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This program is captioned live. a young girl's needless death Tonight - for meningococcal disease. sparks a rethink of treatment The search for a predator.

suing one of the world's richest men And the Sydneysiders over an ancient relic. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron wilson Good evening, also tonight - is sentenced over a shocking crash. high emotions as a truck driver

Claims tonight of a cover-up, only part of a report as the Government releases of an 18-year-old girl. into the meningococcal death played out in full media glare. A family tragedy died in August 18-year-old Jehan Nassif her boyfriend's cousin two days after visiting disease in Bankstown Hospital. who was recovering from meningococcal

Jehan's boyfriend, George Khouzame, with his cousin, who had been holidaying was given antibiotics. Jehan was not.

Now a Health Department inquiry aspects of her treatment, has criticised the failure of ambulance officers of not going to hospital to warn her of the dangers in this. There are no diversionary issues We cop criticism in this report. And the main criticism? Claims of a cover-up

is released as only a summary of the report the disease from her boyfriend and the inference Jehan contracted and not the hospital visit, adding weight to the family's claims

antibiotics. she should have been given confirm or deny the family's claims Ambulance officials are refusing to not to go to hospital she was originally advised and take paracetamol. but to stay home to clarify those issues The inquiry wasn't able to ambulance officers because they were only able to talk and not other people present. One result of the inquiry -

through their lawyer, The family, with symptoms of meningococcal. for treating people will now carry antibiotics all ambulances

investigated by the Coroner. preferring to have the tragedy I'm confident the truth of what occurred that the Coroner's office will find and how it occurred. to be fully open to the public. The family says it wants the inquiry Paul Mullins, Ten News. right now west of Sydney. A major story unfolding

As we go to air this evening, right now west of Sydney. a

major story is unfolding right now west of Sydney. just north of Bathurst A light plane has crashed for this weekend's motor race. where preparations are under way joins us from Bathurst. Channel Ten's Bill Woods Bill, what do we know?

Details obviously, Ron, are very

sketchy at the moment, because the

plane has gone down apparently in a

very remote area. What took place

that we do know of is that a light

plane took off around lunchtime plane took off around

from the Bathurst airport here. It

was en route for Bankstown. Now, it

and then the lost contact shortly after takeoff,

and then the next step that we know

of was that firefighters were

called to fight a bushfire in the

Turon state forest about 20

kilometres out of Bathurst. They

were well into the battle when they

discovered what looked to be parts

of a plane's wreckage and then the

firefighters started to figure out

that this may well have been the

cause of the bushfire. Now I'm told

that they're water bombing this

fire, which indicates that it's

very difficult to battle. It's in a

rugged area, so that also means very difficult to battle. It's in a

that any investigation or

involvement by the police or air

crash investigators will also be

very difficult at this stage

because they're still fighting to

contain this fire, which has been

forced by quite strong winds here

today and that might give us a clue

as to what might have happened to

the plane as well. Very hot

conditions in Bathurst today, very

windy conditions, and obviously at

1000 on this time of year with the Bathurst

1000 on there is quite a lot of air

traffic in this area, most unusual

for a country centre because people

do fly up here in helicopters and

light planes to attend the event.

They are all the details we have

here at this stage but of course we

are working on bringing more to you

as it unfolds Thank you, Bill. We

also have first reports that there

may have been two people on board

this plane, but that's unconfirmed

at this stage and their condition

is unknown. The care flight

helicopter is over the scene, as is

our own helicopter, so we'll keep

bulletin. you up to date throughout the our own helicopter, so we'll keep

is the vital clue A distinctive bright orange T-shirt of the man that will lead to the arrest at a southern Sydney park. who attacked two girls were just metres away The girls' parents and one sexually assaulted. when they were taken The normally busy suburban park after the sickening sexual assault wasn't popular as a playmate was forced to watch. on the 9-year-old girl might be a little scared off. I think people allowed to come here now alone. I know a few people who aren't

to be, like, just yesterday. It's really scary for it The suspect is described as: was lurking in the park It's believed the molester for an hour before the attack. Taskforce JOCARM has been set up on the girls. to investigate the shocking attacks Obviously they are very distressed.

and their family. It's traumatic for both the girls today as a precaution. Patrols of the park were stepped up After the attack

and down towards the river. the man fled through the bush through the mangroves covered in mud. He was spotted running

got a very good look at him A keen council worker and gave a description to police. that stranger attack is rare Police emphasis to keep an eye on children, but they warn parents during the school holidays. especially

aren't safe It's a shame our children keep an eye on them 24/7. and that we've got to Obviously it chills the heart of every parent and I am not unaffected by that. on a number of strong leads The task force is working with information to come forward. but officers want any one Kevin Wilde, Ten News. An elderly man has been charged with the brazen indecent assault of a 13-year-old girl.

Police allege the 71-year-old attacked the school girl on a busy commuter train at Lewisham last week. She reported the incident to school teachers. The man received conditional bail on charges of committing an act of indecency with a person under 16. He's due back in court later this month. Three years jail tonight for an experienced truckdriver who killed a woman and her two granddaughters in a fiery highway smash. Relatives of those killed say they feel sorry for the man's family, but somone had to be held accountable. In the charred wreckage, it's hard to see. But underneath this semi-trailer are the remains of a small sedan. A massive inferno sealed the fate of those inside. Barbara Cheadle and her granddaughters, 8-year-old Jessica and 9-year-old Rebecca. The truck laden with steel pipes, slammed into the back of this Hilux,

which had stopped to turn off the highway before careering into other vehicles. Despite 40 years experience, truck driver Jimmy Morabito wasn't watching the road. Today, he was jailed for three years and three months for dangerous driving.

No winners. We want someone to be accountable. Both families burst into tears when the sentence was handed down.

No animosity. In the wake of their loss, the Campbells launched a successful campaign for increased safety on the Pacific Highway. But they've decided they can't continue with it because the pain is too much. Miss them so much. The Morabito's haven't ruled out appealing. The Prime Minister has rejected a call to force teenagers to stay on at school until Year 12. Figures show more time in class can lead to a higher wage,

but many young Australians are still dropping out. Glen Friend has been a plumber for 50 years. Completing Year 12, he says, isn't so important

for a young person considering a trade. Judged more on their ability to handle tools

and willingness to learn. But not everyone feels that way. If we said to all young people, "You can leave school whenever you want," a lot of kids would drop out at year 12 or 13. What I'm saying is let's move it from 15, and in some States 16, to at least completing high school. Labor's Craig Emerson says 30% of young Australians are still dropping out of school before Year 12. That's 80,000 teenagers a year who have no qualifications.

For every extra year of schooling, they will get 10% extra on their incomes for the rest of their lives. I'm against making it mandatory that people complete Year 12. The Prime Minister says it's more about choice for young students and he's confident the Government's new technical colleges will help improve the skills crisis. What Australian technical colleges will do is provide added incentives for young people to stay on to Year 12. With the resources boom in full swing and trade jobs easier to come by, Craig Emerson knows he has an uphill battle. But he warns the good times can't last forever and, when the economy does cool, those with less education will be most at risk. As the politicians argue, Glen Friend worries about the future.

There's more and more grey heads like me around still working and you can't get the the number of trade specialists

in virtually all areas these days. Fenn Kemp, Ten News. The Sultan of Brunei, secret agents and a holy relic have sparked an intriguing court case in Sydney. A group of businessmen claiming the sultan has gone back on a multimillion-dollar deal. This is believed to be the world's smallest version of the Holy Koran, but it's triggered a tale worthy of a blockbuster movie.

The borders are gold and the punctuation is gold as well. The 400-year-old relic was bought from Russian KGB agents by a group of Australian businessmen who planned to on-sell it to the world's wealthiest monarch, the Sultan of Brunei. They told us this was an item of great interest given its cultural significance to the Sultan of Brunei. They claim he beat their price down from US$21 million to just US$8 million but reneged on their deal at the eleventh hour.

We thought we were dealing with reputable people and government officials and this is how they treat us. So, they've taken him to court to sue for damages, including the loss of other business deals that soured when the businessmen couldn't repay the Russians. The businessmen are confident they'll win their case. In the meantime, the tiny relic is kept in a bank vault and only allowed out under tight security. Today, lawyers for the Sultan tried to argue the case should be thrown out of court indefinitely, describing the statement of claim as utterly hopeless. But the judge decided to give the businessmen another chance

to amend their documents. They say, if they win, they'll share a portion of their payout with an Islamic school in Sydney. The case returns to court next month.

Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport. and the Peter Brock Trophy arrives at Bathurst. Amber Muir, Ten News. Yes, it will be revealed tomorrow in a special ceremony at the track

but there was a brief glimpse or two of what it will look like as it left the jewellers today. All the action from opening practice in sport. Also, later in sport - The Socceroos are in Brisbane for the match against Paraguay but the skipper's nowhere to be seen.

Where's he gone? Also, Reni Matua joins the Kangaroos squad but he couldn't drive there, he still doesn't have a license.

A truck driver empties his tank of fuel down a Sydney drain, that story next. Plus, vengeance - an entire town rocks up to watch a paedophile's house burn. And let's sort this out man to man -

just who is the biggest star of 'Priscilla'?

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A pollution emergency in Sydney after a truck driver made a mistake which could end up costing a fortune. He dumped an entire tank of petrol down a drain because he filled up with the wrong fuel. Firefighters faced a potentially explosive problem after a truck driver dumped 150 litres of unleaded petrol down a stormwater drain. He'd picked the wrong pump.

The driver paid almost $200 for the petrol. Realising his mistake, he dumped the petrol only to return and fill up with diesel for which he paid another $200. Fire crews say as well as damaging the environment, lives were put at risk by having all that petrol lying around. The right air/petrol mix is 10 times more explosive than the equivalent of dynamite.

People do silly things with it some times. So what should you do if you end up with the wrong fuel in your tank? Well, BP says there's nothing they can do at the service station,

you should call someone like the NRMA. But they tell us all they'll do is tow you to a mechanic and mechanics don't like these sort of jobs because it's very difficult to get rid of that excess fuel. But it's worth paying whatever it might cost to dispose of it properly. The maximum penalty for wilfully polluting a waterway

is a million-dollar fine and up to seven years in jail. Evan Batten, Ten News. An appeal tonight for witnesses to a bashing-murder in the eastern suburbs. 45-year-old Peter Dando suffered severe head injuries after being punched to the ground during a robbery. He's believed to have struck his head on the footpath. We do not have any evidence which would suggest Peter provoked this attack.

Detectives want for anyone who saw Mr Dando on Sunday night to contact Maroubra police. Vigilantes are being blamed for a fire

that destroyed a paedophile's home in country Victoria. With beers in hand, residents of the small town watched as the house burnt to the ground. Not one of Meringur's 16 residents was sorry to see the home of Terrence Allan Ellis go up in flames.

From the day he did the rape, everyone wanted to burn the house, and I mean everyone. The suspicious fire coming two weeks after Ellis was convicted of assaulting a young girl. The 52-year-old jailed for 3.5 years for the attack last December, but he could be out in 2.5. Everyone says what a pathetic sentence he got. This girl's got it for life, he's only got it for 2.5 years.

On Sunday, the day of the fire, hundreds from the surrounding community had gathered at a local park for a fundraiser. As many were going home, vigilantes appear to have set the house ablaze. While the local CFA put out the fire, some residents drank beer and watched it burn. The culprit is yet to come forward. No-one will, but everyone's thought about it. If you get hung for your thoughts, a lot of blokes are going to get hung. Police have interviewed people from the community, and, while the cause is not yet known, they're treating the blaze as suspicious - arson analysts travelling to the town to gather evidence. Locals making it clear Ellis should never come back to Meringur. If he comes back out here he'll be at the end of the road. James Wakelin, Ten News.

Beach bum Bailey in the Manly magic.

Why wouldn't you be? The people at

Richmond at the moment are thinking

about the sand, the surf and the

sea breeze. 32 out there at the

moment. 25 in Sydney. That's the

difference, that big north-easter

is making. Southerly change on the

way, folks, around about 6 way, folks, around about 6 tonight,

will intensify around about 8 to

10pm and could gust to 60km an hour

all night long. Your weather

photograph. Yes, please, we love

them. A Sony hand e cam up for

grabs tomorrow night. Storm clouds .

That shot backed on to the M7 about

a week and a half ago, and an

amazing little formation that frightened her.

frightened her. We won't frighten

her if we give her the Sony

Handicam. All right, what do we

have for you? Skywatch. Let's look

at that day. Pretty good looking

sort of an effort for a payday

Thursday. As I've said, around

about 25 degrees in Sydney. Lugs

levels on your television right now.

Tomorrow at your place, 22 degrees,

early morning drizzle, clearing

around about 9 o'clock, partdly cloudy day for

cloudy day for 22 and I'll see you again Left hanging. Next, the women who were trapped for three days and lived to tell the tale. And a very rough night on the town for Paris Hilton.

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You're watching the news at 5. Time

for a check of the traffic with Vic

Lorusso in the Mix 106.5 traffic

helicopter. It sounds like an

accident straight out of the movies

on Milperra road tonight This is a bad

bad smash. It occurred opposite

Bankstown airport. We have a bad

smash. It's right in the left-hand

turn bay. We're going to zoom in to

where the accident has occurred.

It's just up from here but you can

just see the traffic trying to get

away from Milperra road, bumper to

bumper all lanes. Significant

traffic queues for motorists

proceeding out towards the west. To

avoid this, go via the M5. We'll

bring you another update bring you another update just after sport.

More now on tonight's major story - The rebellion in his ranks over the new citizenship tests has hardly ruffled the Prime Minister's feathers. He says requiring a capacity for English as a prerequiste for becoming an Australian is commonsense. The rebellion in his ranks over the new citizenship tests has hardly ruffled the Prime Minister's feathers. He says requiring a capacity for English as a prerequiste for becoming an Australian is commonsense. I think that's reasonable and there's a lot of support for that. Maybe there is, but Petro Georgiou says making it tougher for new arrivals to be citizens flies in the face of our experience. Throughout history, very many people have become citizens despite having little fluency in English. Petro's entitled to his point of view - that's why we put the discussion paper in the public arena, but I disagree with it and quite strongly.

Giving potency to the argument is the view that new arrivals from the Middle East with their different religious and cultural traditions are more reluctant to integrate. It's becoming, in many respects, more and more difficult, a bigger challenge, and we have to repsond to it.

Andrew Robb rejects any suggestion that the Government is getting tougher without providing English language programs. He pointedly says when Mr Georgiou was an adviser to the Fraser government,

only $2 million a year was spent on such programs. Now it's more like $300 million. Kim Beazley says the time to ask newcomers if they will sign up to Australian values is when they first arrive. Quite frankly the three years, four years,

whatever it is in relation to citizenship,

it's all too late. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

An elderly British tourist and her disabled daughter have been rescued almost three days after accidentally driving their car into a ravine in a remote area of New Zealand. Glenys Hounsome and her daughter Marion were trapped upside down in their seats until their cries for help were finally heard. Marion burst into tears yesterday when we got the response from somebody up the top there. When somebody came down from that hill, it was like "Oh!".

They survived their ordeal with a few cuts and bruises and quite a story to tell their friends when they get home. Paris Hilton has accused a former Miss USA of punching her in the face in a nightclub brawl. The beauty queen apparently fighting mad with the heiress for allegedly stealing her ex-husband.

It's the ultimate Hollywood cat-fight - the beauty queen takes on the socialite over the rock star.

She struck the heiress in the jaw with a closed fist. Paris's night began like any other on the red carpet of a high-profile party. I'm here at the 'Rolling Stone' party for the Hot List, so it should be hot tonight. She had no idea how heated it was going to get at an after-party where she was confronted by former Miss USA Shayna Moakler.

She was shouting all kinds of foul words at her and appeared to be completely out of control. The one-time Playboy playmate lost her cool when she laid eyes on Hilton who's recently been seen canoodling with Moakler's estranged husband, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. Paris went home and changed, then called her publicist to join her for a trip to the police station

to file a complaint. It's a cop shop she knows well - it's where she was booked for drink-driving last month. It was a busy night for Hollywood police. After Paris, they heard from Shanna. Shanna complained that Paris's ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos had poured a drink over her head and thrown her down the stairs. No word on what rock star Travis Barker thought of the dispute. In California, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. What to do with $270 million - one couple's enviable dilemma next. Also, does breastfeeding make babies brighter? The experts deliver their judgement. And Elle McPherson's secret to looking sensational after 40.

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I'd recommend NRMA Insurance to anybody. SONG: # By my side... # A startling change of thinking tonight over the issue of breastfeeding. Researchers challenging a long held theory that mother's milk increases a child's brain power. For pregnant mothers, it's one of the hottest topics - does breastfeeding really boost a baby's intelligence?

British researchers now say no. I was a little surprised because the body of evidence that we already know about shows that breastfeeding does have an effect on intelligence. For more than 80 years, studies suggested infants breastfed for nine months became more intelligent than bottle-fed babies. In one of the largest studies of the issue yet, UK researchers analysed data from over 5,000 American children and their mothers

as well as families where one child was breastfed and the other wasn't. The result - breastfed children are no more intelligent.

I breastfed my little boy until he was 12 months old, and he's quite smart, but I don't think it has anything to do with the breastfeeding. Researchers found breastfeeding mothers tend to be more intelligent and highly educated, therefore intelligence is more likely passed on though genetics. Despite the findings researchers still recommended that breastfeeding was the best option for both mother and baby as it helps boost the child's immune system, reduce infections and the risk of childhood asthma. Breastfeeding, sort of, is not just feeding, it's the whole process of the mothering and that all pays a role in emotional and cognitive development. But most mothers agree should be left to the individual. to breastfeed or not It doesn't really bother me if my kids aren't geniuses anyway,

Breastfeeding suits me and they seem to enjoy it, so I'd keep doing it regardless of what the studies say. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. More now on tonight's major story -

the crash of a light plane just north of Bathurst.

These pictures are just in from the Turon State forest. And here's what we know so far, the aircraft left Bathurst around lunchtime bound for Bankstown in western Sydney.

It vanished shortly after take-off. Emergency crews were called to the State forest to fight a bushfire which we now understand was started by the crash. The area is difficult to access so there's no word yet on the fate of those one board.

We'll keep you up to date as the story unfolds. A strong day on the Australian share market.

The Body is back in Sydney. Elle Macpherson launching a new face cream,

revealing her supermodel secrets to ageing gracefully.

Once an Aussie bloke's boyhood dream, now in her 40s, Elle Macpherson's a role model for Australian women.

Am I together? You look fabulous. Just checking. Few middle aged mums could make a Tony Machevski mini look quite so good but they don't call her The Body for nothing. She's now the face of a new anti-wrinkle cream. What's your secret to looking so good? Erase those fine lines. Seriously though. Having fun.

I think it's really important to have fun in life. Fun juggling a young family and a fashion empire

Elle, Elle, Elle. Wherever she goes Elle still pulls quite a crowd. More than 800 of Sydney's most influential women have turned out to rub shoulders with The Body.

And a few men showed up in too. How good does Elle look for a woman in her 40s? She looks fantastic, yeah. She obviously keeps very fit. Oh, unbelievable.

She looks better than women in their 20s, just amazing.

Oh, amazing.

I think she looks incredible, she always looks incredible. She is a true Aussie beauty. Upstairs at lunch

all eyes were on a giggling and excited Elle

who's rumoured to be dating a Sydney businessman. Not this one though. He's married. We went to school together. No, I'm the new thing. The supermodel stopped mingling long enough to work the media, making one cameraman's day. There's a better one than that isn't there? No, wait, wait, back. And another one's year.

You're not bossy are you?

Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A struggling couple in America has won a record $270 million in lottery. But Tim and Kelly Guderian aren't greedy people. The former marine and his shop assistant wife opted for a one-off lump sum payment of only $125 million.

Monday night, I was sitting in the chair, looking at the numbers, and comparing my ticket. All I could say was, "Oh my, God. Oh - my - God." The couple now plan on taking their first holiday since their honeymoon six years ago. And their dream destination? Australia. With weather With weather like this, I think

Sydney is the dream destination.

Tim Bailey tell me there's more on

the way? Oh, what a day, just

beautiful. I wasn't going to go far

from this stuff, the briney today.

Sunseting. Did you ask me if

there's more of it on the way? How

does no sound? A big southerly

change around about 6. They're

saying the wind will get up to 60km

an hour gusts by 8 or 10 o'clock

tonight and be with us right

tonight and be with us right through tomorrow. Early coastal

drizzle, 22 at your place tomorrow

but it was a sparkler today and

more on the way for the weekend. I

won't let you down.

At 5 to 6, my favourite blond who's

now a brunette on the television,

six times world surfing champion.

Six times. We'll see you at 5 to 6.

She's Ron's favourite as well. Not bad. Sport now with Tim Webster and the Socceroos and the captain part ways. Yes, Craig Moore is flying back to England

after he was suspended by Football Australia. Also, the V8 drivers prepare to do it for Brocky. It's only day one of practice at Bathurst and the panel beaters are already very busy. And a scare in the Kangaroos camp as their teenage star couldn't finish training.

(Men chant) Hot Wheels! Beat that! Now you can race in the light and in the dark in the Hot Wheels Turbo Tunnel raceway. You can turbo-charge your racer to drop some serious speed Two flags down. One to go. Now turn off the lights to hit turbo glow speed in the turbo tunnel Beat that! Beat that!

You can see it now at but ask your parents first. Batteries not included. Other cars each sold separately. The V8 Supercars cars have hit Mt Panorama for the first time ahead

of the Bathurst 1000. Ten commentator Bill Woods joins us and how tricky were the conditions?

Well, Tim, very tricky for a Well, Tim, very tricky for a couple

of reasons. It was hot and windy up

here today. Now, the wind at high

speed can unbalance the car a bit.

I think there were some heart

fluttering down through the chase.

But let's talk about the hot

because they predict that it will

be possibly the hottest Bathurst

we've ever had. That will be an

enormous drain on the drivers come

Sunday but we'll wait and see if

that forecast is correct. Mark

Skaife exceptionally quick in practice. We wouldn't think practice. We wouldn't think there

was much in it, but the drivers

were going very hard, excited

because no less than five of them

struck trouble here in this

practice session. A frightening

look at what Steven Richards saw as

he came unstuck at 70km/h. The car

in a straight line just turned hard

left. It felt like the right rear

tyre deflated then I tyre deflated then I was just a

passenger At the time he was

heading down con rod straight. He

ended up closing his eyes and

hoping for the best There were two

big impacts and then the next time

I looked out the driver's window

and awele I could see was the road

so the car must have been on its

side After initial doubts, the team

is now confident of having the car

ready for qualifying tomorrow

afternoon. The cause of the crash

afternoon. The cause of the crash is not yet totally known, other

than his comments were

than his comments were that he

thinks a rear tyre blew on him. We

have no facts whether that is the

case or not yet. We're still

assessing the damage The Gary

Rogers motor sport guys are in no

doubt what happened to them. A

blown tyre. Max Wilson another who

ended up in strife I lost the

brakes and ended up crashing and

the car spun around and crashed.

The Holden racing team was today's

The Holden racing team was today's stand-out, Mark Skaife clocking the

fastest time followed by co-driver

We've never seen such a strong

field. It's good-quality cars with

God-quality drivers and there's

plenty of guys that can win it, so

it will be a cracker race, there's

no doubt And whoever does take out

Bathurst will be the first to have

their name on the perpetual Peter

Brock trophy, the 75 thousand dollar

dollar trophy was flown into

Bathurst late this afternoon. We're

hoping we can show you that trophy

during our 11 o'clock news tomorrow.

It will be officially unveiled at

10.30. $75,000 worth of sterling

silver and about 200 hours worth of

work going into that. A very

special trophy, one of a number of

tributes to Peter Brock this

weekend much the front rofor the

race will be vacant. There race will be vacant. There will be

a parade of cars with his

team-mates driving them and a

number of personal tributes. There

are many of them springing up

around the sir sit here. The Socceroos have dropped World Cup player and current captain Craig Moore for his tardiness. He'll miss Saturday's match against Paraguay and Wednesday's Asian Cup qualifier against Bahrain. The Football Federation says dumping Craig Moore for Saturday night's game against Paraguay is the right punishment. He knows the rules, and missing a plane, sleeping through and missing training is not consistent with the behaviour that we expect of the Socceroos. The man who would've captained the team in front of his home crowd in Brisbane is tonight on a plane back to England. You can't go around making exceptions. "Oh, he's a Brisbane boy. Let him play." I mean, where do you stop once you start making exceptions?

But his team-mates in Brisbane have certainly taken exception to the punishment handed out. Zeljko Kalac, who owns a horse with Moore,

says the FFA should have been Much more - much more lenient. I think it was exaggerated. The Socceroos were treated like royalty in the Queen Street Mall today, recognition for their heroics in Germany. And it's a fitting send-off planned for retiring Socceroos Tony Popovic, Tony Vidmar, Stan Lazaridis and Kalac. But today's development has taken the gloss off the celebration.

It will never happen again, that's for sure. I mean, he's a very professional guy, so it's very odd. I haven't spoken to him. He won't answer. He could be sleeping again. The Newcastle Jets' Jade North has been added to the squad and the FFA won't be changing its stance. Craig let us down and had to suffer the consequences. I think the team would've liked Craig to be here. Rob Hazel, Ten News. Broncos lock Tonie Carroll is out of the Australian Tri-Nations team after succumbing to a knee injury. He's been replaced by Bulldogs utility Reni Maitua. Meanwhile, big Willie Mason has invited Australia's Tri-Nations rivals to target the Kangaroos' young batch of forwards but only if they want to get hurt. Leading the charge today, but Willie Mason saying there's no need for him to shield the six debutant forwards during the Tri-Nations.

Run at Sam Thaiday he's going to put you on your back, Reni Maitua, they're both really aggressive players, you know, Anthony Topou. You know if any of the Pommies or Kiwis want to run at them good luck to them.

They're going to get bashed. Mason joined by good mate Maitua still without his license after a drink-driving conviction. Yeah, I had to pick him up. I had to pick him up, drop him at Maroubra, get his boots, go back and get his passport, then come here

so I've been taxiing him around all day. Maitua finally rewarded after turning down an approach from the Kiwis in 2004. Should he play in the series opener in Auckland, he's likely to receive a warm reception after this comment about New Zealand. Never lived there, been there a couple of times and didn't really like it to be honest. Dressed up as the next league great, Greg Inglis feeling pressure at comparisions with the likes of immortal Reg Gasnier.

Mate, they've been playing the game a long time and they're retired now and people are still talking about them. I'm just a kid who's just started out and hopefully I've got a few years to come. A scare for coach Ricky Stuart - rookie sensation Jarryd Hayne leaving training early

with a hamstring strain. With Broncos players excused from attended, the much anticipated meeting between Stuart and Justin Hodges didn't eventuate. But the coach was at great pains to deny

he has a problem with the former Rooster. I've got no issues with Justin Hodges. I think there's a bigger issue outside me and Justin with what I'm hearing and reading.

I'm looking forward to seeing him again. He's had an outstanding season. Adam Hawse, Ten News. And in Sports Tonight, the latest from the Socceroos as they train ahead of Saturday night's match against Paraguay.

Let's take a look at the traffic

with Vic Lorusso. Some problems on

the M4 from a car fire. This is

major now. People who are waiting

for family or friends to return

home from the city to the west,

they're going to be delayed this

evening. The M4 is completely

blocked. This car fire as you can

see there has occurred at Roper

Road, the rural fire Road, the rural fire brigade

service are working to try to get

the fire and flames away from that

the fire and flames away from that vehicle. As you can see as a result

of the blockage, the M4 is a car

park. Motorists are getting out of

their cars to see what the delays

are. We're told the M4 could be

blocked at least for the next 30 blocked at least for the next 30 to

40 minutes. The Great Western

Highway is the only way around that.

Tim Bailey is back next with all

the weather details. And we'll sort it out man to man - just who is the biggest star of 'Priscilla'? That's why with our car insurance, we offer you the choice

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That's right. Over 50 and not working full-time.

So call 13 50 50 now. More now on tonight's major story. Two people are now confirmed dead

after the crash of a light plane near Bathurst. The aerobatic aircraft went down during a joyflight over a State forest around lunchtime. The crash started a bushfire which is still being fought tonight. 24 firefighters tackling the flames on the ground. The fire also being waterbombed.

On now to all the weather details,

with temperatures cracking 30 degrees around degrees around Sydney today, I have

to ask you what's better than one

little beach bum on the weather?

Well, two little beach bums, I

guess. Not bad for him, nay. Not

bad. I'm impressed. Do you know

what I'm doing out tonight? Hanging

out with my friends. Six-time world

surfing champion, Layne Beachley.

This is where you learnt to surf as

a four-year-old? Right here. I

stood out there on my foamy for

stood out there on my foamy for hours waiting for the waves. You're

bringing the first major women's

surfing event to Sydney in a decade.

You're bringing it to your beloved

Manly beach. The Beachley classic,

and it's now the richest surfing

competition in the world. I don't

do things in halves. I'm brining

the richest event back to Sydney.

It starts on Monday, on the 9th,

all the way through to the 15th. Loads

Loads of activities going on

through the week. It will

contribute to the world

championship title race this year.

You have six little world

championships in your back pocket.

championships in your back pocket. Seven is a possibility. Yes. Your

own event, can you win it? I'd love

to. It would be a fairytale ending

to quite an extraordinary year.

It's been incredible working on

this event, staging it and

organising it, and to win it would be

be enormous. It is US$100,000

prizemoney, so it's a big one and

also the NSW state government

wetting Goffed in salt water and

surfing. What are they doing for

us? Encouraging women in sport,

they have come in about $150,000 in

financial support. They were the

first ones on board. They were the whole motivation behind getting

this event going. Then the motor

accident authority and all sorts of

other sponsors. New South other sponsors. New South Wales

Government doing good work for

beach bums. I love that. They've

given me $150,000. Tim's teams on

10, we're going to give it to Layne

Beachley. Your charity. We provide

a lot of support for young athletes.

We have given money to ballerinas

and tennis players. Most of them

taller than you and I. Yes. This will come

will come in very handy so thanks

to you and Rebel Sport. And Channel

10. Can you give me lots of good

weather? I'll try. Look at that, a

weather? I'll try. Look at that, a sunset on your television set.

Tonight a southerly change, winds

getting to around 60km/h by 8

o'clock tonight. Tomorrow early

drizzle 22 degrees, into your

backyard, if you don't mind.

Tomorrow a high will ease winds and

clear most showers from Tassie and

Victoria. A weakening trough in the

east will trigger isolated showers

and afternoon storms in north-east

NSW and south-east Queensland. The

business of the brolly, isolated

showers along the NSW coast, clearing from

clearing from the south. clearing from the south. Afternoon

showers and thunderstorms for

south-east Queensland, showers ease

in western Tasmania. The Beachley

classic starting at Manly on Monday.

She's going to try to win her own

event. Do you know what I call that

where I'm from? Showing off. You do

plenty of that every night. Thanks

very much. Interstate weather now, folks.

Ever seen a weather man kiss a

six-time world champion? Now you

have. See you again tomorrow night.

He does enjoy his job. One of the most popular Aussie films of all time has just about completed its transformation from movie to musical. 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert',

set to hit the stage in Sydney this weekend. It was the little Aussie movie that blitzed the box office around the world. Now it's the big Aussie musical producers hope

will set the box office alight here in Sydney. The plan is for 'Priscilla' to park at Star City's Lyric Theatre for an extended stay and for fans to travel here from around the country and overseas. And what they'll see is all their favourite songs,

characters and costumes from the film. Daniel Scott plays Felicia - the part made famous in the movie by Guy Pearce.

The part made famous No, and I'm

absolutely terrifyed about the fact

he might come and watch this. But Tony Sheldon who plays Bernadette will be getting a review because Terence Stamp, who played Bernadette in the movie,

has come to Australia for Saturday's opening night.

From one Bernadette to another, or

should I say from one trany to

another? Thank you very much. I

will treasure this. Straight guy Michael Caton feeling a bit sequin deprived. I think

I think we thought the Australian

public wasn't ready for me in drag

yet. Bringing this show has cost

more than $6.5m, a million of that

alone on Priscilla herself. Like

some of the characters in the show,

she can be a bit temperamental.

That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson, goodnight. And I'm Deborah Knight. We'll have the Late News at 10:30, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

Hungry Jack's just know you're gonna love this program.