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fashion, if you can't afford even Never, beads will never go out of buttons, you know normal buttons precious stones they use even National Museum until February, The exhibition is on at the Thursday night. That's all in our bulletin this The headlines can be found at team. I'm Tony lynas, from the WIN News

Good night British airports in turmoil Terror plot foiled - 20 passenger planes mid-flight. as police uncover plans to blow up

clash on the steps of Parliament. Politics gets personal - an angry and worthless, Don't you call me weak over the new immigration laws. as Government rebels cross the floor walked away from this plane crash Cheating death - how four people with just bumps and bruises.

And a National Nine News exclusive - Chatswood to Epping rail line. a massive cost blowout on the will be assisting in paying for it. The community into the future This program is captioned live. Good evening. stopped a major terrorist plot British police say they've to blow up planes in mid-flight chemicals, hidden in hand luggage. with explosives, possibly liquid at London's Heathrow Airport This was the chaotic scene just a few moments ago.

at the highest possible level. There are long delays with security As many as 20 arrests have been made. has also been raised. The threat level in the United States and deadly, The plot is said to be sophisticated out of British airports targeting up to 20 planes operating on flights to the United States. luggage and detonated in mid-air. Bombs were to be planted in hand in security. MI5 ordered an immediate upgrade raised the UK threat state The joint terrorism analysis centre to its highest level - critical. In plain language - was imminent Britain believed a major attack and there could still be danger. a number of aircraft An alleged plot to bring down causing a considerable loss of life. through mid-flight explosions The anti-terrorist squad says a lengthy and complex operation. its investigation will be will last only as long This heightened level of security as the situation demands. at British airports. There's already chaos All hand luggage is banned. the barest essentials - Passengers are allowed to take in clear plastic bags. wallets and passports - has to be checked in Every other item, no matter how small security checks. and go through rigorous Dale Paget, National Nine News. In the most serious backbench revolt came to office, since the Howard Government crossed the floor of Parliament three Liberal MPs today

on asylum seekers. and voted against tough legislation over the issue, Earlier, as tempers flared Opposition leader Kim Beazley exchange of insults was involved in an extraordinary at the door of Parliament House. with a former Liberal minister Oh, here's Kim. for nothing. They don't call him 'Ironbar' accosted Kim Beazley When former minister Wilson Tuckey seeker legislation this morning over Labor's opposition to the asylum

it was on for young and old. Take your tablets, mate. Don't you insult me with tablets.

Off you go, mate.

the Australian people I'm asking you why you are defying on border protection. Off you go, mate. as you are. I'm as entitled to stand here legislation weak and worthless. The Labor Leader called the Then this - worthless self in there Why don't you take your weak, of legislation? with the weak, worthless piece

and worthless, Don't you call me weak you big, fat so-and-so. All very unedifying, to point out. as John Howard was quick reflected well on either of them. I don't think that altercation

Bear in mind, of course,

to be prime minister. that Mr Beazley does aspire parliamentary behaviour, But Mr Howard said Labor's battery-powered toy chicken yesterday's stunt with a Peter Costello as "chicken man", in its taunting of Treasurer had been worse.

a division on the bill. At 12:45pm when the bells announced lonely walk three Liberal MPs took the long, the House of Representatives chamber across against the Government. to vote with the Opposition, and Russell Broadbent Petro Georgiou, Judi Moylan could not accept found their consciences arriving by boat, sending all asylum seekers to a detention camp on Nauru including families with children,

over protection visas to ease Indonesia's anger

granted to a group of West Papuans. abstained from voting. A fourth Liberal, Bruce Baird, SPEAKER: Ayes 78, nos 62. the lower house, With the bill through the backbench revolt, attention turns to whether in Mr Howard's 10 years in office, the most serious continues in the Senate. is expected to cross the floor, Liberal Judith Troeth Barnaby Joyce is unclear. and the attitude of the Nationals' First senator Steve Fielding Mr Howard held talks with Family

this morning in a bid to secure his vote. The Senate is all that stands of decency between Australian standards of Indonesia. and the outright appeasement Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. could at least take heart The Prime Minister the lowest in 30 years. in the latest unemployment figure, was 4.8%, down 0.1%. The jobless rate for July of more than 50,000 jobs, The fall resulted from the creation by his workplace reforms. helped along, according to Mr Howard, there would be mass sackings. Mr Shorten and Mr Beazley said They have not come. between these employment figures There is absolutely no linkage industrial legislation. and the Government's extreme will now be more pressure The flip side is that there for another interest rate rise.

from a light plane crash When you see the wreckage in the Victorian alps that anyone could have lived. it's hard to believe and his three passengers But the pilot not only survived last night's impact with just minor injuries. they walked away Shaken but alive - bearing little more than a few scratches and bruises, the crash surveyors were taken by air ambulance to the Latrobe Hospital - the four men reluctant to share their remarkable story of survival.

JOURNALIST: How are you feeling, are you all right? We're all right. Believed to be owned by Pearson Aviation, at Essendon Airport, the Cessna 172 was flying from Merimbula on the NSW south coast to Melbourne late yesterday when it crash-landed 6km east of Mount Baw Baw. It's believed ice may have formed on the plane's wings, forcing the pilot to ditch in dense bushland.

Looking at the map, there is basically nowhere that you could land an aircraft. Even on the roads you couldn't land an aircraft. After activating a distress signal, the pilot managed to make radio contact with police and a mobile phone call to his wife. But search and rescue teams were hampered in their efforts to reach the men by bad weather and rugged terrain.

Late today, the men were discharged from hospital. Despite their miraculous escape, so far all four survivors have refused to discuss just what happened, instead releasing a brief statement through hospital staff: Thanks to all involved with the search and rescue. We are all well, very tired and very lucky. Nick Johnston, National Nine News. A man and a 16-year-old appeared in separate courts today

charged over the alleged gang rape of a woman in a Darling Harbour toilet block two months ago. One court heard that the attackers are apprentice painters and police say they know who the other three are. The teenager's ordeal allegedly began with a series of taunts by the five suspects as the 19-year-old walked through Darling Harbour. Clutching bottles of beer - It's alleged the 16-year-old and 25-year-old apprentice painter, Adam Pinner, were among those who confronted her. Police say in er, who's wife Police say Pinner, who's wife is expecting their third child, demanded the victim flash her breasts and said:

She was allegedly lured into a toilet block, stripped and repeatedly raped for up to an hour as one of the men stood guard. The court was told as one of the males was raping the victim,

others were yelling, "You're taking too long, hurry up". It's alleged when Pinner finished raping her, he slapped her leg and said, "The money is there", gesturing to $15 left in her shoe. Pinner's lawyer claims the sex was consensual. Police allege the woman tried to run away but was held back by the 16-year-old. It's alleged they left when she started screaming, one of them took her mobile phone, purse and the $15.

Police allegedly found condoms and empty beer bottles at the scene, along with five different DNA samples and fingerprints matching those of Pinner and the 16-year-old. They've been refused bail. The hunt for three other suspects is continuing. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. Former Federal Court judge Marcus Einfeld will be investigated by an elite police unit over his speeding fine. He told a court that someone else was driving his car but has since faced questions over that person's identity.

The former judge has faced days of media questions. Now, he'll have to answer to police with the Deputy Commissioner and Minister today referring the matter to the State crime command. I can just assure you that due process will be followed

in this particular matter without fear or favour, it will be done. If there are concerns about evidence being given that is untruthful it needs to be investigated. At issue is this speed camera photo which clocked Mr Einfeld's car doing 10km over the limit. And whether he told the truth when he testified the vehicle was being driven by a female friend from the United States, who has since died. Yesterday in a statement to Nine News he denied any wrongdoing. I would not even think of misleading a court,

the suggestion that I have done so is hurtful The case was being reviewed by the police legal service but Mr Scully says he was disturbed to read a report this morning that Mr Einfeld wouldn't be questioned. That's absurd, he will be, as he should, by detectives. Marcus Einfeld's lawyers say he's willing to co-operate with any investigation. In the meantime, they say inquiries in the US in the last 24 hours have provided more information which will be revealed in the next few days. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. National Nine News can reveal tonight that a financial crisis has hit the Chatswood to Epping rail-link and taxpayers will be picking up the bill for $250 million. The State Government says the project has been hit hard by inflation but miscalculations on the impact of noise pollution

are also being blamed. The Transport Minister has admitted the Chatswood to Epping rail-link's budget has been derailed. 3omewhere between $200 million Somewhere between $200 million and $250 million cost escalation. It's a blowout that's one-third of the State's deficit. The Government blames factors beyond its control. Inflation in the building industry

driven by the increased cost of fuel, the increased cost of steel out of China. When the budget was first set for this project in 2001, we allowed for 3% per annum compound inflation. The actual inflation in the construction industry has been over 6% per annum. And a shortage of skilled labour hasn't helped the $2 billion project. There's a lot of people who want the skills that these people have and that's driving up the cost. But almost one-third of the blowout was caused by underestimating noise pollution. In the planning stages, the project's engineers miscalculated when it came to assessing the impact of train noise on thousands of residents and businesses.

And now the Government has had to spend an extra $70 million to get the sound insulation right.

There were engineering assumptions made about how the ground would reflect the sound through to the buildings. We found that those assumptions needed to be modified.

$250 million translates to a virtual levy of about $70 for every taxpayer in NSW. The community into the future will be assisting in paying for it. The line is still scheduled to be operating within two years. Adam Walters, National Nine News. Telstra has suffered a huge slump in profits as it recorded its worst annual result

since it was listed on the stock exchange nine years ago. A fall in earnings dragged profits down to $3.2 billion, a hefty 26% lower. From a record profit last year to the worst ever, it was tough medicine for shareholders to swallow. So it was little wonder chief Sol Trujillo focused on customer service. Our results, our service results for Telstra are best that they've ever been. But phone users continue to switch off landlines, with growth heavily reliant on mobile phones, broadband and directory business Sensis.

Revenue growth was tiny, while costs soared on the back of redundancies and other changes to make its network more efficient. There's nothing more that I want to see happen than our shareholders get the sort of value creation that we're gonna create in this business. While its fibre optic broadband network was cancelled this week, a new 3G mobile network is on track for next year. But big investors are still wary. It's like an oil tanker, you've got to do a lot of work to turn an oil tanker and Sol's got a lot more work to do yet. And there's not much to entice investors in the year ahead. as the Federal Government weighs up the sale of its remaining stake. Profits are tipped to slide further

as Telstra embarks on the biggest spending in Australian corporate history.

I think the timing of the Government's sale will take a time frame that's longer than just 12 months. Adding to the problem - $6 billion in dividends which could be cut if Telstra loses another fight with the competition regulator, this time over pricing for its copper wire network. Karen Tso, National Nine News.

Some great news tonight from the Waugh family - Lynette Waugh is recovering well after undergoing brain surgery less than a week ago. Husband Steve put out a statement today which said "Dr Charlie Teo suspects the most likely scenario They've also thanked the public for its support and goodwill.

In the news ahead - security guard Karen Brown tells of her murder charge nightmare. And the childcare centres sitting almost empty while some children are turned away.

So, you have a choice. You can use an anti-ageing cream

Any dog could soon be declared dangerous under tough new laws

to be considered by State Cabinet. Following the recent series of maulings the Local Government Minister met rangers and dog owner groups to agree on new measures - which take action against a dog before it attacks. Any dog, forget breed, can be declared dangerous.

Now, they can be declared dangerous just on being a menace to the public. If the laws are passed, owners who breach the rules face a $55,000 fine. Former security guard Karen Brown has spoken for the first time about shooting dead a man who had robbed and bashed her.

I just remember getting dragged to the car and I thought I was going to die. Last week, Brown was found not guilty of murder. She's also told of her two years of hell going through the legal system. Surprisingly, though, she wants to return to the security industry. For so long now we've been told about a critical shortage of childcare places, but in some parts of Sydney, the problem is quite the opposite. In the city's west, some council-run centres are losing up to $1 million a year and may be forced to shut down. An empty childcare playground - a common sight in western Sydney. There is a problem here. There is a crisis.

The problem is too many childcare centres and not enough children and councils are paying. For a lot of these councils,

they feel unless we do something about it, they're going to have to close down the community-based childcare centres. I imagine there would be some people really upset about that. It's very disappointing if they're going to shut council ones down. Campbelltown Council seems to be suffering the most. It's losing more than $1 million a year and is now reviewing its 30-year involvement in childcare services. 46 out of 50 childcare centres in Campbelltown have vacancies. Most are running at just 55% capacity. That's in stark contrast to areas closer to central Sydney, such as Marrickville, which has 1,500 people on a waiting list. There's far too much childcare centre in lots and lots of areas in Sydney.

Councils are blaming poor Government planning and unchecked growth in private child care. Because land is much cheaper in Sydney's outer areas private operators are buying up and flooding the market. And that's where the huge oversupply in centres is coming from. Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. Israel has ordered a massive new assault on the Hezbollah in a wider invasion of southern Lebanon.

After trying for a month to stop the Hezbollah missile attacks and failing the Israelis plan to seize a 20km stretch of enemy territory using up to 30,000 soldiers. Hezbollah's leader says his fighters will turn the region into a cemetery for the Israelis. Overnight, an Israeli column pushed 10km past the border

Tim, with sport next and the Broncos are clearly fed up with players who get out of line. Mark, they sacked two of them today and booze was to blame for both.

Also, the bid to get Lote Tuqiri back to rugby league. And why Lleyton Hewitt's US Open campaign could be on its last legs.

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There's breaking news in rugby league tonight - the game's newest club, the Gold Coast Titans, has launched a serious bid to sign Lote Tiquiri, luring him back from Rugby Union. It's so serious, it's even asked the NRL for help. The Wallabies are training in Canberra today and Lote Tuqiri is one of the main draw cards. He's proven himself for the Wallabies, and now NRL's newest club wants to see him back in the code which launched his career. We would certainly love to think it would be great to get Lote back for our game. Rugby league is 100 years old in 2008 and I can't think of a better way than getting Lote Tuqiri back into our game. And to help seal the deal, Titans have told David Gallop of its plan and wants help to poach him. He didn't specifically ask for any sort of break on the rules. And, as I say, that would be difficult for us. But we're certainly interested in getting him back. Tuqiri is contracted until the end of 2007

and his main focus is the Rugby World Cup.

But he still has a passion for league and he'd be welcome back by the league community. Andrew Johns has urged the NRL to target the likes of Matt Giteau as well as Tuqiri. Try to buy all the league players back

and then go one further and try to buy the entertainers. And more drama for the stumbling Broncos today, the club taking a stance - sacking both Brett Seymour and Neville Costigan

for several alcohol-related incidents. There's been a number of incidents over a period of time. These two guys are getting into the serial offensive category and we've just decided that it was time that enough was enough. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. And Waratahs prop Matt Dunning may appeal the $3,000 fine he was given last night for being drunk in public last weekend.

I, personally, do think it's a harsh fine but men smarter than me came up with that fine. But he escaped any penalty for damaging the door of a taxi, because it was an accident.

Tennis first and Lleyton Hewitt's US Open campaign has hit serious trouble. He had to retire from a Masters event in Canada this morning with a knee injury. Hewitt needed treatment several times during his match with Thomas Johannsen and eventually couldn't go on. COMMENTATOR: He's going to retire. And I think that's pretty much And I thin that's pretty much all she wrote. The world number 12 now has just 18 days to recover, before the US Open starts in New York.

The incomparable Tommy Raudonikis live from his live from his sickbed. Recovering

live from his sickbed. Recovering from an operation.

In finance, Coca-Cola Amatil's profits were flat due to high operating costs but its announced a joint venture operation in premium beers. Telstra shares remained steady at $3.80, despite those disappointing results. Mark, definitely a wintry day out there today! Fresh southerly winds of up to 60km/hr brought the temperatures down. It was only 16 at Richmond and 17 for the CBD which is 1 below average.

It's now only 14. Dry skies under the high moving eastwards. Only a light splash or two for the north coast of NSW with those fresh winds expected to ease. Fog and frost for inland NSW tomorrow morning. Winds will be lighter for the coast. The next front to hit the country will be in WA affecting our State early next week.

Returning to tonight's major story - the terrorist plot to blow up planes flying between Britain and the United States. We're now hearing that six consecutive flights

were to be targeted by terrorists with explosives, possibly liquid chemicals in hand luggage. As many as 50 people may have been involved. There are chaotic scenes at all UK airports with security at the highest level and hand luggage banned. London's Heathrow has now been closed to all incoming flights not already in the air. We'll have more details throughout the evening in news breaks and on 'Nightline'. That's National Nine News for this Thursday. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre

They attack when you're the most vulnerable. Your mail being stolen. Organised gangs cashing in on your most private details. Systematically going through box after box. Also tonight - holiday horrors. Would you pay for this? The tropical island that's 'paradise lost'. Plus, jobs paying $70,000 a year, so why no takers? And fashion superstars - Megan Gale's exclusive behind the scenes encounter with Mischa Barton. This program is captioned live. Welcome to A Current Affair. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Those stories shortly. And we'll cross live to Britain and Washington for the latest on the terrorist plot that's thrown airline services into chaos. First, the threat to your personal security from mail theft - criminals stealing your most confidential details and using that information to commit massive fraud. In this video, a gang was filmed hitting the same mail boxes time and time again. They attack when you are your most vulnerable and they systematically go through the boxes and try to correlate the evidence or the information that they are getting from those boxes to form enough points to steal an identity. It's totally brazen, it's totally abhorrent. It happens in the early hours of the morning and in the blink of an eye - a car pulls up, three guys, one stays behind the the wheel, the second stands here and keeps a look out while the third goes through each and every one of these letterboxes

stealing your personal information. You're sound asleep but your identity has just been stolen. This is a huge story, this affects everybody. Warren Mallard is a private investigator who specialises in identity fraud. They can lose their assets, their bank accounts sucked dry, their identity stolen, taken offshore, it's just the worst kind of crime. A concerned resident in this unit block in Sydney suspected his mail was being knocked off. He set up a camera and that very night his suspicions were confirmed. Over the next three weeks, a pattern emerged, the same thieves would turn up every second night making off with bank statements, electricity bills, anything that could be used to create an identity.