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This program is captioned live. Tonight, the airport drug bust - after being arrested in Sydney. suspects under police guard Nuclear test anger - at Australia's concerns North Korea scoffs about the underground blast. a jail term for the police officer And the predator - who tried to molest a teenage boy. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening.

that took on home invaders. Also tonight, the heroic Sydney dog And better than the movies - in television technology. yet another major advance a major drug bust at Sydney airport, But first this evening, from a plane. with 10 alleged couriers removed flu-like symptoms They had been suffering

to three city hospitals and have been taken under Federal Police guard. following the story this afternoon Ten reporter Paul Mullins has been and joins us live. about these people? Paul, what do we know Well, we do know Federal Police-Customs operation it's a joint away. and they are giving few details but that's now been ruled out. Bird flu was suspected, to three hospitals - We do know they were taken four to Prince of Wales four to Royal Prince Alfred, and two to St George. in St George Hospital I'm told one of the men was taken there unconscious. with a young child We understand a woman was among the suspects

to Prince of Wales Hospital. taken by police we believe, with translators, Other officers arrived at RPA, as part of the interviewing process. officially, Federal Police won't say so are alleged drug couriers. but I'm told those involved Back to you. who sparked a bird flu scare A Sydney couple after flying in from Vietnam with drug trafficking. has been charged Federal Police allege

of heroin in their stomachs. the couple was carrying 173 pellets became ill mid-flight They say the 36-year-old man causing a massive overdose. after at least one burst inside him, where he had them surgically removed. He was rushed to St George Hospital, this morning, He was due to appear in Kogarah Court to his hospital bedside. but the hearing was moved with importing drugs. His fiancee has also been charged later this month. They'll face court again the worldwide outrage North Korea has dismissed over its first nuclear bomb test. called in for a dressing-down today Its Ambassador in Canberra was but defended his country's actions. by Australian and world outrage, Far from being bowed are thrilled by the attention. the North Koreans his country's nuclear program Ambassador Chon defends as a guarantee of its security. of United States of the nuclear war. We are under extreme threat Unimpressed, Foreign Minister Downer. Come and sit down. Australia's concerns were spelt out. In a tense 20 minutes, over a long period of time, North Korea's actions, in North Korea's security, have led to a reduction not an enhancement of its security. tough UN sanctions, Australia will support in military hardware aimed at blocking any trade in and out of North Korea, travel visas. and will immediately suspend but argues food aid should continue. The Opposition agrees at present, 39% of North Korea's kids, suffer from chronic malnutrition. a 13-point sanctions plan The United States has proposed to the Security Council a positive response. which is attracting Once again, North Korea has defied of the international community the will will respond. and the international community of its advance in deadly technology. But the hermit state is proud Council of the United Nations It will be better for the Security

and researchers. to congratulate the DPRK scientists Kofi Annan as UN Secretary-General Ironically, the man set to follow Ban Ki Moon. is South Korea's Foreign Minister, the test will destabilise north Asia The biggest fear is that and trigger a nuclear arms race. may feel pressured Japan, down the track, to match its belligerent neighbour. seismic indications And that, despite the device tested was quite small. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A hero dog has been shot from home invaders at Kingsford. trying to save his owner is now recovering Rocky the German shepherd to his snout and shoulder. from bullet wounds targeted the Kingsford property, Police say thieves specifically through a window. breaking in late last night into the upstairs bedroom As three armed men burst to confront the owner, and attacked one of the bandits. his German shepherd, Rocky, was woken with a handgun, He's shot the dog once

and continued on at him, the dog has stumbled disabling the dog. he's shot it a second time, a flesh wound to the snout The loyal family pet suffered by a bullet. and had a front leg shattered in Rocky's X-ray, The round can be seen embedded in his lower leg. and got shot for it. The dog tried to protect the owner We love the dog. which doubles as a tennis school, Family members at the property, to be identified by name. were reluctant

to an animal hospital The dog was taken and placed under sedation. Rocky will come out of it. They'll operate and hopefully The owner's very upset. It's very upsetting. to escape, The gang smashed through a door and other valuables. the owner handing over a sum of cash willingness to use the firearm, They definitely showed a strong like that and anybody in that situation should go along with their demands. dark-coloured clothing and gloves. The bandits wore balaclavas, Police have appealed for anyone with information to contact Maroubra detectives. John Hill, Ten News. A Sydney policeman has been jailed for ordering a teenage boy to expose himself, the court finding prison the only appropriate penalty for an officer of the law. This is how police officer Adam Teofilo spent his sick leave - prowling a Sydney shopping mall for teenage boys. He befriended two 14-year-olds and convinced them he was just 17. Then he demanded to see their penises. Downing Local Court heard one eventually complied, but the pair raised an alarm after Teofilo started to pressure them to come with him to his car. To this day, Teofilo denies any wrongdoing, even in the face of a guilty verdict. But his honesty has been questioned after it was revealed he'd lied to the defence's own psychologist about what he'd done. The issue of sexuality was not found to be related to child sex offences and Teofilo left no doubts about the issue as he put on a very public show of affection for his wife outside the court as he waited sentencing. But the judge found his lack of remorse troubling, particularly for an officer of the law, and jailed Teofilo for four months. Teofilo's lawyer wasted no time in lodging an appeal against the sentence. Earlier he'd told the court his client's references were the best he'd seen in 20 years and there'd been no impact on the teenagers. But the judge found imprisonment the only suitable penalty for someone who'd acted from a position of authority. The defence says they'll appeal on all grounds because they say Teofilo is innocent. The judge granted conditional bail until a hearing can be held. Amber Muir, Ten News. A breakthrough at last in the Government's battle to pass its media ownership bill. After a day of frantic negotiations, the Nationals look set to support the reforms, the Minister agreeing to some changes. Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno joins me live from Canberra. Paul, what changes are the Nationals asking for?

Well, the Nationals were all that

was standing between the biggest

media shake-up in Australian media

laws in 20 years and the status quo.

They were looking for greater

safeguards for media ownership

diversity and also for local

content. After giving some ground

and pretty tough negotiations with

and pretty tough negotiations with minister Coonan, both sides have

agreed to compromises. Now, no one

media group will be able to own a

TV station, a radio station and a

TV station, a radio station and a nun in any one market, whether it

is Metropolitan or regional. And

regional radio stations will have

to broadcast 4.5 hours of local

content, 12.5 minutes of news. Ar

the regulator will be given

tougher powers to safeguard against

monopoly ownership. Barnaby Joyce

is fairly pleased what he's

achieved even though he hasn't got

everything he needed, he won't

block the legislation. It would

look obviously ridiculous to fight

for an amendment and then vote

against it. So at the end of the

legislation, you've got to at least

vote for what you have attained.

But to say that we've attained this

But to say that we've attained this but there are other things we need

to do I think is a logical position.

And of course the shake-up means

that the foreign ownership limits

are gone and free to air television

stations will be able to broadcast

on digital multichannels. So the

Government is hoping there will be

a quicker take up of digital

television. Thank you. Shocking claims from an insider - Sydney's rail bosses still don't care about safety. A former RailCorp manager has accused the Government of papering over cracks in the network to avoid bad press. Seven dead in 1999's Glenbrook tragedy. Then in 2003, history repeats itself at Waterfall. Another four years on, a former RailCorp boss has revealed executives still have a cavalier attitude to safety, even sniggering about it in meetings. But worst of all... The executive team, some of them, fully expect there to be another incident. Really? Yes. It will, quite likely, take another disaster but the worry is this Government is incapable of lifting standards. The union wants an immediate safety audit. If we have a senior manager making public statements he believes the system is unsafe, I don't think we can ignore that. The Transport Minister doesn't intend to - I want it investigated and I want it remedied. Also under scrutiny - CityRail's reliability. damning new figures, buried on its website, show breakdowns between January and September this year, and the same period in 2005, have increased by 230. And during the worst month, last May, 503 faulty trains caused delays. Certainly, on the platforms, delays and cancellations are commonplace. Regular commuters say they've simply gotten used to having to wait. Oh yeah, heaps of times.

It just mucks up my whole schedule.

The minister read the data differently. There's been a 45% drop in the number of mechanical problems on peak-hour trains. He has asked RailCorp's CEO Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A look ahead to sport now with Tim Webster, and Layne Beachley has regained the number one world surfing ranking. Yes, and she's done it on her home beach in her own contest. Also, Joel Parkinson carves up the Spanish waves on the men's world tour. And Drew Mitchell in doubt for the Wallabies tour after a nasty clash at training.

Also later, Lleyton Hewitt returns serve to Pat Rafter on his attitude to tennis. P&O bows to public pressure over some controversial cruises - that's next. Also tonight, the cosmetics company being accused of some very ugly conduct. And children in provocative poses - are the fashion brands going too far? We've got everything you need at Bunnings to save water and the right advice. Personally, I have buckets in my shower. People think I'm mad. 4-shelf galvanised shelving, just $19.48. Talon petrol line trimmer, $129. we'll beat it by 10%.

I'm a real water-saving nut and my friends think I'm mad. Aussie's unique Mortgage Explorer software can compare hundreds for you in just minutes. No wonder we've been voted: This program is captioned live. P&O Cruises is cancelling its controversial schoolies week trips following the Dianne Brimble tragedy and rising parental concern. But it won't axe the popular school-leaver cruises until the end of next year.

This summer's sold-out trips will go ahead under increased security and scrutiny with extra guards and CCTV cameras on board. And the company's also enforcing tough new guidelines. Passengers behaving inappropriately will be removed at the next port of call. A man has been arrested after snatching an exotic bird from a pet store. A security camera had a bird's-eye view of the heist, the man putting the $400 lorikeet down his pants before walking out of the Gold Coast store. The bird was returned after the tape was shown on TV. Today police arrested a 23-year-old man. He'll appear in court next month. A popular cosmetics company has been taken to court for dudding bargain hunters. Jurlique could be fined millions for banning discounts on its beauty products. Deluxe cosmetics brand Jurlique was hauled into the Federal Court today - accused of stopping shoppers from buying its luxurious body products at discount prices. Obviously consumers would like to get the best price they can for the products. That's what we want in a competitive market. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission moved to defend bargain hunters when it revealed claims that Jurlique was fixing the prices of its lotions and stopping discounting of its brand at every store carrying its products.

The Federal Court is yet to decide what monetary penalties Jurlique should pay

for its price-fixing activities. But it is possible that the fines will set a new record in the Australian courts. Our right to shop around and snag a good buy has been protected by laws for more than 30 years. In the Jurlique case, they are trying to pinpoint just what the price-fixing has cost shoppers. He's quite clear that the conduct that's engaged in is illegal but what level of penalty ought he impose. The consumer watchdog hunting for similar cases. If there are re-sellers out there who are being forced by their suppliers to put their prices up, or stopping them from discounting, we'd like to hear from them. The cosmetic case should close next week. Sharon Marshall, Ten News.

Some of our biggest department stores are under fire for trying to make kids sexy. A new study claims the so-called corporate paedophilia can lead to major problems. It's advertising campaigns like this the report believes crosses the line and sexualises little girls for the sake of profit. The study takes aim at major retailers, like David Jones and Myer, for sending out the wrong message. Girls are now thinking that sexy is something they should aspire to, even before the age of 12. It sends a message to paedophiles that children are sexually available and interested in sex. Dr Rush's report, 'Corporate Paedophilia',

echoes the concerns of many parents. I think it's too much. I think little girls should be little girls. It's also claimed the images can damage a child's development into adulthood. Retailers have dismissed the concerns.

I would absolutely not want to see my 6-year-old daughter dressed in any provocative way, which is why I'm very sensitive, as our company is,

to the issue of sexually exploiting children. Researchers are also concerned children preoccupied with fashion may develop an eating disorder. A recent study revealed about a third of 7-year-old girls wanted to be thinner despite being a healthy weight.

There are some girls who haven't fallen victim to the sales pitch. They should wear something that isn't too revealing, but something that they're comfortable in. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

Time for a check of the weather and

Tim, I gather from the Dennis the

menace thing there's a fair bit of

wind on the harbour? A little bit

of an easterly and 19km/h. The

weather I thought was playing silly

buggers to be honest. It finally

came out - the sun late in the day

after an overcast start to the

proceedings. We're around about 2

degrees below. Tomorrow spring is

back with us and summer is on the

way this weekend. Almost heat wave

conditions. 31 to 35 Friday and

Saturday. All right, let's look at

your wonderful weather photographs.

Paul Sampsun send us one from the

brightful desert of Broken Hill

and that is some cloud above the

red dirt. A stunning one and you're

in the running for a Sony Handy cam.

We give that away on Friday. Right

now let's look at sky watch for you.

The day in review. Little bit of

light cloud, it cleared around

about 2:00 and a big blue day

smiling at you. Tomorrow, 25 to 28

and sunshine on your shoulder and

I'll see you again in around about ten. Making it easier being green - next, the silent turbine set to slash household power bills. And Russell Crowe explains why his new role is very close to home.

Now for a look at traffic.

Generally traffic has been good, but there is a prang at St Andrews, which is serious. This program is captioned live. An Australian inventor has high hopes of generating green power for every home.

His wind turbine is on the verge of production, but the invention is likely to be made in China. Inventor Arthur O'Connor's ambitions are as lofty as his Hush turbine prototype. Capable of providing up to a quarter of the average household's power supply, it could one day help power homes from Burwood to Beijing to Beverley Hills. On the verge of going into production he's considering taking it to China, a move that would cut its retail price from $8,000 to $5,000. Cost is very, very relevant to everybody. Instead of having only one in a street you could have one on every house in the street, and that's what it's about, at the end of the day.

24 years in the making, its designer says the turbine is suitable for residential environments. There's no noise, number one, and with the birds - I don't believe birds would run into it. Birds have probably got better eyes than what we have. Australian business has moved a deeper shade of green with the nation's first directory of environmentally sustainable companies. The Green Pages lists thousands of businesses, including architects, transport companies and packaging suppliers who all meet environmental criteria in what's regarded as a booming sector of the economy. We have 5,000 companies in the Green Pages and they all are constantly referring to how much their business is growing. Cameron Baud, Ten News. The suspended Solomon Islands Attorney-General wanted in Australia on child sex charges is now in custody in Honiara. Mr Moti had been hiding in Papua New Guinea for a week before flying back to the Solomons this morning. He is being held by the regional police force. The fact that he is spirited out of one country, into another, to try to avoid the law, it says it all. It shows you there is a problem with governance here. Australia will now seek Mr Moti's extradition from Honiara, where he arrived a short time ago in handcuffs. An Australian company may be linked to a food poisoning outbreak in Iraq. Hundreds of policemen fell ill while eating dinner at a military base south of Baghdad. The sick were taken to hospital, some seen with blood pouring from their ears.

The Iraqi Defence Ministry has denied reports that seven people died. Authorities are testing samples of the food, provided by an Australian company.

It's still not known whether the poisoning was deliberate. Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes in northern Greece after days of torrential rain. Whole villages have been cut off by the rising floodwaters. Helicopters had to be brought in to rescue people in the worst-hit areas. The fast-moving water also tore apart roads and bridges. Authorities say the damage is immense and are promising financial help for residents. The heavy rain is expected to continue in the area as well as the rest of the country for the next few days. Officials in Rome have uncovered an ancient burial ground lying beneath the Vatican. The ancient necropolis contains 40 burial structures and more than 200 tombs dating back more than 2,000 years. Archaeologists also uncovered altars and funeral urns which once contained ashes. The site was discovered six years ago when workers at the Vatican began construction on a new underground garage to house tourist coaches. Aussie actor Russell Crowe has spoken candidly about his love for his family. The 42-year-old says he can draw many parallels to the character he plays in his new film, 'A Good Life'. Well done today. You all made a spectacular amount of money. Like his character, Crowe says says he suddenly reached a point in life when he wanted to change his priorities. If I had a son tomorrow, how old would I be on his 21st birthday? And that started to really prey on my mind, so, you know, since that time, since those questions arose, I've now got a beautiful wife and two beautiful boys, and, you know, priorities have changed. His family joined him on the set in Provence. Expert advice on the playtime that benefits children the most - that's coming up. Plus, choosing a new TV becomes a little more complicated - now there are screens and DVDs as good as the movies. And the YouTube fortune - how a very simple idea last year created some baby-faced billionaires.

Today, you're in for a real treat. It's a breeze. Boneless with smaller cuts that cook in no time. So easy to cook and carve, you can have it any night of the week! Just look at how succulent that is. Kev, go home. Get it at Coles. (Sings) # Easy peasy pork! # Now anyone can get broadband Internet. That's because Optus have plans from just $19.95 a month when combined with either an Optus home phone or eligible mobile. Plus, it's simple to get started, because for a limited time, you'll also enjoy $0 installation. That means you'll receive a free modem and $0 connection, which is a saving of up to $148. So don't miss out on a great deal like this. Call Optus now on 1800 555 558. SONG: # Yeah. # This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - a Sydney policeman has been jailed for four months after ordering a teenage boy to expose himself at a shopping centre.

Adam Teofilo has been freed on conditional bail pending an appeal. He still denies any wrongdoing. North Korea has dismissed the worldwide outrage over its first nuclear bomb test. Its ambassador to Canberra was called in for a dressing-down today but defended his country's actions on security grounds. And a major drug bust at Sydney airport.

10 alleged couriers have been removed from a plane that arrived from Bangkok. They had been suffering flu-like symptoms but it's now believed they may have been carrying drugs internally. The suspects are now under Federal Police guard in three Sydney hospitals. An Australian company today launched the world's first laser television, promising never-before-seen picture quality. The screens are set to become the must-have gadget of next year. They look almost identical at first glance,

but the screen to the left is like nothing seen before. It's a laser TV made possible using an optical chip developed by an Australian company. When you look at a plasma or an LCD, you only see half the colours that you would see in real life. The laser TV faithfully replicates the colours

that you see in real life, It has double the colour clarity and capacity of any plasma or LCD on the market and is half the cost to make. The first will hit Australian stores by Christmas next year. Certainly it can be 30-40% less expensive than a plasma in the long term.

Plasma and LCD are not the only things suddenly looking obsolete. This machine is set do to DVD what CD did to tape. It's called Blu-ray. Unlike DVDs, Blue-ray discs are high definition,

giving cinema quality, and they will soon store 23 times as much as a DVD. Superior sound and superior picture, which is what people want. Blu-ray will be available in Australia from next week. Blu-ray's big advantage over HD-DVD is content. They've already signed up almost every major film studio, with some of those Blu-ray discs already hitting the streets. A Blu-ray player will currently cost you around $1,500, but that should change after Christmas. It will only be a small market, because the price is fairly high, but it's in its pioneering stage. James Boyce, Ten News. Internet giant Google has bought out the video-sharing site YouTube for more than $2 billion. But analysts aren't so sure the takeover will pay off. What started out in a backyard garage has now grown into a big deal. The founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, developed the site after becoming frustrated by not being able to email videos to their friends after a dinner party. We tried to make and simplify the process

Today the pair, aged in their 20s, can't believe their luck after striking a deal with Internet giant Google worth more than $2 billion.

Launched in February last year, YouTube now has an estimated 34 million users a month. who come to download famous people... 'HUNG UP' BY MADONNA PLAYS ..and those who wish they were. Even budding newsreaders get the chance to be seen. These people bore me to death and I think they should have a beer before they do their report. And others, well, they speak for themselves. Don't email me unless you have a picture because I don't like ugly women. Rumours of the deal earlier in the week saw the value of Google jump almost $5 billion. Since launching, YouTube has failed to turn a profit, and experts are sceptical about how successful the takeover will be. I still think they face the same challenges of continuing to make the audience grow larger but also, very importantly, holding onto the audience they've already got. One thing's for sure - the wacky videos will keep on coming. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. The Australian stock market has returned to positive territory today, driven by the big miners.

The average cost of petrol in Sydney is steady at $1.13 a litre, seen as high as $1.36 and as low as $1.09 in Camden, Beacon Hill, Frenchs Forest, Roseville East and Forestville.

Parents are being warned not to stress out their kids by forcing them into too many activities. A leading new report says trying to help children succeed could end up backfiring. Creating that work of art was once a big decision for little people, but now, with schedules as they are, just getting out to play can be tough. We want society to take a deep breath and go, "What's really best for children?" As parents race to give children the best start in life, a new report by America's leading paediatricians warns we may be trying too hard. If we have kids that are made to fit into a box, you know, because they are being assessed here and they have to get straight As and participate in this activity and that activity, don't be surprised when kids fear failure. He warns it will lead to a stressed-out generation of kids. If children aren't left to create fun, they will lack imagination, creativity and independence. So the call is to give kids more down time. Some time to figure out who you are, some time that isn't scheduled. I send them outside with an apple and say, "Go amuse yourselves." And the kids' vote? I prefer to do my own thing a lot, yeah. Most agree it's a question of balance. Soccer, tae kwon do is some of the structured stuff and PlayStation is some of his stuff. But here at Camp Australia, enrolments at their holiday sports classes have doubled over the past 18 months. Their motto is "we make kids smile." It's involving, you know, sport and keeping the kids active and keeping them happy and providing that social interaction. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

Have had a vote were a bit Have had a vote were a bit dear

suspended yesterday and today. suspended yesterday and today. 25

degrees tomorrow and now have these

guys smiling at you. And a bit of a

heat wave on Friday. 31 in the city

and 35 and West. On Sunday and 35 and West. On Sunday it will

turn on its head.

The beauty of just sitting out here

Amy Marr was a way from Rahmat Wilson. Sport now with Tim Webster, And Lleyton Hewitt returned serve today.

Yes, Lleyton responded to criticism from his former Davis Cup team-mate Pat Rafter. Also, Layne Beachley reclaims the world number one ranking

in her own tournament.

And the Kangaroos aim to hail on the kiwis' parade

in the Tri-Nations opener.

He's well-trained. Mmm. Roast beef pizza. MAGICAL TINKLING ROCK MUSIC Are you OK? I'm fine. Unleash the bloke within. Try Domino's new roast beef specials. You've gotta try this. (Chuckles) APPLAUSE ON TV MAN ON TV: Quiet, please. Hey, Dad, got any spare cash? Thanks. PIANO VERSION OF 'MELLOW YELLOW' BY DONOVAN PLAYS Today's an even better day to start saving. Because now, with seven 5-star ratings, the Commonwealth Bank has Australia's most highly awarded savings accounts.

This program is captioned live. Lleyton Hewitt has hit back at claims from tennis great Pat Rafter he's lost interest in the game. Rafter believes Australian tennis is in crisis, coinciding with Hewitt's slide down the world rankings. Lleyton Hewitt was once number one in the world and now finds himself 18th, on the slide and copping criticism from a former team-mate. Pat Rafter believes a lack of interest is letting Lleyton down, but the man himself returned serve, blaming injury for his recent form. Pat and I, we know each other so well, and that, but I think in terms of interest, this year's been hard for me, reardless, purely because I've had so many niggling injuries, as I said before, and that's hard on anyone. The 25-year-old twisted his ankle in the lead-up to the French Open, endured a knee injury during his US Open and Davis Cup campaigns and is now rehabilitating his body in order to be right for 2007, the recent dominance of Roger Federer burning his fire brighter than ever. To get back up there, that's what drives you. Watching Fed and Nadal play out the majors this year, the finals, and I want to get up there and have another crack at those guys. And Hewitt could have his wish as early as next January, with Nadal confirmed as one of the headline acts for the Sydney International. Hewitt, a 4-time winner of the tournament and now a proud father keen to make an impression.

You know, off the court everything's been great. Sometimes it makes you more hunger, to go out there and have a big result, as well, for your family. Hewitt is Australia's only male player ranked in the top 100, and, despite a shake-up in the sport's governing body, it seems the tennis crisis is still years from correction. It's not as if we haven't tried but we didn't get the numbers that we want and we've got a whole new team, now, working with the best kids in Australia and there is some good potential in the 12-, 13-, 14-year-olds. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Big Willie Mason has stirred up some feeling in the build-up to Saturday's opening Tri-Nations Test against New Zealand. Mason says he's sick of claims some Aussie players should be turning out for the Kiwis. Reni Maitua is set to make his Test debut at lock for Australia, Every Test selection there's some bloke they think they should claim as a New Zealander, but they're not New Zealanders, they're Aussies. but suggestions he could be playing for the other side haven't gone down well.

Mason says nobody whinges when Australian-born players like Nathan Cayless and Frank Pritchard choose to play for the Kiwis. Reni Maitua wants to play for Australia. He was born in Paddington Hospital, so he's got no qualms, so if they want to try and bash him or anything like that, he's a man, he can take it, and I'm sure he's going to dish some out as well. Young Melbourne star Greg Inglis will make his Test debut on the wing, while Johnathan Thurston has held out Ben Hornby's claim

on the halfback spot. Brisbane pair Justin Hodges and Karmichael Hunt are at centre and fullback respectively. Stacey Jones returns to international duty for the Kiwis, their coach playing down his team's chances. The tip I'm giving out is that this team will get better as the competition goes on.

But no-one's brave enough to tip the local weather. I don't know who's going to play. It's hailing, it's unbelievable. Leanne West, Ten News. With top spot in their group at stake, the Socceroos have vowed to show no mercy against Bahrain in tomorrow night's Asian Cup qualifier at Aussie Stadium. Coach Graham Arnold says Australia's preparations remain intense despite the Asian nation sending over its Olympic team for the crucial game. For me, I don't care. I expect from our players a 100% professional performance. These guys have set their standards. In the A-League, bottom-placed Newcastle Jets have sacked their coach. Former Socceroos boss Frank Farina is among those linked to the vacant position. Drew Mitchell is in doubt for the Wallabies tour of Europe next month

after he was injured during training at Coffs Harbour today. The talented three-quarter was on the receiving end of a nasty clash with Clyde Rathbone. Mitchell had medical treatment after fears he may have broken his jaw. The Wallabies are now waiting on results from a scan. The ARU says it's now highly unlikely the 22-year-old will be part of the 37-man squad. 6-time world surfing champion Layne Beachley has stormed to the top of the world rankings after the 34-year-old cruised into the semifinals of her own event. Beachley back at the top of the ratings helm - the Manly local now one step closer to matching Kelly Slater's record of seven world titles after the shock round three defeat of former number one Melanie Redman-Carr. Great opportunity for me to get the lead on her now and Chelsea is still in and sufing incredibly well too. It's going to be really close, whatever happens. Beachley meets reigning world champion Chelsea Georgeson

in tomorrow's semifinal, who could steal the top ranking back off her with an event win. 19-year-old wild card Stephanie Gilmore's defeat of Redman-Carr an ominous warning to the three world champions she'll join in the round of four. I'm still feeling really nervous 'cause I always want to do my best and I always want to win. Meantime, in northern Spain, Joel Parkinson has mastered the Mundaka tubes with a near perfect 9.97 opening ride coupled with a 9.73 to post the second highest heat score of the year. I've never seen a heat on those kind of waves before I mean, I have seen some good surfs but that was just ridiculous. Parkinson's combined 19.7 destroying countrymen Jarrad Howse and throwing down the challenge to championship leader Kelly Slater. It was one of those heats I'm probably going to have to tell my grandkids about, I reckon. Fellow Aussie Mick Fanning poised to meet Parko in the quarters after blasting some huge backhand turns in his defeat of Toby Martin. If we were on the other side of the draw, it would be good, we could have made the final together, but that's just the way it goes. Andrew Brown, Ten News. And in Sports Tonight, the latest from the Socceroos as they prepare for their showdown with Bahrain tomorrow night. Now for another look at traffic. How is Winston Hills? A bad accident at the Baulkham Hills exit. Tim Bailey next with the weather. And the supersized diamond that's been auctioned off for an astonishing figure. People ask me why I replaced all my regular milk with Anlene milk drink. Well, it's a really easy way to boost my bone nutrient intake and that real dairy goodness just tastes great. Anlene helps me keep living the life I love.

It's time for all the It's time for all the weather

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Saturday because it will get up to 35

degrees. Tomorrow will be 25-28

degrees. Until we get to Sunday when

the weather goes on its head -

another subtly changed.

another subtly changed. Hopefully

some precipitation in that. On

Saturday down to around 22 degrees. A

tale of two weekends - Saturday and Sunday.

This guy's a mostly clear across the

country under high pressure system.

Cloud pushed on to the east coast by

strong south-easterly winds will

bring that the showers to Queensland.

High cloud will cross Victoria High cloud will cross Victoria but

will not bring rain. Hot and dry nor the lease will develop across South

Australia, Western Victoria and Australia, Western Victoria and New

South Wales. Moist onshore winds will

push on to the Queensland coast maintaining or isolated maintaining or isolated showers. maintaining or isolated showers. It

will be dry across New South Wales.

Of the showers along the Queensland

coast, mainly in the tropics.

Widespread showers across Widespread showers across the south-west in Western

Widespread showers across the south-west in Western Australia. We

come to off the Sydney Harbour Bridge

and swinging around a darling .

. Thank you for letting me being . Thank you for letting me being your lounger and again. One of the world's largest diamonds has gone under the hammer in Belgium, selling for more than $16 million. The precious stone - the size of a golf ball - was bought by a South African company after a 5-day silent auction. The company says it will cut and polish the diamond, splitting it into smaller polished stones, and then re-sell it for more than $25 million. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is on after 'Rove'. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

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