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This program is captioned live. behind the Swans and the Bulldogs, Tonight - Sydney rallies their moment of truth. our teams facing that should never have happened - The crash was allowed back behind the wheel. how a driver with a shameful record And victim anger con woman is sentenced in Sydney. as the 'Catch Me If You Can' and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - in our road system ahead of schedule. the missing link

And firefighters out in force - a serious new threat this summer. Sydney facing c'mon Sydney! But first this evening - in the AFL and the NRL, It's crunch time our State is represented our teams determined to make sure footy grand finals. in the two biggest in force to cheer them on. Around 120,000 fans will be out is at Aussie Stadium Ten's James Boyce the Brisbane Broncos. where the Bulldogs are out to bury

is at Telstra Stadium Across town, Neil Cordy the Fremantle Dockers. the Swans looking to smash

from making it two in a row? Neil, the Swannies just two games

That's right. Pretty amazing. But

they're two very big games of

football tonight against the

Fremantle Dockers. There's going to

be 60,000 of the red and white army

to cheer them on, including some of

these fans behind me who believe

they can go all the way and make it

back to back. The appeal of Paul

Roos' team is an amazing one, as

Angela Bishop found out, they do

span the generations. When the

Swans run on to the ground tonight,

James Pope will be running with

them. He won a competition to be

the team's mascot. Today is his 8th

birthday. Is that a pretty good

birthday present? Yep. Is it the

best present you could have had?

Yes. James has been a Swans member

since he was born and he's seen

every home game they've played.

He's got all their autotpwrfs,

collected stacks of memorabilia.

And he's a player too for the

Warringah Wildcats. Are you good?

Yep. Really good? Yeah. Do you

think you'll be Swan one day? I

might. In case there's any doubt

this is a Swans family, James's

baby sister even sent Barry Hall a

hand written invitation to her

fourth birthday party. How much do

you reckon they'll win by? 15

points. Another fan geared up and

ready to go is Olive, she's 106

years old and has seen her fair

share of photy, so she's got some

good ad-- footy, so she's got good

advice. Play the ball, not the man.

And you'll come out winning. And

she's ready with a Swan song when

her team comes home. I'll be

singing but with the crowd, not on

my own. They'll throw me out. Olive

and James will share prime position

add tonight's big game. With fans

like these, the Swans have got to

be flying high. Go the Swans. You

beauties! Yes, a fabulous story

there. Olive and James will be in

the crowd. 98 years spanning that

generation. What could be a record

crowd - 72,000 there, cheering on

the red and white. Go the Swans! are the Bulldogs. Flying the flag for Sydney in the NRL James Boyce is at Aussie Stadium.

already out in force. James, the Bulldog army

Probably not here at the stadium

yet but with confidence the pubs

around Aussie Stadium are already

brimming with blue and white. Around 35,000 spectators are

expected to come here to Aussie

Stadium for the grand final

qualifier between the Broncos and

the Dogs. Most of them have heeded

the warning to leave their cars

behind and get on public transport.

They're getting on buses that are

leaving around about every 10

minutes. A few Broncos fans have

been trickling past here at the

gate but they most certainly are

going to be drowned out by one of

Sydney's most oldest and passionate

clubs. Several Bulldogs training

runs have been closed sessions this

week. Players club officials and

one man is allowed in. Steve Ellis

has been supporting Canterbury for

42 years. He turns up to all the

games and everything training

session, rain, hail or shine. It's

everything. The Bulldogs come first

in everything. As I said, if I go

shoping and see a blue and white

shirt, I got to ask for it. The

Dogs' backyard can be an

intimidating place, just ask

Broncos fans. It has been a few

rough games here but we cope. We

sort of, they get as much as what

they give. Everyone gets nervous

before a big match, every the

mascots. The Happy Dragon has been

leading his team into battle for

decades. Like Mark Gasnier, he has

been getting himself fit for the

game. The Storm have been pretty

difficult opponents for the Saints

this time in, they've been Dragons

slayers you might say, what about

this weekend? Are you going to give

to the Storm? Brisbane supporters

are sure to be outnumbered tonight

as Blue skpn beard and the rest of

Sydney cheer on a Bulldogs-Dragons

grand final. Go, Doggies, go! If If

you're still sitting at home and

wanting to attend the game, you

better get on your bike t is Friday

night peak hour. That means traffic

chaos. Better get on a train or bus.

$5 if you want to get up here to

the Stadium. Thank you, James.

Don't feel bad, it wasn't that bad.

The big question tonight is are

people taking public transport as

they should? Are they sitting in

their cars in traffic jams? Let's

check it out. What's going on?

We're over Homebush at the moment.

We can tell you a lot of traffic's

already on its way. A little quiet

directly over Telstra Stadium. A

lot of people making their way down

the bridge. We're going to zoom out

towards Church Street. No doubt

that traffic is trying to get down

towards Telstra Stadium. We've had

reports of bumper to bumper delays.

We'll have another update later. in the Traffic Helicopter. Vic Lorusso

An apology from the State Government that left 10 people injured. for a bus smash led to the driver A bureaucratic bungle behind the wheel. being wrongly allowed It was a horribly preventable smash. The government bus driver at fault behind the wheel should never have been onto the wrong side of the road. when he lost control and crossed I apologise to those victims an absolute commitment to them and I make as safe as it can humanly be. that they will make this bus system

safe as it can humanly be. that we will make this bus system as

as the combined effects of The smash summed up by investigators

possible microsleep and speed. reduced concentration, Alcohol was ruled out as a factor. had collapsed behind the wheel The 40-year-old driver on three previous occasions before being suspended from the public buses.

He's also failed to take four annual medical checks. The man was re-employed by mistake.

It would appear that they've simply broken their own rules Public transport has a safety problem in NSW - not just in the rail system, not just in the ferry system, but in the bus system. The man's poor driving record also didn't set off alarm bells. It included: There has been a failure of the system and what is important is to learn from that mistake. Among the changes already made, medical background checks for all of the 29,000 bus and coach drivers across the State plus the employing of a chief medical officer

so checks can be made more regularly. The man has yet to face court on a string of charges following the accident that left 10 people in hospital. Kenin Wilde, Ten News. Four years jail for the so-called 'Catch Me If You Can' con woman. Jodie Harris committed more than 100 identity frauds,

ripping off thousands of dollars from her victims. Judgment day for the con woman who led police on a fraud spree across three states. By pleading guilty at the local court, Jody Harris has avoided a much longer sentence, eligible for parole in 3.5 years. The woman dubbed the 'Catch Me If You Can' fraudster will also have to pay back the $175,000 taken from her victims. I think that's a disgrace, I really do. She's a menace to society. She stole shopkeeper Amanda Urquhart's wallet from her bag behind the counter one morning in January this year. That afternoon Jody Harris withdrew $12,000 cash from her accounts

in five transactions at ATMs and across the counter at St George banks. She then went on a shopping spree with Amanda's credit cards buying expensive clothes, jewellery and a puppy. And she was swanning around being me. When someone assumes your identity, that's when it gets really spooky. Harris even called Amanda back once her cards had been reissued, to learn her new passwords. Very pleasant, very well spoken. She was passing herself off as someone in the fraud department at Citibank. The court heard her crime spree spiralled out of control just a few months after being released from a Queensland jail for similar offences. In sentencing, the magistrate told the court Jody Harris' method wasn't the most sophisticated type of fraud he'd seen. She was skilful and intelligent but mostly motivated by greed to fund the lifestyle she'd become accustomed to. She still has to face similar fraud charges in other states. Evan Batten, Ten News. Get set for a scorcher this summer, and a greater bushfire threat than the past few years. Authorities urging homeowners across the State to make sure their properties are protected. Firefighters on the job in the Blue Mountains today. It was a small bushfire, easily contained but with the mercury already hitting the high 20s, authorities are predicting a bad season for bushfires. I can say we have cause for real worry this season.

It looks like we're going to be in for a long hard fight but we are as well prepared as ever. With most of the State suffering drought, plus mounting evidence of an El Nino event further reducing spring and summer rains, we're in for twice as many extreme bushfire days this summer. It's not unreasonable to expect we will have a spring and summer of two or three good days, that is cooler days, then a series of very warm days with fire danger ranging from high to extreme. And that's the weather pattern predicted to last for the entire summer. The bushfire threat will be with us as early as this Sunday with forecasts of high temperatures, strong winds and low humidity. Homeowners warned to clean up combustible material on their property. It's their responsibility to keep their areas clean, otherwise they may lose their homes. Exposed timbers in the garden should be minimised. Timber decks should be fully enclosed. They recommend cutting back trees near the house

and fitting leaf guards to guttering. John Hill, Ten News. A career change for Sex Discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward. Her move into politics next. Plus, the missing link in Sydney's road system to open months ahead of schedule. And paying tribute to Brocky -

thousands gather for the service at Sandown.

The best drama happens on the field and you can catch it all on Fox Sports. featuring every sports channel and more. Hurry. This program is captioned live. A career change for Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward. She's set to enter State politics after winning Liberal pre-selection for the safe seat of Goulburn. The victory comes just one week after she missed out in a contest for Epping. Ms Goward says she will soon quit her current job to concentrate on campaigning full-time. Relief is in sight for motorists who've endured months of chaos during construction of the Lane Cove Tunnel. the billion-dollar project is set to open before Christmas, although taxpayers now face a substantial compensation bill. Business as usual today on the Lane Cove Tunnel site, but the finishing date is now in sight five months ahead of schedule, the billion-dollar project slotted for completion on December 10 and opening a few days later. It's a project where, with one exception, everything's gone very well for us. Both the tunnel and the Falcon Street off-ramp will be toll free for the first month and while the toll is still to be finalised, it will be no more than $2.60. The bulk of that toll free period will be in the busy lead-up before Christmas - bit of a Christmas present. The plan is still to delay changes to the surface roads until after the opening. And the question still to be answered -

how much compensation will taxpayers have to pay? We're talking potentially $100 million or more -

that's roughly the business consideration fee gouged by the RTA out of the operator. The official Government line is that it's happy with the early opening, even if it comes before the March election and delaying surface road changes is only aimed at avoiding Cross City Tunnel-type problems. Local residents generally welcome the tunnel, but are demanding an upgrade of its filtration systems. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Relief for the parents of murder victim Janine Balding after two of her killers lost a court challenge to their life sentences. The prisoners were street kids aged 14 and 16 when they abducted Ms Balding at knife-point from Sutherland Station, brutally assaulted her, then drowned her in a dam. The sentencing judge recommended they never be released, but they appealed, citing their mental capacity and age at the time. The victim's mother too nervous to attend court. When I was able to ring her this morning to advise that the court had found 2-1 in favour of her,

she was absolutely ecstatic. This month was the 18th anniversary of Ms Balding's death.

A group of Queensland students struck down by a highly contagious gastric virus are heading home from Sydney tonight. They fell ill yesterday while sight-seeing at Darling Harbour as part of a high school band tour. 39 students and two teachers were taken to hospital for treatment. They've all been released, except for a teenage girl who remains under observation. The group left for Gladstone by bus this morning.

Doctors say they had fallen victim to a nasty 24-hour virus. There's been a cool response to the watering down of some of the Government's workplace changes. The Prime Minister is hoping to diffuse a potential election issue, but both business and unions say the reforms don't go far enough. It's prompted rallies, protests, and advertising campaigns across the country. But WorkChoices is not about to be scrapped. The Government says today's changes are minor. We've always said from the outset that it is sensible and indeed responsible to fine-tune any legislation over a period of time. That fine-tuning includes making it illegal to sack someone for being off sick. It comes after Hunter Valley miner Lorissa Stephens was sacked for refusing to sign a workplace agreement requiring her to give 12 hours notice of sick leave. As well, workers can now only cash out two weeks annual leave if they ask for it in writing, to make sure no-one's forced into it.

And businesses get an extra six months to comply with new record-keeping requirements. Despite what the Government says, WorkChoices has provided plenty of bad publicity for the Government. It'll be hoping these changes ease voter concerns ahead of next year's election. But the early signs aren't good. This Government has failed to protect the things that they guaranteed to protect. That's what today's about - window-dressing by Kevin Andrews. And, for once, business agrees. While it supports WorkChoices, the Australian Chamber of Commerce says the Government's only partially fixed some problems, and delayed or ignored others altogether. These laws cannot be fixed. They can only be ditched. Laurel Irving, Ten News.

Check of the weather. Tim, earlier

in the bulletin we spoke about

bushfires, what are the conditions

like on the weekend to bring on

those extreme warnings so early?

There's a total fire ban for the

Greater Hunter and south-western

districts as well. Sydney itself,

27 degrees tomorrow. 30 degrees out

in the suburbs. And 30 on Sunday.

Those hot north-westerly winds got

up to around 60 kimometers an hour

today. We got to 30.6, that was 11

above average. Our fifth day in a

row above 25 degrees and that

breaks the September record. We're

warm and in form. What are you

going to be doing, Ron, except

sweatish and sticking to the vinyl

beanbag? Today this photo is no

exception. It didn't look like that

today. That is Newport in a dark

and stormy moment. Speaking of the

beach, you wouldn't want to be

anywhere else, today was a quint

essential Sydney beach day. We know,

because I dragged the cameras down

to the beach. It's an office, I

keep telling the boss. I have to go

there to show the people in

there to show the people in Sydney.

Get into the water if you can, 18.5

degrees. Skywatch, don'ts have to

stay there for long because it was

blue by you all day long. Pollution

levels, you can see them right now.

And I'll see you again in around about 10. Sir Richard Branson pledges billions to save the planet while taking a dig at Australia. That's next. And a TV star's brush with death in a jet-powered dragster. The best drama happens on the field Call now and you'll also catch free installation with the Platinum package, featuring every sports channel and more. Welcome to Barry Hall Hall, OK. So that's holding the ball. Now let's go through it in a real-life scenario so you can remember it. The player in possession makes no attempt to dispose of the ball. Whoa! WHISTLE BLOWS The result is a free kick, and what should you yell out? Excellent, my students. This program is captioned live. A father accused of tying his son to a post for two days has been committed to stand trial. It's also alleged the 36-year-old told his child to lie about it in court. It's alleged a father tied this rusty metal chain around his 11-year-old son's neck and then padlocked him to a pole for two days. Police say the boy told them he was held captive that way in an annexe of a caravan as punishment for running away. He says he was only given water to drink. His father was arrested in January after the boy told his grandparents what happened. The 36-year-old man faced Southport court today and was committed to stand trial on charges of torture and deprivation of liberty. He's also face a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice. Police alege he told his son to lie about being chained up. His defence barrister says he's contesting the charges.

They do sound bad but when all the the details come out, it won't be considered to be as bad as it sounds. Along with statements from his two children, the prosecution submitted the rusty chain as evidence. Summer Burke, Ten News. Sir Richard Branson is putting pressure on Australia to fight global warming and sign the Kyoto agreement. In a ground-breaking deal, the wealthy businessman is pledging $4 billion to help develop alternatives to fossil fuels. He's the billionaire entrepreneur known for taking risks and now Sir Richard Branson is using his success in the corporate world to try to save the real world. We're very pleased today to be making a commitment to invest 100% of all future proceeds to the Virgin Group from our transportation interests, both our train businesses and airline businesses, into tackling global warming. Over the next 10 years he'll invest nearly $4 billion into developing environmentally friendly fuel sources such as ethanol. It's a lot of noughts. LAUGHTER It's part of an initiative by former US President Bill Clinton. I am very very grateful and I think a lot of people are. Thank you very much.

Here in California he's already put money into making biofuels

and when it comes to Australia he says it's time to stop dragging the chains on global warming

and sign the Kyoto agreement to reduce green house gases. All these things contribute - what we've effectively got is a fire burning around the world,

which is getting stronger and stronger every year. He knows his own planes are part of the problem but hopes he can change all of that. Hopefully we'll be able to announce in the not too distant future clean, international air travel. As well as planes and trains, his legacy may end up being a cleaner world. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Doctors are confident a British TV presenter injured in an horrific high-speed crash will pull through. Richard Hammond was filming a segment for the cult motoring show 'Top Gear' when he lost control of his race car, suffering severe brain injuries. The tyre marks show just how lucky Richard Hammond was to survive. His jet-powered dragster was travelling at more than 500km/h when it suddenly veered to the right, flipping over and bouncing with the presenter trapped inside. He was unconscious when I got to him, but he was breathing and had a pulse and he was upside down. He did regain consciousness as we were extracting him. Investigators are still trying to work out what went wrong. But it's thought

he may have been trying to break the UK land speed record. As co-presenter on the BBC's 'Top Gear', Richard Hammond has always lived life in the fast lane. It's just..! I'm going to do that again. It's not the first time he's lost control of a car on the programme. I may have overcooked that a bit. In a way an accident like this might have been waiting to happen because so many TV presenters and other motoring journalists do do some very crazy, dangerous stunts from time to time. Hammond remains in a critical condition in hospital with serious brain injuries. Doctors say they're reasonably confident he'll make a good recovery. Richard Davis, Ten News. A safe return to Earth for the crew of the latest space mission. 'Atlantis' touched down at Cape Canaveral before dawn after a 12-day flight to resume construction on the International Space Station. MISSION CONTROL: Congratulations on return to Assembly. 'ATLANTIS': Thank you Houston. Great to be back. A great team effort. The crew's return was delayed after mysterious debris was seen floating near the shuttle. He's the future head of the British armed forces but for now Prince William is training for the frontline. The 24-year-old is to join the Household Cavalry Regiment's Blues and Royals, like his brother Harry. He'll train as a troop leader in an armoured reconnaissance unit. William had been tipped to join the Welsh guards in a non-combat role when he graduates from Sandhurst in December. It remains to be seen whether the second in line to the throne will ever be allowed to serve in a conflict zone. High-tech new tanks for our defence force. We'll check them out next. Also - could Oprah move into the White House? The push to make her the next president. And thousands gather at Sandown for the final tribute to Brocky.

happens on the field

and you can catch it all on Fox Sports. featuring every sports channel and more. Hurry. This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - a warning about the bushfire danger we'll be facing this summer. We're in for twice as many extreme bushfire days because of the drought and El Nino weather patterns reducing spring and summer rains. Four years jail for the so-called 'Catch Me If You Can' con woman. Jodie Harris committed more than 100 identity frauds. She'll have to pay back $175,000 and may faces charges in other States when she's released. And an apology from the State Government

for a bus smash in Mosman that injured ten people.

The driver who lost control had collapsed behind the wheel three times before and had failed to take mandatory medical checks. Having previously been suspended, he was re-employed by mistake in spite of a shameful driving record. Australia has resumed its war of words with the Solomon Islands, Oprah Winfrey is threatening to sue a fan who's leading a campaign urging her to run for the American presidency. The controversy fuelling speculation

the talk show queen could one day run for political office. She's not just the highest-rating talk show host in US history, Oprah Winfrey's the world's only black billionaire, a very public benefactor, and according to 'Time' magazine, probably the most powerful woman on earth. We are buying you a house. After years of speculation about her political ambition, fans have launched an 'Oprah for President' campaign, starting a website, penning a theme song and urging supporters to spread their message on dollar bills. SONG: # She wouldn't say bombs away... # Retired teacher Patrick Crow says it started as a lark but took on its own momentum.

One guy asked for the T-shirt, so I get the T-shirt.

Another guy said, "Where's the petition?" Supporters want Oprah to steal the 2008 Democratic candidacy from unconfirmed presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton and they've even chosen her vice-presidential running mate. But Oprah's not rewarding this devoted fan, she's threatening to sue Patrick for using her name to sell merchandise. 19 different copyright violations. Instead of hosing down speculation,

the legal threats have fuelled rumours Oprah's planning a career in politics - a realistic possibility in a country that elected president Ronald Reagan and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a recent Fox News poll 24% of respondents said they thought Oprah Winfrey would make a good president. Sure, I'd vote for her. Fantastic. Better than Bush. What better choice? In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News.

Not much activity on the Australian stock market today. The week ending slightly lower.

The army has unveiled its latest arsenal of heavy firepower - 18 new tanks. The shipment of Abrams tanks and five armoured recovery vehicles were put on display today in Melbourne. Australians have got to realise that over the next 20-30 years we face an uncertain world and protecting Australia, our people, our values means that we've got to have some heavy firepower. The fleet will be transported by road to Puckapunyal where they'll be used in training. 10,000 fans have turned out to remember Peter Brock at the track where his career began. His greatest rivals along with team-mates were among those paying tribute to the racing legend. ENGINE REVS To the cheers of the crowd, Peter Brock's son James drives a replica of the car that started his father's illustrious career, daughter Alexandra waving the chequered flag

as the car crosses the finish line. CHEERING Peter Brock's loved ones understand how much he meant to the community. once again sharing their grief with the nation. From the family, we all loved him, and from the family and Peter, thank you, again, the fans. APPLAUSE Cars lined the Sandown track, many carrying his name, their owners celebrating a life of an Australian legend. Your name will go down along with all the greats -

Don Bradman, Slim Dusty, Steve Irwin. To me, he was a great friend that I called Peter.

Many of these fans had seen Peter Brock dominate at Sandown. He won the endurance race here nine times in his celebrated career. In all, 10,000 people were there, many struggling to keep their emotions in cHeck. He was Holden's ambassador, he was a great family man, and he was the icon of our industry. Sandown marking a fitting farewell for the fans and friends who still can't believe he's gone. WOMAN SINGS 'AMAZING GRACE' James Wakelin, Ten News.

Let's take another look at the

weather with Tim. It usually

dosen't matter what the weather is

look on our favourite day of the

week but the weather makes it so

much sweeter this weekend. 27

degrees in Sydney tomorrow. 30

degrees in the greater west. I

think you're off to the beach. 31

degrees and a hot north-wester on

Sunday. A fabulous Friday, everyone

flocking to the beach, taking an

early hour and a half off, I'm sure

of it, as temperatures got to 30.6.

Got to congratulate one of our fine

cameramen here at Ten, and his wife,

they had a baby girl during the

week. She's already a better rugby

union player than her father is.

As I throw back to that desk, it's

congratulations and heartfete

thanks Tim Webster, for 25 years

great years in television. Proud to

be alongside you for 15 of them. If

we're not at work on Monday, it

means we're still going after the

drinks tonight. Good on you. I've

got a chill thing going on down

there. A big congratulations to you.

It is a big one for Sydney. Yes, we're chasing spots in both the NRL and AFL Grand finals. The latest on tonight's finals shortly plus a a setback for the Storm. Also - the Opals through to the final of the women's world basketball championships. And the Melbourne Cup turns up at one of the world's most famous landmarks. Uh, your Deli Choices roll, ma'am. Daydreaming is a great way to fill in time while we make your Deli Choices roll at McDonald's because we don't make it until you order it. This program is captioned live. A grand final spot up for grabs tonight when the Bulldogs take on the Broncos at Aussie Stadium. Adam Hawse is there. If it's any guide, Brisbane have the wood on the Dogs this year? against the Bulldogs this year against the Bulldogs this year but I

can tell you there very against the Bulldogs this year but I can tell you there very confident

when they moved here few minutes ago.

They are very focused. Getting

players back injury has put a real

spring in their step. By sets of

forwards are massive men and it will

read in to recover. Sonny Bill

Williams is looking to rattle Williams is looking to rattle a few

ribcage as a not daunted by the

demolition and Newcastle last

weekend. We're not going to be

walkovers and we going to step up to

the plate are so I'm keen as the plate are so I'm keen as it to

get up there and show what we've got.

The Broncos have been taking in a

Sydney summer light conditions on a

war. Some of them are survivors from

the last final game with the dolls.

They're hoping to raise it bad memories. Foreign member the empty

feeling when we lost and the feeling when we lost and the MP for

Ealing last year when the Tigers beat

us and we to his horror make sure we

give our all and that the gods smile

on us on the day. Matt King is still

in doubt with a knee injury. Didn't

quite finish the session this

morning, pulled out of bed early

morning, pulled out of bed early so

it's a concern for us but I it's a concern for us but I imagine

by this stage she be better than

5050. And after weeks of speculation

so that he be sacked by Cranach. On

hope on a very close friend of the

right to family. Obscene Stuart come

through our junior ranks to develop

into a club football and of course into a club football and of course a

top coach. Not for the I can tell

you after both sides this season

their response the and with a very

comfortable wins so it would be good

omen for the dogs . So this omen for the dogs . So this one's

will start hot favourites against

Rio. They will and it's a very

unusual situation for unusual situation for this one's to

be in because I've played a lot of

finals in the last year's finals in the last year's and in

pretty much everyone they've pretty much everyone they've gone in

as underdogs. The fans are starting

to stream near the. The were looking

at a crowd in excess of 60,000. We

saw what an intimidating place

Subiaco was for this one's

Subiaco was for this one's well

they're trying to turn the tables

this time round. A lot of this one's

hopes are pinned on Barry all. This

time last year he almost was

suspended and missed the suspended and missed the grand final

after he gave that so-called or love

tap to the site killed a player. This

time round they will be no such

risks. There are experienced enough and I think they have and I think they have handled a bit

of that before - but Josh Carmelite

that's how they get

that's how they get a couple of

free-kicks our this. In keeping a

love taps to yourself this year?

There won't be any hairy moments There won't be any hairy moments this

week, I hoped. Any chance at week, I hoped. Any chance at all of a

record crowd. But for? It will probably max out and about 65,000

probably max out and about 65,000,

which will still be a pretty big one

and onshore there be cheering on and onshore there be cheering on a

red and white victory. So Run-outs are crippling Australia's bid to make the Tri-Series final in Malaysia. The Aussies have collapsed to be 6/117

Matthew Hayden got the Aussies off to a decent start but he lost Simon Katich to a screamer in the ninth over.

Ponting followed when he flicked one straight to fine leg. Then the run-outs started. Hayden and Damien Martyn both sent on their way after some terrible running between the wickets. Australia must win to make Sunday's final. The Australia women's basketball team will face Russia in the final of the world championships after overcoming host nation Brazil. It was a tough encounter for the Opals, who overturned a 7-point deficit going into the final quarter to win 88-76. Penelope Taylor top-scored with 26,

followed by Belinda Snell who tallied 22 points. Lauren Jackson scored 10 of her 19 points in the last quarter. Russia progressed to the final after upsetting defending champions USA in a shock 75-68 defeat. It's a long way from Flemington, but the Melbourne Cup has hit the Big Apple. The boys from the NYPD might not know much about Makybe Diva but they were keen to hold high the famed Aussie icon. The Cup is on a world tour, to promote bilateral trade investments and Australian tourism ahead of the Spring Racing Carnival. It is quintessentially Australian. It's Australia's greatest sporting icon. And it includes fashion, food and wine. It represents all those wonderful qualities that Melbourne, Victoria, Australia likes to showcase to the world. The Cup will, of course, be back where it belongs by the first Tuesday in November. To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow: And Sports Tonight will have all the footy wrap-ups and don't forget Ten's coverage begins at 8:00 - go the Swans! And for once in my life, I'm a Bulldogs supporter.

Congratulations on 25

Congratulations on 25 years. You are

raised dire. There had a he the

traffic trying to head into town - traffic trying to head into town - it

looks like a dog

looks like a dog hit a fight has

already started on the Cornhill

freeway. These queues go all the way

back to it being road.

DOOR SQUEAKS SONG: # Seems to me that all... # Why miss breakfast when you're in a rush? # I can be... # Pick up real fruit smoothies, Bacon and Egg McMuffin, thick cut toast and espresso coffee at McDonald's. # It's alright with me... # DOOR SQUEAKS # It's alright with me. # Excuse me while I slip into something fabulous. It's Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Colour Creme - because nourished hair means better colour.

Garnier Nutrisse. Nourished hair, even better colour. WOMAN: Take care. MAN: Garnier.

We're in for a We're in for a scorcher. Red sky at

night little or whether man's

delight. This is a sunset across

Sydney Town. Tomorrow will bleak Sydney Town. Tomorrow will bleak 27th

to 30 degrees. The beach is calling

you. Is it going to get a work out?

36.4 degrees today. The - 11 above

average. Scott Bramble has a one average. Scott Bramble has a one at

the weather photo of the week. the weather photo of the week. Here

is his present. It's all yours,

Scotty. Next week will give away a

digital camera. 040510 at 1010. digital camera. 040510 at 1010. They

are capturing New South Wales's

imagination and we love

imagination and we love putting them

on the television. on the television. If you're heading

out of Sydney up the coast days a

river festival on. It will be bigger

than Ben her after a feed of pies.

Have a great time up there his 30

degrees again tomorrow. 27 in Sydney. The

For the the been

If the showers are coming to the

southern parts of the country. southern parts of the country. There

will be isolated showers but most we

sunny over News Of Wales. There'll be

another hot and dry day across New

South Wales and Queensland there.

Hi-fi danger. It is wishful thinking

for us this weekend there. for us this weekend there. There will

be showers along the western slopes

of the southern New South Wales at Rangers. Ruth rain

of the southern New South Wales at Rangers. Ruth rain for Tasmania.

Temperatures are around 30 degrees

for the beach is the only place

today. Everyone will think it's

summer by the time the weekend is over.

Being That's the news at 5:00, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Charmaine Dragun will have the Late News at 11:00, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWING ) ( PLAYING THE BLUES )