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.... night. That's all in our bulletin this at The headlines are on our website News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night Child beauty queen murder - to killing JonBenet Ramsey. claims a teacher has confessed Air fares flying high - in fuel costs. Qantas to pass on big rises Classroom bomb plot - blowing up his school a Sydney student who talked about allowed to walk free. And in the eye of the storm - of his swearing turmoil. Andrew Johns tells out of proportion. I think it's been blown This program is live captioned. Good evening. JonBenet Ramsey? Who killed child beauty queen for a decade It's been an unsolved puzzle an answer. but tonight we may finally have in Thailand A teacher has been arrested telling police it was an accident. and has apparently confessed, of suspicion The breakthrough lifts the veil the 6-year-old's parents for so long. which has hung over of JonBenet Ramsey. The haunting home video

As murder mysteries go, like the killing of the 6-year-old, few transfixed a nation found beaten and strangled

of her parents' Colorado home. in the basement pointed to her parents, For years gossip and speculation John and Patsy.

I did not kill JonBenet. Now Colorado police believe who did it - they might have finally found the man now under arrest in Bangkok. 41-year-old teacher John Mark Karr - John Ramsey has admitted he knew him. for 10 years, It's a day we've been waiting for but it also opens up old wounds. of ovarian cancer, Patsy Ramsey died in June but in her dying days she was aware her daughter's suspected killer. police were closing in on very diligently on it She knew that they were working and that they had a suspect of locating him. and they were in the process

Police were alerted to a journalism professor after Karr allegedly sent emails of the crime where he revealed certain elements that were never made public. John Ramsey said long ago searching for his daughter's killer. that he would never ever give up the parents The Ramseys' lawyer stood by the country had found them guilty. when, at times, it seemed were actually prepared I'm not sure that any of us

for the phone call, so it's been an emotional day.

will be taken back to the US It's expected Karr in the next few days. for more questioning Mark Burrows, National Nine News. to become even more expensive, The cost of flying overseas is about it will increase its fuel surcharge. with Qantas warning of fuel Qantas blamed the skyrocketing price for a 30% fall in its profit - to $480 million. cutting the annual figure as its fuel bill skyrocketed Qantas's earnings nosedived to $2.8 billion. another billion this year - And it's expected to climb it will announce another increase prompting Qantas to warn to overseas destinations in the fuel levy

as early as tomorrow. resilient at a high level. The price of oil is incredibly almost $100 on a one-way ticket. International passengers already pay another $20 or so. It should go up probably in the fuel surcharge Qantas admits another increase

will be hard to swallow, as households weigh up travel plans and security fears because of increased mortgage costs

UK terror plot. after last week's foiled about a $50 million revenue hit We already expect, probably, from the events in London last week. spare a thought for staff Meanwhile, unions say at budget arm Jetstar International. pushed onto work place agreements over the head with work choices They're basically hitting people "You can take it or leave it." and saying, ruled out. Further job cuts haven't been there'll be major changes. We do expect that of cost for an airline Labour is the other largest element reduce costs substantially, and if you're looking at trying to that's where it has to be. Karen Tso, National Nine News. to detonate a bomb at his school A Sydney student who discussed a plot was allowed to walk free today. The teenage boy's lawyer said himself because he'd been bullied he was only trying to big-note and the magistrate agreed. The 15-year-old appeared relaxed outside court. as he smoked a cigarette his Northern Beaches school, Accused of plotting to blow up it's alleged he told a friend: and former foster parents, Supported by his family a hit list of students it was revealed he'd compiled he wanted to kill to access bomb making sites. and used the Internet carry out the attack on April 5th, The court was told he planned to mistakenly believing it to be school massacre. the anniversary of the US Columbine He allegedly said: The teenager's lawyer argued as fantasy, the allegations should be dismissed big-noting himself to friends saying his client was simply he was going to carry out the attack. and there's no proof saying the threats were clearly: The Magistrate agreed, As the student walked free, with the outcome. his legal team was happy It was the right one. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. in a fresh bid for freedom The first legal step today Kathleen Folbigg. by serial child killer seeking access to a document Her lawyer fronted court against her conviction. as part of Folbigg's new appeal in this avenue? REPORTER: Are you hopeful of success Thank you. We have got no comment to make. last night that Folbigg, National Nine News revealed for killing her 4 children, who is serving a 30-year jail term is claiming her trial miscarried by a juror. because of an irregularity Unions are hoping

that building bosses will sit up and take notice about safety following a case that could see some managers of the Cross City Tunnel jailed.

They're being pursued by Work Cover over the death of Ronnie Shores who was crushed during the project's construction. Without a husband, Marlene Shores was forced to abandon Australia to return to her native New Zealand, but two years on, there's no escaping the pain. Yep, he was a good guy. Father-of-two Ronnie Shores was crushed in a rockfall during the construction of the Cross City Tunnel. My husband often talked about it being quite a - the worst tunnel that he'd been on. And Workcover has similar concerns. It's now pursuing not just the construction company, Baulderstone and Hornibrook, but seven of its managers over his death. If convicted, the individual bosses could face up to two years jail and hefty fines.

The threat of a jail sentence will, I believe, make them wake up - stop the cost-cutting and pay more attention to workplace safety. At a union meeting today, delegates observed a minutes' silence for their former colleague. Safety Officer Stephen Keenan was on the scene when Mr Shores died. I saw the rock that landed on Ronald. I said the prayers when he come out of the tunnel. Two years ago Ronnie Shores was crushed to death underground here. His colleagues pushed to have a plaque erected in his memory. Now they want justice, with the case due to go to the Industrial Court for the first time next week. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. In Bali, Australian drug smugglers Schapelle Corby and Renae Lawrence have had their 20-year jail sentences reduced - but not by much. Corby has had two months shaved off her term while Lawrence will serve just one month less. Rugby league player Reni Maitua has been banned from driving for 18 months after pleading guilty to driving while drunk.

The Bulldogs star blew 0.165 when he was picked up in Cronulla on Anzac Day. He was a P-plater at the time so his blood alcochol level should have been zero. I did the wrong thing and the magistrate was fair and I'm just gonna accept my punishment. Maitua has already been fined $15,000 by the Bulldogs. Andrew Johns has admitted he carried on like a goose when he swore at a touch judge last Friday.

The league judiciary suspended him for just two matches last night,

meaning he can play in the finals if Newcastle make it. After five days he'd rather forget, Andrew Johns finally let his hair down with his inner circle. If his grading had remained the same, Johns revealed he may have left the NRL for England - confirming a Nine News story on Tuesday night. The last couple of days it felt like my head was going to cave in on occasions but, you know, I suppose it was something that was talked about but I'm under contract with Newcastle. Johns still can't believe the reaction to his swearing. I just think it's been blown out of proportion. Look, I'm really sorry for my actions and I never condone doing this to an official but, for the coverage it's got, I think it's just crazy.

To help the situation, Johns said he'd like to see microphones removed from the field. Things are said or things are done in the heat of the battle which I think people on the sideline shouldn't hear. Johns received the reduced sentence last night because he was so apologetic and he wants to say sorry to touch judge Matt Ceccin over a beer. I'd love to meet him man-to-man just to say, "I'm sorry, mate, that I carried on like a bit of a goose."

And I hope he shakes my hand and accepts that. I don't know if he's a beer-drinker or a wine-drinker, I'll have to ask him. Meanwhile, a Brisbane barman has withdrawn a complaint against NRL board member Gorden Tallis

for a drunken incident on Monday morning. I did go there the next day and I apologised to the bar staff and the management and they accepted my apology. But the NRL will still come down hard if Tallis is in the wrong. Zero tolerance - and once the facts are there, that's when you have to make decisions. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. It's not often we get to see the human side of our politicians but Kim Beazley couldn't hide his emotions today. On the eve of the 40th anniversary of the battle of Long Tan in Vietnam, Mr Beazley read a letter to Parliament from Labor MP and injured veteran Graham Edwards. I said earlier that it is time to move on. The Opposition Leader was clearly moved by the suffering of many vets as well as Mr Edwards' forgiveness towards his former enemies. Both our countries must look to the future. I agree. Earlier Prime Minister Howard agreed Vietnam veterans had deserved better recognition when they returned to Australia. In the news ahead - a man to face trial accused of killing his three sons. And, is this the most fireworks ever set off at the one time? If you're enjoying a wine tonight then raise your glass to Len Evans, Australia's best-known identity in the wine industry who passed away today. He became our first regular wine columnist and was pivotal in helping many Australians

understand and appreciate the drop - especially the Hunter varieties. He also helped pioneer the successful export push in the 80s because he was so respected overseas. Len Evans died at the wheel of his car from a suspected heart attack. He was 75. It was thought to be a Fathers Day tragedy - a Victorian man's car running off the road and into a dam. He escaped but his three sons aged 10, 7 and 2, all drowned. Today a magistrate ordered Robert Farquharson to stand trial, leaving it to a jury to decide whether it was a shocking accident or, quote - "A wicked act of revenge against his former wife." Supported by his sisters and brother-in-law, Robert Farquharson left court without the result he'd so desperately wanted. His lawyer argued that Mr Farquharson did not have a case to answer because there was no motive or confession, only suspicion. The former window cleaner has maintained - with the backing of his ex-wife - that the incident that killed Jai, Bailey and Tyler was an accident. But Prosecutor Jeremy Rapke, QC, said the scientific evidence alone was compelling, that Mr Farquharson allegedly steered his car into the dam, making a 220-degree turn of the wheel then avoiding obstacles in his way, all when he was allegedly unconscious from a coughing fit. It's been described in court as a bizarre case and it's now one for a jury to decide. To convict Robert Farquharson of three counts of murder, a jury would have to be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that he committed the offences. He'll reappear in the Supreme Court in October. Rachael Rollo, National Nine News. A week after the British terror alert, a transatlantic jet has made an emergency landing in Boston to offload a disturbed passenger. On a trip from London to Washington the woman raised fears of a terrorist attack when she became agitated and had to be restrained by the crew. Baggage was lined up on the tarmac to be checked by sniffer dogs. In the end it was all just a scare but the woman was carrying matches and hand cream - both banned under security rules. In Britain there's been a spectacular effort to set a record.

A university professor has launched 55,000 skyrockets in one go. He was trying to beat the launch of 39,000 rockets but the attempt set off such a fire it's going to take a day to verify if all the fireworks became airborne. In music terms it's almost unheard of to mention Rose Tattoo and Helen Reddy in the same breath and the same could be said for Icehouse and the Divinyls. But they all proudly stood together last night headlining a list of legends inducted into the Australian Music Hall Of Fame.

Together they've helped write the soundtrack of Australian music for more than three decades. Gee, it's such illustrious company. I'm a bit lost for words. SINGS: # Great southern land # Icehouse has earned its place in music immortality alongside some kings of cool. SINGS: # Doin' the Eagle Rock # Daddy Cool's classic is burned into music history, so are some bad boys - Rose Tattoo. It's all about the music, we know that - and that's what it's about, that's what it's always been about.

The night was divine for Chrissy Amphlett. SINGS: # Get me out of here # The Divinyls' transformation is complete - from hellraisers to Hall-of-Famers.

All are Australian rock royalty but, if there was a queen,

last night it was Helen Reddy.

The honour a perfect return to Australia. I thank you for welcoming me home. CHEERING Her anthem, "I Am Woman", has empowered generations. SINGS: # I am invincible # On this night at least all these legends, quite rightly, felt a little invincible. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Ken with sport next - and it wasn't quite the World Cup but the Socceroos did the job against Kuwait. Yes, they're into the Asian Cup finals next year thanks to some lesser names who really stood up. Also, the young Aussie swimmers getting a chance to shine on the world stage. SLOW FUNKY MUSIC Yeah... ..they're together at last - Optus Broadband and the latest Compaq notebook. It's so simple. From just $69.90 a month, that's only $16.15 a week, when combined with an Optus home phone or eligible mobile. Visit your local Optus World store for a demo. SONG: # Give me the simple life. # Yeah.

The Socceroos' win against Kuwait last night won't go down as a classic but it was good enough to get Australia into the Asian Cup finals next year. Before a crowd of 32,000 at Aussie Stadium, our thrown-together team of A League players scrambled to a 2-goal victory. It wasn't a World Cup win or our best team but tell that to the players who got a chance to shine, like Travis Dodd, who scored and set up the Socceroos' second goal. It's what every kid dreams of to play for their country and then I guess to score for your country. And I was lucky enough to have them both tonight.

The eight Sydney FC players who wore the green and gold last night lined up for a team photograph today and were still feeling very good about themselves. If the Harry Kewells and Vidukas come back, just because your playing in the A-League doesn't mean you should not get a chance. For 76 minutes those chances weren't hitting home. COMMENTATOR: Set up nicely for Carney!

The Socceroos were out of tune and the crowd was being given very little to sing about. Carney away! Kuwait's modestly talented team gave the Socceroos only a few anxious scoring moments - this is one of them. And on the overlap - and wide. Eventually it was 26-year-old Travis Dodd, on debut, who broke the deadlock. Real chance for Australia. Goal! Australia has done it! Eleven minutes later Dodd left the Kuwait defence in his slipstream and delivered Petrovski a jewel which he pocketed with care. And followed up and in!

Being nicknamed the Soccer-whos is neither here nor there for these fellows, they hadn't let anybody down, least of all themselves. Swimming bursts back into the sporting spotlight tomorrow, when the important Pan Pacific Championships begin in Canada. A gruelling schedule means Australia's biggest stars are staying home so it's a chance for our rookies to shine and for many it's their first time on the international stage. They're young, but the message is clear - don't be fooled by Australia's baby-faced swim team. All the young ones are just really positive and really excited to race. We'll try and make something out of this meet and really just bring our names up and shine. Australia is missing its top swimmers, including Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett, Jodie Henry and Libby Lenton. They've blamed a gruelling race schedule this year for opting out of the Pan Pacs

so they can better prepare for the World Championship trials in December. America is disappointed it's up against an under-strength Australian team. I'd love to race Ian again in the 200 when he's at his best. Disappointed Hackett's not here, but with shoulder surgery it's kind of understandable. With more than 300 of the world's top swimmers competing in Canada, there's no doubt Australia goes into these championships the underdog. But even without our biggest swimming stars, we're far from beat.

The good old Aussie fighting spirit will show through and I'm sure some of these guys'll climb over the other guys and be successful. Our best hope is Jessicah Schipper. Already the world champion in the 100m butterfly, she now has her eye on the 200m. Yes, definitely, it is one of my goals to get that world record for myself. In Victoria, Canada, Christine Spiteri, National Nine News. Australia's Geoff Ogilvy expects American golf fans

to show their ugly side in tonight's opening round of the US PGA. The US Open champion is paired with fellow major winners

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson and he's not expecting the parochial galleries to be minding their manners. There's a lot of people who follow Tiger and Phil who don't generally know how to watch a golf tournament. Andy Murray has beaten Roger Federer at the Cincinnati Tennis Masters. The result snapped the world number one's 2-year unbeaten run in America and also stopped him reaching a record-equalling 18th-straight final. Murray broke Federer's serve seven times to win in straight sets.

On the 'Footy Show', Andrew Johns

and it's an rue Johns free zone after that.

In finance, Coles Myer shares jumped 14% on news it's been approached by a possible foreign buyer, amid market speculation of a takeover. On the markets,

Qantas shares closed lower after those disappointing results. It was a warm one across Sydney. With the details, here's Jaynie. Clear blue skies, low humidity and northerly winds freshened throughout the afternoon and we hit 25 degrees in the city at 2pm, that's 6 over the average. Still warm outside, now 22.

It's been a very warm day for most of our State - 8 above average for many areas from the strong and gusty northerly winds. Roughly 10cm of snow fell over most resorts today down to fairly low levels. Snow clearing tomorrow and maybe a light dusting on Saturday, fine but a little cloudy on Sunday as the front heads to the north-east. We expect showers and storms and an early shower for the Central Coast. Sydney - first rays will be at 6:31.

An early shower with winds gradually turning to the south-east by the afternoon for the coast. Sun setting at 5:28. 13 for the mountains. 21 in the west. And showers should be less than 5mm. If you're keen for a surf, the swell should rise but not looking the best. No rain recorded over any catchments in the last week. Warragamba Dam is at 41.4% capacity, down 0.1%.

Tomorrow's showers won't really help and the week ahead is looking worse. But a fine weekend coming up, Mark. The catwalk became an airport runway last night as Myer launched its summer fashion collection. A galaxy of stars was in attendance

for a show apparently inspired by the jet set. Jennifer Hawkins played friendly flight attendant as she introduced some brave league players who swapped their regular kit for a lot less. Also strutting her stuff - former Bali jail inmate Michelle Leslie. But there was no mistaking the real star - Jennifer Hawkins - stealing the show in a dress that looked a million dollars. That's National Nine News for this Thursday.

I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre Looking for thrills - the death defying new game teenagers now play -

good fun, or just plain stupid? It's totally nuts.

Also tonight - the mobile phone scam - how can you be sure that what you're buying is really new? Plus, preservatives in food - what's dangerous and what are the safe options? And Australia's most unlikely film hero. This program is captioned live. Welcome to A Current Affair. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. We'll have those stories shortly. First, the dramatic breakthrough in the JonBenet Ramsey murder mystery. who once lived near the Ramseys A former primary school teacher w o ce lived ?ear the s ys

is under arrest in Thailand, and has reportedly confessed to the killing. The cloud of suspicion that has hung over JonBenet's parents for a decade may finally have been lifted. (Sings) # I want to be a...# MAN: There is no question that the pageant video that was released within days of JonBenet's death caught the attention of the world. It was of a child that looked 6 going on 29. And from that moment on there was no turning back. Everybody wanted to know who these parents were that dressed up that child and what was the mystery that took place in that house. With blonde hair and big blue eyes, she was an American sweetheart. And for almost a decade, her brutal murder that Christmas night has remained a mystery. "If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take." And I remember praying that over her that night as I tucked her in. That was the last time Patsy Ramsey saw her daughter alive. The next morning, she woke to the horror of a ransom letter. And as I came to the bottom of the stairs, there were three pages neatly laid across one of the runs of the stairway. I turned around to start to see what it was and realised after the first couple of lines.

In the note the kidnapper threatened to kill JonBenet if a ransom of precisely $118,000 wasn't paid. Just frantic on the phone, "They've kidnapped our daughter,