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United in grief - of terrorism's most evil day. America pauses to honour the victims

BELL TOLLS The cruise death inquest told the drug 'fantasy'. that Diane Brimble willingly took No appeal - dangerous dogs to be put down. tough new laws allowing for dogs dangerous The ranger will be able to declare just on its character.

And the wheel turns - for dangerous driving. Adriana Xenides avoids punishment

This program is captioned live.

Good evening. Five years after its most painful day and their grieving families America has honoured the dead on the anniversary of September 11. President Bush reminded the world In a special address, has many years to run - that the war which started then of the 21st century. calling it the decisive struggle September 11 in 2001 - It was so much like that a beautiful New York day. a clear blue sky,

for what's now become a ritual - Mourners returned of the people who died here... to read out the 2,749 names be an angel to my children. We miss you,

where the Twin Towers stood, ..then, to walk down into the pit to lay flowers and to pray. police honour guard A British and Australian came from 60 other countries. provided a reminder that victims Karl David travelled from Melbourne, Flag bearer Sergeant from Sydney. Sergeant Kent Strickland Jacqueline van Deinsen from NSW Leslie Anne Thomas. was here for her daughter, a little girl from Gosford Who would have thought would have been there at that time. in this place. One sad story piles on another We met the three Damadeo brothers - when the first tower collapsed. Their father Vincent died we had together, I think about the memories and having parties with our family. like playing basketball in Shanksville in Pennsylvania, The President found more sorrow killing everyone on board. where United Flight 93 crashed, to the Pentagon - Then it was back to Washington,

to console relatives the Bushs' took time who died there as well. of the 184 people It had been a day without politics

his Middle East policy, until the President talked up these enemies now, If we do not defeat to face a Middle East we will leave our children and radical dictators over-run by terrorist states armed with nuclear weapons. that a majority of Americans Polls are showing are feeling much less safe,

five years ago. as a result of what happened here,

over the Iraq war The nation is divided approval rating has plummeted - and President Bush's to 42% today. from 92% just after the attack, the terrorists it can't be beaten One day, America intends to show will tower over Ground Zero, and new skyscrapers although tonight, in their place, rise from this place of sorrows. two simple beams of light

National Nine News. In New York, Robert Penfold, by the attack on America The global war which was unleashed

has now cost at least 62,000 lives. And fighting that war, took a pause in their battle soldiers in Afghanistan to remember the first terrible day. against al-Qa'ida's Taliban allies, Marking the anniversary in Iraq, staged a walk for freedom coalition soldiers their commitment to the cause. to honour the dead of 9/11 and show at the memorial garden In London, people laid flowers close by the US Embassy. which has been built the French paid tribute too - And in Paris, of the Statue of Liberty. gathered around a replica In breaking news - in Syrian capital, Damascus, it appears the US embassy may be under attack. have been heard Explosions and heavy gunfire coming from the area by Syrian forces - which has been sealed off are available at this stage. but no other details of Dianne Brimble The inquest into the death on the cruise ship 'Pacific Sky' the drug 'fantasy'. has been told she willingly took says One of the eight men of interest whether it was dangerous, she did ask first that it was not. but was assured by another man Ryan Kuchel, today admitted A Sydney property consultant, in recorded interviews was lies. a lot of what he told police He's now telling a different story - of Diane Brimble's death that on the night he overheard the mother-of-three about the drug. ask his roommate, Mark Wilhelm, Kuchel told the coroner a truthful account of what happened he didn't give police Mark Wilhelm. because he was protecting his friend in Mrs Brimble's death He said he didn't want to implicate a hard time of it. because he was already having

Kuchel was asked about his mate. In his 2003 interview,

He's been known to be a bit of a

deviate. Sometimes we would go out

not a shy boy. and get some strippers around. He's

Another of the men on the 'Pacific Sky' cruise - travelling together

will give his evidence tomorrow. Peter Pantic, Allison Langdon, National Nine News. given the power Council rangers are likely to be and threatening dogs to destroy dangerous having any right of appeal. without their owners National Nine News can reveal tough new laws that the government is considering to check dogs on private property. which include wider powers Tyra Cooney two months ago. Hunting dogs killed 4-year-old And 2-year-old Jacob Kent nearly died

by a neighbour's dog. after being mauled It just wouldn't let go of him. and community consultation, After these and other attacks the Government wants to give rangers powers to act before a dog attacks. The ranger will be able to declare dogs dangerous just on its character. In the past year, a record 372 dogs were declared dangerous for attacking or menacing people. Laws being drafted will mean rangers can order their immediate destruction if they get out of yards and pose a threat. They have the ability to take that dog, impound it and have that dog destroyed. Owners will no longer have the right of appeal. Very quickly, no appeal process. The laws will also apply to restricted dogs. And there's officially more than 3,000 - mostly pitbull terriers -

in backyards throughout the State. They've been bred originally as a fighting dog, so there's a propensity there for aggression. It's already illegal to breed and sell them. The tough approach has created a black market in dangerous dogs. Rangers in Penrith recently found a breeder

with 24 pitbull pups for sale. The community needs to tell us where they are so we can get rid of these breeds. Dale Paget, National Nine News. Peter Brock's body has returned home to Melbourne in the past hour as his family finalises plans for his state funeral. It will be held next Tuesday at the city's main Anglican Cathedral and will bring Melbourne to a standstill. Bringing Peter Brock home - his partner, Julie, his brother, Lewis. Also taking the flight, the man who survived the crash -

Brock's navigator, Mick Hone, limping but on the mend. I'll always remember the legend and the lucky bloke. And I'm the lucky bloke and he's the legend.

Late this afternoon, Peter Brock's body arrived back in Melbourne, back where it all began, back to the State where he raced around paddocks as a teenager. Next Tuesday, his journey to greatness will be marked by a state funeral

at Melbourne's St Paul's Cathedral. We knew that there'd be a massive outpouring of affection for our late father and.. Yeah, we wanted to give people an avenue to do that with his... Exactly. He only deserved to be honoured. There'll be a public memorial service at the Sandown track the Friday after.

In Perth last night, a mass counselling session

for the drivers and support crew of the Targa rally.

There, Mick Hone praised those who rushed to try and save Brock's life. I was stuck in the car for a while. was pretty hard, but people were there helping. And at next month's Bathurst race, for the winner - the Peter Brock trophy. For the fans - a lap of honour with nine of his winning cars.

Mark Burrows, National Nine News.

In a gesture of respect, Steve Irwin's family has decided to hold his public memorial service next Wednesday so it doesn't clash with Peter Brock's state funeral the day before. No word yet on a venue - although they've ruled out SunCorp Stadium. The wheel of fortune hasn't been that kind to Adriana Xenides of late,

but at least the wheels of justice turned in her favour today. The former game show hostess faced court in Liverpool on a dangerous driving charge, but was spared a fine and given a good behaviour bond. Adriana Xenides spent 18 years turning letters on one of Australia's most popular game shows. Today, she was turning heads as she faced court for causing a 3-car pile-up. The former model said sun glare brought on a severe sneezing fit as she drove in Sydney's south-west last year.

Her car swerved across double lines and collided head-on with another vehicle. Heart attack, sneezing fit, whatever it is, it happens. Someone faints, an accident happens. Among her injuries - seven broken ribs. The other driver was also seriously hurt. It is an accident, I was not doing anything wrong,

I was not racing the car at all. She pleaded guilty to dangerous driving. In seeking leniency from the court, Xenides' barrister explained how she's suffered a dramatic reversal of fortune. She was once well-off, enjoying the heights of fame, but now she's living in reduced circumstances, surviving on a disability pension. Her former co-host, John Burgess, provided a reference. The magistrate didn't impose a fine

because of Xenides' financial situation. She was placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond and disqualified from driving for 18 months.

Bye-bye, thank you. Shawn Fewings, National Nine News.

The Federal Government has enlisted a superstar to help promote good health. Socceroo Harry Kewell has agreed

to work with kids and the rest of the community, teaching them about the advantages of keeping fit.

If I show them you can go out there, play sports and live a healthy life, you can have a great life. Harry's back in Australia for treatment on a raft of injuries which have plagued his soccer career. In the news ahead - claims that Sydney's air pollution is killing hundreds every year, and the bizarre death of Anna Nicole Smith's grown-up son.

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The Government has put off the $2 billion sale of Medibank Private until 2008, after the next election. It received advice that an earlier listing would harm the third float of Telstra shares. Just how dangerous is the air that we breathe? That's a question which our health authorities

admit they can't answer, but even more alarmingly, they say Sydney's smog could be killing as many as 1,400 of us a year.

It's a disturbing new take on the road toll. Here we have twice as many people dying in Sydney from exposure to vehicle pollutants than are dying on the road from accidents. Up to 1,400 deaths a year have been linked to motor vehicle pollution. Surprisingly, the Asthma Foundation blames unleaded petrol and more efficient engines. Ironically, that results in smaller particles coming out of the exhaust of the vehicles, which then have the capacity to lodge much further down in somebody's lungs. Then there's the impact on the state's financial health - as high as $1.8 billion a year according to this letter written by the Parliamentary Secretary for Health and leaked to the Opposition. There's a number of things the Government could be doing, they haven't been doing, one of them is to aggressively promote public transport. There's been a significant improvement in air quality in Sydney over the last 10 years and we're looking to improve it even further. Researchers here at Sydney University say while politicians argue about the solutions to Sydney's pollution problems, the only real answer lies with a serious commitment to the widespread introduction of alternative fuels. So we look at LPG, ethanol and some of the bio fuels,

such as bio diesel. He says those fuels would halve pollution levels. Adam Walters, National Nine News. Mourners saying farewell to a Melbourne man in Afghanistan have been killed in a suicide bombing. Hakim Taniwal, who was working as a governor in the country, was assassinated by a Taliban suicide bomber on Sunday. His body was taken to the capital Kabul for a service, then moved by helicopter to his hometown for burial. But as 1,000 people gathered, a bomb was detonated - killing five police officers and a 5-year-old boy.

Mr Taniwal's family, who could not get a flight from Australia in time for the funeral, have extended their condolences to the victim's families. Palestinian leaders have agreed to form a national unity government which could lead to peace talks with Israel, And the bizarre life of former Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith has taken a tragic turn, with the sudden death of her 20-year-old son. Daniel Smith had been visiting where she had just given birth to a baby girl.

The cause of Daniel's death is not known, but Ms Smith has released a statement saying that neither drugs nor alcohol were involved.

A half century of television has brought powerful

and sometimes frightening images directly into our lounge rooms. Some of the most enduring are of the disasters that have hit Australia - both natural and man-made. It's the curse of the Lucky Country - bushfires ravage our wide, brown land each summer, and there is a roll-call of the blackest days. 1983, Ash Wednesday - 72 dead across Victoria and SA.

1994 - and Sydney is ringed by fire. In 2003, it was Canberra's turn. This is a red situation. We need some (inaudible) here urgently. If not fire, then wind - who can forget the Christmas Tracy came to visit? FILE TAPE: It literally looked as though a nuclear weapon had hit the city. It was arguably Australia's greatest natural disaster,

Darwin flattened and cut off from the world - 65 people dead, and the surviving population relocated. We've weathered extremes - hail and floods. This was Nyngan in 1990. Newcastle suffered an earthquake and our bush has suffered repeated drought and plagues of mice and locusts.

Disasters, one and all. Sometimes, tragedy is man-made. The shock of Port Arthur put Australia into lounge rooms around the world. We were all touched by a day that tore a community apart and pierced our nation's heart. 35 were shot dead by Martin Bryant in the world's biggest massacre by a single gunman. Australia's worst rail disaster. 29 years on, Granville remains

The collision between HMAS 'Melbourne' and the destroyer 'Voyager' - our greatest naval catastrophe. And when a steel span on the Westgate Bridge collapsed, it became Australia's worst industrial disaster. In every case, the loss of life was considerable, the impact on our psyche enormous. But there are moments when disaster brings inspiration - when all hope was gone, 60 hours after the devastating landslide at Thredbo, Stuart Diver was found alive, the lone survivor. TV HOST: There's the cheer. There's the cheer going up. And this year, a fatal mine collapse at Beaconsfield... TRACY GRIMSHAW: Here they come. ..and the powerful, triumphant survival of two men. Peter Harvey, National Nine News.

And Brian Henderson will have a special presentation on 50 years of television news, next Monday night at 7:30. Ken with sport is next. And the Knights Danny Buderus determined to go down fighting. He's contesting the severity of his dangerous tackle charge.

Also - there's an injury concern with Manly's gun centre, Steve Bell. And Ricky Ponting in early season good form against the West Indies.

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The Knights have decided to contest the severity of the dangerous throw charge which looks certain to rule hooker Danny Buderus out for the rest of the finals.

He's facing a 6-game ban

but the Knights are trying to have it reduced to just one.

It's a long shot for Buderus - and the Knights know it. No player in the history of the game has ever had a dangerous throw charge reduced by two grades. They're looking at a number of factors

that have contributed to the spectacular nature of the tackle. They'll argue there was no intent and Michael Robertson even contributed to it - what else can they do? We're doing everything we can to look at other examples.

Manly has its own worries although they're playing down an ankle injury to centre Steven Bell. He's been playing with a bruised foot and related stretch fracture. He's been playing on that for a couple of weeks now. But it looked sensitive today and Bell is at best a 50-50 chance of playing in Friday night's semifinal. He played really well for us in the game against the Knights so we'll just wait and see.

It's a centre's curse - with the Dragons Mark Gasnier ruled out of the game with a hip injury but the Sea-Eagles aren't convinced - I think they'll give him every chance to get out there and I expect him to play. Manly intends to hit hard isn't hinking and the retiring captain isn't thinking this could be his last game ever. It's not going to be my last. I'll think about my last game after the last game and hopefully that's in the grand final.

Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. Glenn McGrath's anticipated return to cricket

will have to wait a couple more hours, after Ricky Ponting chose to bat against the West Indies in the opening match of the Tri-Series in Malaysia. After almost five months without international cricket the Australians could be forgiven for having lost some touch,

but a lost shoe almost cost Jaques his wicket. But Jaques was the first to go when Edwards got through his guard. Katich was steady as ever, but it was Ponting who got the innings rolling. Despite one or two anxious moments, the Australian skipper played the lead role in the partnership which passed 50. Ponting soon had a half-century of his own.

Tennis - and a full-strength Australian team will line up in the Davis Cup semifinal against Argentina on Friday week,

with Lleyton Hewitt declared fit despite a knee injury which hampered his US Open preparation. His intention has always been to play, but he was a bit concerned how he was going to pull up. The Australians are taking security guards to Argentina after a recent poll named Hewitt

among the country's most hated sports people. That's why we are taking that added security, I think that's a comfort thing for him, it really is. Mark Philippoussis returns to national duty - the first time in 2.5 years. Wayne Arthurs and Paul Hanley are likely doubles partners. Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News. Four Swans

made the All Australian

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To finance - and sliding commodity prices again took their toll on resource stocks. Oil is trading at its lowest point since March. BHP Billiton tumbled more than 5%, investors instead turned to banking shares. And Virgin Blue rose after launching a new online travel insurance service.

Now, Jaynie, a welcome break on the way. Thanks Mark, well, the temperatures are on the rise and those showers are finally leaving us! Light splashes mainly over the coastal suburbs, heaviest were further north with 11mms for Gosford.

Tomorrow, as the high moves further east, winds and showers will die down along the coast. Just a weak front bringing showers to southern SA.

More cool nights coming up- especially for the western suburbs, but some beautiful spring weather for the rest of the week. Maybe a light shower on Saturday morning, but clearing up for the races, Mark, giddy-up! That's National Nine News for this Tuesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight.

Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre I don't have no more use for it. Tonight - $15 million up for grabs, the 100-year-old Aussie tycoon g vin away h s entire fortun . th 1 0-year-old Aussie tycoon giving away his entire fortune.

With money you can do good with it, that's all. And back in business - the doctor whose mistakes ruined hundreds of lives. Also, forget those expensive moisturisers - the secret to younger looking skin. Plus, the dating gurus teaching men how to find a date the old fashioned way. This program is captioned live.

Hello, I'm Karl Stefanovic. Welcome to 'A Current Affair'. Those stories tonight. But first - he's 100 years old, and he's worth an absolute fortune. More than $15 million worth, in fact, and he's giving it all away. John Davis is the elderly Aussie tycoon with the huge heart and he's looking for charities to benefit from his rich success. Karina, pleased to meet you. And John Davis, I'd like to introduce myself,

I'm David Margan of the David Margan Memorial Trust

and Charitable Foundation.

No doubt many charities would like to curry favour with this man. For John Davis, a 100-year-old self-made millionaire, and his partner, Karina, are going to give all their money away. This is the sort of thing that makes life interesting. It's interesting.

It's fun. But this remarkable man didn't start life with a pocketful of riches. It was 1925 when, as a 19-year-old, he left home. All I had was ?27 and a suitcase with a few clothes in it. And as I left, I went and lived in Sydney, I didn't know where but I took a little room in College Street

and that was 5 by 10, about this size. From there I built the business out from that room. And I went in this room and literally cried tried myself to sleep many a night because I was alone in the world for the first time. Davis bought and sold things, then he got his first bargain. So I bought a tonne and a half of screws because they were in sorted packets. Nobody wants to buy sorted screws. We sorted them out and put them in their right packets