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(generated from captions) Tonight - with drowning her five-year-old son. A Central Coast mother charged He was a cute little fella. A town in shock to a terrorist training camp. over claims it played host And very worried. Amazed.

in Sydney schools, Calls to ban mobile phones downloaded pornography. after a fifth-grader to double parking. And bringing a whole new meaning Good evening. her young son in a bath yesterday, A woman accused of drowning of her own mother's suicide. allegedly did it on the anniversary she was struggling with life It's been revealed from a mental illness. and had been suffering to the Gosford townhouse cried The first constable called submerged in water. when she saw the 5-year-old boy

how the boy's father felt - Neighbours can only imagine he made the discovery. I can really feel for the father, about it. I mean, my husband is really cut up He was a cute little fella.

with his 37-year-old mother - The boy was found in the bathtub she was fully clothed. Yesterday morning, for a memorial to her own mother. she had gone to a cemetery As you know, of her mother's own suicide. it happened on the anniversary

It's alleged of her estranged husband she returned to the home and wrote him a note. Sydney businessman. He's a successful supported her in court. The father of the accused woman or the rest of his family We can't identify him for legal reasons. He told reporters

not just for his grandson, what happened is a tragedy but for his daughter too. with her own mother's death. He said she had been struggling or to be looking at punishment. It is not a time to condemn in protective custody The woman has been placed for her mental health. and allowed medication treatment in jail, As doctors consider on-going remain shaken. those who knew the young victim Oh yeah. that age, you know, When you've got grandchildren if you'll ever see them again. you sort of wonder in a head-on car crash, The parents of an unborn baby killed by a District Court judge. say they've been denied justice walked free from court The driver who caused the accident being heard. without a victim's impact statement Susan and Tim Harris are angry their baby, Lars, as a human being. was never recognised when Susan was 33 weeks pregnant. Their car was hit head on was being told that I'd lost my, I guess the worst injury of all

that I'd lost my beautiful baby.

who was driving the other car, Nathan Crossley, with the unborn baby's death. was never charged a six-month suspended sentence He was given for negligent driving in six months. and will be back on the road It's a real kick in the teeth, for us. it's a massive kick in the teeth a victim impact statement Tim and Susan weren't able to read here at Golburn court yesterday. They weren't even told was being sentenced. that Nathan Crossley to see photos of Lars, an IVF baby, They wanted the court who'd been so hard to conceive. he's been referred to as a foetus. Throughout the trial Now we've got photos, it's a baby. Susan has had another baby. Against all odds, after Byron's law. We named him Byron

for killing unborn babies. That law allows for prosecutions three months after Lars' death. It came into effect from the crash site. He's buried just metres There are no words for it. There are no words for this. the New South Wales south coast say Residents of Eden on they're shocked to discover as a base for terrorists. their town might have been used Today, with their help, the suspect site. Seven News tracked down an innocent camping trip, It looks like it's a terrorist training exercise. but federal agents say

of 13 men The video was shown at a hearing of a Melbourne-based terror group. accused of being members it's disturbing news. In the quiet town of Eden

Amazed. And very worried. Hitting too close to home. about the location, The video doesn't give much away but some locals recognise it. as the crow flies. 20k's south of town Probably an hour's drive by car. past an ammunition depot. Most of that is on a dirt road, of Ben Boyd National Park In the heart and it looks very familiar. is the Salt Water Creek campsite the same location This is almost certainly shown in the surveillance video. it can also be very popular, It's isolated, but locals say from Victoria. especially with people holidaying to prepare for jihad, Not the most private place but federal police say in a phone tap. that's what they heard Not everyone is a believer, though. that we've heard over the years. This is another one of these to hide enormous drug crops. The bush around Eden is rumoured of another training camp Years ago, there was talk for the war in Yugoslavia. are said to have come ashore And Japanese submarine crews during World War II. to a lot of funny activities. It is remote and it does open itself has been charged A Manly Rugby League player at a Northern Beaches hotel. over a late night assault

allegedly headbutted a patron Centre Steve Matai two months ago. as he arrived at the Surf Rock Hotel a cut nose and bruised face. The 31-year-old victim suffered in Manly court next month. Matai was bailed to appear The Club says it's standing by the player its own investigation. after conducting banned from Sydney schools, Family groups want mobile phones downloaded adult images after a year 5 student and showed classmates. ways to block phone pornography, While governments consider parents are being warned with their kids' technology. to keep up Castle Hill Public School - for a new social enemy - the unwitting battleground phone porn. The sophistication of the mobile devices these days is phenomenal. Teachers caught a year 5 student with downloaded porn on his mobile and suspended him for two days. An overreaction? Oh, no. I think it's quite an appropriate one. Here we have inappropriate material, coming in over the phone. The phone had Internet capability, like this one. MUSIC PLAYS They can not only download pornographic photos, but video, too. VOICEOVER - Like what you see? Well, check out more hot babes on Playboy. They're extremely common - more than 40% of all mobiles sold can do it - but it appears many parents don't even realise. In many cases, children are probably ahead of the game in respect to technology, as well as most of their teachers. Education chiefs say banning Internet mobiles would just be too hard and too harsh. But the Family Association is calling for a partial ban on the phones, saying they should be handed in as they arrive at school and only returned at the end of the day. The Parents and Citizens Federation says that's going too far. It argues the child was only doing what's natural. let alone having big bad adults saying "No more of that, thank you." Telstra shares have continued their downward spiral as the Federal Government struggles to decide its future ownership. With shares trading at a record low, Cabinet today failed to reach agreement on a time-table for the planned sell-off. For the Government to sell Telstra now would be a betrayal of the people who paid twice the price it now stands at. Telstra shares closed down six cents to $3.45. People who buy four-wheel drives to keep their family safe may actually be putting them at risk. Accident researchers have found

you're three times more likely to be killed in a four-wheel drive roll-over than in a sedan. Think four-wheel drives are safer? Think again. Crash data reveals that in some types of crashes, four-wheel drives can be more lethal than a sedan. In a rollover, you are between three and four times more likely to be killed

or seriously injured in a four-wheel drive compared to a normal passenger vehicle. The high centre of gravity makes a four-wheel drive more likely to roll at high speed and the heavy body crushes the roof and occupants.

Motoring organisations want four-wheel drive vehicles sold only with an electronic stability program, which dramatically reduces the crash risk. Ideally fitted as standard equipment to all vehicles,

but particularly four-wheel drives to help prevent a rollover. Meanwhile research into crash trends and driver attitudes has confirmed many drivers continue to ignore road safety warnings. Well, we are bloody idiots.

The crash index found 88% of drivers speed, many to and from work. Others have driven drunk and fallen asleep at the wheel,

despite knowing the dangers.

Psychologists asking why,

have discovered road rage is often to blame. They get frustrated, angry and they react inappropriately. Not all bad crashes happen on the road. Sometimes they occur in a garage. One that had its door closed, like this one at Seven Hills. It seems the driver of the blue car hit the accelerator instead of the brake,

crashed through the door, and burrowed under the car parked inside, forcing it up into the ceiling. It took a crane, two tow trucks and plenty of manpower to sort it out. The insurance claim may take even more work. Ahead in Seven News - A little girl lost, reunited with her Sydney family. Also, women finally get cheap access to a breast-cancer wonder drug.

We really hope that this means lives will be saved. And a strange new look at the man who says he killed JonBenet Ramsey. (Snores)

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A Sydney teenager who died from meningococcal disease has been remembered as a girl who loved to help others. Hundreds of mourners carried white roses at the funeral of 18-year-old Jehan Nassif, who they call their "Little Butterfly". She was amazing, so friendly, so helpful and she was always there for me. She was always there for everyone. An inquiry is being held into Jehan's death, after her family complained of medical bungling. The State Government has massively increased the Sydney area banned from using potentially contaminated bore water. The water lies beneath an old chemical plant at Banksmeadow.

Previously, only local households were banned from using borewater. Now the danger area's been extended as far north

as Redfern and Surry Hills. It's quite clear that we have major toxicological problems in this city and it's up to this Government to act now. Borewater should not be used for drinking, swimming pools, or gardens. Women with early-stage breast cancer will get cheap access to a wonder drug that could save thousands of lives. Until now, patients have been forced to pay for the treatment themselves,

some even selling their homes to afford it. When Bronwyn Wells was told last December she had breast cancer, she placed her hope in the wonder drug Herceptin. But suddenly, her life came with a price tag. $3,000 a dose every three weeks. It's a huge amount of money. The drug - which dramatically cuts the chances of relapse - costs between $50,000 and $70,000 a year.

The Government already funds the treatment for those with advanced stages of cancer, but it'll now be given to women who are diagnosed early. This is very good news for a very significant group of breast-cancer sufferers For those on the frontline, there was no hiding their elation. Da, da, da, da. But on the serious side... ..we really hope that this means lives will be saved. Although it's no miracle cure, the drug will be listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme from 1 October at a cost of $470 million. I know that the delay has frustrated a lot of people.

For Bronwyn, her battle is far from over, but today's announcement is a gift. You don't get much good news when you've got cancer, but when something like this happens, it's just fantastic. It's such a lift.

11 men have been charged, by British anti-terror police over an alleged plot to blow up transatlantic airliners. Eight have been charged with conspiracy to murder, and preparing terrorist acts.

The other three, with failing to report the plot. After two weeks searching homes and woodlands, police say they've seized huge amounts of evidence, including 200 mobile phones.

We have found bomb-making equipment. There were chemicals, including peroxide, electrical components. Police say the investigation is world-wide and far from complete. The man who says he killed child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey

has spent his first night behind bars in Los Angeles. As doubts grow about John Karr's confession,

old home video has been released, showing him singing at a friend's wedding and relaxing at home with his family. Don't make me have to lower you down in that well again.

Karr will be extradited to Boulder, Colorado tomorrow, the town where JonBenet was murdered 10 years ago. Some new ambassadors are to help Australian tourism sell itself overseas.

Koalas and kangaroos have hopped aside for six bubbly beauties chosen to host a Down Under-style travel show,

Italian style. The utes are Ferrari red. The luggage - designer. And the girls - Italian. Iladia. Stephania.

Marabella. Pamela. Kiara. Geraldine.

Six girls chosen from 32,000 who entered a competition to come to Australia and be travel reporters for Italian Television. Australia is for us, for us Italians, a dream. They'll be here for three months drving around the country.

They like to move.

(All sing in Italian) It's an Italian love song they told us. You're so beautiful and you have black eyes

and nice lips to kiss. It's a love song, so... REPORTER: This is a woman singing to a man or a man to a woman? Yes, Yes, in Italy it's useful, no? (all laugh) Maurizio Rossi is the show's producer. Is this an Italian hat? Yes, it's Italian because it's a map. The girls have maps on their shoes. They've never been here before BUT they know lots.

I hope to meet a wombat, why not, a koala, a kangaroo or in Tasmania - a devil, a Tasmanian devil, the quolls or what else? You know more animals than I do. (laughs) Should be a good trip, this one. A little girl lost in Sydney early today

has been reunited with her family.

Three-year-old Shontae Baker was found barefoot and clutching a toy horse at 4:00 am. in Chipping Norton. She'd been staying with her aunt, but woke early, and went for a wander. I got out of my friend's house.

Police soon found her very relieved mother. You've been a very good girl, very brave. Shontae says she just wanted to play with her toy horse. Time for sport with Matthew White and Willie Mason takes a break.

Details shortly. Also tonight - Back from the wilderness. Why the Swans are set to recall Nick Davis. And, cricket in crisis. Pakistan's threat to boycott the one-dayers.

You know I never meant to hurt her. How can you say that when you know she knew I knew? But she doesn't know. Well, who does know? (Exhales slowly) Only Fox Sports gives you more live cricket drama, Connect - take My Sports and get it free A double blow for the Bulldogs today. They'll be without Willie Mason for two weeks after he pleaded guilty to a high tackle and Tony Grimaldi has joined the growing injured list with a neck problem. They may be wounded but the Dogs are still dangerous, according to the team that play them this Friday. Manly beat the Bulldogs by 26 points in Round 7, but this time Eagles coach Des Hasler is wary. No matter who's in or out, when they turn up,

No matter who is in or out, when

they turn up, they turn up to play. A win would consolidate Manly's spot in third on the ladder. Cricket is in crisis tonight with Pakistan accused of holding the game to ransom. Pakistani captain Inzimam-ul-Haq says if he's not cleared of ball-tampering charges his side will pull out of the rest of their tour of England. Inzamam ul-Haq will face a hearing on Friday charged over his part in the farce that saw Pakistan forfeit the fourth Test. He says "Clear me or we quit". A boycott could cost England authorities as much as $25 million. COMMENTATOR: Well this is a massive incident. Inzamam is charged with ball-tampering

and bringing the game into disrepute. That's about his decision to keep his team in the dressing room after tea in protest. CROWD BOOS And it gets worse. Now there's a thinly-veiled claim Australian umpire Darrell Hair -

the man who called Muttiah Muralidaran for chucking - is a racist. Cricket offers a bridge of peace. Why destroy this bridge? Former Pakistan captain Imran Khan goes even further. Darrell Hair should prove that there was ball tampering. If he can not prove, then the Pakistan team is entitled to take him to court for defamation. Pakistan has also confirmed they won't accept Umpire Hair in any future matches. We have had problems with Mr Hair before.

and we feel deeply offended by his attitude. But the ICC says it will decide who umpires what. Inzamam will be asking Darrell Hair "What proof do you have that we tampered with the previous cricket ball? "I want some proof."

Almost 48 hours later, we still don't have any. And Australia has named an 18-man squad for the Tri-Nations Tournament against India and the West Indies in Malaysia next month. Glenn McGrath and Matthew Hayden return to the one day squad, while Brad Haddin will keep with Adam Gilchrist rested

before the Champions Trophy. Wallabies skipper George Gregan says he wants to lead Australia to victory at next year's World Cup before hanging up his boots. Gregan was honoured at a dinner in Sydney last night where guests included Prime Minister John Howard and former Wallabies skipper, John Eales. To play rugby for your country is a great honour and it's something you've always dreamt of doing as a kid, and I've been lucky enough to do it for the last 14 years.

No word yet on whether Gregan will lead the Wallabies on their upcoming tour of Europe. And Grand Final hero Nick Davis

is likely to return from the footy wilderness when the Sydney Swans take on Brisbane at Telstra Stadium this Saturday. Davis hasn't played in the senior team since round 14 after falling out with the Swans leadership group,

but coach Paul Roos says his exile is almost over. I think we said last week that he was ready to come back in and I'd like to think he'd get back in this weekend. The Swans are still confident of a top-four finish.

The signs are looking good. I am

confident they will go all the way Let's hope so. Sunny, but a little bit cooler tomorrow. Nuala has Sydney's weather details after the break.

When you see a big news story, grab your camera or video phone and start shooting, then send your images to: Good evening. The calendar may say

there's still a week or so to go until spring but the weather isn't paying any attention and neither are these gorgeous tulips

here at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Tulips have been a feature here since 1828, but this year, thanks to the warm winter weather, they've bloomed 2 weeks early. Today was our 12th consecutive day of above average temperatures. They hit 24, 25 degrees, which is 7 up on normal. Warmer still on the Central coast. Kempsey in the Hunter Valley reached 29, the hottest August day in five years.

It won't be qutie so warm tomorrow, once a west to south-westerly change pushes through. Cloud will start to increase on Thursday, ahead of the front that's sweeping across from the west. It will arrive Friday with a southerly change and hopefully some showers. Interstate - On the waters - Westerly winds could become gusty at times tonight, ahead of a slightly cooler day tomorrow. Still mostly sunny and around 21, 22 degrees, with some cloud increasing later in the mountains. High cloud will start rolling in again on Thursday with showers forecast for Friday as cooler Southerly winds develop. Back to 19, Then just the chance of a shower over the weekend. Which these plants will love, even though these tulips have jumped the gun. Thousand of spring flowers

are planted along this 150-year-old spring walk and they should be a riot of colour in about one month.

This is just the beginning.

The flowers are confused and the

birds are Tonight - a rude awakening for three elderly sisters. They were left their mother's house in her will, only to discover another family member had already moved in. The nephew now wants to sell the house.

That story shortly. Plus - what would you do if this was your child? Why our kids are getting angrier? And how many parents simply can't cope. Also, shrinking backsides. The new, invisible support for women. And, the JonBenet Ramsey case re-opens the debate. From toys to boys, why can't kids just be kids?

But first - dumb and dangerous. That's an apt description of 26-year-old Michael George, who today was sentenced to 3.5 years jail after he not only drove at speeds of up to 180km/h along the Bruce Highway, just north of Brisbane, but he videoed himself while he was doing it.

Take a look.

And using merging lanes to overtake.

While he was stearg with one hand,

he videoed his speed with the other.

When police intercepted him after

another driver called to complain,

inside the car they found the video camera. All

camera. All the evidence the police needed.. Enough to earn him three years jail. Now, it seemed straight forward. When three elderly women were left their mother's home in her will,