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(generated from captions) breath tests. Tonight - at the Goulburn Police Academy. And a curfew now, we go inside the house it hit. Sydney's twister -

hit dozens of farm workers. Disaster as Israeli rockets hoping for a Tri-Nations catch-up. And the Wallabies Good evening. the extraordinary step Senior officers have taken all staff and students of breath-testing at the Goulburn Police College. which saw six officers sent home The tests and one suspended misbehaviour and sexual harrassment. follow new allegations of drunken at the Police College, Fed up with bad behaviour punishment like a school headmaster. Commissioner Moroney dished out as an adult, If you want to be treated as an adult. then you've got to learn to behave He's imposed an 11pm curfew incidents involving officers after five alcohol-fuelled on Thursday night. Involving failing to quit premises, offensive behaviour, involved in an altercation. incidents where assaults occurred. There's also a couple of other The night of shame began went drinking at a local club after off-duty officers and a nightclub in Goulburn. for urinating in public. One has been charged are being investigated. The other four I can't afford image of the New South Wales police, to have those who besmirched the but in particualar that college, to continue. more than 200 staff and students The Commissioner ordered to be breath-tested yesterday. positive and have been sent home. Six visiting officers tested and will face disciplinary action. One instructor has been suspended for the police college. It caps off a disastrous week in 2002. 23 officers had sex with students

made public today, And another report,

sexual harassment. made claims of widespread the force's top female officers The Commissioner brought out to refute those claims, saying the report is out of date. experience. I can speak from first-hand That's not a culture coming through a Sydney street a "no-go zone" Bus drivers have declared this afternoon. after another rock attack Police say a bus was hit

by a piece of brick a group of young children as it drove past near Luxford Road in Shalvey. from the community We've had some good assistance and we're making some inquiries 12-year-old youth. in relation to a local drivers voted to blacklist the area The attack comes just a day after where they came under attack. The Weather Bureau of more twisters striking Sydney, is playing down the prospect at La Perouse. after yesterday's freak whirlwind

to the home-owner But that's no comfort in a matter of seconds. who saw his place ripped apart t a waterspout or a tornado, it was impressive. Winds gusting up to 120km/h. They see twisters here a lot.

to most. But this one behaved differently

with devastating effect. It came on land ripped that roof off - Seem to go really fast, watching that fly off in the air was unbelievable. the windows broke, Everywhere you see timber, and broke everything. the beam pushed the window

his La Perouse home George Cardakris had just left when the whirlwind hit. and bathroom. It tore the roof off every bedroom This is your property, you work hard for this.

a tornado has damaged homes here. It's the second time in five years over in this direction, After jumping from the beach what happened next it's hard to know this unfinished building here but somehow it's gone past leaving it unscathed. Now perhaps what's occurred here it's come up through this stairway and been funnelled straight up, The twister was a kilometre-wide to a small area. but damage contained It's just a question of luck. still destroyed You can see a line of houses untouched - and the next-door neighbours that's the nature of tornados. Generated by storms, are almost impossible to predict. the Weather Bureau says twisters it's not expecting any more soon. That said, The wet weather moving north a fatal truck crash today. may have contributed to

collided on the Pacific Highway, A semitrailer and a flat-bed truck about 40km south of Grafton. its driver killed instantly. The smaller truck was torn apart exactly what's caused the accident, At this stage we don't know the flat-bed truck travelling south but it appears that

the incorrect side of the roadway. Police have appealed to all drivers in wet conditions. to take extra care deadly air raids over Lebanon Israeli planes have carried out for the third night in a row. lost their lives More than 40 civilians delivering fruit including 34 Syrian farm workers that was mistaken for weapons. fatally, dragged into the war. Another village suddenly, Israeli warplanes a warehouse dropping four missiles on

in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, at al-Qaa right next to the border with Syria. The target - four trucks. mostly Syrian farm workers. More than 30 were killed, onto the vehicles. They'd been loading boxes of fruit The victims, once more - with this conflict. people who have nothing to do This man says same time they dropped their bombs, "we went to work this morning at the "so here I am". Israel says it suspected to store Hezbollah rockets. the warehouse was being used they had people in them, If we had known any uninvolved people, any civilians, we would not have attacked. growing advance. And Israel's not halting its 30kms inside Lebanon. Its aim - to reach this river, are now fighting inch by inch Israeli troops

to get to this tranquil spot. It's the Litani River, the limit of the buffer zone

in southern Lebanon Israel wants to create to keep Hezbollah out. warning of its capabilities, Hezbollah has delivered a chilling firing three rockets which landed near the city of Hadera. That's deeper into Israel than ever before, just 80km north of Tel Aviv. Lebanon's capital, meanwhile, is now almost completely cut off from the outside world. EXPLOSION Israel bombed four bridges

on the highway linking Beirut to Syria, one in a Christian area. This was only road, safe road for us. And early today, bombing raids over Beirut resumed

as well as on the southern city of Tyre. As the diplomats fiddle, more of this country is turning to rubble. The last Australians to escape Lebanon on Government-chartered ferries have just arrived home this afternoon. The group of 300 Australians flew into Sydney from Cyprus. Some spent three weeks holed up in remote villages in constant danger. I missed you. More than 100 Australians remain trapped in southern Lebanon. The Government is still hoping to get them out by road if, and when, the fighting subsides. Sydney's St Ives Shopping Village was left a shambles after an ATM ram-raid early today. Six masked men used three vans and four-wheel drives to smash through the centre's glass doors. They grabbed a cash machine before trying to crash out again. But security bollards stopped the vehicle. They switched to another van and made their getaway with the ATM. Mobile phones are the subject of a new health scare but it has nothing to do with radio waves. Instead it seems your average phone is crawling with potentially harmful bacteria, millions of bugs, breeding between the buttons. on mobile phones, We've heard all about dirty talk

but how about the phone itself? It seems they're not just great gadgets, but perfect breeding grounds for germs. They can even harbour staph bacteria, blamed for everything from skin infections to menigitis. I never think about it.

I just think it's clean. I've never cleaned it. British research showed mobile phones carry more germs per square centimetre than door handles, toilet seats, even the soles of your shoes. This is Smart. We handle phones constantly, talk into them and keep them in warm, cosy places like pockets and handbags, perfect incubators. Doctors say don't be too worried - germs are part of life. I don't know that we can get sick from using our cell phone and we certainly can't get any more sick from a cell phone than we can get from any other surface over the course of the day. But it might be a good idea not to borrow phones from people with coughs and colds. The phone companies suggest using anti bacterial wipes. I'm not going to lick it or put it in my mouth or anything like that. All this damp weather is great for growing fungus, usually unwanted. But what if that fungus was worth $3,000 a kilo? That's what one New South Wales farmer is making, from black truffles. It's a long way from the Mediterranean. But near Millthorpe, they too have struck black gold. Where is it? Good girl. The French use pigs to sniff out black truffles - how Australian to use a kelpie. And Sunny is digging-deep for farmer Greg Good. There's a reason why these dirty lumps of fungi are called "black gold". Wow - it's a beauty. What's that one worth?

It's most probably about 100g - so around about $300 for that one. That's about $3,000 a kilo. But the Goods aren't in it for the money. Greg used to be a builder before he accidentally became the State's pioneer truffle farmer. Absolutely more fun, yeah - not as much money as building at the moment but you never know down the track.

Five years ago, they planted five acres of oaks as future for their two disabled sons, Will and George. That was our No.1 plan really - not to make millions of dollars

but just to give the boys a purpose, a legacy for them, really. What started as a hobby now has Greg and Loretto in demand from some of Australia's top chefs. Each week, they send as many truffles as they can over the Blue Mountains to some of Sydney's best restaurants and one day, they plan to send them even further to the dining tables of Asia and Europe. They harvested just three truffles last year so far this season - Sunny's dug up seven kilos worth. Ahead in Seven News - China lashed by a deadly typhoon. Also, the two-minute test that could stave off memory loss. And frankly incredible - the world's longest hot dog. There is...there is a Bunnings phenomena and it is highly addictive - everyone catches it. Bosch 10.8-volt cordless drill, $99. 45-litre laundry tub, $159. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning. A Sydney father accused of abducting his children

after a domestic row has been refused bail. The man appeared in Queanbeyan Local Court charged with malicious wounding and three counts of abduction. He was remanded to reappear in Sydney on Monday. The 29-year-old sparked an amber alert after disappearing with the children last Wednesday. A two-minute test is being developed that could determine whether a person is at risk of dementia later in life. Alzheimer's groups say it has the potential to head off the debilitating disease. By the time we're 70, one in thirty of us will have dementia. By the time we're 70, 1 in 30 of us will have dementia. A new test from Sweden could tell you if you'll be one of them based on seven influential factors - Certain scores predict your level of risk. By the time we're 70, 1 in 30 of us will have dementia.

. It's ha what you are doing in

middle age which could determine

whether you are going to get

Alzheimer's in your 70s 57-year-old Maria Valenta was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease three years ago, despite her good health. We don't know. Most of us don't know really what happens. I mean, Marie was fit, healthy, ate well, and still contracted Alzheimer's. Looking after yourself is a good thing to do, but it is certainly no guarantee. The test is still in trial stage. Police in the US believe they've caught two serial killers who've terrorised the city of Phoenix for more than a year. The men are accused of shooting 23 people

in random attacks in the Arizona capital, killing at least six. They are the serial shooters that this task force has been hunting. Phoenix though has another killer on the loose. Eight people have been murdered by the so-called Baseline Killer, named after the area where most of the attacks occur. A typhoon has killed at least 31 people in southern China. The massive storm destroyed 7,000 buildings in the province of Guangdong before being downgraded. It's the sixth typhoon to hit China this year in a storm season that's killed almost 1,500 people A team of 20 Japanese bakers has created the world's longest hot dog. This Frankenstein of a frankfruit is 50m long. It took 120 people to lift it.

It was created in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Japanese Bakery Association

and doused in 10kg of mustard and tomato sauce - now that's a big dog. Time for sport with Ben Damon who's at Telstra Stadium where the Wallabies take on South Africa. And, Ben, this one could get ugly. Chris, the Wallabies are expecting the Springboks to get physical tonight. We'll show you how they wrapped up their preparations shortly, as George Gregan prepares to become Australia's most capped skipper. And the Eels' juggernaut rolls on as they make it seven straight. COMMENTATOR: Eric Grothe will score! second try of the night. Eric Grothe Jr -

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in tonight's Tri-Nations match with South Africa here at Telstra Stadium. Connolly believes the Springboks are on a mission to restore lost pride in a game the Aussies must win if they're to have any hope of snatching the Tri-Nations series. A game in the park helped calm the nerves this morning but the Wallabies are expecting payback tonight for their 49-0 thrashing of the Springboks. They'll take us on through the forwards and, you know, we really have to put out the fire. South African captain John Smit says that night in Brisbane three weeks ago will haunt him forever. I don't think we'd ever be able to erase something so terrible out of our memories. It's obviously not something that we're happy about. The Springboks defence plan fell apart - an attempt to rush-up and force the Wallabies into making mistakes backfired badly, leaving big holes. They've learnt their lesson. If you don't learn from the times that have been tough, you know you'll never really enjoy the times that are really good

and we're hoping that there are a lot of good times ahead. Tonight, the Wallabies can steal the Nelson Mandela Plate. it would be a night to remember for George Gregan who will skipper Australia for a record 56 Tests.

Breaking John Eales' record as Australia's greatest-ever captain, and his contribution to Australian Rugby is just phenomenal. John Connolly has tinkered with the line-up that lost to the All-Blacks

moving 120kg Wycliff Palu into lock while Tai McIsaac returns as hooker. Everyone's ready for slippery conditions. To the NRL, and it was a tale of two teams last night at Parramatta Stadium. The Eels' incredible run continues, while the Dragons' losing streak is now at four games. Parra's 22-point victory is their seventh straight win and for the first time this season the Eels are in the top eight. Another week, another hurdle for the Eels. they're clearing the lot. At the moment,

Yeah, we're going alright on Saturday against the Sharks. but, you know, it all happens again Dragons who have been struggling, Last night they played the but started well enough. Colin Best getting one up early. and the Dragons might get a try! COMMENTATOR: Oh, it's been marked, from a John Morris kick. Parra scored the next Here goes Luke Burt, and does he get the ball down! Only the video ref

could stop Jarryd Hayne getting his 14th try of the year but he couldn't deny Eric Grothe down the right.

Oh! Flick pass - and Eric Grothe Jr. Grothe got another on the other side of the break - he's finally pulled a couple back from Hayne. Yeah, it's about time. He's been talking it up all week, I'm sick of hearing about him. Nah, he let me have two tonight which was good, thank god. Trailing by 10, the Dragons took the opportunity to self-destruct. They lost Danny Wicks to the sin-bin. Well they've lost their discipline completely - the Dragons. Their composure went the same way - Trent Barrett dropped out on the full - the Dragons way off target. they move to sixth. Parra got another try -

The Dragons are in fifth are heading in different directions. but you get the feeling the sides Discipline and penalties - for penalties, we had five or six play best of not turning up. then error on error, on error - as round 22 continues tonight. Two games under way across the Tasman the Tigers at Olympic Park. while the Storm are playing for their 10th straight victory The Storm are looking of a forward pass from Matt Gever, and despite a hint early on. winger Steve Turner put them ahead continued to spread the ball Melbourne when Jake Webster crashed over. and it was no surprise

There's a real chance here. COMMENTATOR: Webster will reach out. at the moment. It's too easy for Melbourne In the AFL last night, West Coast beat St Kilda by 39 points. Today it was Carlton over Melbourne by seven, while the Western Bulldogs downed Richmond by 22. The Swans play Essendon at the SCG tonight. Dwight Yorke's return for Sydney FC has been delayed with the star player ruled out of tomorrow's pre-season Cup game in Wollongong. his first match since the World Cup Yorke was due to play because of a groin strain. but will miss the game against Perth the damage before resuming training He'll visit a specialist to assess of the A-League in three weeks time. but should be fit for the start has come to a crashing halt Karrie Webb's run of good form at the British Open -

after a second round 82. the Aussie missing the cut in 43 major championships. That's her worst round is the best-placed Aussie Lindsey Wright four behind leader Julie Inkster. with a win in France - Last week, Karrie Webb warmed up

how she plummeted to miss the open - cut by seven shots - is a mystery. Still leading the LPGA order of merit, Webb's second round 82 is her worst score in 43 majors. COMMENTATOR: Well, it's been one of them days. No problems for the men's British Open champ back in the US. Not a worry in the world. Tiger Woods shares the lead at the rain-interrupted Buick Open. Robert Allenby is the best Aussie, 1 of 9 players 3 shots behind Woods on 10-under, including Vijay Singh. Oh! Mark Webber is dealing with extra pressure in Hungary,

to impress possible suitors now driving with Williams for 2007. after deciding to split the open market and go from there". In the end, Flavio said, "Go on by Renault boss Flavio Briatore Webber is managed world champ Fernando Alonso and is in line to replace departing for reckless driving in practice. who was penalised Also moving on, Lucas Neill. Socceroos World Cup star, with England's Blackburn Rovers He won't re-sign to Premier League rivals Tottenham. and is expected to be sold red-card woes Man United striker Wayne Rooney's continued in a preseason match, this just a month after his World Cup quarterfinal dismissal against Portugal. Wayne Rooney has got into trouble against the Portugese again. More baffling recklessness, when he can also deliver such sublime moments. Still to come, Sydney's weather details. We'll have the outlook for tomorrow and the rest of the week,

right after this break. FUNKY MUSIC Nutritionally balanced to help manage your weight.

After a much-needed soaking overnight just 5mm of rain fell over Sydney today. The sun managed to breakthrough the high teens across most suburbs. and push temperatures into The city had 17. 18 in the west. after an overnight low of 3. But just 6 in the mountains, Around the country tomorrow -

Warm and sunny in the Top End. for Sydney tomorrow More showers on the way should be around 18 to 19 but temperatures in the city and most suburbs. around for Monday. Those showers will hang But clearing to a fine day for Tuesday and Wednesday with temperatures around 19 to 21. That's Seven News to now. from 8am, And tomorrow on Weekend Sunrise has declared war on Madonna. why the Catholic Church That's from 8am. I'm Chris Bath. Hope you can join me again tomorrow. Goodnight. It was just a small commuter plane, buzzing back and forth from one town to another - a journey of 86 minutes, one of many that day. CRASHING SOUND, BEEPING No-one could ever have imagined that it would end like this - in drama and in death. Yet, in 1995, two pilots with 26 passengers aboard, managed to defy the laws of gravity for nine minutes and 20 seconds when their aircraft, in effect, lost the use of a wing, struggling home like a wounded bird. Help me hold it! Help me hold it.