day Stay with Ten for updates in Ten's news hour tonight. and the full details I'm Tracey Spicer. Good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions

This program is captioned live. staying at school. This week on TTN - And doing stunts for a living.

are a very dangerous stunt. High falls the web video-sharing phenomenon Also today, to stay at school But first, should teenagers be made until the end of Year 12?

Around 25% of young Australians don't complete high school. I think for some people it's just doesn't suit them. They don't really want to be there and they don't apply themselves when they are here because they don't really see the point. I think it will depend on their circumstances 'cause some people don't have financial support so they leave school to support themselves

what I'm saying is let's move it from 15 and, in some States, 16, to at least completing high school. A recent report or OECD, Co-operation and Development, by The Organisation for Economic

complete high school. shows 75% of young Australians We're lagging behind Norway, finish high school, where 100% of students Israel, Korea and Japan while Ireland, Denmark, Finland,

and get a trade and work. so he decided to go out any relevance in the curriculum, is that they can't find this is not working, and they'll say to you, "Oh, Miss, I want to do this." "I can't do it, I'm bored, leave high school early Another reason teenagers is experiencing a resources boom, is that the Australian economy

and construction. in industries like mining to stay on Some schools are encouraging students traineeships and work placements. by offering them school-based of people leaving school early, unfortunately for the majority shops, or jobs in low-paying areas, it means labouring jobs, or jobs in

One of their classmates recently passed away and, affected by the death, many of their mates dropped out of school. But now, since they've left school, we've seen them around,

they've visited every now and then and they regret having left school. They've got jobs, they work in a factory - that's not, like, a bad thing, be working in a factory all my life, but now they realise, "Oh, I can't and, you know. "I wish I had stayed back," to stay on. These students are choosing family that's gone through Grade 12. so I'm like the only one out of my when I leave school, I want to do nursing

qualifications because I will have no without having anything planned. that it's what you want to do. Yeah, you have to be very sure it should be up to the individual. The Prime Minister says that people complete Year 12. I'm against making it mandatory

comments up on our website soapbox. Let us know and we'll put your a successful business. while learning how to run

Now this is an interesting office. crocs at Darwin's Crocodylus Park. Oh, he's got it. Keep an eye on him. for 449 crocs. He's now on a hit list hanging out of your head. You don't swim around with a chicken

But it's not all fun and games. are actually learning These high school students modelled on Crocodylus Park. how to run a business, at Charles Darwin University. This is their real office, called Crocodylus World, only it's virtual.

and we can write cheques We can do tax invoices and write letters to people and we can do statements and we know how to do it in a way in business. that they would normally do Australia which they trade with, to 120 similar practice firms around found in the gift shop, They sell products modelled on ones

where they sell real products. even holding trade fairs is that it's a partnership The key to the scheme and the students, between Crocodylus Park and all the students What happened was the practice firm and they would help with functions sales and help here on site. and help raise funds through real

There are receptionists. Hello, Crocodylus practice firm. so they have to work as a team. and everyone can make decisions, by being sacked for it. and not have to pay

and you know that it's all virtual. It is, but when you think about it at the university The students can graduate giving their careers a kick-start. so this will lead me into that. I want to be a tax accountant, yep,

one hand firm on the neck, The way to grab the croc is always so if it wriggles. then one on the tail, everything on paper So they're not having to do

in an office, If you don't want to work this next job could be for you. But you have to be fit and fearless. and dancer. I'm a stuntwoman, actress when I was 3 I started as a dancer loved the stage, and was always a performer, my mother told me. and was always a risk-taker,

I'm accelerating towards Rodney So here I am, for a period of time, After considering it seriously, I started going to training a lot of my dancing time and I had to give up for a good 1.5 years and trained.

to take risks, you need to be willing and specialty, I would say, Body control is my forte since I was 3, 'cause I've been dancing but it's also very handy sprouts from body control, 'cause a lot of stunt work

or push forward, He's not allowed to pop a really bad difference. because that could make when he's got to rotate within himself he will know and flip over to land on his back.

come down face-first Generalising it, you should never or on your back. which usually means, you know, You want to try and roll it off the shoulder, taking it on the top of into a shoulder roll. the back or going

down on the bottom of the car. and it's actually a little button was 'Scooby Doo'. where I doubled little Penny. a way of life, you know. I love it and it's really and being healthy My life is going to the gym

I'm an adventurer so I love the job different. 'cause it's always something The 13-year-old fisherman who landed a record sailfish. why it's become a multibillion-dollar industry.

my little boy wouldn't be speaking, and he is now. Two owls, two motorbikes, two clocks... They care about what they do.

I've been aware of the great work of the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children for many years now. I help them where and when I can, and I urge you to do the same. This program is captioned live. This year's National Landcare Awards have been decided. Among the winners, a small Tasmanian school.

Woodbridge School received the Education Award. Their projects include saving more than 1.5 million litres of water is that if we don't care for the environment, we don't have a future. with Australian, American, Canadian and Croatian schools. Emily joins us now. And speaking of sharing,

They sure are, Amelia. YouTube in particular is worth a fortune now. Google just bought it for more than $2 billion What started out in a backyard garage has now grown into a big deal - $2.2 billion, to be exact.

Two kings have gotten together The co-founders, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, developed YouTube after becoming frustrated Now users can upload, view and share video clips.

with an estimated 34 million users a month. So what makes this website so popular? you know, that instant. I'm interested in, say, surfing as an example. I'm interested in surfing, I want to see big waves, so I go and type "big waves, surfing". Up pops big waves and surfing and they're loading up on your browser on your PC in a matter of seconds. It's not just about finding videos that you're interested in - That's a fun thing to look at videos of friends and stuff. The wide variety of content includes movie and TV clips from the famous...

the amount of eyeballs watching that video clip globally, it can be as much as people watching on TV. So why is YouTube worth more than $2 billion? Well, basically because video-sharing websites are perfect for advertisers wanting to get their product out there. One of the things with video clip-watching as a revenue stream for websites

is playing a 15- to 30-second ad at the beginning of the video clip. Video sharing isn't the only way you can interact with others. At MySpace, you can post personal profiles, blogs, photos, It's the sixth most visited website in the world. I probably go on at least six times a week so, yeah, it's pretty often, but I have to get off eventually because I have homework to do. you can have a song that you want you have all your friends put information you want there, it's like a cool way of having your own little piece of cyberspace. My friend at school was telling me about other friends that they used to go to primary school with - The list of video-sharing sites is growing

There are other websites around, they just haven't become as well-known as MySpace and MySpace is now owned by News Corporation so they've got the backing of a global media company to continue managing the development of the website. promoting products for advertisers.

Watch out for how professional the video looks. it could be viewed by thousands of strangers. of the level of information you give out about yourself and your movements on these web pages. And Google just keeps getting bigger. Last year it spent $173 million

Well, I guess it pays to come up with a good idea. If you voted in last week's online poll about the privatisation of Telstra, Well, it means transferring ownership of the asset, in this case Telstra, from the government to private owners, Telstra was partially privatised in the late 1990s, but the Government still owns 51.8%. So far it's sold two rounds of shares in the telco. And now it's selling a third round, called T3, $8 billion worth. People that paid more that $7 a share in T2

are now seeing those shares trading at almost half that so that's been a poor investment and I guess, people are worried that that could happen again. The question was:

attending a children's awards ceremony in Sydney. The 8-year-old walking down the orange carpet with mum Terri, signing autographs and meeting her favourite stars Isn't this great? I'm the smallest presenter but I get to give the biggest award.

Bindi presented the Save Aussie Award to the nation's favourite Australian, as voted by the kids, the original Ashes urn is about to embark on an historic, 3-month journey around Australia. has become the symbol of rivalry between England and Australia. But it's only ever been down under once

13-year-old fisherman Reid Hall has reeled in a monster sailfish. He fought for five hours to haul in the 2.8 metre fish, weighing 46.5 kilograms, 8 kilos more than the previous record. I was pretty stuffed after about 1.5 hours but as soon as I heard 'a potential Australian record' I got into it. And you won't see this at the tuckshop.

In America, they're making deep-fried Coca-Cola. Bakers mix Coke with batter, then pour it into a deep-fryer, cooking it into a mass of doughy strands. It's then doused in sugar and served with a dollop of cream and a cherry - recommended by dietitians. and we'll tell you how to win some great prize packs.

Also, we profile the man behind the North Korean nuclear weapons crisis. The answer straight after the break.

This program is captioned live. 22 million people around the world collect stamps. But how do they get from here to here? This one you're looking at here is the white shark.

add the country of origin, the denomination, the title of the stamp, which in this case is the white shark, dye line or the shape of the stamp and finally we check that our is going to fit. Then it's time for printing. with the stamp image on it First, the printer takes the file

to check the colours and text. and makes a proof, or test sheet, a laser-generated printing plate. Then the file is sent to any colour from four main ones - and you can make just about they have to be cut and packaged. After the stamp sheets are printed, for mistakes. Each sheet is individually checked The sheets are mechanically counted. is sent to post offices And the finished product for your collection. where you can buy them a new stamp issue, or theme, Each year, Australia Post brings out for Stamp Collecting Month. featuring the white shark, This year it's Dangerous Animals,

blue-ringed octopus, on an Australia Post stamp, And appearing for the first time the red-back spider. you can win, And TTN has a number of prize packs thanks to Australia Post. water bottles, caps, a CD game, Each pack contains shirts, on Australia's deadly species a booklet stamp, using Australian animals. To enter, simply design your own The full terms and conditions are up on our website: after the reclusive country staged a nuclear test last week. Here's a recap of what's happened

condemnation from around the world. since the test that brought to resonate around the globe. And the shockwaves continue will respond. and the international community at this action by North Korea. We are both disturbed and outraged announced the nuclear test But North Korean television to make the country proud. as an historic event scientists and the researchers I am very much proud of our successful nuclear underground test. who have conducted such a very, very as a show of strength to the US.

There can be no military option. it is not on the table." "That is unimaginable, That leaves economic sanctions really, with any economic leverage. and China is the only country, comes from China. A third of all North Korea's food

leaving and arriving North Korea. And freezing the assets North Korea says it considers the sanctions a declaration of war. For many commentators, Kim Jong-Il is an enigma, a puzzle. He is said to be a vain playboy to disguise his 160cm height.

He's afraid of flying. He never gives public speeches.

just to keep the Western world guessing. North Korea is a Communist, or state-controlled, country Kim Jong-Il took charge in 1994 But he had been building his power for decades prior to that.

and the media He controls the army, the government any information from outside to the point that hardly reaches the people of North Korea. to struggled through the 1990s North Korea's economy continued and agricultural productivity. and poor industrial are desperately poor. Many of its 23 million people

suffer chronic malnutrition. 39% of its children in a 1995 famine. Thousands starved to death outside aid to help feed its people. And the country still relies on Right now, and the recent nuclear testing North Korea's nuclear program are the biggest global concerns. are necessary Kim believes the weapons

The West disagrees. Meggie Palmer reporting for TTN.

Australia has gained netball superiority

defeating New Zealand in the trans-Tasman series The underdogs upstaging the World Champions in a thrilling decider in Christchurch, winning 46-40. It gives us a taste of the intensity we're going to need and it allows us to build a solid line-up The Aussies have won three of their last four clashes with the Silver Ferns.

capturing his eight world surfing crown. with two rounds left. You know, somewhere in the back of my mind The Kangaroos beat New Zealand 30-18 rugby league clash. in their Tri-Nations

2-nil in Sydney. The Socceroos outclassed Bahrain Marco Bresciano! COMMENTATOR: Oh, wonderful strike. in their group helping Australia seal top spot looking for a rock to crawl under Keeper Paul Robinson

are on our website Story transcripts and activities and a new blog section. along with heaps of photos has articles on music and opera The Sunday Times 'Chillout' section of Human Nature's new album, and find out how to win a copy 'Dancing in the Street'. That's all we have time for today. champion triathlete Emma Snowsill. Next week - an interview with world by the Australian Caption Centre.