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(generated from captions) of overreacting Sydney police accused as a teenage party turns nasty.

I truly believe they overstepped the mark. Sydney warms up - for nervous firefighters. the worst possible news of a couple of days We're in the first day of extreme fire weather. sends a shiver through New York. A terrible plane crash

I was so scared. I thought it was

another terrorist attack. to continue her dad's life work. And Bindi Irwin honours her promise

Help us share his dream. This program is captioned live. Good evening. of being heavy handed Police have been accused at Kensington overnight. while breaking up brawling teenagers and was shut down early. A party turned violent to end the trouble Police used capsicum spray it was an appropriate response but insist to a dangerous situation. controlled under-age party. School holidays, a strictly It was meant to be a night of fun, in running brawls. but it ended abruptly in the jaw One of my mates got punched

It was gangs. They, like, think

they're better than each other.

to break it, Police quickly stepped in up singling out boys and girls. was being restrained, And as this 17-year-old nearby, her 16-year-old sister with capsicum spray. was blasted in the face with the police. Today their father was furious

I agree with part of what they're

doing and I understand the job

they're doing. But I truly believe

they overstepped the mark. His daughters claim

who'd been arrested. they were trying to find a friend Me being a little cheeky, I got bruises on my hand. thrown on the ground, to the point with my left hand. I can barely clench my fist

I'd understand if I was swearing as

them or took a swing at them, but

anything. not mace me. I didn't even do

in circumstances It can only be used confrontation. when there is a violent their success Police say they gauge

big crowd and the numerous brawls, on the fact that despite the the matter was resolved quickly, no-one was badly injured. and more importantly, for the trouble - Police blame a number of reasons rival gangs, drunken gatecrashers being called off. and anger at the party for the party. More than 2,000 tickets were sold Police say that was far too many. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. it's second major hot spell Sydney is experiencing in just a few weeks,

season challenge for firefighters. which is presenting another early right across the city Scores of units this weekend are preparing for the worst around the state and the country while their colleagues a number of dangerous blazes. are already battling of the danger ahead - It's another warning north of the Hunter Valley 12 active fires with some burning close to homes. and south to the Snowy Mountains, days of quite extreme fire weather. We're in the first day of several has moved into Sydney. An unseasonal hot spell

But it's worse in Victoria, contain more than 100 outbreaks where firefighters are battling to fanned by strong northerly winds. in near-record heat. In Hobart, homes are also threatened on the city's outskirts. And in Adelaide, more fires burn are now on high alert. Authorities in NSW with the current weather conditions Firefighters are so concerned placed on stand-by around the State, an extra 30 fire tankers have been

that breaks out. ready to respond to any fire they'll be needed. And there's a very good chance and strong winds with mid-30 degree temperatures expected over the next two days. it's very unusual. For this time of the year, 13 degrees above the average. those temperatures are about The same weather pattern the country's south-east. is also moving through 36 degrees and in Adelaide 38. In Melbourne, temperatures reached Please prepare your property now. approaching before you do that. Don't leave it until the fire's Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. They say time heals all wounds, from the original Bali bombings but the scars

clearly still run very deep. all over the country today There were heart-breaking services of that horrible day - to mark the 4th anniversary the biggest at Coogee beach. Dolphins Point - such a brilliant day, that still runs raw here. but shadowed by the grief in Bali 20 of the 88 Australians killed were from Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. The Sari Club bomb and mother. killed Ben Borgia's little sister My mum was loving, loyal, you needed. basically my mum was everything always the best. Always there for us, We miss her heaps. to tell you the truth. We're a bit lost without her all the time Our house used to be full of people now it's continually empty. died, Paul Yeo, whose brother, Gerard, to appreciate what they have. reminded the crowd we care about them, we value them. Let us tell people we love that families on a day like today. Let's take time to share with our

life can be too short. As we all know too well, the families, the mums and dads, And while life went on around them, under Coogee's Bali memorial. survivors all lined up laying flowers There's a push under way

as a national day of remembrance. for October 12th to be listed will never be forgotten. The innocent dead of Bali Lest we forget. above Kuta Beach, another service - And in the high hills And in the high hills above Kuta Beach, another service -

for those Balinese who died. flowers dropped into a stone pond four years ago. Spike Stewart lost his son here He doesn't speak for everyone, with his sentiments. but more than a few agree

the better off we'll all be. The quicker they shoot these three Mark Burrows, National Nine News. For a few dreadful minutes today, they were reliving a nightmare New Yorkers thought into a city skyscraper. as a plane crashed it was an accident But it wasn't an act of terrorism, which claimed the lives of an American baseball star and his flying instructor. For New Yorkers, it was a sight that was all too familiar.

Chaos - I was so scared, let me tell you. I was so scared - I thought it was another terrorist attack. I heard the loud crash and then I turned the corner and there were flames coming out of the side of the building. The small plane was being used for a sight-seeing tour over New York City in bad weather when it ploughed into the 30th floor of an apartment block. The entire block was enveloped with black, thick smoke,

like six or seven stories high. It was incredible. Remarkably, no-one in the building was hurt, including a couple inside an apartment where the plane hit. They were sitting there, they heard a noise -

instantly glass breaking and the metal coming in and they ran to the door and out into the hall. Australians Phil and Katherine Arnold live on the 46th floor

with their two children, including a 6-week-old baby. Thankfully, they were out at the time of the crash. The pilot of the plane

was a pitcher for the New York Yankees baseball team, Corey Lidle. And it seemed like he was making a steep turn, And it seemed like he was making a steep turn, like he was out of control. He'd been flying for just seven months.

Both he and his passenger were killed. Even though it seemed right from the start that this was nothing more than a terrible accident, the US Government wasn't taking any chances. The air force sent fighter jets scrambling over New York and seven other American cities,

as a precaution. investigations into the cause of the crash are under way. But without a black box on board, exactly what went wrong may never be known. In New York, Craig Hutchison, National Nine News. A gang rape leader who tried to use his drug addiction as an excuse for his crime will spend at least 15 years behind bars. 28-year-old Canan Eken, who's addicted to the drug ice. ordered his 17-year-old victim to have sex with him and at least two mates at his Rosebery apartment. Ask any frustrated Sydney motorist and they'll quickly nominate what they consider the city's worst stretch of road. Today the NRMA handed down its official verdict - a sorry list of 101 accident black spots. It's bad - and getting badder. Each month hundreds of new cars and trucks

pour into Sydney's overcrowded and under-funded roads, joining the 4 million and more vehicles already trying to find a clear run to work and home - and dodging the latest rash of road works in the process.

Sydney motorist behaviour is generally appalling at some of these places. Ignoring road construction speed limits, travelling too close, travelling too fast.

The worst individual accident spots are both on the M4 - first the Woodville Road intersection - 106 collisions. Number 2 - where the motorway meets Silverwater Road. But when it comes to the grand champion of Sydney's rotten and risky roads this road - Epping Road, and the Gore Hill Freeway, take all the prizes. One out of every 10 accidents takes place along here - a whopping 334 crashes on the 5 kilometre stretch east of Lane Cove Road. The NRMA says it is all to do with the construction chaos surrounding the Lane Cove Tunnel. We do adapt on a daily basis, we change our plans and increase the signs where necessary.

Government ministers weren't available to talk about the problem today. 'It is the RTA's problem', they said. Actually, it is the motorists'. Peter Harvey, National Nine News.

State Labor MP Tony Stewart has been given an $800 fine and had his licence suspended for 5 months for drink driving. The member for Bankstown says he's deeply remorseful and will now personally fund his own transport arrangements. The family of the teenager invited to carry a flag on Anzac Day

True to her word, Bindi Irwin is officially back in the public spotlight carrying on her father's legacy. Today, we got the first look at a new advertising campaign raising money for the Wildlife Warriors charity. While last night, she was the queen of the kids.

It was clear from the start who the really big stars were last night. There were pop idols and champion swimmers, but it was an 8-year-old and her equally brave mum who stole the show. Bindi and Terri, honouring a promise Steve made months ago to present the major prize at the Kids Choice Awards. It's really big, it's really awesome. A big occasion, but this is a girl who was born for big occasions. ANNOUNCER: Please give them a huge Aussie welcome - Terri and Bindi Irwin. Bindi the seasoned performer. Isn't this great? I'm the smallest presenter but I get to give the biggest award. She found the winner in a giant cream cake... The winner is...Guy! ..and then found herself in a giant slime-fight. To kids, slime is the ultimate compliment, though even a wildlife princess occasionally needs some reassurance. And this is Bindi doing what she seems destined to do for years to come... My daddy loved all wildlife, he was a wildlife warrior. ..raising money for wildlife research in a new TV ad. Help us share his dream, woo-hoo! Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. In the news ahead - unemployment hits a 30-year low. More than a dozen people killed in a head-on train smash and the alarming rise in crime against Sydney's elderly. Well, the main reason I went to NRMA Insurance - because I've got a good deal and I've saved money on it. Well, I saved a considerable amount,

because you've got to watch your pennies when you're on a pension as I am. Well, the local branch I went to, the girl behind the counter, named Fatima, explained everything about their policy to me

and couldn't do more for us. Surprise yourself today. Call:

Well, I was very happy with her, because she was very polite and everything, so I went and bought her a box of chocolates. SONG: # By my side... # State Government MP Eddie Obeid has been awarded more than $160,000

after being defamed in the 'Sydney Morning Herald'. The Supreme Court found his reputation was damaged after the paper alleged he sought a bribe over the failed Oasis property development. The Federal Government has committed almost $1 billion to tackle the skills shortage - the plan announced on a day of mixed economic news. Another interest rate rise is being forecast within a month and Treasurer Costello has conceded the drought may be the country's worst ever. How bad is the big dry? This is now the worst drought on record. So bad, the Treasurer expects Australia's rural output to shrink for a second successive quarter. We could be looking at a recession in terms of farm production. Peter Costello could afford to smile about jobless numbers. September unemployment dipped back to a 30-year low. Economists read the result and a focus on inflation in last night's first public address of new Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stephens

as making an interest rate rise next month, likely. Prime Minister Howard says

strong employment numbers are behind Australia's skills shortage. Today I announce Skills for the Future. The Government has committed $837 million over five years to skills. It will pay up to $150 a week to mid-career workers retraining themselves in sought-after occupations. Also, training vouchers for those 25 and over who did not finish school. Almost a third of Australians aged between 25 and 64 are without Year 12 or equivalent qualifications. Labor has not attacked the detail of today's package, rather the time taken to deliver it. In Parliament, Kim Beazley listed 10 separate Reserve Bank warnings of skill shortages - one of them from nine years ago.

This is the most massive indictment of Government neglect that you could conceivably imagine. Tim Lester, National Nine News. In a shameful sign of the times Sydney's ageing population is falling victim to violent crime more than ever before.

Just when they should be enjoying the utmost respect, new figures show the elderly have never been more vulnerable. 73-year-old Pierre Huchiaux almost died at the hands of two masked home invaders.

He was repeatedly punched in the face and stabbed in the arm as they demanded his life savings.

"You've got 10 seconds or you're dead, do you want to die? "You want to die?!" They fled with $20 and a mobile phone and are still on the run. According to the latest Bureau of Crime Statistics figures, attacks on the elderly have been steadily increasing

over the past 10 years. In the 12 months to June,

Two weeks ago, 83-year-old war veteran, Bob Narramore was allegedly pushed into traffic and killed. while Donald Coleman, also 83, was bashed for $40. This 94-year-old pensioner - another victim robbed of $100. "They got my bag with the money in, there was no money in the other one. One of the most dangerous areas for elderly people is the high-rise housing commission district of Redfern-Waterloo. Just two weeks ago here, a woman in her 80s was mugged for her purse. She suffered terrible facial injuries in the attack. The senior citizens here are too scared to venture out alone on pension day, for fear of robbery. You've got to be tough, don't be too friendly and mind your own business. The Council On the Ageing says respect for older people is whittling away. It's cowardly to say, OK, there's an older person, they're fair game,

they're frail, they're vulnerable -

let's have a go. Sean Fewings, National Nine News. Tomorrow, the State and Federal Governments respond to our series on the troubles facing ageing Australians. President Bush is talking tough in the stand off with North Korea, demanding sanctions as a punishment for this week's nuclear test. He says he's committed to a diplomatic solution

but won't rule out military action. The US also reserves all options to defend our friends and our interests in the region against threats from North Korea. North Korea has already warned that sanctions would be seen as an act of war. In northern France at least 13 people have been killed in a head-on crash

between a freight train and a passenger express. Dozens of injured were treated in a makeshift hospital set up beside the wreckage. The trains were on the same track apparently, because of maintenance work. Tim with sport next - and there are fears they may bring back the biff for the Tri Nations?

Everyone goes in with clean records, meaning tackles like this in the Anzac Test have no bearing. And the wonder strike that capped a wonderful year for the Socceroos. MELLOW ROCK MUSIC MUSIC BUILDS

Introducing the all-new Hyundai Elantra. With new levels of performance, luxury and safety, some things are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. SONG: # Drive your way. # Uncover what's hot this week at Kmart and take 20% off all underwear, That's women's,

The Socceroos have headed their separate ways after beating Bahrain with Marco Bresciano's brilliant goal a spectacular climax to a watershed year. After their World Cup heroics, last night's 2-0 win secures the Socceroos a top ranking at next year's Asian Cup - Bresciano's volley bound to linger long in the memory. Bags packed, bound for Italy to return to his club,

Marco Bresciano was laid back about last night's wonder strike. Yeah, I mean, sometimes you've gotta be lucky to score goals like that. Probably one of the best goals I've scored. not the most important goal, but it was a great goal. It was a brilliant goal. h w difficul it was. I don't think people realise how difficult it was. Among several players cashing in on their success, John Aloisi is the face for the latest computer game starring the Socceroos. The striker can't change the result of Australia's World Cup loss to Italy. The computer game is a lot more difficult for me, but it's pretty realistic. I miss goals on the computer game like I do on the pitch. Against Bahrain there was no missing. The 2-0 win guarantees the Socceroos will be seeded at next year's Asian Cup. The game's new found popularity is bound to will plenty of players on to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. We've still got a couple of years in us so, everyone's next goal is to qualify for the World Cup and I think all the boys would love to play another one. The World Cup must feel a long way off for England's Paul Robinson. The goal-keeper's gaffe the low-light in England's embarrassing 2-0 loss to Croatia. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. More niggle in the lead-up to Saturday's Tri-Nations opener against the Kiwis, after news that all players' judiciary records have been wiped clean for the tournament. The reason is that Great Britain operates under a different system, but there are fears it's an open invitation for foul play. Kiwi captain Ruben Wiki's 96 carry-over points should be like a good behaviour bond. Not in the Tri Nations. Means I'm on zero then eh? Yeah. Well, no comment. ALL LAUGH This hit on Karmichael Hunt in the Anzac Test left Kiwi forward Frank Pritchard on 93 points.

He could repeat the tackle and nothing would change. We're going to be disciplined and ruthless, and we're going to do everything right so we're not planning to go to the judiciary at all. It works both ways, with the Australian team's total of points far higher. But with fines only for Tri-Nations foul play, there are fears of open slather. It does open the door for a little bit of rougher stuff in the game, yeah.

But after Nigel Vagana's farcical one-match ban for breaking most of Paul Deacon's facial bones last year, it couldn't get much worse. Australian coach Ricky Stewart said

his main worry is the return of one of the game's great halfbacks to the Kiwi line-up. I think you saw what Stacey Jones did in the Tri-Nations series last year to know that I'm not making stories up, you know. He's an outstanding player and he's a figurehead for that team. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News.

And with spring racing coming up,

you can follow the money if you

want to. $1 each way. Thank you. The CommSec finance report after the break - then Jaynie with the weather details. So easy to cook and carve, you can have it any night of the week! Just look at how succulent that is. Kev, go home. Get it at Coles. (Sings) # Easy peasy pork! # In finance, those fears of another interest rate hike caused selling on the markets. Banking stocks retreated. Telstra was hit by further selling ahead of T3. But insurance giant Promina soared after confirming it has received an $8 billion takeover offer from SunCorp Metway. Thanks Mark. Today is just a sample of what's to come, and sadly, no decent rain in the near future. Not a single drop of rain fell over Warragamba dam in the past 7 days with the levels at 41%, down 0.4% since last week. And nothing here today, just searing heat, with the west reaching 35 degrees. The seabreeze kept the coastal suburbs cooler - 29, which is 7 over the average. Outside its 24, but low 30s in the west. Extreme heat from the gale-force north-westerly winds which have been creating unbearable conditions for fire fighters battling the blazes across the south-eastern States. Total fire bans in force for southern NSW until midnight on Friday, when those dry and gusty north-westerly winds strengthen across the State. Still no rain but there will be a lot of dust in the west. That's National Nine News for this Thursday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. www.a au Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre