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(generated from captions) manic hotel owner Basil. a bit of Basil in them but not It's great fun, everybody has got this is a good opportunity to be everyone lets it out everyday, so runs until the twenty-third of The production opens tonight and September. night. In Sixty Minutes at 7.30 on Sunday prices will reach two dollars a There are predictions petrol litre by Christmas. industry under pressure. Reporter Tara Brown examines an to share, you can email us at If you have a news tip you'd like team, thank you for watching WIN I'm Peter Leonard, from the news Television. Good night.

the getaway car set alight was sprayed with gunfire. after a city nightclub And nerves of steel - a dramatic emergency landing front wheel collapses. as a light plane's This program is captioned live. Good evening. First to Telstra, Howard has announced and in the last hour Prime Minister in the company a third of its majority stake the Federal Government will sell

despite its rock bottom share price. $8 billion worth of shares

and institutional investors will be offered to the public later this year. late this afternoon, John Howard finally took the plunge announcing that a third interest in Telstra will be sold. of the Government's 51% controlling It is not good for Telstra of the Government - to be in majority share ownership it's bad for the company. In Hobart, the PM said $8 billion worth of Telstra stock the Government would offer about investors. to retail and institutional in October and November. The sale will take place Telstra shareholding - The rest of the Government's worth about $14 billion - in the Government's Future Fund will be parked and sold down over time. over the sale plans There's been controversy in Telstra's share price. because of the massive drop at $3.50 today - Telstra shares closed in the 1999 T2 float. less than half of what investors paid the full privatisation take place. It's in everybody's interests that to the Government Mr Howard said expert advice to support the share offer was that there's enough market demand at a fair price. will be available to investors, Instalment receipts in two instalments and they can pay for their shares over an 18-month period by instalments and those who are doing it to the full dividend will be entitled a short while ago. that was guaranteed by the company

Mr Howard made his announcement after the Telstra board promised against Government regulation there'd be no damaging campaign during the sale process. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. As many as six people may have died, been wrongly treated and dozens of others Tamworth Hospital because a pathologist working at misdiagnosed their tests. of several thousand tests That's the conclusion of a review carried out between 1999 and 2001. The mistakes were in the hundreds. Many were serious and possibly fatal. conducted by Dr Farid Zaer 7,000 pathology tests at Tamworth Hospital were reviewed. 217 were found to be wrong. the impact on the care provided There are some 18 of those where

is quite major. the ramifications were horrifying. And for the patients in question, Some were overdiagnosed

unnecessary surgery. and forced to undergo they would not have been performed. If we knew what we know now, received inadequate treatment. Those underdiagnosed that in a number of cases It's reasonable to presume may have been delayed. that treatment

could have been fatal, And the failings of the patients have since died. with confirmation up to six It may or it may not have, universes, we will never know. and because we don't have parallel Despite these findings at another hospital, and evidence of mistakes practising as a GP in Queensland, Dr Farid Zaer is still working, by the medical authorities. but he is under investigation to have happened. This is a dreadful thing for the Government And it could also be costly opening the door for legal action. with today's shocking disclosure Damian Ryan, National Nine News. Schapelle Corby Convicted drug smuggler to the Bali courthouse today made the familiar journey against her 20-year jail term. in what is her final course of appeal Mark Burrows joins us from Denpasar - Mark, what happened today?

It was supposed to be Schapelle

Corby's big day in court. The last

chance for her lawyers to present

some radical new evidence to get

her off the hook. In fact, there

was precious little new in what the

lawyers had to say. The times it

seemed that disappointment seemed

to show on Schapelle Corby's face. stepped out of prison in 14 months. The first time Schapelle Corby has like she wanted to go back inside. And for a moment, it looked Corby looked as petrified as ever. Faced with an ugly scrum of cameras, even in her holding cell - There were cameras in her face, where she sought some privacy. they even peered into the toilet into the courtroom And they were there as she stepped to 20 years last May. where she was sentenced

Court security was nowhere. as photographers snapped away. It was a feeding frenzy pleading for help. Corby shouted at the judges, but things did settle down. It took a while, her lawyers appeal on her behalf. Through a translator she heard to commit such a silly act. It is impossible for you

of fingerprints on the bag of drugs. They argued about a lack from Customs Minister Chris Ellison They produced a letter were working which said surveillance cameras Sydney airport. the day Corby passed through And that was about it. to produce the camera tapes. The lawyers have 10 days I'm hoping that there is someone... inside her bag. ..who put the marijuana

for tapes that don't exist Corby's lawyers could be in the hunt said this afternoon, a spokesman for the Customs Minister While the cameras were working passed through the airport, the day Corby the tapes had been wiped. as far as he knew, There's no other way to be. We have to be hopeful. Corby was marched back to the prison van - she didn't say a word. the Supreme Cour makes a decision. It'll be weeks before the Supreme Court makes a decision. It can acquit her, reduce the sentence, or uphold it. In Bali, Mark Burrows, National Nine News. A student pilot has had a lesson he'll never forget when the light plane he was flying was forced to make an emergency landing in Melbourne this morning. With the front wheel unable to be fully extended, the instructor, Brad Lacy, took the controls. He has more than 20 years experience in the air

and it all helped as he kept the nose up for as long as possible. The Beechcraft King Air has a few scratches and needs new propellers, but the two men escaped injury. The student pilot is from China where he'll one day fly passenger jets. He can now say he's learnt from the best about what to do in an emergency. Patrons at a city nightclub had a close call overnight when three hooded gunmen sprayed the glass doors with more than 30 bullets. Several people ducked for cover, but no-one was injured. A stolen car, dumped and torched in a Surry Hills backstreet. SIREN WAILS Valuable fingerprint and DNA evidence up in flames. LOUD BANG Moments earlier, the car was used in an attack outside the Gas nightclub in Pitt Street. Three men in balaclavas got out and yelled at patrons around th ee dozen shots to get out of the way as they sprayed around three dozen shots from a rifle, shotgun and automatic pistol at the glass entrance. Imagine standing in the line or waiting to line up to get in, shootin at you fro the street. and there's someone shooting at you from the street. They stood on the road shooting for about a minute, just out of range of security cameras.

Those who heard the gunshots a suburb away in Surry Hills said it sounded like a high speed jackhammer at work. But the 200-or-so patrons in the nightclub downstairs didn't hear a thing - the shots were drowned out by the music. One bullet passed through a light pole and continued through a window. Shotgun pellets were found in the ceiling. Police haven't revealed a motive, but they're worried enough about possible revenge attacks to call in the firearms and serious crime squads. There's a range of lines of inquiry that we're following

and particularly in relation to the operation of the nightclub. Although the getaway car was destroyed, police believe one of the gunmen left behind a trail of blood, possibly from a cut to a hand while reloading. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. Opposition Leader Peter Debnam is under fire for ringing the Director of Public Prosecutions to ask why charges against an alleged paedophile were dropped. The Attorney-General says Mr Debnam's actions are disturbing.

Here apparently we've got the

leader of the opposition makic the

add casual phone call, it's just

amazing. And improper. Snie want

answers and I swill an wers and I swill haveg answers and I swill haveg to to

whoever I have to, the public have

a right to know. Mr Debnam says

suggestions that he interfered with due process are a joke. A transsexual killer jailed for life for murdering hitchhiker Lyn Saunders will walk free soon after the Government today lost its bid to keep her behind bars. I don't believe you should lock anyone up and throw away the key. However, I do think parole is to be earned, not to be granted. Maddison Hall - who underwent a sex change in prison - has spent 16.5 years in jail. Last month the parole authority agreed to her early release. We have the Crown advocate considering a possible appeal.

Hall won't be released until suitable accommodation is found. It's in line to be named one of the seven man-made wonders of the world, but Sydney's Opera House may never really be finished.

The latest renovations will cost $38 million, and they'll make getting around the iconic building a lot easier.

It's undeniably our greatest building and arguably the greatest building of the 20th century - 4 million visitors each year, but a great many have a lot of trouble getting in. All too often, the endless flights of stairs defeat the handicapped and anyone with their hands full. It is right that we upgrade these facilities to provide better access

for those of our citizens with a disability and to parents, parents with prams, particularly those with a double pram for twins. A $38 million 2-year project will see large lifts and escalators installed,

taking patrons from the forecourt level to the box office foyer and beyond. And here, on the western side behind the recently opened colonnade, they'll rebuild the drama studio and playhouse theatre foyers to the plans of original architect Jorn Utzon. I think this is a beautiful extra experience for spectators when they come to the Opera House. And with luck, and a lot of federal funding, there's more to come. The Opera House and the State Government are seeking $700 million to complete all of Utzon's original designs, fixing acoustics, building new stages and interior fixtures.

It's unfinished business. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. In the news ahead, a scene of evil - the dungeon where a girl was kept prisoner for eight years. And a priceless collection of Aussie artifacts. His head was in there.

Right now, buy a $10 Scratchie with a chance at 500 grand and get four free $1 Scratchies. Or buy a $5 Scratchie with a chance at 250 grand and get two free $1 Scratchies. It could really win you stacks. SONG: # Scratch me happy! # Hot on the heels of announcing a major boost in troop numbers, Canberra is also beefing up the Federal Police for the same reason. More than 400 additional officers are being recruited specifically for overseas deployment to take care of our troubled neighbours such as East Timor and the Solomon Islands. We need not only a military capability But we also need a police capability. And it doesn't come cheaply - the move will cost almost $100 million a year over the next five years. Dozens of babies at Sydney's RPA Hospital are being given an antibiotic against whooping cough after a nurse became infected with the potentially fatal disease. The good news is that so far none of the babies has shown any symptoms. Lorraine Acheson gave birth to baby Luke prematurely six weeks ago. Last night they were told the specialist ward where Luke was being cared for a nurse had been diagnosed with whooping cough. Last night I was alarmed, but I was just really happy that they'd phoned. With only cold-like symptoms, the nurse didn't know she had the disease. Although she'd had a booster vaccination three years ago,

she went to our staff health department and got tested and came back as having probable whooping cough. Today families with newborns were called back to the hospital where their babies were given an antibiotic, but doctors say the risk of being infected is relatively low. This particular staff member has excellent infection control, but was also responsible for feeding young infants as well, so there is some small risk. The nurse was carrying the disease between 19 July and 17 August. Hospital staff are still trying to track down some of the 80 babies

she had contact with. As a precaution, all staff on the ward are now being tested for whooping cough. Thorough checks of their vaccine history are also being undertaken. Specialists say, despite the nurse being immunised, the vaccine is effective in the majority of cases. We're not going to prevent every case of whooping cough. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. JonBenet Ramsey's alleged killer, John Karr Austrian police have shown the dungeon

where a man kept an abducted girl as his prisoner for eight years. Seen here under a blanket soon after she escaped, police have confirmed she's Natascha Kampusch, who was just 10 when she disappeared. Her father never thought he would see her again, but Natascha's mother says she always had a sense that her daughter was still alive.

She got away when her kidnapper was distracted. He then committed suicide. The solar system has lost a planet - Pluto voted out of the club, at a conference of astronomers in the Czech Republic.

Calling it a planet after today is no longer correct. It's a dwarf planet. Formerly the ninth planet from the Sun,

Pluto has been demoted because it's too small and has a wandering orbit, leaving eight so-called classical planets, including our own. Being Australian can mean vastly different things to different people, but there's no doubting our remarkable past, the stories and achievements that helped build our lucky country. From tomorrow the State Library is putting some of our more cherished national treasurers on show for everyone to see. As national treasures go Australia's are rather simple.

It's Holden cars, it's songs it's criminals... It's... It's unlikely heroes. Ned Kelly for one - his bullet-battered helmet, 10kg of iron will. You just think, wow, he was actually... ..his head was in there. And Don Bradman wielded this bat into history with a then world record knock of 334 against England. Some of Australia's story written with Henry Lawson's pen and in the pages of Captain Cook's journal. The souvenirs of history tell us where we've come from and what connects us. I think little stories add up to a big story Americans have the Liberty Bell, the English, the Magna Carta, but the original manuscript of 'Waltzing Matilda' means as much to many of us. And I think that's what's good about this country. I think that's what's great.

Each artifact reveals a piece of what we value - altogether it's a rich and complex guide to who we are. Admission to the collection at the State Library is free. Dale Paget, National Nine News. Tim Sheridan with sport next and a huge challenge tonight for the injury-ravaged Bulldogs? Mark, Manly at Brookvale never an easy assignment, suspended big man Willie Mason joins us after the break. Also, an injury scare for Dragons skipper Trent Barrett.

And Anthony LaPaglia gets hands-on before Sydney FC's season opener.

After 12 weeks on the sideline,

Shaun Timmins is finally making his return for the Dragons on Saturday night against the Sharks. The Dragons have also had a scare with skipper Trent Barrett forced into the stands during training. Trent Barrett's form has been under the microscope, and this may be why, forced to sit out the ball-work session last night with a dodgy knee, but the club says he'll play. Another playing a possible farewell to WIN Stadium, Shaun Timmins, back after three months on the sideline with knee and quad problems. This is where it all started, so I'd like to finish it here and be able to to sort of thank the supporters. Some interesting news out of their opponents the Sharks - they've held talks with sacked Brisbane halfback Brett Seymour, but the Sharks say that isn't a sign they're about to release Adam Dykes.

And in demand Bulldogs prop Mark O'Meley

has shut the door on England as an option. It's pretty slow. I don't know whether I could put on 10 kilos

and slug around over there being a bit lazy. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. Mark O'Meley and Bulldogs are at Brookvale tonight, where Manly haven't beaten them for a decade and the Sea Eagles will try to break that run without their captain, Ben Kennedy. Willie Mason joins us now.

I think we do. Folkes is pretty

good at pulling us together. Brad

more inane Hickey are being given

an opportunity to stamp themselves

and put their hand up for the fines.

The confidence is still there Z is

tonight vital for that new bench? You mentioned Jarrod You mentioned Jarrod Hickey, for

example? I think so. Tonight - we

need some momentum coming into the

semifinals. You can't just go in sem f nals. You can't just go in to semifinals. You can't just go in to

the last couple of games getting flogged and think you're gonna flogged and hink you're gonna turn flogged and think you're gonna turn up for the first u for he firs up for the first semi. That's the

attitude tonight. at tude tonight. We're attitude tonight. We're at tude tonight. We're going attitude tonight. We're going out

there to win. Two weeks rest for

you. Is that such a bad yo . s that such a bad thing? yo s that such a bad thing? you. Is that such a bad thing? At

this time of year? I'm putting the

as a positive. I've been training

every day. A couple of weeks every day. A couple of weeks for Origin when you're not really

training that hard, you miss those

weight sessions, I'm Catching up

with that and some fitness session

es with the trainer, just getting

over a few of the niggles the last

couple of months I've been carrying.

Good luck. Have a good night and

resist the urge to run out. Soccer - and Sydney FC begins its A-League title defence against fellow grand finalists the Central Coast Mariners on Sunday. Captain Dwight Yorke is now tipped to play after getting through training today. Hollywood star and Sydney FC part-owner Anthony LaPaglia threw himself into training for the cameras today. But it's the club's other international drawcard who will again carry the weight of expectation as Sydney tries to repeat last season's success. We know it's going to be extremely hard, and I'm the leader of the pack, so to speak, and everyone is looking to me to make sure that continues.

First, Yorke has to overcome a groin injury, which has severely hampered his preparation for Sunday's Grand Final rematch. It's still yet to decide. Today I came through training feeling much better. Two days ago it didn't look great. Neither did Sydney's bank balance at the end of last season. And that's LaPaglia's biggest challenge. We have definitely learned from the mistakes we have made.

We were by no means the only club to lose money. Soccer players are often accused of taking dives, but it's safe to say Portsmouth's Pedro Mendes wasn't putting this on. Manchester City's Sam Thatcher is now the subject of a police investigation after Mendes was knocked out in the clash. Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News.

The body contact will be legal but

probably just as hard at Brookvale Park. After the break, the CommSec finance report, then Jaynie with the weekend weather details. 'JUST BE HAPPY' TUNE PLAYS Target has men's polo tops from $15.99.

In finance, Telstra's big T3 announcement was made after the market shut for the day, so Telstra shares remained steady.

Thanks, Mark.

Well, most of us will see showers tonight moving in from the south-west. There was a clap of thunder around Camden this afternoon with the chance of further storms.

The weak southerly moved through around 9am but now the low is bringing in very gusty winds of up to 80km/h. That low is moving out to sea so the winds winds should die down tonight. The heaviest falls are likely in the south-east of our State - up to 40mm are expected. Rain for the ski fields but snow down to 1,400m, looking dry for the weekend. Showers are likely to clear away tomorrow morning and most of them will be coastal. Light to moderate southerly winds.

A gorgeous sunny day on Sunday - a top of 21 degrees with the wet weather returning next week. Enjoy your weekend. Catch up with you on Monday, Mark. That's National Nine News for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great weekend. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. This program is captioned live.

hey discrim nate against ?e b ca se I was goi g to have y baby. Tonight - the female boss who sacked a worker when she fell pregnant. No, look - you can't have it all ways. Plus, angry and aggressive drivers - why police are demanding they be shown respect. Also, when big TVs become big trouble - about before you buy. the costly faults you need to know out befor you buy. And - the remarkable town where 2,000 children have won the battle with obesity.

Hello. Welcome to A Current Affair. All those stories tonight, plus - how the superstar mums of Hollywood are influencing a whole new generation of Australian women. That's a little later in the show. But let's start with two other women and an almighty fight that's heading for the courts. One is a boss, known for her no-nonsense approach to the job, the other a worker, who claims her career with the company was over before it began. She says that's because her female boss couldn't cope with her getting pregnant. They sacked me because I was going to have my baby. Why did you sack her? I didn't sack her. I didn't sack her at all. It's a Mexican stand-off.

On one side, Carole Sayer, managing director of All Trades Queensland, is absolutely disgusted that she could be accused of such a thing,

while on the other is Hayley Buckle, now a mum to 11-week-old Luke, convinced she's been discriminated against. Would you go back there? Never. inductees with all trades Queensland Hayley had won a job handling new inductees with All Trades Queensland

which supplies trainees and apprentices to industry. On her very first day at work, Hayley told them she was pregnant. The company's response was swift. On the second day when I was there, Carole took me out of the position that I had been contracted to

and placed me in a temporary position in accounts. I had to rearrange, by the way - bitch that I am -

the entire office to find a job for her. A major restructure was undertaken to help her out. She reorganised the office to probably make herself feel better for a little bit, but she had no intentions of ever keeping my job or any sort of job open for me. I find this bloody insulting as an organisation

where we go out of our way to help our girls here. I've been pregnant, I've had to work,