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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Good evening. and welcome to Ten's Late News. I'm Sandra Sully Tonight - joy-flight disaster - as an old warbird crashes two killed near the Bathurst car races. sparking a bushfire official on the run from Australia Defiant fugitive - the government

over child sex charges. From the day he did the rape, and I mean everyone. everyone wanted to burn the house, Vigilante's revenge - burning down a paedophile's home. a town celebrates

the chair, looking at the numbers, Sunday night, I was sitting in and comparing my ticket." All I could say was, "Oh my God.

Battlers win $270 million - for what they'll do first. their surprise plans of Socceroo Craig Moore And the suspension with Ryan Phelan. headlines Sports Tonight

a 1-match ban Sandra, the former captain gets for failing to attend training against Paraguay. ahead of Saturday night's friendly His team-mates trained this evening, is high. but support for their World Cup star

I would love for him to be here. Craig is one of the players that's happened. It's an unfortunate thing taunts his Tri-Nations opponents. Kangaroos forward Willie Mason There're gonna get bashed. answers his critics. And Geelong coach Mark Thompson a joy-flight to a husband and father A family's 50th birthday present of

has ended in disaster. the man and a pilot are dead Instead of the flight of his life they were in broke up in mid-air. after the aerobatics plane a half-hour joy-flight for Dad's 50th For this family, shouting

to a great dad. was a loving happy birthday celebration turned to heartbreak. But in Bathurst airport, While they waited for his return,

in tragedy. the flight of a lifetime ended over a kilometre, With wreckage strewn broke up mid-flight it's thought this old warbird while doing aerobatic stunts. It's a company that runs joy-flights fly up to this area and they typically of a jet aircraft flying. to give people a feeling They said farewell just after midday. The plane vanished shortly after,

the plane was three hours overdue. and panic set in when Firefighters waterbombing a bushfire the pieces of wreckage soon discovered west of Sydney. in rugged terrain near Bathurst, the bushfire. It's thought the crash ignited

What we saw was what appeared to be of the aircraft, part of the tail plane wreckage that had started the fire. which was about half a mile from the

flew from Sydney. CareFlight rescue crews When paramedics were winched in of the father and the pilot. they found the bodies run by Jet Fighter Flights, This Strikemaster, developed in the '60s, is an old military jet fighter initially for pilot training. twin seat, side by side. A light jet aircraft,

the company's website promises With a top speed of 900km/h,

high-speed adventure "an unforgettable for years to come". "you will be telling your mates about to try to recover the bodies. Police will be winched in tomorrow Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. in a highway tragedy. Two people burned to death tonight

collided in Melbourne's south-east. Their car and an empty petrol tanker Princes Highway at Hoppers Crossing. The smash happened on the and traffic is being diverted Part of the road has been blocked

try to find out what went wrong. while accident investigators A dramatic twist tonight involving a government minister over the scandal on the run from Australia. High Commission in Papua New Guinea, Julian Moti has fled the where he's been hiding. He's also been suspended

Attorney-General. as the Solomon Islands' extradited on child sex charges. Australia is trying to have Moti

for a fire Vigilantes are being blamed in country Victoria. that destroyed a paedophile's home With beers in hand, as the house burnt to the ground. residents of a small town watched was sorry to see Not one of Meringur's 16 residents Terrence Allan Ellis go up in flames. the home of paedophile,

The fire coming convicted of assaulting a young girl. two weeks after Ellis was From the day he did the rape, and I mean everyone. everyone wanted to burn the house,

for the attack, The 52-year-old jailed for 3.5 years but he could be out in 2.5. what a pathetic sentence he got. Everyone says and he's only got it for 2.5 years. This girl's got it for her life, On the day of the fire,

for a community event. hundreds had gathered at a local park As many were going home, set the house ablaze, vigilantes appear to have and watching it burn. some residents drinking beer

The culprit is yet to come forward. but everyone's thought about it. No-one will, for your thoughts, If you can get hung going to get hung. there's lot of blokes to interview several residents Police have travelled to the town is not yet known, and, while the cause

they're treating it as suspicious. With locals closing ranks, those responsible appears slim. the chances of catching the message couldn't be clearer. But for Ellis, he'll be at the end of the road. If he comes back out here James Wakelin, Ten News. to return to work A surgeon has been cleared The PM has rejected a call at school until Year 12. to force teenagers to stay on means better, higher-paying jobs. Labor says spending longer in school

for 50 years Glen Friend has been a plumber

high school to be good at a trade. and says you don't need to finish on their ability to handle tools Judged more and willingness to learn. But the Federal Opposition says a lifetime of benefits. completing Year 12 will bring

Those people who stay on to Year 12 to be unemployed, are much less likely they have higher quality jobs - from Australia, this is all the evidence

all the evidence from overseas. all students to finish high school. Dr Emerson wants to force The Prime Minister disagrees. that people complete Year 12. I'm against making it mandatory chronic shortage of tradies. Complicating the issue is Australia's Some fear keeping students at school for longer

will stop them becoming plumbers, electricians and mechanics. Labor has a plan to combine both - introducing trades to kids still in school. For Year 9 and 10 kids, we want to have what we're calling a trade taster program so you can actually try out different trades. John Howard says his technical colleges already do that. What Australian technical colleges will do is provide added incentives for young people to stay on to Year 12.

But neither proposal will offer a quick fix for the chronic shortage of skilled people. There's more and more grey heads like me around still working and you can't get the the number of trade specialists in virtually all areas these days. Laurel Irving, Ten News. Some of the world's top sleep experts are encouraging Australia to follow America's lead

and have high school classes start later. It follows revelations teenagers are going to bed later and are showing up to morning classes exhausted. The adage "early to bed, early to rise"

may have been pertinent 20 years ago, but sleep experts say it certainly doesn't apply to the kids of today. In fact, our children are doing just the opposite. As well as going to bed later - doctors say 50% of teenagers aren't getting enough sleep, clocking up around 7.5 hours each night. That's two hours short of the optimum, resulting in many adolescents going to school exhausted. If children don't sleep correctly, they don't have good quality or enough quantity sleep, they're going to be in trouble in terms of their learning, in terms of their school performance. And that's not all -

experts say sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on the hormones stimulating our appetites. Children who sleep, who have a short sleep duration, are more likely to be obese or overweight. While later bedtimes may be put down to lack of parental discipline, doctors have a more scientific explanation, blaming it on changes to the production of the sleep hormone. As kids move into puberty, the melatonin is produced at a later time.

And if it's late to bed, it's late to rise - some schools in the US have made the starting time later for teenagers and so far they've had good results. But local education authorities today wouldn't be drawn on the issue. Jane Bootle, Ten News. Another setback to the war on terror tonight - despite a targeted raid, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, al-Qa'ida's leader in Iraq, is still at large.

There had been speculation the terrorist chief had been killed in the US attack, but DNA tests show he was not among the victims. Still to come - bargain booze - why good quality wine is coming down to $2 a bottle. She was hit directly in the face. In the face? Like that. Paris Hilton caught up in a nightclub fight...

..but who was the brawl over? PHOTOGRAPHER: Elle! Elle! Elle! And a middle-aged mum reveals the secrets to ageing gracefully.

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with the station on which you saw it. If you're unhappy with their response, you can refer the complaint to the Australian Communications and Media Authority. If you'd like a copy of the code, visit our website for more information, or write or call us at: This program is captioned live. The reluctant hero of a boating mishap off the coast of SA has told of his struggle for survival. The 14-year-old gave his life jacket to his cousin and braved icy, shark-infested waters to swim to shore. Freezing, getting stung, jellyfish, getting hit by waves. Chris, his cousins and uncles were on a spear-fishing trip

3km offshore in Louth Bay in SA when the wind suddenly changed and their small boat capsized. Everyone struggled ashore, but Chris was no-where to be found, handing over his life jacket having almost cost him his life. Later, as hopes faded, he was found on dry land walking back to civilisation. A bottle of wine for $2? Seems unreal, but it's true. Wine is now cheaper than water and delivers a treat for wine lovers as the grape glut overflows into bottle shops. It's hard to believe but now, your spare change can buy a bottle of wine. From today across Australia, a major bottle shop chain is selling cleanskin wines for just $2.00. An oversupply of grapes allowing consumers to enjoy quality wine

at a fraction of the price. It's certainly been a very successful product for us. We've done phenomenally well with it. Traditionally, cleanskins was excess stock

made from lesser quality fruit but now because of the surplus supply that's no longer the case. Discovering a niche in the market, Brendan Hilferty opened up The Wine Point which only sells unlabelled bottles. I've got wines here that I'll sell at $10 a bottle and the same brand in the shops the same wine for $23 to $24. Vineyards are also being forced to offload their excess premium wines. By selling directly to bottle shops, grape growers save money by cutting out the middle man, resulting in retail prices discounted by up to 70%. Experts say it will take at least 2 years for the grape glut to clear.

Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Paris Hilton has accused a former Miss USA of punching her in the face in a nightclub brawl. The beauty queen fighting mad with the heiress for allegedly stealing her ex-husband. It's the ultimate Hollywood cat-fight - the beauty queen takes on the socialite over the rock star. She struck the heiress in the jaw with a closed fist. Paris's night began like any other on the red carpet of a high-profile party. I'm here at the 'Rolling Stone' party for the Hot List, so it should be hot tonight.

She had no idea how heated it was going to get at an after-party where she was confronted by former Miss USA Shayna Moakler. She was shouting all kinds of foul words at her and appeared to be completely out of control. The one-time Playboy playmate lost her cool when she laid eyes on Hilton who's recently been seen canoodling with Moakler's estranged husband, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. Paris went home and changed, then called her publicist to join her for a trip to the police station to file a complaint. It's a cop shop she knows well - it's where she was booked for drink-driving last month. It was a busy night for Hollywood police. After Paris, they heard from Shanna. Shanna complained that Paris's ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos had poured a drink over her head and thrown her down the stairs. No word on what rock star Travis Barker thought of the dispute. In California, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. 'The Body' is back in Australia. Elle Macpherson launching a new face cream and revealing her supermodel secrets to ageing gracefully. Not many middle-aged mums could make a Toni Maticevski mini look quite so good, but they don't call her 'The Body' for nothing. Am I together?

You look fabulous. Just checking. She's now the face of a new anti-wrinkle cream. What's your secret to looking so good? Erase those fine lines. Seriously, though. Having fun.

I think it's really important to have fun in life. As photographers fought for the best frame... Elle, Elle, Elle! ..the leggy supermodel lit up the red carpet. Wherever she goes Elle still draws quite a crowd. More than 80 of Sydney's most influential women have turned out to rub shoulders with The Body.

And a few men showed up too. How good does Elle Macpherson look for a woman in her 40s? She looks fantastic, yeah. She obviously keeps very fit. Oh, unbelievable. She looks better than women in their 20s, just amazing. Oh, amazing. I think she looks incredible. She's always looked incredible. She is a true Aussie beauty. Upstairs at lunch all eyes were on a giggling and excited Elle, who's rumoured to be dating a Sydney businessman. Not this one, though. He's married. We went to school together. No, I'm the new thing. The supermodel stopped mingling long enough to manage the media, wrapping her arms around one lucky photographer. There's a better one than that, isn't there? No, wait, wait, back. Picture-perfect,

she later charmed more fans at a shopping centre appearance. The subject of many an Aussie boyhood dream now a role model for Australian women who dream of ageing as gracefully. I think it's really important that women have a choice today, that they have a choice of how they wish to address fine lines or ageing or whatever you want to call it. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Security planning is under way tonight for a royal tour to Pakistan

by Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. The couple will go to the capital, Islamabad, at the end of the month and visit areas hit by an earthquake last year that killed 73,000 people. A struggling couple has won a record $270 million in a lottery. Americans Tim and Kelly Guderian aren't greedy people - the former marine and his shop assistant wife opted for a one-off lump-sum payment of only $125 million. Sunday night, I was sitting in the chair, looking at the numbers, and comparing my ticket. All I could say was, "Oh my God." The couple is now planning their first holiday since their honeymoon six years ago. Their dream destination - Australia. Sports Tonight is next with Ryan Phelan. Ryan, a costly night out for one of our Socceroos? Yes, Sandra. Former skipper Craig Moore has been sent home ahead of Saturday night's friendly against Paraguay. We'll tell you why next. Plus - mountain climbing - the V8s take on Bathurst. Bowled over - Stuart Clark's summer setback. And Willie Mason talks tough. There're gonna get bashed. MAN: What do we want? OTHERS: Free speech! When do we want it? Now! Canberra, what do we want? Free speech!

When do we want it? Now! Queanbeyan, what do we want? Free speech! When do we want it? Now! What do we want? Free speech! When do we want it? Now!

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DANCE MUSIC New Eclipse Ice gum. Freshness that stays with you. This program is captioned live. Take a ride with BigPond and Sports Tonight for your chance to experience the latest addition to the V8 Supercar calendar. You and a mate will fly to Bahrain in the Persian Gulf this November for Round 12 of the Supercar series. Enjoy four nights accommodation, spending money, along with on-track corporate hospitality. Plus, take a hot lap on one of motorsport's newest venues. To enter log on at: click on Sports Tonight, answer the questions and tell us why you should win this historic trip. Your chance is just a click away, thanks to BigPond On Demand and Sports Tonight. World Cup hero Craig Moore has been dropped from the Socceroos match against Paraguay on Saturday night for disciplinary reasons, or, in layman's terms, he missed his plane. He'll also miss Wednesday's Asian Cup qualifier against Bahrain. Final preparations for a Socceroo side that farewells some of its longest servants on Saturday - the players disappointed that former skipper Craig Moore won't be a part of the celebrations. Craig is probably one of the players that I'd love for him to be here. I've played many years with him with the national team but also with club football, so it's an unfortunate thing that's happened. Moore missed his flight to Brisbane yesterday after a day at the races on Tuesday followed by a night out in Sydney with team-mate Zeljko Kalac. The drinking buddies trading the booze for a snooze in the early hours of the morning. We sat around having drinks and then all of a sudden it's time to leave, you go to bed, you go, "I'll just have a quick 5-minute lay down." You have a 5-minute lay down, that's the end of you. It's goodnight, Irene. You're not getting up. Football Australia making no exceptions for Moore's absence. He knows the rules, through and missing training and missing a plane, sleeping

is not consistent with the behaviour that we expect of the Socceroos. The man who was tipped to captain the team in front of his home crowd in Brisbane now on a plane back to England, his team-mates angry at FFA's ruling. I think the FFA could have dealt with it a lot better than what they have. He's an important player for our squad, important for the team. He's a loyal servant. He's always performed admirably for his country. The Socceroos today treated like rock stars in recognition for their heroics in Germany, but today's development has taken the gloss off the occasion. I haven't spoken to him. He won't answer. He could be sleeping again. Anthony Brown for Sports Tonight.

Reni Maitua has been called into the Kangaroos squad for the upcoming Tri-Nations series at the expense of injured Bronco Tonie Carroll. The Bulldogs utility becoming the sixth new face in the Australian pack, which, according to Willie Mason, is meaner and stronger than ever. They may be new to the green and gold has plenty of bite. but this young pack Willie Mason, most experienced forwards, who's now one of Australia's sending out an early warning. he's going to put you on your back. Run at Sam Thaiday, really aggressive players, You know, Reni Maitua, they're both you know, Anthony Topou. or Kiwis want to run at them, If any of the Pommies

they're going to get bashed. good luck to them - this morning Maitua was called into the squad for more than just a talk-up. and needed Mason after a drink-driving conviction. He's still without his licence

Yeah, I had to pick him up. drop him at Maroubra, get his boots, I had to pick him up, and then got here, come back and get his passport all day. so I've been taxiing him around Maitua finally rewarded

from the Kiwis in 2004. after turning down an approach Never lived there. Been there a couple of times to be honest. and didn't really like it, off the field, And the pack continues to evolve his bad boy tag. with Mason passing on Storm centre Matt King speaking out for the first time referee Paul Simpkins. since publicly criticising Yeah, I've spoken to Paul. it happened, on Tuesday. I spoke to him as soon as on this subject. Sorry to be pretty boring The statement is out, from it. you guys can take what you want passed a medical on his bruised knee, Melbourne team-mate Cameron Smith

for try-scoring machine Jarryd Hayne, but it was an early scare with a hamstring strain. who was forced to leave training The seven Brisbane representatives their premiership win still celebrating will join the squad on Saturday. any problems he may have had Ricky Stuart putting to bed with former Rooster Justin Hodges.

with Justin Hodges. I've got no issues outside of me and Justin I think there's a bigger issue with what I'm hearing and reading, to seeing him again. but I'm looking forward He's had an outstanding season. Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. at the Brisbane Lions, The post-season exodus continues and defender Mal Michael with assistant coach John Blakey leaving the club. the Sydney Swans' coaching panel, Blakey will join John Longmire's status further confirming for the St Kilda coaching role. as frontrunner

After four years in the Lions' den, has quit, respected assistant coach John Blakey former Fitzroy team-mate Paul Roos deciding to rejoin at the Swans. His departure the best indication yet John Longmire is hot favourite that current Sydney assistant coach for the vacant St Kilda coaching job. In another blow for Brisbane, Mal Michael says triple premiership defender he's lost the motivation to play on, hanging up the boots after 201 games. tipped to announce his retirement His captain, Michael Voss, is also at tomorrow night's Best and Fairest. Mark Thompson has spoken Meanwhile, Geelong coach since the end of the season, for the first time football department shake-up adamant the Cats' recent will pay dividends. We'll play a little bit different, a different playing style we'll have a different coaching program, and we'll have lots of change, so there's lots to look forward to, we need to do to get better. and we're gonna embrace everything their stuff 72 teenagers have strutted at the AFL's draft camp in Canberra. But all eyes have been on Bryce Gibbs. Yeah, I've spoken to Carlton and Essendon, and they seem like it could be a possibility. Ross Gibbs The son of former Glenelg defender his preference to remain in Adelaide. has spoken candidly about the inevitable But the 17-year-old has accepted as he pursues his dream to play AFL. to stay with Adelaide, It would have been great to stay with my family and friends, since I can remember, but footy's been my dream anywhere would be awesome. so just to put on a guernsey While he's the hot favourite, draft pick is Joel Selwood. Gibbs's tip for the number one is the younger brother The Bendigo teenager

of twins Adam and Troy Selwood to either West Coast or Brisbane. and would prefer a move to be with your brother, Yeah, it would be definitely good help you settle in, stuff like that, at a couple of clubs now, but I've got a couple of friends

David Adamson for Sports Tonight. which would also help.

a tricky first practice session Hot and windy conditions made for at Mount Panarama today -

some serious panel beating tonight. some teams forced to do is there. Sports Tonight's Ian Shuttleworth in the Jack Daniel's racing garage Well, Ryan, I am here

for the boys. and it is definitely a busy night They are repairing Stephen Richards' car and his accident this afternoon could have been a whole lot worse. He came unstuck at 270km/h.

just turned hard left. The car basically in a straight line I think - I'm not quite sure - the right rear tyre deflated. but it felt like And then I was just a passenger. down Conrod Straight At the time, Richards was heading of practice session number one. on his last lap and hoping for the best. He ended up closing his eyes There were two big impacts, the driver's window and then the next time I looked out and all I could see was the road, must have been on its side. so the car the team is now certain After initial doubts, for practice tomorrow morning of having the car ready very heavily damaged It is heavily damaged, and we have got a task ahead of us. in strife, including Max Wilson. Others also found themselves and ended up crashing east side I lost the rear on the brakes while the car spun around and crashed on the outside wall. was the standout. The Holden Racing Team the best time, Mark Skaife clocking the second-fastest lap. his co-driver Garth Tander turned out Their car was more than 0.75 seconds faster than the Ford of Jason Bright and Mark Winterbottom. the car is very very strong. It has been a fantastic day for us - it was very competitive From the time we wheeled the car out able to put some fresh tyres on it and at the end of the day we were

to be faster and do a good job with those tyres

so it doesn't get much better for Australian motorsport. on the first day of a very big week a co-driver like Garth Tander - It must be comforting to have you clocked the fastest time and he is the second fastest driver around the track. Yes - that is a very good part of what we have going. Garth was very good at Sandown and was very strong through the year. Our car is clearly pretty easy to drive when you can do those sort of lap times and as a combination, it looks pretty strong. How do you handle the favouritism tag? I don't really like it to be honest. I'd never come to Bathurst - I've come to Bathurst favourite lots of times but I've never come to Bathurst liking it because anything can happen up here. We know all the variables and complexities that Bathurst throws up and all we need to do is have a little bit of luck and stay out of trouble and hopefully come home with a good result.

This year's winner will receive the Peter Brock Trophy which will be officially unveiled tomorrow although we did manage a sneak peek at the $75,000 sterling silver trophy. It will be on display to fans over the next two days. Qualifying is on tomorrow afternoon. We'll have all the action live right here on Channel Ten. Please check your local guides

but, Ryan, I'll be back with all the washout tomorrow night. SA spinner Dan Cullen is a surprise call-up for the Australian squad for the Champions Trophy tournament in India. The 22-year-old rushed back to Adelaide from a tournament in Queensland today

after hearing the news. He replaces injured paceman Stuart Clark. His off-spinners should be well-suited to the dry pitches expected in India. I actually thought

Shaun Tait or Jason Gillespie would be a better chance than me.

But, obviously, to get the call-up, it's a great feeling and I'm really looking forward to taking the opportunity. Cullen has played one Test and five one-dayers for Australia. And while Dan Cullen heads to India, Stuart Clark is left to rue a missed opportunity. Sports Tonight's Paul Cochrane caught up with him today. At 31 years of age, he's Australian cricket's late bloomer - Stuart Clark, a quiet achiever and silent assassin. COMMENTATOR: Stuart Clark - what a debut he's having. Tell us about that feeling of getting that baggy green cap handed over. Look, it's a tremendous feeling. It's a boyhood dream for any young cricketer and to finally get one... And for many years I thought I mightn't get one. It was more than a dream come true, it was a lot of dreams put into one. COMMENTATOR: On debut, he's now got 5/40. To get a wicket would have been great. To end up happening what happened was more than just one dream coming true. But, as quickly as sporting dreams can be made, they can be shattered in an instant. Unfortunately, I have torn a quadricep muscle and it's going to put me out for a little bit. He'll miss up to six weeks, including the ICC Champions Trophy. I dunno if I'll have any cricket before the Ashes and it'll make it be hard to be selected but hopefully it doesn't take that long and, given three, maybe four weeks, I'm running around and potentially playing again. Are you concerned that your Ashes dream could in fact be over as a result of this injury? Oh, look, it's part of the game and yeah, possibly I might never play cricket for Australia again, but I think we all live with that, you never know when your last game is going to be so you've gotta enjoy every minute. And it's that attitude that's helping Clark overcome his darkest hour in cricket. COMMENTATOR: Nearly took Stuart Clark's head off. 0/87 last month against the West Indies, the second-worst limited overs return ever by an Australian. He's a very level-headed guy and he'll come back from that and he'll come back better and stronger. Someone's gotta go at some stage and Stuart Clark happened to be the unlucky one. It's a game of highs and lows and you can't have a great day every day, even the greats of the game have had bad days, so it'll remind me that you've gotta take the good with the bad. You got the ball signed. Tell us a bit about that. Yeah, I got the ball. It probably doesn't mean much now 'cause it's a fairly bad memory,

but, you know, one day when I finish playing cricket and I look back and I think about the day Brian Lara and Chris Gayle smashed me everywhere, it'll mean something. It'll also mean that the days that I do do well are gonna be more special and I'm gonna enjoy them more. So you miss out on India but you get to spend more time with your 5-month-old son. Yeah, I get a lot of time to spend with my son, and that's a great thing.

No-one can describe what it's like to have a child.

He didn't care about my quad injury, he didn't care how many wickets I got in South Africa and he didn't care about Kuala Lumpur. All he cared about was me being there to feed him or cuddle him or whatever it may be, so once again that puts a great perspective on life as well. Stuart Clark, thanks for joining Sports Tonight. No worries. Thanks, mate. It will be tough going for 'Herald-Sun' tour champion Simon Gerrans when he defends his title next week. The 26-year-old is booked in for shoulder surgery after the event, but he could also be upstaged by his team-mate and the world's best sprinter, Robbie McEwen. At the end of a rollercoaster season, Simon Gerrans is hoping his repaired shoulder can hold together long enough to carry the weight of defending his tour title. I do enjoy the extra pressure. I always do have a little bit extra pressure racing at home. All the local guys seem to look to the European-based Aussies to do well here. After last year's success, Gerrans broke his collarbone and missed the Commonwealth Games but returned to the saddle in time for the Tour de France with his team Ag2R. But the French outfit who helped him win the 'Sun' tour last year is not joining him this time around - instead, Gerrans will headline an all-star Australian national team with the rare opportunity of riding in the green and gold. To race a stage race in the Australian colours is going to be something pretty special. We've got some absolute superstars in the team, with Rob McEwan, Matt Wilson, Henk Vogels, Trent Lowe - these guys are all world-class bike-riders. Volatile sprint star McEwen and Gerrans forced to work together for different objectives. I'll be working for Robbie and Robbie'll be working for me when it comes to this kind of - when it comes to a stage race I think Robbie is red-hot favourite to win in any sprints or criterium in the Jayco Herald Sun Tour but then, hopefully, Robbie'll give me a hand to try to take the title. The week-long event starts with a criterium in Shepparton on Sunday, with full race highlights each night on Network Ten. Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. This program is captioned live. Play of the Day time now, for the Bathurst 1000, and while the nation revs up Beijing is already burning rubber. an international car drifting show, The Chinese capital hosted is all part of the act. where sliding sideways and style, It's judged on speed, execution with the fastest time. not just who finishes in all of us, So, for igniting the revhead these guys get our Play of the Day. To finance news, closed up and the Australian stock market which hit another record high. on a strong lead from Wall Street,

The news on the national weather - and clear most showers Tomorrow, a high will ease winds

from Tasmania and Victoria. A weakening trough in the east will trigger isolated showers and afternoon storms in north-east NSW and south-east Queensland. A trough in WA will move inland to bring a cooler change to the west coast. So as we head towards the weeekend,

Cairns will be mostly sunny on Friday. Brisbane can expect late thunder. Sydney - drizzle clearing. Canberra - frost then sunny conditions. Melbourne will be mostly sunny. Adelaide should be fine. Hobart - late showers tipped. Perth - mostly sunny. will be sunny. Darwin and Alice Springs A call to duty tonight from Fountaingate. for the two foxy ladies

and her daughter, Kim Craig, Kath Day-Knight of Margaret Whitlam launched the biography at a cocktail party in Sydney. to Margaret I've always felt a tremendous akin because - and especially now - to very successful guys. we're both married

from the Ten news centre. And that's the latest Don't forget the Early News at 6am. From the Late News Team, goodnight. I'm Sandra Sully. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions