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(generated from captions) the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - terror alert. to blow up passenger jets The foiled plot airport security. sparks unprecedented I'm not very happy about the delays to get the security. but you've got to have the delays

now under review. Australia's security alert level We shouldn't imagine that couldn't happen in Australia. something like this With suspects still at large, of the threat to the West. the American President warns with Islamic fascists This nation is at war Good evening. from the foiled airline terror plot. First tonight - the fallout is at an all-time high Security around the world unprecedented checks. with passengers undergoing are continuing to interview Police in London the 24 suspects now in custody. to blow up passenger jets They're accused of planning using liquid explosives, due to be carried out within days, the attacks possibly still on the loose, but with several suspects there are real fears may still be imminent. a terror strike one of the world's busiest airports. Unprecedented chaos at plots to blow up passenger jets One of the biggest ever terrorist has been foiled - across the UK grounding hundreds of planes at Heathrow alone. and affecting 190,000 passengers We don't know what to do. go to C, They are directing us to go to B, and finally we are here. I don't know what to expect here. were cancelled. 611 flights in and out of the UK of terrorist threat, Because of the new type was banned. almost all carry-on luggage allowed to take in the airport cabin They are the only items you're in a clear plastic bag. and they have to be Even books were out. I'm happy they're doing it. I'm not angry about it, You know, I wanna live. to kill huge numbers of people. Police say the plot was designed

a series of attacks were planned The intelligence suggested against transatlantic flights -

would be targeted three or even four planes in three waves several days apart. to take the bomb components on board The terrorists apparently planned in their hand baggage. disguised as electronic devices - There would be detonators possibly disposable cameras - hidden in fizzy-drink bottles. and liquid explosives were allegedly being targeted. In total, up to 10 planes believed British and American authorities only days away the would-be bombers were perhaps their campaign of terror. from beginning Put simply,

on an unimaginable scale. this was intended to be mass murder is at war with Islamic fascists. A stark reminder that this nation have been arrested, 24 British-born men in Walthamstow, East London. many of those seized at homes with a large Muslim population. It's a mixed community local suspicion. Those arrested never arousing a really nice guy. He was a nice guy, In what way? played football, practised religion, He kept himself to himself, always looked after the younger lot, never got into trouble,

gave respect to everyone. threat alert - critical. Britain remains at the highest Whilst the police are confident have been accounted for, that the main players are in any way complacent. neither they or the government suspects - including the ringleader - US officials say another five in America and Pakistan. are still at large

James Boyce, Ten News. joins us now from Heathrow Airport. Ten reporter Leah Slattery

since news of this terror plot broke. Leah, it's a full day

how is London coping at the moment? A truly frightening scenario -

in Central London at least, I think, all in all, Deb,

business as usual. things are pretty much Out here at Heathrow, of the short-haul flights we're expecting around 60% to be in operation flights in operation. and around 75% of the long-haul as I speak. There are planes landing behind me awoke to news Obviously this morning Londoners of the UK papers across most, if not all, in the 'Independent' - along the lines of this "10/8. Was this going to be in the calendar of terror?" "the next date to hear MI5 in the 'Sun' today And certainly very concerning martyrs who are prepared to die. talking of around 1,000 Muslim this morning, Deb. So certainly unsettling news here There have been some arrests

several known suspects on the loose. but there are still that they could still be in danger? How fearful are Londoners

that there could be a plan B Obviously there is a concern and this has been a concern yesterday. right from the beginning of the day of the US this morning suggest But obviously, reports coming out are yet to be apprehended that around five people this specific investigation in relation to investigations are continuing but obviously the forensic you saw cordoned off overnight at those houses everything they can and certainly authorities are doing to bring those people to justice. who were arrested yesterday, Of the 24 19 have been named on a website.

website, It's actually the Bank of England's and they've had their assets frozen. So ongoing investigations. here in London We remain on a critical alert this morning. and certainly very unsettling news Still very much a developing story. Thanks, Leah. at London's Heathrow Airport. Leah Slattery from Sydney Airport Passengers travelling are facing tough new security checks, airline staff stopping people

onto planes. from taking even the most basic items plenty of time Passengers gave themselves to pass through security checks,

this morning hundreds queuing at airports and the airlines themselves as security officials new security arrangements grappled with how to satisfy and the United States. imposed by Britain

That includes toothpaste, moisturisers. They need to go inside your check bag, please. How about deodorant? Even duty-free alcohol is now banned from hand luggage. So, too, are mobile phones and laptop computers. The restrictions include all: Many passengers forced to repack luggage at the check-in counter, some deciding to throw liquids and toiletries away. I'm not really happy about the delays but you've got to have delays to get the security. Mothers with young children are being allowed to carry milk. We've got sealed tins, though, so we hope that they'll go through security, but obviously if they're not we'll have to leave them behind, but that's all. Fearing the worst, some thought about cancelling their flights. Quite sick actually. Yeah, very nervous, but trying not to think about it. Obviously it's a bit too early to tell whether there are going to be great cancellations. We haven't seen very many as yet. Airlines with flights heading for the US have been attempting to get them away on time, and while the check-in process has been operating smoothly, passengers face an extra layer of security before they board the aircraft. All US-bound passengers must have their shoes X-rayed

to check for explosives or bomb parts that could be hidden inside, the extra checks leading to long delays,

but once they arrive in America, security will be even stricter. John Hill, Ten News. Ten reporter Frank Coletta is at Sydney Airport. Frank, there have been delays for passengers throughout the day. How's it looking out there at the moment? Well, we're actually hearing the

announcements, as you may be

hearing, Deb, at the moment. People

being advised of the changes. A

bit of a scramble for some to get

word of security changes that have

been put in place. We saw that a

while ago. For the best part, most

passengers have been arriving in

plenty of time, some people getting

here three to four hours ahead of

time. Are there any special

preparations to deal with busy

weekend flights? The good news is

Qantas is very flexible on the

flights up to and including next

Wednesday, particularly to parts of

Britain. If you are travelling to

Britain or going through it as a

stoppover, they are allowing people

to change the destination or even

cancel that particular flight. So

there is flexiblity there. British

Airways has announced that, while

there have been significant delays

on arivals today of up to three

hours and four hours, they don't

believe any particular delays will

be attributed to those departing

today. In fact, most are departing

on time. We just might make the

point that security changes that

have been put in place are for trips to the US. trips to the US. All other

international flights and domestic

are not affected. Thanks, Frank Coletta at Sydney Airport. No change to Australia's terror level tonight, but a plea from the Prime Minister for added vigilance.

Mr Howard has described the latest threat as 'chilling' amid a call for a crackdown on Muslim travellers. Briefed on events in London overnight, the Prime Minister said the cold reality was that such a plot could happen here. We shouldn't imagine something like this couldn't happen in Australia. We can not relax focusing on the practical measures we need to protect ourselves against fundamentalist terror. The Prime Minister says it's a sign the war on terror will be a long one. Potential use of liquid explosives brings a whole new menacing dimension to the terrorist threat. The official terror threat level in Australia remains unchanged at medium

and will stay that way unless, and until, a direct threat is received. The reason it does not change is that we have no specific information. Our police and other agencies will sift through the intelligence passed on from Britain to determine the appropriate security response at our airports. The latest plot has revealed a disturbing and deadly level of sophistication. These people are determined to work their way around the system. We are determined to stay in front of them. But the authorities also conscious that life must go on. If we shut the industry down the terrorists have won. A former chairman of the National Crime Authority has called for travellers to carry identity cards specifying their religion. If people are getting on a plane and you want to search them, what's the point of searching a little old lady pensioner from Nunawading when there is half a dozen Muslims getting on the plane? Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Chaos at airports across America, as well. All flights from the UK are under a Code Red alert and the National Guard has been called in. Never before have American airports been under a Code Red alert. Following the London arrests, passengers across the US are now banned from taking gels or liquids onto aircraft in their hand luggage. They either re-pack it or dump it. $80 worth of make-up... ..oh! That hurt! The only substances allowed are prescription drugs and babies' milk, which has to be taste-tested. Anything that you have got that is like paste, cream, tanning oil,

any substance that is spreadable will not go through this check point.

Whatever we've gotta do to feel safe round here so I think we'll be alright, though. It's causing major delays. At some airports it's taking over four hours to clear security. All other flights inside America or destined for the US are now under an orange alert, the second highest. The only people smiling at American airports today were those arriving safely from the UK. It's just a flood of emotions, you know? On one hand you feel grateful, on the other hand you feel really lucky, and on the other, you just feel frustrated you can't bring so much as a book on an aeroplane. I really appreciate all the lengths they went to to secure everybody.

I mean, the fact that we all landed - a little delay is nothing. As America prepares for the fifth anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks, officials are again pointing the finger of blame at al-Qa'ida. This operation is, in some respects, suggestive of an al-Qa'ida plot, but because the investigation is still under way we cannot yet form a definitive conclusion. We are going to wait until all the facts are in. We'll have more on the terror plot later, but the rest of the day's news is next, including sensational claims in the Norfolk Island murder hearing. Also - forget your gas guzzling car. are beating the fuel crisis. And the mischievous little girl saved from a runaway car by a hero policeman. "Ooh, I like that, I like that. I think I'll take that." Bamboo cane round fencing, $49. 30 Seconds outdoor cleaner, $29.98. We've got the products, we've got the range. Lowest prices are just the beginning. This program is captioned live. The suspect in the murder of Sydney woman Janelle Patton on Norfolk Island has been committed to stand trial. The decision follows a day of stunning evidence in which the conduct of his ex-wife was under scrutiny. Forensic experts have always said Glenn McNeill's account of what happened to Janelle Patton doesn't add up. He claimed he accidentally hit her with his car,

then stabbed her to death, and he didn't implicate anyone else in the crime,

but the autopsy revealed Janelle's injuries were more likely the result of a frenzied knife attack. Today, the spotlight moved

back onto McNeill's former wife, Aleisha Taylor, and whatever role she may have played. Janelle's former flatmate says she saw Taylor the day of Janelle's murder and her shirt was covered in blood.

The witness also claims to have seen Taylor at this hotel, yelling abuse and making plunging actions with her arms at another woman. McNeill was supposedly standing nearby. McNeill remained impassive throughout the hearing, regardless of who was testifying or how graphic the evidence. His parents told Network Ten he gives away few clues about his state of mind these days, even to them. It seems his talking days ended when he was charged with murder. Court documents reveal Janelle had asked about McNeill and his wife a week before her murder. She was told Taylor was really nice but: The testimony was only given to police this week and will still have to be investigated further. Amber Muir, Ten News. A third man has been charged in relation to the alleged gang rape at Darling Harbour. He's accused of stealing the woman's mobile phone. The 18-year-old Oakhurst man was arrested last night. He was taken to Mt Druitt police station and questioned by detectives. Conditional bail has been granted. He's due to appear in court next month. Tough questions for car companies over whether they're doing enough to produce fuel-efficient vehicles. It comes as the experts say significant fuel alternatives are still years away. It's an addiction we're only just beginning to shake, sales of big Aussie cars sliding as petrol soars, our car makers now facing growing criticism that they're not doing enough to slash fuel consumption. A CSIRO energy scientist says cars could be 25% more efficient. They could do more, probably, but the point is, if they'd done more a number of years ago, which everybody says they should have done, they would have lost a lot of money because the market wasn't ready for it.

Car maker Ford faced such questioning today at a Senate fuel inquiry. Whilst there's people feeling the pinch on fuel prices at the present time, there's still a very, very strong demand for petrol-based vehicles. David Lamb also dismisses ethanol and hydrogen as quick fixes,

insisting they won't be significantly viable for 25 years. However, his team, with promising battery technology, could produce an electric car in a decade or so. While there's no doubt future fuel and energy technologies be important, it will just as critical for Australians to change their views on the transport they choose, getting used to the idea of smaller, lower-range vehicles, where possible, for their daily commute. This could be one answer. Corey Wilson trialling the latest in electric bicycles, the motor taking the puff out of pedalling, and he's attracting plenty of interest. Batteries here. Yes. And the motor's in the back there. Oh really? Gee, it's amazing. At 25km/h, they have a range of 30km on a charge.

For the cost of filling a family car once you could probably run one of these bikes every day of the year. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

Time to check the weather. Tim

Bailey, I expect a dose of the cold

shoulder tonight. Is that right?

This is the exact dimension of a

certain newsreader I know. His name

is Ron. I know it because the

buttons are chocolate biscuits. The

Ron Wilson snowman on your

television. Thanks to the kids at

Thredbo for putting it together. First off drought figures:

what about a weather photo on a Friday?

If you've got a shot to match it, send it to me:

We're going to give away digital

cameras next week or the week after

for the best pictures every week.

for the best pictures every week. What about the weekend weather? A

smile on your face - 19 and

glorious tomorrow. Just have a

quick look at Skywatch. Any Friday

on the TV is a Good Friday. That's on the TV is a Good Friday. That's

my theory. Currently 15 in Sydney.

I'll see you later with pictures

from Mount Kosciuszko you simply

won't believe. They're beautiful.

See you then. More jail time for a former Catholic priest who sexually assaulted 10 young boys - that's next. And the struggle to stay upright as a super typhoon strikes southern China. Australia, you have a choice. with the most super comfortable leather seats. And you can stop paying for the things you don't want I like the sound of that. Choice is cool. To make your choice, visit Vic Lorusso in the traffic helicopter. A

bit of trouble around the CBD

tonight, not least the Anzac Bridge

out the back door here.

Unfortunately so. For traffic

leaving past Ten , there was a

smash near the Anzac Bridge and the

studios. We're hovering over the

CBD but you can see as we zoom in

on the Anzac Bridge, all traffic to

Balmain is struggling.

Unfortunately that's the picture

into the inner west tonight via

Victoria Road. Big problems for

motorists down to the ski fields.

The M5 choc pwhok into Campbelltown. More jail time for a notorious paedophile priest over assaults on 10 young boys. Angry scenes greeted the sentencing with victims complaining the punishment was too lenient. While Father Gerald Ridsdale's victims endure a lifelong term of suffering, they're not happy with his. Four years for an extra 35 counts. Where's the justice in that? That guy should be in for life. He gave us a life sentence. The former Catholic priest, who's already serving an 18-year sentence, pleaded guilty to a further 35 offences against 10 boys. The victims - children in his parish and even a relative - were subjected to cruel and degrading sexual offences. The 72-year-old was sentenced to another four years non-parole. He could be free by 2013. I think the court has let society down today. It has failed to send a clear message to us as a community that they're prepared to protect our children. One victim lashed out in court. The judge said the Catholic Church cannot escape criticism in its lack of action on complaints made about Ridsdale's conduct and its failure to show adequate compassion to victims. You go to the Monsignor and he tells you to be quiet because that will affect the church and the church comes first. So far Ridsdale has been sentenced for nearly 70 offences against boys as young as six. However, the judge said many others may yet come forward or may even have committed suicide. Kate McGrath, Ten News. Hopes, tonight,

a diplomatic end to the war in the Middle East could be close. As the shelling continues on both sides of the Israel-Lebanon border, the UN Security Council has met in New York. They're trying to agree to a draft resolution to end the fighting, but are yet to overcome last-minute Lebanese objections. The month-long conflict has so far claimed the lives of more than 1,000 civilians in Lebanon, while at least 100 Israelis have died. A super typhoon has struck southern China, leaving at least two people dead.

More than 1.5 million people were evacuated ahead of the storm, which raged ashore with winds of more than 200km/h. Typhoon Saomai wrecked houses and capsized ships. More than 700 people have been killed by fierce storms in southern China in the last three weeks. Australian cancer patients are resorting to drastic measures to keep their jobs while undergoing treatment, a new study finding some hide their illness from their employers. For now, breast cancer has destroyed Carol Healy's health,

but she refuses to let it destroy her career. The university lecturer endured two surgeries

and countless chemotherapy sessions after being diagnosed in 2002, but last year the cancer returned. That's when I fell apart. A lot of crying, a lot of, sort of, "What am I going to do next?" What she chose to do was go back to work. It gives you a soft of purpose, a reason to get up, to think of something other than being sick.

She's teamed up with fellow lecturer and cancer sufferer Frances Lovejoy to find out why so many Australians continue to work during cancer treatment. While people in stable jobs often renegotiate their work load, for others it can be much harder. For people who are marginally employed - casual or self-employed or short-term contracts - it can be quite devastating. So devastating, many of their case studies say

they've hidden cancer from their bosses, choosing instead to schedule treatment around work. Another standout trend - people seem determined to battle through cancer-related pain and nausea at work, but fatigue keeps them at home. Business groups say being open about any illness is best.

Most employers consider the health of their employees as paramount. The University of NSW study is still looking for cancer sufferers to survey. The number to call - 02 9385 2301. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. More on the transatlantic terror plot and exactly what are liquid explosives? That's up next. Also - the first uranium fuel arrives at Sydney's new nuclear reactor. And the little girl saved from a runaway car by a quick thinking police officer. The top story we're following - the fallout from the foiled terror plot. It's sparked unprecedented security at airports around the world with passengers being stopped from taking even the most basic items onto planes. And fears remain of an imminent terror strike. Police in London are continuing to interview 24 suspects now in custody, but US authorities believe five are still at large. Ten's Leisa Goddard-Roles joins us from the Los Angeles International Airport, LAX, where passengers are still queuing for hours to check in. Leisa, there's a heavy police presence there and now the National Guard has also been called in.

Deb, enter certainly is a heavy

police presence. Behind me you can

see one of the many checkpoints

that have been set up around the

airport. They're stopping cars,

looking in people's boots to make

sure there are no explosives or

anything suspicious to be worried

about. As you say, the National

Guard has been called in. They're

on patrol here as well. In fact,

troops have been stationed at

airports across three States in

America now. It was stuff enough,

Leisa, before, to get through

security at LA. How long do

authorities expect these new tough

measures to be in place? Well, the

speculation now is that the

speculation now is that the

duration dictions on hand -- new

restrictions on hand luggage may not

restrictions on hand luggage may not be lifted. There may be tougher

restrictions in place in the next

days and as to whether the threat

level will be decreased, they're

saying they won't happen until they

know for sure that everyone

involved in the plot has been

caught. Thanks, Leisa. Al-Qa'ida is thought to be behind the terror threat. It's understood the plan was hatched over several months by dozens of people in Britain, the United States and Pakistan. Just last month, al-Qa'ida demonstrated their chemical capabilities in this video, more evidence the terror cell was plotting something big.

We do have to remember that with al-Qa'ida, they will always want to try and carry out spectacular mass casualty attacks. Pakistan has long been been a hotbed of terrorist activity - several of the London suicide bombers visited the country before carrying out an attack on the London Underground.

We are 100% committed to the cause of Islam. We love death the way you love life. Three days ago, police in Pakistan arrested more than 20 Islamic extremists, all of whom, it's believed, were directly linked to this major terrorist operation. But it's not the first time al-Qa'ida has tried to use liquid explosives. In the mid-1990s, two men based in the Philippines plotted to bring down a dozen US airliners. They were caught after a test device on a flight to Tokyo killed one passenger. The danger with liquid explosives is that X-ray cameras can't detect them and sniffer dogs can't smell them. This explosives expert demonstrates the type of blast that can be created from a simple mixture of chemicals small enough to fit in a film case. Three, two, one... If I were in an aeroplane, the thought that that material, that I was perfectly relaxed handling and demonstrating to you a couple of minutes ago, could be in the seat next to me - that would chill my blood. Hugo Ward, Ten News.

A bit of history today at Sydney's new nuclear reactor with the very first load of uranium fuel now stored at Lucas Heights. The material from Argentina, arrived under police escort early this morning. While the reactor won't be at full power until December, the fuel's arrival allows scientists to begin research at the new facility. The material is now sitting at the bottom of 13m of water, which not only keeps the reactor cool but acts as a radiation shield. The Australian share market has ended the week slightly lower with the terror threat pushing some stocks down

while others went up. A quick-thinking policeman is being hailed a hero tonight for saving a child in a runaway car at Lane Cove, the officer now being recommended for a bravery award. 7-year-old Elyse Compton was playing in the driver's seat with the gears while mum went to the shops. I asked Mum if I could sit in the front and she said 'yes', because I was playing a game and I pushed it and it started rolling right down the hill. about 15km/h. Fortunately, Sergeant Baker just happened to be nearby. I just thought it was somebody looking for a car spot, reversing, and then I looked again and realised that there was nobody driving the car, and that's when I saw the little girl. He ran to the car and opened the driver's door, which was unlocked.

After about... ..what seemed like an eternity, got in the car and went to put the handbrake on and realised it was already on, so I put my foot on the foot brake and the vehicle stopped. ..just before hitting several parked cars and running into more traffic. Elyse was frightened but unhurt. How do you say "thank you" for saving your daughter's life? Because she could have possibly have gone right down the ravine. Also saved, two pups in the back of the 4-wheel drive. Sergeant Baker and his partner will be recommended for a bravery award. I think what he did was no less than jump into a burning building, as far as I'm concerned. He went into a moving car that he might not have been able to stop or he could have gotten run over. That was flashing through my mind as I was hopping along the road trying to open this door. Thank you. Evan Batten, Ten News. Sport is next with Neil Cordy and the Sharks bite on claims they're soft. It comes after too many close games have slipped away. More shortly Also - a simple training mishap puts a scare through the Wallabies. And - getting off line at the World Rally Championships. STEALTHY MUSIC THROATY REV VROOM! TYRES SQUEAL With 245 kilowatts and all-wheel drive, The possibilities are amazing. This program is captioned live. Premiers the Wests Tigers have lost five-eighth Shane Elford to English club Huddersfield - he's signed for three years.

Round 23 kicks off tonight with Newcastle hosting Manly, meanwhile the Sharks have denied they're 'soft' as they look to save their season against Parramatta tomorrow night. Of their six straight losses, the Sharks were close enough but not good enough, questions being asked about their ability under pressure. I don't think we're soft mentally, I just think, excitement... ..we're not lifting when the excitement time comes to put a side away. As I said, our '06 season rides on this week's game, so if we can't get excited this week we probably shouldn't be playing. Kimmorley chasing a Kangaroos recall. Obviously there's a few doors have been opened with guys retiring and guys being hurt, so with the Tri-Nations in Australia it would be great to play. I don't think I've played at all for Australia in our country so I think it would be great to be part of this series. Manly's big test against Newcastle, Steve Menzies believing his side is well placed to end a 10-year premiership drought. Yeah, I think so. You don't get a lot of chances to have a side that can win a premiership so we have the belief in ourselves that we can do something in the competition. Penrith can start planning for next year if they lose to the Roosters.

We've just got to get out there and rip in, really. It's no good just doing it against the Roosters. We've got to do it for the rest of the season. Jason Croker is signing today with French club Catalans, allowing the Raiders to chase sacked Bronco Neville Costigan. We certainly wouldn't be against giving him a chance, giving him a second chance. Hoping to smash the Dragons again on Sunday, Roy Asotasi's been stopped in his tracks by Andrew Johns labelling him the NRL's top prop. Oh, I don't think so - I've got plenty to learn. I'm learning at the same time. It's probably a compliment but I don't take compliments too well.

Adam Hawse, Ten News. Back-up Wallabies scrum-half Brett Sheehan

has been cleared of a fractured eye socket and is expected to be fit for next weekend's must-win Tri-Nations clash with the All Blacks. Sheehan was temporarily blinded after being struck by a tackle bag during practice late yesterday. He suffered a corneal abrasion and bruising around the eye socket. Meantime, star centre Matt Giteau says he's ready to fill in at halfback if needed. If you're picked in a position, you're not going to say no, so I'll just have to wait and see. But at the moment, hopefully, I'm just going to stay at 12. The Wallabies will be based in Canberra until early next week. The Swans face their toughest challenge en route to the finals when they clash with third-placed Melbourne at the MCG tomorrow. A win would see them swap spots with the Demons. They'll be no posing for the premiers in Melbourne tomorrow, the Swans desperate to defeat a top-4 side for the first time this season and make an impression at the home of football, a ground where the Dees hold a perfect record in 2006. We're just looking forward to coming down to play Saturday arvo at the MCG. I think, as David said, it's big stakes, it's gonna be a finals-like atmosphere and hopefully there's going to be a big crowd there. Melbourne are coming off a shock loss to wooden spoon contenders Carlton, and are missing several key players through injury, including Russel Robertson. It's not ideal, necessarily, for this week

but, as I say, it gives guys an opportunity and they are looking forward to it, I know. The Swans poised to make a splash again come September. We showed last year that you can have a real crack at the finals if you even finish third or fourth, so we've got no qualms about travelling interstate and playing in enemy territory. We are building - we do have momentum at the moment. Scott MacKinnon, Ten News. And full coverage of the Swans vs Melbourne on Ten from 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. Aussie golfers Stuart Appleby and John Senden are in equal second place after the first round of the modified International Stableford tournament in Colorado. It's the only point-scoring event on the US tour and the 35-year-old Appleby shot into contention with four birdies and this stunning chip for a 5-point eagle. The pair are on 11 points, 2 behind leader Mathias Gronberg of Sweden. Improbable chip shots also raining down on the European tour, Wales's David Park producing this miracle for birdie on the par-three 8th hole at the KLM Open. The V8 Supercar Championship Series is wide open as Sydney's Oran Park hosts Round 7 this weekend. Five different winners from the opening six events makes this title chase a thriller, and the unpredictable nature of the season continued today during practice with Triple 8 Racing's Jamie Wincup setting the fastest time in sensational fashion in the final three minutes of the session. My goal this year is to be in the top 10 of the championship so if we can run in the top 10 this weekend I'll be very happy. Max Wilson's off-track excursion caused a lengthy red flag, while HRT's Mark Skaife was second and Steven Richards third. All The V8 action here on Ten on Sunday afternoon from 2:00. A rough return for Petter Solberg at the World Rally Championship, the Norwegian forcing his team into emergency repair mode after this tangle with a tree during the pre-race shakedown. Thankfully, the car bore the brunt of the crash. World champ Sebastien Loeb is the man to beat - he's gunning for a fifth consecutive Rally of Germany title. City-to-Surf organisers have closed off entries with the biggest field ever of more than 63,000 confirmed for Sunday's race. Favourite Dickson Marwa says the race record is almost impossible to beat. Dickson Marwa is hoping for a case of third time lucky.

He's been runner-up the last two years behind fellow Tanzanian and training partner Patrick Nyangelo. This year I hope to come first. Marwa believes Steve Moneghetti's 1991 race record of 40min and 3sec is out of reach. He just wants to break 41min. Martin Dent was third last year and he's aiming to be the first Australian winner since Lee Troop in 1997. Dent knows Marwa is the man to beat. I'm hoping that, yeah, I can really push him hard. I'm confident I can run well and hopefully that's good enough to win. In the women's, Anna Thompson is the race favourite in her first attempt at the 14km race. 78-year-old Jim North is part of a select group that has run every City-to-Surf - he's ready for his 36th start.

There's not too many people my age who would be silly enough to run this kind of distance. 4-time winner Moneghetti is honoured to be firing the starter's gun on Sunday. Trent Higgs, Ten News. All the colour and race drama of the City-to-Surf is, of course, here on Ten from 9:00 on Sunday morning. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Randwick tomorrow. I'll be back later tonight on Sports Tonight with have a full wrap of the Knights and Manly match and the rest of the day's sport. Tim Bailey brings us up to speed with the latest weekend weather forecast, next. And he'll bring us some more of these spectacular pictures from the highest point in the country.

Only new Continental Flavour Bases let you cook the one pack any way you want. You can simmer. Hey! Hey! Mmm! Marinate and barbecue. (Chuckles) Hey! Baste and bake. New Continental... ..Flavour Bases... ..let you cook it... ..your way. HEART MONITOR BEEPS This program is captioned live. Before the weather, a quick update on the foiled transatlantic terror plot. Security's been stepped up at airports across the country,

after the plot to blow up US-bound passenger jets was revealed. Qantas hasn't ruled out extending current bans on hand luggage. Australia's security alert level is under review, and the Prime Minister has warned we shouldn't assume we're safe from terror threats. Police in London are continuing to interview the 24 suspects now in custody, but US authorities say five are still on the loose.

190,000 people have been affected by the security scare at Heathrow alone, and there have been scenes of chaos at airports across America also.

Time for all the weather details.

It's rare to see Tim Bailey this

excited. He's been to the roof

Australia and is excited about

these pictures. Look, some days you

get invitations to brilliant places.

It happened to me today, Ron. I

want to take you on a journey to

somewhere special.

Here we are. Privileged territory.

A place that not many Australia's

see. The bat country just after the

back of the lease at Thredbo. It's

this fella's backyard. Danny from

the National Parks and Wildlife

service. Thank you for bringing me

here. It's spectacular, mate. Point

out a few features to us. Behind us

up on the rocks is the Ram's Head

range and if we scan around a bit

to look at the pointy knob over

there, that's the Etheridge Ridge

and down below that is the Seaman's

Rut. The big bowl of vanilla ice

cream, Kosciuszko, Australia's

highest point. How did it get the

name? Kosciuszko as we say was

named by Edmund Strasleki shall. He

surveyed this area way back. Just

under 80,000 hectares. It's Danny's

backyard. Lucky you don't have to

mow it.

That was a special day out. Thank

you to our cameraman.

Folks, this is my friend. Don't

Folks, this is my friend. Don't call him Frosty. His name is Ron.

call him Frosty. His name is Ron.

He's the same dimension as a

newsreader you're fairly fond of.

What a beauty, hey?

If you're headed here this weekend,

there's plenty of snow. The

conditions surprisingly good. Top

to bottom on tomorrow, the main

race on the calendar. You should

have a look at that if you can.

Good news - snow on the way on

Monday too. What about the weekend

in Sydney town? It's got a big

smile onilities face.

The city-to-surf. I heard Cords

tell you about that. That's on

Sunday on record Ten. Record

numbers on it, more women than men

for the first time. It might be a

good place to go, gois. -- boys.

Clear skies in SA, Queensland and

the NT and WA under a strong high

pressure system bringing blue sky

from the coast to Kosciuszko.

Tomorrow, a cold front will sweep

across WA spreading showery winds

over the south-west. A large high

pressure system over NSW will keep

much of the rest of the country dry

and sunny after a cold morning.

Onshore winds maintains isolated

Onshore winds maintains isolated showers on the north-east tropical

coast. The business of the brolly,

predicted precipitation - isolated

showers clearing from far northern

eastern - eastern NSW. Showers on the Queensland coastment widespread

showers on southern WA. Isolated

showers in eastern Victoria.

On Sunday, a cold front approaches

SA and Tasmania causing rain to

develop late in the day. Isolated

showers will clear from southern WA

in the wake of the front and an

area of high pressure will keep

eastern Australia mostly sunny.

Isolated showers will persist in

the north-east tropics. Ladies and

gentlemen, big round of applause

for Ron Wilson. The biggest snowman

in Thredbo. Look at him! Isn't he a beauty. So life-like.

Wave goodbye. Have a great weekend,

folks. I love his chocolate buttons.

If I only could lose weight when

spring comes. That's the news at 5:00 - I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll keep you updated on the terror plot with more details in the Late News at 11:30. Goodnight.

Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. STEPH: It's been a hard time for me lately because I'm about to move out of home. And as parents out there would know, that's a really hard thing to do

when you're about to let go of the baby of the family,

which I am, I'm the baby of four. My mum, my beautiful mum, is very upset and so is my dad and my sisters.

And I'm a very lucky girl because they love me so much and they don't wanna let me go. But I feel it is time and I'm trying to get my head around how hard it is for a family and especially parents to let go of their youngest or any of their kids.