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This program is captioned live. Tonight - justice for JonBenet - the child beauty queen's murder. 10 years on, a confession over International airfares set to rise hits Qantas profits. as the soaring cost of fuel

And the drink-driving Bulldog -

ordered off the road. an apologetic Reni Maitu and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. for the forgotten heroes of Long Tan. Also tonight, Kim Beazley's tears And on the nose -

hanging over a Sydney suburb. the mysterious stench

But first this evening - murder mystery of child beauty queen a confession over the 10 year JonBenet Ramsey. now in custody in Thailand, A primary schoolteacher, has confessed to the killing. was the 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey by her parents. many believed had been murdered On Boxing Day 1996,

her family home in Boulder, Colorado. her body was found in the basement of and sexually assaulted. She had been beaten, strangled is behind bars in a Bangkok prison. 10 years on, her alleged killer

Thai police picked up schoolteacher John Mark Karr 42-year-old American primary

on unrelated sex crimes to collect him. and are waiting for US authorities I am just absolutely impressed accomplishing this. with the effort that went into

two months ago of ovarian cancer, JonBenet's mother, Patsy, died the arrest. knowing police were about to make Knowing that this day would come, and we are so thankful. and it is finally here the killer has taunted the family For the past four years detailing how JonBenet died. with explicit emails those emails to finally tack him. It's believed police used their daughter's killer? But did the family know

To my knowledge, no. I really can't comment on that. vilified for their daughter's death, The Ramseys, who were publicly an intruder was to blame, have maintained of a break-in. but there was never any sign

from the little girl's underwear Authorities will use DNA they have caught their monster. to try to prove Based on what happened to us, speculate or discuss the case. I don't think it is proper that we

will bring closure. The family hopes the arrest by never getting too high He's managed to survive too low. and probably by never getting Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In the United States, is about to become more expensive. Flying overseas with Qantas to pass on the higher cost of fuel The airline says it has no choice but

to its annual profit. after it took a hit It's a bill no company wants. on fuel last year, Qantas spent nearly $3 billion and expected to go even higher, up more than a billion lifting the fuel surcharge. and that means it will be significant, I don't believe but certainly the way things are now

we are under, we believe the competitive pressures

in various parts of the business. it does require adjustments

a couple of hundred dollars The surcharge already adds return ticket. to a $2,000 Sydney-London what the increase will be The airline won't yet reveal to international flights. but will only apply That basically indicates in competitive sense it has reached a threshold in the Australian market consumers any further here where it really can't squeeze and be competitive. for a 30% drop in annual profit Fuel was part of the reason

to $670 million. Security is another big expense - the recent London terror threat. $50 million lost just on in cancellations We are not seeing that, I might add,

and we expect to see it more, but what we are seeing, the decision to travel. in people just not making

Now, Qantas says it is on track of $1.5 billion to make further cost savings over the next couple of years,

a good thing, it does have risks - and while that's no doubt affect customer service. not cutting so far that you actually still looks relatively rosy International travel flagging domestic tourism. compared with with overseas holidays. with big-screen TVs We've got to compete and the bathroom upgrade. like anything else. Tourism is a product requires more effort and money And that, he says, from State governments. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

largest retailer, Coles Myer, Shares in Australia's on takeover speculation. surged late today In a statement to the stock exchange, it was in takeover talks Coles Myer announced with an unnamed company. Coles shares jumped more than 10% or UK retailer Tesco were interested. with rumours US giant Wal-Mart for $1.4 billion. Coles recently sold its Myer stores for passengers on board Terror over the Atlantic

a United Airlines flight. and the aircraft diverted, Fighter jets were scrambled, became hysterical. when a suspicious woman in luggage from flight 923 Sniffer dogs search for explosives United Airlines plane after the Washington-bound under military escort. was forced to land in Boston caused the chaos. A 59-year-old woman from Vermont Tonight she remains in custody.

thrown into turmoil The flight from Heathrow with the crew, when the woman began arguing of claustrophobia. apparently complaining staff had to forcibly restrain her. She became so agitated when the pilot declared an emergency. Fighter jets scrambled and took her down They just kind of burst upon her and tied her hands together. and handcuffed her to be honest. It seemed a bit over the top, or anything. She didn't seem to be threatening

She was just quite an elderly lady. They said she was acting nuts. I saw her handcuffed. Initial reports had her holding a screwdriver, among other claims that she was carrying a note referring to al-Qa'ida and was also heard muttering about Pakistan. She was just wearing heavy sweatshirts and she just looked very suspicious. Everyone from the flight was questioned during a 4-hour delay. Questions are now being asked how she got through upgraded security

with several banned items, including cigarette lighters and hand cream. Since last week this thing happened we were, like, so nervous. Everyone is on edge after police last week foiled an alleged terror plot to blow up aircraft flying between the UK and US. 23 suspects remain in custody. Almost 50 homes have been raided. Anxiety not just reserved for air travellers. As the plane crisis was unfolding, a port in Seattle was evacuated

amid fears two containers from Pakistan contained explosives. A controlled blast destroying the contents. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Case dismissed for a Sydney boy accused of plotting a massacre, Colombine-style, at his school. Police alleged the 15-year-old, who can't be identified, planned to blow up the school, and had compiled a death-list of students who had bullied him.

However, late this afternoon the magistrate threw out the case, remarking that there was no evidence the boy intended to carry out his threat. The nation's worst female serial killer has foreshadowed a fresh appeal against her conviction. Kathleen Folbigg is serving 30 years for the murder of three of her children and the manslaughter of a fourth in the NSW Hunter Valley. She smothered them over a 10-year period. Her lawyer asked the Supreme Court this morning for a new hearing in the Court of Criminal Appeal,

saying he will seek access to an undisclosed report. A date for any appeal hasn't yet been set. A tearful tribute in Federal Parliament for Australian soldiers who fought and died during one of the most bloody battles of the Vietnam War. But 40 years after Long Tan, the Government is standing firm

against calls for veterans to get the recognition they deserve. For Australians, it is the signature battle of a most controversial war -

in 1966, 108 members of Delta Company 6RAR against 2,500 Vietcong. JOHN HOWARD: It's fitting that the anniversary of that battle

is also Vietnam Veterans Day.

But when the Long Tan heroes came home they suffered the same let-down as thousands of other Vietnam veterans. The sad fact is that those who served in Vietnam

were not welcomed back as they should have been at the time. It is time to move on. Opposition Leader Kim Beazley choked with emotion as he read a letter from the Parliament's only Vietnam veteran, Graham Edwards. "Last night I had dinner with the Vietnamese ambassador. "As we left the table, "he said to me that both our countries must look to the future. "I agree." You'd be a pretty cold sort of character if you didn't have some feelings. Graham Edwards lost both legs to a landmine in Vietnam. The battle he's fighting this week is for justice for Long Tan heroes who were recommended to receive bravery medals but were awarded something less. That the men who actually fought the battle had their bravery awards downgraded to accommodate other more senior officers who weren't at the battle.

Mr Howard saying another review of the medals claims would lead to too many appeals involving other battles. As one sense of grievance might be addressed, so many others are opened up. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. An apology from red-faced Bulldogs player Reni Maitua, sentenced today for high range drink-driving. He's been hauled off the roads for 18 months and slapped with a fine. Reni Maitua had 0.165% alcohol in his blood

when tested by police on Anzac Day in Cronulla. That's more than three times the legal limit for a full licence, but Maitua was only on his Ps, meaning he shouldn't have had any alcohol in his system. I'd like to apologise again for what I've done. I did the wrong thing. The magistrate was fair

and I'm just going to accept my punishment. The court heard the 24-year-old had left his car at home on April 25. It was only when a friend handed him the keys to another car that he decided to get behind the wheel. Maitua's counsel, Mitchell Cavanagh, QC, told the court the forward had already been fined $7,500 by the club and had missed out on selection in both State of Origin and City verses Country matches. The magistrate decided to give Reni Maitua an even tougher penalty

because on the night he was caught with so much alcohol in his system he wasn't heading home, but on his way to another watering hole. Maitua was forced to rely on team-mates to get him to the catwalk on time last night for an appearance with fellow Bulldogs players at Myer's fashion parade. Evan Batten, Ten News. Tim Webster joins us with a look ahead to sport,

and two NRL clubs are feuding? Yes, a player tug-of-war is at the centre of it, more shortly. Plus, the Andrew Johns case has a couple of league greats pinpointing what's gone wrong between players and refs and it's not just bad calls. And answering the call - the Socceroos' back-up team does the job to book Australia into the finals of the Asian Cup. More highlights and reaction shortly. Also later, England's new cult hero cricketer. Lessons in history - John Howard's new plan to educate our children, that's next.

Also tonight, bikie leader in court over nightclub shooting. And a Sydney suburb on the nose - the hunt for the mysterious smell haunting St Marys.

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This program is captioned live. The victim of a shooting has faced court charged with perverting the course of justice, after refusing to reveal who pulled the trigger. He was allegedly wounded in a showdown involving bikies at a Kings Cross strip club. 41-year-old Scott Orrock is the national president

of the Nomads motorcycle gang, charged over a bizarre Kings Cross strip club brawl last March. Orrock was arrested by gangs squad detectives after he refused to say who shot him in the leg. Police claimed in court Orrock was enjoying a private strip show at Showgirls club when it was interrupted by members of a bucks' party.

A fight broke out and continued after more Nomads arrived.

Police alleged a pistol was produced and Orrock hit by friendly fire. The man who burst in on the private strip show, Salevao Taiatu, was also shot in the leg. Police have charged the bikie leader with firearms offences and attempting to pervert the course of justice after he refused to name the Nomads member who fired the shots. Orrock allegedly told police

it was Nomads policy never to help them with information and that the gang settled its own problems in house. The court was told Orrock was supremely powerful within the gang and that the Nomads were a feared organisation, involved in acts of violence and intimidation. Orrock was given strict conditional bail. The Nomads president is banned from attending any of the club's functions,

can't associate with more than two other Nomads at a time

and must keep a strict 8pm to 7am curfew. John Hill, Ten News. Police are hunting a second man over the shooting death of a Sydney drug dealer at Callen Park, three years ago. 31-year-old Andrew Heavens was shot several times in the chest in May 2003. Police have charged 26-year-old Ryan Byrnes with his murder, but believe a second man was also involved. There are other people out there in the community who have specific knowledge of the crime and may even possess some evidence in relation to the crime. They're asking for witnesses to come forward. The Prime Minister has outlined a list of historical events he wants school students to learn about.

He's organised a summit of historians to overhaul how Australian history is taught,

but denies schools will be forced to teach his view of the past. These are the experts Canberra wants to determine what history is taught in schools and how it's taught. But nowhere to be seen were the people who run the system - State Education Ministers weren't even invited. The Federal Government has accused some of simply neglecting history. Currently, Australian history has been downgraded to the point where in some States it's an optional extra. John Howard today brought together historians and teachers from across the country, calling for history to be a compulsory, stand-alone subject.

The Opposition says the summit is just a distraction from sticky economic issues. He'd rather have people debating the colour of the chalk in the classroom than talking about his commitment to keeping interest rates at record lows. John Howard wants the opinions of the experts,

but has already outlined what he wants taught - the Westminster system, the Enlightenment, the industrial revolution, indigenous history and Australia's religious past.

But, he's adamant students won't have to learn his view of the world. I want to make it very clear that we are not seeking some kind of official version of Australian history. The Prime Minister's biggest complaint is that history in schools focuses too much on themes, movements and fashions,

at the expense of teaching what happened and when. Some fear schools will now lurch too far the other way. The PM has also announced a lucrative annual prize - $100,000 for a book, film or other work which contributes to our understanding of history. Laurel Irving, Ten News. It's been a mystery for months - why a suburb in Sydney's west is on the nose. But the smell in St Marys still has the local council baffled,

and no one can find where the pong is coming from. In St Marys, it's the question on everyone's lips. What's that smell? Stinks, man. A strange odour has been lurking around the station for months, and, according to those unfortunate enough to get a whiff, it smells like...

BO, cabbages, that sort of a chemical smell.

It actually smells like sewage. Yeah, it smells terrible. Some days are worse than others,

but no-one knows where it's coming from.

Now the local council is using its noses to try to sniff out the source. There's been lots of different explanations, lots of different theories, and we've really just being trying to track it down. The Department of Land and Environment has received plenty of complaints. With the more reports that come in, it does help us to narrow it down.

Fed-up restaurant owner Francis Lapuz has had to keep his shop doors closed, worried the strong odour could put off customers. Especially when your door is open and people are eating out, yes, it is going to affect our business. The local tattooist also stocking up on air freshener. It's shocking, yeah. We have to shut the doors to even breathe 'cause it goes right through the shop. While the source of the smell remains a mystery,

the council believes it's closer to tracking down what's causing it. A number of chemical factories behind St Marys station are currently under investigation, with the smell suspected of coming from their filtration systems. But for now there's only one solution to stopping the stench. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News.

Here's me thinking it

Here's me thinking it was in here.

Tim Bailey, a check of the weather.

What a beautiful day in Sydney.

Thank you, I'll take full

responsibility for that, it was a

preview of pure spring in the

middle of winter. Didn't you love

it. 25 degrees. Let's go up to sky

watch, because you and I know that

one was worth reliving. The

technical term for what ufr seeing now is

now is blue sky and high white

cloud. It took me seconds to think

of that. Currently 24 degrees,

balmy as. It's a strange old

continent we live in. Today across

the Kosiosko area 15cm of snow, the

same time Sydney does 7 above.

Something pretty on your television. What about the photo

What about the photo of today.

Comes from my backyard. That is the

swimming pool on sunrise. A

beautiful place. Thank you for

sending us that magnificent image,

that's where the cameraman had his

first kiss at 16 years of age.

Hello Mrs Wombat, if you are

watching. If you have weather pics

for us, send them to us. As of for us, send them to us. As of next

week we'll give away digital

cameras, thanks to Harvey Norman,

fuj itsu and Sony. Tomorrow around

about 20, fine and sunny after an

early morning shower, weekend

looking glorious as well. 25 today,

7 above average, see you again in around about 10. Finish Next, Bali drug smugglers receive some good news on Indonesia's Independence Holiday.

And it's space, Jim, but not as we know it. Astronomers debate a new planetary line-up.

Time for a check of the traffic

with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

helicopter, a nasty crash at Mill paira.

It's blocked Henry Lawson Drive

completely near the airport. We'll

zoom in. Emergency crews, the

vehicles involved in the smash and

the HTA block the

the HTA block the road, the traffic

tail back towards the M5. Traffic

is blocked. If you know family or

friends get them to avoid Henry

Lawson Drive, another update later. A father's been ordered to stand trial for the drowning murders of his three sons. A magistrate today ruling only a jury could decide if it was a deliberate and wicked act of revenge. Robert Farquharson broke down in court

on the final day of his committal hearing. The 37-year-old will be tried over the drowning deaths of his three sons, Jai, Tyler and Bailey who died last Father's Day. He maintains he blacked out during a coughing fit and drove into a dam. Mr Farquharson's lawyer said his innocence was evident

in the belief of the boys' mother it was an accident. Mr Sarah implored the magistrate...

However, Crown prosecutor Jeremy Rapke QC submitted there was more than enough forensic evidence against him. Police investigators said the car was deliberately driven into the dam, that his rescue attempt was poor and he was without remorse at the scene. Mr Farquharson's long-time friend also said

he had told him he planned to kill the children.

The magistrate said there's no middle ground in this difficult affair. It was either a tragic accident

or a premeditated, deliberate and wicket act of revenge against his former wife. He said only a jury could decide. When asked how he pleaded, Robert Farquharson muttered his only words over the past four days, "Not guilty, your honour." He's on bail and due to appear at the Supreme Court in October. Kate McGrath, Ten News. Lebanese troops are heading into Hezbollah strongholds as Israel pulls out. The first convoys from a 15,000-strong force are moving south. Israeli soldiers leaving the war zone hope the United Nations-backed troops can control Hezbollah militants. I bloody hope so, but if we have to come back, we'll come back and we'll do it again. Dozens of Australians living in Israel

were called up when the fighting started. The universe as we know it could be about to change forever.

If astronomers have their way, you'll soon have to learn 12 planets instead of 9. Since 1930, our solar system has boasted nine planets. You've got Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Perhaps learnt this way... Something along the lines of - my very expensive Mercedes just stalled up near Pymble. But now astronomers have a plan to raise the number of planets to 12. We're going to add three extras. They're the largest and the first large asteroid discovered, which is Ceres. There will also be Pluto's moon, Charon, and the recently discovered UB313. Here's what it would look like. After 70 years as a planet,

Pluto could be dropped from the planetary line-up for being too tiny, but have a new small subclass started in its honour. Plutons. But if this already has you a little spaced out, some astronomers warn redefining what a planet is could open Pandora's box and could mean over the next decade up to 200 planets or plutons would have to be added.

Now imagine what that would do to the textbooks. It would just become too complicated. There's so many. You could be adding forever. The International Astronomical Union will finally align our planets at its meeting in Prague next week -

if they don't get lost in space, that is. The lack of a definition of a planet is becoming increasingly confusing. But to some it's all a big, black hole.

I don't think it would be a major catastrophe for anyone, really. It would be wonderful for school projects. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. A fireworks record has gone off with a bang. 55,000 rockets have been fired at the same time

to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the UK Fireworks Championships and attempt a new world record. The previous record of nearly 40,000 rockets was set nine years ago. Guinness World Records has been called in to ensure the latest attempt wasn't a fizzer. More on the breakthrough in the JonBenet Ramsey case next. Also, Australian icons - honoured by their peers. the Divinyls among the rockers

And boss hog - why President Bush is taking a ride on the wild side.

This program is captioned live.

Top stories this newshour - Bulldogs player Reni Maitua has apologised after being sentenced today for high-range drink-driving. He's been ordered off the roads for 18 months, and fined nearly $3,000. Qantas is set to raise its fares on international flights

because of the skyrocketing cost of fuel. The airline says it has no choice but to pass on the costs to passengers,

after a 30% drop in its annual profit.

An American primary schoolteacher has confessed to murdering 6-year old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, almost a decade ago. 41-year-old John Mark Karr has just appeared in court in Bangkok, where he was charged with first-degree murder.

He admits killing the little girl, but says it was an accident.

Schapelle Corby and Bali Nine drug mule Renae Lawrence have had their sentences reduced - the cuts announced during Independence Day celebrations at Bali's Kerobokan prison. The Australians at the jail did not come out of their cells for the ceremony. But the prison chief announced Schapelle Corby's 20-year sentence for drug smuggling would be reduced by two months. Renae Lawrence also had one month cut from her 20-year sentence. Several of the Bali bombers will have their sentences reduced by four months. But all three of the bombers on death row are still expected to be executed by firing squad on Tuesday. The Australian share market hit a 1-month high today.

A rare line-up of rock royalty as classic Australian acts took to the stage last night for induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame. Daddy Cool joining the Divinyls, Icehouse, Rose Tattoo and Helen Reddy

for the honours. Entry to the ARIA Hall of Fame is the highest honour Australian musicians can get, and there were some very happy inductees at Melbourne's Regent Theatre last night. At least I know now I've got a job, you know? I'm going to be in the - from 9:00 to 5:00 every morning, I'll be standing in the Hall of Fame. Daddy Cool proving they've still got it.

# Doing the eagle rock. # Legendary guitarist Lobby Loyde playing his way in with the original Aztecs line-up. While Divinyls stars and former partners Chrissy Amphlett and Mark McEntee put aside their differences to perform for the first time in more than a decade. # When I think about you I touch myself. #

But it's not just those being inducted who get to perform at this night of nights.

In a couple of cases, today's artists are paying tribute to some of their favourite Hall of Famers. I'm still petrified that I'm gonna get a word wrong. Oh, no. Really? I'm notorious for getting my own songs wrong, let alone somebody else's. But he seemed to manage the Rose Tattoo classic. # We can't be beaten. # While Vanessa Amorosi belted out Helen Reddy's Grammy-winning feminist anthem. # I am strong

# I am invincible # I am woman. # And most of all, I thank you for welcoming me home. Home also the subject of the Icehouse hit that brought the show to a close and the crowd to its feet. # Great southern land. # Angela Bishop, Ten News. The American President has been hogging the limelight with a political stunt. George W. Bush hopping on the back of a Harley Davidson during a visit to a motorbike factory. Workers cheered, but polls show Mr Bush is struggling to convince voters the American economy is powering ahead under his Republicans. The President was also revved up about his blue safety glasses, which he thought made him look like Irish rock star Bono.

Let's take a look at the weather

again with Tim. I can't believe 25

degrees extraordinarily warm, but you have your uggOmeter

out. Mother Nature, what a girl, she

she chimed in around the Alps this

morning, 15cm of fresh snow, can

you believe it. Sydney is 7 degrees

above asks feeling like summer time,

Kosiosko gets a blanket of white. I

only get to use the ugg om ter once

a week. Here it is, how many ugg

boots for this weekend across the

snowy mountains - 6.5 as we go to

the resort report. the resort report. There's a few

grins on faces, I have to tell you:

Perisher loves the fresh stuff that

fell from the sky, thinning in high

traffic areas, which is the story

off all the resorts.

What about that day in Sydney town,

blue sky, and around about 25

degrees. Quick look at the map. It

will be quick. Top temps:

I throw you back to the desk I'm

wearing this thing that looks like

it should be used as a it should be used as a tea towel,

there's a good reason, and Stevie

Corica on the television, the

Socceroo. Sport is next - and, Tim, a tug of war gets ugly in the NRL. Yes, and it's started a feud involving new club the Gold Coast Titans. More shortly. Also, in the wake of the Johns case, league greats call for a new code of understanding

between players and refs. And the back-up Roos do the job for Australia.

This program is captioned live. Queensland police say

an assault complaint against NRL board member Gorden Tallis has been withdrawn. It follows an alleged incident at a Brisbane pub. Angry NRL newcomers the Gold Coast Titans have launched a scathing attack on competition leaders Melbourne for allegedly poaching fullback Steve Turner. The Titans have called the Storm bullies and they won't let them get away with it. But NRL boss David Gallop will have the final call.

They haven't even kicked off, but already the Titans are in a fight. We feel that the efforts of the Melbourne Storm to secure Steven, despite the knowledge of this agreement, to be reprehensible. Turner agreeing to join the Titans in June, but not signing a contract. The Storm this week re-signing him for three years. To sign an agreement with the knowledge he's already come to terms with us, the Gold Coast of old may have rolled over,

but this organisation won't. No chance of a backflip, though, from the man who wants to captain the Titans. Yes, I'm officially a Titan next year. I'm signed and sealed and delivered. The Wests Tigers catching up with Wests greats Peter Dimond and Arthur Summons, as the NRL celebrates '60s week. Summons saying the officials who copped Andrew Johns's blue language,

need a thicker skin, like top '60s referee Darcy Lawler.

Don't think I didn't give him a gobful. But that was on the field and he said, "Do you want to stay here?", and I said, "Yeah, of course," and he said, "Well, shut up and get on with the game, "or you'll finish in the dressing-room," and that's what should have happened here. Summons claiming referees need to remember who's boss. In our day it was, "Summons" or, "Dimond, get back," they didn't muck about. They had a lot of good qualities in the old days, but I think the familiarity of today is not in the best interests of refereeing. I don't believe in people calling people nicknames and I think it should be number 7 and number 6 and the referee should be called sir, simple as that. Johns escaping the judiciary last night with a reduced 2-game ban. One coach saying there's no need to remind his players how to talk to referees. I think if they haven't learned the lesson now, they're fairly thick. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Sydney FC are justifiably claiming a large slice of the credit for the Socceroos 2-0 win over Kuwait last night. The win secured qualification for next year's Asian Cup. There were plenty of reasons to smile today for goalscorer Sasho Petrovski and his team-mates. OK, ready to go. Three, two, one.

At one stage during last night's match,

the A-League champions had seven players on the pitch. And it's great for Sydney FC and Sydney fans, that we have so many players performing, and obviously it's just going to help us in the long run here at Sydney with the domestic season. Mark Milligan in a playmaking role, a standout for the Socceroos. You know, when all the top, sort of, Socceroos are ready to come back and play for their country again, I'm sure that Milligan will be in that squad. While concerned about the potential for injuries, Sydney coach Terry Butcher is over the moon about what international experience can do for his players. To score the two goals, and, you know, for our players to have a hand in the goals, and obviously score the second goal, Sasha popped up and scored,

was obviously a big bonus for the club and for the players themselves. Another of Sydney's standouts was David Carney, who revelled in the chance to play in front of a packed in front of a packed home-town stadium. You know, it was comfortable playing out there in front of them all. You know, they really made the difference. The midfielder has decided to delay shoulder surgery in a bid to win selection for Australia's Asian Cup squad. Neil Cordy, Ten News. England's current Test series with Pakistan has unveiled the old enemy's latest bowling sensation. 24-year-old Monty Pannesar is the first Sikh to play for England, and he'll be trying to turn Australia's Ashes hopes upside down.

Just nine matches into his Test career and Monty Panesar is fast gaining cult status in England. I've been really excited by the performance of Monty, because he's been an inspiration to the whole England team and fans. I guess it's all happened quite quickly, especially in the last two Test matches, where as a team, we've performed really well.

14 wickets at an average of 18.5 in just the last two Tests against Pakistan. The new face of English cricket, helping to wrap up the series with a Test to spare. He credits his success to religious devotion. What Sikhism has done to me is that discipline I can channel into sport. I'm probably proud to be the first Sikh to play for England, but I probably ultimately want to be judged as a cricketer.

The young Sikh of tweak yet another weapon in England's bowling arsenal, heading into this summer's Ashes series. Meanwhile, our quicks are now being guided by the Aussie who helped Freddy Flintoff and company bowl the old enemy glory last year. You want to try and have all the deliveries underneath your belt, and reverse swing is one of them and if the conditions suit, you really want the bowler to be able to use that ball.

Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. An American bloke has made the golfing record books for a different reason. David Ogron from Minnesota has set a world record for speed-hitting, having clubbed more than 10,000 balls in 24 hours. This is a God-given talent. Definitely a talent. With help from his special setter, the high school golf champ hits one ball every six-tenths of a second. That's a round of 65 in 11 seconds.

Oh, and we're assured his assistant has never been hit. Rugby League's team of the '60s will be revealed tonight at Luna Park

Details in Sports Tonight. Stay with us, Tim Bailey's back with the latest weather next. And Jennifer Hawkins shows why gentlemen prefer blondes

at Myer's summer fashion show.

This program is captioned live. More on the murder of JonBenet Ramsey,

and these pictures are just in from Bangkok, where the alleged killer has been paraded before the media. American schoolteacher John Mark Karr has allegedly confessed to killing the 6-year-old beauty queen but insists it was an accident. He has been charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping and sexual assault.

What a beautiful day in Sydney,

let's get the guff on the details,

I think you bumped into soccer fans

struggling to find their way home

after the big game.

That's why I have these colours,

it's green and gold, it's almost

like a tea towel. Stevie Corica.

Lovely to see you there. 41st cap,

five years since you've been there,

what a

what a moment. It was very special.

To play my 41st cap for Australia,

To play my 41st cap for Australia, against Kuwait. It was my first,

I'm looking to play in a few more.

The homeboys did the job 2-0 into

the Asian Cup. We have two

the Asian Cup. We have two wonderful sides, one in Europe and

wonderful sides, one in Europe and

one in Australia. We have the best

of both words, the overseas boys couldn't come

couldn't come back, so the A-League

boys came in and did the job.

Proud of punch, proud of punch of

the heart of Sydney FC, you wear

the number 10 much these little

fellows, meet Sullivan, look at

that face on your television, in

and out of Westmead Hospital,

reenal failure, his mum donated a

kidney, now he's 100 per cent, and

you are going to lead out Sydney you are going to lead out Sydney FC

in their home game August 27,

against the Central Coast Mariners,

say hello to the friends at home.

Yes. Aidery arounda doesn't want to

say much except g'day. How is it going.

He's had a battle too. The boys

He's had a battle too. The boys will lead out Sydney FC, it's a

good one with the kids involved, we

wish Sydney FC the best, the A-League A-League powering, Socceroos

powering, football has arrived.

It's going good guns.

Do you know what else arrived? No,

tell me.

Spring. 25 degrees, seven above

average. Hardly a cloud in the sky.

Tomorrow around about 20 degrees,

an early shower, and a pretty good

looking day. The weekend, would I

muck it up, would I play games with

a smile like

a smile like that. He will play

soccer on the weekend. Who do you play for? Dundoons.

He got it out at the weekend. I can

tell you 24 at Gosford and in

Sydney. Northerly wind.

Westerly winds bringing isolated

showers. Let's look at the weather

map, a trough developing in

north-east NSW, southern Queensland,

cool westerly winds bringing

showers to Victoria, Tassie, and

south-east SA. The business of the brolly:

Saturday a cold front slipping into

the Bight allowing showers to ease

over the south-west WA, a week

front bringing showers to Tassie

and southern Victoria. Was there a

prouder man in the Socceroos camp

than Graham Arnold, the pressure to

replace Guus he did the job. It's a

tough one to take over from Guus,

he did a great job. Hopefully he'll he did a great job. Hopefully he'll stay longer.

Quiet for the boys. Quiet one in

the hotel. That's why you got home a bit late.

Congratulations to the Socceroos,

the boys from Westmead children

hospital. And Sydney FC, hospital. And Sydney FC, thanks for

having us at your place. With the warmer weather on its way, Myer has launched its counter-punch in the department store wars, calling on a former Miss Universe to showcase the best of this season's fashions. After the competition called in a Hollywood 'it' girl, Myer decided to fly in former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins

to knock the boys off their feet. Some of the country's best designers showing off their tips for what's hot this summer. How big is the dress? It's huge. It's all about the dress. If you've got any pants in your wardrobe, chuck them out - you don't need them.

It's just all about the dress. Bright colours for the day and elegant frocks for the evening, but there's something for every shopper. We're actually premiering our Little Leona collection, which is our little girls range, which is gorgeous. The stars of the NRL tryied something new, showcasing the latest threads from Country Road.

A couple of hours ago I was doing my boots up ready to train and here I am walking down the catwalk. So it's just a little but different. Michelle Leslie leading the swimwear, while you can always rely on the classics... ..unless you're after a little less black material. The reason the night is such a big event

is a well-received show means big dollars when the clothes hit the racks. I think it's important that we put our best foot forward and we show the world and show the Australian public what we stand for this season. Tim Potter, Ten News.

I thought gold looked good on Hawko,

do you think it does the same for me. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for you company. I'll have updates throughout the evening

before the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.