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(generated from captions) various styles and mediums. Many of the artworks completed in oil and acrylic paintings in the While we certainly have a lot of cardboard, we also have a work in exhibition, we also have a work in photographic chemicals. until the eleventh of November. Goulburn Regional Art Gallery something in here for everyone and I think there, I know there's here for a lot of people, so it's there's also a lot of things in really worthwhile. tomorrow. The winner will be announced tip to sharee, you can email us at Remember that if you have a news team, I'm Peter Leonard, from the news Good night.

a flag burner to Anzac Day The RSL reconsiders inviting because of threats. It's absolutely bloody scandalous it's most un-Australian. and, I'm sorry to say, dozens of cars in Bondi. A crazed vandal targets What is the matter with people? his spectacular fall from grace. Mel's first interview since of a drunkard. It was just the stupid ramblings a promise rom Steve. And the Irwins in Sydney to honour a promise from Steve.

for a long time. Bindi's been looking forward to this This program is captioned live. Good evening. a few hours can make. What a difference serious second thoughts The RSL is now having actually carry the Australian flag about letting a teenage flag burner during next year's ANZAC parade. against the teenager It follows a series of threats as un-Australian. which the RSL has blasted For the young man's family, the day started well enough - their loyalties lie. a gesture of where that was in his room. This is the flag the teenager's Australian flag His uncle hoisting outside the family home. But the invitation by the RSL

with the flag on Anzac Day for the young man to march met with a howl of criticism a sudden U-turn. and by the end of the day It's absolutely bloody scandalous that it's most un-Australian and I'm sorry to say

being treated today. the way that this young fellow's than at Brighton-le-Sands RSL, Nowhere was the outrage greater on fire last December. where the teenager set the flag jobs him. I hope one of the old diggers Why should he carry the flag? He burnt the flag, didn't he? man to march as a sign of forgiveness The RSL initially invited the young the values of diggers. and to teach him

the parade, he'll be attacked. Now it's worried, if he joins along eggs and throw eggs at him Some of said they're gonna bring

and other people said all the way up the street. they wanted to beat his arse I'm sad to say. That's just bloody un-Australian, Whatever happens, has learned his lesson. the family believe the flag burner do you think? Has he turned his life around, MAN: He's turned around, big time. to build a permanent flagpole And they're now making plans outside the family home. to be proud of, MAN: This flag is something

or burned. not to be ashamed of, or spat on Dale Paget, National Nine News. of the Cronulla revenge attacks, In scenes reminiscent badly vandalised in Bondi. more than 30 cars have been police are confident But in this case, who was probably fuelled by alcohol. it was the work of just one man - of one man's fury - This is the result into a wrecking yard. turning this Bondi street windows of at least 30 cars. Randomly smashing the front and rear will happen here in Australia. Never thought these kinds of things I come from Colombia where this would be maybe, a little bit normal. But not here. Owners woke to the mess this morning. Glass scattered over the road. What is the matter with people? It's a pain in the ****, you know, to go through to get them fixed. the amount of work you have It was only the windows targeted. and nothing was stolen. The bodies were left alone, The weapon of choice - a hammer. I heard it all this morning. I thought someone you know, along the road. was kicking a plastic recycle bin sounded like... It was a big bang, shattering,

people got little pellet guns, know, like sometimes, some sounded something like that. a senseless attack. There's no doubt it's

But why it's happened is unclear. Witnesses have told police road at about the time of the attack. they saw a man stumbling down this that he was an intoxicated male. At this stage we cannot rule out has happened before around here. This sort of vandalism But not on this scale. a school holiday thing It seems to be of these incidents happen. when a lot police presence around this area, We definitely need some more it's just ridiculous. Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. The world held its breath again today had conducted a second nuclear test. amid reports North Korea the alarm The seismic activity that set off turned out to be an earth tremor says a second test is still likely. but Foreign Minister Alexander Downer most fortified border, Along the world's near the divided Korean Peninsula - and in countries nuclear jitters. of a second test. There have been rumours this morning staged a second underground blast The alarm that North Korea might have Australian Eastern time. came at 10:00am reported as a possible nuclear test, A tremor detected in Tokyo and

off Japan's North East Coast. turned out to be an earthquake by our Foreign Minister - The collective sigh then cut short

Mr Downer revealing plans another test explosion Canberra has been told Kim Jong-il and soon. from contacts of ours, We have information of information, I won't go into our sources that it's a real possibility. The North might test again planned to be a four kiloton blast, partly because Monday's first test, less than one kiloton. appears to have been Almost surely it was a failure. would be highly inflammatory A follow-up blast grapples with US drafted sanctions coming as the Security Council they seek to stop North Korea and potential nuclear technology, from getting not just arms but also luxury goods. to punitive actions, Pyongyang's old ally China has agreed but wants limits. We don't endorse any military actions towards North Korea. We are firmly against that. This is a huge test for collective international action. This is a huge test for collective international action. But North Korea appears to be raising the stakes with one of its foreign officials now reported as saying his country will treat strict sanctions as an act of war. Tim Lester, National Nine News.

An Internet-based network of Australian parents has passed judgment on the latest batch of TV ads for children's food, and the news is not good for McDonald's. Meet the jury - some of the 1,400 parents who voted on what they think are the worst food ads aimed at kids. For the second year in row, the gong went to McDonald's for this.

The parents gave the ad what's called the Pester Power Award. It just makes me angry, that, you know, its another reason to pestered us for the latest toy. This ad for Karicare Formula won the Smoke and Mirrors Award. Instead of cows milk, the ad suggests parents buy the dried powder even though it's high in sugar. How much longer will we stick our heads in the sand, and wonder why our children are getting fatter? when we really do know. And for how long will we allow food and advertising companies to consider our children fair game? But the verdict was favourable for at least one commercial. Sanitarium got the nod for its Weetbix ad starring the Socceroos. McDonald's responded to the award by saying that over the last three years it had reduced its advertising in children's viewing time by 60%. As for the toys, a spokeswoman said that was part of the McDonald's experience. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. A crisis in the State's dental system is having a dramatic effect on the health of our most vulnerable citizens - the elderly. Some are waiting years for basic care and there's growing anger that the State Government has failed to act on recommendations that could help. Having a tooth filled should be simple, but for Melody Sherriff it's a waiting game. My teeth ache, both sides ache. She's needed fillings for almost a year, and she's not alone. At least 25,000 people are on the State's public dental waiting list. So they're waiting years for treatment and, essentially, something that begins as a small problem just grows larger and larger and larger until the only solution is an extraction.

A parliamentary report delivered earlier this year was damning - the system is under great strain - the most vulnerable are the elderly, waiting times for local clinics as long as four years, the wait for dentures up to 10. There are stories of people extracting their own teeth - kitchen surgery, that's outrageous in this day and age. But to date, the State Government's only response has been to set up working parties and hold discussions. It is a whitewash. The response is totally inadequate.

The Government is simply not interested, they haven't funded it for 12 years and if they won't, I will. Failing to provide the elderly with adequate dental care can create serious problems to their general health as well - it's a major contributor to malnutrition and can even increase the risk of heart disease. They can't eat properly, they can't get their proper nutrition. You only get one set of teeth. You can't replace them.

Peta-Jane Madam, National Nine News. Tomorrow, we'll take a look at why more crimes are being carried out against ageing Australians. And if you'd like to know more about our special series

you can go to the news section of the ninemsn website. Mel Gibson has labelled himself a monster and a stupid drunk in his first interview since the night he was arrested for drink driving. He also spoke of healing the people he offended with an anti-Semitic tirade - his remorse seen as a crucial step to repairing a badly damaged career. It's been called Mel Gibson's redemption tour.

It was just the stupid ramblings of a drunkard. Talking for the first time after being arrested in July for drink-driving, the Australian movie star blames booze for his anti-Semitic tirade in which he accused Jews of starting all wars. His rant to arresting police

and later photos of the star drinking with women in a bar made headlines around the world and left celebrity insiders speculating the Oscar winner had irreparably damaged his career in Hollywood. But 65 days without a drink and he is reaching out to the Jewish community.

What I need to do is to heal myself and to be assuring and allay the fears of others and to heal them if they had any heart wounds from something I may have said. In America, the interview, to be aired in full later this week, is being promoted with feverish anticipation.

The arrest. Those words. The firestorm. Mel Gibson would no doubt like to quietly put the whole embarrassing incident behind him, but with his new movie being released in just eight weeks, he's got plenty of explaining to do in order to avoid a box-office backlash. This is the last thing I want to be is that kind of monster. In the US, Christine Spiteri, National Nine News. Steve Irwin's widow Terri and the couple's two children are in Sydney tonight, the first time they've been seen outside the family zoo

since the Crocodile Hunter's death last month. And it should be a night of mixed emotions. Brad Schmitt joins us live from the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. Brad, why are the Irwins there? Mark,

I hope you can hear me. It's

still pretty noisy down here. Two months months ago, Steve

months ago, Steve Irwin made months ago, Steve Irwin made a commitment to present onths ago, teve Irwin made c mmitment to present commitment to present the months ago, Steve Irwin made a commitm nt t present the major commitment to present the major o ths ago, teve Irwin made

kids choice award, so tonight, kids choice award, so ton ght, kids choice award, so tonight, Bindi has come along to honour that

promise and to honour her father.

We've seen lots of stars on the

orange carpet tonight. I'd say none

bigger than this brave 8-year-old. b gg r than this brave 8-year-old.

If she and mum Terri were I he and mum Terri were bigger than this brave 8-year-old.

If she and mum Terri were overwhelmed by the occasion, they

didn't show it - they waved, smiled,

signed autographs, and Bindi even

stopped by for a chat on the way in.

You're going to be presenting an

award? Yes! How do awa d? Yes! How do you

award? Yes! How do you do that in

front of all those people Oh, um, f o t of all those people Oh, um,

front of all those people Oh, um, it's pretty easy. It's kind of hard

and kind of exciting, but, yeah. On

behalf of all of Australia, we are

so proud of you. Thank you so much.

And you have a great night. A d you have a great night. And you have a great night. Thank

you! Terri, how are you going?

Excellent. Thank you very much. A

big night for your family, hey?

Yeah, Bindi has been looking

forward to this for a long time so

I'm really glad to be here. Bindi

certainly made is made out of the

Irwin mould and is carrying on the

Irwin legacy. She sure is. Thank you. In the news ahead - the latest weapon in the Australian car wars, Denmark buzzing with rumours that Princess Mary is pregnant - I hope she's pregnant b cause it'll be very nice to have because it'll be very nice to have more babies in the royal family. And recognition for some super athletes. COMMENTATOR: This is something to savour, something to remember for the rest of your lives.



So, about Telstra - take a look. PHONE BEEPS PHONE RINGS Hello? Hi, sweetheart. How are you? Hi. How you going? Have you heard about T3? That's the Telstra 3 Share Offer, isn't it? This is your opportunity to be a part of the Telstra 3 Share Offer. Telstra owns brands including BigPond, Yellow, the Trading Post, and part of FOXTEL. They've got a prospectus. Your 'T3 Prospectus' outlines everything you need to know - the discount on your shares, and that you only pay for part now, with any dividends paid in full before the final instalment is due. Heard about T3? Yeah, we get a discount on the shares. To get a prospectus, visit: Or call today: So, about T3 - have you got a copy of the prospectus? The Telstra 3 Share Offer - share in the future. Rocky the German Shepherd who was shot during a home invasion on Sunday night is recovering well after surgery. The 2-year-old has serious facial wounds

and the bones above its elbow are shattered - they'll be held together with steel pins for the next six weeks. Barring infection problems, which I don't think are that likely, I think he's going to make a good recovery. Rocky was so weak, he need a blood transfusion from Zap, this Rottweiler. It's not official yet, but the people of Denmark are taking those rumours of a Royal pregnancy very seriously. They're convinced that Princess Mary has a second baby on the way and the Palace refusing to comment is simply adding fuel to the fire. In Denmark,

the back pages of newspapers aren't for sport, but for gossip. And for the royal watchers who fill those pages, business is suddenly even better than usual. to have a second child. They would like to have even a third or fourth child. They would like to be a big big family. This event in St Petersburg two weeks ago is the source of the speculation. It was a re-burial service for the mother of Russia's last tsar, and during that ceremony Princess Mary was forced to step outside, reportedly looking pale and unwell. And then, of course, everyone said, "Well...she is pregnant." Added to that, Prince Christian is about to turn 1, Mary herself is 34, and the royal court won't comment. It's by no means concrete evidence but, for now, it's enough.

Well, I think it's nice to have a brother or sister and I think that it's the same for a royal baby. I hope she's pregnant because it'll be very nice to have more babies in the royal family. Either way, Mary, Frederik and Christian are scheduled to visit Tasmania next month for a family catch-up. In London, James Talia, National Nine News.

Some wonderful Australian athletes have been inducted into the Australian Sports Hall of Fame - one of the most prestigious compliments of all. On the honour roll - marathon runner Kerryn McCann, recognised for being an inspirational runner and role model. For the marathon mum, the glory continues. Weighed down with more trophies after another awards ceremony. It was a big night, it was fantastic. In sport's Hall of Fame, Kerryn McCann was awarded the Don, named after you know who - honouring the inspirational. COMMENTATOR: This is something to savour, something to remember for the rest of your lives. Six months ago, this was the moment of the games. And for Kerryn McCann, the race of her life. What's really nice for me, is a lot of men and women and mothers come to me and say it was fantastic and say that I have inspired them to get off the couch and do a bit of exercise. The mother of two shared the stage and the prize with the Socceroos after their World Cup journey. The night also confirmed what everyone knew - that former AFL great Ron Barassi is officially a Legend. He's only the 26th sports person to be given such status by the Hall of Fame,

joining the likes of Bradman, Dawn Fraser and Rod Laver. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. Toyota took the wraps off today on its new weapon, in the battle against the Commodore and the Falcon it's brand new 6-cylinder Aurion. Locally designed and built, the car maker claims it's a win win - boasting the best power and economy in its class. Ken with sport next - and the Kangaroo rookies say bring it on.

As the Kiwis try to unsettle them.

Also, it's a sell-out for the

Socceroos at Aussie Stadium. And Layne Beachley beaten by Happy Gilmore. JOYOUS MUSIC SONG: # Yes, sir, that's my baby # No, sir, I don't mean maybe # Yes, sir... # With protein and calcium for muscle and bone strength and carbos for energy, Nutri-Grain as part of a balanced diet helps build them up into iron men. But in Mum's eyes...

Oh, Mum. ..he'll always be her baby boy. FRIEND: Oh, come here, give us a hug. # That's my baby now. # $5 million Powerball jackpot. You could: JOHN WOOD: One in 10 working Australians is now a member of the Industry Super Fund Australian Super. The one with a fund run only to profit members. The one with the fund that's working just for you. AustralianSuper. or visit A capacity crowd is arriving at Aussie Stadium for the Socceroos final Asian Cup qualifier against Bahrain. Tonight's match is the first chance for Sydneysiders to thank a near full-strength Socceroo line-up for their World Cup heroics earlier this year in Germany. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie,,oy,oy,oy! A win over an under-strength Bahrain will guarantee Australia is among the top-ranked nations at next year's Asian Cup. The Kangaroos have stepped up preparations for Saturday's opening Tri-Nations Test against New Zealand in Auckland. They're certain the Kiwis will target the Aussie rookies, but they have a plan of their own. While Sam Thaiday is still trying to find his feet in Auckland, the rest of the Kangaroos have adapted quickly and for teenage rookie Greg Inglis Saturday's test will be another step forward in his rapidly rising career. This is probably the highlight of my career and I'll always remember this as my first Tri-Nations series.

Inglis prefers the centres,

but will debut on the wing against the Kiwi's. He played there in the Origin series and is comfortable doing it in the green and gold. I don't know what Sticky's strategy is, but he's named me there for a purpose and I'm going to me role. None of the debutants are showing any nerves. They've been well tutored by the senior players. Yeah, they've said the first, especially the first 20 minutes, there would be a bit of chaos. So, yeah. we're gonna be expecting it and I think they should expect the same from us. And Maitua isn't backing away from his heritage despite the Kiwi's trying to claim him. I've said before, that I was born in Sydney and my dad is a full Samoan, he lived here for a few years and there's no reason why they should target me more than other players, The Wallabies are hoping bad news doesn't travel in threes. Drew Mitchell fractured his jaw during training yesterday and today, half-back Sam Cordingley withdrew from their European tour with an on-going foot problem.

It's a cruel blow for the 30-year-old who was tipped to cover for George Gregan. The opportunity is always there, it's something I don't really like to think about at the moment.

The Waratahs' Josh Valentine is his replacement. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine news. After the World Cup, the ICC Champions Trophy is the next best thing in one day cricket and it begins in India this weekend. Australia is favoured to win the tournament and play their first game next Wednesday. The Australians arrived in Mumbai looking like they had been on the road for months instead of just a week, they play their first game against the second placed team from the qualifying round currently in progress. A sombre looking South Africa turned up minus Herschelle Gibbs, he's been delayed for questioning by police in New Delhi over a six-year-old match fixing case. While the New Zealanders are in better shape than they have been for some time with fast bowler Shane Bond, spinner Daniel Vettori and all-rounder Jacob Oram cleared of lingering injuries. Along with 30 other historical cricketing artefacts, the famous Ashes Urn was wrapped up with all the tenderness of a new arrival

for its journey to Australia. Its only the third time the urn has left the MCC museum at Lords, the last was to Australia to celebrate the bicentennial. There was just as much care and greater technology in delivering the new MCG wicket this week in preparation for the much anticipated Ashes Boxing Day Test. Ken Sutcliffe, National Nine News. A wild card has beaten six-time world surfing champion Layne Beachley in the final of her own event. 19-year-old Stephanie Gilmore from the Gold Coast found better but certainly not big waves to out gun Beachley. Thanks, Layne, for putting me in the event... was pretty game of you, thanks. Happy Gilmore also collected the richest prize in women's surfing - a cheque for $27,000.

But Layne is well on target to win

her seventh world title. And what a

terrific promotion that was -

organised by herself. A chance to

grab some of the prize money back! After the break - the CommSec finance report,

Kmart's Red Hot Home Sale has thousands of ideas These Queen bed And just $399 - this 7kg washing machine.

To finance now - and the market is awash with talk that SunCorp Metway is about to launch a takeover bid for Promina - the country's second biggest home and car insurer. On the markets...

Now Jaynie with the weather details. Thanks, Mark. Good evening, everyone. Well, spring is in full swing. W ll, spring is in full swing.

But strong to gale force winds

have been affecting south-eastern States today with 10 fires in SA and 1 in Hobart. Extreme heat for our State today, but cooler along the coast, thanks to the sea breeze. Tomorrow total fire bans will be in force for south-eastern States again, including the south-west and Riverina district of NSW. So, some pretty severe weather coming up. But clear skies and mild for the soccer tonight, Mark!

Here's a chance to own what could well be And that's National Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre Are you excited? Yeah! Tonight - Bindi Irwin's big night out - the little wildlife warrior meeting young fans as she honours her dad. Plus - our very own ER - the real-life heroes inside Australia's busiest emergency ward.

Also - the Minister caught red-handed misleading Parliament about our autism campaign. And - the best and worst TV ads - we reveal the results of our exclusive poll.

This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair.

Those stories coming up, but first tonight - Bindi Irwin and her night with the stars. Tonight, she's guest of honour at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards - her first public appearance since dad Steve's emotional farewell at Australia Zoo last month. Ben Fordham's at the awards and, Ben, what sort of reception has Bindi received?

Unbelievable, Tracy. Picture

Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman , Hugh

Grant, Brad Pitt, all in the one

place at the one time. It was a

paparazzi press pack like you've

never seen. There was so much love

here for Bindi Irwin, it was

phenomenal. She's had a remarkable

day. Here's what happened what happened.

Are you excited? Yeah!

Hand in hand with her mum, this was

an important milestone in Bindi

Irwin's journey. Hi, Terri. From

the little girl who followed her

father's footsteps and hoped to

fill his shoes one day to the

pocket-sized superstar now centre of attention.

Well, she's really a brave girl

with her not crying . For being

it her not cr ?g . For i g with her not crying . For being brave about her father. She's heaps

brave, and like, I wouldn't be able

to do what she did. She's a

beautiful little girl. A brave

little girl. And a huge inspiration

as well. She's just like her father.

I reckon she'll be the next

Crocodile Hunter. Really? (All)


Yeah! CHEERING She waved, she smile.

And, just

And, just like her old man, she And just li e her old ma , sh was And, just like her old man, she was impossible to miss. impos ible to miss.

impossible to miss. Bindi Irwin has qmpossible to miss. Bindi Irwin has

impossible to miss. Bindi Irwin has become one of the biggest names in the b come one of the biggest names in ?he country

the country at just the countqy at just eight