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This program is captioned live. Tonight - lock him up. a notorious child killer jailed Calls to have on a new sex offence. as he awaits court back to the drawing board It wasn't him - is cleared of the crime. as JonBenet's confessed killer And the death of Don Chipp, to "keep the bastards honest". the Democrats founder who vowed and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - the death of a Central Coast toddler. meningococcal disease blamed for

as the boss of Australian soccer. And John O'Neill's shock resignation But first this evening, child murderer and rapist outrage as a convicted is bailed after breaching his parole. John Lewthwaite Police allegedly caught committing an obscene act in public, to be sent back behind bars. renewing calls for him a notorious beat for homosexual men. Wanda sandhills at Cronulla - killer John Lewthwaite was arrested It was here that convicted child on August 19. during a police operation

Lewthwaite was allegedly seen naked,

were lewd acts with other men. engaging in what police claimed with obscene exposure. He's been charged 50-year-old Lewthwaite successfully won parole from a life sentence in 1999 - that jail term imposed in 1974

of a 5-year-old girl. for the brutal rape and murder we always have with sex offenders. It's one of the problems that

We know they can't be cured, it's just a question of when. so it's not a question of it,

to throw the book at Lewthwaite The State Government had promised should he ever re-offend. surrounded by a web of restrictions Lewthwaite, Mr Speaker, is even in the most trifling way, and if he crosses the line

back behind bars. he'll find himself his continuing freedom as an outrage. Today the Opposition branded killer, a convicted child rapist, We're seeing a convicted child after he broke parole. given another month on the streets and the Government can fix it. That's simply wrong Concerns are also being raised following his arrest. about why Lewthwaite was given bail

back to jail for 12 months. If convicted, he'd be heading content to wait and see. Meanwhile, the Government

is yet to be proved The determination of that offence the parole authority is waiting and that's why by the court is made. until after the decision

in court in a fortnight Lewthwaite will answer the charges reviewed. and have his parole conditions John Hill, Ten News.

in the decade-long hunt It's back to square one JonBenet Ramsey. for the killer of child beauty queen US prosecutors dropped the charges who confessed to the crime. against the schoolteacher shocking confession, 12 days after John Mark Karr's

who killed JonBenet Ramsey. DNA evidence proves he's not the man has been dropped The warrant on Mr Karr by the District Attorney. with this case. They are not proceeding

taken from Karr DNA from hair and saliva samples found on JonBenet's underwear. did not match DNA he was with them for Christmas 1996 Karr's family - who say in her parents' basement - when JonBenet was murdered over the false arrest. is now threatening to sue that they took this man We are deeply distressed by the fact

from Bangkok, Thailand, and dragged him here the allegations against him. with no forensic evidence confirming Colorado's District Attorney says accidentally killed JonBenet Ramsey, despite Karr's confession that he placing him at the crime scene there was no evidence and they had to drop the case. But Karr is not a free man. charges dating back to 2001. He now faces child pornography

from California We have received a teletype to extradite him confirming that they are willing

on the charges they have there. For JonBenet's family, continues. the search for her real killer The search will go on we are not giving up. because, as we have said all along, Karr remains in solitary confinement, in this unsolved crime. his confession yet another mystery Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In Los Angeles, Meningoccocal disease is being blamed

on the Central Coast. for the death of a toddler

called paramedics yesterday The 3-year-old's grandparents after he became seriously ill. ambulance could reach Wyong Hospital. The little boy died before the meningoccocal, Health officials suspect to investigate. but have asked the Coroner the disease in the past fortnight, Five people have contracted of meningoccocal victims half the number last year. compared to the same period over hospital waiting lists, A new stoush tonight with the State Government accused of fiddling the figures. The Opposition claiming aren't being counted. some people waiting for surgery Premier Iemma in particular - The Government - in surgery waiting times. has been boasting a 99% improvement By January this year, more than 12 months the number of patients waiting for their booked surgery to just 50. has fallen from 10,500

the figures are dodgy. But now the Opposition claims hiding people off the waiting lists. This is the way the Government is The Opposition cites this letter Professor Stephen Deane from senior health official at the John Hunter Hospital. to doctors of "new waiting list policy". Under the heading He declares:

more than 12 months ahead It also says requests for surgery

will not be accepted. the Premier accused the Opposition In Parliament, of smearing the medical profession. the hard-working clinicians Yet again slanders for a remarkable improvement. who have been responsible in the Hunter-New England area The AMA says doctors

are being forced to dump patients from political embarrassment. to save the Government of this policy, The most cynical interpretation as it's being implemented, is that it's a political tool rather than a clinical tool. Late this afternoon, the Health Minister, John Hatzistergos, challenged the claims. He said the policy actually allowed patients to be transferred from doctor to doctor thereby guaranteeing the surgery to be done on time. Embattled former judge Marcus Einfeld will pay up after pleading guilty to disobeying a no-parking sign. He says he parked illegally because he has trouble walking distances. Mr Einfeld was initially going to contest the fine but changed his mind, and will now pay the $75. He's currently under investigation for claiming a dead woman was driving his car

when it was caught by a speed camera. A State funeral will be held for Australian Democrats founder Don Chipp, who died last night in Melbourne. He was 81. Among those paying tribute, the Prime Minister, saying he was a passionate man who had a huge impact on public life. The ravages of Parkinson's disease clearly evident, two years ago Don Chipp reflected on his own demise. I'm very conscious of death, not because of me. The deeper the love. the deeper the grief. The deeper people love me, the deeper they grieve. I worry about the loved ones I leave behind.

Dead at 81, he leaves behind his wife, Idun, and six children. His public life spanned 30 years.

He was a minister in four Liberal governments, quitting the party in 1977 after falling out with Malcolm Fraser. To me, the most endearing thing about Don Chipp

was that to the very end he was passionate and committed to the causes in which he believed. His legacy was the founding of a third political force, the Australian Democrats. Their peak, the balance of power and nine senators in the '90s. Keep the bastards honest - no-one else will. Thanks very much. Ironically, Don Chipp's greatest regret was his dishonesty as navy minister during the Vietnam War. I made a big mistake - I told the Australian people lies or untruths about Vietnam.

We're very saddened by this news and he'll be greatly missed and greatly mourned. Mr Chipp had great hopes for Natasha Stott Despoja but felt she came to the leader's role too young. I'll remember Don Chipp as a mate, as a friend, as a mentor, as a supporter. The Opposition says Don Chipp was a substantial figure who made a significant contribution. And so we are poorer as a nation for his passing. That he's a good old honest bastard who gave it his best shot - put that on my tombstone and I'm a happy man. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Tim Webster joins us, and breaking news - a major blow for Australian soccer. Yes, right now at the headquarters of Football Australia, the man behind the rise of Aussie soccer, John O'Neill, has resigned. Neil Cordy joins us live. Why has the CEO suddenly quit?

We don't know definitively the

answer to that question yet. John

O'Neill is about to enter a press

conference just moments from now.

Although it is believed he will

cite family reasons and the need to

search for new career challenges.

It's a surprising time to walk away

from the game as it appears to be

on such an amazing growth spurt.

His 2.5-year rerbgs ign has been

marked by three outstanding

achievements, the first was World

Cup qualification and making it to

the final 16, the establishment of

the A League and the transfer into

Asia. I'll be back with more

details later tonight in sport. And when we come back, more drama at the Roosters - another axing mooted - and more world records for the golden girls.

The downfall of a champion - Olympic cyclist Gary Neiwand jailed for stalking a former lover - that's next. Also tonight, bound for Baghdad - tears as more of our troops leave for their Middle East mission. And parliamentary protest -

hundreds walk out over plans to slash millions from their budget.

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but they're well-trained and fully prepared.

1,400 Australian defence personnel are now stationed in Iraq. A walkout by the public servants who wait on our pampered State pollies. MPs forced to clean their offices and dish up their own meals as Parliament House staff protest at planned budget cuts. They're used to waiting on MPs hand and foot. Today they delivered a clear message to politicians - hundreds of Parliament House workers walking out, protesting against imminent job cuts.

We expect better from a Labor Government and we certainly expect better from a Treasurer who came out of the union movement than the way this Treasurer is treating workers. For the next two weeks, staff won't be working overtime, offices won't be cleaned, mail sorted or food prepared, measures that could shut down Parliament. Is the Treasurer seriously suggesting that we should cut security to Parliament at this time of year? Some MPs say if security is not up to scratch and there's no Hansard staff, they'll refuse to sit. MPs insist cutbacks have hurt them too, now forced to eat in the cafeteria after their private dining room and bar were closed. Treasurer Michael Costa will slash almost $3 million from the House budget and staff members fear it's them, not the politicians, who are in the firing line. And this could well be the start of a long and bitter battle, the unions telling us today that they will be calling rolling stoppages. Frank Coletta, Ten News. 18 months jail for disgraced cycling champ Gary Neiwand after he admitted stalking a former girlfriend. The court hearing the Olympic medallist had been diagnosed with depression and contemplated suicide. Gary Neiwand achieved glory on the cycling track, winning several world titles and Olympic silver.

Off the track his activities have been far from glorious, admitting to stalking a one-time girlfriend.

He repeatedly called her using a stolen mobile phone, contacted her mother and sent explicit text messages to her employer

between May and June this year. Neiwand pleaded guilty to the offences, his family and friends in court to hear the 39-year-old receive a maximum 18-month jail sentence. Chief Magistrate Ian Gray acknowledged Neiwand had been diagnosed with a major depressive illness,

but with strong family support and treatment he believed the chances of rehabilitation were excellent. Nevertheless, he said the offences were serious and the sentence must reflect: Neiwand is already serving time for breaching an intervention order to stay away from ex-wife Catherine. Last year he was convicted of harassing her,

claiming he'd urinated in her champagne glass. Neiwand will be eligible for parole in nine months. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In a world first, police in Victoria will soon have the power

to charge drivers who test positive to ecstasy. The new drug test, using a saliva sample,

extends an already successful testing program

for amphetamines and cannabis. We are the only place that is so far down the track to introduce this legislation and this capacity, which really does save lives.

More than half the 300 Victorian drivers who tested positive to amphetamines in the past year

had also used ecstasy.

Have heavy rain across north-east

New South Wales. It is a New South Wales. It is a budding in

some places from the sky. Tamworth

and orange getting some rain. It

tomorrow's some showers and a burst

of blue sky. Sydney had a Max of 20.6

of blue sky. Sydney had a Max of of blue sky. Sydney had a Max of

20.6. Yvonne take a bow. This 20.6. Yvonne take a bow. This picture

is a lovely and stock. Keep is a lovely and stock. Keep your pictures

pictures coming let's have a look at

Sky watch. Some pockets of blue but Sky watch. Some pockets of blue but

mostly grey sky. I'll see you intend. Next - reign of terror - tourists targeted in a string of deadly bomb attacks. And mourning her kidnapper - Austria's freed hostage

gives an insight into her 8-year ordeal.

Top lawyers and members of the public are offering to help the man dubbed Jihad Jack as he fights his freak legal situation. After being acquitted of terror charges, the taxi driver is lying low as he complies with an unprecedented curfew order. Flanked by his family, Jack Thomas coming to terms with his unique situation - cleared by a court of terrorist charges but still under suspicion. I can't really say anything about the order, you know. I'm just happy to be back with my family and I just hope if you could respect our privacy. Under his control order, Thomas must report to police three times a week, abide by a curfew, and is banned from contacting a group of people, including Osama bin Laden. after the London bombings, They were only introduced here any inferences so one ought not be drawing that this is only the first time.

in the war on terror. Thomas has been labelled a trophy

severely embarrassed Obviously they have been in various court decisions. They want to try and save face. have received offers of support Jack Thomas and his legal team and the public. from prominent Melbourne barristers on Thursday, At a directions hearing in Canberra heard as soon as possible they will apply to have the matter at the Melbourne Federal Court. for Jack Thomas's legal team High among the concerns in an Australian court, is that for the first time on the balance of probabilities a criminal matter will be decided beyond reasonable doubt. rather than far stricter it's in the national interest They just have to say effectively

some sort of so-called threat. and they have to allude to challenging Prosecutors are still considering to free Jack Thomas. the Court of Appeal's decision

Cameron Baud, Ten News. and dozens injured Three people have been killed on Turkish holiday resorts. in bomb attacks the fifth in just 24 hours, The latest explosion, crowded with tourists. targeting a shopping centre

It was a scene of chaos and despair - of the bomb blast tourists amid the victims in the Mediterranean city of Antalya. peak season, The resort town had been enjoying

during their holiday break thousands out shopping and relaxing tourist destinations. in one of Turkey's most popular and more than 30 seriously injured, But the blast left 3 dead including 10 British tourists. when you're walking around now. You get really nervous to walk wherever we want to go, Before we were alright apprehensive about going anywhere. but now you feel a bit, like, after a series of separate blasts The carnage came less than 24 hours of Marmaris - in the coastal tourist town one bomb planted under a minibus. 21 people were injured. Among the victims, a British family. I'm still in shock. why they do this to us. I just want to know who causes... claimed responsibility, Today, Kurdish guerillas

tourists, saying they're now targeting not just the Turkish Army. Mignon Henne, Ten News. held hostage for eight years The Austrian teenager for her captor. admits she's in mourning of her ordeal with the man, She's revealed some details after her dramatic escape last week. who killed himself this was a young girl's prison cell. For more than eight years, Inside the windowless room, for a toilet, sink and bed. just enough space she watched TV with her captor, This is where Natascha Kampusch says and carried out daily chores. did her studies finally made her escape The 18-year-old to clean her kidnapper's car. when she was let outside the house Shortly afterwards, threw himself in front of a train. 44-year-old Wolfgang Priklopil Natascha Kampusch is still refusing to see her family, releasing this statement through her psychologist. Experts believe she may have developed Stockholm syndrome - forming a close relationship with her jailer. Natascha will have realised after a bit, as all hostages do if they're kept for a long time with their captor, that the only way to survive in the situation is to form a bond, to make an attachment, as if the person is a parent. Despite the apparent bond, Natascha Kampusch says she was just as strong as her captor and denies calling him 'master'. She told doctors, "He carried me on his shoulders while trampling me underfoot." But so far, she's refusing to answer questions of an intimate nature.

Hugo Ward, Ten News. The world's oldest woman has died, aged 116. Ecuador's Maria Esther de Capovilla died in hospital after a 2-day battle with pneumonia, her lengthy innings starting in 1889. She married in 1917 and was widowed in 1949. Maria put her longevity down to eating three meals a day and never smoking or drinking. She's survived by three of her five children, her 12 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. Another banking scam fleecing Internet bankers of their savings - that warning next. Also, tackling childhood obesity - soft drink companies agree to pull their products from school canteens.

And the artists going head to head in a modern day battle of the bands.

(Raps) # Love me tender Love my bling # I'm the old-school swinger I'm the king of kings # I've got blue-suede kicks... # For an original with a modern twist, now in a dinner box for one - three boneless fillets, chips, potato and gravy, and a drink. ELVIS: KFC's Boneless Dinner Box. SONG: # Can't beat that taste. #

This program is captioned live. In Sydney, when news breaks...

REPORTER: Lodhi handed a maximum 20 years jail. ..we're there. Thankfully nobody was injured or killed. Ten's News at 5:00 - time to put you in the picture. Top stories this newshour - the death of Democrats founder Don Chipp, the man who vowed to "keep the bastards honest". The Prime Minster among those paying tribute, remembering Chipp as a passionate man, who had a huge impact on public life. It's back to square one in the decade-long hunt for the killer of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey. John Mark Karr won't be charged with her murder

after DNA tests cleared him of the crime. And outrage as a convicted child murderer and rapist is bailed after breaching his parole. Police allegedly caught John Lewthwaite committing an obscene act in public, renewing calls for him to be sent back behind bars.

A warning tonight on the latest email scam attempting to steal personal details of Internet banking customers.

The emails target Commonwealth Netbank customers, asking them to update their login and password details. But the banking industry warns

legitimate financial institutions won't ask for personal information, especially your password, with the email designed to steal from your account. We advise bank customers to never give your password to anybody who asks for it, and, if you're operating from a computer for online banking, make sure you have the latest anti-virus software in place and a firewall. Similar scam emails are on the rise and have been sent to customers of all banks. Takeover speculation has pumped up the share market. Fosters, a likely takeover target, adding 50 cents, with earnings up by more than a quarter.

And the price of petrol continues to fall -

$1.28 is the average for regular unleaded in Sydney tonight. That's down a cent. Seen as high as $1.43 and as low as $1.25 in Penrith and Werrington. Soft drink giants have joined the fight against childhood obesity, agreeing to include nutritional information on labels and remove some products from school canteens. But dieticians say it's not enough.

Australia has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity, with one in four children suffering from the deadly disease. It's that staggering statistic that is forcing many companies to rethink the way they do business. The major soft drink companies are joining forces to make their products more consumer-friendly. All drink labels will now contain additional nutritional information. Childhood obesity is a very important issue today

and we recognise that. Cans and bottles will soon show how much energy, or kilojoules, each drink contains, as well as its percentage DI, or dietary intake, for an adult. It is a good step in the right direction, and they are proposing a few good things. Critics say the label isn't legible or easy to understand. They do need to have very clear labels so that people can make informed decisions. Little labels may not actually be good enough.

The new rule is part of a number of changes across the industry, including the voluntary withdrawal of sugar-sweetened soft drinks from all primary schools. Companies may also soon be banned from targeting children in its advertisements.

And McDonald's has broadened its "healthier menu" option for children, introducing a Pasta Zoo McHappy Meal. But, at nine grams of fat, it's only slightly better for you than a cheeseburger and Coke. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. The music biz is taking advantage of new technology, allowing punters to decide which group will play at a concert by voting online. It's called 'Band on Demand'. It's definitely an innovation - instead of choosing a gig to go to, you can choose which gig comes to you. I'll let you know - it's Sneaky Sound System, Thirsty Merc,

Evermore and After the Fall are playing. So you choose one of them. The concert is on tomorrow at 1pm. But you can decide which band plays by voting online at or by SMS at 199BANDS between 6-10:30 tomorrow morning, making it a bit of a popularity contest. SONG: # Some day, some day I will be here, babe ... #

My humble time, I've never actually heard of a thing where you compete. Compete with each other. Yeah. True, they've already competed on the charts and for awards, but this is definitely different - the three bands not picked more than happy to sit back and be entertained by the winners. It's the first time something like this has been tried anywhere in the world and it's also a bit of a first for the bands involved,

who, apart from the odd festival, tend to play their gigs in the dark of night. Day gigs are great. You know, there's just something cool about light. More of these events are planned, with another one locked in for Warringah Mall on Saturday. And if you can't get there live, the concerts will be webcast. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Let's take a look at the weather

with our own rock god, Tim Bailey.

Some people claim you're a bit

creative with the weather but

you've got a guarantee for us today.

Keep the laughter down, Ron. It's a

guarantee because a bit of blue sky.

The odd shower. A little bit of

cloud. Some wind and then some calm

bits and pieces. I'm fairly

confident I'll get it right. Let's

confident I'll get it right. Let's have a look at that map of NSW for

Tim's top temperatures today.

Little bit of rainfall since around

about 9am we've had three

millimetres at Homebush and that's

about that. On the television at

5:55, what's almost as good as

Human Nature, half of Human Nature.

Ron, you're lucky I'm a few

kilometres away. K & O for you.

kilometres away. K & O for you. Rock god. Look at him with the

leather jack td. Sport is next. Tim, a dramatic day for Australian soccer. Yes, the man behind Aussie soccer's revival, John O'Neill, is quitting.

Also, another axing at the Roosters. (pause sting) (TAKE LVO) And our golden girls do it again - Libby Lenton and Leisel Jones rewriting the world record books. And it's not a farewell just yet - Andre Agassi ensures his career finale will last at least one more round.

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Purchase any item from the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer range at Target and help support breast cancer research.

This program is captioned live. The blood-letting continued at the Roosters today. Ricky Stuart's assistant Shane Flanagan was also sacked. Stuart held his first training session since yesterday's announcement he won't be with the club after this weekend. Stuart arriving for training away from the waiting cameras. The departing coach talking at length with captain Craig Fitzgibbon

before mingling with other players. While the coach was steering away from the media after training, Fitzgibbon was bristling at suggestions Roosters players had let down their coach. Obviously the club's disappointing two seasons has played a part, but we're doing our best, mate. Rival coaches weighing into the Stuart sacking. We understand that when we sign the contract in invisible ink it means you're gonna get hit in the back by plenty of knives and plenty of axes, y'know?

And some of them from people you consider your friends. A fellow sacked Roosters coach offering his sympathy. As I said, I feel sorry for Ricky and all first grade coaches, whether they're with the Roosters or not, would feel the same way, I'm sure. The new Roosters coach won't be Shane Flanagan - Stuart's right-hand man told today he won't be required in 2007. And it won't be former Rooster Ivan Cleary - the Warriors are about to re-sign him to a new 3-year deal.

but he denies he's been contacted by the Roosters. Stuart's camp making it known he's ready to coach someone else in 2007. Ricky is available contractually from Monday morning. Fordham not as forthcoming on Stuart's much speculated fall-out with influential Roosters figure Phil Gould. Shed any light on that? No, that's an area I wouldn't want to go to. A blow for the Bulldogs - veteran Tony Grimaldi could miss the finals because of a neck injury. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Now, more on our breaking story from earlier in the bulletin. The boss of Australian soccer, John O'Neill, has quit. Neil Cordy rejoins us

and why is he going after all that success at the World Cup? extraordinary time to walk away for

it. After the World Cup success it. After the World Cup success and

the A-League end of their move the A-League end of their move into

the Asian confederation. As I said

it's a big call to commit a four-lane

other for years and I've had 12 years

running sport organisations. I just

felt collectively looking at my felt collectively looking at my time

in rugby and my time in football,

collectively it semi appetite step

back a bit. Is there a likely

successor? Not immediately I feed

successor? Not immediately I feed it

has caught Fred Willey on the hop.

Now they seem to be without a coat

Now they seem to be without a coat

ofone man card operation is marriage

of the FIA it seems that there is FSA

has a lOT OF work to do. The AFL's leading goal kicker, Carlton's Brendan Fevola, says the Swans are a better team now than in their premiership year. Fevola was in Sydney today ahead of Sunday's last home-and-away match of the season at the SCG. Remarkably, both he and Michael O'Loughlin became fathers on the same day, just hours before their Round 16 matches six weeks ago. Obviously a special day in anyone's life and we both had girls and it was probably the proudest day I've had. We both played footy the next day and I did a little gesture and I think you did one as well. It's the best thing that has happened to me. I look forward to going home and changing nappies and feeding, so it's a little bit like a footy club, you know, with the young guys. For the first time ever,

both the AFL's top goal kicker and the NRL's top try-scorer have come from the bottom club in the comp. Another stunning night at the Australian short-course championships in Hobart. Grant Hackett impressed in his comeback from injury,

but the golden girls, Liesel Jones and Libby Lenton, stole the show. After setting a new world mark in the semifinals, Leisel Jones set about claiming her sixth world record for the year in the 100m breaststroke final. The 20-year-old surprising herself with another stunning swim. I wanted to improve on the 1:04 and didn't think I actually had it in me so I just psyched myself up for it and found something I probably didn't think I had, so it was good. Renowned freestyler Libby Lenton then set the second world record for the night in the 100m fly.

Lenton upstaging Australia's latest Madame Butterfly, Jessicah Schipper. I really wanted to try and, I guess for lack of a better expression, get one up on her. But she's obviously swimming really well and yeah, I was the lucky one tonight. Meanwhile, Grant Hackett has made an impressive comeback from shoulder surgery, breaking 15 minutes in the 1,500m freestyle. The dual Olympic champion setting the second fastest time

in short course history. It's a long way to go for a gold medal, I guess you could say, but it's certainly an event that I enjoy, I enjoy that challenge, and it's nice to be back on top and swimming fast again. Frank Smith, Ten News. 8-times Grand Slam winner Andre Agassi has survived an early scare in his final professional tournament, the US Open. Agassi fought back from 1 set down to beat Romanian Andrei Pavel. He next faces eighth seed Marcos Baghdatis. It was a dour day for our Aussies, with Alicia Molik and Samantha Stosur both beaten. An emotional evening at Flushing Meadows. The US tennis centre named after Billie Jean King. Wow! Really? Really? My names gonna be.... Really? Are you kidding? Just as vocal, Diana Ross. But the headline act - Andre Agassi - the beginning of the end,

his final career tournament. And he began nervously against another Andre - Andre Pavel. Agassi losing a first-set tie-break, but fought back to square up the match. But the 36 year-old then fell into serious trouble,

down 4-0 in the third set, but he staging a typical Agassi fightback, winning the set in a tie-break and then winning the match 3-1. all in front of a record night crowd of over 25,000. The 2-time US Open champ still alive in his 21st campaign. I wanna be here real bad for the whole two weeks. So, six more!

Australia's former champion Lleyton Hewitt faces Spaniard Albert Montanes tomorrow but he's still nursing a knee injury. I definitely know how to play with pain and that could be something that will be tested here again in the next fortnight. In the women's, both Aussies, Alicia Molik and Samantha Stosur, crashed out in straight sets. Rob Canning, Ten News. Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath today gave a clear indication

they could be terrorising international batsmen for years to come. At an open media call on the Sunshine Coast, Warne said he'll keep going as long as he's enjoying it.

I feel like I'm bowling as well as I ever had, so if that continues, I might play for 2, 3, 4, 5 years. And 36-year-old McGrath reckons he could play on until he's 40. Looking at some of these young guys, you know, I feel as good as they do, you know. I feel like I'm back in my 20s again. McGrath makes his return for Australia in next month's Tri-Nations tournament in Malaysia. And Pakistan have made a successful return to the field, with a 5-wicket victory over England in a Twenty20 match. Chasing 145 for victory, the Pakistanis came out swinging. Opener Shahid Afridi smashed 28 off 10 balls. COMMENTATOR: And another! And I think you can safely say he's got hold of that one. The umpires were forced to replace the ball, after it disappeared out of the ground, Meanwhile, Pakistan has now demanded the ICC investigate Darrell Hair.

They claim he brought the game into disrepute last week,

not their team, last week.

Portsmouth remain undefeated in the English Premier League

after monstering Middlesbrough 4-0 overnight. Socceroos keeper Mark Schwarzer started his 300th premiership game with a spectacular save, enying Dejan Stefanovic in the sixth minute. But from there the floodgates opened. African striker Kanu scored the first goal just seconds later. His partner in crime Benjani netted a double in the 4-0 demolition. COMMENTATOR: And has a remarkable goal. He's done it again.

Portsmouth further embarrassing Boro with this one in injury time. Later in Sports Tonight, more on the John O'Neill resignation

and what it means for Football Australia. And the Wallabies gather ahead of their Tri-Nations trip to South Africa.

A terrible accident on Pennant Hills Road.

That is not good, the Coroner has arrived. Nobody going anywhere.

Tim Bailey's back with the latest weather next. Then, into the lion's den - a Taronga Zoo family checks out its new home.

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has a lOT OF work to do. Are you

going to join in with human nature?

Note but the boys might join in Note but the boys might join in with

a bit of weather. The boy's latest

record has turned 2006 upside down

and it looks like will will be a

top-selling record in Australia this

year.? Abu then all over the place

and can't remembeR WHERE YOU PAIN? We

did a sold-out run of all capital

cities this year. We doing the

on-court tour and had been in

Queensland for three weeks and Queensland for three weeks and cover

but most of the state. Mind you, but most of the state. Mind you, N

Drew and Phil aren't here.

Drew and Phil aren't here. Mike, Drew and Phil aren't here. Mike, you

will play at Star City? It should be

great all the stars have been

fantastic and the audience is

fantastic and we are looking forward

to getting back in the Sydney trainer

shows and guide to Melbourne and

Hobart as well. New album in October. More my

More my town. When a mighty now much

cornet, but people have loved it.

There was so my songs all at their we

couldn't and on the first album and

if they ain't broke, don't fix it.

The Star City shower room misses The Star City shower room misses were

boys will be on Friday 7am Sunday.

The odd shower and a bit of wind and

calm conditions. Seven degrees in full sun

Thick cloud over north-east New South

Wales and easterly winds is causing

heavy rain. Cloud is forming other

South East Queensland generating

Inland showers and storms. Moist

winds generating a trough winds generating a trough will

generate more rain over news that

swells and supplies Queensland. Try

Norley wins WILL SPREAD across WAAA

and their front will since Philip

showers in south-west of the state.

Rain in the use of Wells north coast

and south-east Queensland. Showers

and sell the stake. Our Lennart has

HAD a 150 mm work.

HAD a 150 mm work. The central West

and North West will also in the state

will also get showers so they will also get showers so they need some precipitation.

some precipitation. Yet others some precipitation. Yet others which

are laid let Sella Dennis at Wells. Both have to unscrewed

Finally tonight - a new kingdom has been built for Taronga Zoo's family of African lions.

The den has been given a savannah-style makeover, complete with native plants and grasses, to give parents Jambo and Kuchani a taste of home. Rock features and wading pools will help their youngsters learn the ways of the wild.

And just to prove he's king of the man-made jungle, Dad has claimed the climbing tree and bungee ball, given to the cubs as a third birthday present. That's the News at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is our next full bulletin after Rove. See you tomorrow. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

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