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(generated from captions) artists experience with special guest the beat of the African drums. The audience getting caught up in of hours of music activities. Music For Everyone runs hundreds Ainslie Arts Centre, in Braddon Classes are held each week at the . to share, you can email us at If you have a news tip you'd like team, thank you for watching WIN I'm Peter Leonard, from the news Television. Good night.

Paying the price - for delaying road closures a huge compensation bill likely linked to the Lane Cove Tunnel. Seeking justice - endures court again. the teenage Sydney rape victim

for everything to be over. I'm still waiting Doomed to disaster - after taking off dozens killed when a jet crashes from a runway that was too short. to maintain flight. He didn't reach a fast enough speed Health hope - to stamp out cervical cancer. the world-first Australian vaccine Ricky Stuart sacked - after his club's shocking season the Roosters coach dumped after his club's shocking season.

This program is captioned live. Good evening. be footing the bill The State's taxpayers may again for a Government U-turn on a tollway. The Roads Minister has conceded for massive compensation the Government could be up over the Lane Cove Tunnel closure of some lanes on Epping Road. because it wants to delay the planned from the Cross City Tunnel, After the fallout chances with the Lane Cove project. the Government's not taking any we get the Lane Cove Tunnel It's important that project right and the expanded Gore Hill Freeway from the start. changes will be delayed The Minister admitted surface road expected openi g i December. expected opening in December. until well after the tunnel's

to motorists. To minimise inconvenience Then the punchline - inconvenience to all NSW taxpayers. the prospect of a financial I'm not going to rule out Tunnel. the operators of the Lane Cove that we may need to compensate of any change on our business Our assessment of the impact will be based on our original model. City Tunnel operators are planning All this at a time when the Cross $100 million for road changes. to sue the Government for well over were about to effectively bankroll After denying taxpayers

tunnel PR disaster, the Government's bid to avoid another the Minister was forced to agree the Government can predict there's no way to the Lane Cove company. the size of any compensation payout on any of those issues. I am not going to speculate an up-front payment. Basically, it would be according to the Opposition. To buy the Government precious time, past the election Don't try and sneak until after March. and leave all the problems Adam Walters, National Nine News.

smoke coming from a motorised glider Witnesses have told how they saw near Camden late yesterday, just before it crashed and his 4-year-old son. killing the pilot several years ago The aircraft had been bought Steve Fossett. off American adventurer had a spirit of adventure - Neil Cocks he loved the outdoors would glide through Sydney's skies. and several days a week Friends at the Camden gliding club and piloted joy-flights, where he instructed and safety conscious. said Mr Cocks was experienced I was stunned. I couldn't believe it. with the maintenance I mean, he was very fastidious so all I can imagine and all that sort of stuff, has happened. is that something extraordinary of hours flying He had many hundreds of flights under his belt. and many hundreds a state-of-the-art motorised glider The 47-year-old was flying similar to this one. in Australia. There are only a handful about two years ago Mr Cocks purchased the aircraft Steve Fossett from American adventurer to learn to fly it. and trained in Germany and aviation experts Police, mechanical

are investigating why it crashed. falling from the aircraft Objects were apparently seen an emergency landing. and it's possible it was attempting Witnesses reported seeing smoke engine area of the aircraft. coming from the front The club is deeply shocked.

Nina May, National Nine News. was back in a Sydney court today, A teenage pack-rape victim listening to prosecutors argue should be extended. that her attackers' jail terms four years ago. She was raped by two brothers Brutally gang-raped at the age of 14, put the nightmare behind her. Tegan Wagner can't yet

hasn't been served yet. I'm not happy that justice for everything to be over, I'm still waiting on my own personal life. so it's still taking a strain Now 18, Ms Wagner sat in court today her attackers' sentences as: as the prosecution described Pakistani brothers' Ashfield home In 2002, Tegan was lured to the and assaulted. gang-raped a 13-year-old girl. A month later. the men serving lengthy jail terms The brothers were already when in April for raping two schoolgirls, by between two and five years. they had their sentences increased Today the prosecution claimed the harm done to their victims. the punishment failed to recognise I'm just over it. Exhausted. Absolutely tired. for the eldest brother Today,the lawyer was tough enough, saying: argued the sentence has reserved its judgment, While the Court of Criminal Appeal on writing a book, Ms Wagner is focusing her energies hoping it will bring closure. It's not so much for me. so they have something to relate to. It's for other girls to look at, Allison Langdon, National Nine News. a northern beaches garage yesterday, A newborn baby found abandoned in dehydration and fever. is now doing well, despite suffering an un-clamped umbilical cord, Just hours old and with under a Dee Why apartment block the boy was left in a cardboard box who heard his cries. and was found by residents Police are questioning his mother, psychiatric assessments. who is also undergoing ps chiatric assess nts.

The little boy will be placed in foster care until a decision is made about his future.

Melbourne man Jack Thomas has been placed under a curfew, 10 days after having his conviction on terror-related offences quashed by an appeals court. It's the first time the Attorney-General has used a controversial section of the Government's new anti-terror laws. No-one was home at Jack Thomas's Werribee property this afternoon,

but he'll be spending a lot more time there after the unexpected actions of federal authorities. They need to have a trophy and if Jack be the trophy - that's the trophy they want. Having been released from custody and enjoying his freedom, the interim control order means the 33-year-old will be closely monitored and his movements restricted. When I asked him how he was he said, "Well, I'm a bit disappointed, Dad.

"I've got some news that's not as good as it could be." The order, the first of its kind under the new anti-terrorism laws, instructs Thomas not to associate with a terrorist organisation or contact Osama bin Laden or his deputy. He has to abide by a midnight to 5am curfew, must report to police three times a week

and cannot leave the country. But as in much of the saga involving? the former taxidriver, his lawyer says they'll keep fighting. We're going to resist it vigorously. Because it's based essentially on the same grounds that those that gave rise to his trial and where the conviction was quashed. Federal Attorney-General Phillip Ruddock says the order was approved by a court as satisfying the requirement that it had been requested to protect the public and assist in preventing a terrorist attack. Rachael Rollo, National Nine News. America's new ambassador has promised that Australian David Hicks will not be put to death, even if he's found guilty of terror charges in America. At his first news conference since taking the job, the Ambassador also defended the detention of Hicks, who has been held in Guantanamo Bay for more than four years. The law of war allows the detention of enemy combatants during the course of the hostilities. There is still a war on terror. Hicks is likely to spend much longer in custody after the military commission he was due to face was ruled unconstitutional. Prime Minister Howard is insisting tonight that the Government's decision to press ahead with the sale of Telstra is correct. Investors appear divided, Telstra shares fell, then regained the lost ground during the day. It was a rollercoaster ride for Telstra investors. The first day's trading since the Government announced it would be putting 2 billion shares of its majority stake in Telstra onto the market and the value of the shares fluctuated wildly. They opened at $3.51, slipped as low as $3.43, before recovering to close at $3.50. It's still searching for a bottom and obviously, if at the end of the day, the Government believes that it needs to discount the price slightly to raise the $8 billion it wants, then there could be some further softening. Opposed to the sell-off, Labor predicted the share price would suffer and they've accused John Howard of surrendering a vital national asset. What Australia needs now out of its principal communications supplier is this - we need fast, high-speed broadband. But despite the slip in the share price, Mr Howard has no regrets about pressing ahead with the sale. We have done the right thing and it will be seen over time that the decision we took was the right one. Mum and dad investors listened to the PM talk up the T2 float seven years ago, and have seen their nest eggs more than halved. But John Howard remains confident there will be strong interest in this next float. Let's just see how it all pans out. Let's not jump to conclusions after one day. That's just rather trivial.

Daniel Street, National Nine News. A commercial jet pilot has made a disastrous blunder, choosing a runway which was too short for takeoff, killing himself and 48 others in the United States. One of the cockpit crew was the sole survivor and if he lives, it's hoped he can explain how the mix-up occurred. Comair Flight 5191 had barely made it off the ground when it crashed. Fully loaded with fuel for take-off, it became a fireball for the 47 passengers and 3 crew. I saw the flash of light and then the explosion and then just a big plume of smoke come up. The only survivor was the first officer. He has severe burns. Investigators are blaming pilot error for the loss of the jet,

a Delta regional service from Kentucky to Georgia. The Bombardier aircraft was cleared to take off from the normal runway, but the pilot took a wrong turn and tried to use a runway used by smaller planes. What it says to me is, that when a runway that's that short, he didn't reach a fast enough speed to maintain flight. The plane's black boxes have been recovered and they are likely to confirm the deadly mistake. I cannot think of a better adjective to describe the emotion I have here is utter devastation. The coroner warned retrieval of the bodies could take three days, to the distress of relatives. There's 48 grieving families in here. and we understand the bodies - that the accident scene is still on the ground. In the United States, Christine Spiteri, National Nine News. A world-first vaccine for cervical cancer is now available to Australian women. Developed by Australian of the Year Professor Ian Frazer, it's hoped the vaccine will eventually wipe out the disease. After 15 years of research, the man behind the vaccine... OK, you ready? Yes, I 'm ready. ..has his groundbreaking moment. That wasn't too bad, was it? No, it wasn't Heralded around the world for its stunning success rate, the vaccine aims to prevent cervical cancer in girls and young women, potentially saving the lives of more than 200 Australian women every year. I would like to think that in the future, cervical cancer, like smallpox, will be confined to the history books.

It works by mimicking the virus that causes 70% of cervical cancer cases and it's available with a doctor's prescription as of today. It doesn't come cheap - $460 for a 3-dose course over six months.

But that could all change by November,

if the Federal Government agrees to provide the vaccine free to all schoolgirls and to women aged between 18-26. But doctors say the vaccine won't end the need for pap smears, a traditional screening test that picks up initial signs of the cancer. It will protect them against the majority of the viruses that cause cervical cancer, but there's still a risk of developing the disease, so our advice is strongly for women to have the vaccine and continue having pap smears. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. In the news ahead - freedom for a TV news crew held hostage by Palestinian militants. REPORTER: Were you afraid for your safety? Of course. Of course. And look who beat Hugh Jackman to an Emmy award. (Sings) # I am, I am, I am on 'American Bandstand'. # Children are unpredictable, and accidents do happen. So, from October 1st, children injured in car accidents, regardless of who was at fault, will have their recovery costs,

like rehabilitation and home care, covered.

This is made possible by a small increase to the cost of your greenslip.

It's a small price to pay to be sure our children get the care they need for as long as they need it. Oh, and make sure you shop around for your greenslip. You could save yourself some money. BEEPING AND WHIRRING This is an ordinary dog. This is Advantix from Bayer. Now this is an extraordinary dog. Because thanks to Advantix, this dog can now repel and kill ticks and kill fleas. (Barks)

Advantix for dogs - the latest way to zap ticks and fleas. An overhaul of bus routes in Sydney's south-west

is expected to slash travel times and make services more direct.

They'll link Bankstown to Liverpool, Parramatta and Burwood. The new routes will be shared by two operators, which means commuters will be able to travel to key destinations without changing buses. The routes are a lot longer, they're more direct and we've extended them into regional centres. The changes come into effect on September 18.

An American TV reporter and his New Zealand cameraman have been freed by Palestinian militants two weeks after they were taken hostage. Their captors were trying to bargain for the release of Muslim terrorists held by America, but the men were freed following the intervention of the Palestinian leadership. Arriving at a Gaza City hotel, Fox News correspondent Steve Centanni was embraced by work colleagues and friends.

Oh, my God! Inside, the American journalist and his New Zealand cameraman, Olaf Wiig, met Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, who worked to secure their release. Instead of talking about their 14-day ordeal, the two men appealed to news organisations not to be deterred from working in Gaza. Because the Palestinian people are a very beautiful, kind-hearted, loving people who the world need to know more about. Held in an abandoned garage, the two men were forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint and make statements criticising Western involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. America and George Bush are seen as being evil in some people's eyes in this part of the world. It brings an end to one of the longest abductions involving foreign hostages in Gaza. for your own safety? REPORTER: Were you afraid Of course. Of course. and are on their way home. The two men have now left the region Jodie Noyce, National Nine News. for American television's big night - The stars have been out in force the annual Emmy Awards. of stretch limos There was a traffic jam

arrived on the red carpet. as the small screen's finest Big winners included '24', and Best Actor for Keifer Sutherland, taking out Best Drama Series starring Helen Mirren, and the miniseries 'Elizabeth I',

which scored two major gongs. was nominated, Australia's Hugh Jackman for his show 'Music and Passion'. but missed out to Barry Manilow on 'American Bandstand'. # (Sings) # I am, I am, I am to the late Aaron Spelling, And there was an emotional tribute top-rating shows. creator of some of television's of the original Charlie's Angels. The highlight, a reunion Ken with sport is next for an awful season at the Roosters? and Ricky Stuart pays the price He resigned late this afternoon. shortly from Danny Weidler. We'll have all the details for the second time in a week. Also - Tiger wins

a world champion. And the Queen's grand-daughter has jackpotted to $15 million. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto $15 million Oz Lotto's Don't miss OTHERS: Free speech! MAN: What do we want? Now! When do we want it? Free speech! Canberra, what do we want? Now! When do we want it? Free speech! Queanbeyan, what do we want? Now! When do we want it? Free speech! What do we want?

Now! When do we want it? xcuse me. What do we want? Excuse me.

HARMONICA MUSIC whenever we want it! TransACT can give us free speech

VOICEOVER: Exercise your right (All cheer) to free speech with TransACT. Call:

has parted company with the club, Roosters coach Ricky Stuart of its worst seasons in years. which has had one to this breaking story. And there's more Weidler at Roosters headquarters. With that, we're joined by Danny Danny?

Big news at the Roosters, I'm

joined by the Roosters CEO, Brian,

was this a results-based decision

or did Ricky lose support of the

players. He didn't lose support of

the players, there was speculation

over the weekend. The situation

needed to be resolved quickly.

Ricky, as a proud man, felt he

didn't have 100 per cent support

from the club, so it was mutually agreed this afternoon that we

partcompany at the end of year. It

was decided around 2pm between the

Roosters chairman and Stuart's

manager, they decided that Ricky

Stuart wasn't going to be at the

club. The big news is the most

likely replacement is former

warriors rr coach, Donny Anderson. Challenge Cup victory on the weekend, Having coached St Helens to a to have another reason to celebrate. Daniel Anderson may now be about with St Helens, Despite having a long-term contract he is the man most likely at the Roosters - to take over from Ricky Stuart

Brad Fittler as had been speculated. not a coaching team of Phil Gould and any more. I've got no interest in coaching does either, I don't think Brad Fittler

at the moment. so it's a ludicrous suggestion Gould is fuming who plotted Stuart's demise. that he's been targeted as the man are not only totally wrong, Suggestions of that nature but they are slanderous looking into that. and I've got legal people taking place at the Roosters Stuart's shattered by what's when the team returned from Auckland. and didn't want to talk last night from a premiership-winning coach, He's gone to a man in charge of a team of their last 45 games. who have won only 17 at Manly, It's a far more relaxed scene victory over the Bulldogs. fun and games after the narrow Matt Orford But their match-winning halfback battling a knee injury. is in a race against time, his old club, Melbourne. He's desperate to play against a home final. If the Eagles win, they secure with the medical staff, I'm fairly confident I'm gonna be a good chance to play. and if I'm doing everything right, Danny Weidler, National Nine News. Ferrari's Felipe Massa the Turkish Formula One grand prix. has upstaged the big guns to win in 66 races. It was the Brazilian's first win and Michael Schumacher third. Fernando Alonso was second Mark Webber was a lap behind in 10th. at the start scattered the field. Giancarlo Fisichella's spin Phillipe Massa cleared out, From pole position was in the battle for second - but the real interest Alonso and Michael Schumacher championship contenders Fernando staging an enthralling duel. Massa won his first ever Grand Prix, find a way past Alonso while Schumacher couldn't to 12 points. who stretched his championship lead of his opposition, Tiger Woods is streets ahead in a row - winning his fourth tournament in the United States. the Bridgestone Invitational he had a real fight on his hands, But this time Stewart Cink forcing a play-off. at the first three extra holes Cink had chances to win before Tiger found his range. for this year The win takes Tiger's prize money to more than $10 million. Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News. The Queen is said to be delighted became a world champion last night. after one of her grand-daughters has taken out the 3-day event Zara Phillips in Germany. at the World Equestrian Games to get the gold. She had to clear this final jump than her mum, Princess Anne, Zara has gone one better who once won a European Championship.

It must be a day for the coaches,

the full moon is out John Buchanan

the Australian cricket coach will

kick after the World Cup next year.

No more boot examples for Warney. After the break, the CommSec finance report and Jaynie with the weather details. like your super. I don't know about all that. I do my job, I enjoy my life, I'm getting married,

and that's my choice. So, when Australian Primary Super Fund said they were changing their name to Prime Super and investing in my community, Prime Super - no bull... Help! ..simple and straightforward. Oh, easy, girl. (Moos) SLOW FUNKY MUSIC Yeah...

..they're together at last - Optus Broadband and the latest Compaq notebook. It's so simple. From just $69.90 a month, that's only $16.15 a week, when combined with an Optus home phone or eligible mobile. Visit your local Optus World store for a demo. SONG: # Give me the simple life. # Yeah. In finance - as well as Telstra's other woes, it will now appeal a final ruling from the ACCC today, preventing it from raising prices for competitors to access its copper wire network. On the markets: Now, here's Jaynie with the weather details.

Thanks, Mark. Good evening, everyone. A few scattered showers are possible tonight. We saw 1mm-2mm in parts of Sydney today, including Canterbury and Turramurra. But the main feature has been the wild winds gusting to 50km/h. 19 degrees for the city, where it's now 16. Southerly winds will stay fresh tonight for the central coast of NSW, Rain and storms for the south-east Queensland and north-east of NSW

from a trough bringing up to 40mm of rain. Mostly fine for the rest of our State under the high. That high will edge further to the south-east tomorrow, but onshore winds will drag in showers to the coast. Heavier falls will stay in the north-east of the State. a rising swell over the next 2 days.

If you're keen for a surf, expect A few showers on Wednesday, mainly for the coast, but drying out for the rest of the week. And maximum temperatures on the rise as we head towards spring, Mark. That's National Nine News for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre This restaurant only for tourists. And they choose not to serve Australians. Tonight, the local restaurant refusing to serve Australians - we ask them why. Plus, the fight for the right to have cosmetic surgery - no matter how young. Also, the scandal that could force up the prices of our favourite seafood. And, first the U Bra, now the super-slimming suit, giving every woman a better shape. This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw.

Welcome to a new week on A Current Affair. Those stories tonight, plus - why we're spending billions of dollars across the nation to dress like our favourite celebrities. That's a little later. But we begin with an extraordinary case of discrimination that's hard to believe. Imagine being refused service in a restaurant because you're an Australian. This isn't overseas - it's happening right here. And these restaurateurs are getting away with it. Hello, I'd like to make a booking for two?

How come you can't take a booking? Just Korean tourists? A Current Affair's David Eccleston was as shocked as the rest of us. His investigation started late last week after complaints from viewers and allegations of discrimination. They just point blank say, "No, no," at the front door They don't wish to serve you. Yeah, it's very racist, because why, everybody should be allowed to eat everywhere. This is 2006, so, yeah it's ridiculous. We get the workman from there come down to us and say "You won't believe what's happened." And they sent them away 'cos they are Westerners. AD: So where the bloody hell are you?

This unforgettable invitation was filmed at Fingal Bay on the North Coast of NSW. And there's no doubt overseas visitors are attracted to this beautiful part of Australia. But, just around the corner, at Nelson Bay, more welcome than the locals. the tourists are sometimes So can anyone come here?

Just Korean. Korean tourist,

Korean tourist. Yeah. every country is represented here. Just about every culture, ve y c untry is represente here. whether it's sushi or a steak you're after, Nelson Bay has it all. But the local Korean restaurant, 'The Dolphin House', isn't open to everyone. Only Korean tourist? Yeah, you can't eat. To put it quite simply, in very simple terms, when you refuse someone on the grounds of being Australian,