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(generated from captions) different. The reality proving quite North American accent and he wears I met him and he's got this heavy really bright bold character. Hawaiian print shirts, he's a will encourage more students to Organisers hoping the exhibition studying science has been dropping The rates of students who are of that is really an image thing, for a long time and I think a lot hard for me. where they think science is too until October 16. The portraits will be on display night. And that's WIN News for Wednesday to share, email us at If you have a news tip you'd like team, I'm Peter Leonard, from the news Good night. in a Sydney park, in broad daylight. A young girl sexually assaulted of our community It strikes at the heart an offence like this committed. when you see are still paying the price. but Sydney consumers Oil costs dive -

Not really, it's a cartel situation. Would I expect anything different? private apology Anger over a teenager's for burning the Australian flag. I think it should have been on television and publicised. And taking a deep breath - for breast cancer. a promising new test This program is captioned live.

Good evening. committed in a suburban park We begin with a shocking crime assaulted as she played with friends A 9-year-old girl was sexually in broad daylight.

at Oatley Park in Sydney's west. only just avoided the same fate. Another girl, also aged 9, is on the scene. Crime reporter Shaun Fewings Shaun, what happened?

with a sexual predator. Mark, police say they're dealing near the swings, These girls were playing enjoying the school holidays, when a man lured them into bushland.

He managed to lure the girls into

scrub land where he sexually

molested one of them allowing the

other to leave. Police dispatched a

helicopter and a sniffer unit to

pick up the trail but they believe

that he knows the park like the

back of his hand and managed to

find an escape route. They have a

very good description, he's described

described as kau indication, of

medium build with a clean shaven described as kau indication, of

face. He was last seen with a

baseball cap and sun glass, an

baseball cap and sun glass, an

orange T shirt. This has disturbed baseball cap and sun glass, an basebal cap and sun glass, an

investigators this attack. The

surpt, the commander of Hurstville

police, this is what he had to say

a short time after the attack. The

families are distressed at the

moment, as are the police involved

in this investigation. It strikes

at the very heart of our

communities, this type of offence

and police are not robots when it

comes to investigating these types

of crimes either. But understandably

understandably the family are

distressed and the police are at

great pains to protect the girls'

identities. Has this kind of

shocking incident happened there

before? We've spoken to several

neighbours including the mother of

a 9-year-old girl saying her neighbours including the mother of

daughter and a school friend were

playing in this park two years ago

when they were approached by a man

of identifyical description. Police

are looking at that situation but

the mother was quite disturbed also.

He sort of cornered them down on

the lower track and they couldn't

go anywhere, they took off in a

hurry and came back to us. Now, the

situation is that police believe

that someone must have seen the

bright orange T shirt. The police

have been busy in the local train

station in the belief that the man

may have made his way to and from

the park via public transport. A

very disturbing situation all

around. OK, thank you thank you. in a Sydney court today A gang rapist was back to his teenage victim, where he apologised and highly addictive drug 'ice' but blamed the dangerous for his horrible crime. Canan Eken claims he was so stoned, in 2004 he can't remember ordering the attack a psychotic episode. insisting he was suffering from before the vicious assault, In the six months in court for support, With his family and friends up to 70 times a day. Canan Eken was smoking ice

how things changed the 28-year-old explained in the final last three weeks.

for days at a time He often wouldn't sleep feeling edgy and stressed. and he started

of a 17-year-old girl It led to the gang rape

at his Rosebury flat in 2004. have already been sentenced. Two other men

of the drugs, Eken claimed that because of what happened that night. he has no memory earlier this year, However, in a police interview he explained to detectives sexual acts on his friends. how he ordered the victim to perform Today, prosecutor Sally Dowling a dangerous drug was Eken's alone. said the decision to take such While Eken has pleaded guilty, he suffered a psychotic episode. his defence team argued He'll be sentenced next week. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. hit a 13-month low overnight, The world oil price drop to $1 a litre next week. which could see the price of petrol

Lately, higher fuel costs But don't expect any other relief.

for a raft of price hikes - have been blamed air travel to groceries everything from and they're not about to come down. and it's good for everybody. Oil is getting cheaper,

That will feed through for petrol into a continually lower price and that can have the impact throughout the whole of the economy. of reducing costs But fuel levies even food companies by transport companies, airlines, are showing few signs of moving. one big dairy food company Just on a year ago,

put their head up and said, just because of petrol prices'. 'we're putting our prices up

are you gonna come back down again? Well, we should be asking them today

tends to just pass on A trucking company

exactly what the price of fuel is quite a quick response. so there it's But not the airlines. Since May 2004, one-way levy five times - Qantas has increased its domestic from $6 to $31. Virgin Blue's levy is now $19. when oil was US$64 a barrel, Since August last year, Qantas raised its levy twice. But oil today is $6 less. The surcharges never ever recovered the full impact of the price rises anyway. Mate, I'll go in here and tell these blokes I need a cheaper ticket today. Would I expect anything different? Not really, it's a cartel situation isn't it. For companies, its hard enough to get price rises at the best of times. So, taking off fuel levies

is not something that will come easily to them. The only thing that will force them is government intervention, or good old-fashioned competition.

But airlines say, if prices stay low the levies will come down. That's why they're called surcharges, you can take them off. Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. There was a timely national summit on fuel alternatives Home owners were spared another interest rate rise today

with the Reserve Bank deciding to keep rates on hold. It's a welcome pause after two increases so far this year. After years of legal wrangling and heartache,

the family of murdered Victorian toddler Jaiydn Leskie finally got some answers today. A coroner has found that the man acquitted of his murder did in fact contribute to the youngster's death, and dumped his body. It's one of Australia's most baffling crimes. And nine years on, the man once accused of Jaidyn Leskie's murder can't escape suspicion.

Greg Domaszewicz was tried and acquitted in 1998 and has always maintained his innocence.

Like, I had nothing to do with Jaidyn's disappearance or death. I've said that all along and I always will.

As the boyfriend of Jaidyn's mother Bilynda Williams,

Domaszewicz was babysitting the toddler the night he disappeared. Victorian coroner Graham Johnstone has stopped short of saying he killed the 14-month-old, b t as deemed it was Domaszewicz who d mped the boy's body in a dam. but has deemed it was Domaszewicz who dumped the boy's body in a dam. The findings welcomed by Jaidyn's grandmother. It's great. Who's now hoping for some closure. I've moved on and I just think it's great if this is the end and that's it. And we're done with it. But after one murder trial and three coronial inquests, the case may be far from closed for Greg Domaszewicz. In theory, he could be charged with disposing of Jaidyn's body and now faces another fight to clear his name. He doesn't want to walk around with people saying that he disposed of the child's body when it just did not happen. His lawyers are now considering asking the Supreme Court to set aside the coroner's findings.

It will never be over until they find the real killers. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. The American who killed five Amish schoolgirls has been revealed as a man with a hatred of religion and allegedly, a molester of children when he was just a boy. His fifth victim died last night from her gunshot injuries, while five others remain in hospital - and one of them is still critical.

It's a little clearer, but still beyond comprehension, why Charles Roberts unleashed so much evil on innocent children.

He revealed a piece of the puzzle to his wife

in a final phone call before he started shooting,

telling her that when was about 11 he'd molested two young girls, they were close relatives, and had dreams of wanting to it again. He perhaps planned to victimise these children in many ways prior to executing them and killing himself. And then there's the suicide note where 32-year-old Roberts wrote he hated God because nine years ago his first born child, Elise,

died 20 minutes after her birth. The very private, very Christian Amish community are dealing with this in their own unique way. We think it was all in God's hands and if this didn't happen, something else would have happened, that these little girls would have died because their time was up. The five girls he murdered are aged between 7 and 12. President Bush has called for a emergency conference on school violence for next week. But not surprisingly here in America, not a word about toughening up gun laws, which would surely save lives in the future. In the United States, Robert Penfold, National Nine News. There's anger among members of a Sydney RSL tonight, over a teenager's private apology for burning the Australian flag. They're demanding he say sorry publicly,

some even want it broadcast on TV. The flag was flying high over Brighton le Sands RSL today. But last December in the aftermath of the Cronulla riot, it was a symbol for racial hatred. Torn down, urinated on and then torched, Paul Sergeant witnessed it all. I said, how can I stand here and be a spectator, watching people desecrate the Aussie flag.

This 17-year-old was one of the culprits - his punishment - 12 months probation and an apology. But there was nothing public about it. Made behind closed doors to the club's hierarchy. He said to us that he wished he'd never been there, He said I'm extremley sad and sorry for what I've done They accepted his apology. But club members today weren't so obliging. It shouldn't have happened like that. That person should have been brought here,

the club members should have been lined up and he should have been made to apologise. Others believe he should have been made to go even further. I think it should have been on television and publicised. He should make it to Australia, the whole of Australia. The club is now waiting for a written apology from the 17-year-old, but that is unlikely to satisfy angry members here. They say he's desecrated their flag in front of a crowd and that he should have a large audience when he said sorry. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. The Opposition has attacked the State Government again over hospital waiting lists. 16-year-old soccer player Nicky Rogers says Goulburn Hospital has scheduled simple surgery on his damaged knee for September next year. It's my dream to play for a club in England

and this isn't helping much. It's only a 20-minute operation and I could be playing in six weeks. The Opposition claims the case again highlights the failure of the State's health system. There's exciting medical news tonight - a simple breath test to detect breast cancer

is being developed by researchers in Western Australia. It involves women blowing into a special machine which then measures specific compounds in their breath.

Some of them may be a very early sign of breast cancer. Research is still in its early stages but, if successful, it's hoped the concept could also be used to test for other diseases such as lung cancer and diabetes. In the news ahead - Australia's outrage over North Korea's plans to test a nuclear weapon. Also - the wrong turn that almost cost a Sydney couple their lives.

I feel lucky that I'm alive. I don't care about the car. And catwalk elegance takes a tumble.

Well, the main reason I went to NRMA Insurance - because I've got a good deal Well, I saved a considerable amount, because you've got to watch your pennies when you're on a pension as I am.

Well, the local branch I went to, the girl behind the counter, named Fatima, explained everything about their policy to me and couldn't do more for us. Surprise yourself today. Call: Well, I was very happy with her, because she was very polite and everything,

so I went and bought her a box of chocolates. SONG: # By my side... # North Korea's ambassador has been called in for talks in Canberra after his government announced plans afte is government announced plans to test a nuclear weapon. Prime Minister Howard says a test could be dangerous for our region, and he wants the UN to act on the crisis.

There has to be a maximum international response, in a diplomatic way. This is a test for the UN. The North Koreans have already caused alarm by testing missiles. They say the plan to detonate a bomb

answers American threats to impose sanctions over their nuclear program. It may not have been one of the great escape stories, but an overnight rescue felt like it for some, after 11 city workers were trapped for two hours in a tiny, overcrowded lift. Oh, mate it was terrible, We had a very big bonding moment, humour got us through, seriously. We're lucky we all know each other

or we'd have been killing each other. The workers clearly kept themselves entertained while waiting to be freed. It may have looked humorous on the surface,

but there was nothing funny

about an elderly couple's narrow escape from death at Illawong in Sydney's south-west last night. Their car ended up in a backyard swimming pool and they were lucky the home owner was trained in saving lives. 72-year-old Peter Kariatlis owes Steve Flecknoe plenty. Not only did he crash a car into his pool - shredding his backyard, he also owes him his life. He's a great bloke. He'd done a good job.

Not a problem. Last night, Peter drove his Jaguar through a fence. over a rock ledge, and into a palm tree before landing in the backyard pool. Basically, I was just sitting in the lounge room there, I saw that the car hit the pool. A trained firefighter, Steve rushed from his armchair to the sunken luxury car. The elderly couple trapped in the rising water. I've got his wife's chin underneath, holding her out of the water, and I've pulled Peter this way and Peter's swam out behind me. His wife was then pulled to safety. The driver thinks he may have fallen asleep.

I feel lucky that I'm alive. I don't care about the car. The car was pulled from the water this afternoon and it's unlikely ever to be driven again. Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. The hijacking of a Turkish passenger jet has ended peacefully, with the aircraft landing in Italy and the passengers and crew all freed unharmed. The hijacker turned out to be a Turkish man trying to escape military service. The man was hoping to appeal to the Pope to give him asylum. From England, a new low in parking ticket stories. Over there, yellow lines mark no parking zones, but this car was in a legal spot... ..until a road painter showed up. Waiting until the job was complete - a traffic warden, who slapped on a ticket as the paint was drying. Thankfully, a local kept a record on phone video. To actually hang around, wait for a line to be painted under the car,

it was hilarious, really. The council revoked the ticket but the gaps remain where they painted around the tyres - a notorious reminder of the ticket inspector who crossed the line. In Paris, the dangers of high fashion. In a Vivienne Westwood parade, this model took a nasty fall and her ordeal wasn't over. Trying to recover her dignity, the model was getting back into step when she went down again - her ankle sprained and her ego bruised. Ken with sport is next. And a big day for Wests Tigers' Robbie Farrah? We'll have that - plus Brett Kimmorley's forthright view on Ricky Stuart. Also - the Bronco's grand final backslapping continues. And storming Bathurst ahead of Sunday's great race. TRUCK HORNS HONK

We can reveal tonight that Wests Tigers hooker Robbie Farah has been put on stand-by for the Australian Test team for injured Storm captain Cameron Smith. It's been a huge day for Farah - telling Nine News he's agreed to a new 4-year deal with the Tigers. He's signed a deal with the Tigers worth more than a million dollars and now Robbie Farah is one phone call away from being the Test hooker - . If I got to play in a Test match, Hopefully I get to do it sooner rather than later. Farah has signed for four more years and wants to stay with the Tigers for life. I'd like to be a one club player, people care when you retire. At the Sharks, Brett Kimmorely has opened up about his prickly relationship with Ricky Stuart. I think he'll be good for us. My form was down. But he added... You know, you hear he's turned into a cranky, arrogant person. I suppose we'll find out.

At the Storm, Matt King was fined for $5000 by the NRL for this comment.

Paul Simpkins is a dickhead. Up north, the fans got to pay tribute to their Broncos heroes. At his book launch, Shane Webcke denied today that there was a cover up after he tested positive to drugs five years ago. No favours were done for me.

It never weighed heavily on my mind.

I never had any underlying problem with it

with it and it never weighed heavily And in sponsorship news,

on my mind. I've been told the NRL is close to signing a six year $60 million deal with Telstra Danny, Weidler, National Nine News. There's always plenty of feeling in the Bathurst 1000, but this weekend's great race will be the most emotional. For the first time, drivers will be competing for the Peter Brock trophy, and everyone's eyeing it off. It could easily have been Peter Brock's second home and today, the township of Bathurst stepped up preparations for what was definitely his favourite race. TRUCK HORNS HONK Brocky would have loved it. The truck parade, a hot brekky and a host of fans already marking their territory around the 6-odd kilometres of track It's a piece of racing history gone. To help mark the occasion, the 9-time champion is to be honoured in a tribute lap on Sunday featuring former co-drivers and eight of his Bathurst-winning cars. They'll also race for the inaugural Peter Brock Trophy and every driver would love to win that. That's pretty special, you know, and that's going to be a huge addition to this race. After watching Holden teams dominate for the past seven years, Ford has had enough. This weekend, it all goes on the line, but it's been like that since day one around the mountain. COMMENTATOR: Oh! A car has rolled! It's all beginning to take shape with official practise starting tomorrow, but they all know no matter how much team-work goes in, it can be cruelly ripped away. Bathurst isn't a race for the quick, it's about survival. The drivers now, it's their turn. They've got to rise to the highest level and deliver Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. Defender Tony Popovic is the latest Socceroo to confirm he'll retire after Saturday night's friendly against Paraguay in Brisbane. Popovic will quit international football along with Zeljko Kalac, Stan Lazaridis, and Tony Vidmar in a changing of the guard for the squad that did so well at this year's World Cup. It's probably going to break up slightly now - I'm not too sure what the other players are doing.

But yeah, it's nice to finish with all the boys.

On doctor's advice, the Dragons,

Sean Timmons will retire, he is not

going to the Gold Coast. I will

never forget last year's State of

Origin field goal. And neither will he. After the break - the CommSec finance report then Jaynie with the weather details. Get stuck into those big October projects with expert advice from Mitre 10. Icon circular saw with laser guide, $89.95. One-door pantry, $79. Find a cheaper price,

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Behind every true masterpiece there lies a truly great brush. VOICEOVER: The iFX brush has softer, more flexible bristles new Masterpiece Mascara from Max Factor. In finance - petrol and oil companies fell in a low market. The All Ords down 39 at the close.

Now with the latest on the weather front, here's Jaynie. Thanks, Mark. A fine and fairly humid night for Sydney. No showers today and light winds before the fresh seabreeze that moved right across to the west - low to mid 20s, but now it's 19. Very warm in western NSW tonight, still in the 30s.

That's thanks to dry and gusty northerly winds increasing ahead of the change in SA. Total fire bans for the south-eastern until midnight tonight. And extreme fire dangers tomorrow for the lower Central West Plains, southern slopes and eastern Riverina. The change will head towards Sydney

with northerly winds in front bringing us a warm day. Showers for the south coast behind the change from southerly winds.

Up and down like a yo-yo, Mark

That's National Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre banned from the buffet - Tonight - the big man with the big appetite sending a restaurant broke. I was discr minated against I was discriminated against because of my physical size. Plus, the rundown beach shack sold for a staggering $20 million. Also, playing the race card for ratings. Has reality TV gone too far? And the town with a huge heart helping a lone father raise his five children.

This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw, welcome to A Current Affair. Those stories coming up, plus - our summer styles series. Tonight, footwear - what's going to be hot on your feet this season. But first, what does it mean when a restaurant offers an 'all you can eat' deal? Can they put a limit on it? Mick Flynn is a big bloke with a big appetite. He loves his food, especially curries and he can really put them away. But he's been banned from his favourite Indian buffet,

because the restaurant's saying he eats too much and that he's sending them broke. Upset, humiliated, disappointed. I didn't think this could happen in Queensland in 2006. This is unbelievable. You told me I couldn't have the buffet because I ate too much. No. You said, "Is it because I ate too much?" and you said yes. No. Is that the case? You said Michael ate too much? No. Banned from the buffet at this Indian restaurant, Mick Flynn is furious. I rang you yesterday and told you I was going to report you to anti-discrimination. You discriminated against me because of my physical size.

And there's a lot of Mick to feed. Standing 6'6" tall, he weighs in at 135kg. I love a curry. Now, were you eating plate after plate as they suggested? I wish I could. I had a cooked breakfast so, you know, at 8:30am I had big bacon and egg breakfast, lots of juice and then at 10:30, a reasonable-sized curry. Three times last week, Mick took advantage of the 'all you can eat buffet' for $9.95. But when he turned up this week, he got a reception colder than yesterday's vindaloo. I arrived at 11:30. Just wanted to have a quick 20 to 30 minutes as always and they said there's now buffet today. Anyway, I actually rang up at 1:00 and said, "Do you have a buffet?" and they said yes. OK, is it buffet lunch? Can you have more than one plate of curry? Can you have more than one? It says buffet lunch. No.