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9/11: The Day The World Changed -

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64 degrees at eight o'clock. RADIO DJ: Good morning. It's Tuesday, September 11. Here's what's happening. I'm Lee Harris. and the polls are open... It's primary day within or visit New York WOMAN: You couldn't live without getting a tour of the tower. And if you were really intrepid, you might actually go to the roof. 21-10, you've got it coming in WOMAN ON POLICE RADIO:

on the 97th floor - people trapped. from Building No. 2 Stay where you are. MAN ON POLICE RADIO: World Trade Center buildings MAN ON TELEPHONE: When the "When those are finished, were going up, my dad told me, "we're gonna go up on the top." will last for a thousand years. My dad said, "These buildings "They'll be here forever." INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER

to work. MAN: It was a terrific place

the curvature of the earth. And on a clear day, you could see I said, "No, it's not possible.

is going to end this way." "It's not possible that my life WOMAN 2: Can we break a window? to get some air. MAN 2: Whatever you have to do Break a window, somebody! in your body is screaming. MAN 3: It was really... Every fibre here. You gotta get outta here." It's like, "You gotta get outta (Woman coughs and sobs) give you a hand here. MAN 4: OK, let's a VIP to get down. Come on, guys. We got ourselves INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER Your coffee is served now. (Sighs) Thanks! You saved my life! You trying to kill us all? MAN 5: What the hell are you doing?

Tell the boys I love them. WOMAN 3: Tell the boys.

I'm afraid so. British, huh? So, where are you from - London? a place called Hayling Island. I'm from the south coast - CRASH! MAN: Holy shit!

from this moment, NARRATOR: In less than two hours will be in ruins, both towers of the World Trade Center will have been hijacked and crashed, a further three aircraft changed forever. and thousands of lives SIRENS WAIL

the heart of the unfolding disaster This film looks at the events at the people who were there, through the eyes of and shows minute by minute

the World Trade Center what really happened inside on the day America came under attack.

(Screams) MAN 2: I heard the bang. MAN: Holy shit.

something. He goes, "Look outside." I thought it was thunder or I said, "Holy shit! I looked outside. hit it or something." "It looks like a plane around the world Billions of TV viewers of the unfolding events, have grandstand views know almost nothing. but people inside the towers No, no - it's an explosion. inside out The man who knows the twin towers Frank De Martini. is Construction Manager What do you think it was? He has overseen the rebuilding work following a bomb attack in 1993. What, above us? I don't know. I just don't know. be getting out of here? Whatever it was, shouldn't we Hey, do you know what happened? Frank! moved 10, maybe 12 feet. No idea. I'd say the building What's it like out there? More like 20. People pretty shocked. Lot of debris. Yeah. Yeah. Can they clear it? Honey... (Coughs) Alan's office, maybe - Find somewhere less smoky - a way out. and stay there till they find check out the rest of the floor. Mak, Pablo and me, we're gonna also works at the World Trade Center Frank's wife, Nicole, for an engineering firm. as a structural inspector over radio) (Woman speaks indistinctly If the slip joints held, yeah. You think the building's alright? Right here. Mak, get your gear! Yeah? Mak!

Try to persuade him to come down. OK. Please. SIRENS WAIL American Airlines Flight 11 six floors of the north tower. instantly destroys to be smoke- and fire-resistant, Though all levels were designed the remaining floor to the top smoke penetrates through within a minute of the impact. SMOKE ALARM TRILLS

Um, listen up, everybody. everybody, please. Everyone? Listen up, we've gotta stay calm. OVER P.A.: Everyone, please - Can you listen up? the emergency services. I am going to call They will be with us shortly, OK? This morning, in charge of at Windows on the World the conference suites is Christine Olender. We need to check the elevators. Sir, could you do that, please?

Elevators. Out there. Thank you. All the phone calls Christine makes this morning to the Port Authority Police Department are recorded and transcribed. MAN ON PHONE: Port Authority Police. Officer Maggett. Yes, hi. This is Christine, assistant GM of Windows. We're getting no direction up here. We're having a smoke condition. We have most people on the 106th floor -

the 107th floor is way too smoky. We need to know where to direct our guests and our employees as soon as possible. OK, we're doing our best, ma'am. We've got the Fire Department, everybody. We're trying to get up to you, alright? Call back in two or three minutes and we'll find out what directions you should try to get out. Uh, you know, our guests are scared. Are Stairways A, B and C blocked off and smoky? Yes. OK then. Call back in two minutes.


MAN: You're on the air right now. Uh... Go ahead, what can you tell us? WOMAN: This just in. You are looking at obviously a very disturbing live shot there. That is the World Trade Center, and we have unconfirmed reports this morning that a plane has crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Center. Clearly something relatively devastating happening this morning there on the south end of the island of Manhattan.

Just six floors below the impact, financial trader Hong Zhu and his co-workers have no idea what has happened. RECORDED MESSAGE: Sorry, your call cannot be taken right now. Please hold the line. HONG: We just suddenly felt there was a...big shake. A rumble. I say we go - I say we go now. We can't just hang around waiting. And after that initial rumble, we looked around.

The ceiling's caved in and we didn't know what happened. Come on, kiddo. We need to get out of here. Hong's co-workers include Harry Ramos, head trader. You're not coming with us? I think we should stay here and wait for instructions. But why? It's an emergency. Somehow I remembered in 1993 there was an incident in World Trade Center

and some people died not because of the bomb, but because they were stepped upon exiting the building. Hong, the building just moved 10 feet. It's not safe. MAN: Folks, come on. Gotta go! No. I'm staying. Then good luck. Yeah, you too. See you at Mac's for lunch. DOOR CLOSES Sorry, your call cannot be taken right now. Please hold the line. Within minutes of the first impact, the 911 phone system is clogged with people calling the emergency services. OVERLAPPING TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS

People from inside the towers, as well as their families and friends,

are calling the Port Authority Security Command Center for instructions and information. We want you out the building, ma'am. Sir, there are emergency services on their way to you. Evacuate the building. Emergency services are on their way. Most of the people who are able to choose to evacuate the north tower.

Others choose not to. And for a very simple reason - they have been told not to. WOMAN OVER P.A.: All personnel, Please remain at your desks. HUBBUB All personnel, remain at your desks. WOMAN: Hi, I'm calling on the 43rd floor. What are we supposed to do? We want you out the building, ma'am. Do not use the elevator. Use the stairwells. Evacuate the building. But they're saying not to. WOMAN ON P.A.: All personnel remain... Listen! Please remain at your desks. I'm gonna put you on hold. WOMAN: Could you just hold the line for a sec? P.A.'s telling them to stay where they are. What? Can't we turn it off from here? No.

With the plane's impact, the building's vital systems have begun to malfunction and its structure is damaged. Even 70 levels below the impact, ceilings are buckled and doors jammed. This is SCC. Hello? Hello? We need some assistance.

Shit. Because of the angle of impact of Flight 11, all stairwells and elevator shafts to the upper levels are cut off. Over 1,300 people are trapped. There is no way out and no rescue plan.

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(People cough) Sir? Sir, did you check out the elevators? Yeah, but they're all burned out. Right. Um...we need water. (Coughs) The faucets aren't working. Can you please try to find some bottled water - water from the vases, anything? Thank you. MAN ON TELEPHONE: Hello. PAPD. Hi, this is Christine calling from the north tower of the World Trade Center. We need help. What is your situation, Christine? Right now we need a safe haven. Can you direct us to a certain quadrant... Alright, ma'am, I have to get on the radio as soon as possible, as soon as humanly possible. The people are asking whether we can break the windows. They can't breathe. Um, can we break the windows?

No. For the moment, do not break the windows. So what do we do? Call back in two or three minutes. Oh, thanks. Great. Um... Check out the roof. The roof?! Yeah, there's a service exit onto the roof. It's usually locked, but you never know. (Coughs)

SIRENS WAIL I watched it! I seen it all. Wow! Heard the boom. MAN: And I said, "Look at the smoke!" HUBBUB

MAN: Once we turned the corner onto Canal Street, what we saw was... ..was a nightmare. I was looking at 20 floors of fire, which translated into 20 acres of fire. And...I'm thinking to myself, "How are we gonna deal with this?"

OK, come on, guys. Move it through. Watch your step. Come on. Come on! Come on, fellas. New York Fire Department crews arrive at the north tower within minutes of the first plane hitting. OK, tools down, fellas. Among them, captain of Ladder Company 6, Jay Jonas.

OK, check your packs. One of the firemen from Rescue 1 said what we were all thinking - he came out and he said, "We may not live through today." And we all looked at him and said, "You're right." And we stopped and we took the time to shake each other's hands and wish each other good luck. Not yet, guys. They've had their orders. We haven't had ours yet.

Out of all those guys I was surrounded by, I'm the only one who's alive. They all perished. Still unsure of what to do, Hong Zhu continues trying to get instructions from the 911 operators. ALARM WAILS

For Harry Ramos and those who have chosen to evacuate, the gravity of their situation is becoming all too clear. (All cough) It's better through here. Anybody got any water? Ah, terrific. Get a piece of fabric - clothing, handkerchief, anything. Here - I've got my lucky shirt here. Put some water on it, then we can breathe through it.

Does this colour suit me? Right, let's go find a stairwell. I don't trust the elevators. Everybody OK back there? The stairs of both towers are very narrow - only two people wide. Each tower has three stairwells,

but in order to accommodate lift shafts and machinery, Two of them do not descend in a straight line. Anyone trying to get out must cross the building to continue their journey down. (Sighs) What do you think, guys? Try another one? Yeah, I say we go back to the sky lobby. Maybe take an elevator if it's working - if not, find another stairwell. Is everybody cool with that? OK, let's go. Least it beats going to the gym, huh? (Chuckles) Tell me about it. While many wait in their offices and others try the long journey down, some can't go anywhere. On the way from breakfast in the staff canteen when the plane hit are Port Authority employees Jan Demczur and Al Smith. We dropped a few floors. Five, maybe ten. Yeah? So what do we do now? For all they know, it could simply be a routine fault with their elevator. WOMAN OVER P.A.: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Port Authority. We have a large explosion in the building. And finally a voice came over the intercom - not the recording that it normally gives.

A voice came over, said, "We have had a large explosion in the building." We have a large explosion in the buil... STATIC And that was it. And there was no more. And, boom - the line went dead. Tell them to get us outta here! You gonna send someone to help us get out of here? We have some problems, I think.

And we never speak again with the man on the intercom. MAN: Shit! When you're inside, you feel like a cat in a cage. I don't have any clue what happened outside the elevator or in the building. Al said, "We have to make a decision. "Nobody gonna come and help us." I think we're gonna have to find our own way out.

We've blocked the doors with wet Kleenex, and that sucks up some of the smoke. The trapped security room operators are now dealing with

an emergency inside their office as well as outside. But we still can't get out. PHONES RING Thanks. (Hangs up)

Hello? Hi. This is Melanie. I'm with the conference.

We're trying to get up onto the roof, but we can't. I see. Where exactly are you? I'm not sure what number. The door won't open.

Yeah, you need a swipe card. Well, we haven't bloody got one.

Well, in that case, I...I can't help you. Can you open them from down there? I'm sorry, we're not able to do that from here. So what are we going to do? I'm afraid you're gonna have to find a way down. We've tried, but we can't. Well, then you're gonna have to wait for the emergency services to come to you. I'm sorry. I...

I see. (Whispers) Shit. Even if Melanie and the other delegates could make it onto the roof, escape is impossible. There are no official plans for helicopter evacuations and pilots have already decided the risks of trying are too high.

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WOMAN: Alright. Just through here. That's it. Keep low. Watch your heads. BANG! That's it. Alright. Everything's fine.

Come on, sir. Nearly there. That's it. That's it. Janet, you take them through. (Coughs)

Frank! Oh, Frank, are you hurt? No, no, no. I'm fine. Do we know what happened? No. But whatever it was, you're leaving. The stairwell's clear. But what about you? Aren't you coming? When I get everyone out, I'll come down. Now, please, Frank... No, look, look. There are people trapped up here. I know this building. I know how to get them out. Now, I know what you're thinking.

Don't. I'll be fine. Seriously. And that's where Frank would always cross the line. I mean, you would say, "OK, I've done what I can do. "I'm gonna get out of here." And Frank just never had that point. Frank? I say we check out the tech room. Sure. Hey, hey, I'll see you in a few minutes, huh? Come on. Let's go!

NARRATOR: Just one floor above Frank is Rick Bryan, a manager at insurance company MetLife. MAN: And I'll often say it was as if a... ..on a summer evening sometimes, every year or maybe every other year,

you hear a thunderclap and the thunder rolls in like no other time with a slowly building crescendo. And that's how it was on that day when the plane hit. And I'm one step into the hallway, holding the door open, and I was struck by the blackness that was in front of me.

It was the deepest, the richest black that I had ever seen.

Anybody there?! And I'm thinking to myself, "You know, you have the keys to the door. "You can easily open the door and go back from where you came." Hello?! "But can you be certain that your keys are going to work?"

Hello?! And I was frightened. I was very frightened. So, instead of continuing down the hall, I went back into our office and let the door...close. If I had gone down the hallway and died,

it would have been better than living with this knowledge of, "Hey, you know what? "When it came right down to it, I was a coward." And it was actually our two coworkers on the other side down that hallway that ended up dying...on that day. And I often think now, "Perhaps I should have continued... down that hallway."

(All grunt with exertion) (Man reads) "50." MAN: I wouldn't say panic. I would say, uh, people was beginning to... I know I was. ..was beginning to get a little edgy.

Yeah. (Sighs) So what do we do now? We make a hole. Ugh! (Kicks wall) MAN: But it's concrete. No, it's not. It's Sheetrock. Hey, he's right! It''s Sheetrock. It''s plasterboard. WOMAN ON PHONE: This is Christine again on Windows. (Woman coughs) We have to have air. The fresh air is going down fast. I am not exaggerating! MAN ON PHONE: Uh, ma'am, I know you're not exaggerating. We're getting a lot of these calls. We're sending the fire department up as soon as possible. What are we going to do for air?

Ma'am, the fire department is on its way. Can we break a window?! You can do whatever you have to do to get air. Break a window, somebody! BREAK A WINDOW! GLASS BREAKS

SIREN WAILS Where are you going? We're not gonna get out of here. You know that, don't you? No, help is on its way. We just have to wait. Nobody's coming. It's just us. No. Don't. WOMAN: Oh, my God! He jumped! (People cough)

THUMPING Hey! Hey, no! Stop! What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to kill us all? You break the window, you're gonna let the air in! Get away from the window! This whole place will be in flames in minutes. Come on!

BRYAN: And I saw coming down behind them outside a... It looked like a suit or something. ..a man's suit. And I said to myself... Why would anyone do that? .."Who would throw a suit out the window? "What is that about?" WOMAN: Oh, he jumped! Save his soul, Lord.

Oh, God. NARRATOR: More than a hundred people jump or fall from the upper floors of the north tower. RADIO CHATTER Neither Christine nor anyone else makes any calls from Windows on the World after 9:40am. We went to her apartment and then... Her, uh, answering machine was... ..just...full with messages. No more could be... Friends were calling her. Because my son took...listened to the the end.

And that answering machine we brought home... That... I have it. NARRATOR: Just 130 feet away in Building 2, the south tower, the picture is confused. Some people have seen or heard the disaster which struck the north tower. Without waiting for the picture to clear, many have taken the decision to evacuate.

MAN ON P.A.: If you are in the midst of evacuation, you may use the re-entry doors and elevators to return to your office. I repeat, Building 2 is secure. NARRATOR: Given the risk of large numbers of civilians outside in the plaza blocking access for police and firemen, announcements make it clear that the south tower is safe. P.A.: If you are in the midst of evacuation, you may use the re-entry doors and elevators to return to your office.

I repeat, Building 2 is secure. There is no need to evacuate Building 2. Lost a lot of valuable... really valuable time. Stanley Praimnath has come from his office on the 81st floor. But even as he is leaving, building staff are turning people back... Go back upstairs. ..convincing them it would be safer if they stay where they are. MAN: Had I known, had I known, had I known that this building was on fire next door and a plane had gone into this building, I would never have gone back up. I would have gone straight home. MAN OVER P.A.: Building 2 is secure. There is no need to evacuate Building 2. SIRENS WAIL

I'm not sure about this, guys! MAN: We got no choice. (People cough) BRYAN: within short order, it became clear that we had to leave because the smoke was getting... it was getting frightening. (People continue coughing) ELECTRICITY CRACKLES

Shit! Hey, guys! This way! Follow me. BRYAN: The smoke was so thick and so black

and I could not see. And as I'm walking down the hall through this blackness - blackness - I'm thinking to myself, "Well, you're going to die of suffocation, of smoke inhalation. "How many breaths do you need to take of smoke-filled air "before you actually pass out? "Is the it measured in the number of breaths? "Or is it measured in a number of minutes? "Is there a period of time when you're breathing in smoke

"that you can feel yourself being overcome, "or does it happen instantaneously?" I did not know. And...I was annoyed at myself for not knowing. (Pants) Let's try this way, huh? (People cough) WOMAN: That's right. That's right. Yes, sir. You have a 2:30 followed by a 4:15. BRYAN: In this confined area with the door closed now,

it actually seemed quite safe.

Well, I'll see what I can do, but we're having a bit of... problems with the phone. MAN ON PHONE: Why? WOMAN: When they came in, I was surprised that they were there. Well, we have a situation here! MAN ON PHONE: What kind of situation? And then I was even more surprised an office that was on fire. that they had just come out of a fire extinguisher? I'm sorry. Do you have

On the wall above the cupboard. Oh, thanks.

Yes, sir. right now, sir. Well, I can't do that No. You don't seem to understand. around here right now. There's a lot going on Yes, sir. Thanks. first thing tomorrow, sir. I'll do it "Look, you have to do something." BRYAN: I said to myself, Within two seconds, I was trying to accomplish. I realised what a ridiculous task with this stream of fluid I was trying to put out this inferno than a quarter of an inch wide. that couldn't have been more from my chest. My heart went into my throat... I knew we were in trouble. And at that point,

right now. Please hold the line. WOMAN ON PHONE: ..cannot be taken

right now. Please hold the line. Sorry, your call cannot be taken the main elevator hallway NARRATOR: Harry Ramos has reached on the 78th floor.


(All yelp) LIGHTS EXPLODE OK, forget the elevators. We need to get across and try and find a stairwell on the other side that's OK. Let's go. But be careful. (Coughs)

(People cough)

Everybody OK back there? MAN: Yeah, they're fine. MAN: Yeah. Shit! Oh! Ah! OK. Last one, and I'm feeling lucky.

(Laughs) I knew I was feeling lucky. Oh! of here in no time. Come on. We'll be out take the rest of the day off. You know what I think? I might (Laughs) I'll join you. MAN: Ah, that's better. How you going, folks?

cannot be taken right now... WOMAN ON PHONE: Sorry, your call (Opens door) in the building is heading down, NARRATOR: Whereas nearly everyone three civilians are heading up - Pablo Ortiz and Mak Hanna. Frank De Martini,

This way. Down there.

MAN: Sure. I got to call my sister. TDM. Diana speaking. WOMAN ON PHONE: Good morning. Is Nina there? Yeah, Diana, it's Frank. I need you to get a message to her. No, Frank. Sure. explosion at the World Trade Center. There's, uh...there's been another I need you to find her right away and tell her that me and Nicole are fine. I don't want her to hear about it on the radio. Well, sure, of course. What about you? Are you OK? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Listen, I gotta go. Thanks, Diana.

This way, down. Hey, let's keep moving, huh? right through here. This way. Come on, That's it. Keep going.

Shortly after 9am, Jay Jonas, captain of Ladder 6, to go up the north tower. is receiving his orders and he shook his head He just closed his eyes your guys upstairs and he says, "Just take "and do the best you can." And out of the corner of my eye, shadow on the ground... I saw a big black BOOM!

from the outside and said, ..and a man came running in "A plane just crashed. the World Trade Center." "A plane just crashed into bound for Los Angeles United Airlines Flight 175 the south tower, at 9:03am, hits Building 2, Building 1 was hit. less than 17 minutes after We still don't know about... MAN: No, no, no, no.

view of the impact One man who gets an extraordinary is Stanley Praimnath. He has just returned to his office from the ground floor lobby. WOMAN ON INTERCOM: You may wish to start an orderly evacuation. Yeah, I guess. Uh... a phone in my hand. I'm standing up with We're fine.

that I bought when I was coming up My coffee and bagel still sits there on the desk. Statue of Liberty, the direction of, And I'm looking towards the with the phone in my hand, caught my eyes. and that's when the plane on me, eye-level eye contact. And this plane is bearing down JET ENGINES WHINE I'm hypnotised, standing up there.

I'm not having time to react.

it's getting bigger, bigger, bigger. All I'm looking at is this plane and You take over." "Lord, I can't do this. And I dove under my desk.

MAN: There's another jet going... WOMAN: What the hell is that?! OH, MY GOD! OH, MY GOD! Holy FUCK! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! WOMAN: Yow. that apparently does look like That...that... building at this point. it is in the other

MAN: That's terrorists.

That's fucking terrorists. a new explosion just happened WOMAN ON PHONE: But he said on the 80th floor. at 2 World Trade Center MAN: Holy fuck! The plane hits the south tower between the 77th and the 85th floors. Because the plane struck at an angle, one staircase to these floors is, for a short while, passable. piece of luck. And there is another extraordinary the bizarre thing is... PRAIMNATH: The strange thing... ..the phone starts to ring. trying to dial me, I don't know who is but the phone is ringing. "I gotta be dreaming. And I'm saying to myself, "This is not real. the plane crashes, you die. "In a real world,

I got to be dreaming. "This is not real. "I live!" Help! Help! LIGHTS BUZZ, COUGHING Some offices on the impact floors of a fireball. are spared the devastation of Brian Clark. One of them is the office COUGHING MAN: What was that? building moved to the Hudson River The sensation was that our whole a distance of 6ft-8ft. and kept moving I know that sounds preposterous. I don't know, And whether it did move 6ft-8ft,

but that was the sensation. that, "We're going over." And I had this terrifying thought Everyone OK? COUGHING In a split second, absolutely disintegrated. our room just It was as if a demolition crew had been given all the right equipment - sledgehammers and crowbars... "Go through and destroy this space a whole day to do it." "and you've got But it happened in an instant. There's a good chance of fire. OK. Listen up. as soon as possible. We have to exit this building No time to get your stuff. Just follow me.

COUGHING MAN: We're going down? Yeah. We're going down. (Mutters) Oh, God. COUGHING Wait, wait, wait. Where are you going?

It's bad down there. Smoke, flames. Real bad. I understand. I understand. But trust me, we have to get out of the building and the only way out is down. MAN: I say we go back up. MAN: Yeah, me too. I don't know when... Look, I say we keep going, check it out, see if we can't find a different way down. Look, it's bad upstairs but it's not gonna get any better. But what if we can't find a way out? Well, then we'll just have to see.

What about the roof? MAN: No way! MAN: Help! Help! MAN: It's rubble... What was that? Help! Let's go, let's go. CLARK: I heard this noise inside the 81st floor, this sort of banging and this voice screaming for help - "Help! Help! I'm buried! Is anybody there? "I can't breathe!" And I said, "Come on, Ron, we've got to get this guy."

Is there anybody in here? As I went through the gap sideways, I saw the rest of the group on the stairwell and they all went up and they all died that day. ALARM BLARES OK, let's round everyone up, check they're OK, see who's missing.

I'll call Emergency Services again... Alayne Gentul is director of human resources at private bankers Fiduciary Trust. Look, check outside to see if you can find... Yeah, yeah, OK, I'm on it. One of the first calls she makes is to her husband, Jack.

JACK ON PHONE: Alayne? Yeah. Me. First thing I said was, "Thank God you're alright,"

and she said, "Well, not really." I said, "Well, what do you mean?" Well, I don't know. I heard some sort of explosion below us. I don't know what it was. Then I said, "Well, it doesn't make sense "because the plane hit the other building - "it didn't hit your building."

And she said, "Well, there was some kind of explosion beneath us."

And I didn't know what to make of that. And she said, "Well..." We're trying to figure out what we should be doing. Yeah. It's getting really hot in here and there's smoke coming out of the vents. She didn't know whether they should stay or leave and she didn't know what to do about the situation that was growing worse. MAN: Alayne, it doesn't look good. Huh? I had no idea that there was a plane that hit her building. She had no idea that a plane hit that building. (Sighs)

MUFFLED RUMBLING PRAIMNATH: And I'm screaming, "Lord, I don't want to die. "Please send somebody, anybody, to help me."

And as I'm screaming, I realise I'm temporarily deaf. I couldn't hear. COUGHING, LIGHTS EXPLODE MAN: Help! I can't stand the smoke! I gotta go! (Coughs) Hey, look, you go back and join the others. It's OK. (Continues coughing) Hello?

(Man coughs) Hello? Is there anybody in here? PRAIMNATH: And I crawled the entire length of the loans department toward the lounge, into the computer room and the communication room. And that's the farthest I could've gotten because one lousy Sheetrock wall stood firm, blocking my path.

Hello? Hello? Hey, is someone there? Yeah. I can't see you. Keep going. LIGHT EXPLODES Wha... I can't see you. CLARK: I turned my flashlight toward the voice. Yeah. Yeah, I got you. What I remember asking him was, "What is your name?" He said, "Brian Clark." "What are the chances for you to have a flashlight?" He said, "I'm a fire warden." Down to your left. CLARK: But I suddenly heard this person saying, "Can you see my hand? Can you see my hand?" Here. Can you see my hand? Can...can you see my hand? LOW-LEVEL CONVERSATION MAN: It's OK. You'll be alright. MAN: OK, guys, here's the deal... ..and it's a raw one. We have to go to the upper floors for search and rescue. Only thing is we can't use the elevators so we're gonna take Stairwell B. 10 floors at a time. 10 floors, quick rest, 10 more.

I told them...I says, "They're trying to kill us, boys." I says, "Let's go to work." And to their credit, every single one of them, they looked at me and says, "OK, Cap, we're with you." There was thousands of people upstairs that needed our help and that's where we had to go. As Jay Jonas is beginning his journey up the tower,

many others are coming down. There are over 200 flights of stairs in each tower. To get out of the building by foot takes over 50 minutes. But that's what most of those inside the north tower are still trying to do. And for some, that is not so easy.

One of those who is unable to get out on his own is Victor Wald. WOMAN: Now, he made it from the 83rd floor down to the 59th floor, so he made it down over 25 flights. Sir? Do you need a hand? I just think probably he just became more frightened, which means you just become, you know... can't move your legs anymore. I'll send someone back up to find you, OK? LOW-LEVEL CONVERSATION I'll just hold you back. Go on. Oh, no, Victor. You stay, I stay. I don't know why he was drawn to Victor. I have no idea why. You guys don't need to hang around. Why don't you take off?

I'll meet you downstairs when we get there. They had no connection. They didn't know each other at all. You know, he just could've walked by him like a lot of people would've done. You got any kids? Yeah, two daughters. Why? How old are they? (Sighs) 9 and 13.

The eldest just had her bat mitzvah. Oh. Don't you think she'd want to know that you're safe? Maybe. Yeah. Hmm. What's her name? Alexandra. I tell you what, why don't we get you out of here and then you can get home and tell Alexandra and your other daughter

that you're OK? (Softly) OK. Come on. Let's get you on your feet. HONG: That was when I saw Harry was helping a gentleman who I did not know, and quite slowly. Hey, you decided to take the day off after all. Hong, this is Victor. Victor, this is Hong. We're gonna help him get out of here. Hey, Victor. Tell you what, guys, I really could use a beer. Hey, guys, wait up. Yeah. OK, guys, let's take a rest here. (Firemen pant)

Drink some water. JONAS: We're at war with somebody. I don't know who we're at war with but we're at war with somebody. Check your packs. We leave again in two. Not only the United States is a target but right where I'm standing is... a major target. Now, was there gonna be a third one? Was there gonna be a fourth one?

We didn't know. (Pants) What the hell's it going to be like up there? (Continues panting) Guys, are you ready? OK, let's go. On the 81st floor of Building 2, the south tower, Brian Clark and Stanley Praimnath are still divided by a mounting of debris. (Strains) (Coughs) You're gonna have to climb over the top. I'm not sure I can do that. Well, you're gonna have to. CLARK: I said, "The only way out is you to go over this. You must." And I climbed up on some stuff and looked down at him, and he scrambled up like a cat and I tried to grip... He fell down once. I said, "You must do this." PRAIMNATH: And this person behind this wall is telling me if I want to live I must climb over. He says, "You jump on the other side, I'll catch you." (Strains) He said, "Hallelujah, I've been saved," which sort of took me aback. This man really thought I was crazy.

I don't know how to thank a man who just saved my life. I reached down, I hugged this man and I gave him a kiss. And he gave me this great big kiss. This man says, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you doing?" He says, "Brian Clark." And he said, "I'm Stanley. We'll be brothers for life." I said, "Well, that's great." As we started to dust ourselves off, I said... Well, that works for me. I never had a brother. And now I do.

(Laughs) Hey, are you OK? Your hand - it looks nasty. What about you? (Laughs) This can't be real. I can't believe we're alive. (Laughs) Well, let's keep it that way.

Up or down? Down. Well, you lead the way. You're the lifesaver around here. This man put his hand around my shoulder and he says, "Come on, buddy. Let's go home." And the first time in my life, I cried like a baby 'cause nobody never showed me that kind of compassion in my life before. A total stranger.

WOMAN ON PHONE: I heard from her. 100th floor, World Trade Center. WOMAN ON PHONE: 100th? She was able to speak? Just, um...barely.

MAN ON PHONE: Alayne, can you hear me OK? Yes. Alright. Good. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to try and get... The sprinklers not working was a mystery and so I got somebody from the engineering department

to talk to her about that, and he got on the phone. No. Not there. There isn't one. What? I want you to hit it. He advised that they should get somebody to hit the sprinkler head with a shoe. Hit it. (Grunts) (Continues hitting sprinkler) And I heard Alayne saying, you know, "Try it again. Try it again." No, it's not working. No, Ed. Hit it again. She said, "It's not working. Nothing happened." I could tell that she was concerned. After the call, he looked at me and said, "She's gonna be alright. "She's gonna be alright."

Chip by chip by chip by chip. Apparently, after maybe 40 minutes or so,

he got a hole about the size of a grapefruit. MAN: Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Sweet smell of fresh air. (Sniffs) Gasoline. Who'd have thought it, fellas - World Trade Center made out of Sheetrock, huh?

(Pants) MAN: We need some help here. (Pants) Almost 40 floors above, Frank, Pablo and Mak are still determined to rescue people trapped in their offices before getting out themselves. This is the construction manager on the 80th floor. We're sending two more down.

We're coming down too. Do you copy? I think he truly did know every inch of the building - both buildings, of the towers. He knew them. COUGHING Let's head down. DULL THUDS OVERHEAD Listen. THUDDING CONTINUES 89. That's, uh, MetLife, right? Yeah. (Sighs) Let's go. (Men cough violently) MAN: Help! We're stuck in here! We can't get out! (People cough) Near the end...or near the time... ..near the time when it was apparent

that within a few minutes the smoke would be thick enough and...we would not survive, one of the fellas yelled, "Hey, there's somebody banging on the door." WOMAN: Wait, I think I heard something. VIOLENT COUGHING, BANGING ON DOOR And I hear the pounding - pound, pound, bang, bang, bang.

Nobody knew that the wall was merely a plasterboard, was Sheetrock. Stand back. We're coming through. I thought it was concrete. It looked like concrete. It was painted like concrete. But I didn't know. Nobody knew. Hey, anybody hurt? No. Everyone's OK.

Alright. Coming through, Mak. (Grunts) Alright, everybody, this way. On this day, these fellas that were grey-collar workers and blue-collar workers had the wherewithal to save everyone else, while the lawyers and the accountants

didn't quite know what to do and had no sense of how to act in this situation. And these fellas did. (Coughs) Are you alright, sir? Yeah. Frank, take him down. No. No, no, no. I'm staying here. Frank, Nicole's waiting for you. She'll be waiting for you. Mak? Yeah? Can you get him down? Frank, you go.

No, no, no - we'll be right behind you, after we check out the other floors. OK. This way, sir. (Coughs) We should head up. If there are people trapped here, there are probably others. You think the structure's holding up? I don't know. That's what we gotta find out. Hey, you should head down. And I just said...

Thanks, huh? ..and he nodded back in return. And that's the last I saw this fella until I was flipping through the pages and pages and pages of obituary photographs... several weeks later. And as I'm flipping through these pages of hundreds of people,

I see this fella's face. I'm, like, "That's the guy. "That's the guy who I was nose-to-nose with." And I saw his name - Frank De Martini - and now I knew who the fella was. But here he was - here was his picture - and he...he didn't make it out. MAN ON RADIO: Now, breaking news from WTOP. MAN ON RADIO: A news update. Two passenger jets have crashed into

the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center. The disaster happened shortly after 9am Eastern Standard Time. WOMAN ON RADIO: Right now, all of Lower Manhattan... By now, the entire world is becoming aware of the magnitude of the attack. (Speaks German) (Speaks Japanese)

MAN: That was our business coverage, of course. And we have some remarkable pictures coming in from New York, which we can go to now. The World Trade Center appears to be on fire. (Speaks French) TV REPORTER: There's a working assumption among federal law enforcement agencies that this could be some action undertaken by the Osama bin Laden group. Across the globe, millions of people stare at their screens in horror

at what they are witnessing. At the same time, inside the twin towers, survivors are trying, by whatever means possible, to escape. MAN ON RADIO: Everybody here is scanning the skies, looking for a possible attack. Every fire and rescue crew has been told to be...

ELEVATOR BELL DINGS It works. I don't know. I'm not sure this is a good idea. You could get stuck. There might be a fire. Yeah, Hong. Victor may be right. We can get down faster. You know what they say about elevators when there's been a fire. OK, uh, maybe it's better if we send an object down to the next floor,

then call it back up. Yeah. That's a good idea. (Drops object)

OK. Look, if everyone agrees, I'm happy to volunteer. Are you OK with that? Yeah. Are you a trader? Yeah. Do you think tech stocks are a good bet right now?

(Laughs) Victor, you know, I really don't think this is the time or the place. He should've definitely been a professor at Columbia University. A history professor. I think he would've been a much happier man. (Groans) He got caught up a little bit in having to work, you know,

and make a living and having the children in school and with their tuitions and everything that he just settled for being a stockbroker. But I think he always wanted to do something else. BANGING ON SHEETROCK

Can you see anything? There's another wall. Maybe it's thinner than the other one. Well, only one way to find out. ALARM BLARES

Hey! Where are we? (Laughs)

What? What? Bathroom. (Laughs) Yes. Yes. Say, anybody need to go to the bathroom? (Men laugh) 28 floors above, Frank and Pablo have finally taken the decision to evacuate, only to discover something that makes it clear

the worst is far from over. Pablo? Yeah? I don't like the look of this.

Construction manager to base. I'm on the 78th floor, north tower. The express elevators are at risk of collapse. The steel is failing. We need a structural engineer. Do you copy? Construction manager to base. I'm on the 78th floor. MAN ON RADIO: Fire Department. I copy you. Yeah, I need a structural engineer in the 78th floor, sky lobby, now.

The elevators are at risk of collapse. Do you copy? Frank's message, from the very heart of the building, is the first time that an eyewitness inside warns that parts of the structure are failing.

Take 20% off all garden pots and plants. And this patio 6-burner barbecue, now $699. Bring your backyard to life. Only at Kmart. excluding competitors' sale prices and trade purchases.

WOMAN: Every time we think it can't get any worse, we're now learning that the FAA is shutting down all take-offs anywhere in the country. MAN: Now the FBI, according to the Associated Press, is investigating reports of a plane hijacking just before those crashes. MAN: President Bush calls this an apparent terrorist attack. The President is in the air. He's returning to Washington. MAN: The State Department has been evacuated. Associated Press has learned the White House has been evacuated after the Secret Service received a credible threat of a terrorist act... MAN: These military aircraft - fighter aircraft armed with guns and missiles -

have direct orders to divert and/or shoot down any plane that seems bent on crashing into something else. JET ENGINES ROAR MAN: Now we have unconfirmed reports there has been an explosion. There is a fire at the Pentagon here in Washington.

MAN: A huge fire has engulfed the Pentagon. Even more terrifying, a big chunk of the building has been destroyed. MAN: The fact that we have, obviously, a state of siege here in the nation's capital as this apparently coordinated attack takes place...

MAN: Let's right now go to the White House grounds... FLAMES CRACKLE, LOW RUMBLE Looks like he got stuck. Or got out. RAMOS: He'll come back. But what if he doesn't? Then we'll think of something else. ELEVATOR BELL DINGS Welcome back. It's clear. Great! But only as far as the 44th floor. Oh... Come on! It's better than nothing, Victor. Right. Right. Almost home, huh? We're gonna try to break out. It's just too smoky in here. MAN: Did you wet your clothes? Yeah. (Woman coughs) Honey, I have to go. OK. And, Jack...

..tell the boys. Tell the boys I love them. JACK: I said, "I will." And I love you. She said, "I love you". I said, "I love you". She said, "I love you." I said, "I love you". She said, "I'm scared." And I said, "Call me when you get down." COUGHING (Softly) Oh, God... Alayne! OK. And when I hung up the phone, I was horrified.

Just horrified. Because she wasn't saying...

She was saying goodbye. That's how it felt. That's what it was. COUGHING Come on.

COUGHING AND SPLUTTERING One, two, three! STAIRWELL DOOR BANGS OPEN When we hung up, I called our minister and I asked him to pray and he said he'd have a prayer chain. And then I prayed and I felt her body go right through mine. And I knew she was gone.



I gotta make a call. It'll only take a minute.

Hey, buddy! Do we know what's going on? Pentagon got hit. What? The Pentagon? HONG: I said, "It was an accident?" Now that fireman said, "No." We're at war. That words were really scary. It was war. Hi. You don't know me, but I need you to make a call for me. WOMAN: Who is this? My name is Victor Wald. I need you to make a call to my wife, Rebecca. But I don't know her. I need you to pass her a message. Can't you call her yourself? I tried calling her, but I couldn't get through. That's why I'm calling your number at random! Is this some kind of joke? No, no, no, no, no. It's not a joke. My name is Victor Wald. I'm in the World Trade Center. Oh, my God! I can't get through to my wife. I'm asking you to call her. Her number is the same as yours, except there's a 6 at the end instead of a 7. And what's the message? Could you just tell her... Tell her... ..I'm alright. OK. OK, I will. Thanks. MAN: Check out the next floor. They just hit the Pentagon. We'd better be clearing these doors. I really think we should go. Now! Al-Qaeda! Al what? Come on. Al-Qaeda! They're a bunch of terrorists. Yeah. Whoever they are, we gotta go now. I bet you it was them. Guys, take these exits. Come on, out this exit.

Go, Victor, go! Oh, not more stairs!


That's it.

Hey, guys. I'm back. Now, this is the man who will help us down, huh? I think about them in my prayers. And that fireman, may God bless him wherever he is, because if it hadn't been for him leading us to the safety, I wouldn't be sitting here talking now. This is 10 on floor 50. I've got six civilians. Do you copy? Follow me. Ah, yes. Come on. How do we go down? Oh, come on. Please, please trust me! Come on. Come on. (Coughs)

Come on. RADIO CRACKLES FAINTLY ELEVATOR BELL PINGS Hey, let's hope this one works. No more elevators. What? What, you're gonna walk? Well, I prefer. And I come into elevator and I see the big sign, "Do not use elevator when is fire." And I stay and I... I don't know what to do. I said, "Something's wrong." Listen. Man... It'll take 30 minutes to walk down. We may not have 30 minutes. I said, "That's my risk." Not responsible for himself. Because if you was stuck on another elevator, who's gonna help you? You got no choice, my friend. FIREMAN: Come on! What...what's your name? Jan. Jan, I'm Al. Hi. Good to see you. Thanks. Nice to meet you. NARRATOR: It takes over an hour in normal conditions to climb the stairs inside one of the towers.

The firefighters each have to contend with almost 50kg of equipment, as well as the endless flow of evacuees coming down. By 9:58, over 170 members of the New York Fire Department are inside the north tower. Hey, fellas. This way. Down the corridor, on your left, into the office.

PHONE RINGS Guys, take a rest. Two minutes. Come on!

NARRATOR: In Building 2, the south tower, nearly 8,000 people have succeeded in evacuating. INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER Keep moving. It turns out they escaped just in time. If it wasn't for you...

No problem.

We're brothers, right? Yeah. Now, let's get out of here. Everyone stick together! Come on! Dianne! WOMAN: Rick? (Coughs heavily) NARRATOR: In Building 1, the north tower, the staircases on the lower floors have become a slow-moving chain of evacuees - among them Rick Bryan and the rescued workers from the 89th floor. Then something mystifying happens.


And all of a sudden, a huge cloud of this dark grey smoke comes shooting up the stairway. Um, and just covering everyone and everything. And it was hot! Very, very hot. RUMBLING What was that? I dunno!

JONAS: Our building started to shake. It swayed back and forth. And then the lights went out. What? No, there's nothing there. And I said, "Is that what I thought it was?" thinking that part of our building had collapsed. And he just looked at me. In a very serious face, he said, "The south tower's just collapsed." HEAVY RUMBLING BOOMS

SCREAMING MAN: Oh, my God! MAN: The whole building's gone! MAN: Move back! MAN: Get out! Get out! Get out! HUBBUB (Man roars) Go! Let's go! Let's move. RUMBLING BOOM SIRENS WAIL It's the dawn of a new age in driving. Introducing the all-new Holden Commodore, designed from the word 'go' it leaves the competition in the Stone Age. The all-new Holden Commodore. Go like never before. Knowing that a high-rise building has never collapsed before... ..and now the sister building that we were in - and it had suffered the same fate, but it got hit later than ours - had just collapsed. So I'm thinking to myself, as he said that... He says, "We're gonna be lucky to get out of here." Guys, I want us out of here now! Pick up your stuff. We're heading out right now. Sal - your rope. The sheer terror that we're in this building and we're dead men walking. The Fire Department's a semi-military organisation and you don't do things without orders. So I was basically self-evacuating. It was my instinct that I perceived the danger and I acted on it. MAN: OK. OK, how far we going? HEAVY BOOMING What was that? It sounded like an explosion. Victor, you gotta be positive. We've got to go! In case you hadn't noticed, we're still only on the 36th floor. Well, that's only 36 more floors to go. Now, come on! I wasn't even supposed to be here. What do you mean? Working here. My job, my life - it's pathetic. What, you want me to go ahead and see if I can find a faster route? No, don't leave me. I won't. But we have to go. Now, come on! METAL CLINKS He let the family down. He could have probably pushed himself...harder. But he didn't have to sit there and wait. He let people down. That's all. And I don't think he realised how important he was in the family. Look, how about if you try going down, like, sitting? I'm telling you, I can't move. Well, you have to fucking move! Whoa! YOU fucking move! Get outta here. That fireman's words to me... ..I really felt was the way to get me off the hook. I was grateful to that fireman. But to think back... ..very likely, the fireman knew what kind of danger we were all in, but he himself didn't move. Harry... Of course, I do not have the shining characters a man should have. There was some cowardice... ..selfishness... ..displayed in my action... my behaviour. VICTOR: You think we're going to make it, Harry? Harry? Yeah. We're gonna make it, right? Sure we will. Now, come on! You've gonna have to move, Victor! (Groans) Get yourself up and let's go! Get moving. Come on, fellas. Keep it moving. Come on, guys. Move it! Come on, fellas. Keep it coming! (Sobs) Hey, how's it going? (Sobs hysterically) I've got a bad leg. Well, can you walk? Sl-slowly. JONAS: Then Tommy Falco turns around and looks at me and he says, "Hey, Cap, what do you want to do with her?" And I...I took a deep breath. It was like, "Ahhh!" OK. Let's give you a hand here. Come on, guys. We've got ourselves a VIP to get down. MAN: Yeah, OK. OK?

You ready? Want any help? Nice and strong. WOMAN: Ow! Ow! Four more steps. Alright, take this for me. That's it. Breathe. You're doing real well. And people ask me, says, "Why did you do that?" you know.

"You could have passed her by. Nobody would have known." I says, "I would have known." And, uh, the sight of her standing in the doorway would have haunted me forever. (Woman sobs) You can do it. Come on. MAN: You're doing fine. FIRE ALARM TRILLS (Woman sobs) WOMAN: Come on, baby. Get this door open. Come on! They should be here by now! THUD! THUD! Time to go, ladies. (Laughs) Are we glad to see you! Come on! MAN: We know both towers were hit, but what more can you tell us? WOMAN: I've seen many people running to save themselves. Most of those who ran past me are exhausted.

Many of them just can't believe that this has happened, or that they've been lucky enough to have made it out. I would have to say at this distressing time, I can see a huge pillar of dust and smoke where one of the twin towers once stood. It's too soon to speculate on the full extent of the horrifying damage right now. (Woman groans) JONAS: It was really every fibre in your body is screaming - it was like, "You've gotta get out of here. You've gotta get out of here." Whoa, whoa. You OK?

Arggh! You OK? What was once... We were almost, like, running down the stairs. Guys, make a space. Now our evacuation is one step at a time, both feet on the same step, going very slowly. And now this was becoming like Chinese water torture, going down the stairs. You know, the clock is ticking. OK, guys, take a rest. Josephine. Yeah. You want some water? No. Josephine, it wasn't a question. Drink some water. And I developed this trait of mine whenever a situation got more serious. I would speak more slowly and more deliberately because if the situation is that serious, you didn't need somebody screaming in your ear to add more anxiety to the situation. So I would try to diffuse that by speaking in a more calm manner, and I was at my calmest. (Chuckles) Guys. Guys! I'm gonna see if I can find us a chair we can carry her in, OK? OK. Come on! Arggh! Come on. Let's go. Oh, boy...

OK, nearly there. (Grunts) Come on, take my hand. And go. Go! Hey, this way. This way. Stairwell C. Any word on our engineer? No. (Coughs) You think we should go? No.

Yeah. Neither do I. Uh, I mean, I think he felt he could do it.

I mean, why not? I may be hurt, I may be tired, I might be burnt, but I'll get out. Um... Yeah. JONAS: So I broke into the fourth floor

to look for some sort of a sturdy chair, that we could put her on the chair, and we could pick it up and run with her, thinking that, "We've gotta keep moving. We've gotta..." You know, "The clock is ticking." You know, it's the biggest office building in the world and it wasn't an office floor. (Chuckles) It was a mechanical equipment floor. (Coughs) And I was way on the other side of the building and I was running, and I never run at a fire. And something just told me, "You know what? This just isn't working out. "We're just gonna have to drag her down the stairs." HUBBUB I went out from the side of the building, and I kept walking on West Side Highway. And then I heard some people screaming - "Arggh!" I looked back. That's when I saw... At a very close distance, I saw the building collapse. Hello? (Shrieks) PEOPLE SCREAM I thought, "Probably we lost Harry," at that moment. NARRATOR: At 10:28am, the north tower collapses. It takes just 12 seconds. DEBRIS WHOOSHES RADIO CHATTER MAN ON RADIO: I'm the Head of Division 6, Acting. Urgent. MAN 2: Division 6, Acting, go. I hear no response at the World Trade Center. We've been maintaining radio communication... (Speaks indistinctly) What exactly's going on, OK? We are unable to make any kind of communication. It collapsed. The top floors collapsed down. I saw it blow, and then ran like hell. Thank God - I'm 69, but I can still run. (Chuckles) There's got to be firemen trapped back there, though. NARRATOR: Everyone watching the collapse of the north tower immediately assumes that anyone inside must have perished. DEBRIS CRUMBLES Everyone OK? JONAS: Every time a floor hit another floor, it was like a loud boom.

Like a train that was off its tracks and was hitting the railroad ties. And it was getting closer and closer. Listen up. I'm gonna do a rollcall. Billy. Yes! So violent was the vibration that we were actually being bounced around off the floor. Sal. Yeah. And, uh, just kept waiting. Just kept waiting for, uh... ..that big beam or that big piece of concrete to come. And, uh, for us, it didn't come. Matt? (Groans in distance) Yeah. Sounds like you dropped a couple of floors there, buddy. And how about our special guest? (Josephine coughs) You mean me? Yeah. Yeah. I'm here. And my name's Josephine! (Chuckles) Good job, Josephine. And I'm up here, you know... To have no idea what I looked like. And they were going to me, "You're grey too, kiddo." (Laughs) "You can...all you want, but it won't help." All the furnishings and the fixtures inside the building -

none of that existed after the collapse. There were no desks, there were no phones, no computers, no copy machines. chairs. Nothing. It had all been pulverised by the tremendous amount of energy that was created by this collapse. And it was just pulverised into this dust. And we're in the geographic centre of that dust. Captain Jonas. Ladder 6. We're on the fourth floor, north tower. We need help. Do you copy? And somebody got on the radio and said, "Where's the north tower?" (Chuckles) I looked at my radio and I says, "'Where's the north tower?' "Listen, man, we're in trouble "if they don't know where the north tower is." I had stepped out onto West Street,

wondering what could have happened to cause this mess - uh, the ash and the fire trucks twisted up like toys. I went back towards the building where there was a fireman and I walked up to the fella and I said, "Hey, there's a body over here." He looked at me with a look that...that I sensed... .."Hey, why is he looking at me like I have two heads, like I'm crazy?

"Why is he giving me this look?" And he said, just, "Go on." And I realised there were actually bodies and people scattered all over the place. And you couldn't see what the scene was like because everything was covered with ash. There's just loads of bodies. MAN: There are tons of bodies. Tons of bodies. Stay away from there. NARRATOR: 2,749 people died in the twin towers that morning, including Melanie de Vere... Hi. ..Christine Olender... ..and more than 150 delegates and staff at Windows on the World. Alayne Gentul and 95 of her colleagues at Fiduciary Trust, including Ed Emery. And 84 workers and officials at the Port Authority who looked after the building. You know, the people I knew at the Port Authority are Gerry Gugin, Bill Jones, Tommy, Claro and Margie, and all these people, they were know, just like... ..just like they was a big family.

(Man with French accent) I love the darkness. MURKY JAZZ TRUMPET MUSIC It has a mood all of its own. DOG BARKS It's what inspires me. Roasted in France for a dark, velvety taste - new Nescafe Noir. NARRATOR: In the north tower, Frank De Martini and Pablo Ortiz both lost their lives. They were still helping people to escape when the building collapsed. Well, I think for me there still is this burning... know, hole, that you don't really know what happened. And of course I would like to know more about, you know... ..what was happening, and I know he'd love to tell it. He would be so sad to see them fall, and, um... ..saving as many people as he did, that it was somehow fitting that he... ..he went up into the air with the buildings. Along with Mak Hanna, who escaped the building helping evacuees, Pablo and Frank saved the lives of over 50 people. Amongst them were Rick Bryan and the 22 people trapped on the 89th floor, including receptionist Dianne DeFontes. You have a 2:30 followed by a 4:15... Pablo's wife put up a website and her children were on it. And I sent her an email and I... ..and I-I told her... ..I tried to tell her how I felt, and that her husband and their father is the reason that I'm alive. And I know that his absence is a terrible thing. But here is a man that you can be proud of because he saved other people's lives. Stanley Praimnath and Brian Clark both survived. 61 people from Brian's company, Eurobrokers, lost their lives, as did 23 from Stanley's company, Fuji Bank. Victor Wald and Harry Ramos were both killed in the collapse of the north tower. We got a picture of Harry Ramos. It was a brilliant picture. It was a very sharp picture. With a Rolex watch. And I said to my children, "Well, you know, Victor didn't die by himself. "An angel came and took him, and Harry was his angel." Harry was the only person from his company, May Davis, who did not survive. And Hong, you know, he helped to the fullest,

and then he made a decision he had to leave, and I think that was a better decision to make because he thought of...he had to think of himself at some point. And he tried to help a man, but if Victor couldn't help himself at a point, he analysed the situation and he made the decision he had to go. He probably feels bad about it, but he made the correct decision. (Speaks Japanese) TRANSLATION: Harry, if I could talk to you again, I'd like to say, "We should have left together." The six people trapped in Elevator 41 all escaped, including Al Smith and Jan Demczur. You can imagine - I'm short and he's tall. (Laughs) (Speaks Polish) TRANSLATION: Every day it's with me. It's in my head. There were so many people I knew. Friends, acquaintances, faces in the crowd. And I was there. I survived. But almost 3,000 people didn't. It's hard to escape this memory. I hear, "Battalion 18 to Ladder 6, Battalion 18 to Ladder 6. "Is that you on the radio?" I say, "Yeah, it's me." "Rescue 3 to Ladder 6, Captain Jay Jonas. "This is Cliff. I'm coming for you, brother. "I'm coming for you." And that was the first... it choked me up. It's the first time in my career where I had become the person in need of rescue instead of the person coming to do the rescue.

It would be almost five hours before Jay Jonas and the 13 people trapped with him would finally find their way to freedom.

They owed their lives to an extraordinary piece of luck. Once the collapse reached our area, it kind of ran out of energy because the pile itself was about six to seven stories tall. The debris pile. And we were in that two-storey cocoon. If you were lower than that, the debris settled there and you didn't make it. If you were above that, you were part of the kinetic energy of the collapse and you didn't make it. So you really had to be where we were. REPORTER: Over there you can see a Police Emergency Service Unit. They're trying, basically, now, to re-establish some kind of a safe perimeter. And many of the emergency workers basically just happy to be alive.

Certainly that picture tells it all. Many of them just happy to be alive at this point, having survived what is an extraordinary event - the collapse of two towers. 343 firemen and 60 police officers

were killed in the collapse of the twin towers. MAN: Josephine, is that you? JONAS: It ends up I did make the right decisions that day, but I didn't know they were the right decisions at the time. Running into Josephine Harris - making the decision to stop and save her - we...inadvertently saved ourselves. And I looked around...

..and there was just this disarray. And I said, "This...this is it." And he says, "Yeah, this is what's left." I said, "How many other people have come out of here?" And he said, "None." And I was just stunned. SIRENS WAIL

Don't push it under the rug. Don't forget it. Because it's