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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Chilling memories evoked through a building in New York. as a small plane crashes at an under-age dance party. Police move in as a wild brawl erupts offer to a Lebanese Australian. And the RSL revokes its flag-bearing Ten News with Natarsha Belling.

Good morning. A security scare in New York into a high-rise tower. where a light plane has crashed was feared trapped in the building. At least one Australian family

Leisa Goddard-Roles, joins me live. Ten's US bureau chief, authorities have ruled out terrorism, Leisa, what caused the plane to crash? but are they any closer to knowing

No. trying to work that out. They're still at the accident scene for 15 minutes The pilot had only been in the air

everyone initially feared the worst Obviously five years on from 9/11 you can understand why. and when you see the pictures to lays a record up a body blow. Ve

per if they got a lot of people out

of their building but they will of their building but

worried for a long time that worried for a long time that there

were people trapped. The pilot and were people trapped. The pilot

the flight instructor did die. The

pilot was 34 years old and he only

had his licence for one year. He made

the distress call and seconds later

he slammed into the building he slammed into the building there

was an Australian winners there. For

there was a mighty whooshing sound.

There were many people flustered on

the footpath. After this tragic story

I'm pleased to tally happy news.

there is no Australian There is an Australian happy who - if There is an Australian happy who -

there is no Australian family who

live on that building. They have a

four-year-old ran a six-week-old

baby. We spoke to the mother and at baby. We spoke to the mother and

an exclusive interview. She said that

she would normally be at home. She is

lucky to be alive. There was an

emotional interview. We will bring emotional interview. We will

that you at. 5 for a wild dance party brawl Rival gangs are being blamed at a Sydney university. surrounding streets. Angry teens spilled onto police made desperate calls for help. A number arrested as out-numbered Don't show her face! Stop kicking! Get off her man! Stop kicking! as police moved in. Just one of the many violent scuffles the University of New South Wales The under-age dance party at descending into chaos. attended the event Around 3,000 youths after a wild brawl erupted. which came to an abrupt halt is burning. I told you my eyes and my mouth onto surrounding streets, As hundreds of teens spilled made an urgent plea for back-up. heavily out-numbered, armed police POLICE RADIO: Yeah, region ten. of hand. This has the potential to get out I need a lot of police here now. where you get them from. I don't care There were a number of arrests. Those who fled the dance party into the mayhem inside. offering a horrifying insight in the jaw. One of my mates got punched they came. All the - you know the lads -

and they were just going at it. Everybody was just crowding around and stuff. People had mace and knives There was a fight between some guys

bleeding. and then I saw someone's nose because he got stabbed. Some guy got rushed out

It was everyone, pretty much lights off, the music and everything and then the security turned the and told everyone to get out. for the violence. Some are blaming rival suburban gangs is now under way. A full investigation Allan Raskall, Ten News. to a teenager, The RSL has withdrawn an invitation who burnt the Australian flag, Anzac Day parade. to take part in next year's of violence against the 17-year-old The back-flip follows threats to boycott the parade. and calls for veterans a court-ordered apology Last month, the boy gave for desecrating the national emblem revenge attacks. during the Cronulla riot the true meaning of the flag Some RSL officials thought he'd learn by carrying it in the parade. to attend a dawn service. The Lebanese-Australian is now likely And later in Ten's morning news - Don Rowe about the League's decision. we'll talk to NSW RSL President for extreme conditions Firefighters are braced across south-east Australia today and temperatures tipped with strong winds to soar into the 30s. been burning around Hobart Major bushfires have already at one stage under threat. with up to 1,000 homes Southern Cross reporter Damien Brown. Joining us live from Hobart is Tasmanian fires this morning? What's the situation with the emotional interview. We will bring

that you at. 5 o'clock. It has been that you at. 5 o'clock. It has been a

sleepless night for many of the fire

crews as well as hundreds of

homeowners in the suburb of Mount

Nelson were just two kilometres from

the city centre of Hobart. The fire the city centre of Hobart.

is currently under control but

temperatures have already topped at

30 degrees. Fire crews are already up 30 degrees. Fire crews are already

on the city's eastern shore of

battling small outbreaks. Some of the battling small outbreaks.

my last night and some just in the

last hour or so. There are still

concerns the bail or deliberately let. Firefighters are now feeling the

conditions there could be the worst

weather conditions into tears? I was weather conditions into tears?

talking to firefighters yesterday talking to firefighters yesterday who

were telling me they have never seen

conditions like this. This follows

which record dry weather conditions.

Many there reminiscing on the Bush fires which have a right Many there reminiscing on the 1967

Bush fires which have a right of

wiped out many of the city. There are wiped out many of the city.

really concerned about what is ahead.

We're for months early with a total

five then here five conditions. We

have reports in from Victoria and

South Australia where South Australia where temperatures

are also topping at 30 then strung are also topping at 30 then strung gusty winds. Thick bushes where

firefighters are fighting in that

Gibson Valley in Victoria. Five Fridays there are struggling to Fridays there are struggling to stand

up as they fight the blaze. South

Australia have a small outbreaks and

kangaroo Island as well as some

threads in the peninsula areas. who didn't finish Year 12 Thousands of workers to increase their job skills. will be entitled to a cash voucher plan say it's too little too late. But critics of the Federal Government will spend $837 million The Prime Minister on a new training package aimed at tackling the skills crisis. The Government plans to hand out study vouchers worth $3,000 a piece so that workers who left school early can upgrade their literacy, numeracy and vocational skills. It will be redeemable in either a TAFE institution or a private institution, we want to give flexibility. Some members of the Coalition reckon the Government deserves a pat on the back. No matter what we do we're always going to be in the wrong. When we do something, why don't you applaud it? APPLAUSE But there are plenty of critics out there. This is a small step down the road to addressing that skills crisis.

John Howard is not the man to fix it, I am. The idea of a voucher is really quite bizarre. The Prime Minister accused of ignoring the warning signs. He's been told time and time again the economy needs to be made more sophisticated. We need more funding for universities, for research and design, for training. He hasn't done it and now we have a skills crisis. His failure on skills and trades has created those bottlenecks in the Australian economy which have placed upward pressure on interest rates. It's not too late - the old adage 'better late than never' - even if it is late. The Government skills package is targeted primarily at Australians already in the workforce with 30,000 available each year for workers over 25. The Prime Minister also wants to provide vouchers to the unemployed and parents looking to get back into the workforce. The Government says the skills package isn't a quick fix and there'll still be a demand for skilled foreign workers.

Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Four years on from the first Bali bombings. We talk to a survivor about his struggle to survive. That's when Ten's morning news returns. And don't try this at home - a warning from Britain's dare devil firemen. Nobody should try to copy this stupid act. is $5 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. $5 million Powerball jackpot. You could: (Speaks Swahili) MAN: Salome's life is like this because of the poverty and terrible living conditions in her community. Her life won't improve will help to provide her with the basics she needs and give her opportunities for a brighter future. or call 13 32 40 now. This program is captioned live. A 12km white banner will be rolled out across the Indonesian resort island of Bali today as a sign of peace to mark the fourth anniversary of the first terror attacks. 88 Australians were among 202 people killed when terrorists bombed the Kuta nightclub district in 2002. Memorials are being held across the country. Almost 100 people gathered for Perth's annual dawn tribute, laying flowers in memory of the 88 Australians killed. While tears were shed, survivors were also celebrating their lucky escapes from the nightclub attacks. But there was widespread disappointment the Premier did not attend. Geoff Gallop made a personal effort each year to come down here and in my view, very disappointed no-one from the Government bothered to turn up. A Government representative is expected to lay a wreath later today. One of the Australians to barely escape with his life was Peter Hughes and he joins me now. Peter, four years on does it ever get any easier? threads in the peninsula areas. threads in the peninsula areas. It

is a day there is a reminder were was

four years back. Today is a bit more

of for the other victims who did not

come home. It is a fact to remember come home. It is a fact to remember them. From the survivors

point-of-view we have three and his

sister for days to continue to the

next year. It's one of those days to next year. It's one of those days to

reflect. He did survive but that

night she died three times and were night she died three times and were

revived and suffered burns to 60 per

cent of your body. Hardy recover from

that? I think you have to stay

positive and my situation is about

looking forward and making sure that

on looking after myself were Ken but

to have ye be days in a bad days to have ye be days in a bad days NT have to understand her other

have to understand her other people

were worse off than me at this stage

bare Nitin reflect on them more.

Talking family of four of you're

marking the day about speaking marking the day about speaking to a

school children would be

school children would be they'd say

to them? I would tell them little

bits about the story. But in the main

thing is if I tell a little bit thing is if I tell a little bit about

the story as they are other

next-generation and they're the next

ones who will make this a bit if

world and they will grow together as

kids because orchids grow if to kids because orchids grow if to love

each other. I feel that our

generation have missed the boat

completely and maybe it's a chance to

go back to scores and say hey it's

all about you now. Let's try making a

better place. I know you've written a

book about your experiences and

barley. How has the help due? It was

very hard at the time but did help me

to get it out there. I know to do the

book was more about what was said book was more about what was said in

what was and said ended tells what was and said ended tells of his

about the story about the other

survivors and survivors and I guess what these terrorists and criminals are all

about and the book goes to charity

which is a good thing. Paddy's think

the word tourism is going so far? I

think it's a troubled were out there

and I think we highlight one area a

lot and I feel that is unkind. I lot and I feel that is unkind. I

think terrorism is probably working

OK from what I see it in a think

while 11 per Australia while 11 per Australia we probably

need to step up a little bit more.

One of the government and the AFP and

the people in charge the people in charge by doing a

fantastic job and all credit to them.

You spoke earlier about your negative

experiences turning positive. Is that

what she once remarked to play? They

have severely. I was so they were the

kids and have a bit of a laugh kids and have a bit of a laugh and

they're the ones who bring they're the ones who bring it down to

earth and Sayers okay mate we will

look after you and you'll get through

this decade. I know the and kids will

remind me it's another day and get on

with it. It's going to be that. with it. It's going to be that. Is

just another day. Again, it is a just another day. Again, it is a day

to remember the victims and the

survivors we're here to remind people

that they are they here goes. Those

ADH people ADH people they did not come home other truth Euros. Fire has devastated an electronics business and created commuter chaos in Adelaide's south. Flames took hold of the specialist equipment store

around 6:00 this morning. Firefighters battled for more than an hour to get the blaze under control. The remains of the shop smouldered for another two hours. Emergency services were forced to block off one of the city's main arterial roads as nearby homes and businesses were blanketed in soot and ash. Investigators are yet to determine if the fire was deliberately lit. President George W. Bush is stepping up his war of words with North Korea. He's pledged to bolster ballistic missile defences in the region and increase efforts to stop Pyongyang from importing nuclear technology. remains committed to diplomacy. The United States also reserves all options to defend our friends and our interests in the region against the threats from North Korea.

So far, President Bush has refused to hold one-to-one talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il despite calls from the United Nations to do so. Five people have been killed and a dozen more injured when two trains collided in northern France. It's not clear what caused the accident, but maintenance work was going on at the time of the crash. This, what's left of the front carriages of the two trains. Twisted and locked together where they collided in north-eastern France.

There've been conflicting reports about the death toll but it's clear at least five people have died and at least half a dozen more were injured. The passenger train had crossed the French border from Luxembourg just before midday but on the same stretch of track, there's a French freight train heading in the other direction. Maintenance work had shut down another line and correct signalling should've prevented today's tragedy. and Luxembourg were on the scene Emergency teams from France

helping those who did survive suffering whip-lash and shock. The collision was head-on. Both train drivers didn't stand a chance. For France, which has a good rail safety record, today's events are a body blow. A full investigation is now under way into exactly why this all happened. A red-faced fireman, who was filmed spinning in a tumble dryer, has faced the media to apologise. The young British emergency worker sparked outrage when his childish antics were broadcast around the world on the Internet. Andy Bruce tucked himself inside a tumble dryer for fun. Three colleagues shouted encouragement as they filmed the stunt on the mobile phone but none of them realised the trouble it would cause. The footage captured the fireman being shut inside the machine and then, once it was turned on spinning around. Fire service managers found out about the prank. The firemen involved were disciplined. Today they looked sheepish as they appeared in front of the cameras to apologise publicly. We recognise that our behaviour was totally irresponsible and are genuinely ashamed and stress that nobody should try to copy this stupid act. Managers said

the firemen had abused their position as role models for children. I've spent 39 years in the fire rescue service and I don't think I'm seeing an act that's damaged the reputation of a service so badly. They'd come within a cat's whisker of being dismissed. The film footage gained the firemen national attention. Now, they say, they want to put it behind them and get back to work. You've heard of deep-fried Mars bars, now prepare your taste buds for deep-fried Coke. That's right, you're looking at deep-fried Coca Cola. Bakers at a state fair in North Carolina State mixed coke with batter then poured it into a deep fryer and cooked it into a mass of doughy strands. As if that wasn't unhealthy enough the unusual concoction was drowned in sugar and served with a big dollop of cream and a cherry on top. Bad news for home owners with interest rates set to rise - the new boss of the Reserve Bank tells us why next. And later in Angela Bishop's entertainment report - Paul Hogan sets the record straight

about those damaging tax evasion claims.

This program is captioned live. Rival gangs are being blamed for a wild dance party brawl

at a Sydney university.

Angry teens spilled onto surrounding streets. A number arrested as out-numbered police made desperate calls for help. And the RSL has withdrawn an invitation to a teenager, who burnt the Australian flag, to take part in next year's Anzac Day parade. The back-flip follows threats of violence against the 17-year-old and calls for veterans to boycott the parade. A small plane, piloted by a US baseball star, has crashed into a high-rise apartment building in New York killing him and an instructor and triggering memories of the September 11 attacks five years ago. And more on that security scare in New York. At least one Australian family was feared trapped in the building but they are safe. There was confusion and fear as flames and smoke once again poured from a New York skyscraper. I was so scared. Let me tell you I was so scared, because I thought it was another terrorist attack. I thought maybe it was some sort of bomb that had gone off or some sort of explosion and in this day and age you can only think of the worst. Authorities now know it was a fixed-wing plane that slammed into the 20th floor of the 50-storey luxury apartment tower on Manhattan's wealthy Upper East Side. Everybody started running and when I looked up saw the small plane crashing into the building. Half of whatever it was crashed into the building and landed onto the sidewalk. On board, New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle and a flight instructor. Both men died. Their bodies found still strapped to their seats in the street below. The plane's engine on the 20th floor. Lidle, 34, had only had his pilot's licence for a year.

It's not clear who was at the controls when it crashed. It appears to be at this point, again, based upon the evidence, that we're aware of a very tragic aviation incident. When the plane hit there were fears it may have been a terror attack. There were reports US fighter jets were scrambled to secure air space above major cities including New York and Washington DC. Everything that we planned to handle an emergency like this was carried out to the book exactly the ways that we had wanted to go. Almost 200 firefighters ran into the burning building to evacuate residents who were trapped by the flames and smoke. Two firefighters were injured, but emergency crews say

it is a miracle no-one on the ground was hit by the falling debris. Bad news for mortgage holders this morning with the new head of the Reserve Bank hinting interest rates will continue to rise. He says if inflation remains high the central bank will have no choice but to act. It's the first time the new Governor of the Reserve Bank has spoken publicly and Glenn Stevens admits the current economic climate is something of a puzzle. He says the country's record low jobless rate, high inflation and slow economic growth are all confusing and mean managing the economy can be a trying task. One thing he is sure about is interest rates and he's convinced they'll keep climbing. It doesn't make much sense for me to say more than that. That's probably pretty clear. The new Governor says the proof will be in the next inflation reading due out in two weeks. If it's again outside the RBA's comfort zone of between 2% and 3%, he says rates will again need to move. Some months ago I think we were saying it's still more likely that the rates will rise than fall and in the period we can foresee that's still the case. The comments come despite a weak housing finance reading yesterday which prompted some economists to predict rates will stay on hold until the end of the year. But rising prices in the wake of record-high fuel costs mean there's every chance we'll see another strong inflation result at the end of the month. Matthew Taylor, Ten News. Oil prices have fallen to their lowest level this year. Since July, the cost of crude oil has plunged by more than US$20. In other finance news - the Australian share market is weaker today.

The RSL has done a backflip on its plans to let a Sydney teenager who burnt the Aussie flag during last year's Cronulla race riots carry the national symbol at next year's Anzac Day parade. Joining me live from Sydney to discuss the change of heart is RSL State president Don Rowe.

Don, you've scrapped the plans,

was it because of mounting pressure from diggers other truth Euros. Full of the truth

he hits she the problem with head was

there were many there were many e-mails and phone

calls of abusive terms towards calls of abusive terms towards the

seven men. We want to guarantee the

safety and is lobbying. Have you safety and is lobbying. Have you been

surprised by the seriousness of this

outrage? I have. I would expect

people if they have an objection people if they have an objection to

have to put in a sensible and logical

way in the was surprised by the

number of violent ones we received

and they were very aggressive and

very rude not only to home but also

to the leaders of. In hindsight to the leaders of. In hindsight do

think this was the wrong way to go?

Now I think was a great way to go.

When need to reinforce the values When need to reinforce the values a

service and men and women gave to the

country and I still think this is a

great way to go. The sound family - feller has the opportunity to rectify. Surely can understand the

critics anger? Yes again. We're out

reappraising the situation and

looking at it. We've had numerous

offers thrust New South bars with

offers thrust New South bars with his

young foul-up and the his family

would be welcome to attend it and set

service. I have not had a chance to

speak to the young man at all about

it. We are reassessing the situation

and taking some time to look as and taking some time to look as it

then the next week or so in their

another offers the we can look at. another offers the we can look at. We

hope this can be a conclusion which

will be a benefit to both parties.

Finest in the family has invited many

veterans to their house for a barbecue. I would love to attend barbecue. I would love to attend but

unfortunately with my commitments

here in Sydney I would not be able

to. That is a lovely gesture. to. That is a lovely gesture. Dishes

that this family is sincere end his

that this family is sincere end his

apology was sincere. They are

offering friendship to the veteran

committee and to this gelling

community is while and a thing that

is a lovely gesture. Network Ten cameraman Matthew Allard has been nominated for a Walkley Award for excellence in journalism. Allard was named as a finalist in the Television News and Current Affairs Camera category for his coverage of the Cronulla race riots.

The Walkleys are Australia's top journalism awards. The winners will be announced at a ceremony on November 30. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. Next - we cross live to Coogee in Sydney where a moving memorial marking the fourth anniversary of the first Bali bombings is under way. Stay with us.

Being a volunteer firefighter, you make friends for life. you're always on call. No matter what you're doing, There's never a good time for back pain. But some days are definitely worse than others. When I need to deal with pain fast,

I choose Panadol Rapid. SIREN WAILS It's absorbed twice as fast as regular Panadol tablets. Panadol. It's my choice. This program is captioned live. Time for Angela Bishop's entertainment segment and today she joins us from Los Angeles where, Ange, you've just finished an exclusive interview with an Aussie film icon?

is a lovely gesture. That icons is a lovely gesture. That icons name

is Paul Hogan. The first furlong of

Crocodile Dundee is oath the first Crocodile Dundee is oath the Crocodile Dundee is oath the first of

made around the world. There was

profitable for home profitable for home and other people

who invest did in it. He was keen who invest did in it. He was keen to

sort out the claims about a tax

fraud. This is the first time fraud. This is the first time he has

spoken out about the tax allegations.

There's a lovely silly publicity There's a lovely silly publicity down

their innermost lead ignored until

someone wrote an eight-year-old.

Instead of being one of speculation

this other to be a few lies in their. this other to be a few lies in their. I wrote a letter first

I wrote a letter first. Then I come

around and kick their arse. He's

obviously quite increased about those

reports and I'll have more about that

interview with Paul Hogan

interview with Paul Hogan and the interview with Paul Hogan and the 5

o'clock News. Mel Gibson o'clock News. Mel Gibson is also

having trouble. He was interviewed by

ABC. Its two months since he was

arrested for drink-driving. The reporter of grilled them for more

than an hour on the issue. He hit out

at the Jewish policeman seduce at the Jewish policeman seduce he's

revealed the extent of a shame. Mel revealed the extent of a shame. Mel Gibson begins promotion for his new

film. Critics as suggesting he's more

concerned about publicising his new

movie than making amends. What did

you think it was? It was a stupid

ramblings of a junket. Waller need to

do is feel myself and be assuring do is feel myself and be assuring him

to heal other people have they have

any wins from something I have said.

Has she or hasn't she? That is the

questions surrounding Madonna at the

moment. Her she adopted of orphan

from Malawi? The Sun newspaper

seduced they have a picture of

Madonna with the Madonna with the un child strapped on

her back. She is helped millions her back. She is helped millions of

them porridge - impoverished

children. Many claim a rich American

thought to be Madonna was about to

adopt this man's son. We will have to

watch this space. Trouble for the

other woman famous for adopting

children and that is Angeline it

jolly who was in India where her and

raped up filming via Phil film. A

motorcyclist claims one of Angeline

as drivers not him either in or had as drivers

been run there. The alleged incident

happened in the city. The students happened in the city. The

got away with a few scratches and

police are investigating. The

paparazzi files - we go to a local

footie game here in LA when none footie game here in LA when

other than Tom Cruise is doing the

watching. His son, Cruz showed a bit watching. His son, Cruz showed a bit

of flair on the field. Take a look in

the stands. Tom appears to be a the stands. Tom appears to

little distracted by a bunch of blond

football mums. Worse Katie Holmes?

She usually supports times children's

pursuits. Katie was spending time

with Victoria Beckham. The paparazzi

were on hand to capture all the

action. Tom may be returning to the

couch. To the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Oprah has revealed Tom Oprah has revealed Tom might be coming back to see if he can do a

little bit of restoring his image

which many fear was undone by which many fear was undone by this

incident on her show. The paparazzi

have devoted hours to pursuing Paris have devoted hours to pursuing

Hilton and Nicole would Hilton and Nicole would see all

around Calais. The day after they

were supposed to have kissed and made

up. They plan an outing to budget and up. They plan an outing to budget

loved one's grave site and there are

picking up a picnic lunch from the

McDonald's drive-through. The newly

renamed United powers agreed to

record the simple life again. The record the simple life again. The

show's producer says we might find

out on screen why they had the

fall-out. The pair found their entire

reality show it last year from separate. dealers is calling it quits One of Perth's oldest second-hand after 46 years in the business. 91 is a good age to retire Ned Kelly has decided well-preserved treasures which means hundreds of his will be up for grabs.

business has been Ned Kelly's life. For nearly 50 years the antique he's calling it a day. But now, at the age of 91,

set to go under the hammer, And with all his collectables the best buy he ever made - he remembers the shop itself. "How much do you want for it?" I said, And she said, "?3,000." a cheque?" I said, "Well, do you take

And she couldn't believe it. into a small business with his wife, Transforming the house the second-hand and furniture trade. Kelly's became an iconic figure in nothing beats the personal touch. And Ned still believes your Mr and Mrs people come in Particularly if and they call you by your first name and you don't have to watch them out of your shop. to see if they're lifting anything he's got pottery, He's got glassware, brassware, he's got collectable whisky jugs, collectables, some antiques. he's got all sorts of what we call All personally fixed and polished. is expected to draw a large crowd The huge and varied collection at this weekend's auction. when any legend calls it a day, As you would probably appreciate, who are interested there's always those what he's collected purely and simply to see and how he's collected it. people from all walks of life, But as much as he enjoyed meeting that came first. it was always the business I made a lot of enemies too the way I wanted to do it, because I done my business wanted me to do it. not the way other people made famous by a bushranger. And with a name With the name people associate you with Ned Kelly I suppose.

it's probably done us some good. It hasn't done any harm, So what's Ned's secret to success? I'm nearly 100 and I'm ready to go. and I get out of bed every day

and I've got a good sense of humour. I still dance Elena Kane, Ten News. from the Bali nightclub bombings, Four years on is being held in Sydney a memorial service killed in the blasts. to remember the 88 Australians joins us now in Sydney. Ten reporter Hugo Ward How was the memorial service?

To be very emotional scenes here in

Sydney. They said that Chileans

killed in the blast. 20 were

killed in the blast. 20 were from

this area info eastern suburbs this area info eastern suburbs of

squidgy beach. Six of those were from

the same rugby team. Families and

friends and residence from the

scarier laying flowers at the

memorial site. The moving moment of

the service was when two men paid

tribute to family members who were

killed in the blast. There was a man

who lost his mum and sister and I who lost his mum and sister and

spoke to him earlier. I remember spoke to him earlier. I remember the

last time I was with them. I think it last time I was with them. I think

was the last time I was with them

ever was my birthday they went to

Bali. My dad and my brother

Bali. My dad and my brother went

there and was just me my mum there and was just me my mum and my

sister and we have a cheap Chinese

meal ever remember sitting together

with them on this table and silly things

things are a little idea that I'd

have with my sister before she went

away. She has only 13 years old. It

may have been four years ago but for

the families of the victims the

memory of that fateful night

memory of that fateful night us are

as fresh as ever. Today was about

celebrating life and that is what

they were talking about today. There they were talking about today.

was celebrating Aussie resilience in was celebrating Aussie resilience

the face of terrorism. for the Champions Trophy in India. Australia's cricketers prepare as Ten's morning news continues. That's ahead leads the charge And brilliant Bresciano head for the Asian Cup finals. as the Socceroos

This program is captioned live. to rugby broadcasting in November Network Ten returns of the Wallabies Spring Tour. when it telecasts all four Tests Ireland and Scotland Australia takes on Wales, Italy, to next year's World Cup. in a vital build up broadcast team with host Bill Woods. Wallabies legend Ben Tune joins Ten's The Wallabies, I think, have a bit of a complex about winning away from home so I think it's gonna be very important. to get used to doing again It's something the team has got is winning away from home. next year's World Cup is in France. Unlike the 2003 World Cup, the Tests live into all markets Tune and the Ten team will air with only a few exceptions. of their chances The Socceroos are confident beating Bahrain in Sydney last night. in next July's Asian Cup finals after The Aussies won the Asian Cup qualifier 2-nil securing the top seeding in the group. More Socceroos celebrations as their parochial fans hung around 'til well after the game to get a glimpse of their heroes. CROWD CHEERS

While the Aussies were frustrated they didn't score more goals

against the understrength Bahrain team, it was quality not quantity. COMMENTATOR: Oh wonderful strike, Marco Bresciano! 2-nil Australia. Marco Bresciano's stunning 24th minute goal, the highlight of the match. It was something special. I don't think you train for those kind of things. Some things, you know, sometimes it comes off and tonight I was lucky enough that if came off for me. Earlier, John Aloisi opened the scoring. The result secured the Socceroos top spot in their group ahead of the Asian Cup finals. To qualify as the top seed in this group is great. It's nice to have the family and give them a little wave before the game. It was good. It was vital to top the group because that's the expectation to top the group. The victory also helped stand-in Aussie coach Graham Arnold push his own claims for the national coaching job. All I've tried to do, if anything, is strengthen my claims if they want to go that way. As I've said, I think I've proven over the games that I've been in charge that I can handle that if need be. Trent Higgs, Ten News.

To AFL and St Kilda's new coach, Ross Lyon, has had to knuckle down to work immediately with just one day of trade week remaining. The former Sydney Swans assistant coach was yesterday appointed by the Saints for three years. St Kilda's new man in charge is doing a crash course on his new club's list, completely at ease by the challenge presented by the often hostile coaching environment. I've done an exceptional apprenticeship with some great clubs and I'm ready to go. I'm confident, once I was presented with the opportunity, I was confident that I'd be in the mix and I'd be a strong contender. He has firm ideas on where the Saints need to improve and has a day and a bit left of the trade period to find them. I'd like to get another ruckman, another 200-plus hit-out ruckman. You're always looking for more numbers to go through the midfield and forward pressure is an area I'd like to add to as well.

Lyon beat his Sydney colleague for the Saints job. Longmire is now being courted by Geelong to become Mark Thompson's right-hand man and has also been offered a bumped-up role at the Swans as the number two to Paul Roos. A number of negotiating stand-offs are holding up player trades. Chris Tarrant wants to become a West Coast Eagle,

but the Magpies and the Eagles can't agree on a suitable player to add to pick 16 to get the deal done. Ready to pounce is Fremantle which has the better offer on the table for Collingwood but need to convince Tarrant.

The Swans and Hawthorn in a tug of war over Peter Everitt while Geelong's Steven Johnson is also being courted by the Magpies and Essendon. Rob Waters, Ten News. Australia's cricketers have completed their preparations for today's practice match ahead of next Wednesday's Champions Trophy opener in India. The Aussies held a 3-hour training session that included some touchy footy in the lead-up to the clash with a local Mumbai side. They play another practice match on Sunday. Meanwhile, South African captain Graham Smith says the controversy surrounding Hershelle Gibbs will not affect his team's performance in the Champions trophy. Today Gibbs will be questioned by Indian police over a 6-year-old match-fixing case. We'll look ahead to the weekend weather details when the morning news returns.

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This program is captioned live. National weather:

A khaki-clad Bindi Irwin has walked the orange carpet with mother Terri

at a children's awards ceremony in Sydney. The 8-year-old honouring a promise to her late father Steve to attend the function. Bindi couldn't wipe the smile off her face, signing autographs and meeting her favourite stars, just as her dad would have wanted. It's wonderful to have a focus on a special night and I know Steve would have been proud. I'm talking for Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award. REPORTER: And you're going to be presenting an award. Yes. How do you do that in front of all those people? Oh, um, it's pretty easy, it's kinda hard and kinda exciting but, yeah.

Bindi told organisers just last week that, despite the tragedy of losing her father, she wanted to fulfil his promise and present the top award. Just as she did at her father's memorial, Bindi stole the show again. Isn't this great?

I'm the smallest presenter but I get to give the biggest award. With mum by her side, the pair then presented the Save Aussie Award, going to the nation's favourite Australian, as voted by the kids. The winner is Guy! Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. That brings you up to date with all the news. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning.

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