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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Sandra Sully. Tonight, a police patrol arrests and hotel heiress Paris Hilton. Hollywood party girl

probably wouldn't be the same This country without saltwater crocodiles here. The show must go on

makes a decision as Steve Irwin's family on the offer of a state funeral. We have decided today within the next seven days that a private service will be held and closest friends only. for family members The unfortunate events foul of someone with a grudge. that led to a TV reporter falling

on the catwalk Plus, staying cool-headed amid a wardrobe malfunction. AFL finals team line-ups And the all-important with Ryan Phelan. headline Sports Tonight including a few upsets at Carlton. Yes, Sandra, the ins, the outs, All the details coming up. Also tonight, a second chance for taking cocaine. for the NRL player sacked Hewitt humbled at the US Open.

against a team of part-timers. And the Socceroos' shocker in breaking news from Hollywood, But first, the arrest of Paris Hilton. with drink-driving, The heiress has been charged police pulling her over behind the wheel. claiming she appeared intoxicated

a sobriety test, which she failed. The pop starlet had to perform

Hilton has been charged and released. Her spokesman tonight confirming in California is 0.08. The legal drink-drive limit to farewell Steve Irwin Everyone will get the chance at a public memorial service, the time and place yet to be decided. a suitable venue, His family is searching for for a private funeral. as plans proceed by Steve Irwin They were hand-picked and trained

and today they were back on the job. probably wouldn't be the same This country without saltwater crocodiles here. croc-feeding performance This afternoon's was the hardest they have ever done. I've done since... Today was the first show we all know what happened - and it was very, very difficult. the Crocodile Hunter's proteges The Croc Boys were by Monday's tragedy. and each is shattered taught myself and all the boys here Steve pretty much everything we know. There's no-one as good as Steve. the growing tribute outside the zoo. The team is amazed at

continue to stream in. Flowers and potted gum trees

I'm just absolutely devastated.

to Australia. He was just such an icon what people feel in general. This here just explains donating to the conservation effort But the zoo has had to warn those of three fake overseas websites. It just disgusts you, you know. both sides of humanity. Out of this you see we've been totally overwhelmed On one side on the planet - by the nature of most people and support his legacy - to get behind Steve Irwin who are parasites. but there's always a select few The secure website is at ANZ Banks. or donations can be made is now even more hot property, Crocodile Hunter merchandise through the roof this week. and Internet orders have gone Management believes one of the zoo's biggest ever. this weekend could be

to go from strength to strength. They say the zoo should continue Steve's dream Everyone has to keep living with what Steve would have wanted. and keep going will ever let it stop. The zoo will not stop and none of us will be laid to rest in private. The family has confirmed Steve We have decided today within the next seven days that a private service will be held and closest friends only. for family members

to say farewell And the public will be able

some time in the next fortnight in a memorial service at a venue to be announced. Max Futcher, Ten News. An answer tonight most baffling murder mysteries. to one of Australia's spewing from a river Deadly hydrogen sulphide

and his lover, Margaret Chandler, killed Dr Gilbert Bogle in bushland in Sydney in 1963. That's the most plausible finding that went to air tonight on the ABC. suggested by a documentary of death has never been established. For 43 years, until now, their cause Margaret Chandler's husband The finding clears who at the time was a prime suspect. young Australian drug traffickers Indonesia has been accused of using as pawns in a political game. come to terms As four of the Bali Nine with being given the death penalty of double standards. critics are accusing Jakarta for two more Bali bombers. Judgment day sentenced to 18 years Bomb-maker Muhammad Cholily for last October's attacks, to just eight. accomplice Dwi Widiyarto

Australian drug traffickers Nearby, four young consider their fate. but now face death themselves. They killed no-one It's very frustrating. There is a double standard. Greens leader Bob Brown says in a political game. the four are caught up there has been a political reason, I do suspect the Australian Government and I think the governments to our north. has been far too slow in tackling

for their crime... While there is little sympathy in a foreign country If you traffic drugs

that they apply. you get the penalties is under growing pressure ..the Government to save their lives. We have no experience to these issues. of President Yudhoyono's approach

that he is very tough on drugs. We do know legal experts warn Time is now critical - could prove fatal. any delay in diplomacy Part of the problem, they warn, towards the death penalty. is Australia's changing attitude

When the Bali bombing masterminds were sentenced to death Australia didn't argue. Legal expert Don Rothwell says this time around. that could weaken our case The fact that we're inconsistent of our position undermines the legitimacy and presents an image that the human rights of Australians. Australia is only concerned about

All four of the newly-condemned Australians are said to be in deep shock, their lawyers scrambling to launch fresh appeals. Fenn Kemp, Ten News. It's Christmas in September for some Federal politicians. as they vote themselves a big boost in their taxpayer-funded superannuation. The bonanza coming on top of a hefty pay rise. The Prime Minister knows well how sensitive voters are to politicians giving themselves pay rises. When Independent MP Peter Andren challenged the latest super boost,

the PM stopped his troops from reacting. Keep quiet. Keep quiet. The changes will affect new members of parliament, including those elected in 2004. Their taxpayer-funded superannuation contributions will rise from the community standard 9% to 15%.

Plus, they'll now be eligible for three months redundancy pay.

Back in 2004 John Howard bowed to what he now calls the mindless populism of Mark Latham's attack on the generosity of the superannuation scheme, cutting benefits for new members. That backflip then, this backtrack now. I believe that if we continue to take the populist route on this issue we will trash the gene pool of potential entrants to this parliament.

Mr Howard rightly confident of support from Opposition MPs. You have to have bipartisanship on these issues otherwise the other mob just picks you off. The changes that have been put in place are in line with community standards. The Government claims the new 15% super contribution is in line with senior public servants. Parliamentarians elected before 2004 remain a very protected species.

Still under the old scheme, they're one of the few groups in the country who can get their hands on their superannuation long before they reach normal retirement age. And as for the latest 7% pay rise... JOURNALIST: If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys? Well, you can argue if you pay more peanuts you get gorillas. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Forensic police are hoping DNA on bed linen will reveal clues about a sex scandal involving a rugby league club. Up to 20 people were at a boozy end-of-season party where a woman claims she may have been raped. The 26-year-old victim was allegedly attacked at this apartment block in Five Dock some time after 5:30am on Monday morning. Up to seven Wests Tigers players were on the balcony until midmorning drinking in a group that included several women.

They were just on the balcony partying, everybody saw them from the gym. That was it. Just a normal party, mate. Boys get a bit rowdy every now and again. We don't have any problems with them usually. Police have seized linen from the apartment after the woman complained she passed out and woke to find her clothing disturbed. Police say it's unclear at this point whether or not she was sexually assaulted. I heard a sheila's voice or something like that,

but nothing out of the usual. Earlier, following their win over South Sydney, Wests players and the group of women were drinking in Kings Cross, ending up at the Sapphire Suite, a club owned by a former Wests player. I've explained to the players that it is a serious matter and the parties have certain rights and we need to understand that it is out of our hands and the police will go through the process.

Wests player Ryan O'Hara lives at the apartment but has told friends he wasn't there and there is no suggestion he was involved in the alleged assault. It's understood the bed linen and DNA samples taken from Ryan O'Hara's apartment are currently undergoing forensic analysis. Police are expected to begin interviewing Wests Tigers players once the results of those tests are known. The investigation is being handled by the police Sex Crimes Unit.

John Hill, Ten News. Wild weather that's been lashing Australia's east coast has killed a man in Sydney. Wind and fire tormented Queensland as the worst drought in decades grips Victoria. Sydney bore the brunt of the fierce front... ..bringing thunder and lightning and heavy rain.

A waterfront worker trying to rescue a yacht from the wild weather paid a heavy price, falling from his dinghy. The 38-year-old was rushed to hospital but he died a short time later. The SES fielded 600 calls as trees came down and flash flooding trapped motorists. Gale-force winds whipped across Queensland's south-east.

The conditions proved a nightmare for firefighters.

We've got winds gusting up to 50 knots, and that's giving us a lot of heartburn at this point in time.

Smoke and flames closed roads across the region. A bit scary? Victoria's big dry continues - Premier Steve Bracks visiting stricken farmers in the State's far west, pledging a special task force to help them deal with the drought.

The dry conditions have meant a lean ski season. A rare dump overnight giving Victorian snow lovers at least one more weekend on the slopes. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. Coming up later in tonight's bulletin - a full report on the conditions in the snowfields. Still to come - the unfortunate events that led to a TV reporter falling foul of someone with a grudge.

Let's go! Leave him alone! And staying cool-headed on the catwalk amid a wardrobe malfunction.


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Twenty years ago, this place was a dump - literally. Now it's so alive. The birds are back. The frogs are back. It's all volunteer work. We need all types of skills. Some people come once a month. Some people come once a year. Others just can't stay away. They're crazy about it.

People like this are doing great work all around the State. We can always do with an extra pair of hands. Hey! # It's a living thing. # We've brought these wetlands back to life. This program is captioned live. The Queensland election campaign is winding up

with both parties accusing each other of dodgy accounting. But polls are predicting Labor will cruise to victory,

snatching an historic fourth term. Crisis after crisis for Peter Beattie's Government - a health system bleeding, water drying up. But it's done little to damage his electoral prospects. In order to lose, a government has to find someone to lose to. And that's the problem. The Government's standing has been boosted by embarrassing gaffes and slip-ups by a blundering Opposition.

Thank you very, very much... What's your name? Both leaders not even sure who'd lead the State if they won. It is a fanciful hypothetical and it is not what this State election is all about. The Nationals' Lawrence Springborg also pulled off the campaign trail due to the suicide of his father-in-law. There's no doubt voters are disgruntled - polls showing the Greens and Family First could snag 4% each

of the primary vote. It is quite possible Family First could play a significant part in determining the outcome of some seats in the State election. Steve Irwin's shock death in the last vital week taking politics off the front page.

Both leaders have yet to meet face to face, but they'll be doing that tomorrow in the traditional televised debate, when their big budget promises will also be scrutinised. We haven't promised things that we can't afford. Labor's grab for votes audited to cost $2 billion.

It claims the Opposition's is more than double that. I'm going into this election as the alternate premier. I'm not going in to lose it. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. A teenager held captive for eight years in a basement has spoken publicly for the first time about her ordeal. She says she dreamed of cutting off her kidnapper's head with an axe.

Her mother praising her courage to finally escape. Locked away from the world for eight long years, Natascha Kampusch spoke for the first time in an interview with Austrian television watched by millions. The 18-year-old reliving her life of loneliness, hunger and desperation.

This is where her kidnapper forced her to spend most of her teenage years - in a cramped cell beneath his home. She said, "I threw water bottles against the walls

"or banged against them with my fists so that maybe someone could hear me." Natascha was just 10 years old when she was abducted on her way to school.

"He grabbed me." "I tried to scream but no sound came out." Her eyes still sensitive to light after so many years in the dark.

A scarf hiding her strawberry-blonde locks to help protect her identity. We decided to show her face but not her hairs to avoid situations like we know from former years. Two weeks ago she managed to escape while the 44-year-old was on the phone. He jumped in front of a train when he heard she'd got away. She said he had always threatened to commit suicide. She wouldn't reveal if he had sexually assaulted her.

After the interview, her mother said she was deeply moved by her daughter's courage. "I was touched when she said she had made a pact with herself. "She demonstrated how strong she was in order to escape." Natascha's now dreaming of seeing the world on a cruise ship with her parents and perhaps one day becoming an actress. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. The life of a television reporter can be a dangerous one as one newshound in California found out. He's been beaten up by an accused con man, his cameraman recording the vicious confrontation. Rosa Baraza launched the attack her husband would finish. Stop the (bleep) camera right now! Oh yes, I will! Baraza was furious with Fox News reporter John Mattes

over a series of stories he'd done on her husband, accused real estate scammer Sam Suleiman.

Why do I have to... That's not appropriate, I don't give a (bleep). After giving the reporter what for, Rosa turned her attention on the cameraman. Stop it! I'm going to break the (bleep) camera. The news crew guessed there would be bigger trouble when husband Sam turned up. CAMERAMAN: Call the police. They weren't wrong. Suleiman began belting the reporter, continuing the attack even after one of his alleged real estate victims

tried to intervene. As her husband mauled the helpless journalist, Rosa kept mouthing off. You guys are trying to do to my life, you are invading my life. Realising she was unable to help Sam, Rosa said she was going to get a gun. She returned armed only with a rock. A bystander stepped in before she could use it. The first gun on the scene belonged to police officers. Get on the ground! John Mattes was treated for broken ribs, bite wounds and gashes. He still can't believe his story sparked such savagery. We're not talking about someone going a few rounds, we're talking about someone ripping, gouging, scratching and biting. Sam Suleiman and Rosa Baraza have been charged with assault and battery. Video evidence will be considered when a court decides whether they should spend time in jail.

In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Australian Fashion Week is embroiled in a weighty issue. A designer who used ordinary women to model her swimwear has been urged by organisers to instead use professionals. They're everyday women celebrating their bodies. MaraJoara's swimwear parade was the show stopper for Australian Fashion Week.

The glamorous event turned ugly - organisers contacting the designers, questioning the abilities of the normal-sized mannequins. Simon Locke said, "I'm concerned about the professionalism "of the show that you're about to put on. "We recommend that you use professional models." One of the young women who graced the runway claims the fashion industry too often sends the wrong message to girls. With the modelling business normally, it's very strict. The girls don't eat, so how can they be fun? With the event already suffering a drop in modesty, director Simon Locke has defended his offer of help.

We were really concerned about the way they were walking and some of their poses and some of the antics that were going on on the catwalk. The woman charged with making models out of normal women says all those involved naturally embraced the opportunity.

In fact, I think some of those models who were on stage last night

were probably more professional than most normal models are. The pros striking a pose today at the launch for the Spring Racing Carnival's fashion juggernaut. Even planning a mastectomy range, MaraJoara's design team says it intends on using more everyday women in its parades.

Absolutely. Allan Raskall, Ten News. Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan is next and Ryan, last night the coach was safe. Today the sackings start at Carlton? the first victims Yes, Sandra, we'll tell you of the Blues' internal review ahead of the finals. and all the team news of a football family. Also tonight - the musical youth

Lleyton's loss at Flushing Meadows. for the Wallabies. And the long and the short of it

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This program is captioned live.

After a week of turmoil,

remains in disarray. the once-proud Carlton Football Club have been sacked, Tonight, two of the coaching staff with more blood-letting sure to come. Ian Cohen has more details. Yes, good evening, Ryan.

Carlton Football Club has started, The fallout at the once-mighty trusted and long-time lieutenants, with two of Denis Pagan's

given their marching orders. in Tony Elshaug and Peter Mulkearns, and can you believe it? The crisis continues to deepen there tomorrow. There's going to be more talking with Denis tomorrow, I'm going to have a discussion the future, and we're going to talk about the assistant coaching position not only in respect of

the on-going leadership issues but clearly about

and we'll work it out from there.

Assistant Barry Mitchell, last night, who presented for the top job sure to be a hot topic of discussion. has been caught in the crossfire. And now club legend Stephen Silvagni as a peacemaker The deal that was to bring him in as an assistant to Pagan has fallen over.

No decision has been made on filling

any of the positions of any of the positions of assistant

coach and no offers have been made.

Another shambolic day at the Blue. Another shambolic day at the Blue.

Speaking of Inns and outs we have got

the Mall for the teams competing in

the Grand Final and we start in the

West were the Sydney Swans have had

one of their stars, Brett Kirk, Co one of their stars, Brett Kirk,

Down after rolling an ankle.

Down after rolling an ankle. We have

lost to so it is a barrier that we

have to jump over. Darren Jolly

also broke a finger in practice and also broke a finger in practice

that David would wander. Kirk, and

Embley are not in.

Embley are not in. They are looking

for inspiration for Saturday night's for inspiration for Saturday night's

final. The way we went down was is

that and it sticks in our stomach

and it hurts me and hopefully we can

stand tall with that. Across town

at the Fremantle Purple haze. This

is art 4th season. They have been

and some shoppers and some amazing lows

and some highs and the

and some highs and the better than

sex game with along York kicking the sex game with along York kicking

goal after the siren which was

better than sex. Their opponents,

the Adelaide crows have named an

unchanged line-up. Bartram, merlot

and are going out for the game and are going out for the game

against Sing Kilda. I would have

thought St Kilda had at that as much

pressure on them because they have pressure on them because they

been favourites for the last three

years. Squads for years. Squads for Sunday's eliminator - the Bulldogs has eliminator - the Bulldogs has Eagles

and an Faulkner in an Collingwood

have added Travis Cloke and have added Travis Cloke and Embley.

Another selection headache *

Another selection headache * Fort

Mick more cows. That is the great

dilemma we are in at the moment - we

have guys knocking on the doors but

they're not too many blokes that

have done stuff all things that

would warrant being dropped. All

your that finals action will be here on

your Premiership now work. to fame in the NFL Ben Graham's extraordinary rise has reached new heights appointed with the former Geelong super-boot co-captain of the New York Jets. to a leadership role, Graham is no stranger three seasons between 2000 and 2002. having skippered the Cats for in his new sport, And on the eve of his second season

one of New York's six leaders, he's been named the Jets in their season-opener The 32-year-old punter will lead

on Sunday. against the Tennessee Titans by the Newcastle Knights A landmark signing Mitchell Sargent, on a 3-year deal, securing disgraced Cowboys' foward,

by his former club just weeks after he was sacked for testing positive for cocaine. and Paul, the NRL gave its blessing? Paul Cochrane joins us now, I spoke to the NRL tonight Ryan, good evening, Mitchell Sargent's contract and I was told they will register but it's conditional. club drug-testing program. He will be the subject of a targeted over his previous indiscretion. He'll also undertake counselling to be given a second chance. Sargent himself says he's grateful and given a second chance, Making that huge mistake obviously win back the support I definitely want to... and the broader community. of my fans

their public image in all of this? Do they have concerns over is a definite no. Well, Ryan, the answer to that in today's media conference. Knights CEO Ken Conway was asked that stakeholders and sponsors over this. He said he spoke with the club's senior coach, Brian Smith, We also got in touch with next year's

the signing of Sargent. who has endorsed consultation with the NRL He said there's been ongoing

in him joining the club. to ensure there'd be no obstacles to re-register Mitchell Clearly if they weren't prepared under any circumstances, course of action that we have taken. then we wouldn't have taken the And the Knights are preparing of the finals series tomorrow night? for the first game conditions for the Knights today. That's right and it was testing I can tell you has been ruled out with an injury. that fullback Milton Thaiday He'll be replaced by David Seage. is Andrew Johns is back But the big news for Knights fans at training today, and despite a few handling errors coach Michael Hagan was adamant has had off the park the three weeks his star halfback

won't affect him at all. He's trained well, I think. He's gonna be jumping out of his skin tomorrow night

and we just need to make sure we're on board with him straightaway. And a big rumour surrounding who could coach the Roosters? Well, the big rumour doing the rounds at the moment is Wayne Bennett.

Now, that would be an interesting move, but it's unlikely to happen. The Broncos called a press conference to deny any suggestion

their foundation coach was headed to Sydney's eastern suburbs today. In fact, CEO Bruno Cullen even laughed off the rumour. I rang him - they tell me he's down the farm, but he might be having a cafe latte down at Bondi with Nick, hey? I dunno. That sounds like a pretty strong indication Wayne Bennett's going nowhere

so who else is in the mix? Well Ryan, just about everyone seems to be mentioned for the Roosters coaching job but name I can can tell you it won't be is Brad Fittler. Of course, he's done just about everything in the game - captained Australia to World Cup glory - and today he was receiving another accolade, an Order of Australia medal for services to rugby league. But he says for now, he's got no intention of adding the first grade coaching role to his list of achievements. And before I go, an interesting selection at the Dragons -

halfback Matthew Head chosen as their 19th man. He trained only lightly this afternoon, Nathan Brown to wait until match eve to decide whether he'll play. So Ryan, a very busy day in rugby league. For now, it's back to you. Parramatta star Eric Grothe has one eye on the Storm as they prepare for Sunday's crucial finals match. But the other eye is on his little brother, who's recovering from serious injury. Their common love is music. (Band plays rock music) Elite footballers are often treated like rock stars, but Eric Grothe has a real shot at being one. We just want to get some songs together and we'll start playing some gigs around Sydney and stuff, and just rip in and have a good time. For the flying Parramatta and NSW Origin winger, music provides a distraction from the pressures of playing professional football and a career option. COMMENTATOR: Eric Grothe Jr has run 90m! For brother Daniel, the band is a lifeline. His own promising rugby league career came to an abrupt end four months ago when playing for the Narellen Jets in country NSW. I just thought it was something muscular. I just went home and had a couple of Panadeine

and went to sleep, and woke up the next morning and I just couldn't really move. He needed urgent spinal surgery. Cut right down my neck, put four screws and a plate in my neck, so that's there permanently.

I'll lose 20% movement all up, so it's a bit stiff, but I'm getting better every day. He's copped it on the chin and handled it really well, so I don't know what another bloke would have handled it like, but he's been very mature about it. He's just happy that he walked out of the hospital. Some people aren't so lucky. While Daniel now sits to play the bass, he still drives the rhythm of the band, who are yet to come up with a name, but do have a guru - a Hoodoo Guru. The band's really tight, and they sound to me like they've been playing a long time, and, you know, when he says it's a hobby, I think it's more than a hobby for them, because they're really good. A self-confessed rugby league tragic, Rick asked his mate Shane Webcke to go easy on Eric. I said, "If you've got to tackle him, "don't tread on his hands - he's got to record." Music courses through the veins of the Grothes. Eric Sr could strum as well as run. Now Eric Jr and Daniel, with a couple of mates from school, have picked up the ball and run with it.

Mark Chester for Sports Tonight. Lleyton Hewitt's US Open campaign is over after a crushing straight-sets quarter-final loss to American, Andy Roddick. Roddick now in one of the men's semis

but in a shock, Rafael Nadal was knocked out.

Lleyton Hewitt blasted off the court by Andy Roddick

in the battle of the former US Open champs, and he wasn't the only one battered and bruised by the big American's stellar service game. COMMENTATOR: He just clocks an ace and clocked the lines lady. Did you see that? Hewitt looking timid against the Roddick onslaught, uncharacteristically quiet, even during a brief second-set fightback. That's better. How about a little "C'mon"? The American rallying his home crowd. He was after a quick kill. Oh, Andy Roddick playing it up for the crowd.

Cannot miss a shot at the moment. Hewitt humbled with the straight-sets rout, and it was an opportunity sorely missed

after Spanish sensation Rafael Nadal crashed out of the tournament

earlier in the day to unseeded Russian Mikhail Youzhny. It's wide! Upset of the tournament. The 54th-ranked Youzhny becoming the tournament's Cinderella story, qualifying for his first Grand Slam semifinal. While on the other side of the draw, Roger Federer rolled on, the world No.1 cruising into the quarters in straight sets. And a tough night for Maria Sharapova, stretched to tie breaks twice in her straight-sets win over France's Tatiana Golovin. Anthony Goodridge for Sports Tonight.

It's back to the bad old days for the Socceroos, criticised for a lacklustre performance in their upset Asian Cup loss to Kuwait. The home team posted its first win in 13 matches and, despite being bolstered by European-based players, the Aussies struggled in the heatwave conditions. The Socceroos unable to put away a team of part-timers ranked 95 in the world. Debutant Ryan Griffiths's miss summed up a disappointing showing against Kuwait. COMMENTATOR: Oh! How did he miss from there? Ryan Griffiths - an absolute sitter! It was a punishing clash - John Aloisi with some battle scars. Australia didn't grab its chances, admitting the scorching night temperatures of around 40 degrees affected them.

Some players losing up to 3.5kg by the end of the match.

The hosts sharp with two slick second-half goals. Good ball. Goal, Kuwait! They looked a lot sharper and fresher than us. The heat conditions didn't help us at all tonight. It was very hot and humid out there. Socceroos coach Graham Arnold says his team's limited preparation hurt them, The mental letdown from the World Cup another negative. They're still carrying a bit of a hangover from the World Cup

because the excitement level at the World Cup was so massive, and with motivation, it can be a problem. But one former Socceroo felt there should be no excuses. Kuwait did really, really well. We did very poorly. We created very little, structurally we didn't look as though

we were on the same tactical plan of the whole team. In a lot of ways it was back to the bad, old ways.

Despite having already qualified for the Asian Cup finals, Australia needs to beat Bahrain in Sydney next month

to finish at the top of their group. Trent Higgs for Sports Tonight. Still on soccer, and France has served up sweet revenge for their World Cup heartache, defeating Italy 3-1 in the European Championship qualifiers. Sidney Govou blasted home the first goal before a fortunate deflection handed Thierry Henry the second.

The Stade de France fans were back on their feet when Govou made it a double. Les Bleus still undefeated in their qualifying campaign.

It continued to snow here in the mountains today,

lightly, but adding to the goods from yesterday's widespread falls. And it is set to continue for the next few days. This means the fair cover is improving. It is now soft and fresh, dry up high, wet lower down, all on top of a firm base. Thredbo has a 25cm layer of fresh stuff on the upper slopes so lay tracks on Carol's or blast down the Super Trail from top to bottom. 10cm has fallen at Zali's.

Unfortunately no riding is available at Selwyn snowfields. The Victorian resorts also received a good coating of life. According to the bureau, this snow isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. It is forecast to fall on and off through until Sunday so it should be a weekend full of freshies. This is Madeleine Hubbard in Thredbo for Sports Tonight. Play of the Day time now, and it was a tall tale for the Wallabies in the lead-up to this weekend's clash with the Springboks.

The team mixing it with some of the NBA big men who were in Jo'Burg for a basketball promotion. Skipper George Gregan brought down to size by the 231cm former player Manute Bol. And while the b-ball greats would make brilliant line-out jumpers, they're happy to stick to the court. I don't see myself getting there. I would break those long legs in two seconds. So for giving the Wallabies someone to look up to, these guys get our Play of the Day.

That is the best sports - the That is the best sports - the news Justin and pictures

Justin and pictures of Paris Hilton's

arrest will bring us to surely. To finance news, and the Australian stock market recovered from an early plunge. The weather - Before we go, first pictures of the Paris Hilton arrest tonight.

The heiress has been charged with drink-driving, police pulling her over claiming she appeared intoxicated behind the wheel. The pop starlet had to perform a sobriety test, which she failed. Her spokesman tonight confirming Hilton has been charged and released. The legal drink-drive limit in California is 0.08. And that's the latest from Ten News.

Bill Woods will have the Early News at 6am.

I'm Sandra Sully. From the Late News Team, goodnight.

Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.