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(generated from captions) reptiles, how to breed, train all sorts of pets.. cats, dogs, them. all the attention. popular. night. And that's WIN News for Monday to share, you can email us at If you have a news tip you'd like team, thank you for watching WIN I'm Peter Leonard, from the news Television.

A nation's tribute - for Steve Irwin a massive public farewell planned after a very private funeral. It was what he would have wanted. Confronting the trauma - shocking evidence Diane Brimble's mother sits through as the inquest resumes. Five years on - President Bush visits Ground Zero in September 11. to honour those killed There is an enemy out there the same sort of damage again. who would like to inflict a drenching... Sydney continues to get ready for spring... ..but not where it's most needed. This program is captioned live. Good evening.

Steve Irwin's family Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium is trying to book the 52,000 seats, and are likely to fill of the biggest memorials for what's sure to be one Australia has ever seen. next Tuesday or Wednesday, It'll be staged to his very private weekend funeral in stark contrast surrounded by the family he adored. held in the bush he loved,

For such a public figure, has been cloaked in secrecy, Steve Irwin's farewell until today - a private service was held his father Bob revealing in the grounds of his Australia Zoo. on Saturday afternoon,

Just family and close friends around a campfire. sharing their memories It was what he would have wanted to his life. and it now puts some family closure

If that was a sombre occasion, promises ?o be anything but. the public memorial service promises to be anything but.

celebration of an extraordinary life. The family wants it to be a to have everyone around crying Steve would not have wanted us and saying how sad it was, and enjoy what his life was about. we want everyone to come along and their two children Steve Irwin's widow, Terri, are expected to attend the service, next Tuesday or Wednesday. which will be held as a possible venue - Suncorp Stadium has been identified the old Lang Park, and excitement of State of Origin. better known for the drama and fun thing you know, It's gotta be an exciting he was. 'cause that's the sort of man Wes Mannion's life Five years ago, Steve Irwin saved when he was attacked by a crocodile. We've always been close, even closer. but that just brought us preparing to say their last goodbye. Now he's one of many Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. Crash investigators in Perth Peter Brock's rally car have started dismantling from the onboard recorder - and downloading data

hoping to shed more light the motor racing legend on Friday. on the crash which killed on his body An autopsy is also being carried out of death. to determine the exact cause a full state funeral in Melbourne Brocky will be honoured with probably later this week. Meanwhile, Bathurst organisers the great race have ruled out renaming after it's greatest champion. The death of Diane Brimble once again today, was examined in minute detail into the cruise ship tragedy resumed. as the inquest to hear the disturbing evidence. This time, her mother was there made her way slowly into court. Diane Brimble's mother, Betty Wood, as one of the eight men of interest, Her first visit, she sat quietly Ryan Kuchel, on the first night. described how he met her daughter and sat down and was chatting away First of all she introduced me, on the dance floors and tried to drag me I didn't really want to go. and, yeah, shortly after He claims he left the nightclub passing out in his cabin, woman. Mark Wilhelm, having sex with a He was woken by his roommate, "Oh why'd you bring her back here?" I just said to him, you know, type of thing, you know,

"You've got a girlfriend." returning several hours later. Angry, he left the room, 'cause I'd just woken up, you know, You know, I just walked in and all the rest, I had a bit of a hangover told me get, to get out, and there was a doctor in there,

in the room. a doctor and a couple of people a body on the floor. I saw, um, you know, seemed pretty disturbed Kuchel told police that Mark Wilhelm by what happened. the woman died of a heart attack. He kept insisting Leo Silvestri, The other man in the room, though, he didn't appear fazed at all. He kept saying,

I don't know what happened." "It wasn't his fault. Earlier in the day, told the coroner security guard Daniel Wells the mother-of-three's death in the days following on the group. he was asked to keep a close eye give one of his friends He saw Dragan Losic an ecstasy tablet. what appeared to be but they did nothing. He told police onboard, Allison Langdon, National Nine News. been caught up in a scam The RTA has allegedly hundreds of thousands of dollars in which it paid out for work that was never carried out. is investigating the suspected rort The corruption commission and a contractor. involving a former manager in 1998 to join the RTA. Damon Job quit the police force was overseeing traffic changes A year later, the 37-year-old of the Eastern Distributor, for the opening there's a completely new road And now if you like, with a completely new sets of rules, a little bit of time. and so, it's going to take was before the ICAC, But today, the former cop with his long-time friend, accused of teaming up Terry Stepto, traffic management contractor to swindle nearly $750,000. simple scheme to defraud the RTA. Mr Job and Mr Stepto cooked up this to have helped secure contracts Job is alleged to hav helped secure contracts

for his mate's company and then authorise payment for work, such as managing lane changes which were never carried out. In one case it's alleged Stepto's company was paid $214,000 over 18 months for bogus traffic work at Mays Hill The inquiry was told Job shared the loot - his bank records showed large deposits from Stepto's company. The former policeman insists it was payment for old debts. Apart from investigating alleged acts of corruption, the ICAC will also examine the apparent failings of the RTA, which it says allowed this friendship to financially prosper for so long. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. At 10:46 tonight, it will be exactly five years since the September 11 terrorist assault which killed almost 3,000 people and set off a new type of war against Muslim extremists. US President Bush has opened remembrance services at the Ground Zero site in New York, placing wreaths to honour the dead. President Bush came to Ground Zero the evening before the main ceremony because his presence on the day was seen as a security risk to the thousands who will be there. There were no speeches, just a simple laying of wreaths at ponds which marked the centre of each fallen tower. And then, a church service. The site where the twin towers stood is still empty and will be for a while. A damaged flag from that day still flies over the local fire station where today, President Bush dropped in for a surprise visit and then walked next door to view a collection of photos taken on that day. And it just reminded me that there is still an enemy out there who would like to inflict the same kind of damage again. Volunteers remind visitors of who was lost -

a total of 2,973 on that one day. They do 3-hour shifts telling each victim's story. Hardly a person travels to New York these days without feeling the pull to visit Ground Zero - a vast, open and sad space. It's not until you come down here, you realise what an impact it's had, it must have had on the city and the surrounding areas, but what impact it has had on all of us and our way of life. As for the man responsible for all of this, Osama bin Laden, word is the trail has gone stone cold. Reports today that US intelligence operatives have not received one credible reports as his whereabouts in more than two years. In New York, Robert Penfold, National Nine News. At home, Prime Minister John Howard launched a new attack on terrorists, and those who sympathise with their cause, by branding their attacks as "a blasphemy on Islam". Mr Howard has called for renewed vigilance in the global fight against terror. The US flag was lowered to half-mast in Canberra today...

BAGPIPES ..a reminder of all those who had died, including the 10 Australians, at the hands of terror on September 11. Thank you for joining us today to mark this solemn anniversary.

John Howard was in Washington when the Pentagon was attacked, and he told guests at a memorial service at the American embassy that there could never be any justification for murder... It is a blasphemy on Islam, to the name of Islam, to be invoked to justify terrorism. ...and he returned to theme in Parliament. It's obscene invocation of the sanction of Islam to justify the murder of innocent people. This is a challenge that will outlast, I'm afraid to say, the political careers of both the Prime Minister and myself. The Asia Pacific economic conference in Sydney next year presents a prime target for terrorists, and it's likely a public holiday will be declared

to keep people out of the city. There may well be a public holiday, on the critical day of APEC, to avoid unneccessary dislocation. Daniel Street, National Nine News. After we've been praying for rain for so long, who would have thought,

that so much would come so quickly. For the fifth day straight, Sydney has been drenched by record-breaking downpours. But sadly, barely a drop is falling where it's needed most. Springtime in Sydney. It sure doesn't look or feel like it. I'm over it. I'm ready for spring. Pretty damn ordinary. Had enough? Had enough. It was the wet conditions last night that caused a 19-year-old to lose control of his car, before hitting a tree at Beecroft. For the last five days, Sydney has been drenched. Already, September rainfall has topped 176mm, almost triple the monthly average. The totals so far in September, we haven't seen since probably, for 10 years. I just pray that it's falling in the dam. It is, but nowhere near what's been dumped on the coast. Just 27.5mm falling in Warragamba Dam since last Wednesday. But regions such as Wagga Wagga have had even less -

farms and crops are still struggling. We're teetering on the edge of disaster with this season. And Goulburn, which desperately needs a soak, also received little. It's certainly a very frustrating time, in terms of the drought. And what's worse for those western areas that missed out - the rain is expected to ease over the next few days, clearing by Wednesday. Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. In the news ahead, a midair collision - an aerobatics show tragedy in Malta. And, power plays - 50 years of politics 50 years of politic in the television spotlight. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $4 million. CRASH! HORN BLARES Don't miss Oz Lotto's $4 million jackpot. The owner of the controversial Cowra abattoir is being investigated for moving almost $2 million from the company shortly before it was shut down last month. The abattoir was first investigated when it sacked workers, then offered them their jobs back on reduced pay, but was given the all clear under new industrial relations laws. The circumstances surrounding this entire saga have been a disgrace. 200 sacked workers have been told there's no money to pay their entitlements. A Melbourne father has been killed by a Taliban suicide bomber in Afghanistan while working to help rebuild the country. Hakim Taniwal was a provincial governor, much admired for building schools and universities.

He was always so committed to doing something for the country, so he never really thought on the other side, that he could lose his life. Mr Taniwal's nephew, and chief bodyguard,

were also killed in the attack. The King of Tonga, one of the world's longest reigning monarchs, has died aged 88, after 40 years as the ruler of the small island nation. King Tupou IV was once famous as the world's heaviest monarch - weighing 210kg - until he took himself and his nation on a get fit campaign. The King died in a New Zealand hospital where he was being treated for a range of illnesses. He'll be succeeded by his eldest son. In a deal brokered by British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Israeli and Palestinian leaders have opened the door for new peace talks. No date's been fixed and the agenda is far from settled, but Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert have agreed to meet. Mr Blair described it as a "window of opportunity." Tragedy at the world's first Aero Grand Prix with two light planes colliding over Malta and one of the pilots killed. In an event described as Formula 1 of the Sky, the wing of the red plane smashed off the tail of the other aircraft, sending it crashing into the sea. The man who died - Sweden's Gabor Varga - one of the world's best stunt pilots. Now to part two of our special on 50 years of Australian television, and how our news cameras have helped record generations of change. Tonight we focus on federal politics and who better to walk us through the ups and down of Canberra than Peter Harvey. We're a stable democracy, not much used to political upheaval. But in 1967, we lost a Prime Minister. Harold Holt went swimming at Port Phillip Bay and was never seen again. NEWSREADER: Mrs Holt is now walking up the hill in the general direction of our second broadcasting position... One rumour was that he'd been taken by a Chinese submarine. In truth, he probably just drowned. # It's time... By 1972, it was time - for Gough Whitlam. But his brave new world would end in stunning circumstances just three years later,

when he was sacked by the Governor General. Gough's parting words, televised nationwide, passed into national folklore. Well, may we say God save the Queen, because nothing will save the Governor General. LOUD CHEERS Over the years, television has given us reporters unprecedented access to our politicians. PETER HARVEY: Good morning, Prime Minister. Ah, good morning, Peter. We've witnessed Bob Hawke's larrikinism... ..and the way he wore his heart on his sleeve, here, talking about his daughter's battle with drugs. Like any father, I love my daughter. The cameras were right there when a Budget protest turned into a riot that crashed through the doors of Parliament itself. CROWD CHANTS On election nights, technology has taken us to far-flung electorates and into the heart of the tally room as the nation decides. We're watching something very, very strange tonight,

probably the like of which we haven't seen in our lifetime But the real breakthrough came in 1991, when we saw Parliament televised live and uncensored. I know, Mr Speaker, he's going troppo! It's not always pretty... You are a sanctimonious windbag! The Minister will resume his seat... but then, politics seldom is. Ken with sport next and the Knights' premiership hopes suffer a major setback. As expected, Danny Buderus is facing a long suspension, while Mark Gasnier and the Dragons also get some bad news. And Roger Federer makes it three in a row at the US Open.

RELAXING MUSIC Reach for new Special K Light Muesli with mixed berries and apple. Delicious fruit pieces, rolled oats, barley and light, crisp Special K flakes. It's 97% fat-free, and a simple, delicious new way to: Newcastle's premiership hopes have nosedived with Danny Buderus facing a possible 6-game suspension. The Knights hooker has been charged with a dangerous throw and unless he beats it, he'll miss the rest of the finals. The club has until midday tomorrow to decide if it will fight the charge, but with so much at stake, it's already clear what the Knights should do. The only way Buderus will play again this year is if the judiciary finds him not guilty, accepting the early plea won't be enough. Buderus has to take a chance if he wants to be part of Newcastles' finals run. Yeah, well, Danny is obviously a very important part of our team and it's unfortunate what happened. And after another serious knee injury to fullback David Seage, Milton Thaiday looks set to come back into the team to play Brisbane. At the Dragons, scans have confirmed Mark Gasnier has had scans on his injured hip and it's feeling better everyday. He was hurt after being kneed by Casey McGuire and it looked a border-line accident. I haven't seen the footage or anything like that, but I don't think they're that type of team, Brisbane, and I don't think they're that type of players. Fullback Clint Greenshields and winger Wes Naiqama

will be working on their calls this week. They got away with this mistake against the Broncos, blaming the noise for the mix up. I apologised to him, It worked out in our favour, we got the ball back, so, it was OK. And Melbourne is no longer the Grand Final favourite. The effort against Parramatta yesterday didn't impress and the Bulldogs have moved ahead. We got away with the win we played well enough to do that, but we know that's not going to be enough later in the final series. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. Roger Federer's unique talent has been showcased once again as he won his third US Open crown in a row. The 25-year-old Swiss champion extended his winning record over a brave Andy Roddick by 11 to 1 in the 4-set victory. One watching one, the world's best tennis player had the best golfer in the world in his corner. For the first 15 minutes it appeared all to easy as Federer raced to a 5-0 lead. But Roddick settled in the second and lifted in the third. Roddick was running up kilometres, Federer was tenderising him, while coach Jimmy Connors was running out of puff in the stands. Roddick was having a real crack. But having a go and matching Federer are entirely different things. Federer served 17 aces to 7, hit 69 winners to 33, and made only 19 unforced errors. It left the crowd and Roddick breathless. the Americans new and improved game had been stripped threadbare. By now, Roddick was spent as Federer honed in on his ninth major. Tiger approved. After all, he and Roger are one of kind. Michael Schumacher is aiming to win his eighth world championship before departing Formula 1 at the end of the year.

He trails Fernando Alonso by just two points after the Spaniard's chances went up in smoke at the Italian Grand Prix. Schumacher won in front of the Ferrari faithful at Monza, before announcing his retirement from the sport. I'd just like to concentrate on these last three wins, and just finish it in style, and hopefully with a championship. Australian golfer Adam Scott has defeated Ernie Els in a play-off to win the Singapore Open. Scott led by one shot early in the round before Els produced a little bit of magic to hit the front at the 7th hole. We've lost

that vision but you have

to take my word for it, Adam Scott

did win that particular golf

championship. The English squad for

the Ashes will be announced tonight.

Bring them on. After the break, the CommSec finance report and Jaynie with the wet weather details. To finance now, and Telstra is facing another negative pricing decision as the Government tries to offload $8 billion worth of shares. The competition watchdog issued a draft ruling disagreeing with wholesale price increases by Telstra, for long distance and other landline calls. On the markets: Now with more on the big wet, here's Jaynie. Hey Mark, Well the showers are still out there, driven by the fresh southerly winds which have been gusting to over 70km/h. There have been a few reports of hail at Manly, and some storms over the Bankstown way, and we could get some more storms tonight. Certainly a chaotic start to the working week - our fifth day in a row of heavy rain. We haven't had a 5-day wet spell in September like this for 147 years. Now in the last 24 hours, Sydney has clocked up 30mm with some of the western suburbs seeing some bigger falls. And sadly only 13mm fell at the Warragamba dam site. And with those big, dark clouds temperatures were down today.

You can finally get out for your morning bike rides, Mark! That's National Nine News for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre It's a nightmare. It's just devastating. Tonight - the elderly widow who handed over her life savings to a taxi driver and converted to Islam. She wanted to be buried next to her husband. No, she, she make another will. And, the people's court, real justice guaranteed - no lawyers, no nonsense Also, Nicole and Angelina - the celebrity catfight over charity. Plus - padded bras for children as young as 6. What are they doing to our kids? This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Karl Stefanovic, welcome to A Current Affair. Those stories tonight. But first - Frances Jensen was a kind, trusting elderly widow. But in her final months, she was very ill. Taxi driver Azzam Hijazi befriended her last year, driving her to appointments and regularly visiting her in hospital. But what Mrs Jensen's relatives didn't know was that Azzam helped her change her will, and even more surprising was her conversion to Islam. A Muslim funeral and the deceased is someone you would never imagine.

Did she ever mention Islam at any stage? Never. Never. It's a nightmare. And we have no say as the family whatsoever

and no way of changing it. 80-year-old practicing Catholic Frances Jensen is being laid to rest, in most unpeaceful circumstances. And unethical. Immoral. It's just devastating. How the lives of a Lebanese Muslim taxi driver

and the widow of a returned soldier intersected

has many claiming foul play. Why would an elderly lady in her dying months hand over all her assets to a taxi driver who picked her up occasionally? Why would that happen? She was a lady and she was very reserved. She didn't let outsiders in. Frances didn't have any children, but she did have a large and loving extended family. She was grandma to the kids

and was an integral part of all the family functions. She was proud of her niece - a Catholic nun. I like this one, where she's helping me paint...