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(generated from captions) level of skill. has been run completely by Since 1993, the Sri Lankan school volunteers. many of the Territory's 600 Sri There are now 40 students from Lankan families. culture, it's more than that, we It's certainly a celebration of to our children. are trying to give our traditions help to develop a better It's hoped the concert will also culture. understanding of Sri Lankan night. And that's WIN News this Monday to share, email us at If you have a news tip you'd like News team in Canberra, I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN

announces its first nuclear test. G obal condemnation as North orea at this action. We are both disturbed and outraged in the spotlight Our cricketers' security by al-Qa'ida. over claims they were targeted Is the price right? for its next float. Telstra reveals the share price Oh look, this is a great day. fisherman return to the harbour. And the new study that could see This program is captioned live. Good evening. The so-called nuclear club

dangerous new member. has a volatile and potentially a successful nuclear test - North Korea says it's carried out its first. The Howard Government is outraged underground explosion at the highly provocative

for international action. and has backed demands Australian Eastern time, Just after 11:30 this morning and a so-called rogue state of nuclear-armed countries. blasts its way into the club

There is seismic confirmation a nuclear test earlier today. that North Korea conducted

Pyongyang threatened to test, A week ago, had forced its hand. claiming US threats crossed the nuclear threshold The first sign it had actually came from its official news agency test with no radioactive leakage - claiming a successful underground calling it an historic event, to the North's military and people. bringing happiness at this action by North Korea. We are both disturbed and outraged a magnitude 3.6 tremor South Korean scientists confirmed from the blast. the eight existing countries Its communist neighbour had joined to claim nuclear weapons. on the news. Share prices in Seoul slumped sharply The Howard Government has called for

restrictions against Pyongyang financial, travel and trade to impose Chapter 7 sanctions, and for the Security Council

UN-backed military action. which could even include It is absolutely crucial internationally that there is as united a position as there possibly can be. the Security Council We strongly support taking this matter in hand.

are of international unity - And the early signs

even North Korea's old ally, China,

a strong UN response. appears to be moving towards For Australia, the stakes are high, a long-term threat - with some seeing to our north. an arms race in the region Tim Lester, National Nine News. we should be cautious Prime Minister Howard says planned to kill our cricketers about claims that al-Qa'ida during the last Ashes series. Britain's press says the terrorists the plot was put before on London, who carried out the attacks but it never went ahead

was a cricket fan. because one of the bombers to England A thrilling second Test victory story altogether. could have been a vastly different has taken everyone by surprise, Today's claim in a London newspaper some even extremely sceptical. of the allegation I think we have to have the source

very carefully checked, before we assume it's correct.

The alleged plan to get jobs at Edgbaston was for the terrorists cricket teams in their dressing rooms and kill the Australian and English nerve gas, sarin. with the deadly and odourless

Shehzad Tanweer - and a cricket lover - objected, one of the terrorists apparently got into a fist-fight to abort the plan that convinced the others instead. and bomb the London Underground completely unaware of any threat. All the time our cricketers were

to do something like this, Everyone knows if someone wants its extremely possible, quite comfortable with, you know, but we do feel where we're at. All we can do and Cricket Australia is rely on the Players Association up to date. to make sure the security's

about player safety Jason Gillespie was so concerned after the London bombings if there was another he talked of coming home by the London media. and was ridiculed guys to have opinions I know Cricket Australia's happy for and beliefs to change too much at all. and I don't think this is going for the MCG was being prepared, Today, as the new pitch was thrust into the spotlight. security for the upcoming Ashes tour very good in Australia, Historically, the security has been for this summer. we see no reason why it wouldn't be

to the SCG today, There was no admittance and player security but ground, crowd at all the major venues. is under constant review out of England is unsettling However, the unsubtantiated report and just maybe

all the time. that was the objective Ken Sutcliffe, National Nine News. with the prospectus launch today Telstra's next big sale is on, of shares known as T3. for the third instalment luring 'mum and dad' investors - The biggest hurdle will be

still wary from the last float. the price offered is much lower, But this time,

with a sweetener attached. a political football Telstra has long been was show-casing the sale, and on the day the Government over-wording in the document. a delay in the prospectus - a piece of cake. Was never going to be

This is a great day, of seeing this day come I've been a supporter since it was first announced. contained in the 65-page document, Despite the positive front a warning from Telstra Geoff Cousins that the Government's board nominee

cannot be considered independent and could prove disruptive. I would not regard what it said as a damning indictment. All that's related to thuggery to get away the Government's privatisation that no-one in this country wants. T3 shares will cost investors $2 a share up front

with the final instalment due in May 2008.

It includes a discount of 10 cents a share and the promise of extra shares if you hold the stock for 18 months. And there's a sweetener for existing shareholders - the guaranteed offer of shares. But today's $20 million advertising blitz has its work cut out. There's just better value elsewhere. I just don't trust it. I'm not very happy with Telstra. But whether you want to or not you could end up buying T3 shares. Some super funds which manage your nest egg - track the main sharemarket index,

which means they have to buy more Telstra stock as it hits the market. Investors say while Telstra shares have more than halved

since T2, it's still worth considering. They're pulling out all the stops basically. They're giving you 14% yield, they're giving you a discount. Karen Tso, National Nine News. Fire fighters battling the blaze on the Northern Beaches have literally had to use fire to fight fire. In a new way of back-burning, choppers were brought in to drop small incendiary bombs into areas inaccessible by truck. It was a worrying night for a lot of people. Fire on the northern beaches, fanned by howling southerlies, came very close to several homes in the Cromer/Narrabeen area. Stopped, in the end, by 200 firefighters and water-bombing helicopters working through the night. This morning, the bush was still smouldering. The Wakehurst Parkway closed for much of the day

as helicopters switched to fire bombing, literally - dropping golf-ball sized incendiary bombs to start back-burns in otherwise inaccessible areas, prompting the Rural Fire Service to angrily deny that embers from an earlier back-burn started the blaze in the first place. It would have meant the embers were blowing against the wind, which is not possible. Controversy too, over claims that arsonists working as bushfire fighters are responsible for one in five of all outbreaks. That would suggest to you that of the 5,000 annual fires approximately 1,000 of those are as a consequence of arsonists activities

within our ranks. It's simply...A, it's not possible, and B, it's just simply ludicrous. There is no evidence to suggest any fire fighters are persons of interest in relation to the current bushfires that are being examined. That's not to say it might not happen in the future.

There are 70,000 rural firefighters it's the biggest volunteer organisation in the world. And as the police themselves say, only a handful of those dedicated men and women ever become involved in outlaw activity. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Motor sport's governing body is having a hard look at safety again

following the death of V8 driver Mark Porter. at Bathurst on Friday, The New Zealander was involved in that sickening crash

at Bathurst on Friday, and today there were more tears on the mountain. They watched the race, saw the crash, and now they're saying goodbye. And these race fans didn't even know Mark Porter. It's the effect motor racing has on its followers. Two in a matter of months - it's not good. Brocky and Mark Porter, rest in peace. The 31-year-old left his mark - t e crash scene today the crash scene today covered with tributes. They almost merge with messages for Peter Brock. The accident occurred just 100m from Brock Skyline. Peter Brock's former wife Bev and daughter Alexandra took a drive up the mountain today for the first time and what they saw struck a chord. Your heart just bleeds for the parents, for the wife, for the children, because it's a loss that's so public. In New Zealand, friends remembered Porter as a man who lived and drove with his heart. He wasn't a paid professional like most of those other guys that we saw on TV on the weekend, he just did it for the love. His death likely to lead to a review of side impact safety standards. We definitely gotta make these cars a lot safer than what they are because people are getting hurt. Safety in motor sport

is always something, that's under continual and ongoing review. Now that the weekend's racing is finished, an inquiry into what caused the crash that killed Mark Porter can begin, but because it will be so detailed, it'll take months to complete. Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. A man accused of fatally stabbing his parents is fighting to stop his trial from going ahead. Jeffrey Gilham is charged with murdering the couple at their Woronora home in 1993. The businessman has always maintained it was his brother Christopher who was responsible

and that he stabbed him to death after discovering the crime.

In 2004, police reopened the case and charged Gilham with his parents' murder. But his lawyers claim crucial evidence from the crime scene has been destroyed by police or is missing. There's fresh evidence tonight that tough restrictions on eating Sydney Harbour seafood could soon be eased. Nine News can reveal that hundreds of new tests on fish for cancer-causing dioxins have found some species caught east of the Harbour Bridge could be safe to eat. It was extremely high levels of dioxin in bream and prawns that caused health experts to warn the public

not to eat more than a few mouthfuls a month of any type of Sydney Harbour seafood. But now, there's a case for those tough guidelines to be eased. Nine News has obtained the results of new tests for dioxin on harbour fish. Popular recreational species caught east of the bridge... ..have returned low levels of dioxin. The dioxin problem doesn't extend, necessarily, completely across the harbour. The Government's testing on more than 400 fish reveals a tale of two harbours. West of the bridge, especially near the source of the dioxin contamination at Homebush Bay: ..are even more toxic than expected. The situation is pretty bleak, with very high concentrations. The Government's health warning to limit consumption of harbour fish to 150 grams a month remains in force. Any review of what's safe to eat is likely to affect just a few species of fish caught east of the Harbour Bridge. But that's enough to give some hope to out-of-work commercial fishermen. There could be a commercial fishery. It wouldn't be a big commercial fishery, but it could be a limited commercial fishery for a few of us. Dale Paget, National Nine News. The funeral today for Peter Norman - the Australian runner involved in one of the Olympics' most infamous moments. American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos were among the mourners. They were the athletes who gave a black power salute in protest against racial discrimination while on the dais at the 1968 Mexico Games. Norman, the silver medallist, wore a civil rights badge in support.

Today, the pair returned the favour - acting as his pallbearers. In the news ahead - our special report on the struggle that many seniors face - to stay above the poverty line. And Brad and Angelina's body guard gets physical with the paparazzi. GENTLE GUITAR MUSIC Hello? MAN ON PHONE: Hi, it's me.


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for motorists heading into the city along General Holmes Drive this morning after an accident in the airport tunnel caused big delays. Two trucks and a car came to grief just before 7:00am, and the flow-on effect meant drivers were going nowhere fast. One person suffered minor injuries in the accident. Now to the first in our series of special reports on seniors. Tonight, we look at the struggle for a growing number of pensioners trying to stay above the poverty line. When you see what they have to live on,

it's no wonder agencies are calling for extra help from the Government.

2 million older Australians rely on the Government for money and each year, more are going broke as their cost of living rises faster than their pension. There would be thousands of people that, every year, find that, yeah, they're poor. Part of the problem is that pension rises don't match living costs.

We've just seen, you know, the ever-rising cost of petrol so that does stop them from getting out and about.

The age pension is $13,314 a year for a single person, $22,240 for a married couple. The poverty line is now just below $14,000 for single people, $19,700 for couples. This doesn't include rent allowances or medical assistance.

Those struggling do everything to survive. People over 55, account for 1/3 of the people who are staying in a caravan park.

Your thoughts are always on how to pay for things and that's not what people really what people should be doing in their twilight years. They call retirement the Golden Years. But for many, it is nothing more than a rusty bucket, with never enough.

And in one of Australia's most prosperous times, the great shame for all of us is people of our parents and grandparents age, one by one, falling into poverty. Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. Tomorrow night, our special series looks at the level of care for seniors in NSW and how it compares to the rest of the country.

The paparazzi are hunting Brad Pitt and Angelina Joule

while they're in India making a movie. Following a brief glimpse of the couple in a rickshaw, there was an ugly moment when their bodyguard turned on a British photographer. I am a guest at this hotel. I have every right to be here and it would be disrespectful to take pictures inside the hotel, I know they wouldn't like that, but I was outside anyway. The photographer is considering legal action. Always passionate, often eccentric - 'Star Trek' fans have been spending up big-time at a day auction of Trekked memorabilia. Selling for $25,000. Selling for $52,000. That was just for Captain Kirk's chair. Top price was for the original model of the starship 'Enterprise' - a snip at $750,000. The New York sale - held to mark the 40th anniversary of the program - raised more than $9.5 million.

Ken with sport is next - and it was an amazing winning margin for Craig Lowndes at Bathurst.

He found out today and it's a little bit spooky. And the new king of the mountain brought his trophy to town. And the Socceroos mobbed World Cup-style. Craig Lowndes says winning the inaugural Peter Brock Trophy has been the biggest thrill of his life, and he's still coming to terms with what it all means. Lowndes and co-driver Jamie Whincup took out an incident-packed Bathurst 1000 yesterday - and Brocky would have been proud of the winning margin. It was always going to be a big night out after the race, but winning it took the party to another level. It had been a long day and despite little sleep, Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup

packed up early and headed to Sydney for more celebrations. Bathurst, talk to anyone in the world, they may not know about V8 Supercars, but they know about Bathurst. The emotion of it all hit as soon as they crossed the line. COMMENTATOR: Lowndes and Whincup it! a d it wasn't for the f rst time - Lowndes cried and it wasn't for the first time - after a tribute to Peter Brock, he broke down and team officials gave Lowndes the option of sitting out the start. I said no, I said I want to get in that car, I want to actually race. It meant so much because Brocky did. He was a friend and mentor to Lowndes and no wonder the victory was so touching. The winning margin, half a second, how's that for coincidence - 05 - Brock's famous racing number. If you tried to achieve it, you wouldn't be able to. So, he was looking down on us and he was travelling with us. It was a great day. Now there's a few days off before the next Supercar race on the Gold Coast. Lowndes currently leads the Drivers Championship and as was the case yesterday, it's the Kelly gang chasing. Whatever happens, they'll have this moment forever. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. The goodwill created by the Socceroos' World Cup campaign

is showing no sign of waning. The players were given a rock star's welcome by fans in Sydney today. More than three months have passed since the Socceroos' heroics in Germany, but for the thousands who packed Darling Harbour today, the memory hasn't faded. It's the first time the bulk of the Australian squad has been back in Sydney since the World Cup, and they were overwhelmed by the reception. To still have this momentum flowing o still have this momentum flowing and people being really interested is really special, because they deserve to see us and we deserve to see them. Amid all the back-slapping there is business to complete,

the Socceroos preparing for Wednesday's night's Asian Cup qualifier against Bahrain

at Aussie Stadium. It's important that we get a good result and hopefully score a few goals and do well for the crowd and ourselves. No fuss, as the Kangaroos touched down in Auckland ahead of their Tri-Nations opener against New Zealand on Saturday. Justin Hodges and Jarryd Hayne, still a chance of playing despite hamstring injuries. They both should be determined tomorrow, whether they're gonna be available for selection or not. And the AFL's week for trading players is under way. The Swans chasing Hawthorn ruckman Peter Everitt, but say negotiations today didn't go well. The Western Bulldogs have already secured outspoken Brownlow medallist Jason Akermanis

from Brisbane. Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News. The Hockeyroos have finished with the silver medal at the World Hockey Cup,

after being defeated by the Netherlands in the final. The Australians had exceeded most expectations to get to the final, but went down to the world's number one team 3-1.

Argentina claimed bronze after thrashing Spain 5-0.

Australia's World Superbike champion Troy Bayliss completed a near flawless season by winning the final round in France. Barry Veneman is not quite in the same class yet, but for luck he's right up there. The Dutchman, thrown from his bike, travelled in sync with the machine until it hit a barrier in spectacular style, and then continued like a faithful Labrador alongside Bazza right to the end. An innovation for golf fans at this year's Australian Open. Spectators will now be allowed onto the fairways on certain holes to watch players hit their approach shots from behind. Behind is pretty cool 'cause you can get to see where the ball starts, you get to see how it moves and things like that, versus, you know, trying to watch it? from the sidelines. Appleby and Robert Allenby are now confirmed starters at Royal Sydney, joining a field which includes US Open champion Geoff Ogilvy and world number 4 Adam Scott.

Fans on the fairways - never happen

at Augusta. You might want to get a

look. It might help your swing! After the break - the CommSec finance report and Jaynie with the weather details.

In finance news - the All Ordinaries finished the day down 15, with the market digesting the T3 prospectus and wary about nuclear testing in North Korea. Thanks, Mark, and good evening everyone! Wild southerly winds with sunshine was the story in Sydney today.

The large high pressure ridge provided our State

with fine weather today after a cold morning. Only a light shower for the north coast with fresh to strong onshore winds. Tomorrow the high will move further east. And these northerly winds will be the cause of some very hot weather this week. Potentially dangerous conditions with strong winds

especially for SA, Victoria and Tasmania.

Still no decent rain about. That's National Nine News for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre e did 't ask for these hi dren. We didn't ask for these children. Ton ght - A Current A fair Tonight - A Current Affair special event - parents pushed to the brink, their lives a living hell. the lives a l ving he.5 Plus, fans out of control, alcohol and mayhem - what really happens at the Bathurst races. Also - busted, the crooked pest inspector back cheating customers. And - parties, pot, and punch-ups - our exclusive interview with human headline, Paris Hilton. This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw.

Welcome to a new week of A Current Affair. Also tonight - mums pushing daughters into plastic surgery - the risks teenagers are taking for the perfect look. But we begin with perhaps the most urgent plea you'll ever hear. These are good, decent parents, but the uncontrollable behaviour of their children is pushing them beyond the edge. Some want to give away the child they love, another has even planned how she'll kill hers. They've endured private heartbreak, public embarrassment and now they desperately need help. It tears you to pieces, you know? It's just so hard. You are just so, emotionally, just wrecked. (Screams) I am falling apart. My family is falling apart. (Screams) What do you need? I need help. Any kind of help. That we live a living hell.

Anger boiling over. Why don't you put that animal back in the cage where it belongs? Frustration beyond belief. I cannot believe most of you put up with what you put up with. Pushed past breaking point. I'm going to hurt him or I'm going to hurt myself. I can't do it. Their faces are different, but their tears are the same. Meet the Aussie hearts our Government is breaking. Things got so bad... was the first time that I actually approached DSQ child services for help. They just shuffle you from one department to the next department.