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(generated from captions) that low and do this to me. I just couldn't believe she'd stoop by a former girlfriend, The man publicly humiliated out for revenge at any cost. He deserves it. how safe is your money? Also tonight - this customer $89,000 An Internet banking mistake cost called McBrat - Plus - Big Mac versus a footy sponsor the legal brawl that McDonalds lost. And marrying the perfect stranger - a love story. the radio stunt that turned into I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. of an anonymous informant, At first, he was the target accusing him of being a 'love cheat' he used to live with. and mistreating a woman Now, a former girlfriend admits who has publicly humiliated him. she is the one She's bent on revenge, the allegations she has made. but offering no proof to back up I was devastated. she's stoop that low I just couldn't believe and do this to me. I just can't believe it. and defamation of character - This is slander it's disgusting. he's no sleaze bag. Jason James wants Australia to know in the guts, basically. I felt like I'd just been kicked on a controversial website He's the latest listing that names and shames Australian men. and just get this out of the road. I just want to clear me name Two weeks ago, Mick Meredith's angry reaction we reported on comedian when he found himself on the site. and, yeah, it should be taken off. It's blatantly unfair, it's untrue saw that story. Jason's partner, Alyson, "I wonder if you are on there." I said to Jason, I jumped on my laptop, And for an experiment, and there he was. typed in Jason's name

everything, where he lived. Everything - his work, his age, What was your reaction? I was almost in tears. I was disgusted. could do this I couldn't believe someone

there is. to one of the most gentlest men for 18 months. Alyson has been with Jason This isn't the man she knows.

and abuse your girlfriend? You would come home drunk

Yeah, another lie. You would physically beat her? Another lie. Yep. All lies? It's not my Jason.

It's not him. be me, it must be a different bloke?" Did you think, "Hang on, this can't Yeah, exactly - with my name on it. He comes across as a real sweetie - VOICEOVER: but beware, he's a compulsive liar.

the way she speaks... We know 100% that it's her, though, Oh, it's her language. ...the way she put it down. person who could be so vindictive - Jason believes there's only one Leanne Partridge. his ex-girlfriend of five years, motorbike tank up with sugar, When she left she filled me with the toilet. scrubbed me toothbrush Are you 100% sure this is Leanne? I'm 1,000% sure. the website, He says you posted this about him on Are you serious? Yeah, did you do it? No! at the Coffs Harbour Race Day We found Leanne having a few drinks with girlfriends. havi g a few drinks with gi lfriends.

she let her secret slip. It wasn't long before No, it's not true. But you admit you did do this? Yeah, I did, actually. I did. Yeah, I did. Why? Because he deserves it. this could be to one's character, Can you see how damaging one's credibility? that Can you see how damaging it is to me I was totally in love with somebody he starts cheating on me. and then out of the blue Not true, says Jason.

long before he started seeing Alyson. He says the relationship was over As for the physical abuse, police know all about Jason, Leanne claims with anything. but admits he's never been charged of scum there is. I just think she is the lowest form that I'm totally devoted to some guy Do you think it's right behind my back and then - and he's seeing some girl in Coffs Harbour? while I'm visiting my family Please! allegations on the net But he doesn't make all these and pretend to be a third person? Too bad! Get a grip, get a grip! He's a (bleep) . An absolute (bleep). this was happening to you. Imagine just for one moment to any one of us. The reality is, it can happen

to the website Anonymously, I can log on and say whatever I like about you, you're abusive, I can claim you're a cheater, on there, put all your personal details no matter how damaging the claim, and you can't do a thing about it. It basically called me a cheater. continuously. That I had unprotected sex

and I had very bad body odour. That I had fleas thinks he knows Single father of two Rob Ford who wrote about him on the net but can't prove a thing. in the same situation as myself I'd like to hear from the other men from Australia, a class action together who would like to get against this website

and the persons responsible for naming us on this website. to have websites closed down. I think it's very difficult from Slater and Gordon says Defamation expert Ken Fowlie it can be sued. even though it's an overseas website, on a shoe-string budget The problem is it's most likely run can be an expensive risk. and building a case And as for that class action... sets of facts and circumstances Class actions need to involve common and unfortunately, in this instance, will have different stories. all of the different people

they'll need do so individually. If they want to pursue their rights,

logged on to this website to read it. What about the 500 people that have Too bad. What about... You've made all these allegations. I don't want to comment anymore. No, excuse me, How about me? It's torture, really. It's ridiculous. it just shouldn't be there. It's just the lowest form - and move on? Why not just put it behind you for Jason, 'Cause I'm not only standing up men and partners I'm standing up for all the other by these women - that have to put up with this it's disgusting. David Eccleston with an issue that really does throw up some tough legal and moral questions about those Internet sites. Now to a bizarre twist in the case of a teacher convicted of having sex with a student. The male teacher says the teenage girl is taunting and harassing him, even though their affair is over and he has moved interstate. The thing is, he was her teacher and he has a duty of care, he is not to have sex with a student. Daniel Booth is a sexual predator who now claims he's become the prey. The girl was still a child. A child in a woman's body.

Obviously she was a troubled child, a troubled girl, who was seeking sex somehow or other as an affirmation of her self-esteem, her self-worth - "I'll give you sex if you love me." Booth is 25 years old and a former teacher who admitted to having sex with Natasha Wells, a 16-year-old student at his school. But now he claims that she has become the abuser, harassing him with constant taunts. I don't think she's taunting him. I think that she is very confused, very upset. He has to take responsibility for whatever flak comes to him for what he's done. But he says that he's the victim? I don't buy that he's a victim, he was old enough to know what he was doing, he's just justifying what he did.

This sad and sorry tale began two years ago when Booth claimed he was approached

by the very forward 16-year-old schoolgirl. He pleaded guilty to seven counts of penetration of a person under his supervision, care and authority and was given a 9-month suspended sentence. All along he said Natasha was more sexually experienced than him. Natasha told a newspaper that in Year 7, at the age of just 13, she'd fallen... I've gained my soul mate. With the court case over, the teacher and student declared their love for each other in women's magazines and on national television. We wanted to get married in September, October, thereabouts but we have some issues to sort out first. But it seems the happy couple weren't able to sort those things out. So, Daniel did a runner, fleeing from his teenage sweetheart to start a new life in Tasmania and claims that ever since Natasha has been harassing him with text messages and late night phone calls.

Even sending him pictures of her kissing other men. The fact that she continued to pursue him even after the court case I think, highlights even more how troubled she was. She needed, even after that court case, to know that he did care for her in some way, that he wasn't just going along with her for the sex sake,

she needed reassurance of that and she's not getting it. Psychologist Dr Janet Hall has no doubt Natasha Wells is the victim

in what is yet another case of a teacher having sex with a student. What's wrong with our teachers, what's going on in our schools that this sort of thing is happening? I don't think the actions of one, two or a handful of teachers should undermine the public confidence in the profession as a whole.

Mary Bluett from the Education Union says almost all teachers do the right thing. The lesson is that a teacher, whether she be a woman or a man,

has to say, "I cannot have sex with a student" and there is no grey line. It's just black and white. So teachers, don't have sex with students.

Ben McCormack there. The big banks like to boast about the convenience of Internet banking. Customers who use the service

would also like some guarantee their money is safe. This woman's faith in the system has now been shattered after $89,0000 disappeared from her account in a matter of days. It's the most horrible feeling because I just felt so violated because somebody had been in my account... Lorraine Smith has been a loyal customer of the National Australia Bank for six years. That was until $89,000 vanished from her account. It was the proceeds of the sale of her house and in five days, it was all gone. Do you think someone hacked into your computer? By the looks of it, yes. Because whoever it was got into my account and started playing in my account. So this is your transaction history, how much went missing over each day? The first day it was $17,000, the second day $14,350, the third day about $19,000, the fourth about $18,000 and on the fifth day, $19,500. After five days, the National Australia Bank realised something was going on and rang Lorraine to say they thought she might be the victim of Internet fraud. Her account had been accessed by seven different people who between them had made 17 withdrawals that or one person using seven different aliss. Could it have been an inside job? Someone from within the bank? I just find it very strange that so much money went missing out of my account over a few days and nobody seemed to be alerted until four days had passed. How easy was it for a fraudster to steal $89,000 from your account? Obviously really easy. There is no guarantee that your money is safe

and the banks know this. Indira Naidoo from 'Choice' magazine says if banks want us to use Internet banking, then they should make sure our money is secure. A lot of people don't have any other option, but to do their banking online

and criminals too are realising that this is a very easy way to access money without fearing detection. It's certainly not the first time customers have fallen foul

of fraudsters. This couple had their account cleaned out over the Internet, with the hacker using only their date of birth to open up a new online account in their name. This man lost $20,000

when, after 30 years with the NAB his new online account was plundered by computer thieves and the bank even charged him fees on his empty account. Was the bank shocked?

They didn't seem all that shocked. No, they seemed to take it in their stride. They said it was a larger than they were used to but it was not something that they were particularly pertoured about. $90,000 is more than they're used to? What does that suggest? Well, obviously it happens quite often. The National Australia Bank promised Lorraine her money would be returned straight away, it wasn't. Well, they told me the money would be back in my account within 10 working days, and it took 7.5 weeks before I got it back. Well look, NAB's very sorry for this customer and really feels for the customer,

because it did take a long time to return the money. The NAB's Kareena Lawrence apologised to Lorraine today and said, as of two weeks ago, more layers of security have now been added to their Internet banking scheme. Customers now need to register with a special security service if they want to withdraw more than $2,500. It was almost a $90,000 fraud that we're talking about. That involves police and a high-level investigation. NAB's sorry that it took so long it clearly was an unacceptable amount of time to carry out the investigation,

But importantly, the money has been returned. I'm closing my accounts, yes. No more National Australia Bank for you? No. Ros Thomas with that story. If you've had a bad experience with your bank,

whether it involves the Internet, mistakes with your mortgage, or anything else -

let us know in an email or give us a call. Fast food giant McDonalds goes to extraordinary lengths to protect the 'Mac' name . Even a Brisbane footy team found itself at the centre of a legal battle when a local lawyer decided to sponsor them using his nickname - McBrat. They're fit, they're focused... ..and they have fabulous footy shorts.

Just draws a little bit of attention to our backsides which is fine by most of us. Fine by most of the girls too, I'd imagine? I'm sure, yeah. These bold backsides, though, have landed the Brisbane Irish rugby team in a terrible pickle. McDonald's does not have a monopoly on 'Mc'.

Malcolm's Irish eyes aren't smiling. International fast food giant McDonald's has tackled the team sponsor with a legal challenge to stop him from branding social Brisbane players with his nickname. We're asking all Australians to boycott McDonald's on St Patrick's Day. Everyone's Irish on St Patrick's Day

and we're asking everyone to get behind us and our fight against McDonald's. Corporate bullying at its best, really. Players can't believe the corporate giant's poor sportsmanship. It's our bread and butter. If we don't have sponsors, we don't have jerseys to put on our back, socks to put on our feet.

We've got a McDonald, we've got McClean, we've got McDowell. They might not be able to play anymore? No, they'll be nameless, basically. They'll be McBanned? McBanned, exactly right. Perhaps they're worried that your buns could be nicer than theirs?

That could be it. It's just ridiculous. Am I going to be able to sing, 'Old McDonald Had A Farm' soon or are they going to get me for that as well? Get off your McArse and start backing community clubs. No more Big Macs for Big Mac? No more Big Macs for Big Mac. Amanda Paterson there. This time, McDonalds bit off more than they could chew. Lawyer Malcolm McBratney has now won that trademark challenge launched by McDonalds. The decision not only allows him to use 'McBrat' as a registered trademark for sponsoring the footy team, he and his wife also now intend to launch a new range of men's and women's casual clothing under the same label. They thought they owned 'Mc' and the decision says they don't. My family name starts in the 1600s back in Scotland and then in Ireland and I think I've got a better claim to Mc

than any US burger corporation. There would be a lot of Scottish and Irish people out there with a better claim to a 'Mc' prefix than McDonalds. I think it is time for McDonald's to get McStuffed. I think they need to have a good look at themselves and look at whether their bully boy tactics are appreciated by the Australian public. The next question is - will McDonalds appeal and keep that McBrawl going? We'll let you know. Still to come - love is in the air

or is it on the air? The radio host who married the winner of a competition to find her a partner.

It has evolved into a love story. That story coming up. How long does it take you to get around the supermarket these days? There are more aisles

crammed with more products and more brands than ever before. And many shoppers are getting fed up because we're faced with just too many choices. It's confusing and it's getting to the point where you just want to come in and get what you need to get for the family and get out of here. Do you find it confusing when you come shopping these days? Sometimes I do, yeah. I mean, how many orange juices do you really need, really? It used to be that a trip to the supermarket was a relatively easy chore.

But these days, with so much to choose from, it can be a nightmare. Stressful, emotional, it's a really emotional journey to go to the supermarket for people and really we're talking about shopping. Catherine Heath works for the advertising agency Kastner and Partners. She's spent the past two months studying 20 typical Aussie shoppers,

finding out their supermarket needs and hates. Life's difficult enough. We make so many c@o ces every day We make so many choices every day and the least of our worries should be the supermarket decision, but it's more and more becoming one of the most stressful things in someone's day-to-day life. Do you think there is too much on the shelves for some products? For some products, yes, definitely. I guess you can be a little punch drunk. When there's too many choices there, it's very hard, isn't it? A supermarket shelf is the most valuable real estate in Australia and manufacturers are fighting tooth and nail and spending millions, if not billions of dollars to get on there and stay there. Peter Applebaum is from Tick Yes Marketing. He's a supermarket guru. It's really up to the marketers to explain emotionally and rationally to consumers as to why they should buy one product as opposed to the other. For some people, perhaps, who aren't aware of good food choices, yes, it could be confusing. are mind boggling. I think the tomatoes tins of tomatoes. There's just a million different a lot of time in supermarkets, I have to confess, I don't spend shoppers can be confused. but it's easy to see how regular for instance - it's a basic product. I mean, look at baked beans you've got English, But you've got Australian, you've got sweet chilli, you've got iron plus, high in fibre - you've got cheese, the choice just seems endless. the c oice just seems endless.

means difference Choice for consumers

and tailor things to your own needs and being able to personalise what they are being offered. and that's not actually but not a lot of difference they're being offered a lot, that meet their needs properly. and not a lot of things

profits year in year out Manufacturers need to produce extra competition and there's there's going to be the supermarkets themselves both from other manufacturer brands, and also from their the large, the small, the squeezable so that's why they come out with the different types of varieties. the non-squeezable, their reason for being on the shelf They have to do that to maintain in the first place. are becoming more savvy But Catherine Heath believes shoppers home brand products. and are buying more by the bells and whistles. They're not fooled basic goods more and more We're seeing people look to supermarket own brands and more of those, sort of, at the moment. that are rising continually are actually good these days. They know that basic goods that it's cheap and nasty. Gone are the days If there's no discernible benefit, it is with most products these days, and quite frankly that's the way for those extra products to live. there's really no reason choice. No. I think it's good to have That's my opinion, an way. Good.

Simon Bouda there. that story at our ninemsn website. And you'll find more information on Coming up -

time as they took their vows - they met face-to-face for the first that sparked off a real romance. the radio competition Same age. a lifetime of difference Yet there could be in their final retirement payout. to financial advisors. His fund does not pay commissions His fees are lower. His fees are higher. only to profit members. Industry Super Funds are run Industry Super Funds - a lifetime of difference. it's reversible, This drill has variable speed,

and two batteries. has a keyless chuck It's powerful doing around the home. and it's perfect for what you'll be OK? OK. All the help you need. VOICEOVER: Mitre 10. Welcome back. for a lasting romance. It doesn't sound like the recipe A radio competition to find a partner she's ready for marriage. for a host who says that this on-air stunt But could it be with Mr Right? has finally matched her up It's finished. workplace arranges for you It's not every day that your to get everything a girl dreams of. expect it. For love to come when you least through a radio promotion. And I least expected it to happen that Gabby Milgate is a radio star Which is strange when you consider on Brisbane's B105 as a calculated promotional stunt and her on-air betrothal began life but something strange has happened. into a love story, It actually has evolved

don't you think it's amazing? don't you think it's romantic, 'Muriel's Wedding' Millgates, famous for her role in unmarriagable sister, Tony, as Muriel's in a competition. has now been offered up as the bride Scott Ash. The winner, and Gabby's groom-to-be, it was just a competition At the start of this and I wanted a trip to Noosa. which one I prefer And I'm tossing up the woman. and I'd be leaning towards of young Jake, Scott, a separated father but he will soon walk down the aisle may have done it all for a laugh he has never even met. into the arms of somebody We get along like a house on fire day if we had to, I'd say. and we can talk to each other all and, for that, I'll marry him. He's stepped out of his comfort zone thing I have done in my life. This is the absolute, 100% craziest You're terrible, Muriel. Christian gentlemen think But some upright, that's terrible, it's Gabby's on-air wedding even sacrilegious. Damien Tudehope. The Family Association's to ridicule. It is holding up marriage the mouthpiece of God It must be nice to be able to be with such confidence, you know? priests about it, actually. I'd like to hear from some lady is the honesty and integriy What I am really impressed about of both Gabby and Scott. The marriage celebrant,Gail Jackson. It was very, very clear to me getting married that they weren't, in fact, doing a commitment ceremony that they were that actually celebrated a journey together a willingness to go on to be involved. then I was more than happy Who have you been dating? accountants, Rock stars, movie stars,

piano-accordion players. I am hard to breed with. I'm kind of like a panda, online only turned up psychopaths. Scott's last forays into romance first date we had - Well, one, the actual

that she wanted to have my baby the rest of her life with me and actually spend and it scared the heck out of me. perhaps she does want his soul, Gabby may not want his baby, "new hope, her miracle". she has already described him as her Well, that's lovely. and maybe she's mine. Maybe I am her miracle That's love Is that love? That is love. He's touching me in my bedroom. Get him, Scott! of the real thing. This has all the trappings the fashionable guests, There's the celebrities, the cracking cake by the Welsh lady. They even have the world's They even hav the worl s most useless outfits - the bridesmaid's dress.

I now ask you, do you pledge to support them on their adventure? (Crowd yells) We do!

Please seal your promises with a kiss.


They're passioning on. David Margan there in Brisbane. Coming up - a broken relationship and the bitter dispute that's erupted over a $56,000 diamond ring. MELLOW MUSIC Introducing new Special K Forest Berries. Just like the original, it's 99% fat-free,

but with a lip-smacking berry flavour. Don't miss Oz Lotto's $8 million It was a proposal to knock her socks off. Popping the big question with a little something extra - that little something being a $56,000 diamond ring. She said no to marriage and now he claims she's done a runner with the rock. I let her take the ring, assuming that she'd think about it and accept my proposal. Can we have a quick chat? About what? Um, about the engagement ring? What engagement ring? Amazing. Any girl's dream. I thought it was a sure thing. Can you just (bleep) off? Diamonds are forever, but just where is that ring? Ben Fordham's exclusive story tomorrow night. And we'll also look at cosmetic surgery disasters - the reality you're not meant to see. Thanks for your company. Good night. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre