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(generated from captions) dancers from across Australia and All up, more than two-hundred Territory. New Zealand performed all over the swing when you're winning... as And it's not so much a case of Monday night. That's all in our bulletin this at The headlines are on our website News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night the millionaire Sydney MP Out of touch - of petrol prices playing down the significance and the interest rate rise. Facing justice - man accused of killing a Sydney woman a committal hearing begins for the on Norfolk Island. Anything to say, Mr McNeill? Friends rally around the Waugh family from emergency brain surgery. as Steve's wife, Lynette, recovers you'll ever come across They're one of the closest families so we just hope she pulls through. And everybody needs good neighbours - backyard squabbles. the new laws to prevent This program is captioned live. Good evening. have been doing the sums While most of us what we'll have to give up and deciding interest rate rise - to pay for last week's is obviously unfazed. Sydney MP Malcolm Turnbull fuss over the increase, He says there's been too much leading to accusations as a future prime minister that the man sometimes spoken of is out of touch. former merchant banker He's a multi-millionaire many of the wealthiest people whose Wentworth electorate includes in Sydney. and a lot of the grandest mansions should come as no surprise. So maybe his view has been over-dramatised. I think the interest rate hike According to Malcolm Turnbull, to Prime Minister John Howard, parliamentary secretary

by the Reserve Bank last week the rise imposed was not an especially big deal. one quarter of one per cent. It was one quarter, The Labor Party was quick to brand parliament's richest member

an insensitive silvertail. money can buy you a lot in life When it comes to Malcolm Turnbull, the common touch. but it can't buy you Shadow Treasurer Wayne Swan said of the financial pressures Mr Turnbull had no understanding faced by average working Australians. and when he speaks He's a member of the executive it's for the Government. came to Mr Turnbull's defence. Other Liberals people raise interest rates Look, I really haven't had as a major issue for them. Jackie Kelly, Before the Turnbull outburst, battler electorate of Lindsay, MP for the western Sydney were hurting her constituents. said interest rates she toned down those comments. But afterwards, the panic buttons yet. No reason to hit

to Treasurer Peter Costello Mrs Kelly also said sorry he hasn't shaken off the image for saying last night only for toffee-nosed rich people. that the Liberal Party governs I'd like to apologise to Peter. It think, you know,

to bag your colleagues. I don't think it ever does to mark the resumption of parliament At a meeting of Government MPs was the main concern. the soaring price of petrol Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. On Norfolk Island, life moves slowly that usually happens elsewhere, and crime is something but today a committal hearing began in a century and a half. for the first murder on the island

is accused of the brutal killing New Zealand chef Glenn McNeill of Sydney woman, Janelle Patton.

the paddy wagon in handcuffs, Glenn McNeill emerged from in the island's only prison cell. having spent the night Anything to say, Mr McNeill? Police made sure

with Janelle Patton's parents. his arrival didn't coincide

going to be difficult - For Ron and Carole, this was always for the first time coming face-to-face of killing their daughter. with the man accused Janelle in this legal process We're here to mainly represent

as many answers as possible. and to get us along with magistrate Ron Cahill, A flight delay meant the Pattons, on Norfolk Island until 3:00am. didn't arrive and expert witnesses. Also on board, boxes of evidence which lead police to McNeill. It was a DNA breakthrough

Arrested in New Zealand in February, the court was told at his extradition hearing

to police. he allegedly made certain admissions he didn't enter a plea. But today, supported by his parents, Mr McNeill? Do you plan to plea today, His defence lawyer, Peter Darling, of the investigation, criticised the police handling of crime scene investigator attacking the credibility Katrina Gates,

had been involved in only one murder. who, before the Patton case, from the courthouse this week The locals have stayed away they don't know what's going on. but that doesn't mean News travels fast here - the first murder on the island especially when talking about in more than 150 years. are glad to return to the island, While the Pattons say they it's with mixed emotions. for us here. There's been some very happy times for three years. It was our daughter's home daughter, Janelle, died. However, it was also where our National Nine News. On Norfolk Island, Allison Langdon, We learned more today of Lynette Waugh's brain injury about the seriousness on Friday night. after she had emergency surgery wife had a dangerous haemorrhage Steve Waugh has confirmed that his but her early recovery has been good.

Friends and family have been stunned of Lynette's condition. by the seriousness Oh, firstly shocked, to be honest. Lynette was even ill. I had absolutely no idea that of the nation's favourite sons Steve Waugh has long been one since their high school days. and Lynette has always been there, I'd gone out with... I guess the first girl that of cricket or any interest at all. ..and I had no understanding So it was a bit of a shaky start. She's a wonderful person. you'll ever come across They're one of the closest families so we just hope she pulls through. last hursday last Thursday Doctors found the blood clot they operated within 24 hours. and it was so serious put out a statement this afternoon Waugh and Dr Charlie Teo confirming Lynette had a brain haemorrhage and a blood clot removed. She remains in hospital where she is undergoing testing to find out the cause of the haemorrhage. Her progress is said to be encouraging. Nine News understands she's been up and talking which is a further good sign. The statement goes on to say: Those who know them compare Lynette's fighting spirt with her husband's legendary toughness. She's got the same qualities and she'll rally strong.

and hopefully she'll be back to full health sooner rather than later. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. In a major blow to Government plans for the sale of Telstra the company has scrapped a $4 billion project to take its broadband network around Australia. Telstra says talks with the competition watchdog broke down over the cost of providing the service to remote regions. Telstra's new generation network would have delivered high-speed broadband television, phone calls and Internet to all homes in Australia. But it claims a price structure proposed by competition watchdog

the ACCC would create a white elephant for Telstra's 1 million shareholders. The bottom line is that the ACCC can't keep cutting wholesale prices in the cities, where the surplus comes from, to pay for the bush. But ACCC boss Graeme Samuel hit back, saying Telstra pulled out just days after claiming a deal was 98% done. This seems to me a bit like running a 100m race and getting to the 98m mark and then deciding to quit the race. Telstra's share price fell heavily putting the Federal Government's plans to sell its $24 billion holding in further doubt. We'll discuss it over the next few weeks to come to a view about whether to proceed with the sale and if so, how to do it. As a protest against Telstra's plan, its rivals, including Optus, have proposed an alternative broadband network called G9. Telstra's not the only game in town. We're already in deep discussions with other parties, competitors of Telstra.

The move is a another blow to making Australia a clever country and has infuriated government, which believes Telstra is deliberately trying to block competitors from using the network. But Government is equally angry that another half a billion dollars was wiped from its, or should I say 'our', shareholding today. Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. Hezbollah missile attacks have killed 15 Israelis - the worst day for the Jewish state since the war began four weeks ago. On the Lebanese side, 18 were killed in an Israeli assault, both sides pursuing their battle as diplomats struggle to come up with an effective peace plan. The unguided Hezbollah missiles finally found a major military target - a gathering of Israeli soldiers preparing to join the battle. 12 soldiers were killed. Another 14 were wounded. In the northern Israeli city of Haifa, a frequent target, Hezbollah missiles killed 3 civilians and injured 120 and demolished several buildings. 95 Israelis have now died, against almost 1,000 Lebanese. The southern Lebanese village of Ansar suffered one of the day's worst Israeli attacks. Six people killed when an air launched missile struck a house and Israeli fighter bombers have resumed attacks

on the Hezbollah areas in the capital. This is the first time in around a fortnight that Israel has attacked southern Beirut during daylight hours.

It seems, with the possibility of a cease-fire imminent, Israel wants to attack as many targets as possible.

Inside southern Lebanon, Israeli ground forces continue efforts against Hezbollah fighters in the border region. It's this occupation of enemy territory which poses the prime obstacle to peace efforts. Lebanon and her allies reject a UN resolution for an immediate cease-fire unless the sraelis unless the Israelis withdraw at the same time. Even so, the resolution could be put to the vote within two days. At that point, the international community In the meantime, Hezbollah remains strong. 3,000 missiles fired and some 7,000 left despite Israel's effort to wipe out the enemy arsenal. In Beirut, Brett McLeod, National Nine News. New laws are to be brought in to help settle disputes between neighbours -

especially those involving trees. It's the biggest change to such rules in 600 years.

Neighbours - the song says they should be there for one another. Well, it's a nice thought.

You've pushed me to the limits. I can't be bothered speaking to her. They've caused a lot of anguish. And more often than not, the cause of all that anguish is a tree. More accurately, it's what that tree is threatening to do to your property and the refusal of its owner to do anything about it. You can have a lot of trouble with a stubborn neighbour.

Compounded by 600-year-old British property laws

which prevent any action being taken until the tree has actually done damage minor neighbourly disputes all too often escalate to the point where people take drastic action. Moving or relocating their home, they can't speak to their neighbours, they might feel frightened or harassed. The Community Justice Centre deals with almost 10,000 cases each year. The proposed new laws will enable people facing damage or injury

from a neighbour's trees to ask the Land and Environment Court to order the tree lopped or removed entirely. Just as importantly, people with problems can apply to have the tree's owner pay for all repairs and removal. Fines of up to $11,000 if they don't,

which probably won't do all that much for neighbourly relations either. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. In the news ahead - homes smashed to pieces as a wild storm hits the west. And masterpiece or fake - experts raise doubts about an Australian-owned Van Gogh. Money - it may make the world go round, but holding on to your money can make your head spin too. Sometimes it just seems to disappear by itself. But whether you have a little or a lot, it's easier than you think to take control. A few simple things done regularly can make a real difference. So put yourself in charge. Visit: Or phone 1800 236 235 for a free handbook. In the news ahead - homes smashed to pieces as a wild storm hits the west. A tornado has partially destroyed a small coastal village in Western Australia. In the dead of night winds of up to 250km/h ripped through the town of Australind, which is about 160 kilometres south of Perth. 7 homes were wiped out and up to 50 others were damaged.

Came back upstairs and thought it was a bit breezy. Looked up through the manhole and realised I didn't have a roof.

Two people were hurt but not seriously. A good Samaritan who tried to break up a family fight has been stabbed to death at Airds, in Sydney's south-west. A second man suffered knife wounds while a third is under police guard in hospital. Jimmy Eli's family regarded him as someone who would always walk away from a fight. But last night, he tried to break up a domestic dispute and it cost him his life. He was my life. He was a caring man, he was a caring man. Real friendly Everybody in Airds knows him. They love him. Mr Eli was drinking beer with neighbours when his cousin started arguing with his girlfriend. There was that much noise, it was mostly voices, people screaming and yelling at each other. 43-year-old Mr Eli intervened, there was a fight and he was stabbed twice in the back. A second man was also wounded. Today, for Mr Eli's wife, the shock set in. He's usually up before everyone, opening the curtains, opening the doors, I come down and everything's still dark. A 43-year-old man was arrested at the scene. He's under guard in hospital. This neighbourhood is no stranger to knife violence. There was a recent stabbing a couple of streets away while a woman had her throat cut a block from here earlier this year. Mr Eli's extended family is rushing from New Zealand

to comfort his wife, four children and four grandchildren. Jimmy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. An Israeli man has faced court charged with the murder of one of his countrymen in Bondi at the weekend.

Dror Salah is accused of stabbing former Israeli soldier Hernan Guelman outside a convenience store on Saturday night. Salah turned himself over to Bondi police late yesterday and was then charged. He's been refused bail and ordered to receive treatment for injuries to his hands. Police say they're still looking for Salah's brother, Ezra, and another unidentified man. A doctor on the South Coast is facing a charge of manslaughter over the death of a patient from an injection of morphine. It's alleged the man was given well over the recommended dose. A doctor for almost three decades, Gary Gow treated 52-year-old Wayne Ritchie, who lived at this meditation centre near Wollongong. It's alleged his patient complained of chronic back pain and, after three consultations, Dr Gow prescribed him morphine.

Mr Ritchie injected it into his thigh. The next morning he was dead. It's alleged Dr Gow breached his duty of care in numerous ways, his conduct amounting to gross negligence. The prosecution claims that type of morphine is used to relieve severe pain in terminal cancer patients. Wayne Ritchie didn't have cancer and, it's claimed, the prescribed dosage was far in excess of the recommended amount. Dr Gow admits he wrote the script, but has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. The jury was told his defence would be a compelling one and would justify an acquittal. The defence claims Mr Ritchie had both medical and psychological problems and had asked for the morphine. Nina May, National Nine News. The National Gallery of Victoria is facing embarrassing claims that one of its most prized paintings may be a fake. The portrait is supposed to be a Van Gogh, worth more than $20 million but British art critics have picked it as nothing more than a high-class forgery. Vincent Van Gogh's 'Head of a Man' usually hangs in this corner of the National Gallery of Victoria.

But the painting is currently on loan to the UK, where art critics have denounced the work by the Dutch master as a fake. In an article in the 'Sunday Times' newspaper the director of Art Watch UK, Michael Daly, said the painting had: Thus far we see no reason to change our view that this is an authentic work by Vincent Van Gogh. But the Gallery says it will investigate the claims,

including that the bottom of the painting may have been cut off,

possibly to remove a signature. Thought to have been painted in 1886

We are a community of scholars here at the National Gallery of Victoria. Our job is to get to the bottom of it.

Considered by many to be one of the jewels in the gallery's collection,

the painting will be compared to other works at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

to determine whether it is indeed the real thing.

Fake or not, it certainly has the art world talking. Tim with sport is next. And is it crisis time for the Dragons? They better fix it before they face the Bulldogs. Also, drought broken - first Formula One victory for Jensen Button. And close call - a hurried escape from a capsized speed boat. you get 147 kilowatts of turbocharged power. You won't believe how it goes. New Holden Astra SRi Turbo. Go hard! JAZZY MUSIC CHILDREN YELL PLAYFULLY BOY: Jump! Jump! Jump! (Children laugh and cheer) (All laugh) Uncle Tobys Muesli Bars - building your little champions. St George Illawarra prop Luke Bailey has admitted

the Dragons season is in danger of disintegrating in the wake of Friday night's loss to Parramatta. The former premiership favourites have now lost four straight

to drop out of the top four.

It's been a miserable month for the Dragons - their season now in danger of running out of puff. And with just four games before the finals there's not much time to turn it around. If we put a couple more losses together we could find ourselves in a lot of trouble. So we need some confidence back in the team.

It gets no easier - a clash with the Bulldogs looming. But Mark Gasnier is due back after witnessing the Dogs' awesome power first hand on Saturday night. They're playing really well and they're playing really well together, We saw what they did to North Queensland up at Townsville. It's a much brighter picture at Belmore, with second place on the ladder virtually set in stone. But coach Steve Folkes will resist the urge to rest key players in the countdown to the finals. If things remain the same, then we'll pick our best side each week. Manly's Brent Kite was back at training this morning, after being KO'd by Fuifui Moimoi, He's being monitored closely, but may play against Newcastle on Friday night. In Brisbane, Wayne Bennett won't concede the Broncos are in a slump despite four straight losses. And the players are reading from the same script, even if the club's own website disagrees. I wouldn't say a form slump. Everyone's just playing really good footy at the moment and we're just one of the teams that are struggling. For the third time this season, Billy Slater has fallen foul of the judiciary, facing a 2-week ban for striking.

Andrew Johns will avoid a ban if he pleads guilty to the same charge. Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News. Another long British sporting duck has been broken - Jenson Button avoiding the wreckage of the Hungarian Grand Prix to score his first Formula One win in 113 starts. Button's win over Pedro de la Rosa didn't really affect the title race, though Michael Schumacher's single point

edged him to within 10 of Fernando Alonso. COMMENTATOR: Away they go.

Look for Barrichello accelerating... On a stormy afternoon, it was all about grip - Mark Webber's parked Williams the only predictable part of this race. Oh! Massive contact! Leader Kimi Raikkonen was pushed too hard by McLaren team-mate De La Rosa, who then won a chicane jumping brawl with Michael Schumacher. Fernando Alonso took the lead, but lost it to a stray nut, Schumacher then hitting Heidfield and blowing it... This is both championship contenders out of the race. ..and from 14th on the grid, England was back... He's done it - Jenson Button wins! ..breaking a 3.5-year drought. The red lights are out. Troy Bayliss got off the line Tro Bayliss got off the line extremely well... Round 8 of the superbikes at Brands Hatch, and Troy toyed with Noriyuki Haga. Bayliss now hits the lead for the very first time. Australians have now won 12 of 16 races this season, Bayliss winning the first race and then conceding Haga the second, where Karl Muggeridge left a trail of sparks

before he disappeared into the dust. 77 points in front, that's what Troy's feeding them.

A close shave for the crew of a high-speed racing boat in England. Chris Parsonage and James Sheppard were closing in on the leaders during the British Grand Prix when things turned nasty. There was a terrifying few moments as the boat's onboard camera captured the pair's fight to get free and then to the surface. Thankfully, neither of the men was hurt.

Tiger Woods's win this morning

makes it 50 wins and at 30 he's the

youngest-TV do that. It's just not fair. After the break - the CommSec finance report, MAN: Very good, Allan. LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE Catch all the live drama on Fox Sports. Connect - take My Sports and get it free for three months.

To finance now -

and Telstra shares were heavily traded on the back of the broadband network announcement. Thanks, Mark and good evening. Drying out in Sydney this week, after a wet start along coastal suburbs. Western areas were dry today. But for the northern beaches? Avalon - 9mm, Randwick saw 11. The city - 12mm overnight, where it's now 14 degrees with a few more splashes about this evening. Heaviest falls in the State have been on the north coast

and gale-force southerly winds are easing. A cold night under clear skies with overnight frost expected for the inland. A front and low are charging across south-west Western Australia with fresh northerly winds ahead of it. The front will move into the Bight.

The high will be right over NSW with fresh SE winds and showers along the north coast but mostly fine for the rest of us. And that's National Nine News for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson, good night. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre I just couldn't believe she'd stoop that low and do this to me. The man publicly humiliated by a former girlfriend, out for revenge at any cost. He deserves it. Also tonight - how safe is your money? An Internet banking mistake cost this customer $89,000 Plus - Big Mac versus a footy sponsor called McBrat - the legal brawl that McDonalds lost. And marrying the perfect stranger - the radio stunt that turned into a love story. Welcome to A Current Affair. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. At first, he was the target of an anonymous informant, accusing him of being a 'love cheat' and mistreating a woman he used to live with. Now, a former girlfriend admits she is the one who has publicly humiliated him. She's bent on revenge, but offering no proof to back up the allegations she has made. I was devastated. I just couldn't believe she's stoop that low and do this to me. I just can't believe it. This is slander and defamation of character - it's disgusting. Jason James wants Australia to know he's no sleaze bag. I felt like I'd just been kicked in the guts, basically. He's the latest listing on a controversial website that names and shames Australian men. I just want to clear me name and just get this out of the road. Two weeks ago, we reported on comedian Mick Meredith's angry reaction when he found himself on the site. It's blatantly unfair, it's untrue and, yeah, it should be taken off. Jason's partner, Alyson, saw that story. I said to Jason, "I wonder if you are on there." And for an experiment, I jumped on my laptop, typed in Jason's name and there he was.

Everything - his work, his age, everything, where he lived. What was your reaction? I was almost in tears. I was disgusted. I couldn't believe someone could do this

to one of the most gentlest men there is. Alyson has been with Jason for 18 months. This isn't the man she knows.

You would come home drunk and abuse your girlfriend?

Yeah, another lie. You would physically beat her? Another lie. All lies? Yep. It's not my Jason.

It's not him. Did you think, "Hang on, this can't be me, it must be a different bloke?"