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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten's Late News. Good evening, I'm Deborah Knight. could rub you the wrong way, He could piss you off, by thousands of fans. Tonight - Peter Perfect farewelled BELLS TOLL for truly enhancing our lives. Thank you very much within a few hours. And it was just she was gone It's just horrible. who tried to sell his soul, And the student not to the devil, but on eBay. why not? If he gets a bit of money for it And it's that time of the year - headline Sports Tonight the footy finals with Leigh Diffey. Yes, Deb, that's right. this Friday night Sydney's the place to be must-win finals. with both AFL and NRL The Swans are at home in the house. but there's a rather large guest And lockout at the Bulldogs with the Broncos. ahead of their bout a farewell befitting a king. First tonight - to Peter Brock. The nation says a final goodbye for his state funeral, Thousands turned out to an Australian icon, thousands say their last goodbyes Peter Brock remembered as a legend to the full, who lived his 61-year journey Friends say he hated tears going to be grief but there was always for the King of the Mountain. His family, and girlfriend Julie Bamford, including former partner Bev Brock of sport and politics, were joined by heavyweights side by side in solemn reflection. team-mates and rivals To racing fans he was a hero, the loss means so much more. but to those closest to the man

that I loved him - we all did - But I'll just let him know and I miss the fact that and I'll miss him, he was a champion. 'Peter Perfect' wasn't a competitor, for truly enhancing our lives, Thank you very much prevalent in life, His love for the indigenous community as it was again today. Outside the church, Melbourne's streets, thousands had lined all-round Aussie, you know? A top Australian bloke - Just a dead-set legend. who will miss his motivation. Tears were also shed by mates, but who's counting? Nailed the mountain nine times,

Peter Perfect, king of the mountain. like so much of Brock's career, The service, was broadcast on the big screen. when he passed away The man who was sitting by his side a lot of people all over Australia A lot of people here and are gonna miss him, He was unique, one of a kind. To those he leaves behind Peter Perfect. there will never be another Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. will tune in tomorrow And millions around the world for Steve Irwin's memorial. tonight released a statement, saying His widow, Terri, and messages, the many touching floral tributes left outside Australia Zoo to be part of the service. will be brought inside into just an hour Squeezing Steve Irwin's life has been a tough, gut-wrenching job. this morning at about 3am I probably finished working on it and I started crying again. to his mate, the wildlife warrior, John Stainton will unveil his tribute before a massive global audience. tomorrow 200-300 million people We're estimating something like

tomorrow, live. could be watching this service include the Prime Minister, Those attending from Hollywood stars with prerecorded tributes and funny moments in it and have highlights when you see him, it is. but it's really sad

on whether Terri will speak - There's still no word it'll depend how she feels - to take a central role. but Bindi is more certain putting the show together. I'm having a hard time those without to stay away. Ten's special coverage is from 5:30. Jamie Rule, Ten News. 'Strange' and 'disappointing'. has described That's how the Prime Minister comments on Islam, the violent reaction to the Pope's but Mr Howard says in the name of religion. all types of evil have been done of a centuries-old text The Pope's reading has enraged the Muslim world. linking Islam to violence

Cardinal George Pell says devoid of rational argument. it's a reaction even mild, If there is some sort of criticisms,

there are elements among the Muslims or the threat of violence. who will resort to violence The Cardinal has a point. But he says... to maintain a belief in free speech the community needs and not overreact. We seem to be living in a world no sense of proportion. where people have Muslim leaders have called for calm controversial reading. following the Pope's

which provoked a medieval response. It was a medieval rhetoric The PM says have been done all sorts of evil things under the cover of religion. as I remember, years and years ago The Third Reich was inaugurated, in a church building. Mr Howard says is strange and disappointing. the reaction to the Pope's words If Catholics rioted the Catholic Church every time people attacked

on a very regular basis. you'd have riots

Murray McCloskey, Ten News. by the island's government. of interfering in local politics. REPORTER: Mr Cole, you were accused there will be no comment, I've already said, and I hope that's understood. There will be no comment from me. Any comment will be from the Foreign Minister's office, thank you. of interfering in the inquiry Mr Cole was also accused in Honiara. investigating April's riots after a race fall in Victoria. A young jockey is fighting for life 16-year-old Brenton Primmer to Melbourne in a critical condition was only just hours ago flown after bad weather delayed the flight. and taken to the Alfred Hospital in race two at Warrnambool He was riding Hyped when the accident happened. and was revived on the track He suffered serious head injuries

and wrist. a suspected broken collarbone at the Jake Kovco inquiry - An emotion-charged final day slamming the Federal Government. the soldier's angry widow Shelley Kovco's crushing loss

dominated the final day of the hearing. She sobbed frequently during her 10-minute address about Jake's death, the loss of his body and the bungled investigation. We wouldn't want anybody else to go through this. How tough has it been on your daughter? Tough, very tough. She's missed out on a lot with her baby -

the last four or five months. She's missed out on seeing her own daughter learn to walk. She's had to be here. Shelley blamed an Australian diplomat in Kuwait for the body mix-up, insisting Jake's army mates did nothing wrong. We support Shelley and the soldiers, Suicide was officially ruled out by the president of the inquiry today. It's more likely an open finding will be made when the report is completed in six weeks. Shelley Kovco pointedly criticised the Defence Minister The Minister says family members are entitled to their views. Until the board of inquiry is complete, however, I don't intend to comment further upon it.

Jake's family says the full story hasn't come out and they're resigned to never knowing the truth. We'll get her through it. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A grieving family has given an impassioned plea for vigilance over meningococcal disease. Their baby girl died 11 hours after suffering a slight fever. Hinay Jacobs and Shane Esposito cannot believe their baby Stella is dead. Early Sunday afternoon, they noticed their daughter had a fever.

Just 11 hours later, their baby was gone - the 4-month-old a victim to the insidious disease meningococcal. She was happy, normal, fine. All of a sudden in the afternoon, she got a fever and vomited and I just thought it was a cold. But when a rash with purple spots appeared, the distraught parents took baby Stella to hosptial. She just passed out. They tried... constantly tried to resuscitate her and it was just she was gone within a few hours. It was just horrible. Now the couple wants to warn other parents just how quickly a child can be lost to meningococcal They should take their child to see a doctor. And especially if that purple rash appears,

they should take their child to a doctor immediately. Each year, 50 young Australians die from the disease. The vaccine doesn't work against the common strain. Medical experts warn this is the time of year when there's a seasonal increase in the number of meningococcal cases. But what's most alarming about this infectious disease is that youngsters are at highest risk. Compounding the couple's grief, they'd lost another baby to a hernia. Babies get sick and they get fevers all the time but, you know, it's better off to just take 'em in with that fever no matter what. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. You often hear of people selling their soul to the devil, but what about selling it on eBay? One man attempting the transaction for a weekend away with his footy team. Selling your soul on eBay can't be easy, but selling your soul to a current affairs program is surely a heck of a lot worse. Hi, Gareth. Kate Donnison from Channel Ten. I see you've sold your soul to a current affairs show instead.

No comment, sorry. This is Gareth Begley, a 20-year-old AFL player who wants to sell his soul for $150 to fund a weekend away to play footy.

What are you going to do about eBay? Are you still going to sell your soul on eBay now? No comment. Sorry, Kate. Have you given up on that? No comment.

Up until yesterday morning, the reserve grade fullback had been trying to auction off his rare and collectible spirit, complete with a certificate of ownership and housed in a jar. Sounds like a very enterprising young man. If he gets a bit of money for it, why not? But with bids of only $66, Mr Begley's plan failed and eBay pulled the sale, declaring it an invalid item. Today there was no sign of the bottled soul, just a glass of beer and a current affairs television crew. Of course, Mr Begley isn't the first person to come up with the idea of selling nothing on eBay. Over the years, tricksters have tried to auction off the Sydney Harbour Bridge. One group of Aussies even tried to sell New Zealand. We've had some weird and wacky things over the years, But Mr Begley remains unconcerned about the religious ramifications for his soul. The young man simply wants to play footy. There ain't no soul in there. Kate Donnison, Ten News. Still to come - the revealing picture of a princess, now up for sale. And the fish that walks. (Woman scoffs) Oh, she didn't get THOSE by working out! Orange. That is SO not a turn-on. Green. (Sensually) I'm never taking these shoes off. Pink! New colours so twisted they must be U. This program is captioned live. Welcome back. You're watching Ten's Late News. Two of Australia's front-line helicopters have been forced to make emergency landings. A Black Hawk stationed at Townsville's Lavarack Barracks came down on a suburban racecourse,

after a warning light indicated a fire on board. It was a false alarm, the crew not injured. And a Sea King landed safely at Nowra on the NSW South Coast, after a mechanical problem.

Anger today as James Hardie directors ask for a massive $2 million pay rise while dying asbestos victims are left fighting for compensation. While asbestos victims continue the fight for their compensation fund to be finalised... (All) Shame, Hardie, shame - Pay the victims now. James Hardie directors met with shareholders asking that their own fees be doubled. They want an extra $2 million carved up between nine non-executive board members. I couldn't say it here, what I think of them, it's disgusting. Last time they met, chairman Meredith Hellicar promised the compensation fund would be settled first. Today she defended asking for more money, saying it was needed to attract top board members to fill vacancies. We are facing a catch-22. that we need to follow through in the commitment board renewal. The victims' groups and the unions can supply really good quality directors at a third of the price

that these people are paying themselves at the moment. Amid all of this negativity, the company chairman began the meeting by stressing the compensation fund could stretch 40 years, but it relied on the company remaining successful. Mesothelioma sufferer and shareholder Gary Hayes says the protests could backfire. They pay 35% of their profits and with all this happening, and if they destroy James Hardie, 35% of nothing is nothing. Shareholders will vote next week on whether to give the directors more money. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. A new report accuses Indonesia of becoming a major source of heroin and speed shipments. But the Federal Government appears reluctant to publicly name and shame Indonesia, which has been identified as an emerging drug haven. In Australia, we face a threat from our region and domestically, because amphetamine-type stimulants can be sourced locally and also internationally, so we have a war on two fronts. The report from the Government's National Council on Drugs also indentifies China as a powerhouse of illegal drug production and shipments. A landmark Federal Court ruling has made Perth the first Australian capital city subject to native title. The court today upheld Aboriginal rights to one of the largest land claims in the country. The judgement was met with tears of joy. I know the dreamtime spirits will be crying. All our loved ones who've passed on, I know that they'll be crying there for us. It means the native title holders can use their land for hunting, conservation and teaching.

Backyards and most other leaseholds are untouchable. The WA Government is likely to appeal the judgement. Small business owners are demanding fair treatment by the Federal Government, in its LPG conversion subsidy programme. A new survey finding many are struggling to cope with the impact of high petrol prices. Adrian Simonfi is a small businessman facing a big dilemma. His furniture removal trucks cost $400 a week each to to fill up but to covert them to LPG would cost $9,000 and he's not sure it will pay off. I'm worried is it going to be worthwhile in the long run. But if he got the $2,000 subsidy that is available to private motorists, he would make the switch to gas. And according to an NRMA survey of over 22,000 small businesses, more than half would do the same. Almost three-quarters also say the government hasn't provided them with enough information about alternative fuels. My concerns are loss of power with carrying a lot of weight from furniture being in the back, travelling interstate, just fuel economy having to fill up, stop, so many times. But while they wait, the high cost of petrol is taking its toll. Over 10% have seen a 15% reduction in their profits. Nearly half or them are not employing staff they think they need because they can't afford to. The Federal Government says it has no plans to introduce incentives for small businesses to convert to LPG given they already receive tax concession on their vehicles. The cost of unleaded fuel today was around $1.17 a litre, but don't expect the downward trend to last. The expectation is that fuel prices will go back up and we'll start to see the rise up before Christmas. Ebbeney Faranda, Ten News. Lying politicians have sparked a riot in Europe. Police using water cannon and tear gas against thousands of anti-government protesters in the Hungarian capital. Demonstrators stormed the state television building, after a leaked tape of the Prime Minister was broadcast, admitting his socialist party had lied about the economy to win the general election. Extraordinary scenes as the Pacific island-nation of Tonga buries its king. 1,000 poll-bearers, working in rotation, carried Tupou IV's lead-lined coffin to the burial ground. The king, at 210kg,

was formally recognised as the world's heaviest monarch,

before encouraging his subjects to lose weight. Tupou, who came to power 41 years ago, died in an Auckland hospital last week, aged 88. A nude photo of the Queen's sister is up for grabs. The revealing picture of the late Princess Margaret is one of 70 her former husband, society photographer Lord Snowdon, is putting up for sale. Happy families - Princess Margaret with her young family and husband, Anthony Armstrong-Jones. This was the public face of a loving marriage, and this is the more private one. Until this week, this photograph of the Princess had never been seen in public. Wearing nothing more than a fancy hairdo, tiara and smile, and taken by her society photographer husband, Lord Snowdon.

That's his foot in the mirror. These pictures of the late Princess Margaret are among 70 Lord Snowdon has put up for sale. Well, it's nice to have a bit of money, isn't it, in one's retirement? Having said that I've no intention of retiring. His heyday, though, was the '60s, when he was commissioned to photograph the celebrities of the day. Photography is not very important and, certainly, photographers are even less important. An incredible scientific find just north of Australia. American researchers have discovered two species of shark which can walk. The 'epaulette sharks' use their pectoral fins to move along the sea floor and hunt crabs and small fish. Sports Tonight is next with Leigh Diffey. A variety of challenges ahead for this weekend's football finals? Deb, the Swans are working out how to handle the biggest man in the AFL, while some NRL injury problems are no longer. All those updates plus this - Clark almost KO'ed in KL. That nearly took Stuart Clark's head off! Australia beaten by an inspired Windies. Plus - the American Ryder Cup team step back in time and we say one final farewell to Peter Brock. SONG: # It's over... # Australia's taken by the Effect. The Butterfly Effect - 'Imago', the chartbreaking album with two massive hit singles. And the phenomenon continues. SONG: # I'm afraid you're gone # I don't want you... # The Butterfly Effect. # I don't want you to go... # The new album - 'Imago'. # I've got the sun in my eyes... # Get Effected now. FUNKY BASS LINE PLAYS Motivation from the outside. Will from the inside. And help from new Special K Honey & Almond. Delicious, light, crispy flakes with a touch of honey and a sprinkling of almond slices. It's a delicious new way to: This program is captioned live. Toyota's 200kW Aurion V6 and Sports Tonight is giving you the chance to make your move into September finals action on Ten.

You and a mate can make your move to the 2006 Toyota AFL Grand Final in Melbourne, including tossing the coin before the game. For your chance to win this ultimate Toyota AFL Grand Final day experience simply SMS to this number with your name and address the answer to this question: Make your move with Toyota's 200kW Aurion V6 and Sports Tonight. While everyone is focused on finals footy this week, at Geelong turmoil is the topic of conversation. The club called for a special general meeting next month after a members petition was submitted yesterday in a bid to gain access to the board's review of the Cats' disastrous season. Mark Thompson's tenure is already hanging by a thread, and now 130 members have signed a petition seeking a special general meeting to deal with the review currently being conducted by CEO Brian Cook. According to the club's charter, they need to give members three weeks notice, so the meeting is set for Wednesday 11 October at 6pm, but by that time the review will have already been handed down and made public. In Adelaide, the Birdman, Brett Burton. is ready to fly again, and despite seven weeks on the sidleines with a hamstring he is set to ruffle the Eagles' feathers. Physically I'm back to 100% now so put my hand up to play and that's all I can do, is put my hand up and leave it to the coaching staff from there. And he's hoping history repeats itself. Burton's record of first-up performances after long-term injuries is impressive. I've missed, over my career now, five lots of eight games or more in a season and every one of those times bar one I've been able come back into the side and have a bit of an impact and influence. West Coast is hoping to break its finals hoodoo away from home, having never won a final outside Subiaco under John Worsfold. There's no bigger prize at the end of it than to win one this week and go on to play in a grand final so, you know, we'll just be looking to do that. The Swans were in front of the big sticks ahead of their preliminary against Fremantle, ruckman Darren Jolly seeking the advice of former team-mate Jeff White in a bid to slay Dockers giant Aaron Sandilands. I spoke to Whitey about him

and he gave me a few little tips just to remember and I'll be taking them on board. The Carlton board has placed further limitations on coach Denis Pagan, with president Graham Smorgon trying his hand at recruiting and ruling out the Blues gaining

troubled Eagle ruckman Michael Gardiner. He's not under 24 and he's not going to play at least 50 games, 100 games for Carlton in five years, so he's not coming. It was Bob Hawke that famously said that no Australian child shall be living in poverty by 1990. Well, today, Andrew Demetriou came up with the football equivalent. There's absolutely no doubt, and you can bank this - within 2-3 years every football club in this competition will have comparable facilities that they're not just training out of but also the staff are working out of,

which is also very important. But a rare acknowledgement that the AFL made a mistake by not insisting one of Melbourne or Fremantle change their jumpers to avoid a clash. Probably, in hinsdsight,

but we, probably, should have put our foot down, for our supporters and actually mandated a club to wear a clash strip, and that'as what we'll do in the future. Collingwood forward Alan Didak has his left knee reconstructed tonight. The 23-year-old now appears unlikely to return until after the mid-season break next June.

Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. Canterbury has received a boost with feared front-rower Roy Asotasi making an earlier-than-expected return from injury to spearhead the Bulldogs in Friday night's preliminary final against Brisbane. And there's also a big name back for St George-Illawarra.

Leanne West has more. Yes, thank you, Leigh. Well, they're pretty happy here at Kogarah, too, because Mark Gasnier has been named in the Dragons line-up

to meet Melbourne on Saturday night. Dragons Army - they're delighted. So happy, in fact, they've unfurled this massive Dragons jersey behind me. They'll be taking that to the ground on Saturday night. Good news, too, at Belmore.

Behind lock and key, Roy Asotasi was giving his knee a work-out at Bulldogs training, finally emerging with the news that he's been given the all-clear by his specialist.

Initially, when I did the knee, I feared it was my last game for the blue and white. Asotasi has been named on the bench

but if any doubts do emerge about his fitness he won't play the Broncos on Friday night. I wasn't going to throw myself in there

if I wasn't 110% sure that I was committed to the team.

He's obviously a real leader for them and, you know, you look at their forward pack - they're either playing for Australia or playing for New Zealand. Another Kiwi international, Sonny Bill Williams,

has been named at lock forward, from his knee injury in the centres. while Reni Maitua returns

just two training sessions this week, Opponents Brisbane hold and Thursday in Sydney. today in Brisbane twice this season, They've beaten the Dogs smothers any hint of overconfidence. but last year's exit from the finals

I was gutted last year, you know. about it afterwards, Probably felt a bit depressed

you know? probably for about a month, in the Dragons camp, Plenty of confidence prepared to take pain-killers Mark Gasnier

to beat his abdominal injury. If they're needed, 100%. Oh, definitely. to get out there, You've got to do whatever it takes but in saying that as well. you've got to last 80 minutes would have extra significance Beating the Storm

Trent Barrett, for England-bound captain his 200th and last game for the club. the grand final becoming Yeah, that's the fairytale, we've got to win this week but the reality is to look any further than that. and we'd be silly under referee Steven Clark The Dragons will play

for the first time since that blow-up a hefty fine. that cost coach Nathan Brown we can't control that. The players weren't fined $15,000 - you know, Doesn't matter who the ref is, and we're disciplined at the moment. it comes back to our discipline,

to the Melbourne squad, And a couple of major additions returning from injury. Greg Inglis and prop Brett White Leigh. today confirmed Wallabies captain George Gregan from the European spring tour. he'll be rested player in rugby history concedes And the most-capped international the half-back spot. he risks permanently losing in Australia George Gregan will continue to train 4-Test tour of Europe, during the Wallabies' looking to rejuvenate the veteran number 9 and fire into the World Cup year. from a personal point of view, I just know, it's going to do me real good, but from a mental point of view. just not only from physical Sam Cordingley Gregan rates Queenslander as the next man in line, and Cordingley's itching for a crack. those four Test matches You know, if I can try and secure at the end of the year

to try and put a lot of pressure it would be a great stepping stone next year. on the position for the World Cup The risk Gregan's taking is that

find his long-term successor, Wallabies selectors

lining up. and there's no shortage of half-backs leave the door open for us guys. Yeah, it is going to to make the World Cup squad The opportunity for making the tour. I guess begins now The other option selectors have million-dollar signing Matt Giteau is moving the Western Force's to the base of the scrum, from the centres he wouldn't knock back. something Giteau told Sports Tonight but, you know, I haven't heard too much about it you're going to play. if I'm picked in a position, to play for your country You're going to play anywhere I should be playing somewhere else so if the coaches see fit that then I'll play there. Gregan doesn't want to see happen. It's a move Giteau in the number 9 He believes that will be a Giteau under-utilised. It's my personal opinion. because he'll get closed down, He loses a lot of those attributes to function he won't have the time and space as he is where he is, and be as electric two passes wider of the ruck. Rob Canning for Sports Tonight. player rotation system Australian Cricket's

is again on people's tongues. about the validity of it Questions are being raised our top cricketers in a spin. and whether or not it's leaving Big pay but no play. Australia's captain, There was Ricky Ponting, running gloves and drinks. so things have changed a bit, COMMENTATOR: Ah, haven't they? Glenn McGrath a spectator, down the satellite link, sending some love who's supposedly the highest paid, and then the man Adam Gilchrist. Well, he's not even on the tour. and again, it's under scrutiny. The rotation policy is back, Oh, he's smashed that!

that beat India last weekend, Seven changes to the team

and it showed. Poor discipline with the bat... for Andrew Symonds! In the air, and that is all over ..poor direction with the ball... That's going to be another wide. most expensive return ..and the second in limited overs cricket. by an Australian bowler he only bowled seven overs. Stuart Clark can be thankful from Stuart Clark, either. Not for the first time You've got to remember, haven't played a lot of cricket a lot of the guys so we are gonna be rusty. for a long time, despite a 5-month break. But still players are rested, Opportunities for match practice Champions Trophy ahead of next month's are fast running out. You know, that's their problem - they've got so much good players

they don't know who to play. is unlikely to be solved And the puzzle against India. before Friday's must-win game the same sort of process I believe it will be leading into the Indian game. with the other players, If we hadn't experimented Mitchell Johnson. you guys would never have seen who took four wickets against India He's the fast bowler from Queensland and then got sent home - for a rest. Paul Cochrane for Sports Tonight. the centre of controversy Lleyton Hewitt is again after hiring security guards, with sirens blaring receiving a police escort to escort him from the airport. has accused the 25-year-old The Argentine team into a media circus. of turning the Davis Cup semifinal The calm before the storm - a drama-free practice session an empty stadium ensured led by Lleyton Hewitt, for the Australian team, but the 25-year-old from local fans is likely to experience a blacklash during Friday's semifinal. with top Argentine players Several run-ins has seen Hewitt listed as one of the most hated athletes in Argentina. It all began at last year's Australian Open when Juan Ignacio Chela was fined for spitting in Hewitt's direction. Then, in the quarterfinals, Hewitt brushed shoulders with world number four David Nalbandian. In July 2005, the 25-year-old labelled Guillermo Coria a sore loser after a heated clash. The Argentine team has described Hewitt's latest security tactics as exaggerated. With his world ranking falling to 19th, the former number one and team-mates Mark Philippoussis, Wayne Arthurs and Paul Hanley

have further odds stacked against them. Argentina has not lost a home tie in eight years and remains hot favourite to advance to the final in December. Daniela Intili for Sports Tonight. Undefeated and gunning for gold, the Opals have stormed into the World Basketball Championships quarterfinals with a number one seed.

An 83-49 flogging of Argentina to wrap up the pool stage, though at times, they might have wanted to borrow Lleyton Hewitt's bodyguards. COMMENTATOR: Alright, a little spirit in this game. Oh, and telling the ref, "Get off me, too!" Feisty guard Erin Phillips also left worse for wear after this hit - but the push and shove couldn't stop the Aussies main gal in the middle - Lauren Jackson scoring a game-leading 30 points. Touching down in Ireland for golf's great biennial grudge match, the Ryder Cup. Current holders Europe looked quite casual while the Americans went for a more vintage style. There've been some spiteful encounters in the past, but six weeks after losing his wife, local hero Darren Clarke just came to play. We are trying to beat each other but, at the end of the day, it's not life or death, which a few of us have gone through. America's top gun Tiger Woods joined his team-mates at the first practice after catching some Premier League action during the week. Boxer Sakio Bika has a shot at two world titles next month when he takes on IBF and WBO super middleweight champion

Joe Calzakee in England. The Camaroon-born Aussie, known as the Scorpion, is primed to make his mark on the world stage. 15 years ago, Sakio Bika survived a sting from the world's deadliest scorpion, now he's ready to unleash his own venom in the boxing ring. He's an absolute X-factor, he's brutally strong, he's just getting better and better all the time. The 27-year-old faces his greatest professional challenge next month - a title fight against the pride of Wales Joe Calzaghi - the unified Super-Middleweight Champion has defended his crown 18 times - a record Bika is desperate to break. He is the best in the world, you know, he's the best, he's done his time, this time is my own time now. Earlier this year the 'Scorpion' stung WBC title holder Marcus Beyer in Germany. A fight cut short, literally - this punch and accidental head clash forcing Beyer to withdraw after four rounds. The technical draw - a mental victory for the Bika corner. He was just really composed and really mature, and he was in control of the fight from the bell, and that's given me a lot of confidence for this fight, so I know he won't be over-awed by Calzaghi. And there's no doubt he has the power - sparring partner Jamie Pittman taking the blows first hand. His left body-shot is just horrendous. It's like a mule - it just kicks. But Bika is no one-trick pony. His boxing prowess saw him represent Cameroon at the Sydney Olympics - a campaign that eventually changed his life. The African fell in love

with his now wife, Belinda, down under,

has a young child and an iron will to be the best. His mental strength just to be able to come over here and completely up-root his life and focus 100% on becoming a champion just shows his strength.

The Scorpion fights on October 14

and can already hear the announcement ringing out in Manchester.

"Sakio, the new world champion." Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. And we finish Sports Tonight with a final farewell to Peter Brock, this special tribute put together by our own Bill Woods. Funerals are mostly about remembering. Today we found out a few things we didn't know. I had some words written down today, but you couldn't really... ..I couldn't really find the words to put down on what Peter gave to the Aboriginal community and to disadvantaged people. Brock the humanitarian, the politician, the philosopher, the adventurer, chasing new and exciting experiences, knowledge and relationships with a kaleidoscope of personalities. They enriched him, they embraced him, they engulfed him. He was my idol. he was my champion, but, at the end of the day, he was everyone's friend. Peter Perfect was not perfect actually. It was a title that he thought was a bit bizarre and, frankly, he didn't like it. He was human and he had feelings. So to Alexandra, Robbie and James, please let me assure you of one thing - your dad adored you and you meant the world to him. Sometimes he may not have easily shown or communicated his love and pride, but you can take real comfort in the fact that your dad held you so very close to his heart. For the public, Brock always had the right words, and Lawrie Lawrence, representing the Australian Olympic Committee, knew well how Brock's mantra transcended motor racing. He was the first non-Olympian to come and live in the village and help look after the athletes. I mean, it's not done. That's because few people understand the physical and mental attributes required to piece together success in motor racing, a brutal sport where so much and so many have to be working for you. Brock did it and was never afraid of sharing his knowledge with other drivers or his time with the fans. Craig Lowndes and Mark Skaife summed it up beautifully last week when they both said, "As young blokes, we all wanted to be him." Who could forget the many occasions

he spoke of his lust for Mount Panorama. His face would contort into a wide-eyed wondrous smile like a child given his Christmas wish.

Now we know why -

the King had much in common with that mountain, a classic contradiction of innocence and excellence,

breathtaking, rugged complexity carved out of the Australian culture, raw and ready at first, and then refined over the years into something greater than we ever imagined. Hopefully we can all learn to live life with passion and with joy. Bill Woods, Ten News. FUNKY MUSIC PLAYS There's a lot that's new in the 2006 Mazda Tribute V6. New safety. New features. And even better economy from its sporty V6 engine. And now from just $36,900, it all points to great value. Enough of being lumped with the egg and spoon and potato sack races, it's time to take the tug of war away from the school sports carnivals and into the realms of serious physical action.

And look how dead-set these gals are with their preparations. Stretching, massage and, well, we don't know how this helps, but hey, they used to hand out Olympic gold medals for doing this, so we've taken the strain and bent our backs to make sure the 209 teams at the tug of war world championships

get our Play of the Day. Looks like hard work. To finance newsm and despite a strong start, the stock market fizzled by the close.

Looking now at the weather around the nation. A clearing shower is forecast for Cairns, mostly sunny in Brisbane and Sydney, a clearing shower expected for both Canberra and Melbourne, showers easing in Hobart, Adelaide should see a mostly cloudy day, showers for Perth and mostly sunny in Darwin and Alice Springs. That's the latest from the Ten news room. I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. Tune in for Ten's early news at 6:00 tomorrow morning, Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.