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Hello it's Guy Sweeting. our weekly talk TV program Welcome to State Focus, and central New South Wales. for the ACT as well as southern and author Tara Moss Today, international model flower festival, Floriade. on her launching Canberra's annual Lebanese Community is doing Also what Wollongong's to help stop the violence to pressure the federal government in war torn Lebanon. road toll in our region Then, ways to reduce the road safety worker. with a long time Canberra next Tuesday's census in the ACT And what we should know about the and southeast New South Wales. has been an institution But first up, for decades Neighbours the UK, where many of its stars on Australian television and also lucrative singing careers. have continued on with where it all begins. But today a story about kind, where unusually, In fact a story of a different held across Australia auditions have been the part of Lou's daughter. to find someone to play to school at Deakin High, Sacha Vivian Riding, who goes is the overall ACT winner chosen to play the part. and into the top ten of girls Sacha and her mum Kim join us now. Welcome to State Focus. How's it all been? Great thankyou. top ten to get this role. Ok, well you've made the When will you know what is next? we'll know what's next. I'm not sure when told about going off to Melbourne We're waiting on a phone call to be and what's going to happen. Ok, how long has it taken? you might try and get involved When did you first think that to become on neighbours? with this competition ago we heard about the competition About, I suppose, four weeks and we put the video in. forgot about it And then I completely I got through to the top thirty and then we got a phone call saying Belconnen Mall and do the audition and I had to go in that Friday to we went back in and then that afternoon to the top twelve and got told I was through on stage with Todie and Carmella and that night we did a performance from Neighbours. How was that? thought it was really heaps of fun. Oh, that was great fun, yeah, I could work with them, And do you think you at getting through? should you be successful just normal people. Yeah, yeah, they were working with anyone. They were just like They were really nice. And how's it been for you mum? because I wasn't actually here, Well a big surprise for me too until late Friday night. so I didn't hear about it and there was phone calls So she was over the moon proud of her, think she deserves it. backwards and forwards and very school people think about it? What do the rest of your Yeah, they all think it's great. and they were all really happy. I got lots of messages from them Neighbours stars like Kylie Minogue, Ok, Jan Russ has cast former and Delta Goodrem. Jason Donovan, Guy Pierce wracking to meet her? Was it a bit nerve sure about people I was meeting. No, not really. I wasn't really I didn't know about anybody afterwards that I found out and so it wasn't until how much of a big name she was she'd got into neighbours and those people that and all sorts of things. afterwards that I knew So it wasn't until have been nervous. that I probably should what part you'll be playing Alright, and do you know if you're successful? a girl called Louise. Yeah, it's the role of That's sort of all I know though. character that's returning. I read that she's a former she was on the show. She was five last time in there who was called Louise, Apparently there's another girl she's returning into the show. and she was five back then and Is she Lou's daughter? Yes. a long time of course. Lou's been on there for history of entertainment, Well, you have a family the theatrical side. mum you're involved in What was the story there? same as Sacha's doing now As a child I did much the and so did Sache's dad. and my son is doing when we were children. We've all done musicals Sacha dances. I danced, my son dances, done as kids and yeah, great fun. So it's something that we've always That's fantastic. Well, we wish you all the best what the success it there and we hope to find out soon and thanks for coming in today. Thankyou very much. Riding and her mum Kim Riding. Neighbours hopeful Sacha Vivian travelling from Wellington Improved safety for drivers bridge over the Cudgegong River. to Gulgong with a new Yamble The bridge is all but built to traffic by December. and is expected to be opened It replaces the timber bridge have to stop at the bridge and means drivers will no longer and give way to oncoming vehicles. and author, Tara Moss, Still ahead, model annual flower festival, Floriade. on launching this year's Canberra violence in the Middle East. But now to the weeks of says it has had enough Illawarra's Lebanese community bombed and invaded of its homeland being government to take action and it wants our federal but just how is that possible? to stop the violence in Lebanon, Lebanese community Saeb Ali from Illawarra's joins us in our Wollongong studio. Welcome to State Focus. Yeah, thankyou very much. the violence in southern Lebanon, Well for those not understanding understand has happened there just explain briefly what you that's going on at the moment? to have the ongoing violence has occurred, as to why this violence the savage bombardment of Lebanon but regardless of how it started, for the last two to three weeks that has been taking place is really unjustified accept that it was started and even if we were to soldiers by the Lebanese resistance, with the capture of two Israeli it's still no diplomatic solution was investigated and the bombardment almost started immediately, which indicates to us that this attack was not a reaction to that incident. And the scale at which this reaction has taken place is just shocking. And not only one part of Lebanon was targeted, but the whole country and it's infrastructure, its building, bridges etc and there is really no justification for this massive attack. You represent the Wollongong Lebanese Community and have formed a committee. What would you like to see happen from an Australian perspective? Well the committee was formed because we had a lot of concern expressed by numbers of our community and we were quite disappointed with the governments position with the federal government, as Mr Howard and his foreign minister and senior ministers were condoning - these barbaric attacks on Lebanon. So we wanted to draw attention of what is happening there and we wanted to try and gain some support from the general community, which we did achieve when we had the rally last Saturday. How did that go? Sorry? There was great support for it and we had a number of speakers, including our federal member, Jenny George, there was other parliamentarians, federal parliamentarians present and we were hoping that we would get the message across through them and we had a petition signed, which we would relay to the federal government to try and get them to change their position on the situation. We are very disappointed, actually, with the opposition who have been silent throughout this crisis. Well we have to leave it there, but thankyou for letting us know what the Wollongong Lebanese community is going through at the moment. Thanks for your time. Thankyou for the opportunity. Thankyou very much. That's Saeb Ali from Illawarra's Lebanese community joining us in our Wollongong studio. What if you never found your soul mate until you were in your sixties? Well that's what has happened to a man and a woman, and now happy couple, in Bathurst. Sixty-four year old bachelor John Streatfield from Forrest Reef met grieving widow Leigh Chamberlain from O'Connell, aged 62, at a social club dance in Bathurst. And now it's happily ever after to them and good luck to them as well. Still ahead, ways to reduce the road toll in our region with a long time Canberra road safety worker. And, the Census on next Tuesday night - its impact on the ACT and southeast New South Wales. But next model and author Tara Moss on her launching of Canberra's annual flower festival, Floriade. Back shortly. In Pullabooka, you're watching State Focus. A so-called Australian Technical College is coming to Dubbo, but there seems to be a bit of a debate as to whether students who will go to the college, will be able to cope with the workload of an apprenticeship and successfully complete their HSC. Local federal MP John Cobb is in favour of the college and has been trying to calm concerns about the students workload expressed by education providers. He says the students will be motivated by the fact they'll be earning a wage while at school. Well still ahead, looking at successful ways to reduce the road toll in our region. Then, what we should know about the census in the ACT and south-east New South Wales. But now to Canberra's annual flower festival. Floriade is a regular annual attraction on Canberra's tourist calendar a couple of weeks into Spring at Commonwealth Park. This year it's being held from the 16th of September to the 15th of October with the theme "Carnivale - The World on show". International model and author Tara Moss has launched this years Floriade and joins us now on the phone. Welcome to State Focus. Yes, very well thanks. Not sure whether you've been asked this before, but - and I guess I have to say this- is this the first time there's been moss at a flower show? (Laughs) have all the Moss killer out, so I'm very glad they held back this year. Terrible puns, really. Yes. Yes. I'm actually hoping to get over to Canberra for Floriade this year, in addition to actually having launched it, just a little, short time ago. Looking forward to seeing all those beautiful tulips in bloom. Tell me about your involvement at the launch specifically of Floriade? Well I have to say it was a bit of a novelty for me. I wore a dress created by floral designer Susie Dunn and it was made up of, well, three and a half thousand rose petals - fresh rose petals. So I have to say in my former career as a model I wore a lot of different types of let's say, frocks - to use the Australian term - but nothing made of rose petals, so that was rather a unique occasion and it was a lot of fun for me for the day. And they managed to stay on a fair bit of the time - rose petals sort of fall off a bit, don't they? where I went of rose petals, but I guess there are worse things to leave a trail of. Plus I have to say I probably smelt better... if I could like, bottle the perfume that really had that fresh rose smell about it, I think I could be a very rich woman indeed. Well that would have been nice. What can you tell us Floriade will be about this year? and it really is a showcase and a celebration of flowers in different cultures around the world. There's going to be a Zen garden, there's even my home country of Canada represented with a giant maple leaf made up of, I think, over a thousand blooming red tulips in the maple leaf shape. Of course there's Singapore, China, Italy, Spain - all of these wonderful nations represented it all happening at once. And of course it's a very big thing for Canberra each year. They get over 350,000 visitors over that month long festival and, you know, I just think it's a wonderful thing. It's a very optimistic time of year, Springtime, and you know, it's a great reason to come out and just enjoy a beautiful day, hopefully in the sunshine and enjoying the flowers. Just finally, we had Molly Meldrum on last year to launch the Floriade - Rock and Roll in bloom. flower was a cauli flower. He cleverly said his favourite What's your favourite flower? does love red roses as well. but I think every woman is probably just lying. A woman who doesn't love red roses go out and get some flowers So if that's not an excuse to then I don't know what is. for someone you love today, have to be right up there for me. Yes, red roses would probably for coming on our program today Fantastic, well thankyou very much to talk about Floriade. All the best with it. your future plans. And all the best with who launched Floriade, Model and author Tara Moss, joining us there on the phone. and far south coast areas Several schools in the Monaro government $15 million are benefiting from a federal Health School Communities program. parents and children The idea is to help both habits for students. to develop healthy eating located in Bega, Bredbo, Cooma, Eden, Among schools benefiting are those Tathra, Broulee, Jindabyne, Moruya, Pambula, Queanbeyan, Batehaven and Bombala. know about the census in the ACT Well still ahead, what we should and southeast New South Wales. But now to reducing the road toll, reached a devastating 26. which last year in the ACT worker Rifaat Shoukrallah This year, Canberra road safety Memorial Trust Fellowship was awarded a Winston Churchill engineering measures to look at road safety and their effectiveness overseas. have far better road safety records He'll be going to countries which than Australia. Rifaat Shoukrallah. We're now joined by Thankyou. Welcome to State Focus.

road safety worker do Well, what does a improve road safety? and how do they actually that we can work on, Guy. There are a number of projects done in the education approach There are a lot of efforts to road safety, in the enforcement area, there is a lot of work in the engineering projects and there is also a lot of work to improve road safety. involve fixing roads up, So it doesn't only how to use roads better? but it involves teaching people - it's a number of approaches Absolutely. It's - as I said of improving road safety. that get together in terms by educating people, You can do a lot of work enforcement done as well, there is a lot of to treat particular locations and engineering methods are only or black spots. involved with road safety? And how long have you been engineering for twenty years, Well, I've been involved in traffic work in the road safety area. and traffic engineering includes does anyone get involved And how did you, and how field of road safety? with working in the need to undertake some studies Well, generally speaking you what you're going to concentrate on, in the engineering area, if that's but as I said earlier, some education material you could also do the road safety area. to qualify to work in engineer in the sense of, Do you need to be an like, for buildings and structures, means building over passes because often building safe roads like that, doesn't it? and bridges and things That's correct. where a traffic engineer It's the civil engineering area would graduate from, to undertake further studies but then he or she would need engineering and road safety. to get specialised in traffic Winston Churchill Fellowship Trust. Now you've been awarded the 2006 Just explain what that is. is set up to assist people Well the Churchill Trust - that's generally their motto. that are striving for excellence an idea for a project So anybody that has got area of the community that would improve a particular application to the trust would be welcome to put an to gain a fellowship. pleased to get it? And obviously you were What does this now mean? overseas, road safety? You can go overseas and study overseas that we don't do here? What do they do with road safety How do they do it better overseas? I'm going to find out, Guy. Well that's exactly what of research I've done I mean the little bit application to the Trust, before putting an around tenth in the world indicated that Australia ranks per head of population. in terms of fatalities So there are nine or so countries than us and that's the idea. that are certainly doing better countries to go and have a look I've selected five of these and learn from that. at what they do and try What are these countries? are Sweden, the UK, and Norway, The five countries I've selected - they are the best in the world, who rank one two and three who are still in the top ten. as well as Japan and Denmark, there to find out what they're doing, I know that you've got to go over out as an obvious improvement but is there anything that sticks they need to do here? that they do, that we road safety practitioners I mean one of the things that Absolutely.

applying some education measures, talk about is that you start by in the drink driving arena, and if I give you an example educate the community you'd find that we would of drink driving in terms of the impacts certain benefits. and that would achieve with some enforcement measures, After that you need to come in benefits a little bit higher which would probably take the the situation further. and would improve as you can with enforcement, Once you've achieved as much engineering or technical measures. you need to come in with example, in this particular area, And what's been done overseas for is the use of alcohol interlocks - the car if they've had a drink. so that the person cannot start Well that's been long talked about, come about sooner. Are you? I'm surprised that hasn't about for a long time, Certainly it's been talked the vehicle manufacturers it's the communication with long time to achieve. that has taken a internationally A long time to achieve or just in Australia? No that's correct, internationally. if we apply that elsewhere, That's just an example, and as I'm saying, what's happening in Europe and other parts of the world is, there is a focus on engineering measures in mass application. So rather than dealing with particular black spot locations, they're now looking at the whole network and saying, how can we improve the whole network by applying lots of engineering treatment? We're out of time, thankyou very much for coming in today. Thankyou. That's Canberra road safety worker, Rifaat Shoukrallah. A Lions Club project in Young benefiting children in wheelchairs is well on the way to becoming a reality. The Young Services Club has donated a thousand dollars towards the $23,000 cost of a wheelchair swing in Carrington Park. The project was the idea of Kristy Daley who has a daughter in a wheelchair. Next up, what we should know about the next Tuesday's census in the ACT and southeast New South Wales. Stay with us. # Get-get up, move # Get up, move Get-get up, move Toyota HiLux 4x2 action utility vehicle with a powerful 175-kilowatt, 4.0L VVT-i V6 - you'll be counting down every second till the weekend. From Pine Clump to Poddy Hut, this is State Focus. Recovering from the devastation of the New Year's Day Junee bushfires will now be a little easier, now $200,000 of funds from the mayoral bushfire appeal are finally being distributed. Junee Mayor Lola Cummins apologises it's taken so long to get the cheques sent, but there were, what she describes, clerical complications. More than a hundred people will benefit from the funds initially. There will be a second round of funds distributed from a left over $90,000, to those who suffered a higher level of hardship. Its census night on Tuesday night and just what does that mean for the people of the ACT and southeast New South Wales. We're joined by Alan Masters from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to explain. Welcome to State Focus. Thankyou very much indeed. Well, you're responsible for the census in the ACT and southeast New South Wales. What does it involve? It involves recruiting over 500 staff here in the ACT and another 200 to 300 staff in southeast New South Wales, getting them trained and ready to deliver census forms and as you're aware, they're now out there delivering their census forms. They have to approach the householders, gain the support for the census from the householder, leave a form and then return after the eighth of August to pick up those forms. When you're saying return after the eighth of August, when people fill out their census forms, how does it get back? Do people come around and pick them up? There are several methods this time of getting your forms back to the ABS. The traditional method is that the collector will come back and pick the form up in the weeks after the census. So they've got till the end of August to pick those forms up from you. Or you can elect to do your census online - so we have e-census available for the first time for the 2006 census. You go on line to the ABS website, that's, fill in your census form on line and a message will be sent to the collector and they don't have to come back to your house. The other method is to mail back the census form to the ABS. Alright. There's a few challenges you probably face in getting the census out to the various rural, regional and remote areas of the ACT, as well as south eastern central New South Wales. How do you do it? We employ a lot of methods to get the forms out there. anyone on census night. We try not to miss What might be some interesting ones? field, we're actually skiing out For instance, up in the snow through to Charlottes Pass snow fall now, unfortunately, and they are getting some good good for the people up there. right before census, but areas that we cover, In some of the rural it's four wheel drive terrain only. live and remote they are. It's surprising where people out looking down the roads, In some areas collectors are got to deliver. checking where they've of smoke over the hill They might notice a bit house that's over the hill. and they'll try and find the visit, we'll talk to the farmer On some of the properties that we and then we'll find out that, kilometres down that track there - oh yes, my brother lives four army tank to go down. that you'd need an time out there in the field. So we have a challenging us what we can expect. Alright, better tell the census form that you will get. Now, this is just a quick look at distribute the census forms, But the people that that they'll be taking with them actually have a particular bag just get you to hold that up. that you can recognise, I'll That's correct. people will have that. Yeah, so the census to distribute the forms Now they'll have that and also to pick them up with. distinctive, Gucci bag, And it's a very wandering around Australia and there are 30,000 of these right at the moment. The census collectors are out there. have a census ID tag on them. They'll have that bag and they'll they are not census collectors. If they don't have those components, Alright, thanks for coming in today. Thankyou very much indeed. Thankyou. Australian Bureau of Statistics. That's Alan Masters from the NRL action for this weekend Now a quick check on local Broncos tomorrow afternoon and The Raiders play The Brisbane with kick off at 2:30. at Canberra Stadium A crucial game for them. our viewer feedback contact details. Almost out of time, but before we go, You can send us a fax on 6241 9429 or email us a fax during the week And it was great to get from Pauline Oakes of Ulladulla to build a youth complex. who says a local group is trying youth foundation set up The project is part of a after the 2002 Bali bombings, their lives in that tragedy: honouring two locals who lost Craig Dunn and Danny Lewis. that project is Gayle Dunn The driving force behind who is Craig's mum. project Gayle and Pauline All the best for that to see how that's progressing. and we'll catch up with you soon it happened this week. For now, that's as I'm Guy Sweeting. Join us next week for State Focus. by Southern Cross Ten, Canberra. Live captions loss of captions. We apologise for the temporary

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