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(generated from captions) afterwards is just the concept of Maybe some of the resonance reaching some sort of going through a dark period and enlightenment. Canberra's Chamber Opera company, It's the latest production by "Stopera". anti-hero Raymond does a lot of Our central character, our find, find his soul. rolling around in it trying to runs 'til the 23rd September, at The show opens tomorrow night, and the Street Theatre. News. And that's Wednesday night's WIN

to share, email the newroom at at If you have a news tip you'd like team in Canberra, Good night. I'm Peter Leonard, from the news

Suspicious death - may have been murdered fears a conservationist for the environment. over her strong stand Cruise ship inquest - photographs faces questioning. the man who took the shocking 'My soulmate' - the first time since Steve's death. Terri Irwin reveals her thoughts for Health warnings - over-the-counter painkillers claims that

can raise the risk of heart attacks. quite toxic drugs. These drugs are actually And National Nine News exclusive - in switching back to league. how Lote Tuqiri may join Mat Rogers it again. I probably would like to play

This program is captioned live. Good evening. Homicide detectives are seeking clues of a 69-year-old woman to the suspected murder on the South Coast.

could be linked to her strong stand Friends fear that her death

on local environmental issues. receiving threats and hate mail. On her website, she had told of fighting environmental battles. Doris Owens spent her life may have led to her murder. At 69, her passion for conservation

last night Her body was found by police near Sussex Inlet. in the bedroom of her holiday home, She was like the soul of Swanhaven her work as best we can. and we'll just try and carry on Ms Owens was the former partner organiser, Joe Owens. of Builder's Labourer's Federation the famous Sydney green bans campaign With Jack Mundey, he imposed of the early 1970s. she continued the conservation cause In her twilight years, of Swanhaven, around the tiny hamlet proposing a local cycleway, planting trees, and fighting vandalism.

One weekend, she came down 'Green Headquarters' or something and on the front fence was right along the front fence. spray-painted Locals say over environmental issues the victim's defiant stand made her many enemies. facing homicide detectives is - But the question

did they hate her enough to kill h r? did they hate her enough to kill her?

of the local progress association, As secretary Ms Owens was on a mission in her neighbourhood. to catch people chopping down trees in the bush She said she was going to hide who was damaging the trees. and observe This time last year, telephone threats and nasty letters. she complained of anonymous On her website, she warned...

Sean Fewings, National Nine News. death of Dianne Brimble heard today The inquest into the cruise ship many of the photos from the man who's said to have taken to investigations. which have been so central Petar Pantic told the inquest when he realised she was in trouble. that he tried to help Mrs Brimble Petar Pantic, A director of an investment firm, explicit photos of Mrs Brimble. is accused of taking sexually

of what you did? Mr Pantic are you ashamed he was asked, Shown one of the pictures, he met the mother-of-three Pantic told the coroner on the first night of the cruise. She appeared intoxicated

and his friends. when she came over to chat to him

she was having sex with Mark Wilhelm. The next time he saw Mrs Brimble, Pantic said he left the room, new pictures - a short time later he was shown passed out on the floor. this time of Mrs Brimble to go check for a pulse. He told Wilhelm He couldn't find one. with his memory Pantic appeared to have problems on the cruise. when it came to much of what happened the coroner stopped proceedings At one point, that's all I want'. to say, 'tell it as it is, A tough day for Mrs Brimble's family. left with roses = Her mother and sister though, a kind gesture from a stranger. you Thank

much. very

Allison Langdon, National Nine News. from Steve Irwin's wife, Terri, We heard today her husband's death last week. for the first time since herself - Terri couldn't face the cameras she's still far too upset. her touching message Instead, Steve's dad read the Crocodile Hunter as her soul mate in which she described next Wednesday's public memorial and explained why will be staged at the family zoo. nine days ago, Since Steve Irwin's death has grieved in private. his wife of 14 years read by her father-in-law, Today, in a statement we heard the depth of Terri's loss, were for the family though her first thoughts of another Australian legend. my personal condolences I would like to offer in what must be their saddest hour. to Peter Brock's family and friends the flowers and tributes Then, as they began to remove she thanked Steve's legion of fans. outside Australia Zoo,

For the overwhelming outpouring for my family. of love, support and prayers and other big venues Terri considered SunCorp stadium for next week's public memorial. what her husband would have wanted - In the end, the choice came down to the zoo's crocodile enclosure. the arena surrounding will sing his favourite songs. John Williamson He loved 'True Blue'.

will be given away 3,000 tickets to the memorial on a first come, first served basis. there'll be giant TV screens. For others wanting to say goodbye, gather and pay their last respects So that people will be able to and our wildlife warrior. to my soul mate who would have condemned A warrior as an act of cruel revenge. what's been seen

been found on Queensland beaches Over the last week, 10 stingrays have with their tails cut off. I really just think that's plain stupidity. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. And Channel Nine will have live coverage of the memorial service for Steve Irwin next Wednesday morning from 9:00am. We'll also bring you the Peter Brock state funeral

on Tuesday morning at 11.00. The Premier announced a big boost in spending today for Auburn Hospital. But the news had a very familiar ring. It's not the first time the Government has been caught dusting off old announcements. In the 2001 Budget, over $20 million would be channelled into the upgrade of Auburn Hospital. Today - the admission that not a single cent has been spent. It was to be a $21 million integrated primary care centre

in front of the hospital. The original promise was made before a by-election. Today, the care centre's funding was being trumpeted again as part of a new package of upgrades for the hospital six months before next year's State poll. The $20 million becomes part of this redevelopment because we're building a new hospital. Not quite. I's actually a $145 million expansion of the existing hospital's bed capacity and some new facilities. But it's all too little, and at least five years late, according to the Opposition. This is bad news for the Government - it shows they can't bring projects in on time and all they do is re-announce. The redevelopment is now due for completion in 2009 and the Premier finally feels the need for speed. We're stepping up the pace of our hospital redevelopment to get bricks and mortar on the ground quicker.

Adam Walters, National Nine News. Manly rugby league player Steve Matai was in court today where he pleaded not guilty to an assault charge. It's alleged he headbutted a man at the Surf Rock Hotel at Collaroy in June. The victim apparently suffered a cut nose and a swollen face. The case has been adjourned until next month. Kim Beazley's plan to make visitors to Australia sign a so-called values pledge before being granted a visa has been dismissed as crazy by the tourism industry. They say with 80% of tourists relying on electronic travel authorities - the plan is unworkable. It was Kim Beazley's big attempt to steal John Howard's thunder on who comes to Australia and the manner in which they come. Why not include on visa forms

a statement that you'll uphold Australian values and laws? A Labor Government would implement the policy, he said, for tourists as well as people wanting to take up residence. They'd have to sign up to a list of values including: respect for democracy, our laws, equality of the sexes and even hard work. But today, the Prime Minister branded it a half-baked plan and explained why. 80% of visitors to Australia, I'm told, don't sign a visa application. They are issued with an electronic travel authority and that's, in many cases, embedded in the ticket you receive through your travel agent. Obviously caught out, the Opposition Leader said Labor would work with the tourism industry to make the plan work. But John King, chairman of the Australian Tourism Export Council, gave him no encouragement. We think it's totally unworkable. coming to Australia each year... With 5.5 million visitors co ing to Aus ralia each year... would be one of the craziest ideas that we've come across. Mr Beazley's clumsy attempt to attack the Government from the right has angered some of his own Labor MPs. There's also the question of how Australian tourists would fare if other countries adopted the Beazley approach. I visit a lot of countries that have values I wouldn't sign onto in a month of Sundays. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News.

There are health warning tonight about a popular painkiller that's sold over the counter. Researchers claim Voltaren can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack and is especially dangerous to the elderly. The concern has been raised by Newcastle University's Professor David Henry. He analysed 23 studies into the safety of diclofenac - the active ingredient in anti-inflammatory drugs such as Voltaren. His conclusion... If you're in a high risk group, and you need an inflammatory, choose one that's safer. Dr Henry says Voltaren, or the generic drugs like it, increases the individual risk of heart attack or stroke in some people by 40%. hese drugs are actually quite toxic drugs and their side effects have got to be taken quite seriously.

Often referred to as the footballer's friend Voltaren helps reduce pain and swelling, particularly in those with sporting injuries. Voltaren is probably the number one brand amongst your sports medicine patient-profile. But the AMA has stressed it's really only a risk for those with pre-existing heart problems. Somebody who's pulled their back who hasn't got a heart problem - it's not an issue. Someone who has rheumatoid arthritis with pre-existing heart conditions may need to think twice about it. The tablet is one of the top drugs subsidised by the Federal Government with over 800,000 scripts being written in the last year. The Therapeutic Goods Administration is reviewing the medication. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. In the news ahead - how a terror attack on an American embassy was foiled.

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The Solomon Islands is refusing to back down from its decision to expel Australia's High Commissioner. Patrick Cole has been accused of interfering in political affairs by talking to opposition parties about corruption. We don't accept for a moment the expulsion of our High Commissioner, Patrick Cole. He was doing the right thing, he was representing the interests of Australia. A senior diplomat has been dispatched to Honiara to deliver a strong warning from the Australian Government. Now to more on that terror attack in Syria we told you about last night. Four men tried to destroy the US Embassy with a large van-bomb, but were fought off by local security forces who killed three and captured one who died later. The terrorists had rigged propane gas cannisters with pipe bombs,

similar to a device demonstrated on a Muslim fanatic's website. America has thanked the Syrians for their protection but local leaders have rejected the gesture saying the US was the cause of terrorism. The bodies of 14 British airmen killed in Afghanistan have arrived home onboard an RAF transport, 10 days after they died in the crash of their Nimrod surveillance plane. It's Britain's biggest single loss of life since the Falklands War. Most of the dead had served at this air base. A formal inquiry has been ordered into the crash, but it was apparently caused by a technical fault which started a catastrophic fire. Facing a fall in digital music sales, Apple is expanding its iPod business to include full length movies. Movies are going to be available on the iTunes store

the same day as they are released on DVD. So far, iTunes has only 75 movies, all from Walt Disney, but Apple says there are more to come. It's also planning a new device, available early next year, that will allow users to watch the content of their iPod on a television. The world of iPods and digital downloads

is very different to the days when television was born. Peter Harvey looks back on 50 years in which almost everything has changed. The age of miracles has definitely not passed. Good evening, and welcome to television. That little box has led the way for half a century of technological change. Mobile phones have helped us conquer the tyrannies of distance...

..and the Internet completed the job. My appointments, memos, the whole works. Nowhere too far, no-one out of touch. Sometimes a nuisance, mostly a boon - as were the medical advances. Does it hurt? No. Vaccines and antibiotics saved countless lives, while the pill ushered in a new era of liberation for women everywhere. # I can't get no satisfaction. #

It changed attitudes... Once a person's married, it's very boring to stay at home all the time and look after the children and wash the nappies. ...and ambitions. From a time when we wanted to conform, to a time when we wanted to rebel. But there was, and is, a dark side.

Drugs have become the scourge of the modern age.

Taking drugs like opium and marijuana - it should be completley stopped altogether.

And AIDS came out of Africa. Although, it too, in time, will be beaten. As will global warming and the greenhouse effect - products of the great prosperity that's given us booming industry and the ability to travel like never before in history. Cars and planes removing isolation while pumping out carbon dioxide. Ironically, soaring fuel prices may just help reduce that problem, at least. And as the world changed, so did we... Today, migrant ships are bringing new settlers to Australia. ...gone is white Australia. We are now a nation of many colours. # Advance Australia Fair... # Peter Harvey, National Nine News.

And Channel Nine will have a special presentation on 50 years of television news at 7:30 next Monday night, presented by Brian Henderson. Tim with sport next - and Andrew Flintoff in charge of keeping the Ashes. The Poms have given their busiest cricketer another job also Mat Rogers shows his kids his new colours and taking on monster waves off Japan.


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Newcastle's Danny Buderus is before the NRL judiciary right now, trying to have his dangerous throw charge downgraded. The Knights hooker if he's not successful. will miss the rest of the finals if he's not success ul. Buderus is hoping to walk away tonight with just a one match ban, instead of a possible six, but history is not on his side. Lote Tuqiri has told National Nine News he wants to play rugby league again when he comes off contract after the Rugby World Cup. Tuquiri's decision comes hot on the heels of Mat Rogers saying he's definitely heading back to league, joining the Gold Coast in 2008. Lote Tuqiri never looks more comfortable than with his family,

but he has always felt his other home? was rugby league. Tuqiri can't hide his passion for his old game. I'm not going to say, "No, I wouldn't."

I'd like to play it again. League has always been in my blood and from the first game I've played, there will always be a passion there. So the answer to your question is probably, yes, I probably would like to play it again. After making his announcement on the Gold Coast,

Rogers rushed back to Sydney to spend time with his kids and they were more than happy with his decision to join the Titans. He told Nine News he'd made the decision to return to league a month ago. I think it's best for me in my life right now. I think we'll finish the World Cup next year and I really think that it's the best thing I can do for myself and my family. And that's the same reason he didn't consider the Sharks. Following the death Following the dea of his legendary dad, Steve,

he says he needs to move out of Cronulla to ease the pain. It's still hard every day, mate, you know? I walk around Cronulla, everyone wants to come up and talk to me about Dad and tell me how they knew Dad here or they knew Dad there and it's tough, mate, to be honest. It burns on the inside every time someone talks to me about him.

Kangaroo coach Ricky Stuart has welcomed Rogers back and says he could play for Australia again. But Rogers has told me he doesn't want to play representative football. Not that I think I would get picked, but I just think I've done enough of that over the last 13 years. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. He played a deciding hand when England won the Ashes last year. Now, all-rounder Andrew Flintoff has been named captain of his country

for the up-coming series here in Australia. The first test starts in Brisbane in November and the Poms are building for a big summer.

When England won back the Ashes, more than anyone, Flintoff was shoving it our faces. Now he's been anointed captain and the Pommy media has given him a chariot to lead the charge Down Under. The wheels start to roll in November. Yeah, there's a lot of emotion going around at this moment in time, I just want to probably get on the field and get cracking. Flintoff beat Andrew Strauss to the top job because selectors believed he wouldn't have handled not getting it.

And English cricket is spending an additional $500,000 to have a back-up squad based in Perth for the entire Test series. Yeah, I did think Strauss would get the nod, yeah. But they obviously haven't gone that way. I'm don't know why. As for the Aussies' build up, which has included a Queensland boot camp and the current one-day series, Freddy couldn't give a flying Flintoff. What Australia are doing - that's their business, to be honest. We've just got to do our things and make sure we're right, mentally, physically prepared to get on that plane. And Ponting has been fined his entire match fee for questioning the umpire over a wide ball call during the one-dayer against the West Indies in Kuala Lumpur. You never heard any noise?! It was a remarkable first up result - chasing the Aussies' 279, the Windies lost 9/29 to lose by 78. They just didn't know what hit them. COMMENTATOR: And that is the end of that. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. And finally tonight,

some of the biggest waves ever seen off Japan have attracted a brave few, including former Australian world champion Tom Carroll. The Aussie called it the experience of a lifetime as the typhoon-driven swell grew by the hour.

Dangerous wipe-outs were inevitable, but it didn't stop any of them going out for more.

At the age of 46, it goes to show

the wave lust has never died in Tommy Carroll. After the break, the Commsec finance report and Jaynie with the weather details. Then, the young Aussie who's ready to rock the world.

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To finance, and two major retailers reporting strong profits. Harvey Norman up 20%, while the Just Group says its earnings rose 25% to a record. Harvey Norman gained 4 cents. Resource stocks bounced back, But surfwear company Globe fell on concerns about its future.

Now with the weather details, here's Jaynie. Thanks Mark. Looks like spring is stepping up a notch Sydney!

Light winds in from the north have lifted temperatures today. A top of 21 for most suburbs. It's now 17 in the city with a fine night ahead A dry day for NSW apart from a light shower along the north coast with these onshore winds. Cloud is building in the west, ahead of a front in SA bringing next-to-nothing in terms of rain.

Now that front will slide down into Victoria and Tassie tomorrow, taking the light rain with it. The high sitting on top of us will keep skies rain free. And no real sign of snow for the next few days.

And perfect conditions for both spectators and players on Friday and Saturday night for the NRL Mark.

Stardom looms for an Australian rock-and-roll singer called Toby Rand - one of the final four in the US television program, Rock Star Supernova. in e S televis on program, (Sings) # I see them causing trouble? in my headache again ... # Oh, oh, oh, oh...# Competing with Luka, Dillana and Magni, he'll find out tomorrow if he wins first prize -

the job of fronting a band which includes the ex-Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee. On the eve of the big announcement Toby was second in the public vote, but Tommy Lee and the band will make the final call. Whatever happens, Toby is a winner - even if he loses tomorrow, he and his Australian band have been offered a record contract. That's National Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight.

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I ruined his life basically. Stole all his friends. Tonight, revenge for jilted women obsessed with bringing their men down. They'll stop at nothing.

You re stuffed, basically. You're stuffed, basically. Plus, he's done it again. Th Muslim taxi driver taking elderly Australians to the leaners. The Muslim taxi driver taking elderly Australians to the cleaners. Why can't they stop him? Also ahead, a desperate housewife's million-dollar addiction to the pokies. And how to make your child even smarter. This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Karl Stefanovic ... welcome to A Current Affair.

Those stories tonight. Plus - bizarre celebrity diets, where thin is the new fat - the weird weight loss plans shocking health authorities. But first - revenge is an age old emotion, and one which consumes many jilted women. Unfortunately, love gone wrong drives normally level-headed people to outrageous behaviour as they publicly humiliate their former partner. I just ruined his life basically, stole all his friends

and turned everyone against him and left him sad and alone. When she left she filled me motorbike tank up with sugar, scrubbed me toothbrush with the toilet. Too bad, get a grip. Get a grip.

He's a (bleep)wit, an absolute (bleep)wit and she is a (bleep). For as long as there has been romance,

there's also been jilted lovers.

I have heard of people having paint poured through the sun roofs of their cars, and stuff like that. A friend of a friend of a friend who wrote a nasty word in his ex-wife's front yard with Round Up - weedkiller. She took it for a ride and she totally destroyed it and she took it from Sydney to Melbourne and just hammered it, and got so many speeding fines on ethe way and then she just set it on fire.

Sometimes when love goes bad, so do the people we love. People don't think. People react and then regret it the next day, I guess. I mean, whatever happened to a slap across the face? Not that I deserved one. Comedian Mick Meredith was the victim of a lover's revenge. After a bad break up he found his name posted on the cheaters website,

But, no, I am no womaniser, I have got a head like Shrek.

After a number of phone calls, emails and even a court appearance to clear his name,